Clovis News-Journal from Clovis, New Mexico on May 13, 1965 · Page 19
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Clovis News-Journal from Clovis, New Mexico · Page 19

Clovis, New Mexico
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 13, 1965
Page 19
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Page 19 article text (OCR)

SPACES 60) 70>iiiiH APARTMENTS *ROOM FURNISHED APAnTMENT at 1313 Hickory. Call 763-41M2 After 4 P.M. 3-ROOM FURNISHED DUPLEX apartment. Inquire «t 2101 Bel Air. APARTMENTS If'of l.n«nfiitm l,lvlri)t n , HOUSES FOR 781 mm m i CURRY HOUSE 2NW Mltrhnll IBS-oast ymjnjs^ FOR RENT: n,-an furnished hcwsc. TV Hon. •1S2-3S-IO, Tcxlco. 78 I-bedroom, ntrrly Milt UKiV I 1,1. fliilo me III. MI HiniHhpil It'itufl. Avdi! lin| iliu In'J Unlh. (H.t RBaAlSWAHrfD H8H» FOR SAlf . m.w ftvftiMl.i,. tt (;|,,vl« II,.MI Iftr, 121) Mnln. W* imv.. „,.,.. t»(n nn nvr ft«i \v*ntina ( A ,i ,,,.||f,,,,, n r nlnla. Klvri n« « c*n imTn.v f»f .nit In ri>nlln* *nnr home A ititflrt- NKW LARCB Z-br-lroom imfurnlshH «p«rl- tncnt, drapes, rnrpct. clor. range, nlr fnnd., RUS. wntpr. and TV cahlp pnld. $110 mo. Call 783-9o;« days and 7621356 evenings. AVAILABLE NOW—1 bedroom furnlihed apartment, air conditioned, wanhfr furnished, nil blllf paid. Cnll 763-7044. FURNISHED 2-BEDROOM APARTMENT, bills paid, twlmmlng pool, Zla Lodge, 762-2966 NEWTON Apartments & noom« with private entrance! Adults only. No pets. 763- 39M or 501 Pile. 2-BEDROOM FURNISHED apartment, TV rable. air conditioned, fenced yard, Jfin * month, no pets. Inq. I(KO E. Grand. IF YOU WANT a n-nlly nli-e apnrtment. 8-T opt. .|. liw Wallace. Tile hath, air rnndlllonH. *~i mn. all bills paid. Couple, no pels. 7B2-1KM. LOVELY ,%ROOM and bath duplex apart- jn"it, rarppled. cable, air conditioned. 1»«n. adults only, nn pet.^. Ino,. 001 Hull. _ 3 .! _Es_lalc_6M VV L 14th. _ EXTRA NICE ibedroom hrnne for rent on edge of r»nvell. Hnnm tnr rhlrken.i 76J - 4514 afler 4:0 ° p ' M - ^MIIII Yur UnV A NKW HDMK »Ult DNI.Y V1.mi A Mi).,in? inh'i. «|- ln« ilii-Kii't il? Well li'rtl « i-' •• -5iM.Oii per m.mlh Inrl'i.linif [ata mid in<.»»nr'.'. lh« iilsrp Is i.,i(kw,iint AiMllton. Ihr linmrs nil- thn-<>*. t hnlh. slurl" cdr Bllariiofl unrflxr. .itnily nrpft*. ptenlv of living sr,.i .llninjt nrtn nnd air (Mmll- ll-nifr Mol I,.i). ihrtet plenty of rl.nri plans anil bcn.itUui •-• In rh.mso Cnll K. I,. ^hr-Mck TO-HHH7 or Jark K.mmnn 763-H1J3. Clovlj Heal Kslalc Inr. *t"A IH .New Hi MM 1 A (;>.•**<• iVMi-rft H.4H A iVMi-rft 1 111, 1. irk, iwiuWM. rii-n i) a HR A imftii Cruller ftpArM ; r )n£ 1 wnh'i in i A HienlAi-p term* $7(J Jr.,, (OKKICK SHACK. 