The Racine Journal-Times Sunday Bulletin from Racine, Wisconsin on August 2, 1959 · Page 33
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August 2, 1959

The Racine Journal-Times Sunday Bulletin from Racine, Wisconsin · Page 33

Racine, Wisconsin
Issue Date:
Sunday, August 2, 1959
Page 33
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Page 33 article text (OCR)

RACINfl SVNDAY BtJLLETm i, \m See. 3, Pate | kUTIMIIILIt riR lALI IIM CAOILLAC 83 4 DOOR SEDAN, power RtCtrtnK. brkkM, vtndowi and tMU. BxccUeut eondllton, 11150. MKl- hSi&)'bAWbf6t» M i -AtRLAHE. TrtuM- dcrblrd motor, fully powered, conti* fienUI kit, rekt tent mdlo tpeiker. MKI- rote 3-716«. *10 DOWN '51 Mercury 4-door '53 DtSo»o V-8 4-door '53 Chtvroict 4door SAM'S USED CAR LOT 100 Siith St. Ml 2-6624 AUTOMOirLII FOR t«LI use PORU PAtRLANE - V« THUNDER- bird engine, power uteerlnn, »u(oniiitlr 1S54 PLYMOtrrS S DOOR BAVOY SK- d»n. redlo. heeler, good tirrj Car In good condition. MElro^f .1-11050. iBSS POf*riA(i HAfvfffOP - POWlH tleerlHR .^nd eutometic trsniimls.tlon TOxedo (l-«lg7. _ l»6»"injICK -EUECtRA 3 IJOOR ilAKU- rebullder. full power drlveehle top, 545»_D«rend. iBJ dRAV" "A.NTJ white convertible. Best ntfer. MF.lro.«r 3-4S6R. MOTOR TRUMS FOR SALI JO New—Truckville—Used Racine Truck & Eq. Corp. PAY AND NIOHT BERVICE linifl I.nfejrtc MElro«f 4-««57 ' ~'J\r\:Ji 1B4« Wlllvs. 4 wheel drivf. mrtdl c»h (ind Inrge lirntpr, KxcPlJcnt toiirtlllon. IdrnI tor trrvlce Ktatlont, etc. MEIro^r 3-073R iiisn reftff' VAN" "'2o :o()o"onrafRAt nillpii, hp.'<l oltpr MElrO!((< 3-60(8. '57 FORD Foirlone 2-efoor hordtop, heater, rodio, outomatic fronsmission. This il o reol nice one with the economy 6 cylinders. n595 MILLER AUTO SALES Gsmcr Wkih. * Center MK «-lltM Open * •.«.-• p.m. Stt. 'Ill S p.m. CLEARANCE •57 Chev. 2 door $1795 '56 Olds 88 2 door Hardtop $1695 '56 Buick 4 door Hardtop $1695 '56 Chcv. 4 door Wag. $1495 '56 Ford 4 door Wog. $1495 '56 Chev. 4 door $1395 '55 Chev. 4 door ....$1095 '55 Plymouth 4 door . $995 '55 Olds 88 2 door ...$1295 '54 Chev. 4 door $695 '53 Chev. 2 door $595 '53 Ford Victoria $595 •54 Hudson $395 '52 Stude 2 door $95 West Racine Goroge 3204 Woth. ME 4-2760 GUARANTEED USED CARS 'S9 SIMCA 2-door Hardtop $1495 '51 PLYMOUTH 4.doer, Hardtop, power ittoring ond brokoi, vary low miUoga $2295 SI CHIVROLET Stotion Wog- on, 2-door $1995 '57 PLYMOUTH 4-door $1395 'S7 lUICK 4-door Hardtop $1995 '57 PLYMOUTH Suburban 2-door $1595 '56 CHEVROLET 2-deer $1195 '56 DESOTO 4.door $1295 '56 PLYMOUTH 2-door Hardtop $1295 '55 DESOTO 4.door .. $1195 '55 iUICK 4.doer $1195 '55 PLYMOUTH 4.door $995 'SS PLYMOUTH Suburban 4-daar $1095 '55 FORD 2-deor, V-l $945 '52 PONTIAC 2.door $295 '59 PLYMOUTH 4.door $595 '53 DESOTO 4.door $595 We Do Our Own Financing Low Rate — fosy Terms HULBERT BROS. S. Latoyotto Avo. at 10th St. ME 3-3528 All Cars At Garbo's Are Bargains GAR60 Motor Sales (Factory Authorhtd Lincoln- Mercury Oeoler) 2 Convenitnt Loc«tioni 3077 Douglot Ave. MEIrote 32724 939 Woihinflton Ave. MEIrait 4-6628 '59 BUICK. Electro 2-door hordtop. All whitp. v,hil<?- woll fires, fuM power, low mlle- oge of 7,-155. A new Codilloc trode, ONLY $3495 DON HUTSON, Inc. Lakefront ot Fifth St. ME 4-2455 Chevrolet - Cadillac One o( Wisconsin's Lorgcsl Automobile Dealers no DOWN (To Accepted Credit) 20 CARS TO CHOOSE FROM No Reasonable Offer Will Be Refuted '49 to '56 Models. All Mokes If voii'rp o t)uvet, yoiire in for sure. "We're finonre wizarch." IRVE STREULI'S CITY OF CARS 1535 Douglas ME 4-3334 "We Buy Coffee Anrfime" AUTO AtfllSSORIES. RtPMR$_ll : DISMANTLING 1 IP.