Arizona Republic from Phoenix, Arizona on August 15, 1970 · Page 103
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Arizona Republic from Phoenix, Arizona · Page 103

Phoenix, Arizona
Issue Date:
Saturday, August 15, 1970
Page 103
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680—Business «. Ah , ribytor X our owlTiT plus potenfia now intervicw BROWN INS double automafic~rwel \ette. 2 interchangable ventilated r barrels, Belqian made and proofe J200 cash. Firm. 946-2810. PHILCO. Bendlx. Coin'LaundrFSn Cowden.Co. "' " — " """ °" ..... •>••.;••«• sa !f 5 ' advertising p sinon. Ask for Bee 9 a.m. sharp Sat. First Federal Buitdinq, 3003 Central, lower level auditorfum or Bee''pe._lnteriors,_J721_N._CenTra SELF-Serve gas station for lease R A t .Vr_ n A bl | <3 d g ep.osit only investmen ?ANT ~saT "*.'_?•"" % *>L"__s. i _ ii *ji___ t £.'.yv« ffo m /fi3Qt S.IGN man, excellent opporfunWfo" nght man. 264-6697. 934-1182, afe' 6 p.m. SAFE-TOWN Excellent buslni sses available: " W<>r SAFE-TOWN RLTY & TRUST CO 1*09 W. Indian School 264-991 eiAOTY~shoD equipment. MusTseT tnake offer. 944^)515. 997-0976. BUY 6ft SELL £d Toebe. Broker. MOBIL STATION AJOR Tcorni lunnvslope. * Rtentlai'Sf $\1&/ •Paid 4 wee_k train required month or above »„• r,-- - *?*K training program f H e i irem ? n * * Insurance Programs Call Paul Martin at 275-3661 Days o „. __ evenings at 263-5720 NE cocktail Counge ssUTBoil P8CiflC_Asspe. 274-9654 PAI.NT and body shop business, fullv COIN LAUNDRY 8, CLEANING Gross $10,000 mo-Nets $3500 mo All like-new equipment Requires $40,000 dn-Xlei OSSACK REALTY 264-486 J.lA_N^7Jh^._____Eves 1 i3t45_2 RESTAURANT supply and equipmen business established over 10 years Owner past 65 wants to retire. Wil throw In lease hold and goodwill fo wholesale cost of inventory which Tnav be down to $17,000. J.C. Mille Restaurant Equipment Company 2934 North 16th Street. FOR SALE OR FRANCHISE Mobile home sales business. Lot and Improvements, 'slock 8, Inventory. Oldest sales lot in Phoenix, a poing business. Phone 967-0933. MONEY making beauty school. 2777691. . _ . moving insurance agency, mium volume over $115,000. consider partner or sell outright, ply fo Box 96-MX, Republic and r-wi h '- GR l: DRIVE-Inn business for sale in S n o w f I a k e, Arizona. Near high school. Good year around. Write Box 36L__Snowtlake, Arizona. LAWN service and, equipment for sale. After 6 p.m. 939-8735. 13J5 anp-ru'jist Ave. CifefeTIa. land, ^ Sine %2l^l3^S5 la i!gent; build- CABINET SHOP Gross $119,000 yr-Nets $14,000 yr Owner very ill-Estab 10 years .,$20,000 total-Top equipment HOSSACK REALTY 264-4861 SBOJAJi. 7th_St._ _ Eves. 934-4520 $10,000 FOR $3,000 first ~"year?~H you are interested in getting into vour own business and Rave $3,000, ' don't miss looking into this all new full or part returns. Write fra time e $3, all or part s. Write Arizona, ... idea. Work ful with top $$$ retui H.O. Box 88, Phoenix, A B5001. Send Phong nurnhpr. _ DRIVE-IN RESTAURANT"" Excellent NW location. Going busi ness, with lots of potential. Good lease. Equip, stock 8, good will. Pr!ced_risht._pwner 935-5998. BOOKKEEPING serviceTVstabTilhed 1947. Billings $75,000, net profit 9S9'l325 Howard, 26*0783, 4736 N. 12th St. 263-0205 . 