The News from Frederick, Maryland on December 31, 1931 · Page 5
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The News from Frederick, Maryland · Page 5

Frederick, Maryland
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 31, 1931
Page 5
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THE-DATL7 NEWS, FREDERICK. MD.. THURSDAY. DECEMBER 31, 1931. FIVB DEATHS DIVISION OF FOOD DOLLAR IS SUBJECT OF BULLETIN , J Q Qg t Most For Money Described For Housewrfe. New House Pajamas Smart Though Practical Lynn K. Broth. j Lynn BL Brugtu ST.. 61, retired bus;- i less man. died at the Washington , Jaunty Hospital at Haserstown, Wed- lesday. So^oTrfng an il^iess of several iays from complications. Mr. Brugh ' or years vas associated wits his fath- j Kift . t ge , ;he 3.^. j^ ,,, yot , r , ·r. the late Peter A. Brj^h, in the · ,,3 ., eVi \j, e iuain auc and object of ( canagejnent ol one of tie pioneer eTer y"'v c ; is ? 'jn:~ today. e5pecui!l if ; nercastile firms ot Hag?rs»wn Early sjle "j,^ wr: , ^ u . e ffi o£ey to code aim business - " life be was engaged m business ~ 0 * ^ -^ ^ubiect of a bulletin re- n Ros^Kkf. Va. He was a member cl ^E^Y _s2,uei by the United States : he advisory committee of the Wash- ; Bureau of Home Et-onomics. This bul- ngtcn Co^inty Museum of Fine Arti. ; c yr, aS-.tses tne keeper of the lxnie ·.hich vas donated to Hagerstcwra by ' exchequer t' divide a collar into Sve us S-Sttr Mrs. Antia Brugh Smger, «;ual p«ur'-* ana i??nd it for five aiScr- of Wiian! H Seises, noted artist · ent kind* of :ooc '. l Ncrvvaj. Besice* his ·wicov Mr. if there are children m the fionly, ', saga is sunived by one son. Lynn K. use government home economist* *·*'. ' ru£h. Jr.. H,';e"?"^'" or-e daughter, each collar that goes ur food ii^uld be . taie. Pierre Feore. Par-s. France, and --pent liie '.h-s' 23 cents for milk and , x sjter, Mrs. Singer. c-se»e. -5 to -0 cents for \egi?ta3le» , . and fruit. 15 to 2C cents for brtad Mrv. Amanda Shelter. and ce.-ea^. 20 to 15 cen--s for b-itwr. ; Mrs Amasoi Shefter. w-.doir of the fouaviing cnilaren: Mrs. funeral parlors. M:ddSetoni. Satur- Say mom^g and funeral services O f food as vs.el ce^t quan'--.y of fxd that ery, Middletown. C. T. K. Gladhill, response to daily requests f or a=v i^ unera! director. ; and assistance from men and i onion · i -Ah: ar.te to the bureau a=king h to maintain -their families f ished earnings, from relief dispensing money and tooa supplies , and. from a elf are organizations of many j ktnds. Tne suggested market orders include . 10 30 o'clock. Interment Mt Olivet ' only tne necessary kmcs of food, and i tery. M. R. Etchisoa and Son, fun- -.hose that cost the least. A family of * The funeral of Charles W. Keiser take place Saturday rr.ornirig at ! five. s}£ the leaflet, consisting of I fa:ser, mother and three children under Tite funeral of Mrs. Bertha Irene 14 years of age, needs as. least tnis Blacksten, wife of U. Grant Biacisten. i mucn food each weekt a ho died Saturday at her home, was j Bread, flour, other grain procuris. ieli Tuesday afternoon at 2 o'clock j pounds -- 3 from her iate residence, 5231 Beisters- '. Milk, quarts - 28 j toira road. Baltimore, Rev. G. Raymond Potatoes, pounds _ 20 j Jrooks offic-ating. Pallbearers ivere: · Dried beans or peas, pounds _ 1 Green, William Green, Weldoa , Tomatoes, fresh or canned, pounds .. 