The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas on September 17, 1918 · Page 8
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The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas · Page 8

Hutchinson, Kansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, September 17, 1918
Page 8
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MAGE EIGHT. gag BUTOHINSOH y.fiw-ik fftfESDAtf, SEPTEMBER 17, 1918. V m WHAT IS THE NEXT MOVE? Just Who! Will the Cenlral Powers Try (he Next Time AS A PI-ACE OI-PENSIVU? Some Ollicinls in Washington believe That the Austrians May Quit. Washington, Sept. 17-The answer of lh" United Sliili'H f.ovi rtt- mrnt 10 ill" peace propo.-'als advanced by Aueti iii Hunr-an - an unconditional n-ji'itiun w.i.' tn:};iy before Uii' world. Th" reply b-stird by Secretary Lansing last night upon UII- thoriyution til President Wilson, almost iinni"[l[;il"ly upon delivery of the Austrian eonniHinienlion by Uio Swedish minister Fp ":iks for nil 111" nutioMK arrayed agains-l tin 1 Central Powers in 1.1 1 r- belief of officials to day. The text of Ihc answer constitutes one of tho ^fi<tri( important notes recorded in American diplomatic his­ tory. Atlcr stating that "the AjnICed Stales feels that there is only one reply which It can nuike to the suggestions of the Imperial Austro-Hun- garinn 'government/' President Wll; son sol. forlli the position of the rnltcd Stalls government in o ein- glo sentence, us rollowa: Can't Be Considered. "It liaa repeatedly and with entire candor stated (he terms upon which lh" United Slates would consider peace and can and will entertain' no pioposnls for a conference upon a matter concerning which It has mnde its position and purpose BO plain," Kven though the other nations Allied with the United States may make separate answers to the Austrian feeler, it was considered assured today that J'n.'sid"nt Wilson had sounded the keynote and that other replies -would be similar In content anil e<iuall> decisive in their I ejection of the proposal. What Next? Willi the liist of the expected new series of peace bids of the Central Powers having met a flat rejection speculation turned today to the course of action to be followed by officials in llormany and Austida-tiun- cary. It was believed in some circles thai these officials would now turn to their war-worn people pointing out that all that can be done to bring relief In the suffering of war ha* been accomplished and again attempt to phu:e the entire blame lor tin- continuance of the war upon I lie Allies and the United States. In the opinion of other officials, not so numerous,'it was believed that Austria through submission of lire proposal and Its rejection, was prepared to take the next step—a withdrawal from tier alliance with Germany, Turkey and Bulgaria and a complete acceptance of the terms laid down by President Wilson. Kansas State Fair Gleanings Big and Little Items of the Exhibits and Happenings of the ' Eighteenth Annual Exhibition. TUt It the Cap Try iho good taste of CERYA todl »y- LEMP MANUFACTURERS ST. LOUIS Forty United Profit Sharing Coupons 13 coupons each dehorn- Inntion 20) are pecked In every case. Exchangeable for —d»Uo ptemimae Hutchinson Produce CO. Hutchinson, Kansas. Branches: Dodge City, Kan., Liberal. Kan., Garten City, Kan. Residents of Hutchinson phone 21S5 and order case delivered to your residence. Handled by all first class retail grocerymen. One of the prettiest booths this year is that of the v. tv. C. A., which •wns provided by the I'oguos-Wrlght Dry (looils Company. The booth is supposed to represent the cbeerluess of a V. W. hostess house at one of the cantonim-nts. Although Iho furnishings aro perhaps richer than •would be found In one of the hostess houses, it gives one a little bit of an idea juBt what the hostess house must mean to the (soldier so far removed from overythlng pertaining lo home life. The tables, chairs and couch were furnished by the Shaffer furniture Company and the Hutchinson Paint and Decorating Company donated the wall paper and other fur- nlshlugs. Literature pertaining to the War Work campaign which la lo be pyt on this fall, Is given out, demonstrating the work which tho Y. W. C, A. la doing among the soldiers, sailors and others employed in tho government's service. \ Miss Merle Summers and Clifford Buinanois of Sterling, Miss Grace Avery of Dodge City, Sam Slubb Sr. and son Sam Stubb Jr.,. of Dodge City, are among the visitors here. The beauiiful display of flags In the Government, exhibit is niagnifl- ccut. There, are regimental flags for the infantry, engineers, artillery and cavalry. ICach one is hand embroidered by expert net'dleworkers. 