Lubbock Avalanche-Journal from Lubbock, Texas on April 6, 1975 · Page 48
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Lubbock Avalanche-Journal from Lubbock, Texas · Page 48

Lubbock, Texas
Issue Date:
Sunday, April 6, 1975
Page 48
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Page 48 article text (OCR)

1C— LUBBOCK AVALANCHE-JOURNAL—Sunday Morning, April 6, 1975 Movies Featured On Television This Week SUNDAY 7:30 p.m. ffi MAN IN. THE WILDERNESS (1971) Richard Harris, John Huston. After being mauled by a grizzly bear, wilderness scout defies the elements to avenge himself on the expedition that left him behind. 8:30 p.m. ffi ZULU (1964), Stanley Baker, Ulla Jacobsson, Michael Caine. Story based on fact of handful of British soldiers fighting thousands of African warriors. 10:45 p.m. O> BANJO ON MY KNEE (1947) Barbara Stanwyck, Joel McCrea. Buddy Ebsen, Walter Brennan, Girl .from the mainland struggles to overcome the suspicion of her husband's Mississippi shanty-boat folk. 11:30 p.m. ffi THE SMUGGLERS (1968) Shirley Booth. David Opatoshu, Carol Lynley. Innocent woman tourist is unwitting bearer of smuggled goods. MONDAY 3:30 p.m. QP THE THIEF .(1952) Ray Milland, Rita Gam. . : Communist spy steals atomic secrets then suffers tortures of •.-.conscience. Story is without dialogue. 8:00 pjri, O WHAT'S THE MATTER WITH HELEN? (1971) Debbie Reynolds. Shelley Winters. Mothers of teen-age sons convicted of homicide are bound together by mutual tragedy. 10:30 p.m/IDSWEET RIDE (1968) (R) Tony Franciosa, Michael Sarrazin. Jacqueline Bisset. Life-and-death story of sand-and-surf dwellers on carefree Malibu Beach. TUESDAY 3:30 p.m. 60 .30 WINCHESTER FOR EL DIABLO - Carl Mohner, Topsy Collins, John Heston. Secret Federal agent is sent to wipe out cattle rustling gang. 7:30 p.m. ffi) GUESS WHO'S SLEEPING IN MY BED? (1973) (R) Barbara Eden. Dean Jones, Ken Mars, Reta Shaw. Ex- husband brings his new wife, baby and dog on his annual summer visit to his still-single ex-wife. 10:30 p.m. QD THE JERUSALEM FILE (1972) (R) Bruce Davison, Nicol Williamson, Donald Pleasence. Young American archeologist hopes to arrange peaceful meetings between Arab and Israeli students. WEDNESDAY 7:30 p.m. Q3 STORY OF PRETTY BOY FLOYD (1974) (R) Martin Sheen, Kim Darby, Ellen Corby. Oklahoma farm boy becomes enmeshed in life of.crime and becomes a notorious bank robber of the early 30's. , 10:30 p.m. CB TRAVELING EXECUTIONER (1970) (R) Stacy Keach. Sly carnival showman earns grisly living with portable electric chair which he takes from prison to prison. THURSDAY 3:30 p.m. QD CROSSWINDS (1951) John Payne, Rhonda Fleming. Framed ship captain seeks love and revenge in the jungles of the South Pacific. 7:00 p.m. 01 CONSPIRACY OF TERROR (1975) Michael Constantine, Barbara Rhoades. Husband-and-wife detective team investigates case of a man who was scared to death. 8:00 p.m. 00 GENERATION (1969) David Jartssen, Kim Darby, Carl Reiner, Father discovers his daughter and son-in.- law are planning to have their baby in their own way. 8:30 p.m. ffi A MATTER OF WIFE...AND DEATH (1975) Rod Taylor. Private investigator Shamus traces'homicide to big- time gambling operation. 10:30 p.m. © THE CHAIRMAN (3969) (R) Gregory Peck, Arthur Hill, Anne Heywood. Nobel Prize winner's mintf carries an implanted bomb on mission to Red China to obtain secret which will enable crops to grow anywhere in the world under any conditions. FRIDAY 3:30 p.m. 03 WHITE COMMANCHE (1967) Joseph Coilen, William Shatner. Twin sons of Indian mother and white father find themselves on opposite sides of the fence. 8:00 p.m. OD KATE McSHANE (1975). Anne Meara, Sean McClory, Cal Bellini, Christine Belford. Flamboyant lawyer finds her own skills as an attorney on trial in murder case she is defending. 