The Paris News from Paris, Texas on July 27, 1934 · Page 10
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The Paris News from Paris, Texas · Page 10

Paris, Texas
Issue Date:
Friday, July 27, 1934
Page 10
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FACE TEN THE PARIS NEWS, FRIDAY, JULY 17, 1*34 {Continued From Page One) Nazis (Continued From Pace One) situation eriticis* the Nazi regime, is at general picture of the present Saar commissioner. j could not be compiled. K.ej>orts that Hitler had defi- \ It appeared certain. however. nltely intervened ajid disrupted | that at least 500 persons had been of Austrian Nazi sympathizer* in Munich was interpreted as further evidence of how aware the jChancellor is of the European political situation, which would make intervention in Austria by Germany a. most serious matter. This also can be detected among tbe German citizenry. There is a definite belief here that Mussolini. no tarn- slain in battles with the Nazis. By WADE WERNER VIENNA. <a>> —The Austrian governa ent Fridsiy aftemcon began defense State (Continued From Page One) the Caite<3 States senate. Connally. incumbent, and Tora Con- pressman-at-LArge Joseph YC"c*dca Bailey, picked Dallas and Denton. respectively, paisrns. State Senator to rest their caia- Walter Wood- aa aviator trying to. brio£ bade. tfl. America the air-»peed crown. A scraber of <bril!ins sequences ax* contained in the air-races, and some unusual shots, taken from a. racing: plane, are included. Ridins a racing plane isn't any more like riding an ordinary pa»sender ship than is ridins a pas- >r automobile to be compared with being a passenger in one of the slim and high-speed racing cars. Even though suspended in air, the road is rough with "air- and the speed of the for escaic^pJe. will permit -pering with Austria. were reported in a state proxi- j j jrepare <3 a barbecue in his honor, j £ v e j ter o f t he wind-shield built in I His opponents. William MeCraw t * ron . O f tae open cockpit. In Vienna itself, heavy cordons j and Clyde E. Smith, will make | T ; m McCoy. Evalyn Knapp. and ' Bilry Bake\vel! all flew hundreds of miles at terrific speeds making Thursday j this production, and canaeraships. mating anarchy. In Vienna its—, , , - , of fascist heirnwehr troops were | speeches at Houston and Calves- drawn around the districts in j ton. respectively, which are the most important grov- Speaking at Tempi* e-ament buildings. } night. Witt addressed himselijor cameras, mour.:e<2 OR their own " ^ac^^e «.- co —«-^es mount- « Principally to a claim by Allred : planes, caught a!5 the thrilling ac"* "" "" *-— - i-viat he t Allred) as attornev gen- tlon of these sensational races. ed their weapons on the roof oi j —-'*•'* **^ v , . , ; eral was responsible for the col- . the "hochhaus. \ :er.r.a s s*y- { , ccrion 0 , ._, exccss or $I . 0 CO.OOO I scraper, giving ihe suns a position | ^^ g ^ te ln an oi! suiu j of command over the federal chan- j -ji^-,^ -? ust milked a cow that 1 ceilery on t lihausplata- _ cou p» e their fellows had The Ballhauspkitz itself was j ready caught and tied." \Vitt said, j rrr.ivil with neimwehr troops. i. He clain:e<i collection of the JUG?- j ; ~ient was based on work of pre- \ All government buildings, wer- 1,368 (Continued from Page One) ncsaximuni ' I vious attorneys general to give ilie j j5 U - Milwaukee's j hurriedly supplied wu~ s . liue :itle to t _ e - ian<5 -:„ dispute | Thursday was only 72 compared jas an evidence of fear that the; Hunter told a Lampasas audi-j w = th a previous high of 105; De' electric supply may be cut off. j once that "a candidate who per- • IrO ; t ^ 50 compared with 105: St! At heimwehr headquarters in I mit? special interests and great i p a ^ $0 compared wi^J* 105; D^n- ^h» c''ose 1 y - sruarded rennsrasse = ia finance his campaign : ver S2 compared with SS: To' for reer.:orcem»nts "were { can not go into the governor':? of- i pe ka. ?5 compared petitions ] constantly I The last S O S m I an urgent cemaA.c t_.