Clovis News-Journal from Clovis, New Mexico on May 14, 1965 · Page 1
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Clovis News-Journal from Clovis, New Mexico · Page 1

Clovis, New Mexico
Issue Date:
Friday, May 14, 1965
Page 1
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GHSUMaii MICROFILM P.O. DAU* »^ IX 1>»8S» «««« as the ftmnflfttJofi of a system of economics pfesnnts the only flSSuSPi of , 1w | !a ' th f °f a"- Wifli every mdlvldoal stiffing to contflbufe his nt- most to the common Mock, the condition ?L. •* lm P*ove* and the standard of iivinK Uses." BOX 3, TEXAS * SALES C0 ' CGMJ> VOL. 37 NO. 38 -* Sir Ernest Bcnn jgg!^™™^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^™ NBA, McNaught Feature! "YOUR FREEDOM NEWSPAPER" UPI Uased Wires CLOVIS, NEW MEXICO, FRIDAY, WAV 14, 1965 20 Pages Today DAILY OR SUNDAfl* Red China Explodes Second Atomic-Bo Peking: Bomb 'Defensive' TOKYO (UPI) - Communist China today exploded its second atomic bomb, possibly in a drop from an airplane. Radio Peking announced the bomb was exploded by China "over its western areas." The first Chinese bomb, last Oct. The spokesman reported 35 16 ' Was detonated on a tower. I attacks on American positions I, p ? kin ,S called the bomb "de-! Thursday, about double the pre-j , ive " and renewed its! vious daily average. He said the' pcdge never to be th e first to 1 rebels brought 81mm mortars use nuclear weapons. The Rebel Snipers Step Up Action Against Yanks SANTO DOMINGO (UPI) ~,sharp stepup of rebel armed Two paratroopers have been ! action against American troops, wounded by sniper fire in a,a U. S. spokesman reported to* * * day. Latin Units Due In Dominican Peace Settlements Eyed •»ifc^______________^_____^__ .. L Batallion ^^_ i **• Flaming Attack WASHINGTON (fPH _. j n the Dominican Republic).' Troops from two Latin Amrri- into action against U.S. troops nou " co ™ent said China was | for (he first lime ; building its nuclear arsenal to | cope with U.S. "nuclear black| i At the United Nations today, mail" and called for "complete the Security Council unanimous-i Prohibition and through destruc-; ly called (or a 5trict cease-fire f' 0 " of nuclear weapons." inn Amen- i., The atmospheric test meant ~"~j~~,~ "f ~ "' can countries wore due to be- llie Paratroopers were wound- ltnat ne w quantities of radioac-i loday botn gin arriving in the Dominican C(i Thursday night by small tiv 'e fallout will be released j n i short - tcrm a "d long-range Rcptihlic today to form the arms sn 'P er flr * within ihe; lhe a 'r " ~" ' * "" fI ~ u " J vanguard o.' a proposed hemi- fi2n(1 Airborne Division perime-'countries Bomb Underlines U.S. Problems WASHINGTON (UPI) — Rec| China's second atomic succesi today both thi *••»«>. if*iiv/ui v» m UK rcicsspfi in' " —*""" ** ion^~r3ng if he air over China and other lems facin S tne United _. ._:-_ anc j j{ s a iii cs as a resu it O f ppaco force u ' r - Harassment of American Rut China has spurned thp According to the Organiza- Positions included single shots atmospheric test ban of the king's continued field. progress ii|i -.- ^-..VIKI^, t.^J niv. vx i p. u 11 I/.I.T * ~ ~ ^* **" • o »**«*/ wvi > -*iiiivSh>Lf|]l?[ 11 LtrSt Mflfl rtf T n« tion of American States <OASi, fr °m small arms interspersed United States Britain and th L ' S ' officials acknowledge^ which announced plnns Thurs- with some automatic weapons -Soviet Union, which limit tests ! ' that thc new Cninese explosioiji Hi\* IA mr,\.rt M-sn fi».^» nnn *; n firo nnH chn'-t nii^uim.n...-. t/\ /,.ii~.. 