416 Mltrhell. Year-round llB '' FOR RENT: 3-bedroom un^rnlshed house, wired for washer, dryer and elec. stove, fenced In bark yard. Located 909 Ash. $75 a mo. Call MU 3-23RS. A NICE 2 bedroom unfurnished house fore rent. $90 per ma with water pd. Call 7B3-4.I61. V t totAtnam flfif, hmnf, ptntntiM, li-nt-T«, TV C»bl«, HlnhUnd timn, I7n » mo. | 3 Till. fnr. hnnie, atlnrhed raraje, b/lvman rentals, Inc. «15 M»fn «8 .762-* • 762-4R41 1 BEDROOM rumlflied home, recently redecorated -- $W Call 7S.1-.W98 or 7R3-5031 HOMES FOR SALE 2 ' B £[?.K° OM ' RRICK home In Kershncr addition. Available now. No down payment. 763-511)1, KO A,. RALE: Large 3-bedroom home, IH naths. family roi.m. dmihle garafte. fenced back yard, carpeted and draped, buiU-lns, air conditioned, 763-1869. A RARE OPI'OKTL'NITY - beautiful ^ Iwlroom brink on .T.ihn Doe East of Timrntnn. Large family room with fire- PIHCP. ntre carpet and drapes, covered (•nrloscd patio. Till, custom built home h.'is ninny unusual fpalures. All tlili for timler .<27.iKm. Call .Mhn Arnett 763-1153 Hovis Heal Estate. Inc. p.ild. near hospital, no pets please. Call __ at »KI Ridding. FOR RENT: 3-room furnished apartment. *lr conditioned, TV cable, 314 W. Hth, Mr». Hlrks. 4-ROOM ^rnlihfd uparlmfnt, car- P«t«l w»n to wall. S85 and all htll« paid and ihare balh wtth elijnrly lady. 1015 Connelly — 7S.V8422. l/v-ATinv t . . LOCATION for working Wup!e- 1-lVdroom fiirnlshed apartment. $«o per month. water nn<l TV Cibit paid. Call KOR RF.NT 2-tn-droom unfurnlnhcd homi?! with trarage. See At 413 W. 8th. or call' 7B3-71M3 FOR RENT: 2-betJwom tmfiirnl.«hed hou«p I2irt Antcll. Inquire 19UO Sheldon or Ph. 7S3-W9S. SMALL 3-ROOM furnished home tdr rent at 319 \v. H(h. Inquire 724 Seaton Dr. - — SALE: 3 bedroom, 1"i baths, retired back yard. Inquire at 521 W. 19th aficr 4:00 P.M. EXTRA NICE 2-bwlroom furnished home, hlllt paid, 2i5 OSK. Inquire lt«)2 E. 2nd! or rail 783-47M. I NO "MONKt~mW!»r>iO ttOSINO COSTS; •Mire 3 bedroom home, attached Karage. carpeted throughout. TV cable. a!f conditioning wired A plumbed for dryer, * electrtr st'i\e. Beautiful fenced yard. Lo- rntert In Bella Vista Addition at 920 Mora St. (assume existing loanl. To Inquire write: Victor Ma'.hls, Box 151, Logan. -------- - - . — . mo 2 and bath, furnished house i - _- ..... _ > OWNER- All brick. 3 BH.. H4 hnth.v air cnnd.. bullt-tns. lanscaned, fenrert $101 9-BRDROOM FrRN(SIIEn apt J*) per! — N "" h - -•"*. - F .?."''"-.t.'!l*l month. 2-h»drr>"m unfarnhhed, J«0 per TWO J nF.nRCKUI. luxurlouily furnlih»di mo., water paid. 7ti3-4<<7. Mf.'ELY FfRMSHED rl««n 3-room duplev »p«rlm»n( s»rngf. «h»d« A- lawn. UuJ Wallace. No p«ts. Call 7«tv777il. TASTKr t 'CLY~rurp'«">rfT"l~~A 1 "lidrnTTm fa'-illtlei, nil th« r^>r.v*nl«nr«t of home. ' Call B«rh»ia B.«nd«. Twa A Counlry R*al ttt<t«. 