The Des Moines Register from Des Moines, Iowa on August 30, 1975 · Page 3
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August 30, 1975

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The Des Moines Register from Des Moines, Iowa · Page 3

Des Moines, Iowa
Issue Date:
Saturday, August 30, 1975
Page 3
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Page 3 article text (OCR)

8»t., AUR. 30. 1975 • DCS MOINES REfllSTEII / 3 4 I guess they found me guilty' REGISTER PHOTO SNETHEN Continued from Page One began crying. She held the hand of her father. Snethen rocked back and forth in his chair at the counsel table, and paid no attention as Denato polled each juror on his vote on the verdict. Gives Reason Sheriff Clemens later explained that he brought the extra deputies to the courtroom for "security reasons." Pressed for an explanation, Clemens said: "The sheriff of Dallas County called me a couple of days ago and said he had heard rumors that if Snethen was found innocent there might be a disruption in the courtroom. So I just put extra men there as a precaution." Jury foreman M. D. Francies refused after the verdict was announced to say how many ballots the jury took or to discuss how their deliberations went. Another juror, who asked not to be identified, said more than one ballot was taken. Hawbaker's father, Donald Hawbaker, said of the' verdict: "It's been trying . . . it's been regrettable. I feel sorry for the Snethen boy and for his family, but all I can say is, why did this have to happen?" Mrs. Foster, Snethen's moth*"•. said later; "I wish my boy could get help. He's been in six P"isons and it has not helped him.'; Deputy Sheriff Patrick Bennett who escorted Snethen to Snethen returned to jail I ho Dnllr Pnlinttr Toll «iMat> thn " SUES N,W, BELL Carpet cleaners steamed over FOR $120,000 ^competitors' misleading claim By JOHN PIAZZA i By PATRICK LACKEY . *• * j A DCS Moines .woman has; Professional carpel cleaners been a promotion, and it's iextrartion.' The government Isued Northwestern Bell Tele- 1 sa V the . v are of » en 9 *kpd wheth-i misleading the public." ! says steam is a no-no." fphone Co. for $120.000. charging ! ° r 'S ^flu ^'M™™,, ... ' Austin s " icl s °- cal|pfl s(Mm He said he has used the term I that the company disconnected ^jTwo!,.'^ dTjoTsome vLSto*^ """"""' '"' ' "<^ m to " **»» "^ her phone service for more ! pets.) • „.. „ " . ,, . , .. rrybodv was using it. It was F _ . . 'The process actually involves • " than a month because a person; But for some reason, custom- , snoot j n g not water j n f 0 f ne rug ' J usl a misnomer. with the same last name who ^f' 8 '! k ° the thoi| 8bl of steam aml (hen ^^jpg j ( h-,,^ up "Technically, it was never lived on the other side of town : ^JJJJjj' j-J™ a ™^ liseca JjJjJ ! The Council of Belter Busi- sleam. Steam could ruin a lot didn't pay a bill. ! they use it. mess Bureaus, Inc., i the inter- n f rugs." he said. In the suit, filed in Polk! Some Firms also use the word i na » ional organization of better 1 | n thp water extraction meth-' County District Court by I/)-; "steam" in their names. The j bl ™* »>"™» s > c " m ^'" Po J ort. HP said, the water hits the rone J. Dunbar of 3,2 6 sccondi -I about 165 degree,. S)pam Gpnj( nf ; 'Steam Cleaning' implies that | Steam, he said, might melt the o i n c s ; Steamagic Carpet | thp stram is lhc adivr a R rnt in latex holding tufted rugs togeth- , , . .example, Ave., the telephone company is 1 charged with confusing Dunbar, j whose phone is listed in thei cleaning c<v, Sleamtronic Car-j contalcf wifh a fahrir nr mat f" rr. name of her late hsuband, G. pet Cleaning; Steamway