6 Xusbaum, C. L. Alexander, Mr. Lang- Leafy vegetables (greens;, pounds... 10 , ^--j don. and Arthur Lambert. Interment , Other vegetables and fruiis. pounds.. 10 ! ^1. was in Druid Ridge cemetery. Pikes- ; Bu-.ter. lard, bacon, margarine, other i x *' fats, pounds 3 [ k | Bible Thought Doli\rr me from blood rulltmo.v.. O j i G K! tlum God of my N.i!\ CITIZENS' NATIONAL BANK ·ny U'J'.Kue sliall NILU a'o-id ^i j i ighleousness - Psaluis M 14 j * * * I Gusli's » terrible thing B-t LOCAL MENTIONS tli POTTS GEIFFIH. WE CAN GIVE YOG INFORMATION ON ANY TYPE OF PROPERTY. SALES-- EXCHANGES--RENTAL APPRAISALS--MANAGEMENT Oc! \".r ou - ^T-.rf No* Y « a r A l DICK--* PARK. Uamr N» Year'- -r N.-\ Yf. : - vk-»". THE i CIT1ZKN' NATIONAL BANK OF F K K D K K I C K , MD. TAl'lTAL $100,000.00 Bis Op«riiin Uanff. _·. ..»-·· 5-v-^ iu; .-^.-. Di:. e Vr-Xi: 6 t · :-' LIST YOUR PROPERTY WITH CS FOR SALE OR EXCHANGE. POTTS GRIFFIN. REALTORS 'PHONE 6X. THE PEOPLE S FINANCE CO. R3CEIPF IS FULL H * * --i }v.u ..£f : step into :..e ..'2.." oi «..:n o: · OJr iUrrj tetrxu: sriaM rs $800,000.00 u a i I ard «f Thjnk. | \Vo '.\.-:: to '..v»:)i. v.:: :ru::i snJ :-x-f:'Jv;^ ' ^r '..-.«.- k.:.!:".-.^. c;.-.:!« :r.c .:.::^K s::d cit'a:.'. o! ojr u^-; Uer ET.C:. ar.s! for '-: 1 'x-j.; 1 ..:-: Sonera ,»:-.^ .IH- of »·-'· ^ r -' b-'f! 1 --MR A N D M5tS JOSKPH LOOKER AND FAMI1 Y · 300 Fair L'. S. Army Garrison Shors. j* Shoe* arc :i-*l :i.i.'-^c'.fd I S?e;_i: sale-*: 50 p.i:r ^:. i:^-a i Miller a Sh^X· HtV-iirir.,;. 33 S Mit St jt : '· -* ·' ? - r -a : ^ u g: rc"v.."-2 .1: f OFFICERS D. U»kiai man ot Uuanl. MOLMES D. BAKEK. JOHN- H. I tcr 1'itstdtnt. l I to o-r P ! :-'r the c I .or their We IVish To Eitrnd r:c::cb ar.c! P-siro:-.-, ^r,x-.j: vsnnx ^f·a'. J-" "--" '»»· t -'-« roiiASt- viur.:ii :h« .i * can h?.p fvr a.'., the THE PEX?LETS FINANCE OO . -.o C.-rt S: CHICKS FOR THE RAABE BEACTY SHOP. ^6 SJU'.n Markc: tot WILLIAM G. CaahttT. SAMCO. G. . -- . indw Tiear for t=? pa ama woman i» a cevp il.:; cr?:» roa: o.-. ·' - ^us: « r.-'r.t. -A.-.h, or tro-^ors and - ^^ sta-cmg collar. a slee-.e 1,^ ?. ; :c r-»c^..- .- .-repc u-e:-.tert, Patou pjc-i= a:: ^:.i.-.:--i · u-iet o. soft · a blue BY JEAN PVTOt' Writteri for XEA Service Par^. De?. 1*1 --Crc ·. -·* - Id ni T-- · sidcrs lounge att.r? v, .ien p3:nr.i- senerallv on the sardr-ose of a -,\e.l- The Annual Hnrmen'j Ball. New Year's E\e. Junior HalL Dancing 9 to 1 Tirtois. Ladies 25c. Gents 50c Auspices Junior Fire Cotnpauy. J. TRA\ERS THOMAS. Cathier. ·.Itri-Ieminir.e - ^ t:i::r'-t:? A more detail; ·i .1 decided i:-- r -·: 3 personal . - ., _,, .-. ^ D r e -- · ~'^^ "Ur~~-·--* 3 ^oc«-- "" . ""." . "" "~,"~ can spsr.i in or.-n n^me. tr G-imes and Mrs WiUlam H. Roberts, time." the !eafl» says. t both of Baltimore, and Mrs. Charles The other rauion is shown with the ; le. Woodsboro: and two brothers, warning that it just meets boay neeas i Johnson. Creagers^n ,_ ......... "j,^^-^ 0 . JSS ., 0 "^.-^ -,; uld " ' to , rh -he- in- - rusice in i- ai-.c i witness. j ed of a sat.n sheat.i cfTect. it shoulv : ..e some touches o' l.;:it and air;. :; to ;on\ey that necessary albc- .; rc;tr_:::ed vaporous nste. One feature, though. i rigorously barred from even the most femin.r-- -'. r.