7IU-4.v)l. : p'.i'r'ric hcnt. rpfrljcratpd j Kir. laundry fa'-llllies. all bills paid. Tall • Barbara l>min f | Si T U WH 4 Country Real i Nlcr ^ l-BKHROOM fitrnl«h»d home. T\' ! - a (fnntl home, with a rnodmt prlre, makp an appointment to «ee this one Thrpc bedrooms, one bath, air condltlnn<r, fent-pd backyard, KHA appral»al $12.- nonon with oilv $4(10 6mvn and inolhly payments of J79 per month. For appolnt- tncnt lo nee Call Bob Williams at Jack Wlnton Really. Inr., 762-4781. , InT.nre 1-nF.DKOUM aptrtintnt. t'NFUK.VlSMF.D SIDE of ,Vroom duplex. farav*. ttortg* and ip>od nilfhhnrhoid — 7SJ-4IK2. tral>r h^me. 1 Child ar- rfptr.l Aitfarrriiic \Vn«h*r. 'i mllr-s North of IM Fonda Theatre 7M-4236, Cl.F.AN, MODERN ~2-bednv>m home! i mile North of Oly l.imtli. 220 tier. rn!.ira! gm. Inquire iW-W Edwardi. 763- l-BEURfXlM Ff U;,.t paid iKO «n«rtm«nt. V,»;;»c*. FOR RENT 1-hedroom furnished house. \cnl*d hut. bi.l* paid. |7D. Call 7M- OWSF.R I.EAVINr, tmvn. must tell by this week-end. Thli lovely home has 3 ipa- nous bedrooms, carpet In the larjre llv. Inifroiim nnd hall. The kitchen has a built.In oven and range, built-in dish- waAhpr A loads of cabinet space Assume beajtlful hnme and move In with no the established K.H.A. loan on this qualifying. Call Neal Walls 7S3-5S75 or Mine Uandrea 76,1-5255 Clovli Real E»- t«!e Inc. KiiItNlSHKi) Uuplex. well c,)n»tnicted. R.I.II! nmilltLm. two hl.H'k! fnim new p-ntofflre ute. Buv it for half the eust of rtjylng the lot ami bulMIng It. IK IT'S A KKAI. B((Y that you are lo.*. InR fur In a a UK in rine nplfthh,irh.i,Hl newly decorated inside and out carpets fenced eaiy financing HKK THIS ONK CI.IISK IN LOCATION tot multiple unit rental. 0. C. KENNEDY ttEAL ESTATE 113ft Attfll St. Dial 708-8156 1 BIXM'K OP Senior Hljfh School, lovely S oedroom and den, hrtck venner. 1% tile baths, carpeu A drapei, bullMn oven and range. t*aln link fence, 2 car garage, urge PHA loan. Only $»,uw. Omsirier trade for home or duplex close In on each «lde HII»HI.ANI» Schioi uiitrtct - larw S Bed- Mom & Den. brick veneer, a ba'ns, attached oarage with large storage Worn. Nice earpetj & drauei. All for $23,OUO. K.H.A. financing if deilred. «. n. WOKXHlN(iTON KM W ' 4 ' h *BKAI> ERTATB tnd t* M. W"..d 3-BEUROOM Brick near High School and .Inmes Hickley. all electric kitchen. 1«4 tile baths, nil carpet and draped. Extra nire only 2 years old. Would trade for older 2 bedroom close In. Wt-ST tilth lovely 3-bedronm-new carpet and drapes, electric kitchen with dishwasher. beautiful lawn and jhrub*. chain link fence, good corner lot, GI and nothing down. HlttHLANU School - 4-bedrnom, double garn(!i>. den and fireplace, lovely home. (il nn d iw.'i payment or would consider trade for