of rial and tnat tllfl R. Dunbar, with a D. L. Dun- :Cen|ral lowa niv. of Nil-Way, | Inc.. and Steamway of Des : Moinos. bar. Disconnected .Inly 2 ! Rivals Complain Mrs. Dunbar said in the suit Some ca ,, pet ( ,| caning firms !that she has paid her phone;that don't use the word bills regularly since 1946, but "steam" have complained to Sllh " M ,d he expects the to refrain voluntarily CYCLE as water." fir ™ Bui water is released as wa^ 1 ' 0 ™ using "steam" in adver-' ter. the letter said, and it rer- ! tispments. If they do not, he. ommended that the word sfeam roiild resort to court action, not. be used in advertising for cleaning services that use "wa- Ullia I UiiUldl IV £)llll_t .» n-*W* «vui - - -- - •«-•" nif»i"inv.\« *\r i , , ,, , L. , .. u the consumer nrotnrtinn Hivi j ter extraction machinery. ; ast July 2 she found her phone me ™ * l , P rote "' on dlv| - ' , ... . sion of the lowa attorney gener-' Some of the firms that advet- ; service had been disconnected. a ,. s offjce )hat fipmg l|sjnR the | |jsc , ha( |hey , 1S( , s , Mm clean-; She said in the suit the tele-j w ord are gaining an unfair j ing say they do so because the U|IDT lly phone company had charged'competitive advantage. 'equipment they use has nUll I 111 $8305 worth of telephone calls And As st. Atty. Gen. Julian j "steam" in its name. | to her account Actually she! (ian ' cti 8ft V s he P lans wilhin a I For «* am P lp ' an interview. Two men were listed in "sat- u u u u lfew days to ask t*" 5 Moines- with Mrs. Ida Richardson, an| isf t „ pnn Hitinn Prirtav «ol alleges, the calls should have area carpet deaninR fjrms to | cmp , oye of H awkeyp Carpel!, rt0ry ^ nd '^ n ™day lo- been billed to a telephone in the stop using the word "steam" in j Cleaners, went like this: i lowing a car-motorcycle acci- iname of D. L. Dunbar. : advertisements. } "Do you use steam to i dent at the intersection of Sec-. ond and University avenues 1 about 8:20 p.m. "Is it steam or hot water?" j Dwayne. Dennis Ponx, 24, of "It's actually hot water." i 1339 Twelfth St., the driver of "Then why do you advertise!the motorcycle, and John H. calls demanding payment or dis-i Popular Notion j that you use steam?" Moyer. 33, of 223 Clark St.. his [continuance of service, per-; Tne popularity of so-called j "it's because the machine is i passenger, were injured when isistent billing, and transmission X"™. cl f. ani !!* (is unquestioned1.1 called the stcamtronic." ;the motorcycle collided with a nlial c tne flrsl thl "R Ihey ask _ . _,_ ; i;ar attempting to make a left j "Do you When she refused to pay the • GaiTC < 1 said " e will also ask |clean?" hill Mr-s Di.nhar's suit savs ! S wh ° se " ameS contaitl the i 'Yes. we do." bill, Mis. uunoars sun says, word .. gteam ,. to inc , |lf | e jn she was harassed with "per- their ads a disclaimer noting Isistcnt and contiruing telephone j that steam is not used. iof the account to the Des you: 'Do you steam clean?' " j Moines Credit Bureau" for col- said Conrad Zingerman, man- the Polk County Jail after the verdict, said Snethen was calm and that the only comment he made was "I guess they found me guilty." Attorney Wilson said he will appeal the case when Snethen appears for sentencing. Polk County Deputy Pat Bennett, left, escorts Daniel Snethen from the Polk County Courthouse back to jail after a jury Friday returned a guilty verdict in the 1974 slaying of Timothy Hawbaker of Adel. Snethen is to be sentenced for first degree murder on Sept. 26. He faces a mandatory life sentence. ager of Captain Clean here. lection. Same Day Mrs. Dunbar's attorney. Nick Critelliof Des Moines, said Fri-j w ho