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The News from Frederick, Maryland · Page 1

Frederick, Maryland
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Saturday, May 28, 1932
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Last Edition VOL. LV.--NO. 192. WEATHER FORECAST FOR MARYLAND: Fair tonight and Sunday. Cooler tonight. Probably li^ht frost In extreme west portion. (AT) Means Associated Press. Foil N*EA Service. FREDERICK, MB, SATURDAY. MAY 28. 1932. * * * r?«i Rua \ T,UI-».»» TEN PAGES PRICE--TWO CENTS FIRE JEFFERSON !N 10 WEEKS RAZES Head Of U. S. Business Men ELABORATE Four Horses, 500 Bushels O f , Wheat, Feed And Hay On j Zimmerman Place Burned. ] BUCKET BRIGADE SAVES ! OTHER BUILDINGS NEARBY BE GIVEN JUNE 10 Participate In Washington Bi- 1 centennial Event. ; WILL BE IN BAKER PARK WITH 400 PARTICIPATING .MASSED JUNIOR CHOIRS I TO SING SUNDAY NIGHT Organizations Of Four Churches To Participate. Contradicts New York Mayor Other Blazes In Same Locality Give Rise To Belief Firebug Is At Work. The third Sre-in the past few weeis in the vicinity of Jefferson believed W be of incendiary origin occurred at ^ 10.30 o'cloci this morning on the Joshua i Zimmerman, farm, l'-~ miles northeast j of JeSerson. when a large bank bam containing 500 bushels of wheat, four i sead of horses, feed and hay, burned j completely. While the bam burned to j he ground wKh its contents, the home j »nd outbuildings were seriously threat- j ened, the house being on fire several j times. ! Mystery surrounds the origin of the fire, which persons ra Jefferson and rrederick expressed the. opinion may have been the -work of a firebug." The flames were noticed first by Mrs. jarry Fraley. wife of the tenant on Jie iarm. Eer husband having left o deliver a. calf. Mrs. Fraley hastened or the aid of neighbors, although there ·were none very close and the ham was ' Ttv program for the service of trie combined junwc* cho-rs of Frederick to be held Sunday night :j. ** f H-.angelical Lutheran church. _ !has been completed The event »!U City and County Schools To; {ake p .^^ i: 30 o'clock. *v.h ti* jfottowinc cho.cs par*.icipst.r.s Boys' 'choir and Junior G;rV choir of it*. Evangelical Reformed church. Mrs. !\Iaud W Ditimar, director: Junior .choir of Canary Metftodi* 'church. Miss Anna Schsati. c: ijuaior choir of Grace Ke i church, Mas Ler.ora Rudy, director. .Junior choir of the E\ angelical Lutii- jeran Sunday Schoo.. William D. £im- Mrs \\Vbstei KILLED IN PLUNGE 1 Edward F. Swift Sr. Plunges To Death From Window Of His Apartment. CONDITION. SAYS BROTHER j , E.ementary Pupils From City j ! ! And Many Parts Of County To Take Part. S The program »il! be as follows" Pro- ' i cessiona'.. "Onward. Christian Sold- j jiers:"' invocation. Rev. Dr. Henn L G I Kie3er: solo, "God So Loved The i 1 World.' Nornian. Jack Slasrle: ajv.rurm, | Planned To Leave Tuesday For t Vacation And Rest In Europe. i BILL $56,1 iSHY OF ILLS SAYS Watson Sees No Other Way To Raise Money Than By Sales Tax. COUZENS WARNS OF DEBATE THAT MAY LAST A MONTH | An elaborate George Washington ' pageant will be given by cnore than 400 1 Frederick city and county elementary j "Prayer of Thanksgiving." Kreniser. 1 Boys' thoir of Evangelical' church, t-yir.n "Saviour Like A Shep- · herd Lead Us." anthems. "In Youth's . from the S'Aift ar.d Cont- :h this his sixth J'ory F.i-. v cor.-ra-J.ct.n? l.T.rW.ant tesllir.ttir which Mayor Jameo J. Walker ~.ver. -on the pre-.-o-i* ear. Park Commissioner Walter R. H«-rnek '.5 pic- U"..7. e s~ "H"-i N-* York C.'v affairs Thor.jh Walker had denied owning aav'Vn-''rIta"u"Tru5: Co s".o~s. Herrtck testified that the Mayor had sent him iMOiV? to ::u for 300 .