smaller home near town. 1RI)0 Anton PHONF, 18J lIBtl Maadlo UUIIami Barry f.rmsn 7S.1HI46 <>wo VMIIlHnis 7»« IK8(| Arthur Mllhnrn 7KI-5070 r bedmnm It refritwntnr f'.Tniif " **' J If d 7U-&.VM I 3 room Grand. t» 7U-04A7 or EXTRA LARGE n)r»'y fjrn!i>i»d 3 rexra »P«rtmw,t hi t i>«:,i UK* 1 child, no iw>U tin 7 b«1ri»,?n f'.:rn!i: ;d houit ; Iwjasrt «'« E 4Ui Ttaf7!i». : j FOR RF.NT 2 or S bedroom home. car-| ppt^/t drafts itove and air ponditl-»ner' f.jrnuheil Larri- C'ras-e aid Itoraje. i fenced hark yard. Call >SS-4T7S I 3-P.KDROOM Ft'HNlSHEr> house, carpet | i *d. Jual redeoiratrd m«lde. eo<>d garase. I no p«'» S.rm>m furn'.iled dupleK. rar-| p*trd prefer COM^I* with small bat)>.' . no p*t» ln',2 Waiiiice. 7M-S9J2. i furn'«h»d. carpel. I 7ft.)-? VVT iw 7« u-157 ROUM f^ml^^«j • »*S r«r rr*?:*. .NO V, C W»Ul-» . 7:: Sjrimor* TOWN * IXX'NTOY HIM. E.!>TATK 111* TV-mi.*!, 1M-4Mt PF.R.'«ir.AI.|'/t'.i) RENTAL ASstl.H'l ANCE' .-,tv:« h«ip you fid i<m»t>. K£ . . NO COS1" 'i VACANT - READY FOR OCCI.'PANCY! I^^lnr.|^ family hnm« with all the modern Convcniencei'! Check thli list agamit your wantj: 1. .1 BR - 3 Bath 2. r>o\!t.|» garaae 3. A fanvlv Hi>om spaclrnii enough for the WHOLE family 4. Carpet 5 Wood floori fi Complete bjlll-tn kitchen 7. Utility Koom 8 ljiri;e tnaded patio B Separate ••orase on workshop 10. C'wcrrie fence 11. Al< brtck 12. Air - cnnd'.tloner 14 Pannel| : ni,'* t " ! * I.V Kntrv Ha.'i In. Yard In' 17 2 \»ar« oM \*. H ni! tiv A;h*rt Jonet 3 BR nr'.-'< with Fireplace Fully carpeted 2 nathi. walk-in clo««t«. HAMILTON AUK.NCY 3-K515 3-4760. Yu. Ht;>'H^)M 1 1 t'aii n*rt^i.'* IVnv^rt*. MIU.KK ni N(ni«i« HOMES j|l« Nirth frlnr* 7«-l -Turn mr 1«J-ai»4. '-" Ter^ , You »:•» n r 1rn<!>- l-.Oiod "i r»<mp«rtr J?.' 115 r.. Ninth PH 1(8.45,01 10S YALE — In th» heart of the srhool*. Extra iarz^ hedri'ims, quality construction throughout. Spearate utility n«jm. :i bedr-Mms. I •% hath, family room, block fence. We can »how It anytime. Exclusive I CAN YOf MAKE Jtm.OO per monlh pay- mpn!<" N-i qnn!!fvlng for imjll down paymrr! , >n ;i hoilnxim brick Fi-uced. bu:!' in*. S.inu- r-.irpot. Vacant. Yuu can niiu'p in tumi'M'Hv (lood locjttioi 14n ACIth-S i. • woM _ 3 ml!o» fiDm city limits L. mi. wheel iprlnkler included. <;»>d all,i!tmei't» B»h Hiirton, Kealtor 783-31IM K. II. "Munk" llurlun 7«3-fl«7S Arthur Smith IKt-tKU Arlene S. (loeland ttealtnr 7K.I n'_'4;l KOR S.M.E or TKAME by owner. 2-bed" room hot*-" d ^n vid play r x>m. curnor lot. 7«-37i<>, Oberthlcr Reg. 76J 3637 LICENSED BONDED REALTORS 110 W. GRAND AVE. 762-4779 3AI.BSMDM Cewnon Mom 762-4S7S B«mnl« NI«VM ««"*•'» hnfn ', f ** M«. Molina MCTM JUIph rrnll ................ - L»nr» KlMmiin ............ Ml-mtt Riilmrt Humphrey ........ .... Tiit.1138. . ' ?KM»*0 SA'fS" nice 3~bedniofn, "m ""bT", dlip-nal, garaga, Sandla Snhix)! ar«o. KurnlshPd or unfurnlsh*rt. Available Im- mwtlately. Inquire Pierce Marine Salei. Inquire 7D3-MU5 or 7tt3 39UI W. J. EVANS nt« 14<R Aitall PH. KW-JM7 :,o()ArniN Walklnc fllstanoe in lll«h sehiMil And Orado sehniits Hoy • home NOW In tVKtm;KN Hll.lfl. n»ll walteri ft Hlntz Const. Co., 76a- 3141 or vottr favorite rftaltnr. BY OWNER, 2 blks of HI Sch.Ml, 3 BR. attach, gar., 1H baths, disposal, built In elec. range, tile fence and storage bldg., 2001 Uerry l)r. CASH RAMKY REALTOR CIX)VIS. N.M. Box 328 Ph. PI) 3-5031 Nile I'O 8-83W 8ALB8IA1JV ETHEL HVMAN I'O S-/W98 SPINKS RKAI, KHTATB ^oIP 1341 la * 1 MsrHwether 08 RKNCHBR 3 bedroi)m with garage apartment. Priced to sell. NICK. CI.KAN 2 bedn»m home, near Parkview Sch.x)!. Payments $64 a month. IlK.MAb SKUV1CE M. A. Ramwy 7KM10.19 Jack ft Edith Spfnki 7U-37IM BUILDINGS FOR SALE 84A BXTRA G(X)U »trong building to be moved. Perfect for grain etnraie 1.980 FARMS & ACREAGE FOR SALE 89 FOR SALE: Square 10 Acros—1 mile from town. 7B3-491S. FARMS * Mm® FOR lUt 99 MOI'NI'AIN CABIN $lte« at RlncotTMolfl- »o, Nmv Me.xloo. itK-Mod on SApello Rlv- tt. & fnllps N..T-IO »*«t of Las VMS*. wsw Mtxtcio. Uootf fishing and hunting. 10% do\»n. PH. 3W-81S) or • PorUles, Nftw Mexico. 320 ACRES coming emt ot mil bank thli ye«r, can M. 1>. Mcci*«key 788-7S08 OfflW Phrtw tBJt-flWS 109 M«ple FOR SALS: H Mellon dry Und 2 mil«« iculh of Rojedsie. •* jection in toll bank. Contact RlchUfU Vtughh, Rt. 1 Friona, Tex, Area code sue, 295-3591. ALAMOGORDO LAKE— 2-bedroWn modern trailer with 14x28 room attached. H interest in water well. 783-7811 or 7to- 6029. tTB 0AM SftES FOR SAt.fc 1650 up. 3mill down, eaiy piymenti. Call Udvu Real Eitate for more information. 180 A. Raw Land In Colorado with 1 irrigation well. JSu pet acre. PH 7diM(fi3. OUT-OF-STATE FARMS 89A 1485 ACRE Missouri farm. 700 acres open farm land, 400 acres creek bottom farm A gratt land. Uuod fencing, abundance ttock water. Will run Vw head cattle year 'round, it nlct, modern, 3- bedroom hornet. Ample bams A shed*. S concrete ttios. Uoud road. Total price $85,OUO. See thli. Other bargains. Owensby Reaitori, Buffalo, Mistourl. AUTO ACCESSORIES KAN AUTOMOTIVE Air Cundltlonln* Onara-ntM 8ervie« * Installation 1M4 Olddlnc M3-684A Clovli AUTO WRECKERS 91A tote of Uito Model 3KK AT CLOVIS BODY SHOP AUttOSS JTHOM YUCCA UR1VK-IN AUTO TIRES 92A M1U.ER T1RK3 O.K. I'IHE 8KIKE 1111 W. 7th 7W-!M85 MOTORCYCLE-BICYCLE WANTED TO BUY or take up payment! on motorcycle. Call 386-1286 Portalei. HOUSE TRAILERS 95 FOR SALE: 10 x SO 2-bedroom. Like new Champion (made In Michigan). Presently located Lot 19, Pralrievlew Trailer Park on W. 7th, Clovti. Inquire at Trailer or call Jack Wlnton Realty, 7B2-4.7IO. CLASSIFIED 100 Pierce Marine) - iMtnintf « h* (nmni Monti its AUTOS-TRUCKS 3.ALK tMH fats, t «f, SMItt, «Jt conditioned, |t4M. StHI U wtftMtf, 1«M ReoaallAe Port-$lo95. See M 1 W W. Uft, Apt. « or contact iitty Rise 7ft 1982 in perfect condition. 