The Baytown Sun from Baytown, Texas on April 30, 1986 · Page 24
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The Baytown Sun from Baytown, Texas · Page 24

Baytown, Texas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 30, 1986
Page 24
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Page 24 article text (OCR)

6-C THE BAYTOWN SUN Wednesday, April SO, 1986 Television guide WEDNESDAY EVENING MO I NEWS YOU CAN'T DO THAT ON TELEVt- Chrlstlne learns the ups and downs of buying and losing friends. CE 8PORT8CENTER 0 MACNEIL / LEHRER NEW8HOUR ® CD SHOWTIME HONEYMOONER8: THE LOST EPISODES I CBS NEWS ) RADIO 1990 ) BARNEY MILLER I QIMME A BREAK! } LA TRAMPA _) $100,000 PYRAMID I CD MONEYLINE I BENSON t DIFFRENT STROKES £_ *30 O WHEEL OF FORTUNE GD DANGER MOUSE © NBA TODAY ID ENTERTAINMENT TONIGHT © CE) WILD, WILD WORLD OF ANIMALS © CD BOB NEWHART HS BASEBALL Houston Astros at Philadelphia Phillies (Live) ® GD $1,000,000 CHANCE OF A LIFETIME © CD CROSSFIRE ffi THREE'S COMPANY fD THAT'S MY MAMA 6:35 © BASEBALL New York Mets at Atlan- Ja Braves (Live) 7K» & HIGHWAY TO HEAVEN €£ TWENTIETH CENTURY CS BASEBALL'S GREATEST HITS Advent of the Game. § BUSINESS REPORT CD SHOWTIME BROTHERS WEST 57TH flD MACGYVER © CB WRESTLING 5® CD MOVIE "Mass Appeal" (1984) Hack Lemmon, Zeljko Ivanek. © CD STRONG MEDICINE Jessica (Annette O'Toole) discovers Bill's (Michael thoma) unfaithfulness; Celia (Pamela Sue Mertln) travels ',o London end becomes attracted to medteel reeeercher Martin Taylor (Ben Croee); Vlnoe Lord (Sam Nelll) uses blackmail to push a new druoout on the market. (Pert 2 of 2) 9 3D MOVIE "El Mundo Loco De Los- Jovenes" (No Date) Cesar Coeta, Julls- sa. 3D Cg) MOVIE "The Wild Life" (1084) Christopher Penn, Eric Stolz. MATT HOUSTON 7-30 CE AIR POWER: LUFTWAFFE CE STANLEY CUP PLAYOFFS Division Final, If necessary. (Live) (NOTE: Starting time Is tentative. Game Is subject to blackout.) O WITNESS TO WAR: DR. CHARLIE CLEMENTS This story of one man's odyssey of conscience looks at why, 12 years after his refusal to fly In Vietnam, Dr. Charlie Clements spent a year treat§ the people of war-torn El Salvador. CD SHOWTIME BIZARRE GD FAMILY FEUD ED PM MAGAZINE 6:00 O BLACKE'S MAGIC CD AFRICA O BRADSHAW ON: THE FAMILY © CD SHOWTIME GALLAGHER: OVER YOUR HEAD Gallagher brings his zany inventions and lively observations to an audience in Beaumont, Texas. <D MOVIE "Thursday's Child" (1982) Gena Rowlands, Don Murray. QD DYNASTY © CE) BOXING Rocky Lockridge (38-2, 32 KOs) vs. Pedro Montero (22-6, 15 KOs) in a junior lightweight bout scheduled for 10 rounds, live from Atlantic City, N.J. Si GD MOVIE "Torture Garden" (1967) Jack Palance, Burgess Meredith. © CD LARRY KING LIVE 6D MOVIE "The Earthling" (1980) William Holden, Ricky Schroder. €E) STRONG MEDICINE A drama set In the '50s and '60s about a homemaker {Annette O'Toole) whose life falls short of her expectations, and her friend (Pamela Sue Martin) who aggressively establishes a career in the male domi- Simon novel highlights early life in America ; A WIDER WORLD. By Kate iiimon. Harper & Row. 186 JPages.S14.95. ' When Kate Simon alit from