The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas on November 26, 1924 · Page 4
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The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas · Page 4

Hutchinson, Kansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 26, 1924
Page 4
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Page 4 article text (OCR)

/ PAGE FOUR. THE HUTCHINSON NEWS, WEDNESDAY. NOVEMBER 26, 1024. THE HUTCHINSON NEWS rubllnhert Llally by The NfWB O'.mpany W. V. MOnQAN. EDITOR, ESTABLISHED 1S7K. Entered >t the PoNtofftcs In Hutch- Ineon, Kinui, for iransro.sstoi. through the mails as second-*'*!! matter. TELEPHONE- 4400 Private tir»m:!i nc'.isna*. nliKn e-tisrator answers, give person or d« parttnent wanted. TERMS OF SUBSCRIPTION first. Second end Third Zones By men. one y<»sr By mail, si* months 2.0U By me!'., three months l.zr By mall, one month 61' Fourth, Plfth. SlKth, end Seventh £ones. By mell. one Ti'fti IM' Bv mel). six tmmths I." 1 ' Uy mail, three numths t.W Tty mall, one month •** By carrier, pei week ". I -lij M'eokly N>*ve. one ye«r,.. MEMBER AUDIT BUREAU OF CIRCULATION MEMBER AMERICA* NEWSPAPER PUBLISHERS' ASSOCIAT.ON. MEMBER OF ASSOCIATED PRESS The Aasoi 'lntM Pr.-ss f» e*clu/!lvel> entitled wi the use for republication of all news crc<1lte,t to tt or not other- Ttr|M crcliieil in tlile pnper. nno also the IOIRI new* published herein. All right of frmr.'lrsllrro of apecla rlltpatchee herein nrn also reaen-ert. of llm question* at Issue IJ.V jiface- fill moans, 'nut ClroaL tlrlu'n pro- cc-i'ils in uso military lmmls and feet In tho Rood old way. i • a ' If the United States had been * member of tho league we would l'.svo boon morally bound to sub- mlt out- tllF |iii(cs such IIH that with .Inpnn over the Itrmilgriitlon quel- tioii. to the trllmnul civ:it••,) Uy tho ixiasin.'. But now II looks its If n nation ioiil.| join tho I.cnRito of Nations anil then obey tltti aprec- merits confaltiod In the cnvctiatil ttml tho const i tin ion or - dlnoboy them just as best Milled its pleasure. As has been fii'ipti 'iilly polntotl out. the weakness ot HIP League ot N'ntions la thai 11 i.-i a political alliance and not. a tribunal to MS- rriire peace. It Is fill-il with uiiar- unices and promises, none of which are kept by ihe principal members bill which can be enforced aualnsl Ihe weaker, with all of the nations of Km ope either members or accepthii; it? authority, Ibere should lie every probability thai It could do Koine tinod In preserving the p.-ace of Kui-ope, Confined to the. smaller area, il ouitlit to be effective, but it doe>ift. ivork and that Is oil lliere ia to it. « * • The Italians do not. make any secret of their enjoynieut ot the situation in which Great Britain now finds itself. The French ana the Germans are more polite but they are laughing at Ihe Inconsistency of the grest British empire). The smaller countries are realising that they were drawn Into the Leaevte under false pretense*, as they were promised fair treatment and they are netting just what they 'mould tempt the Rods, who are • i always did met, the arbitration of surrounded by all the fizzes of * j ( or ce instead of the •settlement by Hie blest: and while sane poets 't " •, lvres in-*- sounded, its fame, will *, m ; travel with the best. But while *l 1 has far the l^iipue of Nalious I sip my inornliiK breaker of * j hfle done some Rood in Europe, as t ! indeed would any other orsaniza- ,. Ition. and perhaps another would ' (have been ln-(ter. Of course if the 'j United Stales had be.