Lake Charles American-Press from Lake Charles, Louisiana on August 24, 1962 · Page 21
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Lake Charles American-Press from Lake Charles, Louisiana · Page 21

Lake Charles, Louisiana
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Friday, August 24, 1962
Page 21
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.0. BOX ION 4924 ftSHt M» ~**»g»^»,-——*— • ^i^.^ M i Lake Charles American Press STATE EmttOK LAKS OtARLES, LA., FR1BAY, AtKMSf 24, 1*2 20 PACKS fWMBfift 2S^T0 U.S. UNITS MOVE WITHOUT ESCORTS RUSSIAN DETAINED — American military police cars and a British jeep block street at Checkpoint Charlie Thursday M a Soviet armored vehicle, on* of three, stops en route back to East Berlin from the Soviet War Memorial In West Berlin. The Rus- sians were held up nearly four hours at the checkpoint before reluctantly accepting an escort on their way to the memorial. They threatened retaliation against American cars traveling in Communist-controlled territory. (AP Wirephoto). Drug Safety Bill Cleared By Senators WASHINGTON (AP) - A drug safety bill born in stormy controversy two years ago has sailed easily through the Senate without a vote cast in opposition. Its way cleared by public concern touched off by the sedative thalidomide, the measure was sent on to the house Thursday by a 78-0 vote. A House committee is holding hearings on a companion bill, similarly designed to strengthen safeguards against the marketing DESPITE TENS/ON New Reserve Call ^Remote' of dangerous drugs. and ineffective The only sharp disagreement in the Senate debate was over an amendment sponsored by the bill's author, Sen. Estes Kefauver, D-Tenn. The Senate rejected 53-28 his effort to require compulsory licensing of drug patents when there is a 500 per cent markup in the price to pharmacists. Kefauver contended prices of prescription drugs are "outrageously high'. 1 and the only-way to assure substantial reductions is to break up patent monopolies by compulsory licensing. Sen. James 0. Eastland, D- Miss., chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee, which handled the bill, said adoption of Kefauver's amendment would "destroy all incentive to make investments for drug research" and be "a crime against humanity." Drug legislation got rolling two years ago when Kefauver, chairman of the Senate Antitrust Subcommittee, investigated the prescription drug industry. Introduced more than a year ago, the bill was turned down to the judiciary committee where it was •tripped down to a skeleton. Two Possible Storms Hatch In Caribbean MIAMI, Fla. (AP) - Two easterly waves — the eggs that sometimes hatch into hurricanes — developed in the Caribbean following the northward movement of the storm barrier. The Weather Bureau .said the Bermuda ridge finally began slipping out of the southern reaches of the Caribbean sea, leaving the low pressure zones ready to spawn hurricanes. The easterly waves — kinks in the atmosphere, -r were reported today, over Jamaica and east of the Windward Island. The Jamaica wave was moving westerly at 10 to 15 knots; the Windward wave still was being studied. WASHINGTON (AP)-Current prospects are remote that another call-up of National Guardsmen and reservists might result from a new Berlin crisis, short of a serious, shooting outbreak. Army sources, asked about this today, said the Regular Army is in far better shape to cope with requirements in Europe or elsewhere than it was a year ago. The Regular Army has five more combat-ready divisions than when the tension over Berlin last year resulted in the government's decision to summon reserve forces for active duty in this country. About 119,000 Army reservists and National Guardsmen were called up and now have been released. Organizational strength of the Regular Army is 16 divisions. This includes two new divisions and three former training divisions which have been converted to combat outfits since last year. Eight of the 16 divisions are ready in the continental United Stales. One is stationed in Hawaii, with one battle group deployed in Thailand. Five divisions are in Europe and one in Korea. If a worsening of the situation arising out of the new Communist pressures on Berlin should bring a decision to bulwark ground force strength in West Germany, the first of such reinforcements could be landed there within 24 hours of a buildup decision. As of now, military leaders see nothing that requires any deployment of forces. But plans, detailed down to the smallest item, are ready for an emergency in Europe or elsewhere. The Defense Department recently completed the "pre-stocfc ing" of arms, equipment and supplies in West Germany sufficient to outfit and maintain two divisions, one armored and one infantry. The stockpile includes tanks, personnel carriers, artillery, mortars, rifles, machine guns and ammunition. Spy Again Denied Asylum in Britain LONDON (AP) — The British High Court refused again today to free fugitive spy Robert A. Soblen so that he can seek asylum from