Pampa Daily News from Pampa, Texas on June 23, 1972 · Page 5
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Pampa Daily News from Pampa, Texas · Page 5

Pampa, Texas
Issue Date:
Friday, June 23, 1972
Page 5
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wr Women's Page PAMPA. TEXAS MlhYEAR Friday, June M. ll?! WIN AT BRIDGE Mother sulks on her day By Abigail Van Buren t* im * CMC** THMM-N. Y. Htwi STM., IK.I DEAR ABBY: I am 21 and have an 8-month-old girl. My husband's mother lives 90 miles from here and my husband is the only son she has left. [She lost a 19-year-old son in Viet Nam three years ago.] She has one daughter, 17, who is dying of leukemia. Abby, this woman is so brave and wonderful. With all her trouble she never complains. Well, my husband and I decided to drive up to be with his mother on Mother's Day, but first we stopped off at my mother's so I could give her a Mother's Day present We found her sulking like a child, and you should have heard her carry on. She said she was hurt that I chose to spend Mother's Day with my mother in law instead of with my own mother. Abby, my mother has three other children [all healthy and living nearby] and she had been invited to spend Mother's Day with them, but she stayed home instead, and told them all that I gave her a migraine headache! Now she's barely speaking to me. She says she could have forgiven me if it had been any day besides Mother's Day. Was I wrong? HEARTSICK DEAR HEARTSICK: Not Under the circumstances I think you did the right thing, and unless your mother isn't playing with a full deck, she knows it. DEAR ABBY: I am 20 years old and have a 5-month- old baby, which makes me a mother, right? Well, as a mother I think I should be honored on Mother's Day, don't you? My mother doesn't seem to think so. She wants all her children to honor her, regardless. Since this is my first Mother's Day as a mother, my husband planned to take me out for dinner. He bought me an orchid and everything. My neighbor said she'd watch my baby if I brought him over. Then my mother called and blubbered into the phone, "You mean you aren't spending Mother's Day with ME?" When I told her of our plans, she said, "You have the rest of your life to spend Mother's Day with your husband. Who knows how many years you'll have me?" [Mother is 58 and in good health.] So I went to my mother's and had a miserable time. Never again! Should I have gone? REGRETS DEAR REGRETS: You should have done what you wanted to do. But once having made the decision, yon should have put a smile on your face and tried to have a good time. DEAR ABBY: My mother in law is a widow, but she is only 50 and she still likes a good time. Well, she told me that on Mother's Day she would keep my 5-month-old baby so my husband and I could go to my mother's who was making a big dinner, and having a houseful, and if I took my baby with me I wouldn't be able to help her. Well, I later found out that at the last minute some man called my mother in law to go dancing, so she put my baby in a basket and took him to the dance! Imagine, Abby, a 5- month-old baby in a dirty, smoky hall with all that noise and a bunch of strange people breathing all kinds of germs into the air. You don't have to answer this. I just wanted to get it off my chest. FEELS BETTER DEAR ABBY: For Mother's Day I received a lovely card signed, "Todd, Jennifer and Lauri," who are my grandchildren, ages 5, 3, and 14 months old. Their mother [my daughter] didn't remember me, however, and I was very hurt. Please don't misunderstand, Abby, I love my grandchildren very much, but they are NOT my children, and even tho I am a proud grandmother, I am no less a mother. I realize that my daughter bought the card which read, "To Granny on Mother's Day" and she signed her children's names, but it wasn't the same as receiving a sentimental Mother's Day remembrance from my daughter. I would like your opinion. SENTIMENTAL DEAR SENTTMENTAI. Your daughter probably feed that the best gift she's ever given you are your grandchildren. And she is reminding you of it. I'd say you were "remembered," but you'd have preferred a sentimental remembrance from your daughter, which is understandable. Problems? Tnifl Abby. For • periwal reply, write to ABBY. BOX Witt. L. A., CALIF. MM »•* CKtett • stamped, addressed envelope. Athlete's Foot Not Contnyious Contrary to popular opinion, athlete's foot is not acquired from contact with an infected person or object. Therefore chlorine foot baths at swimming pools, disposable slippers, boiling of socks, and treatment r; shoes are not helpful in preventing the skin eruption, an article in "Pharmacy Times" advises. "Athlete's foot" is actually caused by "ringworm" fungi which thrive