-n a member , I it. would naturally have insisted i e'lliat Ureal lliitain fulfill its eon- IL A Puzzle a Day il ! .\ man bad a two-pound welttht, and a five-pound wolglit. Ho wished to oplgh out a single, [round of salt, on a balance scale, tulns only those two weight K. How did he d .i !' '.' Ye-terrtrv'-. e ei : Daily Thoughts The Sldlinp Drug Co. PFIESCHIPTION SPECIALIST*. Tetsjinane at Na. 17 Narm Main Itrtat, Hutehinaw. T,:.' drawing shows how Ihe double crescent may bo formed with Rheumatism COFFEE FANS. » * • * I line up with the coffee • * drluketa; I qusff mine from a * * flagon -wide, with captains, • * statesmen, bards and thinkers • * who lake the j?ood the gods * * provide, who drink it with the • * roast, nt eventide. A pail of cot- • * fee, well t-<m ;|>otwded, Js sure * to sooilie ihe savage breast rotfee fetched Trod Tar Brazil, there reno s ;i dour aud dismal ,-peilier, v. bo - L .;, s. "Wliat. dope is ilist i yon sw'fll? It's poison, ii will ui.-'ke you weaker, ami ure'- ; , .veil, ii i; fails io kill. Von tuink ye-.n eup of dope i |e- li-iiuful. >"'i i -horile as your Have we not all ona father? Math not one God created ua ? Why do we deal treacherously every man against his brother, by pro- faninu the covenant of our father?—Mai. 2:10, * * e If we lore one another, nothing In truth, can harm us, whatever mischance may happen.--Longfellow. one continuous . line, with no retracing, or crossings. The slight gaps ara Intentional, being used to illustrate tttn method; In tho actual drawing, *o gaps should appear. It*« Different Now, Berlin.—The new edition ot tho Almanac de Ootha carries one line referring to the Romanoffs, the former reigning family of KtiRsta. Before the war, six finely printed pages did not (suffice for the annals of this family. .., ,i, 4. ... .«- .{, >?> * 4. <a> 4. * .. -i- HOUSES AND THEIR •• EXPRESSIONS. By Ituth Cameron. t> <f y .t. i- t. .j. f. ..«, ^ .t, 4, .1, ^ Did yon ever notice what differ- That Is. some of them. Some Inst don't have any expression at all. They are like some people. But a good many houses have a very strongly ludfvldualliotl expression. Kor iustance, there's tho house that has a cordial, welcoming look about It. Sometimes It's nice old colonial house, and then again It's that comfortahlo bay window typo of 20 years ago, and then again it's the modern typo. It's Just an Individual matter, this wolcoming look and It would ho hard to say what gives It. Doubtless It has something to do with the setting, though 1 have, seen houses set about with flower beds and handsor > shrubbery and well kept lawns that didn't have II nt all. And thou I think the type ot verandas and tho treatment of them has something to do wllb. it. Also the kind of hangings at tho windows. . .The elemonls that giv.i a houso this cordial look art. hard (o pin down, but the expression itself Isn't elusive. A houso cither lias a cordial expression or It hasn't. And when It has It, anyone sensatlve to such things can feel It at once. The opposite ot the house with the cordial expression Is tho house with tho morose expression. Not far from my summer home Is a Ittrge and well constructed house which Is for sale— at an excellent value so I am told. .It has been for sale at an "excellent value" for eight, years, and thore are four rani ostato ngi'nts signs 011 It. That bouse has a moroso expression. I think In this case 1 can trace the cause. Just as one can In a face where the mouth droopj. The house Is set back from the street bohlnd a cypress hedge, It has so many trees about It that it^rots little sunshine and It Is painted a horrible shade of drab. Given enough