7934443. 1980 RAMBLER STATtONWAQON Clean. 763-6443 1962 FORD FAIRLANE 800, 3-door, 8 cylinder, tow mileage. 7634871 of Inquire 108 W, Plaint. FOR SALE 1961 Chevrolet tmpala, a door Hardtop, automatic, air conditioning, excellent condition. 784-3660 after 5 P.M. 1964 BUICK SPECIAL convertible. Yellow with black Interior, 4 ipeed, take up payments. 763-4401 for Mr. Uavli. 1983 MERCEDES BENZ 220 8 Excellent condition, Inside and out Wholesale cent Call 783-7839 or tee at 104 Sandla. FIRST In quality — the all new International! at McGehee Truck Company FOR SALE: 1964 Chevrolet Super Sports. Take over payments, no equity. 763-4048. CLASSIFIED 100 There It A Difference See... JIM SMITH Used Cars Rierson Pontiac NEW '65 IHPALA COUPE Inc tor o»Wy tit Hin- 3 RE!'R<X)M houi* »-i:r> b«»*rr,*r' gararr and »'.nrace ro^m. Me* y»r* ~V" baj-b-Qa*. C»U 7*2-0)09 Of it* ltor>K. <rk TV ,.,.,,,i c - u'^ m<"Vi car In Irn.Je. Scf „; j;^ R« ,rf,er 7>iS-4('llt Wklh. Wtli p4. 1 BKDfUXJM fumlthed bout* for rtpi l>i,ire •11 L. 7th. "On SALE ibedrnnm hrli-k home r In. «»c*li«rt condition. 7hJ-iT.9 ri».«nuiKii 4r«rrMCMn 4M. BIUJI r«ll»- t-iM4r»>m. ckM b> town, ta w H&. c«U 7«j-»r» i WCU. UX'AltD l A t raom fun«Uti«4 tjwnm^li prril. MU) «,-vd Mitrnnr*, •ir tt^ tttru l.l <riu:>. mo.n H ,.» pod. eta.* 4%4I Of flrus) tr> K*»Uij Inc. •'•-' 3 h*drt»ftm nou»t ror rw^s- | rated en Eat! Brady. MS a month. fH, 1 BEDROOM houM. furnt»h»d i J BEDKOHM !«n»3 | On TCQX! t..'t«r 3pm. j L'\)i' RJvenide Eight Apt*. r»r». w »»(«rm. Alt i v~4 1011 X. fk»nM )<UBM» 1*1 BUHM •» Hit UK l Ma«* A,*a iaU .V I" <«,<•» ^_ •W Mr* aim Mil MOIIU.'. tit K. ft»»t C«aK|4*4«lr K««M*«4W. IMI MAIN ru i« *)*i E«*M I* WEST KATHIt: — Here U »n o i' I'a.-nl.ncly p.,re th*-^ bertr<v\m, 1 *• b*''> >K»rre In an etcei.ent location. An i;.i u« lal amount *>f rare ha» tw*n fc*!\en I" U,« ia»Ti and landscapln* and the house r.«in*-« oimplptp winth rarjwf. drapf«. air rv>r.i;;!oiier <»tp. *!c , ran ^ bxight f<T r»A of »l«.S.Vu»). C«.'l Jack W';.-.:an Rfa!;y. Inc. — Ti>a-47»J. «) MtlfH for m tllU«^»»!l lnr«t«rTn«1 r»*>m wtth n»w pfcln 4 tht iuarfv»Jt. nlr» lawn ttnrnt BarJc ftrd «n<l only JIDVc 1 C«il N.IW JI'Sl MMSHlNi; I u bdck h.imn In orlutlvt area fan nuuiy nJet fpalum to OIL U* aiire to tt« EUBANK SWACKHAMMER A UK.SCI 1 orrirr. ^HI» T«IHI H4KIH l> •«»«( KMtMMCH .. 