^glises. ar.d that is transparency o.ill another joint to kr-?p in mtr.d is or sumptuous a fabric Wby Take » Chance. i Let Delphey get your !932 motor tr- . : t U) tur.'.^y an ambig- ' hide Ucciise tags. cnaufTeurs' cards. · ,·;-..·_- ..:id :l'-ii 0.1:1 usually c;c _ Daily service Information and ·: . f t - 'J'.c dot ire to achieve com- [ application blar.fcs furnished and filled .; ^ . {:·..-_!. ·*.'...:« they do not need \ ,,1 j ree o f charge. .1 .:: ;j:tj ·}'. .ill iti pn-.;:ica! qualities i " j PAUL DELPHEY, i jii; i niu-t rtinain feminine, then '[ "Honie o£ Uie Bike." j ., n.-to ma:', be giver, by the supple- j o?:n j ^ of it* cut and faoric. but never · . . j i?ir.e t.-u.-h of ;.UT:JJ\ tlxat is invar- [ Election Noticcw \ jly out of pl.v.-.. ' xhe election of the Board of Direc- · -S ·* * : . , rs O f the Farmer's Supply Co of The most .·«.-:. ·'..).". pajama en- \valkersvaie. M d . will be hdd In the · office of The Farmer's Supply Co. on rt.jl is. I t.:.n- -. ?.'.::v;t.v-i of a siecvc- '?- al-ufj and tro i.-er^. v\.tii the blouse .."keti in the trousers. The latter should be wide, without exaggeration. I sj^scst a sleeveless ·c 'h" prevailing .- r-iie to re=.;l! In iomethir.s that looks 'oloose because the suit can be success- . Januarj- 2nd. 1932. from 9 - u ' nti , 12 o - c ;ock. i HAKVEY R CRAMER. Secretary. I DIRECTORS JOSEPH D. BAKER. THOMAS H. H/.UER. CHARLES it CON LEV M D.. JOHN S. NEWMAN. JAMES U. GAMBRILL. JL, HOLMES D. BAKER. DANIEL BAKIK JR., JOHN H. BAKER. ELIAS B KAMSBl'RGH, ARCUtBAJLo E. FISHES. HELP WANTED. LIFE I^SCKANCE MAS WHO IS A LtTH- frir. C SI. »--)". P O B:x 703. !U.r ·- t^-j. Pa ii-ji-c:iii-s-»:i" ! RAILWAY MAIL CLEKK.S -V.CS 18-3i. i CoT.m'acc JJM500 mo^'.h Steady Pa:d i »ic.«'.:o^s- E»-.y «an;:r.i';onj cxp«:«l. ; Co::»«o- rducj'.:on \t:ac!crt. Fui: part'cu- 1 i-% with ia::vr cosciiias !rr * Write today , -.urr Box :»"5K. Sfwi an: !i-li 1J.J6 18.19 FOR RENT. RENT--3 FURNISHED BSDROO3J3- Ii- Fr:r»'.r hoa: c:cn«!. APP'j rcj North Market Ss. ! Henry Johnson, of Indiana. C. Waltz, funeral director. PERSONALS -'vSeri T.oman. but on t"r: otli'r hand " KENT-- F U K N I S » D BEDROOM. FOR one or t*o. 526 Trill Axcaue U-3t-d6t* FOR RENT --THREE-STORY BRICK HOUSE. ·horouKh'.r modrm. No. IS East S*cosd "fcf. Powrssion Aprl! 1. For Inlorajat.on. upyly M East S«o:.d s:r«t. , Mr. and Mrs. B. 3. Barker. Bruns- j =*** « our - other ^^ producB. . announce the birth of a ten j 3^^^ ~ ~~~ H11ZZI 10 j Potatoes, pounds ._.* - 10 \. Dried beans or peas, pounds . . if the ardent sport"- \ cm? r.'.-cf sr: c al cf meau!=ure ar.d study shotild at- -" " su:::ci to this type of garment. pound daughter. December 23. Mr. Beajaima R- Ssicfcney, WasMng- ton, D. C., inventor, and Mrs. Stickney are giiesa a- the Francis Scott Key hotel for several weeks. New Market Toma-toes, fresh cr canned, pounds.. 2 Leafy vegetables (greens), pounds 5 Other vegetables and fruits, pounds 8 Butter, lard, bacon, margarine, other Mr Bem- Mrs. C. Austin Gardner and young son. Gene Austin, ^ho nave been vis- itisg Mrs. Gardner's parents, Mr. and ' ^ T. Samuel C. Austin, of this city, have returned to HagerstowTi. s, pounds .... gar. molasses, sorgo sirup, pourxis 5 ' ara Salby ir. Mt Ai-y I --Mr. 33d Mrs. Ajgu*t! are ·s-ith tneir caughtero, M-ssss Mar.