* available be acre made with 105. compared stat-« 2; Ne- Ken- revenue properly. He pointed ftttt that a lower tax rate is now i* effect and asked lor consideration on his record. Van - D. Anderson, solicited consideration for the office of county judge as a young man trying to improve himself- He gave bis qualifications for the place and said he would not seek a third term if chosen. In answer to his opponents pleas for election on a, basis of experience in the office. Mr. Anderson asKed what the county did before they were elected and what would happen after they are gone. He asked for a thorough investigation of his record as a man and a lawyer. The final "roundup will be held at Bywaters park Friday night when all speakers will make a. final appeal to voters. Speaking is'expected to begin about S o'clock . Bankhead & (Continued From Fat* On*) any desire to move. force fm,mllie» to Huge (Continued From Page One) I * Carin- t 'ice free and urUrammeled *o do j (Chicago. 75 compared | jhe will of the plain people," he | an( j Portland. Me., 7S 1 said. "Tom Hunter has contract- i w ; tn 95 , ed no such obligations and you | Keat deaths in other all men j can rest as:s;ur ed that he never j earjy sr- r i<j a y stood Iowa, sent immediately to i wiri •• | braska, 61; Indiana. S6: Carinthia where the Nazis ap- j Small told a crowd at Balliri- ^ tuc - K y, 5S: Kansas. 39; Minnesota,) parently -tvere making ^ig jrains, J ger he knew "TVest. Texans who].-. Pennsylvania, 20: Michigan. O^ic^r-*: ^ rh~ r-e^mw^h?- head- i know my record will stay with ) 2S; Wisconsin. 15; Texas. 13: ouart^" 'e^'-a-ed fna- * ->so! nie -" Ke i-""'^ iis -"-Carers to | ^ Vest virgrlnia, 12; Oklahoma, 12: heirnwlhr m«*had been killed"ln | »»vesiisa« the various brttaal-| Xew Tork . 11: Ark ansas, 10: Austria by last midnight. The es-1 **&*$ interests of .,.*. sec..on ; Sou . h ^^.^ 7: Tennessee, j the Nazis. j n -, en t. had resulted in | This same source estimated that i wave through Texas. ; the Nazis had lost 2,500 dead and [ Maury Hughes urged liberal i S wounded. | Democrats of San Antonio to coil- | All death estimates a.t present! eentrate behind_ iiim._ the next Gover-| are unreliable, but the best so,rc^| _ "The Aati- indicated that the a^regre death | Of Ten WFAA Speak ' ^.r a f , N«XZJ. a.r Friday ceeded 500. , eight p. m. J. A. (Arthur) Johnson Into the run-olf must not be handicapped, by the persona! prejudices of voters. They must noz have old political scars." Allred. -detailed his recora as attorney genera! to a Galveston au- s reason for his promo- he governorship, "Go to (Continued rrom Page One) cience tion to of Houston street- They will VOIG at the Junior- college. Banks will be closed all day Saturday. Election returns mil! be flash- affairs of the office in such a manner as to save time and money. Ke said too many times officers are elected because they belonged to some particular church or fraternal order and not because of their qualifications. M. !>. Emerson, who also made the race for county attorney two years ago, attacked the tactics of "cheap two-bit politicians" following roundups and criticizing the | various candidates. Ke said a. man j to serve as county attorney must | have experience in practice of | criminal law and cited his record 1 as a practicing lawyer as qualify* in:; him for the place- Miss Dorothy LAtimer, candidate for the office of assessor and collector of taxes, made a. brief talk asking for support on her record of efficiency as tax assessed for a term* She said that she has not abandoned her office for the whole year to make her campaign but has tri»d to give people the service they deserve as assessor. Charlie K. Dugger. seeking the office of county school superintendent, said he favors lengthening the term of rural schools to eight months in order that pupils from such schools may take iheir places In affiliated high schools with proper preparation. He stressed the fact that the desires and habits of children should be trained, Mr. Dugger gave his qualifications for the office and closed with the statement that there is danger o losing: the rural schools unless they are improved. In discussing the t> ' Pans f P^ \V~** ; of Jbogar Witt. ; I Precinct I,"*Place 2. ' Asking "you f 57,000.000, all