in skin areas where excessive moisture is present. To reduce opportunity for the fungi to grow, the American Medical Association's Committee on Cutaneous Health and Cosmetics recommends that susceptible areas not be allowed to remain moist. A booklet made available by the Committee states that heavy socks and rubber or synthetic shoe soles can increase sweating of feet and induce infection. An ounce of begonia seeds may sell for as much as $3,500. NORTH A10BB4 ¥9532 * AQ 4K9.1 WEST A 5 VKQJ10 • J 9 8 5 3 2 4 Q « SOUTH (D) 4AKQJ72 KAST ft 9 3 *A74 4 K 10 fi A 8 7 5 4 2 »74 4AJ10 Both vulnerable West North East South 1* Pass 2 A Pass 4 A Pass Pass Pass Opening lead — ¥ K Hy Oswald & James Jdcoby In Utopia finesses always work. In real life there is no point trying one when you have little or nothing to gain. West opens the king of hearts. His suit was continued. South ruffed the third lead and played a couple of rounds of trumps. Then he lost the diamond finesse. East returned a diamond and South proceeded to play out all but one of his trumps. West discarded several diamonds and South deduced West was short in clubs. Therefore South cashed dummy's king of clubs and finessed for the queen against East. West's queen became the setting trick. South was unlucky. He had lost two finesses and he had taken the right percentage play in clubs, but South wasn't half as unlucky as his partner, who watched South throw away a sure game. If West had opened a diamond South would have had to take the diamond finesse but the way the defense went South should make his contract by the simple expedient of no finesses at all. He should draw trumps; ruff dummy's last heart and play ace and queen of diamonds. It wouldn't matter which opponent took the trick. If he led a club he would be taking the club finesse for South. If he led anything else it would allow South to ruff in one hand and discard a losing club. (NEWSPAPER ENTERPRISE ASSN.) Tho bidding has been: Wcsl North East South 1* 2* Your Horoscope Little Sweater That Grew Salad Stoppe Highlights Fall Collection ^—' *—' ' Harriet Quimby, a magazine writer, was the first U.S. woman pilot, in 1911. 1 V Pass Pass Pass 4 A Pass You, South, hold: 4AK654 VA2 * J + AK654 What do you do now? A—This is one of those problems (hat depend on your partner. The coward's bid is pass. The b u 11 d o z c r's bid is six spades. The expert's bid is five hearts. Four no-trump is not recommended. TODAY'S QUESTION Instead of biddin? four spades, your partner has bid three clubs. What do you do now? Answer Tomorrow Grass Pollens Cause Sniffles Hay fever is usually thought of as primarily a Fall problem. However, late spring and early summer grass pollens are responsible for the next largest number of hay fever attacks. Immunizing injections taken in time can often prevent hay fever attacks. Escaping the "season" by vacationing in a pollen-free area is also worth considering. But, for those who cannot get away, and suffer the annoying symptoms which frequently affect nose and eyes, an antihistamiue decongestant .medication is often recommended. Physicians advise that all medications should be taken as directed, and should not be overused. -BH&G Medical Guide Squash bugs take their name from squash, pumpkins and other gourds they eat. SATURDAY, JUNE 24 YOUR BIRTHDAY TODAY: The effort to get past personal limitations, establish a permanent base of operations fills this year. Emotional expression must compete with a busy work schedule, is vivid when it does come to surface. Thrift and prudent management produce working capital for later. Today's natives often enjoy acute senses, and usually prefer to associate with older people. Aries (March 21-April 191: There is no easy out; you take responsibility, use your own resources and time, take all the results, whatever they may be. Taurus [April 20-May 2»|: Bright ideas get out of hand if communication fails. Drastic decisions aren't favored. It's the small things that are important. Gemini (May 21-June 201: Get up in good humor, think cooperation. Round up every- bor\ who's willing to pitch in. Have a good time with week-end diversions. Cancer I June 21-July 22): Modest but important achievement is yours for your thought and efficient use of what resources you have. Rest and recovery are indicated. Leo (July 23-Aug. 221: You have made enough noise and extra motion lately. Hold still long enough to reflect where you are and what you'd prosper most doing next. Virgo |Aug. 23-Scpl. 221: Putting your house in order has priority. Once that's squared away, rest. Evening plans range into far future. Libra [Sept. 23-Oct. 221: Disregard superficial distractions as you dig for information. Knowing what is happening makes it