The News from Frederick, Maryland on May 28, 1932 · Page 2
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The News from Frederick, Maryland · Page 2

Frederick, Maryland
Issue Date:
Saturday, May 28, 1932
Page 2
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THE DAILY ZTEWB, FKEDEBIOK. HD.. 8ATDVDAT, BIAT 25,1832. Churches AH Saints' Chnrch. Eer. rx«lass Eoo2. rector. Htly f.-v^-r-:;-'--- 7 30 SL tC- Church scnocl. 9 45 s m. Service a"a sermon. 11 a. St. Ser"»_c* snc. termon. 3v p ! Serratb Dar I BarkUtortUe Church Of The Brethren PvthJS cvzt. IX j..--. st : · The Great Anti-Christ · Prophecy ' by 5 ? m . subject. Danirl's Rev Jchn S. Bowlus. pastor. Sunday school. 9 30 ». m. Memona! a*r\ low. 10 30 *. m. JOSEPH, THE DREAMER -WEEKLY SUNDAY SCHOOL LESSON- St. Birnabas* ChapeL Ker. IX-uglass HocfT. rector. Ch-~- schoX 33« a. nt- Saturday a ; serrr-oc, 3 p S. Washburs. Wash- : j Sabbtth school. 2 m. Circuit U. R. Church. Rev. B. P. Blubauzh. paitor. M!ddU]wn--Sunday school. 9 30 Th* International Uniform Sunday. School Lesson for May 29 * * * BIT WML E. G1LBOY, D. D. Editor of The Coofrecatiofulut. Much of the amoitioa of Jacob »a* j inherited b' Joseph--» younger son · ' among )»alv' - is and forcef-1 orotriers. i The ambition that moied Joseph d:d not fine such crooked and devious neye St. Tim»thy» Rei. *«V. O'a^ijs StO"e. rt Church school, 9 3C a. ct. E-.-erir^- prayer and c clock. Bethel West Xinth street, near Market, MJSS Evelyn D. Secfcer. pastor. Sunday school. 9 «5 a. m. '.Vorsh.?. 11 a m i m ; Intermediate C. E., 6 30 p. m_; Sen- j | iar C E. 7.30 p m. i worst: 5C * " , chins by ^rvice. 7 30 p. Evangelist Betty Myersvo--Sunday school. 9 IS a. m.; I er sensitsveaess about the feel. hip. 10.30 » a : Senior C. E-. 6 30 ! o'-hers. and a lack of reticence ;; Intermediate C. E.. Wednesday. | "*""-"-? hU atutade toward the hin« by yue- 7 30 5. m. Pleasant Walk--Sunday school. 1.30 p. m ; Senior C. E^ 7.30 p. m.; prayer B*T- tneetins. Wednesday. 7.30 p. m. lor Lutheran Church. Rev. Antos John Traver. D. D.. pastor Church school. ? 45 a. m. ·ssrbn.p. 11 ^ clock, rens *errr.os. ' A Brave Boy." semr.r. ·Mer. cf :.-y Mc-rro-* Luther Lear^es. 6 1 5 p m . Jur..^r cho.r servi'*. 7 20 p m Wedr.«ua:.. 7 30 ? si Bible St .dy and C3n as his father's'.ion had found. btit it crested in Joseph a lack of prop- Si of COGIS orld ' the and 7 45 p m , prayer and _ rralse serv-.c* 1 p m . prayer service ! ij-. 7 *5 p rr.. tent avetlng be- ', Tins st Walitersville. E".anselistic service tent. Mt PJeasmnt, Chrfa » 7 45 p rr. : preac.-j-.g by pastor j j^ Church school, 9 30 a- EL Worship. 10.45 »- m.; sermon subject. "In Memory of Our Dead." Junior. Intermedia^ and Senior C. E.. 6.30 p. m. Worship. 7.30 p m . with program in what he antxtpated that orld would do for him. The man who lives too exclusively , a world that centers about himself not apt to be liked either by those I of hvs Sniinecjate environment. We do brethren were to learn much and to find ! not like the man who talis too much a. nobler character, jaao'jt himself. »ho*e conversation s'jg- , If. however, the dreamer may be un- Emmitsburg PRESBYTERIANS MEET Bnunitsburg. May 28.--Mrs. Ida Mort. Approve Prohibition Stand Of 51etho*- Mrs. Maude Karbai^h and MA** Mary i Topper spent, one day last week at i **» Conference. Cashtown. j Denver, Colo. May 27.