within three [to investigate rny record for tae | one-half years," he saic. past eighteen months as lce in casting yonr vote. Respectfully. J. A. (ARTHUR) JOKXSOX (Political Adv.) ed on a screen opopsite the the records and you will fine that j office Saturday night as they are j prcsent " con< 5irion of county schools j Lhe attorney general's office has [ received from the various voting j >, e said -hat increased finances at ! collected and saved for the state, i boxes. j this time is partly due to collection I in scores of victories, more than j A n - oeer sealers have been novi- j of 543,000 in delinquent taxes in a ~ d | fied thai sale of beer is prohibited | ihe conr ,,. y i from S o'clock Saturday morning j MrF >j ar ~ jja-ness Pierce, candi- j McDonald told about his plat- j ^.^ 7 o'clock in the evening. j daie for COUI j ty superintendent. i form at Dallas, stressing planks he j -^3.7^ Turrnan. a native of I^a- I - o!d citizens of Powderly that she i said would be of benefit to all tn^ | ,,,„_ co - jr .- y . saj-j his experience in i gjas't expect to get aiv of the 1 taxpayers in the economic strv.g- j - e - c *,« n - : an( ; b-asiness has fitted | r*"* (j. ^t^ja. 53.20. it T^as a titne tor With the level of water in. the, ground dangerously low. officials of the geological »urvey «aid drilling: more deep wells offered the only immediate solution of th-* water shortage. AM for the cottom control act. farm administration officials **id they were sworn to enforce the law as it stands and could not do otherwise unless the southern farmers demanded it* end, Italy (Continued From Pac* One) HOPEWELL -CHURCH ATTENDANCE IS GOOD . — Attendance was 100 per cent here Sunday at Sunday school. Epworth League and singing, following close cf the Methodist revival on Thursday. Mrs. Walter Secrest and daughters of Hope, Ark., are visiting Joe Cunningham and family. Clyde Humphrey Solicits Your trary the Italian government wa* relieved by the belief that the German soldiers not only would prevent Austrian legionaries, now in Germany, from coins into Austria, but also would prevent the escape into Germany of Austrian terrorists. The unofficial Vienna. report that Premier Mussolini would attend the funeral of Chancellor Dolifus* Saturday in Vienna was denied by the spokesman. He further said the Italian gov- j eminent looks with pleasure and relief upon the appointment of Franz Von Papen. German vice chancellor, as minister to Austria, believing that this indicates that Chancellor Ki«er of Germany to smooth over the situa- on. Nevertheless, Premier Mussolini watched developments in Austria closely. He held 4S.OOO troops on tb* Austrian frontier and *• major mor* within <iuick nxaxcninc 4&~ true* *£ th* bonier Frldmy *• h« watched for may ai*n that foreUcm intervention in Austria i» needed. A strong air force, reinforced by several squadrons, moved tip frorn a more- southerly point in the last 24 hours, was accompany the .army ready to should marcbia* orders b* riven. Forty- eight plane*, fully equipped for emergency duty, passed over Venice Thursday en route north- A government official said emphatically intervention would b« held back as a last resort and expressed hop* it would not be necessary. It was evident, however, if such a move la called for. Italy in-ill play a major role-. Mark Kennedy Will Appreciate Your Vote For Commisftioner, Prec. 3 —Politic*! Adv«rll»*m*nt- expect to get ajiy of ! votes of P. I_ Oiism. one of her For Quality Dry Cleaning Phone 198 'We. aire siill paying NH.A images and sours and doing a quality tyi>e cf dry cleaning for >,; in * or _>, e place of county opponents who lives at Powderly. {^ountv $1400 appreciation of Southern Cleaning Dye Works Coker. tv i Let Us Make Your COUNTRY TRIPS RED TOP CAB CO. ioc £*>/! 10c PKONE OO^ PHONE 9 EL Houston St., Paris, Tex. Prompt Service — Courteous Drivers I Appeal To You To Be Careful Tu selecTJns: yc-"r C<">"r:ty Attome?" for the next t-s-'o " Tv'oti'd y<>^ <?rr. p.