added. "I'd say advertise-j ads. day that the woman's telephone me " 1 has ^ ™ ch to do with , Hi "' who had hmi Cites Ads i , .. . . ..... .. . , ,. . turn, police said. Joe Hill, president of Custom Thfl dnvep of fhe caf< Haro|d Carpet Cleaning Co., used There is something "magi- steam in his yellow-page ad in cal" about the word "steam" to the 1975 directory, hut he said customers, said Zingerman, i he won't use steam in future service was restored Wednes- Howard Stone, 31. of 4000 Indianola Road, was not injured. Stone was charged with failure to yield the right-of-way, Masi ter Patrolman Jerry A. Jones president of 3 HOLDUPS REPORTED By TOM SUK A Des Moines man was robbed' By DON MUHM Register Farm Editor Two Stephens still in coronary care The RMltttr't low* New* Service SIOUX CITY, IA. — Former of $40 Friday after he • joining Iowa cattlemen in in-1 h a s encouraged the in- State Representative Lyle a PPa r eriUv was ' uret ' lo Eighth vestigating possible price-fixing | vestigating group. Support also CA t T MI anc ' Laure ' s t rects by two worn- in the meat industry, in prepa- j has been received from cattle- Stephens, 64, of Le-Mars re-1 en h(J met in a i ounge .ration for a possible antitrust men's groups in other stales, mained in the post-coronary it was one of throe holdups I suit against major supermarket | where similar lawsuits are consumer groups was filed. A spokesman for North-1 western Bell said the company! would have no comment on the I case. i Mrs. Dunbar's credit rating lTas~b€en~damagcd by the dis- areithc National Fanners Union,'pule, adversely affecting herj 2 consumer units join cattlemen for meat probe day, the same day the lawsuit Servicemaster Carpet and Fur-;use the word '.steam' anymore. niture Cleaning here, said, "It's You've got to 'use hot. water Housing crunch eases; 'Pit' vacated Hospital. A spectator was arrested for interfering with a police officer, Jones said. The man was ordered to get off the street at the accident scene several times before being taken into custody, the. policeman said. He was identified as Larry personal and business life, and! By JACK HOVELSON she has been caused personal | "••'••• r «•" Wril « r inconvenience, mental anguish! CEDAR FALLS, IA. — "Thelthe entire school year but' and physical suffering from hy-|Pit" at the Shull Hall dormito-1, their fears were unfounded, pertension, the suit contends. !ry on the University of North- i UNI Housing Director Clark care unit of St. Luke's Medical reported Friday. chains 'being Center in Sioux City Friday for Joseph Repplingcr. 50, of 2724 1 The Consumers Federation of I addecl " ^ contemplated, Frciej Mrs. Dunbar asks for $60,000 iern Iowa (UNI) campus has K. Klmer said Friday that all | in compensatory damages and, been vacated. |of the temporarily housed men Holcomb Ave., was robbed! Ameri «_ hawTin Washington i In July Fn-ie said the meat a n°' ner $ 60 ' 000 in P unitive dam '! No longer are studcnls forced students (no UNI coeds aiif- i , n ir _ .__ ,,i il_.. ri:,,l-iu ' IJC1acu !li Tfoailllf,L ,. J „««- j tt\ li\fn Karl'.ir.l/C- cllfla in I'nntYIC I fnrnrl tha inri/intiAninnnA k h<*A *&*• treatment of what hospital officials described as 'a heart-re- | a ^ lated problem.' | gunmen, police said. | (iona | ol . Ranixa ti on , have in- be needed lo investigate alleged | rp . , ,, The hospital did not list aj Reppl.nger told police hej dicated (heir gupporl for (he pr i ce .fixing and to bring the 1 HO hOlClS Up ^ flt (h(; Eighth rf IowaConsu , er ' I investigators had raised nearly interscction by two; Il ;!; gueanaanmaff | |< ; atae „? the na-l half of the $572.000 expected toj ' I to live barracks-style in rooms jfercd the inconvenience) had normally used for recreation | been moved to regular dormito- and study. jry rooms, although some will • ., >,*llll,<l I.