The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas on November 26, 1924 · Page 3
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The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas · Page 3

Hutchinson, Kansas
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Wednesday, November 26, 1924
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WEDNESDAY. NOVEMBER 26, !924 THE ltUTCHTNSON NEWS. PAGE THREE. SPORJT NEWS'? AND^VIEWS ALL SET FOR TURKEY GAME Gold and Blue Team Fit and Ready for Invading Manhattan Eleven. Tho QoUl and Blue grid machine today l» ready to give the Manhattan high school cloven the battle of the season, when the two machines clash In the big Thanksgiving Day classic, tomorrow afternoon at 2:30 o 'clock on the athletic Ueld, Flfteonth avenue and Monroe street. A last final signal drill and "chalk talk" was given the Hutch Inson team this afternoon and Coach Ralph McCarroll announced his charges fit and ready. h -will be two of the strongest high school elevens In the state pitted against each other when Manhattan, tho invaders, and Hutchinson lock horns on the grid- Iron tomorrow* afternoon for football supremacy. Bvery member of the Gold and Blue squad knows It will be a hard battle and each man has pledged himself to fight for his school. There Is no over-confidence spirit prevailing among Coach McCar- roll'a charges. Neither do they lack a certain amount of confidence In themselves and It la certain that every player will tight until ha drops. Eleven Gold and Blue players, ten of which have been 1924 regulars, will play tbelr last football game for Hutchinson High School tomorrow afternoon. Dice and Lougliton, guards who have played regularly on both ot- fense and defense, will play tneir last high school grid game against Manhattan and It goes without saying that they will do their utmost to bring victory to Hutchinson. Cram, tackle who has been one of the bright spots In the McCarroll line all year, will wear the Gold an.d Blue football togs for the final time. Hlrdler, Howell and Keller, ends, are Included among those eleven players. Keller, a brilliant passer,, good punter and a fine defensive end, has been a mainstay on the Gold and lllue football team all season, t'ivo backs will be lost through graduation next spring. They are Wooddell, Mann, Martin. Captain "Tlge" Haskard and "llusty" Haskard, all of whom have contributed thetr part In giving Hutchinson a football team which has been feared by Kansas high schools. Thj probable lineup for both Bchools to start tho game will be Hutchinson Keller Miltton Ixmghton .Brlsht . Bice Cramm .Schooley •VVocvMcl! Chapman Mann or NoyeH Po -. Ii.B. U.T. L..G. <-'. K .o. H.T. K. K. _ Q.Ti. lVll.1!. R.II.H. r.n. Manhattan Coughorn Muyt-r Allln Pearson llaldftraon KUiott F. Cochrane C. Cochrane Walker AlmgreTt Barser The dope probably favors the Missouri Tiger In tho annual Turkey Day clash at Columbia with Kansas according to previous outcomes, the games always end In favor of the eleven whom the dope was against. — % — The K. U.-Tiger game at Thanks, giving is one game of tho season in which tho dope doesn't mean a thing. ' According to that then K. V, should win this year. —I— Hutchinson'grid fans are going to be given a real threat, hero Thursday when Hutchinson and Mauhatlan High schools get Intd action. Both teams are two of tho strongest In tho state. — x — If there Is any uafalr means used In the Hutchinson • Manhattan game It will be between fraternity brothers. Coach McCarroll, of the Hutchinson team, Coach Stark, nf Manhattan and Gallagher, who will referee the game, all belong to the Sigma Nu fraternity. —-x— The work of Gallagher In Hutchinson has Keen very commendable .all year. And he had worked the majority of games here to. He knows the game and does everything In his power to be fair to both teams. >• Manhattan Is sending a special car over the Rock Island loaded with football rooters. It weather like this continues there should be • record-breaking crowd Jammed Into the athletic field. Tho price of admission, 75 conts for adults and flfly for school children Is very reasonable loo considering tho Importance ot the game and thta fact that both elevens are .In the pink of condition for tho Iray and of about tho same comparative strength. —x— If Ottawa can down the Pittsburg Teachers Thursday and Sterling can beat back Huyes, Coach Woody's team will be the Kansas Conference winners. It both Storling and Pittsburg win, Sterling will take second. — Warren, Woody has cortalnly put Sterling College on tho map In Kansas Conference athletics In the past llireo years he has been there. His grid team has finished at the top In the post two years and Sterling College has had a team feared by all Up-State Conference teams. • —x— C. of E. will attempt to keep the "Jinx" upon the Emporia Normals by