The Paris News from Paris, Texas on July 29, 1934 · Page 1
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The Paris News from Paris, Texas · Page 1

Paris, Texas
Issue Date:
Sunday, July 29, 1934
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I TODAY'S NEWS WHILE ITS FRESH FOR NORTHEAST TEXAS and SOUTHEAST OKLAHOMA USE THE ADS BUYING GUIDE Full AMociatod Press Leased Wire Service t~ Aad Pans Evening News ) LXVI NO. 30 Complete Regional and Local News Coverage FINAL EDITION PARIS, TEXAS, SUNDAY. JULY 29, 1934 SIXTEEN PAGES ALLRED-HUNTER RUNOFF * * * * x xxx * x x x x x x x Jones-Dunagan Race In County Spotligh ----'—t (* • | • • • •. • |- • . ' __ — & '- ; n . f jLoneVote | Pied j HugO Police ! In Governor's Race - Senator jComially Is TT/TTH THE nrst primary out of the way we of I*aris can now turn to consideration of what v^e •Kill do \vith the proposed 570.000 sewer improvement bond issue. The Xe\vs recently invited questions front citizens on the issue, i An interested tax-payer has re- | sponded with a set of questions, j Lone Vote Difference IsRevealed I Write-In Campaign Puts Mrs. Dunagan In Favorable Position can secure. Here they are: HUMPHREY IS WINNER OVER MISS LATIMER Q. {!'• Pleas** jrive the amount of the proposed issue <2> date of •maturity < 3 > ra te and option of payment, A. <1) S70.000.00. d) 30 years. <3> "4 per cent serial bonds—no option of-payment. Sturgeon Leading For Attorney With Two Others Close Behind Larnar county voters Saturday | * !eft the balloting fiefd with at * Q. <1. Who arrayed these terms | Ieast OM difficuls decision to ^ and who sujrsrest^d the rate, time = and option? < = > Was it-suggested \ ^~"^ w " ca GIi ttie J> * sSs ° r un ~ by the-.government, the council or 1 °''i c *al returns J. Frank Jones, j bond holders? j candidate for Commissioner of i A. O) The Federal ^oveminent, • Precinct 2, had polled 3*5 votes ^ m The Federal-government. j to 9i4 for Mrs Roy r> UIiasan . for j Q- is ther* positive assurance f W * 0m a write-in campaign *ras! that the eov^rnrnent will buy ! waffed during: the last few days? these bonds when issued ? " | ^receding: the election. Boxes in ! A. The provernment has assured i - Precinc t - had reported complete | the City of Tsris i: will buy the^e j £aturday ni ^ ht - . j bonds. I The Xe-.vs satHered returns irorn j — . | -*3 out of 50 boxes la the county] Q. fl> Is there positive assur- • Saturday nl^ht, Clardy failing to! Hugo Police Wound and Capture Lad Oliver Craighead, 16* Held ; Companion Forces Wo- • men 'to Aid Escape • BLOODHOUNDS FAIL TO TAKE UP TRAIL j Youth Thoirf'it to Be ! "Rusty"' Morgan Also 1 Believed Wounded MA1UK JDRESSLER Dressier Is Dead After Long Illness Staff Special ! HUGO.