- and sp.nt Christmas at home. , --Mr. sr.i Mrs. A. Deney Zimirerjsan c- ':.'.: Airy, visl'.ed their parents. Mr jni Mrs. A J. Z.cimerrnan this week POULTRY SHOW WINNERS L n moat _ f c h Qr heg£e . Loys, Dec By Judges At Smiths- burg Display. Winners have "Ken announced in the ounii annual t:_'ul:rv shov.. Tihich op- Zl --Mr tnd Mrs Harry ,__led ^ ._,,, s~ :: h.,"- lir? High School ·oys LATEST OPPORTTTNTnES- | E3si Jlreet. modern borne. Ideal location. ', Seren room, modern nome. W»»hlBgtoD . itrcct- S3.KO. ! j FOR RENT-- MODERN 6 ROOM HOUSE. Furaacc Ju^t nts-'.T '.nsti'.'.td Immediate _^:oo. APP:- «r £»: »««S^, It FOR REST--MODERN APARTMENT AND garsc. App.y Voung mud Weincr. i;-30-d6t KENT -FURSISHED ROO« WITH Properties on Part .venue, .no EMI «U . . runnins *»t«. Apply 111 ««- 0 _^ rd Direct, to b« sold at a tacrlDc*. i s ' rctt- SAVING W.OOO | TOR RENT.-MODERN 3 ROOM APART- A recent drop or *2.000 on this modern , , jjj Eas . second Jtr«t. 3-room botue. :nclud!uc tract of iand CD j 12-3I-d6t Notice. i hignnar. near Frederick. maKex »o atttrac-. 1 1 Mve bareain u veil as a tourist ar.d QUICK Court News Sykesville -Proi. and Mrs. C. A. MiBride of z. spent Fr.~'r.y vith relat.vcs in -.-nr.a^ur-. Tuesday mgnt under the a t once, the police will be instructed to aE .TM 1 BaltiaiDre teak Chr-staias coiner -arita rr^o^r.^k. ausp.;es c-f the Smithsbur^ Poultry en f O rce the city ordinance matin; it mrnt. d the agricultural de- un i aw ful to discharge an air rifle or rgam as well as a tourist ar.a BUICS _ HEST _$TO MONTH. THREE-ROOlt - - - v.ation opportunity. You must apprcclstt dav :iisht iparlracnt. Private bath. Gas, Unless the promiscuous shooting of ;his ralur. . i f'.cctrsc P!en:r heat and hot water. "! and globes is stopped _ t : o .^l i ^r.^. 1 ??_^^.. _;.,. ^.. I w. Patrick s tr«t. J ' Mr ^r.d Mrs. 3. C. Burgess. i --llr. ar.d Mrs. Major Zanizow and '· --Mrs. Nettie Mealy has returned s;^. v c re vis.tors home from the Fredeni City Hosp.tal. Eckrnrodc is p ^ , , 8 ^ c( . nl . oa j. our mveit- . T« corner iou on w. I3tb .treet. tac . in BaXmorc on partment oi the high schoo'- ; ca£ " rin e within the city limits. This ^ Iore than ^g bifds are on ex jiibi- ' violation of the law must cease at once --Miss Margaret ROD? of R«2dmg. SykesvtZs. Dec. 30.--^iliss Charlotte Pa., v:as home for the hol-iays. ^g er s^tsr, Mrs* C. Rcscoc Kircr. Xatiuian. student of Mt. Saint Agnes i --Mr. Will Burgess of Washington. _j lr . ar .d ;..i rs Grorce Bc::ler spir.t j. e c -. hlb _- or , ^ waiter Johnson, man- i College, is spending the holidays ?.ith 'spent Christmas here Tith hj motner m r c ^-,- -g^ ^eel-i -.\uh re.atives lu a "]l_ ^"j^., "\va^ ! -ji';-oii baseball team Mr. Johnson vented ihc s'ao-x and was kept busy autographing baseballs for Equity Case. _ Parsons Nctvrnan. assignee cf a mort- i her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Francis , --Mr. and Mrs. trnest Boyer had as gage from J. Bo-srers Myers to John P. - Newman. . their guests at dinner Christmas cay ; Groff, on petition. Foreclosure of mort- : --Arthur Fuller spent Wednesday in their sons. Hanford and Welca, Ion from Man land. FeimsyUan-a. Vir- and the police «-ill be instructed ac- ..r.j West Virginia -and Ohio. Among cordingly. ELMER F. MUNSHOWER. Mayor cich Cocsult R!ce aboat other values. List your real citate Kith alee. -PHONE us*. FOR RET--3 ROOM APARTMENT. FIRST floor. 