^-.aros Garner Assails Hoover For His Criticism Of Speaker's Re- iief Program. Henry I. Harriman (top photo), presi- , ",,;,,. ; local school chtlciren : Extensive arrangements ha\e been · under way for the paseant. which will {take place at 10 o'clock in the ins in the park, or in case of inc-ement weather, in the Parknay school. Schools be: .If a mile fr available. A group of about 25 neighbors formed bucket brigade, bai the fire had gained such headway and was of sucii proporttons that those Sghting it were :Io!ess. A com crib and wagonshed nearby, which were Slied wish com and equipraent, were saved, however. ca?o attorney (kwe: clined to be a ca at the chamber's national convention j in San Francisco. and Brookhill Tne nd Forest Grove schools ·cessful. j The bam was insured by Mr. Zun- , ,n. i; is understood, but the loss i _ oii^a a. *~i.-t. ~»- j HV^V-.- ;; e a-r; Forest Grove schools aso i-ower photo), who de- j .^ ^^ p , os?ecuve elementary grad- andicate for re-election ; . Ja;es to the eTe=;: _ ar; a will be j special music by toe Frederick High i School orchestra ar.d a few smsT- nu- : piis. not, in the elementary graduating group, who will parttcipa'c The event will be preceded by a selection by the Frederick High School ' orchestra, followed by invocation by ! Rev. Dr. G. Ellis Williams, pastor of ! Calvary M. E. church The pageant rill be outlined by Miss Mary E. THEY MEET THE QUEEN First Jjve. bees tha, had been TRAINING SCHOOLS OF , MONTGOMERY FEDERATION ; NEW SERIES BEING HELD OF WOMEN'S CLUBS ELECTS i Helen Crist: chorus. "More and More.' ; -' Thomas: anthem. Hosmer. Junor choir Grace Reformed j ;' church: address. Rev. Ralph E Hart-! are rlei, Snift sai The veteran packer h fca r ^ Pre-Canning Season Subject Six Resolutions Acted Upon A t ! Matter For Women's Clubs. Annual Meeting. j ! Washinrtors. May 28 (AP) --Senator I Wation. Indiana, the Republican leader. ! informed the Seriate Vxlay in the midst. ! of an outbreak o\er -.he pending sales \ tax contrivers;- t'.iat Secretary Mills said the revenue bill must raise $56.000000 more than li now provides ia ord-r to balance the budget. Watson said the treasury head estimated Jtw pending revenue basis now f ,^ K a par.3".ent D-a:h anthem. "Unsold. Ye Portals."' was instant He was the sor. of :!w pioneer pack- Gu51avu5 par .; .. n S '.vif:. founder · Gounod. Junior GJ-!S' choir of tr.e Evangelica' Reformed church, bene-1 f diction. Rev. Dr. Amos John Traver: j ," "^. recessional, "Lead On. O. Kin?!' A . ^ jj^.v, Edward F Sviift las Eterr-a 1 " ' chairman of the Chicago houw? and * I president o-: the Compar.ia Swift Inter- WASHINGTON ST. P.-T. A. ,;--LS^Sr ~""' - Mr. Swift marr.ed Kortcr.^e Newcomer, of Shannon. 111., and they had three children. icr.o»ls of a n** series are lx-.nK h-ld In sect..:u. of the under : h.- directWH of Mbs He j raised and S235.000.000 la economies . provided to rr.ef. the budget demand of Mrs B. Pe-.ton Wha'.en. Of Alta Vista. . 1933 n! . -*^ rejected president at the annual j "Where are «e gob* » sec the oth- "'- ' _ 1 e - $56 000,000? ' asked Watson, who Is ·tea . «*etia» of the Montgomerj' County i '^ . he ..j ^^ !e , T ,, t laces' ^'-« M.ITKCI. -^. nnd Frc!