1« Slii KIIHKKI r.i H*SK imna H. T. ItU.OIIMAN 1«J*i:ili !T:i WILIjOW — More '« « ihrce hH-i«,n,. <",e hatn hoTMir U:'M a drn \^l: rh has « \'\ appral-al of Thin home rn-, he t^inj[:it for No money <|rn*n and f-i» i-;osuns «'0«iii. by a uuailfleit party, u f:n f-rtt eiic'-t'iHty tor a VA loan. Toial m->n'h!y paymrnts atnuit Xtil Oil ppr month. For an app'ilnrmcnt to are. r^il JAI'K WIVrtiN TtEALTY. INC.. 7fi2-47Sl. FOR SALE: SCENIC BfR.sON RESOI1T. Thi-. popular KISHI.\(; HUNTING RESORT is |,,,-HIP,| on „ privately mvnc,! runrh on ||uy. i>; between Clarendon & Sllv>Tton 'TC\I« i CABINS. STORE, CAFE. MOBILE HOMES. BOATS. MOTORS. MINNOW !;*£« * WORM BEDS. Excellent TV, WATER. BV-fANE ft SEWER SYSTEMS RI.UE CLEAR SWIMMING AREA. MANY. MANY OTHER ITEMS, I am Tl > r». old A w-lsh to retire completely TtiU K H'l OITSTANDINC, BfSINESS (il'I'OHTt N1TY WTUe: Hurvw] Lak« KI'MI.-I. Hnce .Station, ciareivlnn, Texa*. KF.rrRE wh.-r* you own the Iishlng~nole and do\e shoollnz pond; the pecan treen; running creek«; £ond pasture; on pavement; two mile* from neat, live tmvn • ni'ar Hiiro) — one wllh 2 bedroom nire home. barn, net fences. $18.ono. One with all m-w 2-bedroom home, electric kitchen; ham: net fence*; Live Oak ptnvt-i; Uar-B-Que pit. cyclone fence; .'a*i a TOP property for only S30.WW. R. C, Case, broker, WA 4-6317, 4408 Warnock. Fort Worth. READ CLASSIFIED ADS CLASSIFIED Equipped: V-8, std., radio, htr., w/s tires, E-Z-Eye, wheel disc, seat belts. : N ow...*2595 ! Den Rierson Meters GKT THE HOME YOU HAVE ALWAYS i WANTED BEFORE ITS 1 UO LA 11 TMII lively 3-b«drourn. 2 hathj, Iwn! or K.tniKe, carpet, d<vi large utility, i has t.-xtia* £aU>*i-. It Is complete in i-'.erv ili'm.l. Eas> to buy with >'.U.A. niVNTUY LIVING AT ITS BEST I 3 ti^.l;,«itr.s jtarfl^-f. rar;tt if .. wood paneling. t>uiii*ini. cl.rse to tiwi;, acn<Hii tus. Ideal f"r '^'0 t,HTi'.!v who lo\es h-irst-s > Unl'. }>,iC«A' a: :1 can D5 handicJ wit:. »or..e d..>»ti payment. KE*L r.STATE 1,0 %\S OLU OK M.M I'KOPKIIIILS FAUM * RANCH • op to 40 jear terms, i ^»*B. M01JE1. TRUOCUUMPAHf 1963 OHtoVROUW ImptW HftftfWp COUpe. V>*> ""»•« MA ftVMWMKtL » FOft SALS 1MB corvalr. Mtm^ Ull 78*11*4. IWtl OMO fgfttft CUSSIFIED IM n« far estimate •- Ptt ,J8|L 0 Mfc * ROTHWELt •ODY SHOP 1814 W. 9th DIAL JPft,8 Position:<« Opportuiiy • If you want to earn tnore and have a better standard of living, with an unlimited future, you might ba the man to see us. • Opportunity for high yearly earnings, vMth a chance to grow m the Nation's largest Business. • Guaranteed Income .'While learning. • Association with largest area dealer selling America's No. 1 cars and trucks, cpyjjrlng all price ranges. • Friendliest and most respected dealers and employees to help you. • Excellent top management to assist you. • Finest earnings program in the business. • Hospltalization and insurance program. • Vacation and Christmas .'programs. • Thorough training by dealer and by Chevrolet and Buick factories, with paid e?cpenses. • Selling Chevy and Buick at Meadors - Stewart Co. is treat business. We might want you — You might want us. See or Can Al Jolly, Salesmanager Meadors- Sfewarth Company Buick - Chevrolet 301 Pile St.