315 S. Second St. 12-19-13t . FOR RENT.--MODERN SRC ROOM HOCSE. I 323 Washlncton street. Apply W. L- Bur- I ger. 201 South Marcel street. » K THIRD ST. -Those v%ho spent Saturday «i gage. · Baltimore. i Western Maryland °- :.:r. ar.d Mrs. Joitn Lay v.ere Mr. and ..^., Isa- Ba?:I Sanders. Mr. youngsters An educational exhibit from the TJni- anil Mrs. --Miss Eleanor McDonald, Balti- ' bel and Mame Moyer and Mrs. M. Gil- Charles Mamma and famJy, Mr. and - ers:: y o f : x i ar -.-lar.d is "ojing ti^played 'more, -s-ho formerly resided here, is in , "aert. _ _ . » . Irs - Ro " Frjshoar and .'amily, and _~^~^~ direct.Dri of W. K. R::e. poultry Marriage Licenses. Lloyd A. Doab. 22, Mtiir, Pa., and : the Bon Seccurs Hospital having been ! --Mr. and Mrs. A H Jacsson took din- A. Xroutman. 21, Toiver City, Pa. i operated 1 on for append-citis. Her aunts ' ner, Chris^nas, -srlth Mr. ani Mrs. John Harry M. Taulton, 21. Brucsisrick, and ' reside here, Mis3es Satis and Mary , Winpigler of Fr:cer.^. EUzabeta K. Spaid. 18, L-ehew, W. Va ; iicDocald and Mrs. James Grimes. | --i*^- Andy Zircmerman -sras quite Roy C. Strce. 21. MiacIetoTrn. ana --jj^ a^tj ^j-s Thomas H. Welling j iH for several days. Helen M. Griffith, 20, KeedysviUe. 3^ a farj-^v dinner Christmas dav. j --Mr. ana Mrs. A. H. Jacison -risii- 5 ' ed Mr. and Mrs Harry Rtppeon mjHo-iv- Boone Dorsey. Gknwood: Mr. and Mrs. a^i county, and Mr. Mrs. Harrj- l-.3r Mrs. Charles Domer, Baltimore. --M-ss Richel Martin, of Thurmon:, "-' o 'e ui ve"=; ty cs' -- - o n sen-- vv -JT-e"s in"the"vario'js "classes fol- " r.d Mrs G M. Clarence Shriner is visiting 01 Is'.. Dark Barred Rocks--C. E. Schroyer, C K K:;. stone Farm. B. p. Krct- _ _ , , . -- - - ^Jl*.i ^fc i JC-iu--J « ^ : ^ i , _ . r - . V^Aii -- ? t - ' ; - f V ? *J4 William N. Glascoci, 21, and Mary y^g ^^3.5 parents, Mr. aad Mrs. fane Wenner, 21, both of LoveftsvlUe. 3oo ,,_ T^Tsev. Glenwood: Mr. and M sper.t several da;s v^th ler parent?. ;..--.;r. A. S. Gemants. Bs.ltau Broth- . Va. William Talbott. Dorothv. Edward and Moore and Mr. and Mrs. WalKr Moore THREATENS TROUBLE . T T ,, _. - ,,,, _ . . liani Allen and Miss Mary Lou : se Al- anc Leona L. E. Snoiter, 20, Weisert. , , Aa wasZog'-'z D C dauzhter, Herdis of L^nham; Mrs. Mon- Henry A. En g elbre=ht, 25, 120 West 'I^^^ thtr SS ^^-S SK Shin" . Mrs. Waiter G-muel. Catcnsviile. v ° n - _ ,, . -Mr. and Mrs. Rivmond Firoved. '. -"' a a «*- Bni - c - C ^ n .°- Leesburg, Va., are tne gtitsts of jus sister, Mrs. W. E. Falconer. Property Deefied. ! :atner, ---sa tiepner. i ""H:;^TM^-^"^^0 '' ^--"v"^1 J. Howard B-Sier to Joseph G. Hick- · ~^- ** Mts. Rar.d-^h Weer. of ?;: ^'^^ 'H'"^^ 3^ a-d inger and -- ife. county. S10. ;BaItjnore, are spendins the holidays ZU,.'V aa i«"ii-" T»^be-- ~-^--"-="v^ Ba"George E. Smiih. et al. executors, to ,' :r - t ^ 1 ^ x 'ormer's parents. Mr. and Mrs. ;."