-r.cit i support:--, | Feceration or Women's Clubs held In j Sub4l tute j or the specific excise taxes. Senator Couzens. Republican, Mlchl- . jou-.ed Harrison of Mississippi, the Pearson, county to - ard -nc-jde those at the folio-*- the old Mocf.ns House at Sandy Spring " DemwrratUr tax leader in advocating a HEARS MUSICAL PROGRAM Officers For Coming Year Also ; Are Chosen. Mt pr^priate t-^ the and aiso d-^als i j-'llirs The -,,,,,,. w The sub- Others e^ted ^ere Mrs. Eugene W. type ap- S:ott. Woman's Cltib of Rocitviile. first : 5Cnc d-Jle to meet th difference. f _ , nc , case the p'e-ca-'-in* -eison -.Sce-?re3.d«-nt. iL^s Walter L. Kline. I Couzens also warned the debate, on. L-.1"the "pnserxins of ! Woman's Club of Friendship Hei;ht«. i the proposal of Walsh. Democrat. Mas- · second vsce-president: Mrs Mortimer - ai NO LICENSE: FINED $10 of the st-r:'-s of schools was , held at Nt-T Markci Wedaesdav at tin- O Stabler. Wednesday club of Sandy Spr'.n? recording secretary: Mrs. Harry cliusctts. for the 1-75 per cent, saiea tax nouid probably require a month or six vvifiis. "whereas we could balance the budget tonight if It weren't pen*I- to be several Eho; Another recent fire near JeSerson was | At at the Tobias E. Zinnnerman farm, where a. straw rici burned May 17, frotn some uninown origin^ _ and. the other was that a; the farm of Arthur D. Lambert, near JeSerson. where s. bam, corn house, wagon sited and hay mow burned mysteriously on Hay 15. All these fires within such a. short time in the same locality have given rise to she suspicion they may be the work of an incendiary. ona by some apprehension in official quarters j ,' ca orus of 60 girls front the Cnurch around the west side of the co-art- j s: - ee r an-j partway schools and the house Bat the bees, speaking ia court house second, "Visions of Coluatbia." by the f i terms, demurred. They preferred, they j -j^ i, 0 vem«i'.s of the pageant, win indicated, the queen from whose com- ^ as follows: First movement. "The , . paay they had been snatched by Del- , a^,.^"^ O j -R-a=hingion"; episode phey's father, C. G. Delphey. in an --iiarriasre of Lawrence \vashington and Margaret Butler" Jefferson .. ;wo "Mary Bali. Future Mafa- ·v. · emergency move Wednesday. Friday the bees, or a. large number of them, returned to court house circles ! and met their old friend the queen. ^J-KO^; second movement. '"George i near the northeast -orner of the buiid- ' -y^^^^ er of Washington." Church street TWO YEARS AT SEA MIDDIES CAN BE MARRIED !* . the 3?j"': episode three, · :ns - Co " Jrt hoase a '- tj!ches on thai . - Washington as a School "Boy." Buck- . . 0{ : jj e house than became appre- : eTs;o ^ T1 school: episode four. "Wash- p called Game Warden Ben- ; 1 second i as a Boy in the Home." Urbaca. ·It third mo.einent. "George Wasn- Washingtou, May 28 (AF). uates of the Taval Academy hereafter , iot. i success Phebus. according to reports. v.-as ;= g ;jr: the Military Man": episode nv2. ssful snd took the recalcitrant , . -Washington as a Surveyor." Xew Mar- QT:een a ; ong t'ne others. ket. Ijaatsvii'.e. and Kernpwwn schools; wili have to sail two years a; sea be- \ ' It ^ o ^. appears ^j ia t, the remainder j ^3^x5,; s nc. "Washington" and Governor fore embarking upon a matrimonial i ^ .- ne g.^.. ^^^^ who had been shei- | Din-xiddie.' Prospect school; episode voyage. ! teredatDelphey's piace of business ou ' Kve: , · washissnoj. at the Camp of the TMs has once acpin been cecidea j Wes . p^^^ ^g^ sin ce the first anti- | mdian Queen Aliquippa"; episode eight, upon, omcials said today, on the · ^^ j^;^ a=t | -^t^ turned down bee's, - Patrick Henrv ani Declaration of In- ground that young officers have their, ^^-35 on -jje strange queen provided c-v^aence." Adamstown: episode ten. hands full in learning their new ilu- ties "vfithout being bothered with brides and babies/' Heretofore graduation day at An- j napolis has been filled with romance i and accompanied oy tinsling wedding j beEs. The new rule applies to nest', year's class. i Under another