the Warsaw boat at Ellis Island. "the gate to America." she was only 4. yet old. As she recalls in "A Wider World," a memoir of her early years which she has subtitled ••Portraits in an Adolescence." the little girl who was her "is old in disappointment, old in the fruitless search for the father who had left and stayed away too long. She is old with the burden of taking care of a crippled 2- year-old (brother) in strange places and strange languages But. as Simon gradually eased into and became comfortable with her new life in New York City, she slipped the mantle of premature age and embraced her role as child and then as young woman. A highly intelligent and rebel- lious person. Simon chafed under the bonds her father imposed on her. He wanted her to find a job and bring money into their poor family early in her life. She instead wanted to enjoy her life, to learn all she could, to be a rebel with a cause. • After violently rejecting her lather's efforts to force her to learn the piano. Simon was pretty much on her own and judging from the reminiscences she offers here she did a fairly good job of managing her own life — remarkable since the time was the 1930s. Not that all went smoothly. Simon had more than her fair share of bad times — bad love affairs, and so on. But there were also plenty of good things, and she recalls both the good and the bad with equanimity in this candid, finely written portrait of her youth. Phil Thomas AP Books Editor THEATRE GUIDE Slx 421-2953 STEVEN SPIELBERG »,,«, GONG HO (PG) 7:30-9:40 PRETTY IN PINK (PG-13) 7:30-9:30 BACK TO mfUTM(PG) 7:00-9:30 9'2 WEEKS (R) 8:00 MURPHYS LAW (R) 7:40-9:40 fflSTBEMEN FRIENDS (PG-13) 7:15-9:45 CINEMA TEN LEfiEHD(PG)7:l5-9:l5 CRITTERS (PG-13} 7:20-9:20 LUCAS (PG) 7:30-9:30 iilOLElS ARE BLUE (PG-13) 7:40-9-40 421-2123 BUTflfAPRICMPG)7:45 MCDLDR PURPLE (PG-13) 8:00 ROCKY IV (PG} 7:00-9:00 THE MONEY PIT (PG) 7:20-9:20 HOLLyWODIflKSWJAD(R) 7:30-9:30 POLICE ACADEMY III (PG) 7:40-9:40 The original cost >s conning to save their school It's a long way WINNER 7 ACADEMY AWARDS Including BEST PICTURE IGF I ••» CHARLES MOMSON SISSY SPACEK KEVIN KLINE nated pharmaceutical Industry. Patrick Duffy, Douglas Fairbanks Jr., 8am Neitl and Dick Van Dyke also star. (Part 1 of 2) tao • OD CL MUNOO Ml E3P6CTACULO MO ELSEWHERE THi AHT«CT«: KruWch, Paul Solmen. g Q CD SHOWTiae MOVME "Honey" (1MOJ CHo GoMemKh, Fernando Rey. OB C» ALFRED HITCHCOCK HOUR O CB MOVIE "The Little Drummer OM" ,(1064) Diane Keeton, Yorgo Voyegto. CATHEDRAL The Gothic cathedral's cultural Importance In medieval France Is Illustrated through step-by-step construction of the Imaginary Notre-Dame de Beaulleu and visits to Notre-Dame de Paris, Chartres and Amiens. Host: author David Macaulay. Animation sequences narrated by actor Derek Jacdbl.g 02 CD SHOWTIME GALLAGHER: THE BOOKKEEPER In this San Jose, Calif. performance, Gallagher twists the serious world of finance into a spoof with his latest props and offbeat humor. QD HOTEL (S> CB CRAZY ABOUT THE MOVIES: MARILYN MONROE - BEHIND THE LEGEND The private side of Marilyn Monroe is seen through film clips, television