1st Mtg Loan - All Properties ~ Mortgages Ltd. 264-9206; Ev. 279-7030 645—Money FAMILY ACHIEVEMENT INSTITUTE Is seeking Qualified consultants who •r« aenuinely concerned about pri - lems that exist in the Amerlc home. If you desire to build a great future, contributing to the lives of athers, call Bob George^264ji9j7.___ PEOPLE WANT TO BE A SUCCESS IN LIFE Few people really ever attain . that elusive goal. If a business . opportunity could open the door to success and allow you to make a genuine contribution to the lives of others we may have the answer Call for full details. Then decide for yourself. DRIVE-IN LIQUORS Gross $150,000 yr-Nets $18,000 yr 510,000 down+stock HOSSACK REALTY 264-5861 5801A N. 7th St. Eves. 279-6530 SUCCESS CAN BE YOURS— as an important part of International Marketing Corp. We are seeking qualified individuals as dealers & representatives to market programs on motivation, sales training, leadership development 8. family achievement. If you are sincerely interested in an outstanding career opportuni- Humber. STORE, lor 956-0584. 264-5957. "rent; Plenty pa7king. MOTEL Tir^,c 1 «r 3m0t i l epa h j!?e Wa m al n1 g : er's quarters, heated pool. Enco service station and restaurant, all located, on _three acres. Room for MOERKERKE REALTY ' _ ___ 947-7-ni or 949-1330 __ See pur big ad Thursday & Sunday _:_OJ<E_ STROM ASSOC 277-7417 ., , DOWN THE'MIDDLE • Hook-sllce-speed. Golf machines Indi lie or lease: information— 'BLIC corporatioirwTshes to pur- large Insurance agencies. Cash s ^ nd £9,fTvPlete de, Republic and Ga- iicB«v tails. Box leng. RECOUP STOCK.LOSS n«i • Slfl,000 , pood location, "busy down. Agent 955-03.^ y #6 BAR NW custom auto upholst same locatlrv LAUNDROAAAT NG ESTABLISHM DRY CLEAN- ENT with dry-cleaning machine's,' 15 G E washer units and other equipment to match. Doing good business in growing area Will con- Airoc'^\ T s°c»,^, ce ^v *:* i/y lo, h,« Btn,on (evf/. ation well only SHOP. /MialTand wife ope ^^USEOrCARLOT TUCSON BUSINESS glfrSOT n^TTU*^.' agement & some additional capi- *«' to increase present good volume.. $10,000 for equity. Owners problem (not financial make mis opportunity available, con- l?S, f , p - 0 - Bo * 7425, Tucson Ariz. 85713 NEIGHBOR busy, CREST REALTY bUSV MALL Eve«. 997-4870 ~wfi -..-,-—. Auto Parts Inventory 'rake drum lathe and va" machlne._275 ! 5l43. OMEGA, founded in 1912", require qualified man to deliver reorders t established retail accounts, no sel Ing, can begin small and buiW t substantial, full time, profitable bus ness with company assistance. $797 id^_secured.J75-234Tanv time. grocery and meat marke hwest area, call evenings fSVERN—"busy" Northwest. Try »,500 down. Agent 955-0356 any time 64 I—Money Real Estate Mortgage Loans 1st & 2nd mortgagts loans Immediate Funds 8% interest Commercial — Residential INTER „ Vacant Land We Buy Mtges «, Contracts ESTATE MORTGAGE 26> 264-684J RESIDENTIAL 8 COMMERCIAL 1ST& UP TO 97% OF VALUE Combine your debts Into 1 low pay •nenf, even if you have been through bankruptcy. WESTWOOD MORTGAGE & INV. 1439 N. 1st St. No. 101 258-7051 MOBILE Home parks, Industrial, subdivision loans. Call 264-4605. 7.73 SEASONED contraci . v. . v ....