order, however, the matrimonial celebrations will be ab-1 seat t neu weed's graduati-jn Th: for them, join their fellow-bess in t -35^7- Ross and the Makins of the the new capture with the same old Flag," Point of Rocks. Feagaviiie. and queen. - j Mt. Pi^i-P scaools: fourth movement i '-Wssh-ngton in Public Life": episode OLD FOLKS' SERVICE ll. "Charles Xnoxpson selected to no;:;- Wasiimston that he was selected Will Be Held At Mversville On June . StK President." BTnfield and Brookhill schoo^: episode i". "Tr.ompsons 12- plans are tinder way for the 13th graduates wiE not be permitted to : annual Old Folks' service. In the Unit- inarrj- until tne day after zhey r-cceive' «d Brethren church. Myersvilla. Rev. their diplomas. 1 B F. Blufcaugh. pastor, on Sunday June · 12. at 1Q o'clock. The worship service ' movement. :ornial prssentation lo Washington o* r nis certific3.te of election." Parkway ', school: episode 13. ' Triumphal march of Washington t,o New York and his in- 3U5Urati!)n." Parkway school: FAIR WEATHER. MODERATE TEMPERATURE PREDICTED |o- =»*? ·Wasnington's retirement from public l.fe": episode 14. "The Fare-s-eli Banquet" and "Liberty. Amer- Tfce Washington screet school Parent- Teachers Association held a. meeting Friday night, during which otisiness was j transacted and a musieai program pre- Renders Guilty Against Man. Verdict ', unl.keiv stor- tliat Harry L :. this city, watched his 10- I year-old son and a companion fish on The Adatn-'town school was res ^ce of M,. C« 5-UU, ,Uh t h e j ^oS^eSt! . S?W. 1 S srs^fjrssrsL ^rv; ^^-^^oss °\£^?- J «-- ^^ »-- !H. Altaach. Kj-a-teuwn: Mrs Ira j ^.«"-*;'· ^ .P^j, n ^T M f l i - I Washington. May 28 lAP.-Speato Dnvis ant! Mrs C. J Price: IjaaisviUe- j « oa ; a '' 5 v " u " "- " | Gamer today in a formal statement as- ·Mrs G C Ball and Mrs Clvce Smith: ! nien.iiraia.^ ^ v *,t~h had been cir- ! sailed President Hoover for ins criticism Pleasant Gro-.-c" Mrs Aubrey Davis · -....^.J 0 ^TM ,.^..,^, ^»** ^.^ \ of th $2.300,000,000re'.lef program and Tlie meeting opened with sinking i !be fcjnjjs o f the Monocacy nvi-r and j Thursday at 'he norr.e of Mrs. C ·America," followed by the Lord's Pray- ; -never touched a line." esprcially when j Gochnnuer -Aith representatives j - j^?LsS: ! ^fT,^ sss *s LT^SS.-?? prcs-j the folios-ing: Reaolution of the Wo! man's Club of Woodside. requesting er. Miss Margaret Dutrow then spofce | Deputy Game Warden William Shant j cnc froal Adamsawn. Buckeystown and j ' ' st -'' n een' Quarantine" oi a junior Shakespeare club to be or- -, ^ified tba t he saw Wachter pull in ! Pohtl of Rtx ^_ ( =» -- ;' » * ,,.,,_,,.. « garuzed in Frederick during the Sum- tw .,, laws fof I communicable diseases; resolution . of ow-er." "The Snow and sought to exp'ain his presence by . Mrs LiXan Deliutcr ar.d Mrs. En.ory '-jjai s«c» ;hore." and "Bubb'ie- j saymg he was walking two young pups, j Bittir.ger. ^It. Pleasant ' C,.,H* V ciii' tner after which the following musical program was given under the direction of Mrs. Ignatius Bjorlee: "Goodnight. Sleep Tight." "The Ginger-Man/' The Summer Shower." "The Snow Man." - Sea and Shore, town" Bomscnein. trio composed; of Maralee Moore. Carl Thomas and Kathleen McCanner: "Intermezzo." Mascagni. and "Humorsque." Dvorak. Carl Thomas: "Minuet in G" Paderewskl. Kathleen McCanner; "The Swan." Saint-Saens, and "Valse Sluette." Dngo- Saenger, Maraiee Moore: "Old Sol." j stances -'O/\Vi-rt_T l iTT.» "* " War-n^Q VTT* j "" -- T'rt» .'-.n~*_ t ^TT_ _i. bait one and throw shem , On Friday, a third school was held j ^ -^J '.