4 f . cata \i-ac KotinH tn havp an immoHiL day to move the first contin- firc anj gen's into the Caribbean mun- bursts. tr.v, ihe troop-; would include 1 short machinegun to fallout - free 'sites. France, thp uv _ power, also tests in the air. r K , ,. , , , rch ° S hr ' 1 S1X rounds of was bound to have an ; ate effect on efforts to I a peaceful settlement in Viet I Nam as well as wider ramifil- on the East-West 250* from Honduras and H , e rCW S nr , 0 " S1X rounds of T ,, nr " , ' Nam as We 20 poJicemon from Costa Rica..? 1 ™"! }V° rtar I™ °"J! WO ^' in thl w t ^ speculation cations on which ha< no armv lmnt L S ' P° s:t "> n s Thursday, > n ^ West that the second .conflict and Th, Honduran troops were a "° rfdin * to lh f spokesman, lie Ch.ncse weapon would bo a j gram. nclTstowl tn bo largp'v pro- said four rounds wcrc fircd one P lutoni1 m bomb dropped from The United States is expected! idm? their o« n transporta- !' me and . lwo rounds the . next - ; anT , a pf" e ' u to move q uickl y l » reassurfej disarmament pro- Asia that it is prepared to de- ! fend them against any nuclear threat from Red China. At the same time, the Johnson administration undoubtedly will seek to minimize allies' fears by asserting that it will be a number of years before Peking ! can have an effective delivery^ system and stockpile of atomic i weapons. i These were the major points' made by U.S. officials in their: reaction to Red China's first' nuclear explosion on Oct. 16. Victory Scored By South Viets SAIGON (UPI)—South Viet- caught the Viet Cong by namese rangers scored one of'prise, their most impressive victories! A U.S. Marine was killed •** m "V**! 1 C ,) i»- *„. of the war Thursday over a Viet Cong battalion which broke and ran under repeated attacks of flaming napalm, a military spokesman reported today. He said the Reds lost 215 killed and 53 captured. The assault against the enemy units on the Mekong River delta 107 miles south of Saigon Robert McNamara tiru vidn? their tion, and Kin moving planps wprp own p\p^rtrd to in today. U.S. to transport tho Officials acknowledged, however, that the psychological effects of Red China's continued — _ • -.-" lu juuvc- quiciviy iv reassure'success in atomic testing was The two incidents were 55 min- Ii1e Chinese broadcast, mon- the non-Communist nations of! D °und to be felt in the near fur « ilorfd here, said today's blast' *— —' — IJ '---'• ^^ nuuL-n. mcmmara Reserve "**"•"• ^•• v »*»w*- in uiiui iijt:,,i tsi I peeled to arrive today or Sat- H was the first time such large; "This nuclear test Is another^ ™i't i u «u / Capons had been used by reb- important achievement smrprf 1 wo^l^"i 0^ W "e" f ^^f i Prevl ° uily ' ^ had ^ th " Chinese ??«p'e ta! S&idl h the C7- ° PI>0d , WO rounds of MmmistrenRthening their national de-! Ren*uhi and wraS it ?° ^ ^V" J mcrlcan Po»i-'fen»e and safeguarding the sec-i Kffpuftnc ana ojx-ra.e un :tlons near lhe Amcncan Hm . uritv of their motnpr!and ' 'world peace," it added. ! 1 M '" the general mandate of thp ; bassv h!>m:«rihcre oriranization's roso-l '' luiions railing for the The briefing said tot: >n of p«ace until a unified 'day it had been definitely cs-i command is jet up. (tablished there were no Ameri-i The OAS voted e-arly May 6 can casualties in Thursday's to crcati» the inter-American'strafing runs by junta fighter , IV a move unprecedented in,planes against rebel positions in bomb Western experts said that if tie Chinese have succeeded in exploding a plutonium bomb it "real abil- develop a hydrogen the hemisphere. Only the United States, Britain, and Russia have done that The storms which have dominated Clovis and area cities for! the past few days have left the area with spotted amounts of moisture and some wheat damage. Feud Merger Settled? vs. 4 ture and could be of some significance. ; WASHINGTON (UPIj-Spec- it. A question would Some authorities said it may ulation among affected parties then whether verv well delay the beginningjtoday was that Defense Secre- approve it. 12 others wounded in twin bushes today near Da ••& 0 , 270 miles northwest of Saigdti; The Viet Cong ambushed "" 10-man patrol, killing one and wounding two. A rescu^* patrol ran into an ambush and four Marines were wounded. > Marine helicopters attempted^ to remove the wounded meri* and ran into heavy fire whicK: wounded one pilot. Marine F4-" Phantom jets then roared tq£ .the assistance of the patrols' (and Army helicopters laced in-\< to the Reds with rockets and^ machineguns. The Marines re^ j ported the patrols killed five v ; i guerrillas and the aircraft li;' Details of the Mekong vie-' remain' tor ^' ^ ere reported here by four • "~^"~» - --••»- ^^£5»<i»»»ii£ 5 .