11 is said that on an average It takes one woman six months 'o embroider one flag, line large blue silk flag cost the government ifuw and the others similar prices. An exhibit belonging to the Bureau of Markets nniler liie auspices of the Department or Agriculture, while not particularly attractive at first, is one that every housewife is or should he interested in Heretofore there has been no specific unit of measurement for basket* used by fruit growers and .gradually the buskou grew smaller and smaller. The llureau of Market* lias established standards of \i pints, pints and quarts which are the only sizes that can be used hereafter, whenever the housewile orders a .basket of fruit she will be assured that she gets full standard measures. An Interesting cage of trained carrier pigeons win be seen at the government exhibit this year. These pig- ejbns were scU-euil (rum healthy, swift birds. These birds through their dumb devotion bring back messages concerning men at the front who could not be brought in many instances in any other way, because the barrage of fire often completely wipes out the telegraph wiles. Among the dlstlnguiflied visitors here I inlay for the Unit- wen- Senator Paul Klein of loin and .1. 11. liurrlun of Independence. A big sign marks •In tent which Is Uio headc|uurteis for the editors of Kansas and here .Major \V. 1.. liruwn la in churge. lOarly this morning a number had already registered and many more are to visit Hie •Fair this wee!;. Tables and chairs are provided for 1'ie visitors and they are nil IHWH'II to maintain this tent , aa their slopping place while at lao Fair. There wan no school in Hutchinson tills morning, the HCIHMII children being jfiveii u chance to visit the government exhibit ill the Knlr, where a program especially lor children has lieui arranged.. The Arkansas Valley Intermliaii • company lias erected an Informal Inn Bland just to the west of the secretary's office and here till of the ln- formatlun regarding trains is being piveu out lo the Fair vlBiloru. ODD Is reminded of the war In practically every corner of the Fair and In ..pvory exhibit The Kansas state Fair . Js an educational instiltttlon, aimed to help In the winning of the war and * -overy idua which Is being carried out y Ja along lliis line. Just to ihu south J ind directly opjioaiio (ho secretary'* -..jBUlco U aland where War Savings f< Slumps may be bought is erected. To- 4gy ' l 1V ' ,S ' u C ^ UJ °I> U OT Mrs. U. S. Pegues. Mrs. Ken Sentney and Mrs. George O'ano. Yesterday was the biggest Monday in the history of the Fair, was a statement ot one of the Fair officials this morning. Theie was at least a third more than on the opening day of the Fair last year and the crowds this year will be larger than ever before. The fife and drums corps of old soldiers arrived at the grounds this morning at about ten o'clock and play- d for the visitors at a number of the different buildings. Six were in the corps and they ha4 a good time all day visiting the Fair and marching around. The four-minute men who are appearing on each of the programs at Iho Fair are working under the auspices of Tom Armour, city commissioner and.uro freely giving their lime in the Interest of patriotism and the winning of the war. In tho booth of the extenllon department of the Slate Agricultural college, a book is being kept In which all former students and graduates are invited to register. The book has been the means of many old friends finding each other since the Fair started. Over fifty former K. S. A. C. students has registered up to noon today. Keeping up with the usual record of llm Fair, George Uentley, clerk In the tetxlle fabrics department Was the first lo finish writing up his list of awards. Thia department, under the auspices of Miss Frances Drown, of K. S. A. C. was also the first lo be Judged. The display of Kandred wheat in the Slate agriculture exhibit al iho Fair is a very interesting one and should be seen by every fanner lu the slate. It has been very carefully mounted and arranged so that the development of the new grain is clearly seen. One of lite interesting exhibits in textile fabrics department was the hand made ijuilt on which some very fine examples of quilting was made. The nuill is very old, all while and won first priae, Miss Francos Ilrown the judge declared it to be one of the best lu its class she hart ever seen. "Too much high feed" ia the (art way 11. 