^O RAMBI .Kn nrbfl 1B.S7 ClIRY.MLF.n 4-iloor l «.S (i niJlCK 4-rioor Id.Sfi rORD Vlclori* USfi CAOII.I.AC 4-rlnor n»5« nonowoni) suiion lli,t;lir^l Triers I'IIKI I'dr \nur (('.ir Tnuk or Trailor we ll.i\r a ( >im |>lclc .Stutk ( )f KriiiiuliliDiirtl 'i'r.insnii.ssioMS MIDWEST AUTO SALVAGE OPF.N HAM TO n P M HI;NI)AY "rii. i3 NOON I'v MUfK NorUi of IHgliwdy 30 Or Hl(;h«iiy 41 TUxrcIo fl-44S7 DISMANTLING isfid r'lirvnoi .n IMPAI.A \r.n ciiKViHji.KT loy; poNi lAc in.-ifl Ol.DHMOIUl.B torifl MKUCllIlY l!!.'.."! KOIin WAdON iiiris nmcKB \m MEi(r;unY PONIIAC oi.DHMciim.ii-. Sheridan Auto Salvage \!l';il<>sr J-2JSJ We Buy Old Cars AUTOMOBILES ^QR SALE ^*JJTO AOOEMORIM, RE AUTOMATIC TRANflMlBfllONB OVER- hiuled. train Inilnlled, band artjunlf'd Complne automolfve «»rvlc«. Tr«n«omnl'i: Bftlrit ft Srrvlcc. 1148 Orovi Av« Dlnl MElrour 3-2011. _ ^ »IWOHATIC 'TRATSaMlMlONB" - 'Str- iKittil anfl rr'palrtd Towrr Oart.gc liakij" HKTSB ANIJ NLW rRhAiis'SAVi' BO'S on nrw trcadn. all aUM Orouhan Tlr(! Co lllh A Wanh Mf 3-014* 6m lAOxlS ATLA'd BNOWTIM." 9.<% 110. 1545 Douglai Ave.. up«talr«. "Buy from SHAfftk'S. ii't \o1tt" . . . BUY FOR LtSS . . . LOWEST Finance Roles Sec Our Complcic Stock of • PLYMOUTHS • BUICKS • FORDS • OLDSMOBILES • DE SOTOS • CHEVROLETS • PONTIACS • CHRYSLERS 2-doors - -l-doors - Coupes Hordtops - Coinrrliljli 's St at ion WoQoin Th «M oro local cort . . Mony of Thorn Ar« On* Owner . . . Bottor con. Priced to tell. SchaeferPontiac 1130 Wash. ME 2-4484 '58 FORD Ranch Wagon Roclio, hcQler, 5 ,000 miles. $2188 IWI DEAL EASY) WIESE AUTO SALES 900 S. Lotoyotto ME 2-9639 FOR RENT. NOUSES, FUTI, APTS. 14 III modern brick building, atul spcoiid floor.s. with ."sprinklrr.s. I'Iriitv of parking. Kariiic .St. rm.A L \c. riioiic .Ml-.lrnsc 2 -27'M L.\K(.K 2'nKDKOOM Upper flal avail;ihlr in IC days, kciit .'SKKt per iiMiiilh, iiii- liralcd. Located :it J.^l I .\'o Wiscoiisiti. ( ' (I ti t ;t c t Art Sclnyarl/. Ml'. I-I'lfd. \\i I.SOX Ai'.'NK rMi:,\ IS Convrnldit (o Fvrtywhrre Mnilcrn KITIHII heatrd apt , fur- tilftirit I or 2 adult* t4» Wash Ave. MKIron* 3-71)41 ' IXTtaR fiooMiNd liouaE- f.'oinplrlrly furiiliiliPd. downlown-lal.p arm, rilcp qunrtrrs Tor Irniint-occupaiil »150 00 prr nioiilh N. f;iiniarKN8F,N A SON !.154 fliHir HI _ MKlrosi- 2-.SI39 3 LAUaK UOOM8 UNFUHNiailKll. nice lucntlriM. nil iilllUIrn 410 - I'itli Bttefl. Phona MKlrone 3-5535 for ap- nolntniriit Nici; 2 iiBfttiboSr PLAT iN^TIil; rouiilry. Clilldrcn and pel* OK. I7ri per iiinnlti. King Ehrllrh Cii.. ME 3-3107 ItVINO ROOM. niiDKOOM. KirCKKN rite and iirlvHle balli Ulilltli'n. Adults IiKjiilre P'il Main, to 7.30 ;i in 3 ROOM ANO llAtllHICATKI) UPPER npnrlincni. unn and liut water fur- nl«(ird__|fl« .50 MEIrose 2-2330. APT 2 RlOJir I'OR YOU. 3 ROOMH. hnlli_ Wimr prrlrrrrd. MKlronp 3^10n3 NlCf; HOUR ROOM UPPKR- REI .iAHhi-. iiilrtdl'' aged cnuple 1310 Hamilton Ht NEW ^ ROOM 2 HI';fJft <jOM APART mi'Iil IRU-2I11I Bt MKIioii' 7-35.')7 I.OWKd 3 ROOM APAR'IMENP AI" 1034 Taylnr Ave. Innulre 703 nth Bl. 3 RO0M8 f-'OR RENT, 137 50 1583 l ,OM- hnrd Ave . MEIiose 4-5450 ROOM LOWER I'l,AT lOU llhN 1 IN- r|iilrr 43 .1 Piirk View I.OCAl. ANIJ I.ONO iJlKrANCK .MOVINO Hlnrniir Crating UhlppInK Dial _!>.!'