Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on July 8, 1961 · Page 5
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 5

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, July 8, 1961
Page 5
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Saturday, July 8, 1961 J>1AM, M O »» t , ARKANSAS Page I British Honduras ACROSS 1 Capital ot British Honduras 7 It is a British crown — •-+ 13 Prayer 14 Feminine appellation 15 Early Roman afficial 16 Of the mind KIT Cacao is -—. ™ of its products 18 Aged s sum* , , • SDesfet (dl»1.) 10 Eight (comb. fot«) 11 Island west of Sumatra 12 Old Eli 3 9 Fairy fort 21 Refuge 22 Dinner course 23 Traveling bag 24 Lyric poeins 25 Ages 26 Painful 27A few 29 Principle (ab.) CARNIVAL ly Dick tumcf .„ v. -. . < £y rrnicipjc {3D., 20 Monosacchande 30 Biblical name 21 Alleviate 3i-ii_May 25 German city Whitty 28 Broke suddenly 37 Gibes 32 Chicken perch 33 Girl's name « 34 Protective covering 35 Peculiarity 3fi Soothsayer 39 Meaning 40 Bridge holdings ^12 New Guinea W port 45 Greek letter 46 Energy (coll.) ,49 All 52 Christ's judge 55 Wrongdoer 56 Redactor 57 Tilts 58 Prostrate DOWN 1 Philippine knife r 2 Ireland ; 3 Parasitic insects • 4 Devotee . 5 Animal park 6 Register ' 7 City in New Jersey- 38 Perched 41 Antic 42 Fewer 43 Indigo 44 Volcano in Sicily 46 Top of head 47T5ritish school 48 Saucy 50 Hostelry 51 Rot by exposure 53 Fish 54 Mouth part NEWSPAPER ENTERPRISE ASSN. © 196t'by NEA, Int. T.M. Slf. U.S. P«t. Off FLASH GORDON BUT COUIDN'T THEY Wti THAT WAS GHlf A ' CHILDREN'S IV rROGf?AM v THEfJE THEY SO, LEE.'THEWWOWS RUNNING IN FRIfiHT.' "Oh, Cladysl" SWEETIE PIE By Nodine Seltzer TIZZY By Kate Osann (PI 1961 by NCA, Inc. T M. R-[^. U.^. Pat, Off. HC«, Tnn, T.M. R«r. u.s. P»t. OK. "I confess I was trying to make you jealous, Herbie. but not over Freddyl" FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS By Merrill Blosse* 'It was easy! First I suggested a hay ride—then there was the problem of where to get the hay . . .i" SIDE GLANCES By Gafbrairh WHERE" ARE EAR PLUGS THEM 04 THE KITCHEN SHELF/ NOW YOU KMOW ] AGREE!?, W^DCW WANT ) MOM/ You TO GO SVWA-, MIM6 ATMI6HT/ i • DAISY/ ^ 2^ IN FACT, lift \ Pi.ANNIM<3 A * QUIETEVEMIM6 AT HOME/ (5 1961 by HE», Inc. T.M. R.j;. U.S. P»l. OH. 7-8 MORTY MEEKLE j "No, lady, you can't have the whole bolt. I might get L other calls for the same material yet this summer!" By Dick Covolli / T DOM'T I^NOW WH6I5E IT V WIU- ALL END, (TerARTED V OUT WITH AN OFFICe T BA6EBAU- POOL. THE STO THEM THEV ADDED A RDOT0ALL. POOU, THEN THA WAYNE NOW I'M AFRAIC? (T*3 COMPLETeiy OUT OF HAND/ SO I'M ELECTED TO ^ DO TH& DIRTY WOKK'/y' MA66IC, Ml?. WAMT5MKST.WAVME AWDCDLLEEWOFF THE ISLAND/ By Wilson Scruggs U7£P,..