Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on July 3, 1968 · Page 16
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 16

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Wednesday, July 3, 1968
Page 16
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Page 16 article text (OCR)

PAGE B4 ALTON EVENING TELEGfcAPtt WEDNESDAY, JULY 3, 1968 LAVED VERY By Alex Kotzky BCTTfR SET 1O WORK, LEE/ YOUR CAMERA WILL NEVER SEE ANOTHER RACE AS BEAUTIFUL A3 EDEN'S/ THE SCREEN TEST BIT IS JUST SO MUCH TALK. ISM'T IT? SHE'S ALft6A0y BU TO DO THE PICTURE TOR SK5ANTIC WWOUCHOH9, ISN'T 6H6? HOW LONG* EPEN LOWRV 60W6 TO BE IN NEW YORK, AT NEW YORKS INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT A PLANE FROM LONDON 16 BEING METPVA BATTER*OF PHOT06RAPHER«/ TWO OR THREE. WHAT OF c&cv/t? MS &<yr. Dan Barry A/WHy Of THEM DO OUR WORK UNKNOWINSIY/ IN A FEW MOUTHS, SO SHALL TVKfAUf THEREFORE, WE CANNOT STAY IN EARTH'S AWIOSPHERC 3NLY SEVERAL HOURS AT WE TIME OUR PEPARTIJRES CAREFULL/, TO AVOID THE TOURISTS WHO VISIT VESUVIUS/ WE CONTACT THOSE EARTHLINSS WE ARE USING, THEN RETURN HERE PROMPTLY/ CAN ALL PLAV BUT YOU HAVEN'T ANSWERED MY QUESTION .'...WHAT IF JEFF SETS IN THEWA.Y2 I STILL AGREE, HAUj WELL, DON'T SOUND SO GLOOMY! ...WE'VE ALWAYS AGREED THAT THE END JUSTIFIES THE MEANSJ...ANY MiANSl HOW COULD I FORGET THE "VIGILANTES".'? PHUMBLE PROFESSOR 6AVIN& RRST WORp: COWE IN AUU SIZES. EAX 6UEE? CBT*- ANPPO ALMOST A PROF PHUMBUE MINI-LECTURE: SMF-'S ear THE HICCUPS BABIES THIM& POUL6> CAN PO. &RA9 CAMERA tDU GRAB CAMERA THAT OUNCE? MARKS OM AREN'T UCOKIN* AT. THEY" EAT FROM (JHATB AMSERABLE MIUEAjSei rr ecT» CISHT MIUBS TP N ACTUAU-X IT'S V QUITE GOOD, TRANSPORTATION wise! KERRY DRAKE Alffed AndrlolA By A. LEOKUM How Are Different Kinds of Pearls Formed? Win The New Book of Knowl> edge (20 - volumes). Send your question«, name, age, address to 'Tell Me Why!" care of thisj paper, tfou must Include y o u r I Zip Code, tn case of duplicate questions, the author will decide the winner. Today's winner is: Roxann Ousley, 8, Wellston, Ohio Pearls are made by certain kinds of oysters, clams, and mussels. These animals are called mollusks, from a Latin) word meaning "soft." They allj have soft bodies inside their; hard shells. What is a pearl? It is madei up of the material with which a ] mollusk coats an irritating par-' tide that it cannot get rid of. This irritating particle may be a piece of broken shell, a parasite that has bored through the shell, or even a tiny grain of sand. The material which the mollusk keeps layering onto the piece so it won't irritate is nacre, or mother - of - pearl. As many layers of this mother-of-pearl are built up, a pearl is made. Now there is a great variety of pearls that can be made. The round pearl has the shape that Is most desired as a precious gem. To become round, a pearl must develop in the soft parts of the mollusk. A solid pearl in any irregu- .ar shape is called a "baroque pearl." When a pearl becomes attached to the inside of the shell, it becomes a "button jearl," rounded on one side and lat on tbe other. If a parasite ries to bore through the shell, :he moUusk may protect itself by covering the spot with extra nacre. Tnis builds up into what is called a "blister pearl." Not every pearl that is formed is valuable. Many pearls are not very attractive. Only those shellfish whose shells are coated on the inside with irrides- cent mother-of-pearl can produce pre<-;ous pearls. The pearls that are sometimes found in the clams and- oysters we eat are usually of poor quality and have no value. Cultured pearls are real