--Applause --The Searing club niel at the borne : greeted a. report to the 144th «~- I of Mrs. Wtllajn Saill. near Bridgeport. ! General Assetcbly of the on Monday afternoon. \ Churtrh in the United States today thai --Mrs. Charles Myers and lajouiy i the prohibition stand of the Methods moved from Odenton. to the Wievell Episcopal church had unqualified ap- property on East Mam street. | proial of the Presbyterians. --Mrs. Arvin Jones and two ceil- j He-.. Dr. Hugh Thompson. Serr. dren spent Monday with Mrs. Bell in ! Pi-.ssburgh. uho represented the Pres- Libertytown. j bytenans at the Methodist Assembly --Rev. John Hays has ret'jmed hoase ; at Atlantic City said nis reeepti-on aiter spending some time in northern ; :here was cordial and that he had as- MUCH OS- THE fWSmOU OP ^006 · JOSEPH A ON JEALOUS* FOCCErlO- Pennsylvania. j stired the Methodists their attitude on --Rev. and Mrs. Earl Hoxter are re- ] prohibition would receive the plaud-ts cenring congratulations oa the birth of | o' the N-ivestoer meetings a. son, Eari SurcnjerSeld Jr, at the Dr. J. Ross Stevenson. oreAiaest of Gettysburg hospital on Tuesday of last! Princeton Theological Se=unary. re- week. · ported that consideration of a plan of --Mr. and Mrs. Frank Troxelt York, j union between the Presbyterian and visited Mrs. Troxell's parents, Mr. and! Methodist churches had been dela\ ea Mrs. Charles Keilfaoitr. | because the cocnmtEsion of the Metho--Mr. and Mrs. Harry Baker and j cis: Episcopal ch-jrrh was consic daughter, and George Ohler spent Sun- plans of ·^.-·^n a-i-n the Method^t Pro- ,, . j ^^ i. Srformed Cbttrch. Rev. i-er.~ L. G. Kl«fler. D. D . S Christian Science. Ir. corr.3-.or. with all Christian Science ; church*?, tne Christian Science Group , of Frederick r.o'cs its regular Sunday , '. rr.cmins service in the lodjeroom of ] rv'.htar. Caitl? on Csurt street. II a. rn | Sunday school. 3 -85 a. m. Msminf worsn.?, 11 o clock. Rev Dr KierTer -a 1:1 preacn en " The Mountaintop" and srxai to the Junior congre?a- ttori on frte- Pr-.iv? Row Bush" Mrs Elkin and Miss Ix-ug-i Jri.l sing · Beloved. Let Us Ixjve One Another" by Stainer. Christian Endeavor. 6 30 p » : topic. -Why Should We Pray?" leader, Edwir. Albaugh. Musical serv.ce by the Junior choirs j in the Evangelical Lutheran church at | 7.30 o'clock. ! COUNTY CHURCHES St. Paul's Episcopal Parish. R*-. V O-Atncs Stor.e. rector Acams'own -- Pra;. e-r. !1 a. m Po.r.t of R«xrri! -- Prav.-r. 9 30 a American Legion. Mt Hope Assembly Of God. R*".-. H A Nunly. paator. Sunday School. 10 a. m Prayer service. 7.30 p. m. Preaching by pastor tonight. 7.45 p Thunnont M. E. Chmrse. Rev. Earl S. Hoxver. pastor. Sacrament of the Lord's Supper. 1030 n-. : · The Unknown Soldier " Whv should not the suppressed hopes, ana asp-ratiocs. and longings r.'. men _ for h,jht-r and cotter things affect a _ ^ r thai he is a child of perferrcen'.. -.vise and voluble in too freely exploit- their dream life quite s£ much as the j day with Mr. and Mrs. Harry Starn- ' trstant church and tne and revolves around all that th* »orld in? nis dreams, there is no warrant for suppressed desires of evil' At any rate . baugh and famiiy, near Hamey. I church. South. a going to do for himself and that he hating the dreamer. Tne attitudes of we can certain:y thini of the day · --Mr. and Mrs. John Fisher, Fred- i · ii