^ H CJub of GennanKwn. :. failed to prevent Justice Bennett at ^ ^cj^nce of Mrs. Williim De- tftat a trailled worter be ap- back this raoming from finding Wachter !3 U j cr guilty of fishing without a license. Wachter had denied using the lines asking: P'.casanl. v.itn represcnta- rx! , n , cd to tne post o [ public welfare resolution of the same club aj: follows- Mrs Jacob Young and i ~ Bi'.iespip. Un.cnviile. aad J newspaper men the Texan handed a single cop, of his st*teaierit to them. He laid the President's allusion to the relief plan as "pork barrel" cotots with potr grace from one -Rho demanded that congress co-opsrate with him in t ie Reconstruction Finance Corpor- better police protection tor_the "^ TOaM be .. Garner addeL .. Jnst ,, actions: resolution of the Civic Ot.her testimony was both for and St-idy Club of Garrett Park, petitioning A schoji held today at the^resi- j ., w * sta . e and CO unty to provide suit- against the chances of the vis:b iity o. logical to refer to the Reconstruction. n act as a. -port probably coerced through the circum- j., ne pr!Or o :nc O '.of« of the r(? S li;ar i - ^ " aopo-nted to the county can any lend aid in. termed as j such." | Garner laughingly said that Prssi- Hoovf-r's opposition to the bill to were read and remarks were made William F. Chiles. Jr. The nominating ; committee gave the following report o ofScers who were elected for the aejK : b"-^.'!!" e-.en.rig. June 3. The ?. T. A. will care 'The verdict was a cl--r.a\- for the school lawn curing the Sum- weefcs' "rial dur.n; wr.ich Govern^r 2 Merryland Trac; mer nionihs, i-c was decided. A report . R^.^;., Vr.o appour.ecl F-.-lay. J-:r.e 3. Braddock for the welfare committee was given by Mrs Moser. cnairman. afser -vhtch iiie meeting Wgsli'ngtor; Mar 28 i API--The 1 . persons --ho have been regular - "Star Spangled Banner.' Weather Bureau had tas today for those in the ·'3t;endai!i5 ever str.ce the services .-.ere o£cial musical numbers have beer. TOfi |2l-»; mandated. cao are .. . S forward to the De,orati 3 n Day ^ ^; £T^.**» I^iC ^2£~ £^*~ . .. _ . --^----T -- --3jr3tO~ . i*^O n · 201!da l' : i-r-a?-' 'peaisrs each vear. Generally fair weather with moderate · j_ T ^-.^35 Tare 3«n maUe. teaaperatare is indicated for Monday in j-ja--;^- ^ pe-sons residing at tie eastern states. lan-oe. wh-o have passed the 90-year mark and scene have already signified , .^-. who · ^cured by Prof. S rtaiton Harris, di.-, .- yr-a . rector of the Frederics aig.i Scaoo. or- tzra j^e. ' chesta. and will be as ro,.o.-. Overture.' - P a t r i e Gem or Divorce Grantsd- William J. Bum=. of through his attorney. Reno S. Harp. has been granted an absolute divorce from ha wife. Lillie May Burnf. al=: i of Frederics. He is given the guardian- day nijr.t. After the open^is "^-"'.y to a a dis- tcn.i3. MOODY AND RYAN TEAM GAINS TITLE FOR U. Fm:ngton. X. An pr-'s-jrncd to be against John Hughes Cjrtis. hoaxr r in trie iir.dbcr;h case, wss hari'-d :-o Just.ce Tror.rharc ·» hi ordered it to be ccliv- George Wasnin S ton B.centen- i « i; ^ cn;:1 ai K * limes as may be . Sar^S^r^S B^^^i l **' C^"^^- fo -- ° f ^ urer. Harry Yoansr An interns;.r.? TO- was rendered by tho =cnxl So-j= ir.ifrec Louue Burri^. -- ita the r_g"nt Ocean." ' 3y tnj Waters of Minne- · of Ull.e May Bums, the mother, to with perscns there r-esardaig tivc ?"-I Xu emergency resolution ^as adapt- | STEAMSHIP BEARS M A R K S York. Mar 28 A P -- A crowd I sema*'on of the pagctnt t-t be z*rn- e g dep'.or.n? sensational headlines In -p r\n\ t ICirtU AT SEA " t o the verdict bv tre Middlc-to-*n Wrar..ias C'.u'j Jur- ; , be r .e Ts£P a?-crs witn iund details, which u r U U L I _ I O I U « n i ui-n f-^w^ wh»n Jo;ep-i A Brod- in^ the Shnrt Co-ir f in June Or. Man-. . e ^ c .