- — — ^ ••*-« vi*ui» *-^\* «.*_. 1101. otrwivdk'l^lUVcALi r^*-**** • 1 ^* ^J of sincere negotiations to try to : tary Robert S. McNamara may Meantime, according to this U one of afhlAVo a nnlif ifol cn1iifi<-km f\f h m/a r*rt**nr\A in J-i-., u:_ I » ,. -_^_ " uno j __-. j ^ CHldlll . * . Congress would ;Amoncan offi cers who part in the battle. They calledl'J it" fVntt /\f tl^rt Vti r«rVM«i. _^ _i 1 "• t-i official .37 of an Inch of tivities and seck P cace - v* — - — "»r ~" •' -- — — »»» *j, i'**-»iv*»iit»ICt tllMV 1'lWdlllllllt, achieve a political solution of;have agreed to delay his con-''speculation, McNamara would the Viet Nam conflict. Pekingitroversial plan to merge the leaned the target date for start has opposed form of peace! Army Reserve into the National dng the merger talks unless the United States j Guard. ' agrees to stop bombing North) Some of those both for and Viet Nam and pull its forces against the move put this inter- out of South Viet Nam. jpretation on McNamara's an- f The Chinese success may— nouncernent he will hold a joint the time being, at least—;news conference Saturday about any inclinations which the;the merger with Rep. Edward . have;K. Hebert, D-La. to lessen their military scored by moisture fell on Clovis Thursday. sl( " s ' (the old city. I'.'vlT the Mav 6 resolution,' the firro. will no» technical; The stepped-up come into beins until a unified tion dampened hopes for anv'clear nower "«tiir"u Hm^d'Tni 10 LOB and the total to date '« ,,, mma nd _h« _b.«. t .e« t »n .nd>a,.y ,e lt l, m en. of ,he Domini. : .i, C","'. ^ired™^ 196 5 '?, 27 ?; No ? ama ?. e «"? ^in^.ySIZ'ZaTatlfS f™ £"*™ "^ - s. <„ sss,^p h r -*^- a ';»rs-^i^-SLrsv^s I" 8 '. „ , n , rt . . .. ... . (that has challenged McNama/^ ^^jy^™'* ^thority to go ahead with Dedicated the commander, who has not can cjyi] yet been chosen, decides the; Ion c ^ adequate. j Five propeller - driven The United State* has said j fighters, firing machine that when the inter-American and possib , y lower weapons. Peking Radio tried to justify to 1.08 and the total to date in I ,° rce , ne co " v ' ctlon , of Ca ^bo- the merger 11965 to 2.72. No damage was re-| dia , s Pnnce Slhanouk and other fmm Cnntrri ported in Clovis from the rain or«?5, 1 n lioi-i* hoii ti.uinw, V,«H«J »u. _:».. . *• -nina RUNNYMEDE, biggest victories*, . government forces^; year and said the rangers 1 captured important quantities Soviet and Chinese Comrmi; made weapons. Four Americans wer^ wounded in the battle. Two Ar^ my ground advisers were hit by Communist fire and the pilot and co-pilot of two separate helicopters were lightly injured by flying plexiglass when Viet Cong bullets ripped through their windshields. T , , , Ca P*- Joseph W. House, 30 of £»5 g a " d ' B irmingha, Ala., said units of . . . t , .. ... 1lRht hatl WhlCh . the Olt - v K.IU nan wuieii jwueu uie cuv. „.:„ • c ., ; . . At John Spearman's place, nine U ^ n / s h^een'on T' going to force i<; :r-,ose U S. -™ :ih':r;£r--;^,£'S s M!^^^^^^ **= - rvu is! *.™•«> -^ ««- —* deemed troops .._ f'T the force would bet'in to about 2 p.m. Thursday, withdraw The arrival of the f:r«t 270 Latin Americans therefore, did not mean U S. w.tndrattals would begin immediate 1 , v. I.atm • American countries have estimated informally they could contribute 1,000 to 2.000 men for the force authori/ecj bv the Organization of Amen Women Voters ended their three ran States (OASi ,-r without authorilv I'Pli-Queen EItobeth I lr"'.f mln! < ha - Ala - 'M units of ; re SJ McXan, r hai'av dXted f^ ,,'/ i^^'lm^d^t'^l oes not need legisla- historic birthplace of Western t" e Con § rackets, knocked'summit meeting of all nuclear jJJ," 1 3 of Tn in?h nf mn^tnr^ has faced in seeking to n he Armed Services Commit-•'• ' ; P«wers after its first explosion^-? ° nc h rai n th/n^S more Asian support lee S hcann * room - tl2ht seai ' last October but that the West j L° he - 5 lnch raln the P recedin l f or its demand that the Com hnA -,./. I i- _».