going to do for the world. Jovrpn's brethren were -*ron;. They dreams, if not of the Right dreamr, of erick, and Mrs. MolUe Fisher. Grace- | To Give 3-Aet Play E\fn ir. religion there is a danger allowed '*hat might, have beer, a lust rrs^n, as linked · tae conception of . ham, were visitors of Mr. and Mrs. Roy i -W:!d Ginger." a three act comedy that our familiarr,; tne Almighty cause for amusement, and for passing better and a better -x'Orld. i Bolhnger and family on Sunday. j drama" Mull" be' giien" by the Young * * * --Mrs. Ach Eyler, Mrs. Lewis BeJ, People of Adamst3-*-n. Wednesday, at In the ambition of Joseph there -ras and M!^s Pauline BauEagardner spent! 3 p. m I. O. O. F. Kail, for the benefit only its -.pportunity for expreis.or. and at least nothing ignoble. At a later Tuesday in Baltimore. | of C E. Society. The cast of characters! time ?.iu! referred to his o^n grea; . must be cnristian career as be?.nninj in obed- '· I'-nce to a neavenly vision. In Joseph ' tnere was tnat same sp^-it, of obedience : to better thin-js. It is c^t sufficient alone to dream. and our confidence in iu favor may be , resentment, to develop .n them a more a matter of vanity and ambition studied and intense hatred. a-Jiaitu;? than of humility and true faitn. Joseph, as a matter of* fact, was a action very good and very competent man He After all. our sympathies was a child oJ fortune in more ways than with tne dreamer, for how cojld tne one. But in the story of the yoJth as he grows up among his brethren, taii- ing too freely about himself and making i too much of his dreams, there is something that is not altogether attractive a or Id go on -*ithov. hire and without hi» dresois? The tendency of the ·A arid is rut to mak,- too much "cut rather t-o little of .ts dreamers. The psychilos-sts txxiay tell '-s that e'.^n of our o-xn 23?randia?m^nt and There »ere lessons that Joseph had t our dream life has largely to d-j uitn responsibility. It is only as the dream " our mills and makes us respon- appeal. that .. to leam in adiersitv. and his character · cur suppressed desires, and th^y make . __. *' -· j O.d St Pauls M-morla: Day service., Wednesday. 7 iO p m. Bible Study ; ca!ne t o its true greatness through a , t h c suppressed dcsj-es of this tiream sue- to la ideal, and its ·.-.n'r ^ Iv 1 r - dav - :: 3 ^ : a - cjr ' si °" R ' v L " nn ; ='· Emmit^burs j ;)ng experience of suffering and trial-- l.fe mo\ j almost »nslly in the 'Aorld the dream of today becomes Che reality expenences tdrough which, also, his' oJ dark and ignoble th.sss. .of a better tomorrow. Evangelistic Meetings. The tent meetings in Mt. Pleasant, onducted under the auspices of Bethel Tabernacle. Frecerici. nave been well ! Attended. On Sunday ifae evangeiistic ser.-ice Tiill be conducted by Evangelist Betty Beylor. Wash- arid the pastor. Miss Eve- . Bethany Southrrn Methodist. Flint Hill. Hev Nat G Bamhart. minister. Sundav scho^^l. 1 30 p m. 2 30 p. m.. by Dr J. H Church Ot God. Brunswick Chirje. Rev William A Herpich. pastor. Locust Valley--Bible school 9.30 «. m : preaching. 10.30 a. m : monthly meetlrsif Missionary Society. 7 30 p. m.: Ser-1 Grace Reformed Church. Her. Ralph E. rrartman. ralniter. Second street, ea^t of Market Church school. 