-» mo-bid curiositv of men. wo- - Boston. May 28 CAP).--The steamship City of Chattanooga arrived today with scraped and twisted plates back from its bow and a broker, forward najstaft tell- mx a tale of collision at«» which sanfc iJV«t^V-i«.» «·"_· -"* -- · -- f t · i *** *» **· _ ^ an cisht -own and L» A istov r.. Thursday. June: j,^;.,; Granville Curry of the Mont-! me freighter Grecian and siued .our BO me'-.- county juvenile coun; 0r. J. ! of its crew. W B : d president of fnc Social Service Of the 32 members of the Grecians Lea?--» and Dr. V P. Ellicott. Mont- j crew, three wno had be-;n injured had _."!!." C3U:; ; V h»al:h officer, addressed i been removed v s. hospital and 23 dis- f".- meet^i;. Mrs. Edgar W. Moore, i embarked at Boston thss morning. They ·-eas-:-'"-" reported that S2 433 had been j »-ere whisked away m tasicabs 10 of_ donated"'--o -^ Service league; j flees of the Merchants and Miners Miv 28 -AP) -- S433 expend-d for educational purposes, j Transportation Co. owners of the Gre- of scnolarshlss. and $349 do- ] c jan.*d *o t.-.- Monigon-.erv County Gen- j Pasjer.sers ar.d others en the Chat- f-al Hi-so-t-V. in addition to jellies and , tar.ooga. told of toe crash m the early cti-.^r" articles. The Wednesday Club, j ntoming darkness of! Block Island.^They ·j"s3.r.aT Sor.r.s. acted as hostess citib. · said me mipact. was not great and thai -- moat of tne rescued members of the testified ^i his defense. Three other indictment^ are per.d^-; l ajainst Broderic'-c but u 115 not =;r.;f.r. whether thev -ill be tntd JUDGE GETS INDICTMENT AGAINST JOHN H. CURTIS Forest Grove P. T. A. Sleets. Tne regular montrilj* meeting of the Forest Grove P. T. A *« he:d Thurs- a s'nor:,ss me^t.r.g wa^ h»:d and ofii'-er.= elected fo- t'r.e er_3'jir.? ;ear as lal'.OT^: President. Mr.? Jam^ Van their intention of being present The average age of the 93 old^ per- Cr.iel.' ' ^att.e o: ins present at last, vear's service was Spar.g.ea Banner. nial March." · Father of tne Land We j mtittially agreed upon by b-oth panics I^OTC." ' Stars and Str.pes ?orev/r" j Samuel A. Lewis represented t'ns de- Prcsident's March." ' Hail to tne | fend.-.--. Cr.ief." ' Battle of Trentor.." and ' Star { erard jury. hand°d thrps Indictments to Ju.stlc'- Trencr.ard ~-ho announced that one of them c^a:; i:th a rr.-jrdcr BONUS "ARMY" MOVES ON TO WASHINGTON i ship's bow pressed the wound ift ere =ur.E by the ".s Wa;-r.-?r. Mil- chan;f. The other fao. he sa.d. vould 28 the Grecian's side preventing an in,AP.--The! rush or water taa: would have sunk: sons p: 76 years, the combined tota' FoUow-^i? tae pagean.. ·s-H ie prescnteo to certificates graduates ar.d :r.e oeaed-ction will be Anie.uil. France. May 23 ''API.--Mrs. j 7 091 years. FoTIowssg the services, the Helen Wills MDdy and K-zabetii Syan i aged visitors will be served Itm-r.eon today retained for the Umt^a States oy ;he ".ad.-es of "he cor-sreja'ltm. ,I-e women's doubles tot:-e of the French ·-- ennis cnaroaionsrjp. defeating Mrs. i Child Saved From Drowning Eileen Bennes .WJuttissst-all an3 3ev- ' Timery c^covery by a small rf rv Ntitiall. of Sn;l3nd. 6-1. 5-3 3 the TJcrtyfcv. 2;-m-5nt;i-old d3"ght«r of final match. Mr. and Mrs. C. Lkyi Green. Loys. ^nera'. c~3 an. an- .=« · probably saved the li^le gtrl frcsc Falls Down Stairs. drowr-ins afjer she had s'_pp"c and Wins Scholarship. dr?i ind Be:%a Harr.c and B-=rr..~- Kar- j^ fcn ; -^ Qas.7-.c7 scss.ons to Waihineton ' "bonus army of · the freighter. Robert Fink, a member of '3-45 ~-3.r'.