10:30 p.m. ffi) IT (1967) Roddy McDowall, Jill Haworth. Museum acquires stone:statue.which carries an ancient curse and museum .assistant discovers how to use its awesome power. Midnight CD INVISIBLE-GHOST (1941) Bela Lugosi, Betty Compson, John McGuire, Demented wife casts hypnotic spell transforming herhusband into murderer.. SATURDAY 7:00 p.m. CD TURNING POINT OF JIM MALLOY (1975) John Savage, Gig Young. Young man seizes opportunity to cover important story while working on a small town newspaper. 8:00 p.m. m SWEET NOVEMBER (1968) Sandy Dennis, Anthony Newley. Loving girl has a new roommate every month ... always a different man. 8:30 p.m. OJ STRICK FORCE (1975) Cliff Gorman, Don Blakely, Richard Gere. Undercover detective teams with Federal agent and State trooper to investigate syndicate slaying. 10:30 p.m. ffi TO KILL A MOCKINGBIRD (1963) Gregory Peck, Mary Badham, Phillip Alford. Two children and their lawyer father battle ingrained prejudices in the interest of fair play arid justice. Adaptation of best-selling novel. 12:00 mdnt (B ARMORED ATTACK (1943) Anne Baxter, Dana Andrews, Farley Granger, Walter Brennan. Story of peasant village that refused to run from the Nazi invasion of Europe, Adaption of Samuel Goldwyn's "The North Star." ABC Knocks Out Summer Series NEW YORK (Special) "It's a Knockout!," will air ihis summer as a series on ABC. The series is based on a hit European show of the same title in which teams of contestants representing different countries compete against each other in a series of contests resulting in a Grand Champion. The ABC series will present four one- hour regional contests resulling in a national championship. On the first four shows, teams representing three cities in a region will compete for the regional title, the winning team of each area to compete in the national compel i (ion on the fifth show. Each "game" will be an obstacle course of epic proportions taped each week in a different outdoor location of stadium size. Each game will involve costumes and gigantic props, teamwork and physical agility — and a necessary sense of humor. A large regional audience will be assembled for each of the contests, A commentator and a "color" announcer for the series will be named in the near future. Victor Borge says the divorce rate is going down because "no one is bothering to get married any more." LUBBOCK AVALANCHE-JOURNAL—Sundoy Morning, April 6,1975—11 Juliet Prowse Refuted Prediction [ HOLLYWOOD (Special) — "Ballet is the foundation of everything, when it comes to dancing — it gives one great stamina and strength," asserted dancer Juliet Prowse. At the age of six, Juliet began studying ballet in Johannesburg, South Africa, and at the age of 17 went to London for tutoring, Unfortunately, most ballet masters thought she was .too tall (Juliet stands 5'7%" tall) for classical forms of the dance. But, she fooled them all! When asked if she had a weight problem, Juliet answered emphatically "Yes! When I'm working I'm filled with nervous adrenalin which burns up any excess poundage. When I'm at home I have to watch my calories because I adore cooking and, of course, eating," she said. At the suggestion of a friend, Juliet has enrolled in a yoga class and adores it. 'I feel so relaxed, plus it gives me energy. Yoga in the mor.v ing and ballet in the afternoon; help keep away those unwanted pounds,'' she said. VINE LINE Pat Paulsen lives on a ranch; in Sonoma, Calif., where he. grows grapes for Iocal : winemakers. His spread is about a 20-minute drive from> (he ranch of Tom Smothers. Aliirlcliiini VARA'S HAIR STYLING |2604 Boston 799-4708 M«n 4 Women * Monicurci • PedicuriM Pertn<m*nti • Cafon Tu*i - Sal. 9 HI 6 [CrviVpro— Borbaia — limfa — ANNE AS ATTORNEY — Anne Meara of the husband- Wife comedy team Stiller and Meara portrays an attorney who finds her own skills as a lawyer on trial in the murder case she is defending in "Kate McShane" on the CBS Movie, Friday, 8 p.m., Channel 13. DO-IT-YOURSELF PICTURE FRAMING Sf f cime factory * — •Easy *Fun, •Inexpensive 797-3154 5422 Slide Rd. LADIES! A GIFT FOR YOU How would you like to receive a beautiful stainless steel slectric coffee maker valued