—Following a | in the south-west part of Hugo i Saturday afternoon. Oliver Craiu- j head, 16. of I>urant was seriously I wounded and captured while- "his I companion, said to be "Jtusly" 1 Morgan, also thought wounded. S escaped after forcing two "women ) tc- dxive him a.bout fonr miles ! south of Kug:o ia tneir autoroobile- | Chief of Police. Disfaner of X>en[ Ison and I>ei>utv- Sheriff MeDan- 1 ie'. of Sherman, accompanied by I I Chief of Police Gus Cothraa of ; i Paris took bloodhounds .to tiie \ I Place where Morgan left the] I women's car, but the dosrs failed; Connally Is Assured Of Renominatio] I McDonald So Close He May| Upset Standing of Tom I Hunter j BAILEY AND FISHER J ARE DEFINITELY OUT\ \ Clint Small Fourth Man Up I In Six Point Cover* 7 ? Race JAMES TOM T031 Dollfuss Is [Oil Showing Stratosphere Buried While Reported At! Exploration Guns Rattle Clarksville Is Cut Short I tenaior iorn Connally a.ppar-1 i ently had '.v y n renomination by a. I < safe majority over Joe Bailey, Jr., j and Guy B. Fisher when the Texas : Election Bureau had ; more than 500.000 votes Sunday] j morning: ax i o'clock, iie led | every tabi.Iaticrj since rerarns Srst I began, to trickle in after polls j closed and perhaps half the votes shad, been counted by the end. of j ihe evening-- ' | In Lh.e rac= for governor ofr| | Texas the race vras by no means | so clearly defined, bet Jaxnes TI Ailred, who piled up a. substantial | ; lead early in the 'nigiit, p 5;2S;-oeo.OyO In cash with tfa« I :• $76,000.00 azsu on what conditions? i *f^> "Do we have' to "repay any" of * " rt ~ this $2S.«MJO.SO. ;A. «1* The sovcrnincnt has griv- | soa o run first on the ticket b/v a, Four^SeSSo^SS^b!!^^ 1 ^ Screen Actress l^cS^^Xot and ^ap- 1 Government In Control of \ Test Well On Thompson Three Fliers Bail Out of'S?uS ucK wITS-rS^oni S incomplete re^ortsT } Succumbs to Complies- 1 *we* >cd Morgan wounded a3^.| Situation! Death Toll 1 Farm Is Mudded In ; BaHoon At Height .of' 'i lessee by C. C. ilcDonald!" th^ Fef" cjrSt^d^TfS^i ti°* of Ailment ~^ Saturday J One Mile ~ " tS^^f^^ f to stop the pair for questioning:, r { | ! same office two veaj enter a rcnoff campaign Xeb. L-P)—A trip ? consistent]:-- led McDonald race for rs a§x>. -Htmiei-j SA,NiA J3AKBAKA. Ca3if_ (-*}-•( When ' rHe fwo ran the officers be- :< Copyright. i?st. b Special to trie ke position of county as«tirance to the City of Paris poradic and severa the C. KL G. j e she went I twt- votes. ; nurses, ?he died a Q. How i* this ?3S,0«?6.09 to be ;' Grady Sturgrwn had a. comfort- < Billings estate ivi -Bpeni? "What amount, if any. is • tiblv :*^d in the f«tir-comered ra.ce \ fro:n Hoiiy" ot>d three months asro i fc-r a <iSs*pt«s;«5 ..plant arsd what f for county attorney, and Fnmk ; because of a physical breakdown.! amount for new Iin<«^ etc.? Civ* j tt>a.r and iJ. - L>. Einersvn w^re : Hope for her recovery was abaji-j m<- som*T Jd?*n. of "the plans. f crowding one another for second i doned some :hre«" weeks aco. de-| A. Thrrc will »><* rso n^-w ester-.- t V*«cr. on the f«ce of Incomplete.") spire a store of vitality that sur- \ sions. The. r.reject is outlined !n the * ^nofficiaJ returns, "Wear will enter j i-ri^ed her nbysieians. ! follow*: I i>5p runoff against Sturgeon with • jf ; ss I>r <a> Thr O*?y O r Pari.« proposed j ! - POT v »t^> l?«t Emerson, on-y j — 1 1 day n:cht. in estimates gathered .f from several sources, at a total of i TOO lives for both s!