—Ph. 768-4465 We're MOVING 'EM FAST! «« » MUUDOft APAATMEKTS i fDMI'I.KI « R*nuU ferric* »» u, Jin 7«M UU 1115 MtIN Illllln Tthfli KEALlUK 1CI449I HU-».li7 •I il I ; UK tl. .X»l %IIH I.I KIH'IXV This .T fwdri> :-.. t &!A'.C CUSSIPIED 100 CUSSIPIED ROYAL CRUISE Trade-In Specials WE ARE OVERSTOCKED ON USED CHEVROLETS '62 Corvalr 63 Chevrolet r. original through- '56 Ford '62 Mercury Cu> torn line 2-<1t>>r H;»ni- toi>. VS. automatic Uan», radio, power Heering. I lut<iJ o«T\er & clean. Custom 4-dour »-e<lan. (utl power and factory air. 1 kxal owner and real nice. '53 Ford 2-door, standard transmis- §k«. ovenL-ive. tires like new. original throughout '55 Pontiac 4-dr. Good fishing c&r JWIk WINT'll lir.MIIN l.tMHKIIT .11 (ill Ml* \KI>» Wtj^Mf. t.llt>«MII4 E. K. "K" M«< I.4HHCN I'.S.A . ' H.I.) mm K in»rv HI KtA MM MKI.ET CLASSIFIED 100 1 BK. IS Mlh« un H. ( hrM,,|,hrr. ill brlik. tlrr|>l. (all) ranintrd. U'»l"-'l Imlll Ini, lMir«<t IIK.Auii. (Ml UHIIIT !t..i .'iT-'a PAUL UKAL ESTATE M7W MAIN 7G3-Mr;i SI MUV "»n« Ai'lKR UllUIW l-MO.Nt M* J»rr> Caul .................. 1«S :ii)«l fcn'n Dnn^na .. ............ IH.I it;i< J ..»'•• Hlune ................. 7X4 H.W JUMIUI I'atol ................ 7M-3IM CLASSIFIED 100 There U A Difference See... • Arleigh Nation For A 1965 Pontioc Rierson Pontiac S BANK RATES , e AUTO LOANS i 9 TRUCK LOANS > j* CO.Mri.MK 1NSI RANCE Ji fS| 2* Cull 1«S4771 J^ \>J 0 Cal Blochberger ^ ^ Agency £ A 115 E. 6th Clovtt^ OPERATION "ROYAL CRUISE" IS FAR AHEAD of ALL EXPECTATIONS WE ARE NOW IN THE GREATEST TRADING POSITION EVER...from Used Cars standpoint or NEW CAR STOCK . . . Not Only Can We Win The "ROYAL CRUISE" WE CAN SET A NEW FORD SALES RECORD Redhot and ROLLING Red Hot Trades... Red Hot Deeds We're Out To SmAsH ALL Existing Sales Records. 74 DIFFERENT MODELS... $1995 to $6500 VOLUME DEALS VOLUME PRICES CAN VOU BEALLY 4FFOBD TO BIT ANY NEW CAB OB PiCKUi* WlTUOl T StElNG tS? Meadors-Sf ewarf Co. BUlCft • CUKVU-OLhT 4 NMU* BUILT 00 uriK&iUBlTY FOR CLOVIS! BUY A 1965 FORD NOW FOR AS LOW AS s 199 DOWN TO APPBOV1ED CREDIT AND U)W, UQVf MONTHLY GET THE "DEAL OF A LIFETIME" from CLOVIS 1 QUALITY VOLUME DEALER Be Afraid To Trade Until You See • • REGISTER FOR FREE TV or RADIO . . . NIXT DRAWING MAY 20. Comt to ftr lull BOB^HARPER!

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