at $49.95 and dinner for yourself ar»d 5 other couples absolutely free? No jingles to write nor puzzles to work. First 10 coupons received will qualify. SALADMASTER Box 16245 LUBBOCK, TEXAS 79490 NAME ADDRESS CITY NUMBER IN FAMILY. DUAL POWER MICROWAVE OVEN WITH DEFROST leftovers con be wormed without drying out. No spcool wiring - Plug into standord 15 omp. 120 volt, grounded outlet •Defrost cycle uses lower power to thaw foods quickly and evenly, h's colled Defrost Plus because you can cook certain foods better by using the defrost cycle's' lower power • Rolling drum recipe guide on control panel • Thaws frozen foods in minutes Suggested Retail 439 .93 $32900 FREE STANDING OR BUILT-IN TRASH COMPACTOR NEEDS NO SPEQAL BAGS • Reduces cppro.'irralely o %*eek's accumulations of 1ro;r! into One Neot Bog • No special initollaticn necessary • Plugs into o"y odequately >»ired ond Grounded 115 volt outlet • Ntw Scissor and Screw Couponing Skitter, • ever 3000 lb«. force, GCG530 $15900 4 Cycle FAMILY SIZED WASHER •GE Filler-Flo'Wosh Syilem • Four Wash Cycles — Normol, Permanent Press with cold water cool-down, Acivaied Soak, Delicate •Three Wash-Temperature and Rinse • Temperature Combinations including special cold water selections •Three water levels FAMILY SIZED TIMED DRYER • Permanent Press Cycle •Three Temperature Selections Normol Delicate, No-Hcot Fluff •Monuol Selection of Drying Tim« up to 130 Minutes •Separate Start Button •Procelion - Enamel Clothes Drgrrt WASHER PRICE Model WWA5-!OOp /Model (DDE 5200 F) DRYER PRICE *348 CYCLE BUILT-IN POTSCRUBBER' -DISHWASHER * Soft Focrf C-'>pO',*r • Ju^t Tip aif big* & hard thijni^ * Gtts poi^ ond SUGGESTED RETAIL $22900 GSD451 GE 2-CYCLE, CONVERTIBLE DISHWASHER PORTABLE NOW BUILT-IN LATER • Buiil in Soft Feed Disposer GSC411 GE17.6cu. ft. NO-FROST REFRIGERATOR- FREEZER with 4.65 cu. ft. freezer- oil only 30',i" wide! Power Sever Switch con help reduce operating cost! 3 cabinet shelves — 2 odjust Addautomatic Icemoker now or Idler, $40.00* Extra '329 A'cdel TBF )8SR Freezer living - easy, economical and convenient! ih«lw*i f«f .t«*iin v plu *rt'bt« al • f $22900 •>«« C». Fr. CAM Of Suggested Retail S349.9J $27900 •13,1 Cu. Fr CAFI4CT So Fro, I Suggested Retail $409 95 S 329 00 J PORTABLE COOLING YOU CAN AFFORD UCCOBT'J.HR. COgling • Only 7 imps., plugs into any idtquattly wired IIS volt grounded circuit • Only O Ib.v.. Tht port»bl« air conditioner portublt enough fo have a ftandrc • Use it *t horn* during the week".. ,takt it traveling with you en ffi« wnlttftili • Durable outdoor (wtather side) cast molded ef Ltxin' r«l/n, CAN'T RUST, 'Registered trademark of rh« General Electric Co. for pclyc»ibcnit« ruin. Carry-Coo! |M AGTEI04FA QNLY $9300 SF2106VY BARGAIN PRICED LIGHTWEIGHT • Attractive Black and White Cabinet • GE Hybrid Chassis • Precision Crafted VHP Tuner • Solid State UHF Tunsr • 3" Dynapower Speaker • Weighs Only 14/i Ibj. Suggested Re-foil $99.95 $7300 BIG SCREEN PORTABLE Solid SMleCh.His 'Click In 1 UHF Tuner Solid Slate VHF Tuner 'Sil»tfTu"cri' 2 Speed Tuning Molded In Handle Slond Optional Extra PORTS-COLOR TV 80% BRIGHTER than Ever Belote! »Poiu Colci* Hybnd Clw-.s • VHf Fit S«l Fi>i« Tun,,.g • UHF Solid Suit " HE5206WO IN STORE FINANCING W.D.WILKINS&CO. FURNITURE FURNITURE t APPLIANCE 99ft/i A> .. r JA7 1AAA * IPWHK DIVISION ZzlW-Ave. U • /*!/• lOOO nivKiflu FEATURE-PACKED COLOR PORTABLE • Ct H t t..J t.liicclci Chollti • Ci Sannltemic Tuning 3yit«m. VHF P.. S.I t.n. Tun, n| , UHF 5.U Slot. lun.n, • vthumbwh**! EM ( htn«i« & Ccnl'Oll C«n1r<l oil • $359,95 CD7314 MEDITERRANEAN CONSOLE A*cdel M89207PN-DS 100% Solid Stote "Energy Sever" Chossis uses l«ss pc^tr then comporoble "tube type" sets, • Block A/lotrix Sp«- tro-Brite* IV Picture Tube • One Touch Cc- lor* System • 7aP«i- tion Solid-Stole UHf '- Tuner • Coble Reody • Antenna Connector! Sup,8«t*d Retail W9.9J *B59 00 IN STORE FINANCING General Electric Credit

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