<3es. j As the slain chancellor was laid ;-r learned two years RED RIVER COUNTY |itnd in S'?rr.e ca<=-:-5 artillery—i- the •lha.n<2«: of loyal *roo-p? were F*eadi:y > suppress I-5- the Inst of Drou Loss Is Mounting Survey Shaw* Increasingly Acule Conditions In States 5 40 votes behijid, stiil cart overcome | See DRKS^LER. (the I^sid »J"t«r all mi;*sinp balloli;' "^— ^-^^—- —r—= ^=^ ! arc reports!. Sturgeon polled 1 i ;,3sr votes to lead ibc field and j : H^ri«ert I— .Jones trailed in fourth j li'-ncc with 1,449. ; v'Jydc H"umphrvy apparently hud I achieved a c'^an-cut victory for! '-, norrfiniitK^n in the aLs?5-?iiS ! <»r-coIl*>ct - i ; or race over Dorothy TjathtS'-r. This '• officf. rec*ntiy created by coi«l>i:i- ) , , t T :ucr the- posts cf county tax as- f LlttiC Interest ; »«M«-r and tax collator, was] Precinct Meetings to : K«:icht by the incumbents r»f the \ "j'fScfr* vvhfch it rr-plac**d. Patur- ; •Jay rsipht'y rfturns jtho-wed Hum- i CLARKSVIULE. — Complete ? 37 of Red River court- ? rebe's. A st Few Attend Conventions ity's 42 boxes at 31:30 o'clock Sat- I borh in ~-vcr-^mer:t circles arid I urday nijjht indicated that Jim ; am one th* populace continued. | Gcer with "5SS votes for sheriff [ ho-.vever. ir.skinc possible s-jch { w-i5I proba."bly receive the Ocmo- j '^as-ic ever.r< ?.s shocii^srs at Gra^ | cratic nomination without a r^n- I 5n ^h-^h three persons -were killed I off. Fi-is BraPdor. havir.c 1733; and a tv '°~ ar! ^ 3 ^ Bounded. • rind XV. C. I^-um. 395 vote?. ; This shootins: sppeared to have • >f. I— "Wrers. irscTirriberst cc-unry I resulted frorr; nervous-ess on the | juds-. seeking re-electicr,. j part of the troops. They started AU ! polled TT43 votes to !?_? for hsi j firir::r after a. srun.rd had shot a, bcy j only opponent. Pat t?. Clark. | on a bicycle ^vfeo failed to halt ! Pat Beadle with 2S?? was lead- upon j iri,Er Sam Hocker, ivith 2095 for j county attorney: Tbo people in Austria -wer< - panicky tna: ever: an antorn< so KUAN'S At* *. "ETV. '.,~P- — Iricr«?issin}C— Jv acute «.!rv.!th t <.n«!Jtion?«. ivith »t< -(rtdilly rn'ujr.tinsr Io«s«*w :<> crops atari Siv<r??*!',K'k. \\-?ft? rep«rt»<i by ^f'ic»:»l nn-J 1 .H.,-r;.j-f>frictiI sources Saturday ntiiht in a survey of the i afri-rtc-'I «*t:i;r« •<* *•?*. of th*» Miss- (the county conventions were slim-'ton. I iy at'^rsdcd. and !ittJe interest; of the five In arid ~ ] Precinct conveniiors held in the } ers for district clerk. hAd ^€79 to f back-f:re or t:re biotrout t\rew i>^ COUX i Y. Pagr 9. Col^4. [ r ; ty sattjrd^y to eicct delegates to I 2^39 for his opponent. A. H. Sur- 1 tfcem into jitters. Storm Ruins 260 Homes »r.dent. John r Pits was d th*.- secretary* of the ex- ' < Rr -crorrsittee who of the field with -l up the Temporary roll of the cor.- ventior* which wi'S He held in the make p. o .cer S^'ann was next Trith -?ST: \vf-f*; o 1 in f* dr «<!,•» of h> thr d relief. J;ts tiwrlnjr th« little or- no h**n»fit. snjstanc^s. to farms «3«r<'«} ?iy iv^^k^ of fc<- rtijn,a^<- to enojtss :nr>!*-»i ?n th«> hun- n^ of U^MnrM. srrew Rehabilitation Be«ins In Earnest A$ Red Cross On Job cot:rt house Saturday at - -o'clock: Convention for war afternoon Mrs. TV. M. G. TV5tmer had 75C: Moody Hale 470 and Mr?. A. TV. und Salsbur?:. -where had ec-ntiaued ^v nicht ord**?