trouncing them again thin year. Orabt's oleveD has dolio the trick for the last two seasons. —x— Right now the chance for an undefeated High School football team In the state which could rightfully clat the ohaplonsblp Is slim. Lyons has won every game, but outside of Hutchinson, IKahler's crew hasn't played any ot the strongest elevens In the state. —x— Council Grove, Florence, Marlon, Hutchinson, Lyons and Manhattan probably are the plok of the high schools for good football teams. OPEN STYLE PRODUCED PASSER Friedman, of, Michigan, One of Great Passers of 1924 Grid Season. GAME TOMORROW CLOSELY MATCHED Hutchinson's Team in Splendid Shape for the Final Football Game of Season. JOE VI HUM a While lliu knockout of Fred Fulton may have been suspicious, It would have been even more sua' plclous If he hadn't been knocked out. » » * The suggestion that Fulton had to be bribed to lose Is the first compliment we evor heard tendered the plasterer. • • • The difference between Annette Kellerman and Mr. Fulton is that the gentleman doesn't need a tank to dive In. • * * Apropos of the economic tendencies ot the race, Mr. O'Goofty begs to observe that you never, hear of anybody holding a benefit for a Scotchman. • a • Mickey Walker offered to reduce • his guarantee-from 13500 to $2500. . . . The matter has been referred to the proper authorities and a lunacy Investigation is promised. • • • Coach Fisher of Harvard Is to be canned because he had a losing loam, . . . This Is furthor proof that football Is played merely for the beautiful spirit ot the sport. a • • Another social error committed ' by Red Grange In the Minnesota game was his failure to fly a banner reading, "Use No Hooks!" • a • Having won the featherweight championship ot Europe, Mona Bdouard Mascart Is now quallflod to challenge any American preliminary tighter. a a a It Walter Johnson, In his role as magnate, gives* no more passes than he did as a pitcher, the Oakland dead-headers wtU be all out of luck. a a * Connie Mack has Just signed a '.0 -socotul man. . . . This may mean ho won't last longer than 10 second B. a • a Slow motion pictures have become a necessity..... Without them <t .would never be possible to photo- 8,*n£U fellows like Fulton In an upright position. a a a, . The fight between Tom Gibbons mil Kid Norfolk has boon approved. ... It will prove, among other things that suspenders are better <than stamps lor keeping trousers it the desired waist height. The Naval Observatory says each day begins at East Cape, the aasternmoat extremity of Siberia, before It begins at any other plaea. Tho Thanksgiving Day game with Manhattan promises to be one ot the stlffeBt football games that the Hutchinson squad has had this BeasonJ The Manhattanltes have won six out of the eight games which they have played. The only defeat was from the Emporia team and tho other gamo was a tie with Junction City. Coach R. B. McCarroll's men have been working hard for the game. Ho reports that the players are In fine physical condition and all ot them are anxious to meet Manhattan, Manhattan Rooters Coming. Manhattan High school rooters have chartered a special car on the Rock Island lor the trip here to root for their team during the game. The Gold and Blue squad will be well supported by the entire student body and the usual number ot funs that are able 'o attend holiday games. ",oach H. R. Stark ot the Manhattan High school has sent the following Information regarding his team: Name— Weight reunion (Capt.) 190 Mover IBS Elliott lsn Allln 1 r.r, U. Cochrane 150 I-\ Cochrane ' Walker Crocker .... Ralderson .. J. Marshall . M. Marshall . Almgren .... Cauiihron ... Harder Lamb " Brewer Scor«a of QamM Playad. Manhattan 0. Junction CUy 0. Manhattan 39, Abilene 0. Manhattan 6, Lawrence 6. Manhattan 34. Salina 0. Manhattan 0, Kmnorla 10. Manhattan 7, Clay Center !. Manhattan 11, TopekttO. Manhattan 19, Kan. City, Kan. 13. Probabl* Line-up for Qame. Caughron, LE F. Cochrane, JIK Mayer. LT K. Cochrane, Q Allln. J.O i Hartsor, V l'earson (c) C ltalttcraon, RG Elliott, UT FINAL TOUCHES TO STERLING Coach Woody will Practice Today for Final Workout for Hayes Tigers. M0 13S 150 ' 168 174 1S3 nu 14S 1M> »5 ins Age 19 ISIS 17 19 17 IS 17 17 17 10 17 18 IS 17 10 Crocker, UH Walker, LU NEWS-HERALD TO HAVE BASKET BALL TEAM Cage Artists Working Out for Coming Season; Charge of Stewart MacDonald. Sterling, Kan., Nov. 20.