money to paint that house and a free hand with the grounds 'I believe anyone could change tho expression of that bouse nnd sell it. Other houses, without being morose and repellant in an expression have n reserved look. They have a sort of keep to themselves look, an air of reticence and sclf-con- talitedneiia such as you see on tho faces of some people. Thon there. are tho houses that forsomo reason seem to have a smug, self-satisfied look, a sort ot primness. You'll know when you see a house thnt has It, dough you probahlyi won't know any more than I do why It has It. Other hoiise» ahvaya look cheerful. Sunshlao and neatness and white paint are generally three ot the factors that have to do wlln the cheerful look, but they are not the only factors, for there are plenty of neat, while, sunny houses that don't have it. I suppose It takes these factors plus architectural personality to give that cheerful look to a house. Or can It be that the personality of the people who live In tho houses has something to do v wlti the expressions of tho houses. I know that seems difficult to believe. And yet Tomorrow—Thanksgiving—A Point of Vl«w. Remember the Shopo-Scope whenever you flflnk of Xmas shoii- plng. If. Owns Strange Cat, London'—The proprietor id f local movie hotiBe recelvod a cat and a litter of kltlons by express Accompanying tlid gift was thlt meBsngo: "Dear Sir: Every time i see a now reel nt your theater there Is always a picture of a cn< who Is nursing dogs or chickens 01 mice—anything but kittens. I thin I; 11. Is unusual, therefore, thnt my col. ' nursing real kittens, fleas, take their pictures, A FllIBND. Wanted Them Destroyed. London.—Hundreds of interest Itig letters from George Eliot, to her niece, .Miss Emily Susannah Clarke of Thanel, have been destroyed as requested In the will ot Miss Clarke, who died recently. Shop-o-Scope will make the buy lag of Xmas presents for others as much fun as opening your own on Xmas shopping. tf. Whaling was carried on by the Norwegians as early as 900 A. 11 It was nt Its height about 1846. AETNA-IZE NOW. Phone « jg-j -A'tu -s •e.uniWH e'.-k- drink 11. r Wlie it hnlils ; I'rlnhirul. untimely v--s: but it's M demon •-piteic.l, nnd those it rank with slaves ' drug, c.tflcinc, that's that sends men to craves." " to," I ; tract in regard tu Kpypt. and we ; rould have either accepted the j British refusal to do so or gone I to war to make the British come ' aerows. Ai! we would have gotten y. ,iii- SIKOPI-I. bearish sends *| 0 ut of the League would have been fant'aU sliootiii!.' thn>ui;h my * frame: whatever drink a man may clu-rish. there's xelaini, always tho opportunity to contribute financially to Its support and prob- Miai flaton or vou'U perish — it plays a dark and deadly mtin '.' Tni* drink is ureal, and wlill" it fills me. 1 I'-el at peace with ail mankind, with unmixed •> stacy it thrills me, 1 leave - . p j„ my cares and woes behind; I *! lirinlt three quarts, and if it kill.- nie. I'll cash in cheerful ir .-.e. r- ; ,is :iH 'd." WALT MASON'. 'Abjure • • ably have fcecn drawn into some sltuation • where the nations who owe us miney woti! 1 have expected to have their aebts cancelled so that they could pay the other peo- VHE LEAGUE FAILURE A nil" ihe British people HI fir. 1. . :-blally --low to s.