^Lt II 1C II OU1S|SI/I L !»/• I 1 l\* jj - - — ~ condition for Stephens, who was I struck up a conversation !jnves(j jo sajd G|en Freie |, awsuit . admitted Monday. A hospital \™*™ en '", Ro ! >ert . S .^""P^lof Latimcr. chairman of thei After spokesman said Stephens was not considdered to be in serious condition. Stephens, a Republican, was ousted from his Iowa House seat in June when the House threw out some absentee ballots cast in Plymouth County in the 1974 election. Stephens' opponent. James Spradling (Dem., Orange City), was declared the After meeting with his law- said N. Jersey bank Last week and the early part have to switch iof this week, up lo 150 men rooms later, i.students were housed in tempo- Hj g her Enrollment i Gordon Leibow, 33, of 4209 Six- i ty-eighth St. Suspend U.S. mall to South Vietnam WASHINGTON. DC. (AP) The U.S. Postal Service announced Friday another suspension of mail service to South Vietnam after being advised by them a ride home. Wallet Stolen He agreed, Repplinger Io ld' snowballin 8. police, and they requested lhal; c '° n s u m £ i ciation - j antitrust suit probably will be| jng b|a ' ck ; pray ' paint to knock 1^™°housing.' ! "This movement is really j filed "sometime after our Sept. j ou( an automat ic camera, two!,, 4 t4 nuiVioiiinn " ho cairi "Tha i R moptino " i ^_j „ u_u ,.„ «iParty Atmosphere ho LC. C1IIV4 HI^.J » v^utJx.iJi.v.xa HJMVI , . . , drive them to the inter-iJ 0min g '"• and he said. "The i 8 e r organixations are | 're encour-l : men and a woman held up a rural branch of the FleminRton ! living in rooms normally 'for graduate students | guests. One group of 38 freshmen and i The housing crunch this fall to different j the Soviet. Union that South' Viet- Inam refused to accept mail from the United States. The Postal Service said it still is continuing efforts to arrange . | with South Vietnam for a re- anfl i sumption of service. section. As the women got out! 3 ^ their members to send of the car, two men ap .; money to help, preached. i Special Meeting One pressed a revolver to his! Frc | e sa id the alliance of con-! i won't SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (A1 J National Bank and Trust Co. j transfer students was quartered at UNI has been caused by inhere Friday and may have es'-iin the Shull Hall basement i creased enrollment and the caned with a« much as $20,000. ' study room, an area they | lack and higher cost of off- Police said the robbers, one dubbed "The Pit." The students j campus housing, carrying a revolver, entered: said they didn't like it there —j University officials had pre- |J| •- the bank at 3:30 p.m., tied upidespite its party atmosphere —idicted an enrollment of fl,900|[2] attor- throe'employes and scooped up|because the commotion wasn't i students this fall, compared tojgl OrangeCity), was declaim we |---•-"„ . eft - h --- 1 .!Hi»K«:'ia "--^.t «=»'••««"• » v wi ,, Kunst i t , r micht cash from We tellers' boxes, conducive to sleep or study and .8,750 a year ago. There are j - 1 winner ai;d was given Stephens'j P Qtc . ts tlltn lul mc sctne ' pollte | special meeting at Kirkwoodi" ( > William Minstiu m 'B m „.. fjt tion was to sray ^8,,^ of a teck of securrt y indications, however, that the' seat. filer Friday a gunman rob-1 H ° tel J " l)6S M ° inCS ' -i l * mc '° A SloUX K f"". 