« v in prime Phoenix home, 66 months unted to yield 10%. Col title company. Banker o run, discounted to yiel ected by title compan. "56-7l!o? C ' 8nd Hold ' n " Company - ND7WDUAL has money to loan or will buy your real estate mortgage 39-8717 anytime. $20d,M6~AyAI CABLE! First, second lortgagesi "Agent." 253-41BS. MOBILE HOME DEVELOPERS yeed^ cash for future developments orob- ck Hood, 944-15 bankruptcy. livorcet A O'BRIEN INVESTMENT COT 2 Years of trustworthy service. In- estors waiting to buy vour good RE ontracts or mortgages. Call us to- MONETTOR W Jtt-*f££j° r children, my home, ANITA ROBERTS Eves 274-7131 BANBURY 2% YIET-D on seasoned first ,.„„•acts In solidly sold subdivision at lagstaff. Title co. collections In Phx or worry - free investment. $2500 to WO? cash required. INLAND WEST- RN, 264-6231 or eves. 279-7231. Investment secured by guaran- mortgage. 659—Domestic Work Wanted eed title insured 'ARTNER WANTED W7$3W o finish remodeling of 13 units. In••J 16 -?! 4 ??., p*/ 555,^^ Box "• oned Tuny lecured $35000 First on 6 '— homes on 6W Acres! Value .3! Near Central Avenue! Agent" 253-4185. «v B nue: 'Kl. .$4,.000 First on clean 3 bed- ECOND lounf 9-9732. mortgage, 10% on any ' of $12,000. sacrificing 10 Acres close ittmann to pay debts-$3,oOO cash merican Proeerties. 278-8362 IELDS 12% annuallyTf~$34T76 . Payable through Security screws of Arizona. Payment assion- ny 7n« on k-iJ easoned , , flrst ox 709. Kinsman. Arizona PROFIT BONANZA llh^p^r^ffiSoK >ent in "2 yi 254-616T RED" -'oung, Real- a -u m 000 *?' "^ 3 years ' P a v "li 34 ^ monthly. Secure with 1st 6W870^ ° n room masonr v hws*- PERSONALS and MISC. SERVICES Classes 6S1 through M7 651—-Personals OVER 30 SINGLES CLUB i MARRY IIU HR • 9445453" er Arlx. divorce. W8ddln « *•** PING. IBM «• cuvor D. enture repajr, ^ OOKKEEPING, S _P] NG"" 969-78|9. 3MING soon! DANCE RAMA i he ultimate entertainment C'flCt. 6S I—Penenels 651—Oomeitlc tTPTOgrg^^: £Cmnrrro- (-3924. r>.-ri J dressmakin GENTLEMAN Who has fconald C.'' luggage from last Sunday at bu terminal, pleas* contact mother Mr .J521 East_WJjletta. 275-0101. , _-—.._...... ,.„ , ^ M j, ...iis.lg. «,.,~VIVI. SEWTN§7 school and sports clothe for girls, my home. 277-0774. SECRETARIAT, Typing, bookkeeping fl^tffi^ shorthand. Nofi My home. 275-v WANtEb: Re maintain old n _.._ 'i,jr«nts..£reejrent. 266-! IP anyone has any~fn?crmat!on on will made on or about the year 196 or 1968 for my father, resident o Mesa, Ariiona, please contact Antho , single man i d and collect weel . 266-2277. , , ny M. Nancy, Jr. 2 FUL 4363 Woodman Callfornl J y — xcelient ngs. sole -.,- ..erately neec . do your books home, evenings and weekends references. 937-2201. Eve BOYCE ProducTIonmoney, you terms agreeable. repai7rW«;2139, after 4j>.m DARLING Pehny.Tiappy annftersa ry. I Love You. P ry. I Love You. Paul. GIRL over 23 to share luxury apart ment__wlth others. 943-2181. ANYONE . Knowing the whereabout ANYONl of Patty Sowing the whereabout Lou B. age 20 In Ocfobe ' height f height ap- In Phoenix ares Bafke'r~"'colle'ct" (714* — -"- "*' ward. If located OOM and bath. Exchanq* woman '" evenings wlfti Tady „•"? l^JtSfklng, tailoring altera V^L G °gl"ly-* 1 »-" 41 - LADIES alterltlons^Tiarti will travel. 