^tX^ --=--V--' -T-="-f"""3^-ns a' Charles W. Mahoney. county. SI40.95. ! Jantes R. Weer. r"-'^'^^""" 4 ~" "* " " " ·--Miss Rcxacna Steele. of the West- _ --- Fourth street, and Dolly P. Etzier, 23, JTedsncs, Route 1. Paal It. Dmtenoan, 20, Roc'sy Ridge, . _ and Ethel M. Peccicord, 18, Graceaarn Scranton. Pa., arrived ±uesaay to spend the holidays vrith the latter's j father, Asa Hepner. Wiiliam C Mercer and Trife to Charles W. Mahoney. county. SIO. CardP3rt icrn State Normal Sccoci, B^^tmazDO, ' .ch.. -snll amve in Maryland to spend , iie remaisung holidays. Accompanied |. £;e .. ^ .... ~ ° ' 4 .. . , . . . ., A cs-igntf-j. care party -R-as ^eid at ; oy Miss Irene Stee;e. ner sister. State {he home of Mr. and Mrs. Harrey Rip- ! Normal School, they spsnt Christmas _ ; 11^ y. , peon, Mt. Pleasant. Tuesday night. Re- .day -rrith their sister, Mrs. George ZX*r" v" freshmen ts -srere served. Those present 'F. Ho'K'es. ' - . » : = 4 Mr . s =·»·---«-· "lasa seve- --· ..... leader Of Unemployed Demonstrators 3Iakes Prediction. Washington. Dec. 30.--The rr.arch of -.r'tr.^loycci acrnrn.trators to Washmg- ;r. z.~. the oper..n; of Ccnrress culmm- r.-ea taiay :r. z threat before a Senate C'.zin-.:t.tee to · mj^c it ur.cotr.:ortaole f.c t-^e "K-3 vos't feed the unem- -.cyec." The threat ~as shouted c~ Kertrert 3cr.=air..r.. loader of thi cemor-strat.or. rr.arcr. ' !!.:· tne ears of £enators ~.-.o earlier heard tr.e American Fedtrat.-jn of Labcr thro-- its full itrengta behina requests for c^-ect federal ur.e=tpl:.;.-rr.eni rs-ef appropna- Meanvrhile Walter S G-fford. na- -: the movement for federal atpropr.- .-::-ns v,-;-.i a statement expreiotn; cor.- f^:n-e Loral icmtr.fecs ~-vuli be able c--. DayhofT Poultry Farm Barred"Ro:is--M:Kenzie Bros. K-?r.r.c-;.i Frcy, Harinian Sons Wnite Rocss--J Birtle. J A. Burkhart, · C. J. Eoersole. A. E, Eccarc!. S.n=le corn's Rr.ode Island Reds-- The Annual Firemen's Ball. New Year's Eve. Junior Hall. Dancing 9 to 1 Tickets. Ladies 25c. Geats 50c. Auspices Junior Fire Company. \VE HAVE REMOVED OUR OFFICE FROM 28 WEST PATRICK ST, TO 9 NORTH COURT STREET. We writ« all lines oi Insurance Including automobile liability and propertj damage. · --FUKNHSHED ROOM WTTH OR mibout board. Apply 230 E Sscond St. 12-29-S41 RENT.--PtTRKISHEO APARTMENT -- fc roods and batb. 231 East Second St 'Phone 41-J. i:-2S-U6t FOR REJST-- THRES ROOM APARTJ.SEST. lurc:sbed- App'-y 205 East Second St. FOR REST--PRO?rr. si»nt and garage. Apply Young Wrlner, 31G N Market -ireet. H-21-dM FOR RENT.--MODERN 5 ROOM BTJXGA- Jow 803 Tra!! Are Pc-'»«:on Jaa I. Appty Franfc St-asberger. 4-42 W. Pa'.r:ck strwl. 'Phor-c 6*7-M. «-;7-fitI FOB RENT-- HOOSE ON WATER ST.. SIX i raczs with e:fctr:c iights. paper and water can JOHN W. BRUCHEY'S I JOHN N CLART. !n kilchea. cu::cr. Po»sss:oa at once. Apply J 34- 12-!4-dU Marshall Kl-r.e, Keystone Farms. E. F | Buff Rock Poultry Yards for Poultry -- MartJi. Walter Johnson. Ard.e Winters ' alive or dressed. Fresh eggs daily and Hose Cooio Rhode Island Reds-- 1 baby chicks 'Phone 696-R John Kentn;er. Marshall Kline. ! «59 West South St. Buff Ro:ks--H. E. Rice, B. P. Kret- ! NOAH E. CRAMER SON. FOR SENT.--SIX ROOM HOCSS ON NORTH M»ilt« St App.T to C E. S5!r.- 714 N. Marfcet ttreet- 12-I-dtT _, r i Rent-A-Car. Buff Orsingtor^-- H Troup. E. Rmc- AU close- aiode^s Gas and on free ·--- L j"acc.uec, E Longneckcr. B. P \ Rates as low ts lOc per aiile. i-p:4 .