-^y a. znar: who had had no ez'-^rienc* in crisniiial catcs TO c-*?T:d yoc if you needed a lawyer? "^"otiM you employ ^ i3"i.ri "K-hcm you crc-uic not trust? Or Tou'd you employ s. r/-ar. -vi-bon* y;U kn^rr -X-ZLZ "axp^rience-fi ar,d at the time tru^'.T^nr -_ny ? Don't Be Misled By Political Bunk! Your p^src yotrr cnc-s *r. the r>ar!« n-^y. "La: asi'ie t '•?, your liberty, your property. :- our iittl* of the ma~ you el^ct yot:r County Attor- I^i'I*- issues rai&e-l by political whisperers fi75C rar-k*-!'- 1 -- *~« v.---_". f-'j'r' to control yo"r courts through the inexperience or tl'.~ susceptibility of various c-H-rsdidates- Con- sl<ic-r OTily the rr.;-;n ;«-F^« in this race. "VKO CAN AXD "*^*ILd-. enforce your IS^'E 'earlessiy. efficiently. impartially an-i li-onestly 7 >'•;,- ether tss-je Is of importctnce TO th* people of r Co-j^ty at thit critical tirse in our history. 1 si.ji>rn?r t'- -'^t: rr.v f:fT*-«-ri years of exper'er.ce. my success- County -ird J a^ •.;-.;'.: '.."•• -~r~_s of this other counties ani stitcs, ...y handr.r.c cf a* least four times as many cas?** at th*- ioJ5t l f -T:'- of your I/;str:ct Court in Paris as -were handled by any rr.sri "v.-ho O7:'<'T : es rnf. i further ffubssit to you that -After 11 years ;>ract:ce of ia~«" is Paris ar^d I>s.rr,ar county, you kno"5» tr-nt I hnve i->*-**n honest, truthful, just and. aboveboard in all TT'.y deaj'r-gs, a.r,c that * have no connection Wiito any cr : ,:r.:r,r;! '••', f:rrn of criminal lawyers, or -with class cr fart;an of rK^op!* wr.o cc-uM in any way influence 'T. th«- strict perforrr.ance of rr.y duty. In short, you know TTork with your officers and '!aT:or,.« ^*:*j h* promptly an<S vigor- ] —sinity of thought and ^f^ on - a "^ | erintendenr. He said training in A- j but expressed ] that "the people soon will ne sore- } ^^ ^ College, following gradua- ! Mr. Cnism as a school lEan. Mrs. ] ly in need of \*° V £™°J^*°^_ \ tioa. irom Paris high school, has j Pierce discussed her quaHficaTions I in accord ^-^- tne -'°°~ e>ei - a i qualified him educationally. Mr. 1 for the office and the duties of the j ministration. ^^ , Turrnaa pointed out the outsta.-d- ; county superintendent. She said i i ins: record made by Brooksion t more time should be spent in visit! school since he has headed it and ; ing the rural schools in order the i said that the qualifications of the | superictend-ent inight kno-w more | various candidates should be care- | of loeal problems affecting the j frjiiv scrutinized. He favo-rs teach- j schools- She said adoption of a one] ers spending a part of their Income j unit system of county schools urther education. i would have the same effect as Mrs. Marv Jones T,indsay. car.di- j building a. h:ghway through a, .te for reelection as county sup-j small to-wn. In discussing the pres- erinteiident, pointed out the fact i ent condition o* schools, she said that the number of eight-month | this, has been caused by adoption schools in Lamar cotiny has In- | of the budget system through col- creased from six to ~& since she ! -ection of a greater amount of tax- has been superintendent. She also j e»- She quoted a report from th* said only three counties in the f Xews that $40.000 deiinqtient tax- state have lower adir.inistrativ. j es, S2.000 more than eve- before. Seven (Continued From Page One) for f ,, 'trees whirling around ia' the air i I with furniture and lumber, I "It all happened in a fraction I of a second as i iookec out the \ doer. I sia.mrn^d the door and i »r>ok mv "wife and two uaoies ^.n 1 mv arras, falling to the floor. TT-e-a -?r2,<; a, cra^h and the roc. — — of tii- he use were torn! costs than I-arnar. Mrs. Lindsay j na <5 been collected last year. In atl- and — a;I e floor beared a foot or said a plan has been arranged to ! c.5 to $10.000 more curren '--co'" - ; eliminate examinations to aff II:at- I taxes than the previous year, ""•-^ja ^oa^-g died away and my i ed schools. Mrs. I-ir.dsav. in com-] *>- I>- Ch5sm. in addressing his --^r'an^ I sat up, trying 10 Quiet s tnentinr upon I-arnar co"r:ty j fellow citizens of Powderly ex- -V»"ch:l<Tren- ^"e were al! scratch- ; schools" pointed tc the county- j pressed his appreciation of taeir ed'a-d bruis-ec." 1 wide seventh s^rade and the circu- j efforts in his behalf anfi asked for Clarence Beck. 50. Matagorda. | !at ; n2: Hbrarv and said all schools j consideration on his record as a ,. :sherIT , aT1 an< ; n i£ companion. Da- • ar& ir bet-e'r confiitior: than ever rnan and a teacher. He pofr.t^J out Vr s " s^aux, reached Matagorda | Before. She "closed with the warn- j the ' act tlza " he is Baking his third after a 24-hour battle with the 1 <„., tfca _. the ?t ,v,lic should be jiatis- | r rnotorb^at ra propel!