9 a. m. Morning worship, 10 o'clock. mon them*. "Irs Memonam." Junior senrwn theme. "Memorial i Day." The choir will sing. "Let Mt : Zion F-ejoice" by Herbert. Miss EfSc ',' Moore will sing a solo. :: . .. . . Wells. Washinstoa Reception of mem- ! prayrr and praise meeting. Thursday. [ bers a; this scri .cr. Quarterly «.onferonce ! preacmr.g ser.-ice follow 8 p. m. Brunswick -- Bible school. 10 a. m.: Glade Reformed Charge. i ,, Rov. Frank A. Rofenbcrgcr. pastor | n W G 3 -· '- J0 Senior C. E. 7 30 p m : preaching. 8 p m.: Junior C E. Wednesday. 6.45 I P m.; prayer and praise meeting. Wed- m Glade Church. WalkcrsvlUe--Sunday | chool. 9 a. m : worship. 10 a rr. . ser- s^n ihe:se. ' What Aoout Eternal Miss Rudy's orcar. numbers will be i " "A Memory" by Stebbins and ' Keller's I m American Hymn " Church. r scno0 " 9 a m : °' Mt. Pleasant Reformed Rev Geor;c K Ey. pastor Mi. Pleasant--Clwrch school. 9 30 a. 1 i n . s«--.ces. 1030 a. m. · Graco Trin.t:,--Church school. 10 a. j rr. . Ir.terrr.ed.itc C E . 7 30 p. rr. tc-p- ' o'clock; subject. "How to Honor Our , , c H ., ;:) , : ,, , 0 NIVl! ;e ;he World Friend- , Patriot.c Dead." Choir ».:'. sir.g Kip- j.., ·· lea{lc - Mlss Mar . c p^vi. Zion Lutheran Church. Mlddlrtown, Rev. L. Ralph Tabor, pastor. Sunday school. 9 30 a m. Worship. 10.45 a m.: sermon subject. · Inventory"--a Memorial Day sermon Lutncr League. Intermediate C. E. and Young People's Society. 6 30 p. m. Union vespers. Chnst Reformed i church. 7 30 p. m. Old St. John 5 Presbyterian Chnrch. Rev. Dr. C. E Wehler, pastor Sisnday school. 9 45 a. m. Morning worship anci sennor.. ! ' ling's Kscessional by DeKciven 2venins: ser-.-.ce. 7 30 o'clock. Executive comrr_:tee of the Club meets at the manse on 1 7.30 o'clock Calvary Church. West Second street at Memorial Park i t'tica Reformed Charge. Rev Eev.arc R. Kresge. minister. Zion. char-esville--Worship. 9 a m.: Sunday school. 10 a. rn. St Paul's. L'tira--Sunday school. 9 30 a rr. : ·» ors.-.ip. 10 45 a m Burklttsvillc Lutheran Church. Rev. H C Erdtnaa. pastor. Burkil'-" ille--Sunday school. 9.30 a. m . ·aorsh.p. 10.45 a. m. Knoxville--Sunda school. 10 a. m.. ' Yours? People's service. 6 45 p. m.: wor- , ship. 7 30 p m. Castxr Rev Jo-in \V Ftshcr. pastor lit Yemen S-indav school. 9 30 a m i . s '" Jo " ! -Sunday school. 9 a rr. . | s " no °'- '30 3ev. G Ellis Williams D. D. rr.inis-! Walkcrsiille United Brethren Church. ter. 9.45 a ra. Church School. E. Cl_ne. stinerjiter.clent 11 a. in.. A Vital Religion " 630 p. rr.. Erj-onh League, leader. ' .or C. E. Wedn?sda. 7 30 p Miss Pauline Jone^. top.c. "Can %Ve | InSuence Chantr^.t: H^rr.e L-fe?" , Lewistown Charge. 7.30 p. rn union Knice under the i Rev L. J Moore, pastor. ausoiccs of tne Junior vested choirs of , 9 20 a. m : worship. 10.3O a. m . 1 sermon by Rev Bradley Ga^er. Junior ; C. E.. 2 p m.: Intermediate C. E.. 6 p i m : Seiuor C. E.. 7 p. m. The following story of St. John's j i Catholic cemeU-rj'. this city, is written i j by Miss Marian Bellamy, of the Hood j · College Press Club. \ Surrounded by a high wall which separates this spot from the rest of the ·Aorld. he the remains of many out- § standing and obscure Ittrures whicn : have made history- j Names such as O'Neil. Sweeney. Me- i Leer, and O'Brien, whose owners ·a.-.