• Irni- 3.77.'iB BORf -NHEN MOVtNO l -ORNiriIRE AND PtANO MoVINO TriielK for Rent Drlva II Yourielt Mercliaiits Dei. M!•: J-51(V WANTED TO RENT II! 11 WANT TO RENT Eierfullve moving lo Racine. Oood re/er- enepii. Would like clean comroiltthle' 3 or 4 hert- room or apnri- menl. Nice renldenllnl area, within city or miliurhn. Ponne.mlon on or before Beplember 1. Racine Hydraulics .Machinery, Inc. MElror.c 3-35BI. Exteniilon 33» EMPLOYED COUPLE ' WOULD EIKFI or 5 room hou«e or apartment with liulh. city or oulfiklrta. Oarage pre TUxerio 0-3230 lerrert OPORtaMAN BAC»fKi,dRrwfff7 ~Tjoa wants 4 room country apartment or house, northwest of Riiclne. Phone TUxedo fl-4157 iNDuatRiAL EXEfcllTtvE ReqtTrHKff J Ijedroom home or apartment. Will pay »I50 a month, Call King Ehrllch MElrose 3-3407. 21 FOR RENT - ROOMS II NICE 8I.EEP1NO ROOM I'Oll (lE.VTLE- man Prlvule eniraiiie linl w»trr. J blocks from Ujilovm. »n 00 week MElro\.' 2-170!!. 1207 lUcliic HI KfJOMS I'OK " KI-.X" r Residence ratei from 17 to 110 week ••IH|:_rHOMA8/' 1029 Btnte _ME 4^Bn I TK.SIRAIILE' itdoM "FOR E.MPLOYEn liidy Ociixl locHllon. ClnrnKe. Kitchen iirlvlleijcs Nciir hiin MElrnse 2-OO.SS iiiitNiHiii.n ROOM WITH HOME AND klKlieii iirlvllenes Phone MElrose 4-7flO0 CLEAN Bt.RtpfNU ROOWB WITH fJoT water Inquire 811 Wisconsin^Avenue rtSbMs: DAILY OR WEBKLY RATKB ME 4nn33. 333D Mead. Ailami Hotel. Racine Ford Co. '52 FORD Vicloiio Honllop SlanilortJ shift, V-8 engine, radio, licolcr, WW. tires, red ond while in color In rxccllciit condition ihroufifioul, Sec this one lor suic, unly RACINE FORD COMPANY "Your friendly Ford Dealer" 830 Marquette ME 4-5S33 BOARD AND ROOM It HOARD. ROOM. WABIIINO EOR OEN llriiinn In jirlviite hoine ME 4-0251 HOARD AND ROOM —MEN ONLY DlAl MEIinse 3-0945. 010 Oth HI FOR RENT - BUSINESS PLACES II J. .WD U()().\I sriTi-.s. Very ninderii. .\ir condi- lioiied. W. S. Sniolenski Co . l.VIl Wash.. .Ml'. 2-27-\7. 10 HUII-I.EAHE 8MAI,1, OFI'TCE FOR pvofrr.slniitil iiiiui Uriitiil oprii Can pinvlilr phone mi vice nnil rlrilinl hell) ildwnlowii liicnuoii Willn Ilox 8-8. .Intiniiil-'riine.s IIAKKR ni .OCK BTORE I'OR RKNT 523 Miiln HI Imiulie Mr R (Inrsky, Riioui SJB niikrr ninck. MKInxe 2.BH04 .ACINI: INnilSTHlAl. PLANT TENANla iiili shiliik lo irihin- l•^ln•ll^e^ when liiisliicss Is slow MOfi-liilh .SI OKKICK I.ARCIK IDEAL DOWNIOWN Imatlon Atlnu-tive rciiliil ME 7-lHOO WANTED TO RENT 19 rWO OR rilUEE HEDROOM HOUHK OH i),v physic chtlilriMi Cull MElrose 3-0451 iipiirtmcnt physlcliin nml wile, no ENtllNEER NEED8 3 TO 4 llEDROOM home III or dulside rlly llmlls Write R-100. .Ii.iiriial-riims rWd\Vt)RklNd" WOMEN WAN r TWO hoilroiiin llnl by Oclober 28 Wille Joui- iiiil-Tlmi's. Ilox ,H-1 3 IIEDROOM COUNTRY HOME Vvif.l i'oiisutcr option to buy VEinon 5-1131. FINAL CLOSE - OUT SALE IMPERIAL America's Finest Motor Car 4 To Choose From 1-4 Door Crown Sedan 1-Custom 4 Door Hardtop 1-2 Door Crown Hardtop 1-Crown Convertible Savings op to *1200.^^ TRADE From List Price TERMS Comporoble Discounts On All New Chryslers ond Plymouths Shop Now For BEst Selection KOYACH MOTORS 522 SiKthSt. Chrysler - Plymouth - Imperial Dial MEIrote 3-2425 NELP WANTED — MALE Layout Draftsman Sheet Metal Draftsman and Design Engineer •lo hour week. Maii\' fringe henet'ils. (all or write (jf- fice iiiaiiaj,'('r. Young Radiator Co. 7(K» So, .M;ir(|iiene .M k.ln .se _'-lMI TOOL MAKERS WANTED AT ONCE Steady fiennatieiU job. Top pa\' ;md beiiefilv. I'..