—With a light signal drill today, Coach Warren Woody's grid machine will hult preparations and will be fit and ready for the Invading Hayes Tigers to-morrow afternoon. The Big Crimson team came through the McPherson tilt at Hutchinson last week in fine shape and it is expected that they will bo at top form when thu annual Thanksgiving Day game Btarts. Last year Hayes tied Woody 's team but Sterling followers are Hoping for a victory for the Crimson when the smoke of battle clears to-morrow. It will be the last football game fo^ti number of Sterling regulars and they will exort every effort to down the Hayes Tigers. McMillan, back who was Injured In scrimnuth'u before tho McPherson gumo. baa received considerable attention and It Is hoped ho will be able to slact the gamo. Hayes will bring a largo number of rooters with the team while Sterling College will turn out 100 per cent to back Woody's machine. Tho exact line-up to be used is not known but it is thought that Woody will start Wandliug and White ends, Captain Davis and Berger at tackles with Ordway and Greonlco, guards. Frye will start at center, lit tho uackfleUl Woody will have Taylor at quarter with Crltes to alternate with, for backs ho has Stover, Smith, Calvert, McMillan and Adams. TO JOIN U. S. a a* a Sweden 's Greatest Swimmer Will Emigrate to America Soon Plans tor a basket ball team to represent tbe Hutchinson News- Herald carriers have been completed and practice has been started with IS candidates out for the team. Stewart MacDonald, circulation manager who will coach and manage the team, announces that tnc team will bo ready, to play any Junior high, high school second teams or Boy Scouts fives in tins section of the state in a short time. Practice right now will consist of fundamentals ot the game such as passing, shooting goals and floorwork. The candidates will practice every Saturday afternoon at the Liberty Junior high gymnasium. Players who are out for tho team are: Rush Kellain, Elmer Johnson, Raymond Brooks, KUwara Baize, Glenn Smith, Paul Proctor, Karl Haelscher, Arch Elliott, It. Johnson. L. Slsk, Ralph Brouks, Harry Hlntergardt and Kenneth Piatt. A Portable Pump. Albany, N. Y.: For quick transportation through narrow forest tralla and over wooded areas a, portable pump operated by a gasoline motor Is being used by timber guards of New York. Watch for the Shop-o -scope and don't waste hours shopping, tf. BY BILLY EVANS. Tho open gamo ot tootball has produced a specialist, the passing back. Speed, Hne-bucktng qualities anrt the nullity to make interference at one time constituted the essentials of a dangerous-bnckflelil. The forward pass has made for another stylo of backfleM star, a playei' able to throw the pigskin for distance and accuracy. When one tries to recall the backfloltl men of recent years who have starred nt tossing forward passes, three names Instantly occur to him: Johnny Moharril, "itrlck" Muller and "Hoge" Workman. An Incomparable Trio. Mohardt wns tho big noise for Knuto Rockne at Notre Dame. "Brick" Muller was of valuable assistance to Andy Smith In turning out championship teams nt California. Dr. Wllce misses llogc Workman at Ohio State. H Is a rather nnusual fact that these three players who have won undying fame for their forward passing, should hall from the middle and tar west. Great passers like this trio only come every so often In football The game produces many good passers but only a few great ones Enter Ben Friedman. Since the season of 1924 hRS been a most unusunl one In every respect, It is but natural that it Bh uld give to the game another passing specialist. Incidentally it Is a bit of coincidence that he should hall from the west. His name? Ben Friedman, University of Michigan. In a sense "Red" Grange, Illinois sensation, should be given much ot the credit for having discovered Ben Friedman of Michigan. After Grange had run wild against Michigan scored four touch- before the close of tho first period, Coaches Yost and Little of Michigan were convinced that the Wolverines wore In need of heroic treatment nt once. A passing game was decided upon as one of the tonics Michigan needed. Some ot the regulars having failed, the Job was turned over to Bonny Friedman, substitute. Was Star From Debut In his first start he literally, passed Michigan to a victory over Wisconsin.^ That one game made him a regular. Ho Is now one of tho mainstays of the team. In basebiil!, Bince the origin of tho pimp, players nre known to throw either a light or a Heavy . , ;\t ihe s,->me spoerl. tho player who throws a heavy ball mnkes it far more difficult for tbe '"Al than the thrower ot tbe light ball. Tho same theory holds god Ino football, tho lightness or wolght of the ball Is regulated by the manner the ball leaves the hand. Throws Very Light Ball Michigan receivers say that Friedman's passes float through the air like a feather, literally float In the air until you pluck the ball out of the ozone. Friedman's work with Michigan entitles him to a place alongside of Mahart, Muller and Workman -ts forme • pasrers. Friedman is one of 1924's unusual players. Ho put Michigan back In the running after Illinois had apparently knocked it down for the count. [ SENSATIONAL PASSERS BENNY FRIEDMAN LAFAYETTE COACH FACES BIG TASK Youngest Grid Coach will Have Real Job Next Year to Get Winning Team. Recognize Sabbaths. Jersalom: I'ridais, Saturdays and Sundays, the Sabbaths ot the three faiths in Palestine are recognized as official holidays for purposes of presentation of negotiable paper and no promissory notes or bills may be protested on thoso days. Philadelphia, Nov. 2G.