10 /' lp the lens of th, bank's spy cam- for their belongings. figure could reach 9,000. The _ bcd the Quaiitv Car Wash nso Tt wi " be lne lasl organixa-.defend American Indian Move- ora , 0 avojf) jdontificf.tion. said Some students feared that highest full-time student enroll- l Richmon d Ave of an undeter-' tional '"Ceting before the anti-.ment Leader Russell Means bank president. Kirby Fowler, they'd be relegated to "Tlie^mpnl at UNI was 9,741 in the Ask repatriation | mined amount of money, police i trust suit is filed, he said. were denied Friday by Means. The three escaped in a car, Pit" for weeks — or perhaps fall of 1970. of Viet refugees WASHINGTON, D.C. lndian Jewelry 1 Quality, outhenlic, wirt* tel«f- lion, oH talci guaranteed, r«a- KmoWe pricei. n] INDIAN ETS 'n (APi -- said. j Freie organized the associ- . sources close to the trial Thf man, nrmcd with a small ;alion earlier this year to bring sa j ( | n ia t Kunstler might P< )I|CC saitl - 107-SHt »»., Watt D«i Malnti »9.»1M Op«n Man •«*«. »M PtnkAmtfltuml • MMterChirte ITRJ coj PJ.J r±j rererer sjercij tf- automatic pistol, ordered thejsuit against supermarket (o Sou(h Dakota to help defend Correction ! Duo Id a typographical error, Right congressmen on a Far j attendant. Tim Burrows, 18, to; chains, which he alleges are Means on charges of 'riot and East tour Friday, demanded! lie on the floor The man then: involved in fixing prices. injurin j, a pub | ic building in thai Secretary of" State Henry'""* the money from the of i« |, "I really felt all the time that connection with an Apr. 30, (h( , da|( , of mcctjnK (o Px ™ d <M from lh sc n after ithis investigation should be 1974, disturbance at the Mm- D , ain ,. x i( . rs of , hp S)ate His- disconnec(ing , he phonei p 0 lice; done by ^ governmenl ... nch aha County Courthouse. ! Freie said Friday. Kissinger take steps to ate some 1,500 refugees on| sai( i Guam who wish to go back to:»i Robbery »w,, r kiM Towiher" South Vietnam. The group said' In another incident, a young lo e elher they found the situation l"ere i De^loines jomar^^ "an extremely explosive one $1 H| . (e| . an i nlrl|dL ,,. t , n tercd her be working together, too. be- which could momentarily | lome an( | punched lu-r in the cause we (cattlemen) are being create serious embarrassment i face, taken at one ond, and they to the United Stales." j Patricia Uinggeiiberg. 2.'!. of i consumers) are being taken at i 19111 Crocker SI., was robbed the other end of the food busi- "jabout ():!«) p.m., while she was , le ss. 'watching television in the front "Consumers are paying hi«h room of her house, police said. NEW YORK, N.Y. (AP) - Sht . (lid llol ,. L . (| i,ii-i- hospil; lorical Department was m- "I have not had contact with 'correctly reported in The Reg- Kunstler for at least two ister Wednesday. The meolinR _ djd ^ Wm c^™,-« the e^ cjeroje. Bu Moans d.d s. ^^ ( ^ w N be n olved in , nfilror s *'" De lnu " v( - u '"' mco.ioi ^^ ^ ben at The American Jewish Congress. t,.eai im .'iit. police said. Friday charged that Commerce Secretary Rogers C. B. Morton .. .. •.•• is guilty of "blatant violation of ADOrilOn Dill national policy" in refusing to SPRINCJFIKLD, ILL. (AP)- prices for meat, while we me;»l p r o d u c e r s are getting low prices." Freie said the Washington group has promised lhal its research people will he made make public the names of-Uov. Daniel Walker Friday ve- available to help in the meat American firms that have toed legislation that would have price investigation, vielded to an Arab boycott of made it more difficult to get an Israel. • abortion in Illinois. Freie also said James Patlon. former longtime president of DEAL DIRECT With B&B CONSTRUCTION Out of This World QUALITY ... 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