^,~ ' · For information 'phone 1378. Wh.;e Wz-anaottej--C. L. Grubb. R-r.0 Harp. Silver Iared V."iandot;«s--C. A. Bair. K-.;tonc Farms. FRANCIS SCOTi KEY GARAGE. K4 West Patrick St. I FOR RENT--FODR OR FTvS ROOM MOO- i ^r-* apartnierj:. ;u-^:^l:ed cr unSc"7iIsfcel- i 2nd V.oar. Apply 6 w. TbirS street ^^ '^o-ovtd *l'l» a su "-m lr»ae !=reli:r.r ! FOR REKT -MODERN SIX-ROOM HGUSS. baci Sarn. aaacLlse «fted. cijicter · 101 Ea« Sevrr.-h --.rret. Po'vssloa Octo- ao^ S « «tf hog pen. S pr!r, s «ter p!p»d ui ' *-r Is-- Apply 344 O!U areaoe PSca. ·I;c el^hen Bj aataral Tow TTiere It t IK3. "Ia " AN OFPORTTJfnTT To purchase a US acr- farm three mile- TM 5 _ Fonntafn Serrlce to Hit City. White- £eshom?--Dayhoff Poultry PEOPLE'S SERVICE DRDG STORES F--rr. H S Shoe-sralter, C. J. Ebersoie. ·; Trappers Take Notice. _5 K Mi^er. Pull value and h.ghest prices pa'.d 1 "soT- "o .'-« o"' B-P l'-i4- .and O.»nc'r FOR RENT -3-ROOM MODERN · ur.^r'cu.t.«-:or.. Tte osner cr in.- ' rs-ai Apply w-U Bros.. 410 North Mar i proper:? IT.'.] ieire la tiie lann tl.OOO. OE j Eel street- n-o-au sr« mortgage j --i the ico»t »ttr»ctlT« fanz i ^L. iV 3rt- B -a I«s---trr.--K Frsv, M W Startz- for raw furs at my place of business -- 32 " Shop bet-sreea Third and Fourth Sts Black Mjr.orcas -- S Moore. "Vh.tE M^r.orcas-- B. Waders. F. Ford Bjff ::.norc^-- E K. Krt-ts-r.ger. V." -..'e Lar.:. s hans -- E ~K. E-.rrhart. 3.^'-t G.'.r.ts -- C. 3-rgexir, Kcy- ar.d Mr;. au-*am niiic_^)i.. .iir. ar.n Ed'rsbure sr= receiving co-crafula- ilrs. Gilmore Hamilton. Miss Peggy v - OI , s ,,_ ^ e arr Ta! of ^ daug n :e - iirs. Hamilton. Miss Margaret Rippeos. Miss L^^-C -5^ forn;»r T Miss M Csthenns Rippeon. James HamStors. Paul Burrler ar.d Mr. ?itt;nger. In Death CeU Market Prices rars. daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Edgar ^-.-Syr. of rr.ion Br.ige: Mr sr.i. Mrs Ctrrrara. Ho5r.tT KcV.v ar.d cr-liren i --Mr. and Mrs Hob-- Itr.csay and ' xc.n. ar.a Kvr.-etr. c: Fo-r.tam ..l.lls. of ?:r. ar.d Mrs. Wi.lam Bes- r. a=d iSrs Wm. Kelly and s-or. Grain. Wlteat, '"neTf) ba Live Stock and Prodoce. Prodacas. t:c- Kctfcrs . . Steers . . . C-:-'. :»i to cr.cxc.. C -" fa.r to cc-?c il-c,- w-ra pr.rr.e !.-.e^. cl-3.ce 133 to :· caive^, ::o-:25 :bs Calves. sttb;ect to light «-et5.-:t. 2c to 3c ett _ -;«_ ij- 5 Snt~?. Ke_y. Mis Kat.e --Mrs. R. B. Watl-ons. ifcs. Arthur "Ua-- k. a-i M-SS iJary ker.y, of N*TI ·^ A. FuUer. Misses Lillian Hcv-iti. Ida . Watksra ajid Siva Sclby '"isned Mr. ar:d c -~~'3 r.trs. j. T. GoE-ell. at the I. O. O F. 3C io . - _ . i£o~". in FrecfrtcS. recently. 4c to 6'"-- -- :xir - ar -° -^-s- w - R McCarcell. 3-; io 3"-c "··· ar.d Mrs. Bar~. K-r,rr C Bar. 2c t- -". · ""· Srrr, r l B"all. Mr. ar.'i T-'r^ Earl 7.; ; o 7".~ C.*r - ET-I^S-.'; of Mr. sits ?.lrr R Sc to 6 ;: : 3 Wat-f.t-_= Gattncrs 4-; :o 5c i · Marset. Cr.r---T^c :1^- -·-·- Mr a.t: Mrs C. as IJetour -'CCVmi --Mr. ar.d Mr. 5 Z""" 3"'T ·"·" ' N c- /^ . -,. 5-- sr.c Ra'p . - -.·'· C. W. or. ~je--:a;. --ir. A J J.T-----e £-5 Mr ?!-! Z--r-ir.rrtr^r. irere .r. Ba.t.-.c-e or. M-r.- clvD.ce 70-SO los 5-^c j Li^tw cr.o.ce, 60-70 l=s o'-.c De'our. Dec. 33.--Mr. ar.d Mrs. v'.c- La~05. culled _..3c 'or R. Wtybr-ght. Br:rjr..::e. X. ".: F --. 1 iO-l 15 o; *c ^fr. ard Mr? Xcrv:!"" E Sr.r-^ H---. 13J-140 lo^ 5c and children Eucer.s Xaicy ar:dDa-t-:, H;r; lii-lS" 1 '.7= . . 