-_J Hi*} American forever. ihad refused to attend. . moved to the 1 Ige of tears by the tributes toi State Women Voters Elect New Officers The New Mexico League of day with the election of officers. Kd S,anne,d o, On* said h, ™£ ^2 Sg^g""*,*^ McSnnrfSnLu«:^ 0 s 'f' "-^'«"« "ita recorded 1.90 of an inch of mois-l p'" c H »nf i\T u ! that climaxed weeks of con f the queen m a silver ture Thursday in the form cf'ThuSr wa» 53e'lv '£ h -Br«siS"^i^ ^ tnl ,S. ^ ^i ** • ^ monarch "ram and very fine hail." He!l^ L Jl",,^" 1 ^ J _ !u ?. ter : 1 It was obvious that some ^ e the A mencan peop , e a was reached. It also ;;,,?" ,', , lde , ori U "? meadow '".'re tne Magna Carta, the ps »•! Vietnamese Reds that Peking sti11 was determined to go 750° ve'ars^eo C H Edward, nf IvMrnc* c a i,s lsoi ' 8ht onl - v to use them as a ah , ead W!th the merger. ..^ ,* "in f*>*£* ?JU e S^ e ^!! t001 .> Us broader program of .However, without much evi- lh / e WEATHER was signed , !h News At a Glance Hungarian Troops Eyed By North Viets BUDAPEST (t'PI) — The government announced Friday it will allow Hungarians to fight in Viet Nam as volunteers if the North Vietnamese request it. "Any Hungarian citizen will U> allowed to go to fight in Viet Nam if he desires to volunteer and if the Vietnamese government makes a request," a government communi- que said. Oklahoma Senate Impeaches Justice OKLAHOMA CITY (I'Pl) — Oklahoma Supreme Court Justice Napoleon Bonaparte Johnson, ousted from office by a single vote in a state Senate impeachment trial, faced the (tossibility of further legal troubles today. The state Senate Thursday voted 32-15 to oust the nationally famous Indian leader fmm the high court post he had held more than 16 yeai-s. Johnson Names New Envoy To Indonesia . JAKARTA, Indonesia (ITI) — A spokesman for the U.S. Embassy reported today that President Johnson has nominated Marshall D. Green to succeed Howard P. Jones as American ambassador to Indonesia. Jones is retiring from the diplomatic service. Antara, the official Indonesian news agency, immediately denounced Green as "too anti-Conununist" to improve relations between the United States and Indonesia E £«£ Jo,Mttt With Johiuon, DeCoulle r* i, ^T -jV j T West German Chancellor Ludvvig Erhard said today he will meet both the American and Irench presidents soon in an attempt to bridge the differences between them. Erhard confirmed he will meet President Johnson in Washington in early June while he is in the United States to receive an honorary degree from Columbia University. * * Rusk* WilsM Review Cri*U Scenes *^ U>X ?°^ a - P J ) o- ****** <* StaTeESin Rusk today reviewed with Prime minister Harold Wilson the Southeast Asian and Caribbean crisis at a 45-minute meeting at 10 Downing Street. The two leaders discussed the latest crisis developments in the international scene and possible peace moves io Viet Nam. Uve sources said. at his death -" Other officers elected Include: Mrs. Luther L. Lyon of Log! in cjevu it . Alamos, president; Mrs. Robert be'enTit' byllighSfag! i . (jail of Sandoval, first vice House also North ^"1 j>eated area haf luaUv twisted her HIGH WINDS PREDICTED Fair today, tonight and Satuiv day but with occasional cloudiness afternoons and dent; Miss Nell Doherty of Las'^n Vegas secretary; Mrs. Wheeler! The Texico area reportedly „,- i.len of Santa Fe, treasurer; Wived a light rainfall Thursday- Mrs Ivar Lindstrom of Los Al-| but tne two-day rain and ligr|t amos. director, and Mrs. FredJ hail re . corded anywhere from 1 ments net Nam, still under re- U.S. air attacks, even- will listen to Russian than to Chinese advisers terms. However, atomic success strengthen the of the pro-Chinese ele- in Hanoi. 'cede it would be better if he had specific legislative backing : -for a move that has stirred ! SUC " Il0t ct «"™™.v. izing legislation. He would not. presiimaWy. promise to support the River Thames Thursday's' high at 2 p m 64 « gently past this degrees. and meadow in Sur- Today's low at 3 a m 49 de. • v _ _ iro ™ ^ndon. , grees. Dominican Cease-Fire Urged By U.N. Council During the convention a sixJ - 80 of an mcn Wednesday, point state program for the fis- Th 5 ejwas son ^ crop damage 'weSaJTT r adopted ^ ™s.t"r^ 'Wednesday by the league. Muleshoe now stands at 3:q5 The election of officers wasi'"^! 16 ? . the final item on the agenda ofLu L damagc was reported (the group's annual meeting be-' Th " r! l day north of Fri °na. Tej[. 'fore adjourning shortly after f,? d , dama ie south of Frionp nnnn T^,.,^«J n .. ' WedneSOaV. Therp was S inches For Artesia j noon Thursday. I About 50 women attended j convention. State Solon Has Surgery I WASHINGTON (UPI)- Repj ;E S Johnny WaUter, D-N.M, Us expected to return to work! j Monday following minor surgery ' at Bethesda Naval Hospital in : Washington. j j WaUter entered the hospital 1 j Thursday for removal of a tu- or OQ his back. Wednesday There was .5 inches of rain Thursday and .65 incji Wednesday. The total moisture for the year at Friona now stands at 2 83 inches. Bovina, Tex reported .05 mc|i of rain Thursday and 1.4 inchep Wednesday Bill Denny, citV marshall. stated, "Bovina farnj- ers really appreciate the rail! crops.'' ! PORTALES (UPIi- Eastern ; .\ew Mexico University officials announced Thursday they will begin a branch campus pro- j gram at Artesia in Septem-i |ber of 1965. ! i The College will be a joint en- 1 ideavor by the Artesia Board of Education and the board of regents of Eastern. However, since the State Board of Education Finance has not given approval to the Artesia Community College, the program will 1 proceed as an extension center! of Eastern New Mexico Univer-l sity. Officials said the college must be completely self - supporting fur at least one year of operation. After the first year, the college may be eligible for some support if the Board of Educational Finance gives approval. Freshman and sophomore level classes will be offered in Artesia. Students will receive residence credit for this work through ENMU. Arsmad UM» "' W> r **•»* Ucfcler Side MittUry .. U, iz. is, 14, 15 lUNXNTd 6 7 ». 10 IViBUMnnmuw T*W* u A Community College may offer adult education programs and may work with Federal agencies in vocational and teclmi- cal programs. J. Burr Stout, director of fi- , nance ior the Artesia Public 'Schools, will serve as the director at the local level for the I program. Dr. Howard Melton of I ENMU and Sout outlined the j program to seniors in Artesia Thursday. The City Council of Artesia has made the old city hall building available to the college for initial classroom work. / UNITED NATIONS iLTI) The Security Council today unanimously called for a strict i cease-fire in the Dominican Ke- ipublic. , All 11 members voted, with less than 20 minutes discussion, for the cease-tire resolution introduced bv three small power members of the council. Secretary General Thant pledged immediately that he would carry out the resolution as quickly as ixissible and called for the coopei ation of a!) parties in the face of the "difficulties apparent." The council acted upon the Dominican rebel regime charged that U.S. troops had advanced against its forces .Thursday. With the support of the Unit;ed States, Jordan, the Ivory •Coast and Malaysia introduced , ; a resolution also asking Seer*- jtary General Thant to send a ! representative to the Domin'ieaa jHepublic to make a first-hand i report. ^^ The measure was introduced at an extraordinary council meeting called after Domiap can rebel leader Francisco Cat* mano Deno charged that U-S troops ia Santo Domingo had | moved against his forces. ~~ ; Lnited States quickly the charges. ^^^^^^^^ WHM "*' >H> ' iva **'"'<* iEII *' EB wniHBiH8^B0BHBinniHI|^^^BE9^^^^H^^HHI^^^^^^^MH^^^^^^^ri Graduation Edition *" The fneodly merchant* You will be wanting to relatives copie* with "-"*Call 763*3431 «at» t*wv< lOc a copy. Copies must be only th^mwiberprdered wtil

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