~ s-*^— peared to have been completely restored Saturday. 'XVith the exception of the Graz was inciden ia also was quiet on HAT CITT. (&•>—.\ and nt>rmal t f m p<t r» *« r *-s tv«» nrjialj hope ml> i>f drouth-wf cx^le. nuf ferine- from lack niT^Kre nnd water, were ki.JerJ unfit for human <•«> *y<?XJi» ntf>rtf. nior*? "Tifsrs bead m^f tht* f«?.->. homes n ero de- i f 5 thaf : by a hurricane- which a l«o-niite stretch of Tisdale. 40S. F. P". Marable had apparently . . ,. , -- . w - ». i defeated Georste XV. TVhitemaTi for J Jt M , at **$' !f 'T ^"2 i COUT5tv trea^rer. 2S?5 to 19TS. I Charles R. * Joyd as chairman and! ~ ;_ _, j Joe R. Daniels awiary. ! C ' ^ -. B<>ur ? e ;' p !^* m stalc r 5 p I Drfosstw ejected are ?.. W. j ^ntat»v«. had *.-* x* a^i'.nst j IT*! for sjs on?y opponent, TV. R. j diers »nd auxiJiar--- fjsrhtinsr for i Garland. j of every kind, but aside from ke-ep- i Mrs. Mas Scaff ft>r assessor- j irtjr order dsrinsr the funeral exer- collector arsd FYarik Sniyre for j eises *h«ir services were not need- county clerk w ere unopposed. j ed. In the county commissioners' the ivho!?, Carinihia alone rerrsair.s a ~hot- be<i of J5edit:on. There the. vaii* were beir.c driven from their snip- intr posit: ens. Vierina wa.^ crowded -with s*>TI; son. Charles K. Floyd. Ed . . . ^ i Mayer. O. by rca<N workers dls- ; .^^ Mrs T D S. Perfect, J<x* R. Dan- k Ms, Mrs. l^at James W. l>cTVeesfe. j «\->r!--y. Mrs. F. A. \VjHiam thc 1 Scott Cialbrcath. II. 1- Baker. Sam roast \VedneMay. an.J 40* ad- \ p ny n«» and Grorste R. Robertson. hom*»s were damaged. Tf>r Precinct SO of ; In work \ >,,-!<! at the junior colletre with races, in Precinct 1. Frank Tver. had I14S x-otes to 773 for the in- cuirsbent, J. A. Ches^hir; Frecinct of Bra-{ j. Pol'.isvj presirtintr and W. H. P. {- : H. Mahan. 470; Marshall in and i AndTrs<iJ «•! pot under way in earnest ( T>c'ccH"' t !i secretary. terS are J. Phillips, SS7: Neil Martin. r*S W. I C. R, F»1p;>o. S7; Precinct .". Nix-e of former ^Impress Zita. de- Monarchists- revealed that they continual conferences ever since Chancellor I>o'tix:fss tvas killed by nszi puts- chists \Ve.tnest!ay. fi i fi,~in • ._ i —» .. ... i.«. i w j w . t y, f^t^Mijuhyn^yji O f R r ^ Cros«?t ? Hanksn. Joe PoIInrd. K. T~ I^tttl- | Bailey, 442; O. H. Saryrent. 24S; ; c.ared that jteli*-f head<n:art<rs herr under the; more. Jr.. Mrs. R. T* 'Lattimore. l"L^« Gathing^s, 145: J. S. Pope. -1$, TICTV- believes « - " pun . ha '- 1 ''Vl .covernment for earmlnu, to b« j rJ!>«TM to the n^dy «n.ler th* rH ^f admfn- • , , „ ska. M«> S o»n. K*n»* . M,»nt«n;». Oklahoma an<J ere amonc the «tat^ «,« reporte.! i»r.ncTJc«ly no benefit from rrr*nt «c«tt^r^<i ,hf,w«n«. > w McxK.o re- of Albert Ev.n, . national director of the populace as •when 3. considerable sho-w-ing- of i *^ e ^'ind and its srondola 5^.-ayinsr. oil T\-as found. . ; plummeted toward the earth from Reports from the vi>:-I! Saturday ! ori ° mile r:p. that a stream of oil two inches i They floated to earth in their ?s and ivere unscathed. reckag-e crashed to the | crround at 5 p. m. Central Standard | Time, 12 miles north west of here. >ersons swarmed ;n ceptn in the 12-inch sluice box ; \\ir-.