-'re | from Ballarisgreen. Kilkenny, and Tip- j perarj-. Ireland, appear on the torr.b- : stones, and arc dated in the nine- ' teenrth century. T'ne Baltimore and ' Ohio Railroad and the Chesapeake and i Ohio canal were being built through · this section of the country about 1835 and the laborers were largely immigrants from Ireland. These fiery-'emp- er'd Irishmen *ere apt. to got in ser- · ious quarrels. j Roger Broke Taney. fifth ch.ef jus- j tice of tbe United States Supreme i Court, is undoubtedly the most dis- ! tinguish^d person buried here. On the ! ; Taaey pio-t are only the graces of him j Famed Santa Cruz Mission Restored To Former Beauty lyn D. Becker give the closing message in the tent in Mt. Pleesant. On Friday night. June 3. the tent meetings ! tnii begin on Frederick stree;. Walkers- i vi!!e. continuing for ten days. Fo'low- ! ing the meetings in Walkersvilje, mest- t ings will be held at Key Mar. and other nearly towns. Hilda Scarfr Genevieve Thomas. Mildred Bowmgs. Elsie Edwards. Kathleea O'Hara. Fenton ScarfT. J C. Hoffman Rev. H. S. Shue, Clifford Fry, Pniii? ScarS and Armand Datrow. Memorial Service Monday Memorial Day exercises to be held at old St. Paul's f aurch. near Point of Rocks, on Monday, at 11 o'clock, wil! be a union service for aii the churches in Point of Rocks. Rev. Lynn Arbopst. pastor of the Methodist church, will deliver the principal address. Good cigarette paper is made of linen. with a calcium compound. ; preach-r.s 7 30 p. rr. . Jun.or and Ser.- j m . chur;n Monday. 5 45 p cc , Children's day Wednesday. night, ssr-, .ce. 30 p x. . Church family 930 Sunday schc-o'.. 10 30 n rr. ! W C T V and Ladle-' Aid at home j cf Mrs. Tli-'ntas Anderson Thursday, i June 2. 1 30 p m. j L;-\ .sto vr.--Sur.dar school. S 30 a ' rr. : preach-nc. 1030 i rr. : memorial i mon by Rev Gavcr; Holy Communion. Jane 5. 10 30 3. rr. Thurmont V. B. Charce. E".cr's Vallev--Sunday school. 2 p. m : uorfhip. 3 p rr... conducted by Rcv Thurscar. ? 3C p rr.. snr.ual Ep-arorth scrrr.or. both churches Jeffcrson Lutheran Parish. Re-. G-!·?-; K Sei^r. pastor I St Pau.'s--Church school. 9 IS a m ; : vvc-_~h.D. 1015 a m. , M: Z.on--Church school ' -Jor^.-.ip. 2 30 n rr. :n;e St 1 '« s--Ch irch school. 9 30 a ' O-r B---::-: cf Go ccn Mc-r-r.?-' Till wsrs"-_!?. 7 CC ? rr. Trinity Southern Methodist. H=- Nat G Bamhan. p.i5tor. Church school. ? 45 a rn. r. l l a m · furj-ect "A Great C'ml- Mjersville Lutheran Chanre. R«v. Henrj- c Kraft, pastor. St. Paul's Myersville--Sunday school. · and his mother which appears strp.p.;e jince Mr T.ney was mrtrriod and I had five children., Mrs Tar.ey j w as Protestant, ar.d she and her hus: band agreed that it they haci any sons, j 's. Church Hill--Sunday thsy would adopt their father's reli;- j . m : worship. 2.30 p. m.. ion: if they had any daushters. they i Rev. Senior C. would adopt their mother's religion. ! E 7 30 p m. i They had f^e daughters. · St Mark's. Wolfsvillc--Sunday school, j Perhaps one of the most interesting j 9 a m : worslvp. 7 30 p. rn. with ser- plots in the cemetery is tha-t of the i Vincend.erc's. They ^»crc French ref- | ugees from the island of Haiti during i the nejro insurrection there in the late I eighteenth centurj. They se.tled ir. j Frederick A young Army oSiccr was I surveying in this ?e;tion of the country and fell in love with or.c of j the daughters. Adelaide V.r.cer^.ere. ' They were married and their son. Ensch ' Louis Lowe, became governor of Maryland Enoch Lo*e his wif? and t'ne Vinccr,d«erei are all buried in this , Dcsrfleld--Sunday school. 