\cellriit wiirkin;,; ciiiiditiinis. Apply Moxncss Products Inc. I'M 1 ludian.i Street Mi:irose 7-A\2> Methods Engineers Industrial Engineers Time Study Engineers II so College Graduates In train Openings In Illinois, town and Wisconsin College graduates must hnve at leiiil one yenr of college mathematics 10 linin tor Industrial Engineering work For Interview-Wrlle lo- Industrial Engineering Department DEERE AND COMPANY Mnllne^ nilnnls TKrCK DKIVI'.RS! .MAKI'. .MDKh: .MO.Nl'-.V Aeio Mayflower Triuisll Co, Inc. needs ilrlvers 25 years or older for long term contract All loads supplied, cnmmunl- rnnon cosis paid. Advance on load.s Prompt statements Paid training. Must own or be nhle to finance I9 .S7 oi newer model trnclor I hat meets fnter- srnte Commerce Comiiilsslnn snfetv re- miliemtiils Personal lelerencrs needed Write; JACK ADA.Sf.S. ro no .X 107 liullniuipolls n liidlniia GROCERY MANAGER for Iiulepeiideiil Super -Market in l\eiio>lia EXPERIENCE NECESSARY Wrilc K-.S''. joiirnal-'l"iniC!> TURRET LATHE OPERATOR (For One Week Only) We need R thoroughly experienced liiiri'i l.iihe openitor. diiy shift, for week ol Aug 3. due lo Vacation ^chellule Cull Ml Thomas, MEl­ rose 2-(iBl>l PART 'IT.Ml-: If von are free fr.iin 0-10 pm. foul evrnliiKs prr week, ambitious, ni'nt appeiiring. and have u car. we can show you enrnlngs of (100 per week while you still retain your legular Job Apply at 1331 Uougliis. 4.3U to 5 30 p.m. Punch Press Operators .\lu-<t Ke .Able to Set I'p Job .Many l''riii}.;e Monel'Us Young Radiator Co. 70B 80 Marquette Street MORTOAQE LOAN SOLICtTOR. 'FHA, VA. and rciil r.siate experience helpful. Must be energetic. Intelligent, and tiave mlBtive to Improve yourself. Oood car essenlml Extellcnt salary, plus ex- prices, ulul many irlnge benefits. Write to Hox a-7, .lournaWTImes DRIVER SALESMAN FOR tatATli.TBTll'B liciny volume route Income over 1100 per week. Pfrmiiiiejii work Coca-Colg lloltang Co., 5017 Lhtridan Rd , Kt- n(l^hlt nOOKKEEPER-TAKE CIIARQE OF OF- flee fur trucking and storage company Permnnenl employment lo qualified person Wrlle 8-9. Joiirniil-Tlnies. ilARTCNDER -I'OR BAR AND REatAU- rani. Mixed drink man. kobrr and neat. No Saturday nights or Sundayt Write R-93. Journal-Times 1A1.E8MAN >OII MANUEACrURER AND Jobber. Boxes, etc Part time, commls- slun, In Riiclne Shadur Box Co. Mil- wiiukee 9. Wisconsin i)ON'r liORROW AGAINST^ FUTURE earning. Part lime Jobs available. Call MEho^e 7-3ML.bel^wen 4 and 7 pm_ EXPERIENCED MlLLWliRK OR CABT^ net iniin Cloud working conditions. Write B-li. Jiiiiriinl-Times HOY " Iti OR OLDER TO CLEAN AND do light re;<inur»ni work E-/. Paik Drive In 5420 WuNlllnKloii Ave EXTRA INCOME FOR AMIU'TIOUS PEO- ple. Contact Mr Hack at Racine Hotel on Wednesday. 4-7 p m _ PART TIME CENTERLEBJl ORlNtiER operator R A: B Grinding Co. 1318 Clark MElrose 3-3050 MILP WAIITIOj;^ MALI BENDIX Nuclear Control Program Needs Immediately ELECTRICAL ENGINEER B8EB two y«iar« minimum experience In ma'gnet/i and/or electric motor detlgn. JOIN A PROGRES.SIVE E.VGINEERING ORGANi;;^ATION Excellent company benefit*, plean- ant community, opportunity for graduate atudy. Send Resume lo: John ^L Evans Adniln)>tr«tlve Englnrerlng nendix Produeti Dlylilon of BendU Aviation Corporation Bouth Bend 30, Indiana TOOL ENGINEER For layout and development of special machines. Mud b« ci- perlenced. Permanent poiltlon. Many