easier to plan next week's doings. Scorpio (Oct. 23-Nov. 21): Mental activities and a change of pace from what you've been doing all week are most desirable. Find a good surprise saving. JUST ARRIVED-100 Pairs Young Women* and Young Men's Lee Low-Cut Denim Button-Up Flares North Plaza Coronado Center 665-2951 JUST ARRIVED: • Kennington Shirt* for Gait • Super-Low-Rite Jean by Lee By Jeanr Uixon Sagittarius (Nov. 22-Dec. 2l|: Personal success now requires that you stop wasting time and energy. Sharing sports and pastimes is good but not today. Capricorn (Dec. 22 Jan. 19): Do what you can with loose ends, unfinished correspondence, picking up and throwing out whatever has lost its purpose for you. Aquarius (Jan. 20-Feb. 181: Letting well enough alone can earn you a restful, slow- paced chance to think over what should come next. Meditation arouses intuition. Pisces I Feb. 19-March 201: Go ahead with whatever is going on and settled for this week-end, particularly social matters. You will shine in contrast to slower-reacting people. Creative Accessories You can make a conventional store-bought dress look like an original creation by experimenting with buttons and buckles or other accessories that will add a personal touch. NEW YORK (AP) - That modest sweater has moved into a top status slot for fall. Jay Kobrin for Maisonette calls his fall collection "the little sweater that grew." It starts with a narrow waist- length pull-over and ends with a gold metallic dolman sleeve dress. "We're living a real life in a real world, and we want to be that comfortable," Kobrin says. His line is one of the best for the money on the market this fall, priced around $70 to $140. Some of the dresses look as if they belong in a more expensive, understated chic price range. The clothes are a welldisciplined selection of slim sweater dresses, with a layered sweater look. They are belted and matched with cardigans. The best of the day colors are Kobrin's soft beiges and greys. He shows the jumper look in beige with white turtle neck. Or grey and white argyle patterns, at $95. The slacks outfits include sweater sets and have a distinctive casu;',i simpljcity. For evening, Kobrin likes sophisticated black metallic lounging pajamas or black sweater dress with shimmering cardigan. He does a simple gold dolman dress in the new short cocktail length, at $105. At David Crystal, that com- fortable knit look is used for pants suits with new wrap jackets. Pants also come with the blazer. The slim knit dress is patterned in pale, exaggerated herringbone, at $50. Brighter colors are cut with stripes at the bodice and sleeve. There are plenty of the easy day dresses, as well as a choice of slim coats. A pale coat matches a white dress with large beige stitching. None of these looks is extreme. They are mostly classic and familiar, the kind that thousands of women feel most comfortable in, after all, Russel Taylor dazzles fake fur lovers with a wealth of novelty print furs—from tartan plaids to a "basket of feathers" print. (SpU—The Mobeetie Tops Club met in the Lions Hut. Meeting was called to order by leader Margaret Trout, and the club prayer was led by Lois Hudson. The collect was led by Pat Railsback. In observance of the club's 10th anniversary, a salad supper was held. Lois Hudson, the 1971 queen, was graduated as a KOPS member, receiving a trophy for attaining her goal. Those attending were Margaret Trout, Margaret Knight, Dorothy Mixon, Lou Dean Douthit, Willene Waters, Lois Hudson and Velma D'Spain. Pat Railsback was a guest. • It takes more than a million begonia seeds to make an ounce. PITTSBURGH PAINTS AT DISCOUNT PRICES PITTSBURGH SUNSET INTERIOR EXTERIOR LATEX 97 PITTSB ?GH ONE COAT 1-45 rJLBASE *8.23 Reg. 9.23 PITTSBURGH OIL OR LATEX OUTSIDE PAINT Reg. >7.80 PITTSBURGH WALL HIDE WASHABLE WALL PAINT *6 Rez. REDWOOD STAIN Reg. '6.00 $4 95 Rez. ANTIQUING KIT 10 colors $3 95 LANGLEY & GRAY CABINET SHOP 323 S. STARKWEATHER 669-297) Hi-Land Fashions' Vacation SPECIALS! Ladies 1 and Junior Departments Sizes 6-16 Dresses Formals 25% to Sizes 3-13 Pant Suits Scooter Skirts 50%™ Girls 7 Department Toddler through Size 14 Dresses and Short Sets 25% - 50% Off! Hi-Land Fashions 1543N. Hobart 669-7776 •§••••••••••• arlie 6 FURNITURE-CARPET 1304 N. Banks-Pampa-Ph. 665-4132 TERMS AVAILABLE Elegant Furniture At Prices You Can Afford... Shop CHARLIE'S First! Your Choice-2 or 3 Piece Living Room Group Luxurious Quilted La France Velvet Living Room Group. The Sofa is 101 inches long, upholstered with fine quality, quilted velvet, than choose Either The Matching Love Seat or Two Antique Velvet Correlated Chairs. Your Choice 2 or 3 Piece Group NOW ONLY... *669

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