pearls, and only an expert can tell then from "natural" ones. To produce a cultured pearl, a smooth, round bead of "mother- of-pearl is set into the living tissue of a pearl oyster. Then the oys f er is returned to the water for 3 to 5 years, and it will make a pearl around the bead that was put into its body. Artificial, or simulated pearls do not come from oysters but are manufactured from glass or plastic )pads and covered with a film that is made from fish scales. FUN TIME The Chuckle Box Patient: I have a bad case of amnesia Doctor How long have you had this' Patient- Had what? Joe: Would you be afraid to put your head in a lion's mouth? Bill: Yes. Joe: Why? Bill: I'm afraid of the dark. Win the New Book of Knowledge Set for Writing About "I Would Like to Help—" WARTfcC* TO 566 ME, feY?.. WHAT <?AN 1 00 FOR YOU? I'LL SIYI fOU A FAST ANSWER CHIEF/.. fCHltM PROMOTE ME TO LIEUTENANT/ soot?.' THE NEXT COMPETITIVE EXAMINATIONS ARE ..LET «E SEE .. SI* MONTHS FROM NOW/ I'M HAVMS A . TO KEEP ABOVE WJtfft FINANCIALLY/.. ANj> I'M READV TO TAKE MORE RESPONSlBlLlTy FOR HIGHER DAVID CRAKE Orelg Plessel Is there some cause or group of people or individual you would like to help? Why? Write a short letter about it and you may w«n the 20-volume set of New Book of Knowledge. Im port ant' entiles must be addressed "Help", Tell Me Why, and give your name, age, and adderss (give zip code). Answer to yesterday's Word Puzzle: Clan, Plan, Play, Pray, Prey. Win The New Book of Knowledge Yearbook. Send your riddles, jokes, to: "Riddles, Jokes; Tell M" Why!" Give Zip Code. Today's v/inner is; Mary Worfes, St. Petersburg, Fla. RIVETS By George Sixta *-•» HATE HURRV MEALS. •vw§ V\^ vv? 9B$fc* ^ ^*T o •*!-!••-• THE BERRYS Carl Grubert WHAT DO WEN ADMIR MOST IN A A GOOD WOMAN INSPIRES |A MANUA BRILLIANT WOMAN^ INTERESTS HIM-J 7-3 BEAUTIFUL Y> FASCINATES HIM, Al SYMPATHETIC WOM r OF COURSE,. I'M FORTUNATE TO HAVE A CHARMING.WIFE WHO POSSESSES ALL THOSE, DESIRABLE QUALITIES/; HENRY By Carl Anderson True Life Adventures ^^g^~ -•^ THE B1-1ZZATCT7, A AKCTKl SEEM1HOU.V <&!%» W«U DuiKT Pnx)u<tioM WorU Rifto Round CKOBWOILP • - - By Eugene Sbeffer\ NOW, HUMMOCKS Of 6NOW TO 1JFE WHERE SUSDGE OOC3S HAVE BEEN SMU<SL-V Dbtribgutf by Klni ruturn I LITTLE PEOPLE'S PUZZLE \ I 1 3 ¥ *6 *OOH *u 'an HORIZONTAL 1. Box 5. Public vehicle 8. Foray 12. Bark cloth 13. Be In debt 14. Sea eagle 35. Algerian port 16. Seine 17. Criminal's need 18. Separated 20. Kettledrum 22. Jewiah month 24. Near 25. Affectionate 28. Contends 33. Cuckoo 34. Miss Arden 36. Spanish bravo 36. Set free 29. Castle ditch 40. Symbol for silver 41. Farm building 43. An ornament 47. Native ability 51. Incite 52. Mountain on Crete 54. Samoan port 55. Certain 56. An outfit 57. Tear 58. Asterisk 59. Chemical suffix 60. Bishoprics VERTICAL 1. Desist 2. Amazon e.stuary 3. Armadillo 4. Raved 5. Guide* 6. Solemn wonder 7. Greek letter 8. Discount 9. Semite 10. Genus of cetaceans 1J. A ravine 19. Overhead railway 21. Faucet 23. Holds in deep affeo. tion 25. Distant 26. Undivided 27. Nothing 29. Muse 30. Also 31. Guide's highest note 32. Matched group 37. Church festival 38. Time of life 39. Teeth 42. Note of the scale 43. Russian ncw« agency 44. Touch end to end 45. Antitoxin* 46. To enjoy 48. Fencing sword 49. Cardinal number 50. Small children time at lolutton: 26 minulei. 53. Loud nois* Answer to yesterday's puzzle. at 5k ss SS 2b V 40 '4ft 26 sz Sb 41 2o 24 47 21 24 n 54 57 SO 35 48 10 49 50 U V A A / J V C B L UVSPMJflCHXKW Oryptoqulpl PfiRKY WOOPPBCKKE PBOKBD AWAY ALi DAY.

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