948-6289 655—Nurseries * ChlW Car* lilMovT**^ 5 ™ |ABY^Tj^^home7«!7^7 ?HILD. care. 55th Avenue-Thomas //-6iy4. SABYs'lTTING, my home. Take af- or vacatoln without fret middle aged CHILD mother 37th 5. M i L D care, my home. Avenue-Northern. 934-8700. NFANT care, my home, Westtown M2-5762. fencec my home, Tempe M N ary A v N aTe Mv hOme CHILD care, mv home. :Jye_tiays.J58 1 2g31 Your home. JABYSITTING my home, transpor atlon provided. 931-0328. PAY, njght, or week. 279-1471. 274-6801. . Avenue - RURSE"RY and arge shaded, 7f2,0, WeSf '" -TEMPE yards. Road, Pediafrlc . . days, nlgnlsbr will m. 272-1077. care _, oard and room _ _ ^^ jas-j-se-ftWrra HI LO^are_northwest_area i ^39 : 2990.' car my home. Mary- ays. 275-5960. ^BYSITTING, pre-sch~oolers. 6TH-Gl'endale. 944-044*.' CMOOL teacher will babysit tn her my home near North ABYSTfTINy. My home. Fenced erafed ' 4I2Z WSf ABYSITTING-aT lildren, any ho care, • • T— »«>*-,..'"7 iiuunj, iun(.n a nacks provided, vicinity of 35th venue and Glendale. 939-76811 ° B ' and .»J?.fr!«nS>t clean- no DA« H Tt •, ™*"f* tuicin uman- r'Spm ' service - 273-1181 af- ^JNG bTborn-Central~v|£inity. my "home tween_9 a.m. and S p.m t/ nirT^Z^im. ——•• • ** ,rT'*'« ._ perdozen - tftt**A*<l WlntM mcntSr car ' ice IBS, apart after s Cleaning'Sen -i. A complete wasfied, windows. _ was fce. Housecteantng. floor G — ,_ — . . carpet shampooing. Joe oul IRONIN6 vicinity Avenue-lTerthem. 939-74S3. -35" BABYSITTING. 'Evenlnos"'and wee S. 252-948- - " rRONiNG"in"mv home.' Call 276-7800 afternoons. ends, references. fore 8 a.m. or aft 9486. Call'b •5 p.m. del IRO ml iven>.2 DNING, doien. Pickup an -. $1.50 dozen. Also hem mending. Maryvale area desiring .. References. DAYWORK: IROMNG": chffd in hom references. 258-3848. rG~affer S 5269. J34674. _ 663—Misc. Jobs Trimmed7~remove(r96f-772T ...-.,.-.. cleanup an3 haulini 268-1872. A-T Public Stenographers. F>ee Es'f nates. 258-1701. 'AINTER, interior, exterior. Lowes ffifrEsare&ff 1 ' free estimat AJRAC on, 7T/-\^«, yy^^aoi. U^tekSJLERy and'fepalr. 934-1521 AIR c end It i o h I n g servlcT ellable-reaspnab yRAN IT E» top So ieanlnB Service. Walls ' wlndows d Whirlpool -mr*f*t f t ^r-*-^n CONCRETE washe patios, driveways .. Minted. re- JACKHOESrdUmp trucks. 96M79T , . S AURPE , T cleaning, housecleanlng movln9 ' very reason and appliances. Reason trTmmed and skinned OEjyOLITION ?<4.^ni lANDYMAN. 272-8073. H^y.^ LING, grading. 934-3689 trees uprooted ^.Sr/^^^^ lETlRED ES T ^Ice jLwgs:— :" Expert Upnolsterv. Half rice. 258-0512 ->-~.-... F 8 ISSy^M!Si5fflSi3BBEE ^^^ or screened. 937^77, ou. trFrnrnfiv., ._^, nsured free estlmatA' what have OPSOIL. ing, topping, stlmates. 278.38M dirt. 943^597. 74-5045. hauling, reasonable trimmed. 967-7721 IREES, hedges, trimmed, removed S4-5?29 ' insure °' "7-1769 mower, disk cleanup. 265 5JB. i9N£^TE work, tree.estimates 55_-8984, AULING. clean-up vSirk g7gT rnltr "-' movin9 experlenced * - trimmed, removed ree estimates. 245-3755 REE work :AULING and all around clean up ' ound it», edglngr trimming, year service. Private or commer _ ^24-762(>. mateS - Pat "' S L3Wn Sgl^Sa 93 ^ r SjNG^5paTrr^Se^.rs...and . G repairs. Sewers a topped. &4.4M4; 955-1408. serviced and repaired experriaw " n __ painting. Lo\w estimateT naulinB/ tree PROFESSIONAL BUSINESS SERVICE DIRECTORY GUIDE ^mUNTlNG" service. ir conditioning. