The Daily Register from Harrisburg, Illinois on January 31, 1948 · Page 7
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The Daily Register from Harrisburg, Illinois · Page 7

Harrisburg, Illinois
Issue Date:
Saturday, January 31, 1948
Page 7
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THE DAILY REGISTER, IIARRlSBUROjIM*. SATURDAY, JANUARY f PAGE. SKV151 AH'-I' 1 *'' 1 .ii.' V7 ul '" FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS First National By Merrill Blosser Kdiouis or up- in the one ou».vdo FASHION MOTE I'vi OF- WATER I N E F - _ ... LAST.' A USL (OH LOMO/SPEARe ONCE Sl.iC.Ti, BESIDES / SAID '."WMCRCFORG ^RE THESE '1WIM6S HID? WIDIN6 HOOD THE WOLF. BIO MOUTH VOU HAVC, BUB W/lfcN MOTHER WAS A £OW LEGS/ ^i Hester's Discovery I see WHAT YOU MCAN.' WHAT MISS1MG ALL THESE Y E - A R S ' - , SUCH COMFORT HC7A/ WOULD YOU L4KE To SWAP WARDROBES/ H1LDA7 WC ICC'NGTO ' WfcAR ' THC5E ! OUTFITS toTHC AREN'T EXACTLY TOR SPORTS' Whotcver .ho omcr- e ,ncy may be, you on depend on us for YOUR CLOTHES! YOURSELF/ AFTER ALL, YOU'RE MWEJ ,-s ^ ^ n e e d e d . phone or come in. O 20 TO REPAY By Fred Harmon H15 EO AIN'T B£.EtO 6l£?T i GOLLY/ !\c C50T TO fl i^L$k Salem =Beats : Lawrencevilte I colle | | ·! !······ I . In Battle for Prestige SPRINGFIELD,'111.. Jan. 31-- UUii--Salcm. takcs^ii Olhcy tonight after .showing prep basketball fans that it had a right to the No. 3 spot in United Press ratings of the "Top 15" teams in the slate .by whipping Lawrenccville, 47 lo 143 ' Salem, beaten only once this season, by Frccport. turned back the Indians in a hard-fought con Galcsburg defeated East Moline i last ni^ht, 4(J to :.() \ Danville, which appc-arcd ir. United Press' rating of the select 15 for the first time last week, hacked up ils li^ht. to at least its No. 15 spot by whipping powerful Mattoon, 50 to 4.'), on the Danville court. The Maroons meet another rugged foe. Kankaxec. tonight, also on thc Dan\ille court Ky United Tress SI. Louis t!3, Drake \\\, Utah 43. Denver 37. test for power southern Illinois clubs. Finally running into its own match in prestige among 1 Centralia Loses Pana, now No. 10, had trouble squeezing by Taylorville, 41 to 3?), height. Salem had to forge; from as Mt Vernon ' handed Ccntraha | behind in the lasl three minutes iu fj ,. sl South Six con f crcncc de- 'lo win. i feat in more than two years, 54 ColInvA-illc. ranked thc state s j t o 4 3 No. 1 team, turned in an expected | Dundee, currently 13lh in thc .win over Wood River, 07 to o O p ) U p ra tings, \\hippcd Geneva. last night, but faces a tougher go 69 to 5Q an(] ^aukcgan. another against Ml. Vernon tonight. The, n o r t h c r n club among the first 15, Kahpks' victory gave them 15 i t u r n e d back p rov j so 55 to 30. [straight wins. i Robinson doubled tno score on Pekm Beats Canton ....Marshall. 64 lo 32. lo stretch its The Chinks from Pekm also did win co i umn to 16 against three de thc expected by downing sturdy | feats Kankakee, mentioned foi (Canton. 53 to 45. The win gave the top 15 bowlct i OVC r Argo, 53 thc Chinks, now rated No. 2 in to 43. thc state, a 13 to 1 win-loss rec-, W esl Rockford. in the No. 12 lord'which they will try to stretch spot bcat E as t Aurora. 58 to 33, Ito 14 tonight against Galesburg. as Q U j ncy W as routing Bcardstown. But Galesburg promises trouble, ,74 to 57: Moline whipping Mon- .for the Streaks seldom find them- mou ti lT 43 to 37. and Frceport iselves on the losing side on their talcing .Toli^t 45 to 37. Radios. Electrical Contractor Repairing, Machines home court. T . taking Jolict, 42 to 37. Complete Line of rioctiical Appliances Phone 126R Gp?.??'^ Es w£ fcl W. Elm St. Ilarrisburg M O N U M E N T S AM) M A R K E R S or rVFRLASTINT. BEAUTY AND .MI:MOUY j ADAMS * MO.NT.MENT CO. '!0? IX Poplar Phone 11SGK | 'Iluirnioml Adams, Prop. j i I Complete Stock of Washer and Kailio Parts Prc~r". Sfrnc" On "csairs Robson Radio Electric Service Phore 174P1 And I suppose I had a motive for poisoning him!" "Holly, don't ou see -- aitcr v.hat your agent told me. I thought There was just a possibiiio that you might have gone a little hit haywire. I didn't really be- drew a long breath. "I wa:n Hajor League ibs Line Up !o id for 18-Year- High School Basketball Scores · . "By United Press BENTON TOURNEY (Semi-Final) Benton 71, "Johnston City 59. VIENNA TOURNEY (Final) Vienna 46. Galatia 45. OTHER SCORES Salem 46. Lawrenceville 43. Mt. Vernon 54, Centralia 45. Metropolis 72, Eldorado 43. Robinson 64, Marshall 32 Fairfield 49, Mt. Carmel 40. Carbondale 50, Chester 41. Pana 41, Taylorville 39. Pekin 53, Canton 45. Flora 36, Bridgeport 31. Danville 56, Mattoon 45. Collmsville 67, Wood River 0 0 COAL KELT TOURNEY (Semi-Finals) Zei"ler 58, Carbondale U. High ,533 i. n c \ nen A v ·,lU.". -!p 1M -5Cil JUSt f i n - tiif u:.m.,o jt'ice and toavi ,llo.- ' ' d i e ratl 01 ought me, M:iii. ( CHICAGO, Jan. Zoeterman. 31-- l"P -- ' Fuller Bry Phone 678- I'lr. in '!. n 1 '. t - r ,(," lo i.h' i i ^ i. ' , '»LU :.i' ' i in t 1 Oh. n ,,· d.-ihir.,. » s -ul . (-· * --I'd .,;-;r- - -- ' lil $ J?S '·Like vou telling the police I ne ss went out of his eyes. I thin* the Chicago Whrte Sox a co««d- js^s ,-jrs? 7- ^siw-S 110 buodc r ,, j;^^«fffiS f^Br fir ^ "" s^-jfisA^.'s 1 - -r-:- is ^rypso^'uiu! j^rr sr^ oi s=^ ^ c t-^ - "* - ·· ; [s '-; J ,or/s h Sc;"^T^;iM^ lS a t « u. *** *- -^-sffl: TMi^ c £s darhns- 1 " to know about that. It was your (lore. . - - - . . . . . . . . Elkville 43, Hurst-Bush 35. itate Primary 200 Gallons Gasoline Grease Battery Meal Ticket NO QBLEGATEON TO BUY Tickets Given to Auto Owners Only For Visiting Our Stations. SEE TS For Further Sri ,_a ^ ^ s iur\ lob £S!£ S »£'·*· .8= Ezi Cletcher and Sivok South Main and Raymond a . l- Ml -dci,:i ,'H-st line of defense. ' ' OUT The Fashion Palace INCOME TAX SERVICE u .1"^ M.S. ;·, .,nd. . j.u \ u. ^ to ic-i.: . (.!!!( I"-'! ..V'^ill lU'- i;i:i'4 0'. -·.· T s u i ui -\Vhal \fter a little bit he began to | when Baseball Commissioner A. j talk about the picture and abom B. "Happy"' Chandler found out v . 1 ,_ u ,,, hu -Thanks. " 1 sa Id ^^^\ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^^%^^ ^^^^°l ^ " -S c S;S-'rs b S S "ti^SSiiSfid ^^±,*i^i a ^ iio;:ii \ c r n : j siirge I ( :lis KibSCb i-:rs Lc- 'i cv'ci \«atcr run- "1 ^..^»... . 7 -n\ r». jor ?11 I 't-H. 'like that. Of course, at first they i h c T a . u mib.'C.i ram thought 1 might have had a mo. n iVt en ni a chcbt. l tive for poisoning Avis because ·i alf set lo start shooting again in · · --» l i l l S'-i. IU O l U l l . .}»lvr~»". 0 -- o "' ,i · ,, the morning He thought she was -I sv.ear. Holly, it was nothing ^ TM or0 bS a real hit. * .. » _ _ . /~\C n n *...r^ ·»* F l T - C I 1 Mt^V* t » W » * » C V V _ _ ! ,,s glad f o r l a d g , high school student can not sign a contract until after his class has graduated. Since the unhappy Simpson Withdraws .From GOP Race for State Treasurer Bv PAUL E. SVOBODA " Torjii'e 6 E. -.ssi's. ^^^^itt^HJ^^a^ Sssf jsr^siv: unu^^s^ps^ n SPRINGFIELD, 111., Jan Si- (UU-The Illinois I w {or for gover . i:.a. Keaster Rug Upholstery Cleaning 503 W. South St. Thone 859R Ilarrisburg Kirby Vacuum Cleaner Dealer chcbt. i tive for poisoning /wu ocwuot The doctor had been right about j ie was baseball's ruler, the coi ,ia. "Uia't the wouldn't give me a divorce.| i-felt all right until I'missioner has fined four other r.'ple oi They had dug up all that mesS|- · , and lhcn m%, c l u b s for violation of the rule. -nor..- . onarcssiona i races also o .«ca.n about, thc f contract^ between^ us. j J^ bchavcd Hke rubber a p. d m y j Last.night Zoeterman received | Somc^W«gon^ ^ t With tonight the deadline for candidates to pull out of election contests, the only race m the Democratic primary for statewide oc-i off ices was for attorney general, or-'Democratic candidates for all oth- aaain and leu oeuer. ow i sui»s« p ec t s two omur majui «=«oj«-, or l"*""!:;,:, I f f:» PS nn d for XI. S. sena- up and got dressed and went laamzat ions to contact him beiore }er state offices ana 101 u downstairs and Mane hau a ».-- he finishes listening to the bids. toyy^ walk- _ _ _ - · f _ j^ i _. * . « *, r* . · t s*.n j-ii* f* t ft** rnc t VV I T i it .*. a V» uio News of the Day Sun. 2 p. m. -- Mon. 6 p. m. -- T^es. 6 p. n luicncv-i i \vas mtticiui »-v »*«··· *-»· ~----^ keeping, Avis off my neck, believe it or ot 'ci his arm*, not." hot lunch ready for me. of the 16 major league teams. i were wa i n ^ Republican Wit.R.*a A.ais i«« COLLECTEOHS :'»· rast dut a:cct,nts, note aid tad » "i (. '.Ve csl.'cct f'c-i anyone, «iy No collection, no charge! M. I). Ncsler Collection Atjency 302 E. Walnut Phone 113 I wish to thank my many friends and custom w s f or their palronajjc v.hiie 1 was the owner and operator of 5 u iTORE MOTSIXGER AND ROSE Bonds and Insurance 11'i S. MAIN ST. Phone G55R - - V:-ji-s- j E. "Pete" KKC Raleigh. 111. Herbert Malhis will assume ownership soon and will cvtcnd l« vou all thc courteous service you received in (he past. PEARCE IRViN DR. D. A. LEHMAN EYE, K.Ml, NOSE. THROAT Glasses Fitted 205 North Vine Street 4--Ilarrisburg Hospital . After I'd finished eating she re- onlv the White Sox . a r e neligible , contests ^ minded me that she was leaung. Since we'd agreed on that tne night before I said, Marie." . . , , , I went out in the patio and ia_ down in the deck chair where I had stretched taking a sun bath I {he day this story began: the oay I had the glorious feeling that lite was beginning to be uorth living again. Well, it seemed I had com- . to go afte r him. -Thus his batting GOP s f atew idc dbo ;!f toinbeal f ot fights do* n l ° sand XST3 10 ou! or IK «S ' K j j C j L -a;- governor , -- · U* I«it:i«5« w» , "All ngni. j ^g j^ j 0 decide what he s going to do. looks like an acceptable! mark. Vienna Beats Galatia, 46-45 , Galatia lost a close 4( I pleted the cycle. I was oacK, vicnna in t i lc finals of the where 1 had started. Nothing DIU Egyptian Conference toun · Latest to pull out of -- - - - ilican primary was James L. bimp- 'son Jr.. Wadsworth. former con- Uressman, who withdrew yesterday 'from the race for state treasurer ',"in thc interest of party harmony withdrawal assured emptiness faced me again. I lay there until the sun slipped Y'^cn tJinss G?e good . . GOODRICH TIRES 1'as.senser, Truck. Tractor HAHRISI5URG TIKE UATTERY 205 n. Poplar Terms 174K1 AWAY w PEGGY ANN GARNER RUTH WARR1CK Connie Marshall ^ Martha Stev/art/-?S siaic ncaueii ".· "-" · Vi- i ^ , 0 nd goPrnv purse? thinking WiSuv 11 " " -Green and US. Sen..C^ JJ^JfjJ ipSv Marie off - she must have!^ u £gia made 50 per cent of Ihe-.Brooks. Brooks is' J"^^,TM jfinished her packing ^ » 0( *._ I f* field goab attempted during the will noi «.ci ^ did ~ tc / William purse and went back do^ns.ars - vfenna hlt 1( , ng shots ^ the other canmaaic^ knd through the kitchen » nd * nd jump corner shots from any «j Baker, in his bid lor re across the patio and knocKcci on it j on as ^ cy W erc unable tonion. t 1C door of thc maids room i ^ k th ba!1 - un(!cr thc basket Green \crsus Cro^ dcad iine I There was no answer. 1 knocked j G alatia's light zone dc-1 If today s *« l «J ra ^' G ^ gub . | again, loudly. fc nsc . With 20 seconds to go. oasses with none oi inc yyr * the Now Showing 12c and 35c 0. 5)as*v; w i i t i iiv'"' "· - - - - - . - . '"It xvas strange, the s'wncc.,^-^. Yicnna ^^ ma(lc a ; C rnalorial .candidates backing oui. Marie wouldn't have gone v.ith-, j '^ nol lrom dccp in ih 'cut her pay. She must be in th ,^ 1 n cr ' lo spc ii defeat for Galat j I opened thc door and **£*·, Ro binson was high point i in and pressed my nand ' iaru |f or Vienna with 22 points. i ».^,v,cr mv mrti:ill tO kCCP trOm _ _ , _ . . _ T.-__««^ -/.r«rof? 14 1 It was strange. UIK *'";· ii,"!Chcrrv. Vienna center, maac «i c r n d t u " -,, i" AYiird acainst Lt. Marie wouldn't have gone «ith-1 ^·£ - (rom dccp in lhc C or- Grccii.will ^ pitted agamst £ cut her pay. She must be in tjcrc,,^ » u dcfcal for Ga i atia . -Gov. Hugh \\. Cross, lormcr * T ««««^» t\,n rlnnr- anH \\r.:KCu. I 1 V * \ , . "*' u:«v. rwnint nian TVMOirpr \\arrcn «rie,ui ««·« man Treasurer 3 ttge Coi.-.cdy Wait Disney Cartoon Ar,oher Chapter of "Jungle (lirl" in . frivolous hlsh-bocled. Insurance Harker Miiey " individual, businessman or farmer, . help offset any deprcs- -- ^'--- ,^.s 'iiucn AGENCY COVXTY CREDIT BUREAU (r.Enrr REI»OKTS INVESTIGATIONS N SERVICE t Building Phone 678 )£ bo a time than XOW SEE i i J "' c Mn B. Owen, J.-P. I''2 S. Main Phone 63.V»V J, cr S'ite, or Drivers' License, ^f'iccnons. Deeds or Mortgages. IVCOVE TAX Hcr?;sburg National Bank of Hnrrisburg aicmhcr Deposit Insurance Corporation Home of Hadio Broadcasting Station WEBQ iv;ccn her dressing table and Parking Ticket ' ^ads to Arrest of g a( j £heck jn Ift40 ani J£ Sunday 2 p. m. -- Monday 6 p. m. Their Sfrongc Love Knew No Roles? BENTON, 31-- C GOP orcanizalion candidate, and Xvilliam H. Brown. Ch'cago i:»-- , Only Democratic contest, xm a |bc i (To Be Continued) Shotfbn, Greeaberg Mentioned to Succeed Pennock ,,, g i - M 1 Benton anthonUci. puv PHILADELPHIA. -Tan. SI--''-TM - f -Burt Sholton and Hank Green- ,,,, . _ Ijcrg bolh were mentioned promi- n crrm j,,, s slaiion cnson for governor i _ -,,.«_,,,,.. ncnlly as possible successors to '· ll '^ ^ h( UlW po i lCC ] 1C uai on . DixO n. for lieutenant governor. Herb* Pennock as central man-, ^ chicaso. \»a s brought here Bcn j aT nin Cooper. K^t a»u MTM«- 'accr of thc Philadelphia Phillies ^ a f t c r -pa i n j; j imc on thc for aiad itor: State R?P- °« = ' i^day following thc sudden deatn^ k j g ch ' ai . 5c . , for st ate treasurer, TMd beTM lot the one-time Yankee pitching wt J ^ of S1atc K dward J. Barrett Famous Yale Bowl 'election. N E W S P A P E R f l R C H I V I s H | c n his -»n»i. They had «ivt-n C1 . alic primary will be Paul DOUR a ticket for oxcrparkmg at , as for U. S ' a ' S . f . Pennock died yesterday o, a : cerebral hemorrhage two noun, at- Yale bow), designed by Charles A. wiwiai ii^invF*«.««.^^- *..« """. · Ferry, was tnc firs* lootoali sta* ] tcr lie collapsed in the lobby o» djum bu - u jn Aircr j ca n was fi rst j thc \ValdorT-Astona noici in · - used for thc Harvard-Yale football Slionafuague ^s ' ·»»· of 19 ^ South St,'paul now leads an thc nation's livestock markets to ^ receipts of live -ocs. :WSPAPLRI

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