footage and interviews with director Joshua Logan, actors Don Murray, Robert Mitchum, Celeste Holm and Susan Strasberg. O CD © CD NEWS ® OS MOVIE "Asi Es Mi Tierra" (No Date) Mario Moreno, Margarita Cortes O (EO MOVIE "The Falcon And The Snowman" (1984) Timothy Hutton, Sean Penn. 9:20 ® NBA BASKETBALL Playoff Game (Teams To Be Announced) 9:30 © CD BASEBALL Chicago Cubs at Los Angeles Dodgers (Live) QD CARSON'S COMEDY CLASSICS 1040 O OHB NEWS 3) GREAT DETECTIVE Q TRADE WAR: A SHORT COURSE ON THE TOKYO SUMMIT Information on International trade and protectionism Is presented anthology-style In this preview of the 1986 Economic Summit, to be held in Tokyo, May 5-6. Hosts: Robert • BENNY HILL _ MONEYLINC TAXJ 10:90 TONIGHT 3PORT8CENTER i NK3HTLINE iMAUDE OS MOVIE "Fuego En El Mar" (No Date) Manuel OJeda, Norma Herrera. § CD O BIZARRE CD SPORTS TONIGHT DYNASTY (3) TWENTIETH CENTURY (5) NFL SUPERSTARS Profiled: Randy White. § MACNEIL / LEHRER NEWSHOUR T.J. HOOKER MOVIE "Billy Jack" (1971) Tom Laughlln, Oelores Taylor. © © EDGE OF NIGHT 3D MARY TYLER MOORE © GD HAWAII FtVE-0 @ CD NEWSNK3HT CD POLICE STORY 1t:15 ® © MOVIE "Code Of Silence" (1984) Chuck Norrls, Henry Silva. 11:30 O LOVE CONNECTION (D AIR POWER: LUFTWAFFE © WORLD OF SPORTS © CD SHOWTIME *H AUDIENCE WITH MEL BROOKS Mel Brooks, Anne Bancroft, Ronny Graham, and Jonathan Pryce perform sketches that mix music, drama and comedy before an audience In London. G) CB THAT GIRL Hp ALFRED HITCHCOCK PRESENTS ffi ALL IN THE FAMILY 11:35 CB MOVIE "White Heat" (1949) James Cagney, Virginia Mayo. WEDNESDAY WEST 57th "West 57th," the CBS news-magazine show aimed at young, upscale viewers returns on Wednesday, April 30. The show's four correspondents are (clockwise from center): John Ferrugia. Meredith Vieira, Jane Wallace and Bob Sirott. t Stations re serve the right to make last-minute changes.) untpers ( Gives VOLV The Night • FREE Happy Hour Buffet with Happy Hour Prices 4:30-8, M-F • Join us for our Super Seafood Sunday • Thursday May 1st Dash for Cash A chance to pick up '1000 4537 GARTH RD. • WILLOW CREEK SHOPPING CENTER BAYTOWN, TEXAS 77521 • 713 / 128-2876 Owners: Steve and Sandy Brodine Prestige West Restaurant Is proud to present our new menu featuring the largest menu in the area Alt food is prepared fresh daily by Steve Brodine and staff. Blackened Steak Cup of Gumbo Salad Bar Exp. 5-3-86 1007 N. Main Bay town Mon.-Thur. 11-10, Fri. 11-11, Sat, 5-11 Closed Sunday All Major Credit Cards honored MAN LATE NIGHT WITH DAVID LCTTtA- ) AFRICA TBJNM MAOABME REPORTS (DWCKCAVBTT MOVIE "A Covenant With Deeth" (1967) George Manarl*. Leura Devon. GHET SMART HARRY 0 12: tO <D MOVIE "The Millionaire" (1978) Martin Balsam, Edward Albert. _ _ (9 CE MOVIE "The French Woman" (1981) Francois* Fabian, Dayle Haddon. 8 CB) MOVIE "Retrato De Una Mu|er Caaada" (No Date) Alma Muriel, Gonzalo Vega. 1240 ® NBA TODAY 09 CD SHOWTIME MOVIE "Honeysuckle Rose" (1980) Wiffle NeJson, Dyan Cannon. O QD LOVE BOAT (8 CD NEWSNK3HT UPDATE ffi NEWS 1:00 § NEWS ICEBOUND IN THE ANTARCTIC: SHACKLETON CB SPORTSLOOK (3D CB MOVIE "The Inspector General" (1949) Danny Kaye, Walter Slezak. © G£) MOVIE "That Championship Season" (1982) Bruce Dern, Stacy Keach. O GD MOVIE "Frankle And Johnny" (1966) Elvis Presley, Donna Douglas. ffi JIM AMD TAMMY ® INDEPENDENT NEWS 1:15 ONEWS 1:30 (E SPORTSCENTER ONEWS ® CD SPORTS LATENIQHT O MOVIE "Madhouse" (1974) Vincent Price, Peter Gushing. 