1.. barrier, superintendent of the department of live stock gave as the reason lor the fewer number of cattle on display UJIB year. Hut ho explained that whal was lost lu number «as more than made up In uuul- lly. "Tho exhibition is much belter than most lairs that 1 have visited," he said. I. S. Mnhau, or Oklahoma City, Okla., secretary of the Oklahoma Stale Fair was a visitor at the Fair loday and was much interested in the exhibits of lite Kansas Fair- Thomas A. Hubbard of Wellington, a member of Iho Slate board of agriculture was one of tho first arrivals at the Fair grounds this morning. He arrived lu town last night and will be here till Thursday. Tomorrow .is Nutional Agricultural Hay al the Fair, and ii Is hoped that each ot the members of the Kansas board will be in attend,nice al this time. Sylvester Long, of Wichita, who is a well known lecturer was on tin' program this alleruoou for a talk. He was to have appeared yesterday but wa« unable to reach bete In time. He is working in the interests of the women's Fourth Liberty Loan committee and will give practically all of his time till after the Fourth Liberty Loan has been put "over the lop" lo Ibis work. Among the exhibitors In Iho Hereford and Aberdeen-Angus departments were the following well known breed- era; Robert A. ilaalett of KIDorado; Turner and flood of Kansas City, Carl Miller of llellvlewi C\ ,M. 1-argenl of Merklo, Texas; \V, J. Harrows of Fall Hlver and llowman and Harper of Ness City all of whom were exhibitors of Hereford. Among the exhibitors of Aberdeen-Angus were Kershaw Stock Farm of Muskogee, Okla.I J. C. Simpson and Son of Eufala, Okla., and Emll Hendslrong of Lost Springs. nnrney Oidfield, holder of more records on the track as an auto driver than he can remember gave an exhibition in his golden submarine which makes records above 100 miles an hour, yesterday afternoon in front ot the grand stand. He is showing his wonder/ul ear in a little tent, just north of the office of the superintendent of admissions. Barney says the I rack Is too soft for fast driving as It had been put in condition for horses. His machine is of interest to every one and is a four cylinder car with an aeroplane, engine and the engine weighs but 410 pounds, being of alumninum. REVIVAL SERVICES. Are To Be Held at Church of Bretli. ern Soon. Rev. J. Edwin Jarboe the Nebraska evangelist will have charge of the evangelistic services at the church of the llrelhern, assisted by Mrs. Jarboe a successful song leader, who will bring to us the mes.soge of the Cross in song. The congregational singing and ne.w Kingdou song books will add to tho inspiration, while the message from Cod's Word by one of the leading evangelists in the United States with the co-operation of all Christian epople, will make the meetings one of the greatest religious awakening in Hutchinson. Let us forget soinev of the sectarian lines and unite together as children of the King of Cllory to reach every unsaved person in tho community. We are counting upon every regenerated believer lo come up to the help of the ]>ord. Remember the greatest force in the community to help you and your family Is the dhurch of he Living God. And every good citizen will feel a vital interest in Its welfare. Plan nov to tome. Make yourself at home. The Church belong to God and you can help make It glorious in your communily. TO LOCATE HERE. S. S. Spangler Coming From Missouri to Engage in Business What Is one man's loss may be another man's gain, may be applied lo cilies as well and In this case Hutchinson is Iho gainer. S. S. Spangler is moving his family hure to reside. Their home has been at Milan, Mo., and the citizens of that place are very loathe to part with them for they have been valuable residents socially and lu