a life sentence in the United States. Justice John Stephenson turned down Soblen's application for a writ of habeas corpus. The judge rejected the arguments of the fugitive's attorneys challenging Home Secretary Henry Brooke's order to deport Soblen to the United States. The court's ruling does not mean, however, that Soblen's departure is imminent. His attorneys are certain to take the case to the Court of Appeals. If they lose there, as they have once before, they may take it to the House of Lords, Britain's highest tribunal. Soblen will remain in the hospital of London's Brixton Prison. The judge said the home secretary, not the deportee, had the authority to choose the ship or plane on which the deportee had to leave Britain. In this case, Brooke has specified that Soblen be placed aboard a New York-bound plane. Soblen was convicted in federal court in New York of spying for BY OWNER 3 Bedroom BricK, M both Horn* In University Place. Paneled Den. Air Conditioner}. Must sell or leas* Immediately. Leaving town. 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It was not immediately apparent what effect, if any, the popular acclaim for Ben Bella would have on the current power struggle between his seven-man Political Bureau and the guerrilla leaders whose forces control much of the country. Many of the guerrilla chiefs who bore the brunt of Algeria's war for independence from France resent Ben Bella's efforts to curb their power. Ben Bella's chief aide, Mohammed Khider, told a news conference the Political Bureau does not intend to bow to any force or to make any concession in its fight for supremacy. Thursday night's demonstration seemed to strengthen the politicians' hand. But the demonstrators appeared to be motivated mainly by resentment at the post- independence chaos that has gripped the country and ready to acclaim any one promising them a better future. The guerrillas of Wilaya (Zone) No. 4 who occupy Algiers had thwarted one Ben Bella demonstration the night before by turning back Moslems approaching The Forum. Then they censored news of the Ben Bella rally rescheduled for Thursday night. Convoy Passes Safely Through Soviet Sector By CARL HARTMAN BERLIN (AP) — More than 100 U. S. Army vehicles loaded with troops moved through East Germany to West Berlin unescorted today despite a Soviet threat to convoy American vehicles through Communist-occupied German territory. Contingents of the 6th Infantry Division's 2nd Battle Group—342 men in 108 vehicles, mostly trucks—cleared without interfer- ference through the Soviet checkpoint at Marienborn, on the border between West and East Ger- WEATHER FORECAST Partly cloudy and warm today and Saturday with scattered, mostly daytime thundershowers. Winds mostly southeast 5-15 m.p.h., gusty near thundershowers. Low tonight 74, high Friday 92. ON NEW CRISIS We wish to thank all of the many friends and relatives for their kindness and sympathy during the Illness and death of Dlsca Savant, husband, father and Grandfather. 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The first group of 35 vehicles arrived in Berlin after 3V4 hours, and a U.S. Army spokesman said no attempt was made to escort them. The spokesman said U.S. Army sedans also were touring East Berlin today as usual, and he had no reports of any Soviet attempt to escort them. The Russians threatened Thursday to escort all American vehicles traveling in Communist-controlled German territory in retaliation for American insistence on escorting Soviet armored cars sent into West Berlin. The 2nd Battle Group unit traveled in 70 vehicles, mostly trucks. It was returning from training in West Germany. Units of the 6th Infantry's 3rd Battle Group—also part of the American garrison in West Berlin—were scheduled to leave the city today for similar training in West Germany. West Berlin is too small for large-scale maneuvers. The Russians have been using armored cars to transport guards for the Soviet War Memorial in West Berlin since angry West Berlin crowds stoned Soviet buses earlier in the week. The crowds were protesting the killing of a young East German trying to escape through the Berlin wall. Soviet officers held up three of their armored cars for nearly four hours Thursday at the wall before reluctantly agreeing to accept an American military escort. The U.S. command insisted Allied rules for West Berlin call for all armored cars to be escorted as a safety measure and to insure smooth flow of traffic. An American spokesman said one of the Soviet officers warned that if his vehicles were escorted, "then every American vehicle entering East Berlin or on the Autobahn to Berlin would be escorted." East German machine-gunners killed a young East German railway policeman as he scrambled through the wall seeking freedom Thursday night. It was the second such slaying in six days. Reuther Urges U.S. Teachers To Join Union By FELIX B. WOLD DETROIT (AP) - Walter P. Reuther says American school teachers should become union members to secure fair play for themselves