1:50 CD MOVIE "Aces High" (1977) Malcolm McDowell, Christopher Plummer. ) 8TANUEY CUP PLAYOFF* DMeton Fine), If neceeaary. (R) (D MOVME "Fortunes Of Captain Blood" S *0) Lputo Hayward, Patricia Medina. MQHtWATCH ' 010 MOV* "Body Double" (1984) Creki Weaaon. Meianto Griffith. O (I) COMEDY BREAK • MAN FROM ATLANTIS 9 (S) MOVIE "1000 Mlllaa Al Sur" (No Date) Mario Almada, Hugo Stlglltz. 8 CD NEWS OVERNIGHT MOVIE "Law And Order" (1953) Ronald Reagan, Dorothy Malone. 2:30 O CE) INDEPENDENT NEWS £35 O CD SHOWTIME MOVIE "Ten From Your Show O« Shows" (1973) Sid Caesar, Imogene Coca. 2:56 ©OB) VIDEO JUKEBOX 3:00 (H) CE) MOVIE "French Postcards" (1979) Miles Chapin, Blanche Baker. O CD MOVIE "Ship Of Fools" (1965) Vivien Leigh, Slmone Signoret. 89 GD JOE FRANKLIN ® CD LARRY KING OVERNIGHT 3-25 © (H) MOVIE "The Wild Life" (1984) Christopher Penn, Eric Stolz. 3:30 8 MOVIE "Marjoe" (1972) MOVIE "Run For The Roses" (1978) Stuart Whitman, Panchito Gomez. 3:45 (D MOVIE " ...And No One Could Save Her" (1972) Lee Remlck, Mllo O'Shea. 4:00 (£ BEVERLY HILLBILLIES (3) CB MOVIE "Zapped!" (1982) Scott Balo, Willie Aames. 39 QD NEWS ® CD CROSSFIRE 4:10 <S CD SHOWTIME MOVIE (1974) Hlgglns, Peter Breck. 4-30 OD BEVERLY HILLBILLIES <2S CD SHOWBIZ TODAY "Benjl" Neville Brand decorated for World War II service By DICK KLEINER NEA Correspondent DEAR DICK — I have heard that the actor, Neville Brand, won the Congressional Medal of Honor during World War II. Also, that he was the fourth highest decorated soldier of World War II. What name did he use when he won the medals? And what medals did he win, other than the Congressional Medal of Honor? — R.R., Bowling Green, Ky. His biography does not claim those honors, it does say that "He earned a fistful of medals, including the Silver Star." He was a sergeant during World War II. Mario's Italian Restaurant and - Flying Pizza ••*'•*"•. -^'-i- Luncheon Special! Monday-Friday J1 a.m.-3 p.m. Manieotti, Lasogna. Canelloni or Spaghetti & meatballs, with garlic bread...your choice.. only 2118 N. Alexander Full menu available for delivery. CALL FOR FREE DELIVERY $2" 422-2023 GOING'S COUNTRY MEAT MARKET "We Only Carry USDA Gram Fed Heavy Beef At Goings! NO BULL ABOUT IT!" JOfrW.BekerRd. GOINGS SPECIALS. 422-4600 L.. > ROUND ROAST nwcvr PORK CHOPS CWT PORK CHOPS 39 ^SPARI RIBS ............................. L.. •UUHCCTMJO* • BACON ...................................... L.. 1 89 COCA COLA SPRITE, DIET su CHERRY, CLASSIC FACK CHIPS LAYS OR RUFFLES 1C. MC 99' HAlf CALF re. M .29 NINMUARTER Ib. M .49 Com* join us at tto Baytown Youth Fair & Rodeo, May 15th, 16*, 17th. DBQ SPECIALS nrrits PUT! LUNCHES *4" COMM *4" EVEIT miDAT LG. CHOPPED HIT SAND. 99' 1 WE WILL BE CUD TO FILL ALL YOUR CATERING NEEDS. PARTY TRAYS, TOO! i

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