business affairs. Mr. Spangler recently accepted the vice presidency of the Central Cattle and Luan Compuuy which has been organized with headquarter* here. He will also assume general management of the entire ptoject. He has had considerable experience having been in I he live stock business for many years and because or this his Integrity is considered beyond question along such linen. DISPLAY M'OOUGALI-S. Famous Kitchen Cabinets Exhibited at Fair This Year. The Home Furniture Company have a very complete exhibit of McDougall Kitchen Cabinets lu' their boolli at tho Kansas State Fair including the newest model built especially for farm homes! They are also drawing the crowds with the added atlraclion of hot cookies which are bound to convince (he most skeptical. The Mc- Ikiugall Cabinet which is being used in iho Agricultural lltillding for the Slate Food Demonstration will be sold by the Home Furniture Company to the highest bidder and the bids will bo received at Uio booth of the company In the Liberal Art Dulldiitg or can bo left at the store which Is located at 40S-410 North Main street. It CAME AFTER GYPSIES. Sheriff From Jackson County Wanted Three on Theft" Charge. The sheriff of Jackson comity, Mo., came this morning and took three of the Gypsy women who are camping at the State Fair grounds hack to Kansas City on a larceny charge of having stolen between $300 and ?40Q la Jewelry and. clothing. The Gypsies tried lo fight the wt A Perfect Food repairs the waste of the human body and supplies it with new building material. MODERN BREAD Is a perfect food. and hired local /attorneys but when the charges Were looked over they declined to do other than pass on the legality of tho warrant which the visiting sheriff held. The party left for Kansas City on No. 6. TAKES NEW AGENCIES. Reno-Buick Company Lining Up for War Time Business. The Reno-Buick Company have taken tho agency for Republic Trucks, Lalley Light and Power Plants and Grant Six automobiles. The trucks aritl Lalley light plants are being exhibited at the State Fair and the Grant Six cars will soonVbegin to arrive and ready for distribution. While tho company will receive a very limited number of Buick cars. Uiey have added to Iheir line in-order to keep their organization ' together during war limes. 1 NEW JAPANESE DECISION. A Jap Born in California May Hold Land. Riverside. Calif., Sept- 17.—Japanese born In California may secure and may retain title to real estate and no violation of the'alien land law results according to an opinion h/nded down today by Judge Hugh H. Craig of the superior court here In the case of the people of the stale of California vs M. Harada. This was considered a test case. BELGIAN COUNT IS VOLUNTEER AT, 45 Count dv licnefse. Count do Renesse is In the U, S, wilh ihe Belgian legation. Ho was a volunteer in the nelgian army at 45. He was In the retreat to Ypres and then wenl lo Russia wilh the Ilelgian mission. When he returned he joined the Ilelgian army and was delegated to come to America 'wfth that nation's legation. Elected Treasurer. Ed W. MoNaughten, Of this'city has been elected treasurer pf tho Railroad lluilding and Loan Association of Newton, Kansas at a recent meeting of tho board of directors. The company is capitalized at 110,000,000 and reports ah excellent growth. We, tho undersigned, wish to thank our friends for their kindness during the sickness aud death of flur sister mid tielce, Mrs. Igzelta Wills, MRS. MAUD 8QWBN, MRS. FRANCIS PHILWps. GET YOUR- McDougall ^ THE FIRST KITCHEN CABINET x .... •.. - , ; ' While in Hutchinson this week Don't miss seeing the display of McDougall Kitchen Cabinets in the Liberal Arts Building at the Kansas State Fair and— ^ Don't fail to make arrangements to get your McDougall now while all styles are in stock- The liberal terms on which McDougall Cabinets are sold should be an inducement to place one in every home. This $55.00 model McDougall Kitchen Cabinet is being used for the State Food Demonstration in the Agricultural Building. It will be sold to the highest bidder. See it—then leave your bid at our booth or at our store. , Once you see the superior points of the McDougall Kitchen Cabinets, no other one would do. 408410 North Main Phone 259

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