5c · A.r.:lle. Pa 5pe:i* tiie C v .r^trr.^5 ^ol'- Hoi« 16- -;"L .o 5c nays ·*!:'.": Mr. VTe.bri-nt'.- n-r-'n * £K^c:s. 2JO-:30 las - Sc M" ?-~d Mr^. S. K. W-.ybr.g.i.. nwr pi -js -oug-i - - - *c , Deto-jr. --i?^. E"lza R Spencer c-f Sy'--'. 7 ho lias b-oer. c:..~* --'.. _- .tr.iro" JT.J. Dr ^r.i Vr.= J H C.ll.r.-- S'.^r.r.ah. Ga . ·-rt»r=..r.--'i a' Cr.-:---r.» Mr ar.i \:rs l.Tar'.r. J :-Fr--.n*t ar.T O'" A'.-·-. " N" C .-..t-i Mr . :.d M~ J rl Co .r.- j r t' riArr.p- ~ f r. \~f I --iU5 V. ;.e 3a-.-r, of 3i ·j.:r'- A:.- ir.a= -- W.I ,an-. Alder C E Riggs £.l.-er l_ac: Hatno^r-- -- L Jacques. DarS Co-r^.l-- I. ?. S.ianS. R Wiar=. J."".e Chapel A^ey. I also have all kJ2ds of second-hand pipe, good as new. from : .i-inch to 8 inches for sale Phone 383. FREDERICK JCNK COMPANY, Frank Gastlev. Prop 5 E Third St ?cor* 383 :.·= one ol r.:::e- ttat we have ever cSered anc bf:n; «J:tJ Jor rnuiS .eS5 than lls^ or!g:r:a rt mortjage. Per i-jrther particulars sp .v 10 NOAH E CRAMER SOS. IK COCRT STHETT FRESERlCTt, MD ·PHOKE 50«. PUBLIC SALES. TSCSTEES* SAIJi r OF VALUABLE REAL ESTAii- » 2-rrcc o: the Circuit Court Et,~CTION NOTICE r-ed'r.-l. Md . Dec- 23rd. "933. .*.t *r.".- bar.k.r.g noj^-c on '.£7 ITre'.J'-b dav 5cr-- K'.r.c- .: S..:'-:. L Jac. Da-- -.rff P Jl rr F.srzr.. R. W_=S-.= C F--r-e=- F L .M.Oj.ry. W.r.r.'-rs -r. D^:-t C^-^°5 -- J. Floyd. Wirce", E Bat.ftll. E Phett; CC. .".rr.frs ^. Ge-i D-par'-r.c-t -- R ^T-r ~£ P -re H V. -.-f^. r .f ." -- H V. ,"~^rc E "ls~ icnec^T .s-.-t- D-.-^sr T.T.t-- L. E w.--orcr.- r.^r3.r- F F": H ScraUrh Pads and Tablrta. 8c to lOc a pound. THE NEWS-POST. Court Street- i3.i r-.on-.Ji. b-*r?r. :.ic r;o-jrs ol 1000 -. ?.xi i: rr Ns-r. «- «:»ci:on =r.n be Birr of Mirrtaad, {o CI-ART. WAJCCTED. -V.-TED-- AM . _--. -^ -x. RESTED IN BUYING "^T- co-'.T r-.c»^. Io- ^^r.-OKl ·-'.--.·- bo- SOTICZ TO CRFDTTOHS. :;o t: ;:s EOUTTT. 'i H B.^-^rd. T-.*-'*'" rf Charles s-c S.-ah C;--- a W.-:'- .- F.'I-- ·. O. . ' KQ- '-. ·'a-lj C.:T. Ma:;.:r»r.d. or. JANr'.ST. TTH. t317. -t lc r-^-r s! i -Ten o c.ccc a r? . at] the '- o~ "^ d^'cr t f s r*^: r-l.ile s.l- 3 -^ on -· S-:-h ·; iff of VT -. P-' r.-cf. -a \r. -^a- sa-r» -C ~-~: - -- ITS c« We3 F.-'-r-x- «·-·---. r = : · r- -» cr cs=. - '-· -- »--- ._/·--· 'S 2" ' -. TT"" c- '-^" IS .,,, -~ --r '-.- - - - ·*-·:; r. ^ "-"^1 ·'^ c '.^-- "HI" --"-^- -^ - ^*- S T H V 1 ""' i^i. Records :or T".VO ST '·"V POR SALE. ·r C G Br-r. -. E :....;.. B P K---\.-; .- - - a , v- P_.i-ir;,n-.«n ir. ?.!--. and v O = SA^S -- TVRKSVS ·?:-; ses-s c c ?' - SE. J-'CKS s G*-- :t. JOSEPH H SCSS^RD. LOCAL MENTIONS \r«;or v .rt-. Add Comfrrt. . , r.' -r , q j .'y ct £ n. S j. ; Ir.--.rir. ^ _·» ccr'.^. .. t.." ' . t .i- ' ti .-.a', e .::.-· r -c Rer..... · ^ v rfT F POTTS ANT3 GRIFFIN. FOP. SU,E-- K;X-ROCM MODERN EI-NOA- .j--. -.".- fV. ecc r r . : !:?··«. c*- cfr: 'C- - S4 5"O P.-p - to Xe-srs-Pc". Bo- MISCELLANEOUS J C R SALE OR h- ck ^oJ'e. "·'n;^. Ircijc.r" BENT -THREE STOP'i 3 i2.-R" *.*ore -^T-.. ^ t.- t.-.e · - r ' - ^ ^ ^crl or) of ? t ~ d v * "^" 'S F^r P.-:.C.'T: . app.; -s O S 915 Pro-pect street, yori. P . 12-18 i'.I RACTO C Patz-r Prcs *-;re-, 10-:0-d.f OLD SB'S Ft 1 \P1RS FOR SALS n.e NEWS OFFICE. -.: -: STORM. N L ^»i*HRCHiV£» or

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