^ across ^ j a V oi<i a T j^cre^e In'tales'ari'd^said j his wa ^ through school. - prairie near t n * j h ^_ erpcr ; er - C e wfl: ailcw her to • operate the office more effici?ritly : J. G. Srunson. last of the candl- j sp*^ik. told of his difficulty In ;j g^ his education in schools ;j ar.d colleges of Mississippi and Dear Friends: On Saturday you go to the polls to elect one to serve you in the capacity of Assessor and Collector of Taxes. Before makins your choice. I feel that you are entitled to know the following facts concerning the duties of each office. The present duty of th« assessor is to assess the poll tax and property tax. The present duty of the collector is to collect said poll tax and property tax. j pins the collection of Inheritance tax. occupation tax. cigarette tax. beer tax and amusement tax. Is addition to this, the collector handles the automobile registrations arsd all business pertaining thereto. which entails more -work within itself than all the foregoing duties. making: the double office extremely heavy -work. The collector's office handles • more than a million dollars a. year of the people's tax money, the collector being bonded in the amount of about $45.000 depending upon the assessed valuation of the county. Thus the combination of these two offices makes a job of irreat responsibility requir-icg a thoroughly qualified and competent official. The chief purpose of the combination of these offices is to save the tax payers" money. It !s my Intention, if elected, to operate the office as economically as possible, | taking full and active responsibil- of all duties. I saved the in the operation of the collector's? office during the year of 2933. .and In addition paid back to the county more mor*<*y in excess fees than any other office in the county, I feel that these facts are wo of your consideration in ma yoTir choice. My experience In the collector's office arid my years spent in actively meeting the pu* lie in a business way enahi*-s me to Qualify in e^ery respect for this | double office. I have been there ] to serve you as collector for one term and hav- endeavored !n ever^ way to icive everyone the- same courteous treatment to -which you ar*> entitled. Tour careful consideration of my ability and qualifications will be greatly appreciated. Sincerely. CLYDE HUMPHREY OE*ol!tical Adv.) hy r the office. Mr. Chism also nted upon having to «~ork Ve Bay Old Gold »t HIGHEST PRICES BONHAM STREET Jewelry-Ma*ic Store Oak bayou- y the Tne rhen stopped ! the dash across the "pra:r?3 I bay" by casting lines In a. tres - Branding- out of the water TT2.Ter recede<i aroun« tne on Ki=rh Island o" 3o!i'-ar allowinc traTf"? to be fter all inhabitasts had Texas. He said bis 15 years exper- i bacly damaged, was found to I in fairly ?orxS cor.'i'tiort. At The Lamar ic* teach ins; In Lamar c i has fitted him for the place cf sup- ' k ; ^-rirstendent. a,nci discussed the <Iu- f ! ties of th» office. Mr. Brunson j i sa:-3 ychool proirrams sh^-uid b« i |) pianned to fit the revenue and j \ should 'nclu-d*? provisions for mal- | I adjured chi;rfr»n. H» favors rr.or* | I standardi^^d ;»r>fl affiliated p^hor/Is | J w;-.h ^oua! edtjcationa; advantar^s f ' — ^•-7'*. Q' th*- <il?"comfortj? or r^s^arcs f :r;~ airr'li~* when you »*•*: "Speed • i vVinsrj'," at the I>amar One Day Service Tots cats, get yocr iruSts &n<3 dresses back Saturday afternoon !f you call 21 or 22 by 10 A. M. Saturday. SUITS AND DRESSES MASTER CLEANED AND PRESSJED 5Oc Starring T:m McCoy, the picture : f>rf««?r.ts the pop-Jar act; on star as. r»»jft record aj> a county official. H* sa .id fsnancSal condition.* for thi° next t-vo y»-ar* are Ukc'y to b** 7ror^<5 th^n Jn the past -in<J F?.''