2 p m : Memorial service, 8 p m . conducted by pastor. Thtirrront--Sunday school. 9 30 a rr. . service. 10.30 a rr..: C E prograrr^. 7 30 p rn : ser- 1 You Can Build Anything On li The Foundation Of A (S|E=[ · Savings Account ·ii O A Home--a business--yes, anything can be built on the foundation of a savings account. Start one at this bank next pay day and then add to it every pay day after thai. It is an aasy habit to get into and unlike most habits it pays big dividends. Open A Savings Account Today Santa Cruz :m=.=i:ri as looks tocav. Near the Vincendicre p'.ot is the 30 p rn : sdd.t.cnal rr.c- Th-ru 3ur.ricr".r r^ at E-" -3: r rr, Sur.-i- af-.»rr.i»cr.. T.-n £e~:r. sv Dr J H Wells Wa^'i- Firet BaptLtt Chnrch R:" TM c H-y-- paster B i c e :.t5, 9 4 5 : clock y M. F. Charjte. R-r. Oser. W Pr.r.rc. px^t^r. C.;t--r..r.--Sur.--iv Sch^v.. ; p m: ·x^rsh.p. 3 p tn ' I.-1 - .--^"T.--S-i:iday S'h-^-^l 9 30 a in i J-ir.-ir C E 6 3'1 p rr, Childr*-'* 3?-y ' ." T 3 i - rr. Tt.fs.1i:.. p'.av. The Ma-. ... T.e Grc-.:i S y.-. sy 1/ibery- tor,- M P D-an-.s Cl ib L- rtv. »r:--5 .r.i)-. School 9 30 a rr. . Cr..:drrr.V D.-- «r..ce. 1030 3 m . '-.-.. T C Z ? 3 ~ ? rr. Son.c-r C E. M^s;t;n SantA Cruz l.-,es again On tne i^isirr.; spot at Sinti Cruz. -.".ore 1.1= ongir.2.1 rr.iisior. ^vas erected 8 oclr-ck. bj Rev. Carl j gra . %e of John Payer. Bori^nuf. wr.^ uas -i g . '"^,.'^^ rer-l^cT'oT^-e" historic *rr*ar. i ^-. France "? nen the revolut.on sroke out. From 1787 to 1789 he was i merr.- Trinity Reformed Charge, Thunnont. J %*,o j -] e Constituont Ass--moly c-f Rev E D Bright, pastor. j France and as such it is qu.te po.;- Appleji Church--Worship. 9 30 a m : ; £; ;j^- that he cast a ",ote cKher for or Tliere is a new sp}t of interest on Laseun as part o: the program o: Cali.'irr.-a's famous M."ion Trail: far Spar.^h Califom.a for cor.rerttng the Old Irdiar-5 The church teas formally ded- j ! |= 1C3MC ir. 2794 ~ " - i= A flour ai:ll was built, rh* h?r-ds increased, and the Chri^.ian- i '^=i z.-.g of the Indians was successful. i ijll THE FREDERICK COUNTY NATIONAL BANK NO. 1 NORTH MARKET STREET Wliere Banking, is a Pleasure Sunday schoal 10 30 a tn Tharnsont--Sunday school. 10 i. m Worship. H a rn. against the of L3U-? XVI and ^5ar.e Anto-nettr. A fe-J jears ec..fic, .t.'ndf An "la oe.l fr^rn the or-giT....: to ser again calls worship, crs. Ard pa.nt.nes. crucifixes, sil'.er ar.d cold ceremonial piece«. -.est- I rn?r.:^. etc are restored to their or- But in time, there arose disputes as i£ to wheth-er ;he settlement should no' be elss'K here. Then cams tn? sccular- irvior. of the misstor, property by tr. ^^ex·c3n government priper-y f?:i ir.'.o declir.e Ir. 1S40 the to-rer collapsed. Eleven Th- rf-'tc-m icn is the sift c-f a pu-bl.:- Grnccham Moravian Church. Hc\ E. D Benti-?r. pistor. Sur.d.iv .vrhool. 9 30 a ra. Ij.turcv and sermon. 10 30 a. m. Y P C E . 6 45 p m. Worship. 7 30 p rr. j later he wished to 50 to the island of ' ,^..'..^ Vi-V c-oz"-«"'^"-- -rv e -,. ! H.i.-.i. but France and ~--'---' "' " ' rears rr.anv trails :ell in. Ar.r.-_al rc-11-ca.l 3" ? 'clock. Glorv 53-D Centennial Memorial I". B. Church. Trinity Reformed Chnrch. Adamstown. H--', H.*~.-v S Siu*-. r-i^t-r Sl-.div s---« . 9 15 i rr. W.-r-sh.? '. "' 30 r- Ir.-T-r*".. ,1'^ C -- 6 4^ p rr. S-r. or C. S 7 " - ~ J_r..