and help the nation. The United Auto Workers presi dent exhorted an American Federation of Teachers (AFL-CIO) convention Thursday night to bring "a million" teachers into the union. A "strong teachers union," he said, is the only answer to teacher problems of pay and working conditions. Reuther charged the American people have failed to do right by their teachers and said the nation must correct this in order to meei Soviet Russia's challenge. Of teacher pay, Reuther said 'American society has no mora right to expect teachers to sub sidize the national and state schoo budgets" by going without proper salaries. He said education must not be kept a stepchild, and said the or ganizing of teachers should be giv en top priority by the labor movement. West Seeks Berlin Talks By LEWIS GUL1CK WASHINGTON (AP) -Holding the Soviets responsible for tensions arising from the Berlin wall, the Western Big Three powers called on the Soviet Union today io join in a meeting to prevent turther deterioration of the situation in Berlin. The call for consultation among the big-power representatives— preferably to be held in Berlin- was issued by the United States, Britain and France in similarly worded notes handed to the Soviets in Moscow. The diplomatic move was a follow-up to Thursday's stiffly worded public declaration by the three powers holding the Soviet Union still responsible under the postwar German occupation agreements and proclaiming the West will not yield on its Berlin rights. The central theme was that the Soviets cannot one-sidedly change the fundamental set-up or turn their responsibilities over to East Germany which the West does not recognize. The action came at the end of a week of mounting tension over the divided city, marked by Berlin wall incidents and the Commu nists' replacement of the Sovie commandant in BerBn by an Eas German chief. Today's note repeated a call for a Big Four meeting on Berlin tha has been issued by the West on several occasions starting with a note June 25. Moscow has rejected the West ern bid on previous occasions, and The Western note, as did th« mblic declaration Thursday, con- ended the responsibilities of the "our-power occupation command .0 govern Berlin still exist despite the Soviet claim that the military joverning group has gone out of >usiness. However, the Western cali did not specify that the Berlin meet- ng be held by military commandants. It left open the question who would talk for the four na:ions. Amid the wave of incidents and diplomatic activity, U.S. diplomats icld out hope that the Berlin crisis will be kept under control by a combination of Western diplomatic 'irmness and moderation on the scene in Berlin. The 70,000-member AFT sched- there was no indication the Krem- uled concluding sessions of its con- lin was about to change its mind vention today. this time. Labor Board Hearing Is Slated Today MONROE, La. (AP) — U.S. Dist. Judge Ben C. Dawkins Jr., is scheduled to hear today tha National Labor Relations Board's request for an injunction against a paper-makers union. The NLRB charged the International Brotherhood of Pulp, Sulfite and Paper Mill Workers with an illegal secondary boycott against Olin Mathieson's West. Monroe plant and Continental Can Co.'s Hodge plant. Pickets appeared at the plants shortly after the union struck tha newly-formed Pulwood Producer! Association. AIRPLANE RIDES $2.00 Per Person This week end take vour family on a pleasure fllaht. 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Dinette Sets $59.95 2-door Cedar Robes $24.95 Portable TV, Perfect $49.95 FACTORY OUTLET 1900 Klrkman QUARTERBACK CLUB ANNUAL BENEFIT BARBECUE Served at LaCranae Senior High Auditorium Between 11 a.m. to i p.m. SATURDAY, AUG. OTH You art cordially Invited to com* out and eat with us and ln»otd the ntw ewxmslgn of tht .physical .education tacllltle*. Or cairtht tallowing for delivery: GR 7-4571 — 6R 7-3657 GR 7-53M. Adult* .... $1-25 ~ Children .... 75e WALK BEATEN PATH — Two striking Eastern Airline (light engineers — Dave Wlndham (left), and James Kuykendall, both based in New Orleans, follow the beaten paths thty and other strikers have followed dvtr« into the air Thursday. The striker! have beaten down the grass in two distinct lanes in a neutral ground area in front of New Orleans International Airport, Moisant Field, Only Eastern Jets began service Thursday; piston* ing Eastern's 60-day strike despite the engine flights will be resumed Sept fact that the company's big Jets rolled 13. (AP Wlrtpaoto), GUS COMEAUX'S BARBER SHOP Announce* the association of a new Barber JOE MONTI E Now thert ar» 3 Barbers to servt vou: Gus Corneflufc, Jo« Monti* and Ferrel NoQwln. 2717 KIRtUUAN STREET A real hot plant sale! 2 for the price of 1 Friday throuah Monday Only LA.RGE FALL TOMATOES Greengate Garden Center 4003 Ryan (Open Sunday) Entire Stock Rfducedl Save hundreds of f at ' Anniversary S Caen Every N 'Til 10 During ALTO TRAILER SALE Hwy. » East, near ht alt y inn

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