employe benefits. Apply at George Gorton Machine Co. ]^2] Racine Street ( /\T< KE O l ^i ^^TlJN i'r^ I'OR 2 MEN A too year old mulll-mllllon dollar company has recently expanded in line creating new opportunity In both lales and management. We are now •electing 3 men from the Raclna and Kenosha area to tupplement our staff If you are energetic and Induttrloui. neat and personable, you'll Ilk* being associated with our organliallon. Experienced In advertlilng or aatet desirable, but not neceiiary. Car needed: travel not required. We will train the right men for a life time Job with lecurlty and above average earnings. 1400 guaranteed salary during 4 week (raining program. Unlimited earnings for men selected. Full company benefits available. If you have ambition and a good ed- iiratlon, call MElrose 4-(01l Monday. August 3rd, between • and 13 for a confidential Interview. Aik for Mr. Frahm. REPRESENTATIVE .California di.stribnlor needs two neat responsible men to cover Racine area. No travelinfj, and experience tinnccessary. We pay yon while you receive school training. For Interview Call Collect Olympic 8-1141 BRAZING FOREMAN with soma knowledge of lolderlng. Top lalary. Must meet requlre- menti. Must be capable and qualified to be In full charge of department Many fringe benellU. Excellent working Gondtltoni. .Apply Einployinent Office Young Radiator Co. 701 So. Maripiette St. MElrose _M441 HELP WANTIO — MALI 11 YOUNG MAN E'or ' Purchasing Department Expediting Paid vacation, paid hotldays, paid up group Iniuranct plan. Apply in Person Howard Industries, Inc. 1760 State Street HHP WANTID — PEMALI , II STENOGRAPHER Excellent opening requiring good typing and ihorthknd tktll. ACCOUNTING CLERK Oood opportunity for girl to work In our Accounts Receivable Department. Prior bookkeeping and Ac- cniinti ReceWable experience desirable but not eiientlal. COST CLERK Opportunity for girl with an aptl- tuae for working with figures. Borne typing required; coal experience preferred. FILE CLERK Borne typing desirable. V Qualifications will determine salary / Excellent company benefits «f Steady employment; 40 hour week. Apply Personnel Department Walker Mfg. Co. 1201 Michigan Blvd. TOY DEMON.STRATOR^ EARLY BIRDS MAKE MONEY! A real chance to make Christmas dollars early and still spend full lime with your children. Demon- itralr toys, part time eyes, from Aug. 1& thru Nov.; salary and commission: earn up to ts per hour plus special bonuses. No Inveitment (or 180 NAME BRAND toy*. Deliveries made by bonded messengera to each Individual customer. TOY SHOPPERS SERVICE (817 W. capital Dr.. Milwaukee call HOpklna 3-(7B0 Collect DENTAL HYGIENIST (Graduate) Permanent position in modern dental offices, no Saturday or evening hours; all employe benefits. Apply Roont 4()C) Wi.sconsin j-'lectric Power Co 2.M \V. Michigan St, .Milwaukee POSTING CLERK Clerical work In regard to posting records. Bome typing experience necessary. Unbelievable opportunity. Many fringe benefits. Ypung Radiator Co. 709 Bo Marquette St MElrosa 3-444J WANTED YOUNG MAN with mechanical ability. Must tie able to read blue prims and type. Excellent opportunity aa assUtant to engineering materialist and specifications section manager. .Xjiply at Employment Office Jacobsen Mfg. Co. 8tli Street SALES CORRESPONDENT Mechanically Minded wUh ability to correspond with our customers on matters pertaining to design rieiails and other processing Unbelievable opportunities. Permanent po.