-e a juke, It happens to be taking from its own livery time the League of Nations tries tu function it stumbles and falls aud makes a show of Itself. The Inherent weakness Is the absolute control of the League by l\\o or three large countries, none of which will jrlve up anything It it "Ye.! it', all gone." D O NOT close your eye* and think that health, (res motion, and strength are gone from you forever! It 13 not so. Yoa can get Tld of your rheumatism by building up your blood power. It is a fact that rheumatism means "blood poverty." It Is a fact with tho increase of red colls in your Wood, impurities nre destroyed. It is a fact that S.S.S. will help Natoro build these .red-blood-cells! S.S.S. is one of tho most powerful blood cleansers in existence. Its re- t suits in thcusondc of rheumatic cases have been nothing short of amnzingl The niedleinaj Ingredients of S.S.S. are purely vegetable. This Is very Important to remember! What can bn more inspiring, more wonderful than to see the shackles of pain released from your struggling body, swellings, lingering pains, stiffness of joints and muscles all disappear; your stomach made strong; your face pink with the old sweetheart glow, youp blood enriched and your cheeks more plump as they used to be. You can do it! Take S.S.S., the great destroyer of rheumatic impurities, 9. 3. 8, It sold at ah rood drug stores in two sliea. The laifar size is more sconoaical, kc Youwclf Atfilo (1 if a litr|i.- nrntv dfffl* fnf .T^t. Under the league tho ruii Th ;m uMt.i! f-T tii -'in to (U* tiiii?,ir-:h tin.* humor disi'tiveriMl by Rritish Rovpmmem is ruling a suinl part of At'riea and Asia and >jii.' of ut her countrier; in doimiiet-rfnt; peoples who do not tin? Hi'- M-UIUMIM lit. lw t:vii Kimland Mi'l dr.'i't lirliuii, hit*- I. tt.-hin.l Hi.-> throne < tji .\;iil<in>. The British enipir*? of ihe League, or nt least they do itiit J i>; nit-mh"-. of the ].<'ii^\i , .t and .not. 11 the puwer tin Leaiuie Knuf.ish domination. The I.t-;itcne. is hound to reeoRnlze the British power, hut the British aT? not hound to reeocni/.o the power U :IM: ai : ;' I'^-mL-. niu: oi'fi;iiiiz«tliun ;<•. , IJJJ. !. -i! Una v .-hould h-' rec- OL;.I.. " 1 i.i ill..- unrl 'i. In tho 11 i^- ;itid iiu'.i.'mtr. which have I-., i,..., :i|.nn ;d tli.' L .-aClh-. t )j»: f -t .t't '-n .t n -tt Crt-ift Bi'i'MJn ha\'.' lif.-ii \ ..'i -i 'l> i-rMieni oi all *A"ho v, ."ii j nnt ini;i; off thi-ir hats and tm'.v t ti*\j '. ii*-- W!H"H the IV-aeue v.-'.- daft.''*.. That in why ihtrre Is IL general •jUiiU* in the uorld over the very .<>>r\um ca,s*» of Ksypt and the evident intention of Great Britain to do a* HJie pleast's ln -eause of tho Siif'7. t'unal, rs -tardless of the ji!ed,:''.s maile on sisninp the eon- »-t i* utitjji anil covenant of the Ueamo.t of Nations, \\\ T. .MOBCAN ilt-.-'-ni i-. Mr Whwon. i 'liun-'nll'., 'I'lu.iu 'AIK invented hv a hum u jM.'mh -r ..f til- 51: frfsh hu ' »"-i«'^'\ver of I Kngland. i. in j, \i-ry well w r'.iten artif'U. the daim< r> v\ fiuur- warh, de- Don't wait for time to iieal that itching rash jaEGLECToF even the slight- eit ikin rash, roughness. chafing or soreness may have serious consequences Painful, disfiguring complaints like eczema, ringworm, etc., all start in A small*way. The safest plan is to keep « jar of Hesinol Ointment ready to use at the first sign of akin trouble. /It promptly stops itching and reduces inflammation and burning. The tiny pores readily receive this sooth' ing ointment, and its pealing influence is carried far below the surface of the skin. Hesinol Soap is m favorite with thousands who like its generous lather, so refreshing and cleansing. At all druggists. RESINOL il Get These Food Products FREE! 1 1 "ih "'l \ Ii tii- tmly coiifl'.i'iiitr romp::t :ti<-« Lfituia-. of Nations a* pir.u to :;afHy. In the :.! apli .\\v. I'liiirehil! «i 11. Hit:, Naliult- r-i". ! y by Kfan«'.. Ni •. \i, . I hill t'tiii! Ii"- i; i • writ ••!' in j-hi add. "t,H'i;»*i (i! •«( Mrl 'aM'.