~ from the we!! to the, slnsh pit was [ ^ ^~sn. Several cohtsiners "were filled ! —^ rv .,_, -vvitn the liquid before t& shut dO"WT5. Those in chsrjre of the t^ the oil shoTrinj: depth of 1.072 ft mation new- to o ?t said i found at a id in a for- n. beinc be- Five thousan v °- va ^ rs themselves sei low -he Woodbine sand a-.d -ab-v« rne Five Escape Indiana Pen : see if their precious scientific ia- I strumer.ts had been darnagred. Re- j ports -s-ere current tfeat most of j them, tocether -with the *hlr» allov ! sphere, had been smashed. The ; body cf the cubicle ~as noticeably bent- For ten hours and 15 minutes tad been aloft, but since hen tzs:!y rips appeared on All Are Recorded As Dan- cerous Type and Fast Gun-Users s " AIRMEX, MICHIGAN" CITT. Ir.d.. -^.. — Another sang: of convict-desperadoes—by their records as srur.- har.dy their liberty were bandits and one •was a burclar. They started their break from the prison hospital an<2 Corked so efficiently that they were dashinsr away ir. a srolezi automobile before their escape was known. The r.lsrht captain of the stuards. "W. C. Griswold. an<2 another gu MEETS. Pas:* 9, Co!. S. RETtTKXS. Face ?. Col. 7. See AUSTRIA. Pasre 5, Col. 4, ". XetieL were discharged several hours iaier by \Varden nestlisreTzcf 5 . Harry Parker. another aruard. tras suspended fcr lf> days. How the men jpot on the administration bxsildinjr roof and See ESCAPE. Pay* S. Col. 3. hundred jicvf-nty txro : away by th«- storTt^. havf? placed on th<» rflirf rolls, \ nTy><*dlat^ action*" *ald Mr. ; s, "will be taken to r*hahi!i- | mte thw* -« rr of their and to take in t\n to turn- Lamar Gets Drouth Relief Senator Connally Announces Addition of Counties To Secondary List Announcement that ILamar ~--;jn;y has been added to the lisc of Texas counties placed on the secondary list by the Acr-:cu!t"raS Adjustment Adni!n,:stra::o- -aras ator Tom Conr.aliy. Te'e^ran:s to "that effect •IV.»T>» received by Coun:y Jud£-- C. A." Martin and The. Xe-vs. Senator ConnaHy said he \vas sr-ad to have been of assistance in the matter. Under the provisions of the drouth relief law. farmers :T> se-condary counties may obtain 'o-ans from the erner- sr«ncy crop loan fnn.d to buy feed WILL ROGERS SAYS COFFEE ROYAL Ail loan? >r feed for livestock must the liv ran «« and , : i-.hins them with is and th* on ih«»m. T\>!1 »)! I know ts j«5t what I j having- «. ralf bramling. The ; And all I got out of it was bucked mark*, and other amputated parts secured by a first lien or; tock fed. axinium amounts which car be loaned to one individual is $4?>o. I^oans are afcuo limited to 54 r*r )*ead for work stock per month; S3 for cattle: SI for hoars: and 75 cents for sheep and sroats. All loans "will b« advanced in •w. ..... ^.,. . n , ...... ,,^ J.^.-. '.«...v *|..»*.*t^ <•« *'.^ v«*»* «,.-(ih%ilv4».««^. fc.<v| .^x *4\« <n«l .t 4s VI. VfUfc VX *V *^ «fc» V' fc*V ^CV» ' 4. »<» i *>*?, <**.** V^i{*w i ^**± }r 4* *»**i r ^«* ^Mt*i s^y ___ Th« national orjianizntion of the ; rwul ln th< . paper,, t >r what I »«o | ranch belonsrs to the Halswll Fam- j off on my Head. On account of out of my UaJr. An old drv cow- ! onc Payment and may not be made Red Crow hus n ; hither and yon. I had a funny ! Hy. oM family friends of my folks twins pc-od judgment in knowing .