-r C E. 5a'_rd?.-. : p rn. W ^: S T.\d.v- "..^n-.c of '.r.e Mi,^- c.' Xrt-.r P i - W.- C-.r.T?r -.glanc. were ·*ar so that he could not. :-ecure ' ^^ . _ ,, " ] JTC on an English cmi^er Cons.-- · 2 ^- -"-,,' [q-ontly he decided to come ts ' ^~ '""". ! and from thence to H.-.ti Ho'se-.e- V'_V~ V : - ·»hen he reached the United State?. ' ' cc.ndi..or_=. were ·aorse in the so he came to Frederick ar.d Ir.ed Chorrh Of The Brethren. Rocky Rider. | »-ih the Vir.cersdieres. v,hc-m lie had E-!--r Char'.^ A S:-vcr in cltarpe ! known ":n San mrnir.w. Kait. Sindav school. 9 3O a rr. H u^h McSwe-cncy. one of the army Prcachins. 1030 3 rr. wh^.i -as stationed r.-Mr Frodenc' f-t-sht oacs:se of M^cow in ZS12. Cy.-nel C ? 3..r.-i-.- O-Midc.r. :a-- m-^sion a sr.^rt a^? -·on ffr a solemn por.:i- .=. oy cnur-h- frorr. all c-."r Cal.famia Ana as in S-^ta v~:a;.s -sh^n the n-^.?n= utrs yDur.c ^ aarbe-ctie w^ held Santa C~^--'~f StJ=r._=h for ' H~lv Cr.x^s'--ras fc-unc-^i ,,-. 1731 bv Frk treasurers of trr ancient church earned s^ray by vandals. The corr.rr.tir.:t:- o: t.-.e m^ston was corr.cjls^- !;· or--ken up in 1342 But a ne- Mis^ Sarr.a Cruz oc- the same .?::« In so far as pos- 5ible ~r.e o--.j.nal rcl.-rs are u=ed for vessels, f-crLshinzs. clc Fcr the best, research the re-cord; of ;h? mission "-^ --'·t-n exact c_m*n;-ion? for the r.-dar.?? of those in restoration wori. ^ r ^\ g|iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiniHiiiiiiiiiiHiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiHiHiiiiiiHniiiiin""j ] THE WHIP I I is in your hand | , ur.cer L^ Harry St. John's Lutheran Church, Thnrmoat-, ^^-ay; the Whiskv Ir_~urrcclor; .n : '·* rvepjalicnr. Arrr; ;.. C.-i.le. --a -- -- t -, ;-,-- ;._:.,_ R?v Charles H Corbett. pastor. I =Cl-, a -. j is bu-x 1 here H^ t-mb- s '-" h -'" ^ 3u-i--c".-..r« I-i trie vT--".»"i^,"-"'_*"""" ---ca -' Sundsv schoo:. 9 30 a. m. ; . , r » ,,,,,, .^, ho d:ei _,, :7S4 · ^ car:, p^rt _,f -^^tn : cnlury , ' "-^ ~Sz^cl O Bryan spent Wed- . = Sorr-.ce 10 45 a m. Vesper .ier-r-.ce-. 7 30 p m. Wednesday 7 30 p m.. rr. tee onas.-d in the ser-.ic scr- . -Mjs Ma;r-s Perkins held 45 ^ rr.. rrsy.T and Woodsbero Lutheran . J Frsn-: Fife ua^' . % vcwrs. S CTiSreh Of The Ereshrcn. ".. G W-s-cr. -aster r:n s:^:-:". 9 *c a rr. .-r.r - crsh.r; 11 c'clx-. Cr--ci- C.irs- O-r Iesd«er and T ;--n.- 7 31 -o':"c-ci ser- jr.tuc.1 S:a--2.- rr. " St. Mirk Ev. Lutheran. SibillisrHle. ' He-. Cnar.'s H Cirtvett, paster. Wcrsr-.r. S 3 ' * m Sund.^v scr.oo_ 9 30 a. rn. S-n-?v school. S 30 a. rn Worsh.p. 1C 30 a m. sr.d thc*e whs a:- This would indicate that tr.? ^em-tcrv "~-c f--m Sp- r. ard a Lurrc-cr ;-f Er.-ix very c:d. thouih it :ac: it *as c-r.,y · '-" r - ant - i~5 -- frc-m An- r r.;3 -cm ta i Sr»-t used ao^-it seventy -.ears aco ' s v -' - Amcn-a :o .-.--'- :; ^ qu.:e . pjry. kins an-d son. M^s Huti Hartman, Mr _ _ , _ , _ _ , _ , . ~ ~ : '- O'3-- a n . Miss Hazel Funi. M r s Chnrch Of The Brethren. Thurmont. Q e -,--^ r_-V.I-^~ ··. rr.crr.c-^-·?'--x- 6"~t :o ~ HT.d--r T S F.kc. minister. B-'vh retrirr^r.t it Bci'ire-r^rres a-rr.v, ~-"° i"--'.- ,-^f Jir~*c VcSi'-r v..- irr. v -'i -\as c--fcafd at S-iratorx .t ·"· * ^'- ""·'- H_^t --· of M.»--.%r.d " a-d 1777 ·-·* --^-- C h - r J-u'.-o J - - M M.S.icrr-.- Th- ;ra-r of F-J:^ L, _c*r Al^t- ^- ·-« M^-.'