- A pi- oi bar .Jed »;>• a; Of C-e'l'it ai:d fi,n Hi ( wintH-. "Tli''' d.-.v.-n.-d by tii" ru-<i by -'t»vb J . distn^t':-'. and i b't -innny." ie- I'liu w nfj'. ii: t Io I'urtli' in (li • "hit,- W ai' . Itai% boi.i' 'J on iiii> island j'.-ibMi the pn>- i'b-nmit>, hi!\\v : .tu\n f \\ a? iii '. 'be law la lif -r i:\\n i, t : ti-i*- Mriiy ,-lioul.l tztti" ))•'!• » in t'ic j.eiifjne Now iIir->--- «),';.-r nail JUS uhith liavo been crit h -ii '.i *tl an 1 .-v-akinc UJ) to (Jreat Hriiaiti with litlirule in the:r \ni<v-.-:. -Wliy don': yon talte tIi 1 s 1 -J-iypl tu thf- L"at'Ue','" but iiis .tA .I uf lul%in^ ihf eas" to tho L.-a^ue. tii'.Mt Britain MMHU shipe and s<ibil«iv. It ^iinhl eurta'iUy hi-eni an if a ountrovtrivy ^ IK-II as is now in pro- ^rtths botwoen (ho ^overinnent »f fii'daL Miitain and tlie j;oVi>runi(?nt *'t y'-l<>l>* '-•'-••ibi iK -ftt:;' be Sailed by a tribunal or by » cuiumltt-j:' '•!' tin; I .••a.'.'.ll-- -bait h> the. foret \ortoii i>y t iii? po rf U I ti ata "i j !Krt !n /ri tho \r.?aK, indob'-nden; eoimlty. iaint»isteiu:y and fair play Would both cull for a settlement denkins Special Victrda Outfits II IV* Not a VlctroU-U May b* a IHMppaiatmcfit Virtually cwxy ftn-it personage in music makes Records exclusively for the Victrola; and just at, Victor artists, arc preeminent above all others, so Victor Record* by <he%t arffK*. plajfd on Met Toll tntirumrnl* art pttemintnt abo*e all Otheri, U> «((fr h«rt Mime VKRV SPECIAL OUTFIT U|g*stk>M In Vittrulsk. The Kfctird- Includrl In thetc outfit! ire 10-Inch, douMMart. 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You'll want a Lorain-Equipped Clark-Jewel Gas Range sooner or later—get it now and take advantage of this special offer. Kelly's Famous . The Flour Supreme . Made By '4/r,L: • '.'..'=si Sat ^L-.-o J-'-_.Ma: The William Kelly Milling Co. Prairie Rose Superior Quality 1 BUTTER At Your Grocer MERIOEN CREAMERY Aak For DONATTI 2-lb Family Package Chocolate* The Kichards-Scheble Candy Co. Food Products Ferndell Jams Rerndell Rolled Oats I. Smith Grocery and Market Dillon's "Red Label" Lard Guaranteed Absolutely Pure J. S. Dillon's Wholesale Market 409 N. Main 7 Markets in Hutch. "Kopke's Best Leads all the Rest." Kopke'a Best Pancake Flour Kopke'a Beit Japan Tea Kopke Bros. Merc. Co. McArthur's Twin Oaks Brand. Pure Pork Sausage For Your Breakfast McArthur Packing Company Use Cloverdale Pasturized Milk Because Its Safe Cloverdale Dairy and Ice Cream Co. You'll Want this Complete List of Highest Quality Products 24-lb sack Kelly'* Famou* Flour 1 lb. Winchester'* sliced Bacon 3 lb. Can Dillon's Lard Can Harvest Home Peaches 2 Loaves Cripes Bread Lb. Can Mon-Tro Coffee Pkg. Kopke's Pancake Flour Pkg. Kopke's Tea Box McArthur's Sausage Lb. Prairie Rose Butter 2 Qts. Cloverdale Milk Pkg. Ferndell Oats Jar Ferndell Jam 2 Pkgs. Carey's Salt 2 lb. Box Donatti Chocolates Can Dillon's Baking Powder Bottle Dillon's Extract 3 Boxes Dillon's Spices 50c Meat at Baby Beef Market Pkg. Itens Crackers Pkg. Itens Fig Bar* Pkg. Itens Graham Crackers Pkg. Itens Vanilla Midgets All foods listed here can be purchased from your grocer when yourpres- supply is used up Carey's Salt Free Running Carey's Salt in Round Shaker Carton, with Aluminum Pouring Spout. The Beat Cooking and Table Sail. CAREY SALT CO. Mon-Tro Coffee Sixty Cups to the Pound at Your Grocer GUYMON-PETRO MERC. CO CRIPES ^ter&n ^L AT ALU GROCERS. CRIPES BAKERY TRY WINCHESTER BACON At Your Grocer Winchester Packing Co. 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