^'ltlon. Young Radiator Co. 709 Bo. Marquette Street MEIrosa 3-4441 YOUNG MAN High school graduate with aptitude for clerical work, keeping records, reporting Inventory, etc. Oood opportunity for eager young man wltii (le.^lre to learn production control Wrlle giving age, education, previous experience, desired salary. Write S-3, Journal-T'imes NELP WANTED - MALE NILP WANTID — MALI DRAFTSMEN Take Advantage of These Opportunities Our Control Engineering and Steom Turbine Departmenti have openings now far qualified men to hondlle their expanded programs. IN SALARY BENEFITS WORKING CONDITIONS Apply, Write or Call EMPLOYMENT OFFICE 66th and Greenfield West Allis 14, Wisconsin SPring 4-3600, Extension 2660 AUIS-CHALMERS TOPS! WORK WANTID N PAINTWO. BPONOi W*«HIMg. rAFgU htnilnt. eltBtilng Vt prtc*. JO «-iyH. Buiiiiiii tiBviBit 9rmn n "K I T CHEN CABINETS Forrwica and Tcxtolite Top* Special Millwork Custom Cabinet & Supply Co. 1331 Btate, Si Floor MElroae 3-881T "CEMENT AND MASON ; DRIVEWAYS OARAOB SLABB, BtOEWALU All typee of cement work rinest workmanahlp. Lowatt prieci. Tillers - Tractors - Mowers MOWER ANU TILLBR RENTAUl . Ltwn mower itaarpenlnf. Motor rtMlr on all makeg. WEBTLAKK OAnSiM cntTSR. one tnllo north ot PetrUyltij Bprlnie on Highway 31. MElroiO i-tl»ff NOW HEAR THIS win do: painting, carpentry, landscaping. work, you neme 4-1404. It, , mkion window waihlni, reasonable. Call MEIroM FURNACES Gas - SYNCROMATIC - Oil PtMN aKKKT MKTAL 3J3t Indiana Bt. MBIrhio dOARAWItHr PLUM 131NG-HEATING 8ERVICE CALL anCCEBB. MEIrote 4-««S4 "THE OWE TRIP PLOMBERB " EXPERT WORK ON ALL lawn mowcra. Reaionablo LA WW MOWER BALEB i _^ ltS6 Chatham (Rear ol Lct't Vlowar BhOP). MR 3-9630 or ME T-Wa31. CHIMNEYS~^ • Chimney repalrtnt ud rebultdlnt. Do- terlorated baaement wall* reoalred. r. MILLER. Dial MElrose l-tHft VENETIAN BLINDS Window Bhadea Cleaned and RcpMrtd Joe Riddle—Raclng'a "Blind Han" 1334 Washington Ave. Dial MB *-»1t» GUTTERS-DOWNSPOUTS Purnaeei—Free Eatlmateg— Reatontblo ED'S SHEET METAL 3140 KInile Ave. ME 3-g45g or 4 -MM CHIMNEYS Rebuilt or new. 33 yeari axperlenet. sured workeri. Jardlna, MElrow a-Ul»., Honest Plexeble SEWER CLEANING pricea—luaranteed work. Call Rod Sewer Cleaning, ME »-Oiat 3 )151 KITCHENS REMODELED, CKtLt tiled. Aluminum doors and initallatlon. g«0. general remodeling. MB 3 -goaa., IRONS - TOASTERS AND BMAU. AP- pltancei repaired. Ouy'a Bleotrle. H>1- rose 3-5304. »3» Racine St. CHAIN LINK FENCE—ALUMlNtJM AND Bteel. Free cittmatef. Aluminum Peae* Co., Sturteyant. TO »-3395. CHIMNtYB REBUILT-TUCK MlNtlNA Free Estimate MElroie 1-ttn EXPERT LINOLEUM AND TILE IN- stallatlon Geo Haensgen. ME 4-8>«0^ CHAIN""'LIRK PENCE~?0R REBIDtN'- tlal. Free esUmates given. ME 7-»473. DON^aTTXPERT MACHINE WALLWASiT Ing. free estimates MElroae 3-0M3 Building and Contraetlny HOME BEAMS- BUILDERS -COLUMNS Lintels—Reinforcing Steel Mesh—Ornamental Railings Henry Nielsen Iron Wks. 13th and Lockwood MElreia S-ira Crystal Cabinet & Supply 4615 DouRlas Ave. ME 4-9168 FREE EBTIMATEW . REMOOGLINO, OKNERAL REPAlRINa, kitchen modernlaatlon. Homo builder. No money down, payment monthly baali, up to 36 montha to pay. John D Johnson, Carpenter. Call ME 3 -0i>4, CONCRETE WORfT^ stoops, walks, drives, patios. Bauer Concrete Constr. Co. MElrose 4-9177 SEPTIC SYSTEMS INSTALLED CONI^ f ileta — tootinga lor bulldlnga—trench- ng—water tines—Held tile. C. B. Corrl- gan St Son. Pbooa MEIroto 3-0111 or TRInliy 8 -1767 . HOMES-OARAOES-REC ROOMS Remodeling, Lowest Prices Ever WALTER RAUCH, Bullder-Contractor MElroae 7-3«8V_3405 First Ave. _ G & E Cement Contractors Free Estimates Qeschke, TR «-3197: Rdelburg. ME 3-4904 SI-:LL ruvs Earn big weekly pay checks selling toys this fall. No Investment. No money to colled No delivering. No bonds to sign. Win a choice prlie every month plus a Christmas bonus. Experienced demonstrator needed for manager. Phone MF.lrosa 4-9177 _ SEC R E T A H Y - RECEPTIONIST FOR physician's office Some assisting In care of patients. Typing required. Experience preferred Interesting work for person who enjoys meeting people. Write B-Hg. Journal-Times. vrxNTEb - TiyprRi^eEB -wxjtiiESg; early morning shift. Oood wages and good working conditions. Apply In person at Mike's Restaurant, 1417 Washington Ave. before noon. WtbTHER NifEDS A HBLPfcR-fO -TIVl! In. Help with children and general housework. Direct transportation North Shore Phone Nlles. Illinois, 7-7635. PRAWlCAL'"NtJRaf~BV ATjaiTBT"^ at Danish Old People's Home. Contact Mrs. A. Anderson, lit Russet St. MEI- rose 4-1314 WOMEN - BIO MONEY SPARE TIME. Sensational NEW Apparel Party Plan We deliver, collect. Free Sample Line. Beellne Fashions. Bensenvllle 166, Illinois. dOOK-^-PtJLL'T^Mfe DAYS. ALBO COOK for Friday and Saturday nights. Harmann's Restaurant. Sturtevant, TUxedo 6-4461. VvANtAb - a WAlYREsato oiitA si, experienced. Top wages. Motor Inn Restaurant. Highway 41. VErpon 5-4400 AVON HAS OPENINGS FOR 3 WOMEN. Earning* to UO a week. No Interference with home duties. ME 7-1034. WAITRESSES ~~ EXPERIENCED. FULL or part time. Mutt be 31. HIgglns Hobnob. Bouth Highway 33 WOMAN TO LivfitTT^D TAKE CARE of small child. Salary plui room and board. MElrose 3-5031. WOMAN TO 'CARE FOR TWO CHrLD- ren In my home. days, while mother works. MElrose 4-3476 WANTBD-BCliOSL SEisRrfARV. PART time. No shorthand required. Write R- 96. Journal-Times. SALAtTlJIRL - WITH EXPERIENCE. Starting at 4 p.m. HIgglns Hobnob. South HIghwgy 32. ftSttWABHER NEEDED--"NIOHTB Apply In person. UeRango's on Douglas. 3)40 r Douglas Ave WAITRESS - 35 YEARS OR OLDER. with grill experience. Call ME 4-9747. WAilRltSS WAN-tED ft-Z pAtiR JHILP-^^MALI OR PIWALI E.\I'KRI I': N (I': I) ROOK Kl'l-: PER 14 Man or woman. If you are dissatisfied with your present pay or opportunity, here Is a chance to make top wages as second In command of the office of a large auto agency. Must know payables, receivables, Burrough's posting. Must have Initiative, ambition, be able to work without constant supervision. Call for Interview, R. Greene. Greene Ford Bales MKlrose ^-.^533 WORK WANTIO II RUBBISH REMOVAL, AND UP Pre* estimates, ytrd*. basements, at- tiet, laragea cleaned. Painting, ato. No Job too big or tmall. tutt call MElrose 4-0453. SECRETARY — THOROUGHLY EXPERI- enced In all types o( work. Including typing of figures. Small office pre- terred. Write Box B-5, Journal-Times. HELP 11 TWO POLIO piSABLED MEN need work. Yards, attics, basements, garages cleaned. Rubbish removal, furnace cleaning. Janitor work, etc. ME 4-6569. PAiNiiNci. jkAPiRisa. ixTWfiJireR Interior. Past tuarantoed job. PuUy In- surtd. P»e> etllmata. MBlroia a-i440. HANDY MAN - SAVE UP A FEW ODD Jobs and glra m* » call. I'll (Ix them all. Dial MElrose 