—Ono year seldom proves the worth ot a major college tootball coach or a big league manager. This' year's Lafayette team, coached by Herb McCracken, the youngest man in tho country to occupy such a position, Is one of tho outstanding elevens of the country. Although defeated In the big game of the year by Penn, 6 to 3, Lafayette outplayed the Fhlladel- phlans throughout tho contest. McCracken was handed a veter an team at Lafayette when Ur. John Sutherland departed for Pittsburgh. His veteran team has made him look like a great coacU. Lafayette believes hp Is. However, next season will bo the big test for McCracken. Tho kid coach will lose seven ot his start, the punch of tho 1924 eleven. Three ot b'.n four backs, his two ends and his two guards will graduate in June. If ho-can survive that shock and come back with a winner next fall, his reputation will have been made. Kansas last Sunday by defeating a team of all stars representing Milton, Kansas, will Journey to Hols- ington, Kan., Saturday to meet the American Legion team of that place for tho stale championship. The local team has lost but one gamo In two years, having recently been defeated by Emporia by a small score. Hoislngton claims the city championship ot central and western KanBns and has not had Its goal lino crossed this yenr. , a Shop-o-Scope will show you a lot ot things you never knew about Xmas shopping. tf. In answering advertisements, please mention The News-Herald. Hoisington To Play Iola Champs Iola, Kan.. Nov. 26—Tho Iola Athletic club, which won the city football championship of eastern TODAY ——Special Program—r- REX INGRAM'S "SCARAMOUCHE" A thrlllur of thn French Itevolutioii. Also— BABY PEGGY In "Our Pet" IRIS Mat. 5c and 10o Evening 10c Tonight—Harry Carey in "Tiger Thomoion." "Hunters Bold." comrily. Tomorrow— Cullen Landls and Alice Calhoun In "PIONEER TRAILS" Critics all nsren In rating- this ono nt .the best of all western pll'tU I OH. "Chop Suey Louie," comedy. wmm AUN£ jOrIG The greatest swimmers In Sweden are the Borg twins, Arne and Ake, and they plan to emigrate to America in December. This means their future competitive work will be done under the colors of the United States. Arne Is the star of the two. A holder of three world records, he Is considered unbeatable in open water competition. He finished second to Johnny Welssmuller In the 400-meter Olympic swim. • Tommy Gibbons Training. New York, Nov. 26.-—Tommy Gibbons, St. Paul heavyweight, will arrive here Satmduy morning to finish his training for his bout with Kid Norfolk, tho feature event ot the Christinas tuud card at. Madison Square Garden December Continuous 1:1S to 11 P. ( M. It's Our Treat We couldn't have you-all over for a Turkey Dinner, so we're serving- an extra big entertainment program. EVERYTHING NEW Chockful of Good Things. It contains Youth, Beauty and Novelty and spreads an atmosphere of Happiness. 4 TIMES 4 Tomorrow 2:15, 4:15, 7:30, 10 p m An amelange of Mirth and Music; clever entertainer.: gorgeous costumes; new songs and snappy dances. In Addition to Photoplay Program. Price. 10 and 50c Entire Change Again Friday. Matinee, 10 and 25c; Evening 10 and 50c ITS THE CUT OF YOUR CLOTHES THAT COUNTS •tacit!)! Vtnna tftotJrra OVERCOATS Warm, rich, fabrics; the new styles This season the skirt is longer, shoulders wider, the back fuller. It's a roomy overcoat that the well dressed man is wearing; big and burly; cut, however, to show graceful easy line*. This new and goodlooking style is carried out perfectly in our Society - Brand models. In a wonderful selection of choice fabrics. Society Brand Overcoats $40 to $75 Others $25 up GOLFERS NOTICE The entire line of clubs of Cecil Straw and Geo. Dow. professionals, have been taken over by us and we are offering them at a liberal discount. See them early and get your choice. THE HUTCHINSON OFFICE SUPPLY AND PRINTING COMPANY Phone 127 410 North Main ROYAL Tomorrow 'Til Saturday. Last Times To Nite! "BABBITT" By Sinclair Lewis Special Thanksgiving Program You 'll scream with delight, and grasp with excitement. It will draw laughs from an ex-bartender and raise hair on any head—also goose flesh—nature permitting. If you 're skeptical S2EIT Douglas MacLean In "The Yankee Consul" All the Thrills of "Goini? Up" All the Laughs of the "Hottentot." Adapted from the Musical Comedy of Laughing Memory Tomorrow Mat. Langon Comedy—"A Cats Meow" 10c-30c. IS at. OcZOc. Nile 0: 3U Read the Classified Ads in The Xcws-Herahl. UllliHIIIIIIIlllll

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