} THAT'S THE / WHV, WAY IT IS / /HEARD Of SUCH WHAT MfT.HAKreK J A THING/ -^SAYS eOES/JT^rr^^T/ ME gl 4i»S^e^ite^ ALLEY OOP yWX'THEy HAVE NO Y THEY ARE AFRAID T THEATRE Of THEIR OP fVfHYONS y ~ J OWW-»'AhiD*0 ./ AND WIIUN6 TO 4NSE Of- HUMOR.X BELIEVE THE WORST/ 6ASTH MAY HAVE TO WATCH 1WM -BUT I'D GUESS STAY IN: 1 THEIR OWN STAN. &VStEM,., FAR AWAY «. By V. T. HomllB NO, OSCAR, NOT FOR A. WHILE, ANYWAY... I PON'T THINK COP'S BEEN VERY SHARP LATELy.. CAPTAIN EASY ...TOO LONG ASVAY FROM NETO3 A eOODSHOT HIS OWN /OF MOCVIAM ELEMENT; 5 REJUVCNATION, I'D SAY.' J^. EH? SOMETHING LIKE >" XI ANP SO THE STAGE IS SET TOR OUft THAT,.. BESIDES/OkAV..WEiL\ HERO'S f^RIICIRBtDOM IN A DRAMA I'VE ANOTHER/ (3IV6 'IM A ) OF TRULY HEROIC DIMENSIONS PROJECT ON I REST FOR <f »Mf If ht-t, Pi!f. TM P»f IH. Ptf. (Mf. '** •'• ' """"it* By Leslie Turnci WO AW5WE(2. HE PROSTRATE OFFICER CRAWL* BACK TO iWVEMISATe,,. INTO THE TflUCK QUICK, CAPTAIN EASVt , WILL GET THE POLICIA CftK. SYHOEVeK POUWDIN6 OM THIS DOOR I ' SB RAIDING AN PROP THATT SENOK (3UINNJ INSISTS -WB AMP FKEE A VAWKEe PRISONER W GET UP! * WA? MI5TAKEW FOR HIM! HE* HERE AT p^5K THEN 6BT THI5 MAN'& UNIFORM AMD TIE HIM WHILE 1 PRWB! By Chic Young I'M STARVED -U THIS MORNING-A I'l L HAVE MtUOM, J , BACON, N-- »~ EGGS.TOASTJ^' AND ^xp ^"4^-!. , .'. ,•.•'..".''' '..•". ''2 PRISCILLA'S POP ••HOT CAKES,)( YOU DANISH •< PASTRY AND , n>i i i> r> ^v •RV AND ) PFEE i— y COFFEE DEAR-- 'YOU'RG STARTING i^n '.'?..-' TODAV %" V — ! f ALUVOLI GET ^~~, IS THIS ( SINGLE V. PCVXCHGI.i •HIS IS LIKE ... DROPPING J I A PEBBLE INTO I GRAND CANYON •7-B By Al Vcrmeof WHAT, POP? AND I GOING ANY YOU'RE MUCH TOO YOUNG- TO BE , GOING STEADY/; T MAT'S l WHAT WE THINK, - SHORT RIBS By Frank O'Neai APPROACHING A STRANGE SHIP. HIS SOW,STUPIP! fi OUT OUR WAY By J. R. Williams OUR BOARDING HOUSE with Major Hoople OOOOH.' AIM'T THEV BEAUTIFUL? PIP VOU '——/ EVER SEE PRETTIER. HORSES* HM-/WMP/ BREWERV WAfiOM HORSES.' <3O DW ABOUT YOUR BUSIMESS OM. -- ^>^a BORW FIPTV VEAR&TOD soo>J 7-B IPX MADRID,yOLVoYWlfiHX HAD UFE S3'-IAVETOi.AyA«r CALJGIAT •< ,,„>>-.,u^v^-. m& r6T6TO«ECoaTK R ™ ( ; A ^fX' \--v^,, yi ME^n AMn-r'i i <=,r\ i /iiVr-r/-, </ r(?<3M.TH <vV. YOU X ?0^^«^^o^ i.'ro] E SATE I?I6HT5 6TAET OUT WITM CAMAKIT3S, " IL'DFI^H AMD RABBITS "~Y^ IT WON'T BE 10 V£AR6 tlLLYOU ; $UPPLVI^G ; CIRCUSES V^ITW OF ANIMAL' "Tri'CURB FOF?/ ME TO WALK I OM / > ' CARD "ti I OUTCAST/, •»/i: ^C m rMAPS.' V i &\ /A v< |WTe(?ESTED^ 1-8 ,rl BUGS BUNNY T'-f

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