4-0517. HOUSEWHK OR RESTAURANT W(5RK —part or full time. Monday, Wednesday, Friday. MElrose 3-6054. CARPENTER WORK — KITCHEN CABI- nett. Formica tops, reasonable pricei. MElrose 7-5301. rttCtfttOALnvORK-^tWTUND: AM« time, reasonable, rural. MBlros* 3-6413. ESiJSnrOAiNTW'^^ terlor, fuaranteed work. MBlrote 7-8053. GIRL 18 WANTS BABY-¥iTTING, LAUN'- dry or housework. Dial MElrose 3-4374 WANTED BABY-aiTTING. LAUNDRY or house cleaning. Age 18. ME 4-i5l4. WALL WASHING - RBA80NABLI' pricea. Can MElroae 3-6690 or 3-0963. RObPrNG REPAIR JOBS BY" AN ElT oerlenced roofer Dial MElrose 3-1776. WALL WASHING - INTBRIOB ^AINT- ing. reasonable MB 3-eS45 evenliiia. HOUSE REPAIRS OF AtL TYPES •Minor remodeling jobs. ME 7-8574 ALTERATIONS - DRESSMAKING, ALSO «hl .JrfQy C »U MEIroi* 3-0»t», A J. JACOBS, CARPENTER, ME 4-0737 • Kitchen Cabinets • Porehes, ttepa » Wardrobe Cabinets « Small Repalra CE.MENT O^NTKACTOR Ray Gleason. Free Estimates, ME 3-0664 CARPENTRY. PLASTER, DRY WALL. repairs, remodeling. addHloni. Ouaran- teed Free est. F. Toutant. ME 3-8670. STONE-BRICk-BLk. OR CONCRETB. Stanek and Waltenberger. Contractora. MElrose 4-9641 or 3-3931. 838 Lake. MASON WORK - 'FREE ESTIMATEi given Please phone Kenosbi OLympIo 4-6349. MASON WORk -nRliSK. BLOCK, ALS6 cement work. JARDINA. MElrose 8-I414. CEMENT WORK - ALL KINDS. PR*:* estimates. Stanton Bros. MElrose 4-3336. F FLANC.'iER. CEMENT C6WfK. " 16 yrs. quality work ME 4 -306a FOR A NEW HOME CALL MARTIN Haluska Builder Dial MElrose 4-9016 MASONRY. CEMENT WORK-PLASTEH- ing Harold Olsen Dial ME 3-7407 PORCH STEPS, PORCH FLOORS. Promot Service Dial MElrose 4-1663. riaar Banding 6711 FLOOR SANDINO-PROMPT SERVICB. Zagar and Homan. ME 7-1143 after ». Landaeaplwg glO SOD Marion Blue—60c Delivered BLACK DIRT Senian Aerated $10 per load SHRUBBERY 2 Season Guarantee J_W_Pnwerii MEIrosa 3-0 «m Howie's Trucking Grading — excavating — trenching service. Pulverlied or regular black dirt, fill dirt, sand, crushed ttooa and pit run gravel. Phone MElrose 2-2981 BLACK DIRT Pulverlied and ragultr Earl Heffel ME 3-6032 Removing GOOD BLACK TOP SOIL 13 yds., 615.00, 6 yds., 66 00 W. C. CASKEY SAND ft GRAVEL CO. MEJrose 3-0941_ —"flLL blRT-CRUSHEO STONE Tennessee & Laniion Stone FLAGSTONE—615 A TON WAL8TONE—613 A TON DYK8TRA TRUCKING dl STONE ME 3-3463 Landscaping — Grading Black & Fill Dirt Lannon Store—Wallstona—RototllllnB Norm roX—MElrose 4-5318 QUALITY BLACK DIRT^ Al LaPointc Landscaping Grading, black dirt, ioddlng, aeedlng and everfreens, MB 3-1633 Landscaping—Trucking back filling, plowing gardens, Also^laek dirt or fill dirt. Call Solfest ol Forthun, MElrose 3-5969 or 3-9030. BLACK DIRT-O YARDS tiOM Grading • Fill Dirt • Excavating Don Schols Dial MElrose 4-843a Trea Borylea •7D TREE MAINTENANCE DeSmidt Tree Service RACINB'S FOREMOST mOHW;^Y II, DIAL MELROBB 4- Mll Lashley Tree Service No tree too big or bad for'ui to trim K ,''?2l''.'*« Inaured Dial MElrose 7-4637. STUMPED BY STUMPS?" stump de tree removing. Free estimates, fully Insured, licensed. MBlrote J-0406. Lyle Bredemann. TOPPER'S TREE SERVICE _I5 yeara experience. MElroae 3-3363 PLANCHEB TREE "SERV ilT 'RACfNe". 16 years—no accidents MElrose 4-3063. QREENLEAVES LANDSCAPE NURSERY Dial MElroae 3-4439 ._ Maying and 'rruclilni^ S1Q TRUCK RENTALS MBRSff/N'^^ gl 'AVEMi 8^t\'!. .t. MElrose 2-5103 Rubbish Service ME 4-527S,

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