.tc. C-irt = When ottr grandmothers went shopping they were prepared = . ,, _ ,, _ = to match their wits against shopkeeper's. His was the == | «3..-- Mrmin?5'ar. rrevienri Junction. =: ,. , 3 - i i . j i ---- 1 iphand. Prices were anything the dealer had to pay, = s a pro3t. And his profits were as elastic as his neces- EE i = sity--or opportunity. = s;- nith h_s sorter. i:rs Frank Per- = W7".Ci card = Onr grandmothers had a very fine knowledge of wool- = = ens, cottons, silks. They used their eyes and fingers in buy- = crE ing. They tasted and sniffed at foodstuffs. Our grand- =| =5 fathers knew an intimate lot about woods, veneers, stains. ==~ Thev ==. .vvra K'_=ikoTrsi. a ri s-on \iises Grace = They knew leathers and machinery and. cntlery. a-S Bew» HjDKts. Mas ^^a- Sp"gJ = - , _ Magrve Percns. ?,Irs C. E. Perkins. = had to. Union Go???! Mission. S-niaT s:.-.c-l 2 o rr. Vcunc pco^.es se-.-ce. S 33 p. m str .: 7 Zj c clock is charge o! Car: H-:.t2 Cn^-p^. T:ra;r m-M-tirr Jjn-- 2 745 p m .- c.virre H:v M G. W.^on Irtana McshodiM Fpi*for«al Charsr. Hev W S rrs Hllirttv mj^iste-r Araov--s.r.isy s .-v.. 1 "· a T TV\Ts.-..- ar.i .^rcr-r. ; - -- C.-.t drens ^)^, "7 ~ **~ ^,n* - v -^T£ ~- ~ ^" S TM* 7f C-c?.r.=.--Sur.clr.v v .-.?-:. 9 4 5 ?. rr; T-ocsr..- a n i .--rrrjr S - rr Cl-...d- Krr. r»r. Wells To ; = Today you can shop with assurance by designating == Joint Class Mectinc 1 c.^ ^ourc ?*^"%--i*e'^ C'ass .*" -^t, ·__ M.^ c:--irc:-. rf t-.E 3rs;hrer. of Monroria' == this brand of this and that brand of that, and hardly = arrr.'. ar.d was in thr -ld sr..sri .~ "h- N Mt. Tabor Lutheran R*T ? H W.. ..irr_ il'nKm 1 Chorch. c: Waterlo-j ATt'r,s A~---"~.--" he escaped Into Kc-lli-.d s-c; "f- v "-.''r of s s-h.p ^-^rr..r.I F-^c-^r.-.x ' ?rca--._r.c Pnritau Methodist ChapeL Sin^i - -. : o tr. V. P r . e . . .r 5.,'da~ 7 p. m. Frci . r ; ^-r-.. :s Sunday and Fr.- (··-- - - r - g -, - ^"cc.a". feature cf the s"~t-c when c".x"i5 f sev-r. i-.l ; reef;-.eJ ^?.t.c Tro ^."-.-.-31 r--.,*.?.: r.-*ccl en Thurs- c? -^ a - rr. ;s:c w.\s f urr.^hed b- persons from ;o America, tha; _·=. he acreed to- Adarr-ito-i-ri. Monr?-. .a. and' ··"* captAir. sell h.m m Amtri-a the lcK?al Cv^nfrr^r-l-or.. The ! p3 ^ : '^ r r -^ passa; ·v he marr.ecl ;r«t -i. v-j of ML^SCS Marrane-- Wagner, Constance j -- ''·' A ~'-~- *~' Struoe. Noarr.i Schwartz. Fe--. I Rut.t S« .-irr.'.ey. Eir.a Derr. Dorothy j as = Advertising has established standards, established = .itiii *ii A..It,. * A 1,0 . S e. Tho w« d ^ r ' iFrpflprirk . worked cut h.s x «· v* VJ.d ,H_ IV. t Oar Ladv Of Mt. Carmel Chorch. Rev J;--:pn L Currari. pastor Mait -enter, anc, tened.ct.on. fo:- ~e^ 2:. 3-ir.e.av school. 9 a. m. tv.r.g las: Suncav -'-'·?'' nvr^y rw married Lt-jc-r A ? ^r-o e.r. West P*tr;c» street \-.- M%rv. K:.1 '. ,--h--r sol die- c-f t.-.e En-.r).re Herm.v. erv sr^.-. l.-. J.:r..-.;n \:-v ;7 -- ' ----- E* .-r - a-d . Mcx c . C. or. land that . -ha' :-? .*d :« ·· fir.ccis of .-..s right --.Viss R:-.-. H a r m . - . - Ba -..IK ^re. is G.;rarv. Karr Ere'.yn Main. Dorothy Brur.ner. Myrt'.e: Koder.cs. j Messrs Hubert Derr. Raymond Rod- ! eric.-:. W-.::.arn Ceeserly. Ralth Brash- | ears. Sd-i.n WarSell Paul Derr. Paul" George Brishearj, JCSE Main. I Daniel Ge.sber:. W.liiam I ^ = hand. = Do you read the advertiseinents? W. Harold Roderick. ' ?%

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