- punoher. <and I never M w many for a period extending be- appeal to 7>-\an.« for kind of a. trip her* two or thrtre funds with which to carry on th« i w <*ka a«ro. My younger kid Jimmy roller work. An Initial contribution ; and my !itU« nffphew Jimmy Blnke of $5.000 in wotisrht, 1 W rr« ox-fr In thf panhandl* of on the Mashed <X Ranch E to T>e cowtwys. Th^v to and myself, its where I to tall, why I wasnt hurt ar that xvasnti *ai<J couple of years and was rop- ! all. The old horse stampeded sho have something to write about j >nd September I. 1934. Other counties in this section calve*, and an old jus headed arouad the corral with the calf now." He figured here is a daj-J- wl >^ n ar * now included ' hora« I was tan.trl- I anchored to hfw nn«» tore up th* ' when he will lay off the Re- ;' secondary <-<j In the rope, and the cnlf and i branding fire. AH tliis time I j«»t an innocent bystander, I just scratching oiU cut oft ear i S*« KOGEKS, P*s« 5, CoL 2, MorrSsJ Red River, {Bowie, Cas*, Fannin, Hunz and Joe Moore second Homsby riiird- - : : - TTiiliam McCra-.v and Walter-' v\ ood'-vard seeii. cer; ty 5-0, on into the run-c-f: for Attorney Gert- ernl. J. E- 3.1cl_»ona!d leads for Com-" miss-oner of Agriculture. with Fred \V. Davis in second place. i~iOn A. Snz:;;i and John Pundi are running- cl-jse lor first ptat-e for Railroad Commissioner, with" 'W'- Gregory Kaicher third. Judsr^ H. S. I^at:irriore arid Judge- John H. Sharpe for Associate jusrk-j. resTSi Court seem slated for the run -off. Candidates with apparently sale ajoriues are George EL. rd for Comptroller. L,ockhart for Treasurer acd J". H. a-ker for L^and Cmryi On election nij^bt in £93-.. t Bureau reportec 2?2,0'50 vorcs frorr. ISO cc-anries. Saturday nigh: the Bureau reported more than SO-.vK'O votes from raore than 200 counties, but the number of complete reports was too small to afford a basis for accurately for-e- csst;~sr :he tota! vote. Returns in Congressional and Civil Appelate races were inde- cis;v» bet favor irscurnberus seek- in.? rerornination. Kere ar* the returns to tfe» Texas S'ection Bureau at 1:30 a» rr.. frorr 210 out of 234 counties :n the state, including: 17 complete with the follow-in*; total* for Page 9. Col. S. MORE TROOPS AJRRIYE KOHLrEK. ^Wis.. !.j*i — six new companies of national yaardsir-ert poured Saturday, nigrht trrto this viliaare, famed nationally for years as a model industrial comrn'UTiitj", to prevent recurrence of bloody strike rioting that dealt death to two and wounds to 39 others. WEATHER Although J"h*re was a brisk bre«se from the north th« sr*at- er part o? the day Saturday, intermittent gusts of hot winds* reminded Parisians, of the continued, heat which has accompanied several •».'«* k» dr-.-uth. Hssli teTt»p«ra-- tures added to j.-olnk-a! broujtht much d;sconafort out the -lay. TerHp»r*ture-9i Friday rans;*d 74 to Sunday Tt-.-X \v Partiy an*l Motwiay; j .showcr« near the i;oa»t. to Sunday »nd WEST TKXA>; [ckxidy Somlay ainl

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