! a. TilUEPJSOXE 21— that i CAN ANT:- Ihcm op ^o that v. your County f Jsave net hstf th* r.; in t,h«- prs«.. Th: "^unJtiw some of rny opj>on«r:ts have my raoe s.n-5 I will not have of my opj>or:*nt.s will hAv*t Irs the Sf I !?houi<"l be xJ-ffeated this time, aithoujrh I have b-e;d p::h-ic off-ce I hav< trie*5 :o des*rv^ your support IB my effort* TO rr.ik.- r s«t:^ce«8 In my chr>**-r. profession here ia iJtmar county by trusting vou fairly, ar.fl h> heinjr honest, above-board s.i»<3 frifn(!;y tc you vrhen J •was not. for offset. If yoe think I merit your support antf thas I CAN* AND WjZ^I s"#-rv^ yoo properly, jrive m* the op- portuT5i;y by your voti" an<! I w«n work with you an«S witft your officers To make I^amar county a law-abi-diRir. «*fe, »*community. M. D. EMERSON r.\XI>IT>ATE FOR COUKTY ATTORXKY of 5>*rn<I upon the cI^i^ctloTS of o knows the work an-! S*t car doinzr it. K* SL!»k«/J a thoro'^grr;, ;-- -.--«t:p»t;or: nf hi* pa^t record, C. A. :.'3rT.;r>. <^sin/i:.'.r»-<- f-.-r r»- ••'f-ctlon to the office of county j?;«iK<-, *'ii<! th^ county jurtpt'i? office yt the b:?r bu.».:n*^ft» office of r.he rrountv an*J that voters »ho*,;M s*I*rt a p*r*on who Is quasiJf^l by ahi!;t,y ar;fJ fxp-f-ric'rjc^ to ro"<*uc; I th* sffftirs» of The off5c*». He J'a: 1 ! r:r.?- his admtnlstratiors pror*erty iu*t:onw have <!*!^rrca«<''1 v/ith a rresp-'.-nfilnj: decr^»J?t 5n revenue ! but that the county has lx*n >e«?pt on a. caj-h hajsiis. FJe «aJ«3 all fundu are Jn ?ooi?? con<3Jt!on. He also «a!'1 th*r«r haw V.e*-n no <!*?fsrit !r: county funrt» <Jur1i5sr hi« tenure of office. Ke str<M!R*"d the fact th*t a county should maintain th«s of the county and Apportion ihe J. H. JOHNSON Hone*t wul EffkAeni S«rrfc«e Wilt Tovr Vote for COMMISSIONER. VOTERS! If you think I ha.v«; Swen carelftss and apparently Indifferent durinsr rr*y campaign for County Attorney. I I^amar cx.tjr.ty !« a ?>te county, -with 48,000 people, than 10.00<> voters and fitly vo f .!n* boaeea, and with an arc*. of over SCO square mi!*s: It ts no «m*l* ta»k to cam^alffn and meet «?very voter. I say this modestly, but J believe there are 3.000 peopl* tn LJKrnar county wbo»« namett I c*n c*l' — I have tried to we* all of the*? and rnon-. I have railed to *«< many of my «o<xd friend*, and you may be one of this numixrr; I am truly »orry If I rniswed you. a* time and buwlnewi wotsM not permit my . Failing to nee you doe* not mean that I do not want yottr vote and influence next Saturday; I honentSy do. I know the CrtmfnaJ La-** ot this 8»te. *nd will. If elected, enforce them to your *atl«f«ctlon. I T as wel! aa my frJendas, have mad* thl* c*mp*!im for myself and not afiralrvnt anybody, Should I not win In the firnt primary J will try to «ee you tn the wecond. a* I have every re*f*>n to beHeve I win lead the ticket Saturday. July 28th. With be»t wUihe* your vote i« earnestly solicited. Sincerely To The Voters of Precinct No* 1 I tsk you f->r a second term as Constable upon my merits ind qualifications alone. I have at all times co-operated with the County ejid City authorities and shall continue this policy If re-elected. I have persecuted no man black or white, and have done my duty tc the best of my ability "with, fairness to ail. As to my record as an officer and *. man I refer you to any m&n with official capaciry in the Court House. As to tny honesty and dea?I~»gs with the public for the 17 years I have resided in your city I refer you to the Retail Credit Association or any ousiness man in the city. I feel I ana better qurJified to serve you the next, two years by the experience I have gained since being your constable. If you feel that I have made you JL good officer I will appreciate your support in ihe coming primary. Thanking you for tl:e generous support given me ± years ago. SAM GARLAND CA.XPJTDATK FOR CO>'STABUE. PRECIKCT 1 (Political Advertisement) We're -winding up our JULY SPECIAL PURCHASE SALE DOLLAR DAYS super savings—close-out prices prevail in every department — Shop Perkins three big floors on these TWO BARGAIN DAYS See Thursday Pap«r for Li*t of BARGAINS Pei^leirts

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