- ',,, H-gh School, was the ^ of rfcv. Dr. Hsr.n L G p^ce j the scholastic tests given at pror.ounced ov K-e£fer. paster forst^c church Tne D'.gean- ar.d esercif-es hs'-e been j ^-^ndcn-. ' i as siven bv Rev E K ·\TiIl Be GradnatwJ. n w UW Bvangel.-cal Be- j Freder.rk or. Xfav ;4. according to an announcement, ma^e bv Actiri; S"per- cf Ccrin.y Schools J. C Cr.csvr G. C'.e . tu c5.T.rr.tree Miss Marzaret Rod- his -.trniant Miss S. Vir- Mrs. Wiljiars H. Gaylor. M:dd-sow=. »fallen ^ a stream near her escaped --.-'. severe b--is«s abo-j:t the Savjrday. Doroih- was a^orie a' body when soe rca r.isstep at her ie she fell but the sister home Wednesday nom^-.§ down a flight of steps. fer. at the same p'.sce a few rr..r.utes ' and wi - h screams "orougr.t her pc TO the scene. They rescued Dor THE WEATHER TODAY j -her; blacJc tr, the face frorr, f-jfTorA- ''tir-r. N^.shoors appl.-*c artificia: r5- . -JT.J. Fred r.c.-:: L.oyd T Mc- G-l- Crea;*r;--,wr.. and Mr. Clem. Cos"J~es are "oe.r.;* by tne re- soacttve sc'r.ooj part.c.patjcig. ar.d Miss Flora Grovs Bruns-x-.c-t. teacher of miis- -- ill "os j Bienl Young FinS --ho ^5 a wir; of |?»ir and Mrs. O E Fu-Jc. -aV.i be sr.--en his choice of a. four-year scholarship a-- Wish^ig-.on CcCese. or a f3ur-ve?.r scholan,h.p at St. Johr, r p.ra"ion w effect,.vely that was revived apparently . f-cct in a short, ritnc. ithout FOUR CREWS QUALIFY FOR VARSITY FINALS PrecipiiatJon Tor 24 fccssrg sntlrsg at 7 a. m_ today--.45 inch Precipitat.i'-'n May to date--7,05 todies. ?r..^c-:l?l-a May 2S · A?- -- Pr.ri'?- -cn. C:'".j~ji2. Pennsylvania and nar- -.*r5 -Jdav q^a:.f.ed for t.-.e final of tr.e 150-t"jnd -.srsity cr-'-w race the fea- ..,_.. ^7^7*- .n the Am^r.cAr To Observe SOth Anniversary. Plans are :x.n? rr.ace by tr.e cor.- egat.on cf Ur..t;ci Bc^tr.rir. Normal May precipitaUon--3 SO inch-· Churcl-.. Myers-. .He. R»".. 3 F Blues; actual May. 1931--352 inches. bans":-.. r.i«;v.r. for tr.e obsc-- sr.-e of tne Excess In 1932 precipitation to May , 80tn anriversary of the orrar..z»t.o-. 1--246 'nches. High temperature yesterday--S3. High tentperstiire a year ago--S9 terr.ncratare last night--65. er^itendent of t.ce _ " 'ference, TM!'. be fr^ srea^r at a s«rv- 5r.L-^d cec-r.d and Navy t-.jrc Pennsyl- ice to \K hs'.JI in ..-»· n-.i-rr^-.: ar.d R^r.-j i.- F.r.-r.. a f T.-..T nts.r.o-r I of the church, on SunSav. Jj'.y 31 , services TM." mark th? ever.". ' Her. Dr Jor.n Ness of York. Pa.. suo- *- ~*o-^«-^. ^ --» penr.iV'.vania Con- ?r.r.cet-~-r, ior. -he f.rot heat .r. s.x m-nutr-i. 40 secor.c.5 for the one mile. 550 yard Hcr.Iey c-^:ar.v Coluaib.a and Car Collid*. S".?ht« was done to the fencer of a WAsh.-r.cton. D C. autiai'-b.-.c ~as in cy.I^.on a. tn,r. - f 'he Ecor.orr.v OJ Company a' N^rtlt Market and Seventh str=e's sh-rtl" af:- *- 3 o'clc-ck this m-^minz. The tnic-i. driven oy Emory S'^mer. was timing into a Slling stat.on on tre as the car wen: to pass on th-e r.zh- ^-cc The dan^aze ~as j' Off.c?r Staff ,,*-.-.-?«t.ra-cd. Dr ?rd Mrs R V to»r.. ~^,~. oe air.-r.z *'ie rrid-ia'cj of the I' Tra.n.r.7 S:r. ^' f v r SLcn- de*" r s--^-n srd Pri-ra-- ; T-^'-'-.-^r? P't.'a- . at the annual ·'TT.ITT "~-?n" "r-c^es to ? h^ld J^r.^ ^ New Serial Stor T To Begin In News Monday The grand jury con.=.derei on'.y three world War leterans as-n-ed thr.ugh ; ,, _ , . . , _ _ ,.,_ cases at the j.-,-,ine at o-.idencc .^as-frn Ohio todav toward West V.r- r l U U V t n A K U ·aas preftr/.cd in th* C':nis case »n3 gma.. after a n.ght at the Zanaxil WFFK END CAMP TRIP t. few cays t^ie "arit so it f^rns one of the -wo .r.dlrt- rr«n-« n--, rr.ide r-iK f -xas t-he fi.r (^ounca Jx-f'.r** t.xIa-.X ..«iictnijniS -pre returr. d C.'.. H :»tnnan Sc.iwarz- ii'ipf. s-.p'-r.r.tcncii'r.t. of st^.te police. ar_- r.-jrs'ei tr.rr" w?rc r.-. r.ew deve'.op- rr.cnv _r. -,.-v .=oarfh for tr.e feidnap- rr.jra"r.-r^ of :h* L r:cb»rrh baby Tli" C-r'is .r.d.ctnwr.t. f-jtpc--r-5 ti:e ~ r.'r-.l ·-.. f -s correct that one .~-a.~ i v---. four.c ~.;"; be made puo'.c at ".he of about 300 rx-solier? hap^s t/) reach · WashJ-.gton, Msy 28 (AP^--Pcasi- :'"" cap.-,-*". '.- pl-cac for pa:.-rr.?nt o f ' der.t. He-over tooay n-.ada plans to -h-ir boms t"rtiflcal«s. ' spend tne week-end a- r.-s camp in :Se As it did vestercay. Oh.o a».-ain pro- Virginia rno-^ita^is -*itri fr.ends. -.ide-c; the ^ct/-rarss 52 state- Mrs K--.cvr prec-c-icd him to the owned truces ;·- a:d "heir joumej. cair.p _ Go-vfrr.or George White declared it was On the 1-st of g--e« ~ ere "--rF M- a · -ja.-,r.itic cutv" to io so Kcblnton. Cal--orr.ia biatcr and ire" suard mace arrn^e- . quer.-. -.isi;Ar » the White Hc%se. Mr. m-cr.:. 1 ; f~ West Virginia st*te trucks ! and Mrs rxigar Rickard. cf Xew York. ·s c^nv-c-v the m.--n throtizh that ot*t · Mr *r.c Mrs. Mark Stir.tvan. AlUn To CV*v Mon da v. p-- -,*-- -T' -- ·5'- ^~r*~f!: .'-f Fr^' .:: f'.-f r- MTon-jav. :\:c-- ··-..». - ^ as ^- "it'Cd '^xiay. It h?_s ' *~~ ^'- Low ttaiperature a year ago--50. Sim sets today--728 p m. 5«ri r j;es tomorrow--4 47 a rn. Mf^^ri ri5C: t^rrc-tro- 1 --" '9 s m. Ifocai sets xnjorwMF--2J13 a ax Bvrf Named Vice H C "Cur'.ey ' Byrd. who ha-= be«ri ror.r.ect«-d with the Ur.iv.jr'-.:v if Mi~ - lar.d .n t';. coachir.a a^d adm.nis'rative capacities s.r.ce IS! 2. j Friday -s-as named vice prns dent of th" i College Park inst.'utior. at a niPctir.s , B~;.r.-.r.5 '..or.cav. ·?!.: corr.rr'r.c*' p .c'.: z. nev scriAl 5'or- Thro- " i ss^rj · f t.-rv.;. (.-^? on th,i" ca? .n '·- :n3'.it-05 **-» tr*e -£r,V .ss il" c'. = · 'ft?, i e of the al vars ar.c» of d. All h ' -.e^ a- to Ferj.«vi-.-ania -n.h»n the Ohio les th= ;o irr.T ends 'oday at A ' r-'-ar" uard ^*as beinr, s^ -.--dav at Sonr.ctK:d- O . ~ :iv» arrr.y :- V.'ashin^t'^ri Fox. New York attorney. Capt. Russell Train. \Vrr'.-? House naval aide, and a.r.. t^"=rrer.ce R;cr:y. on« of his secr^-anes, ar.d Capt. Joel T. B-xr.e "Vri;te KTj^e physician, and Mrs 3oor?e. Iarket Res^ins Steadiness. NVw ^-ora Mav C3 i A ~ » --The stock : ark^t =-j:coeeS-ed in 'hrow-.r^g -off early vcair.ess ;-oday and closec; ·s'th a s'eacy :n* Vet chAn^s w»re trr-rrulsr b-t -.irr^ A r^t'ivr ^.ibstA-.tji.: vo.'tsap./' of · Weather OnUook Coming Week. W*athtrr -j:lcc-k for tie week c^giri- n.ns Mor.dav ^. North ar.d Mtddls Atlantic ftat^s Generally fair excep. f.^r showers Wednesday and Th'irscay. heat .r. 6 54 with of th^ board of reg"n'£ M" B;. rd v.^ .-ennd ar.d Corr.'-"- as.-,star.- ;.) titc pre,*.ds.:r ar.c! d r^c'r The its ne T-v.r S*r-. .r 11 of Er ' ^.-..-.t-r an a-c.- Tne is soheaj'-ed :h» after- i of athletes preced-^ng his election _-.- d by XEA . »:1 a, :-ir .n in Tlio Pc»s;. an For Hacrrstotra Police, ar.fvi D* Hsi-r.---D? r rxi"_ce c-n .^ns^? orr«rnt 'cv a youns ^.r. 'ha-t r.;. Mr!* .n S*ir.e. aoo.t. J*?. ^ a-r--v?c Fr.rif.v" in M.oie- , ov f D .tv ?:.-r.:T f/.. ana ..".^ ' is -a cjstcty. Itqj-.iat.x'. reSer-.r.f fr.davs decline ' Coo! at hcr-nn.r.r of week Wanner br-'-Krht ".-^scs of or.c to two p-oir.ts for Tuesday ani Wednesday and cooler Fri- ar.ti'ipation of tr.e Mor.da-- holiday ar.d th* f4-..:.- that the ta- bill w^u'.d have ^-a- con-vd-rao'.e pr.?r*s5 ov the t.Tie .n day ar.d. Saturday. M-ftress. Yesterday yo-t: broke a dozen an-i saucers. T^isay you broke f3jr pli-os Wriil -rill hapTX?Ti torrar- s'ar' Transact,.ons an- r-u cables up '-* cent w $3.S3"v». r , Ma d - Nothing much--tbat-s my l o3.--Aaswew.

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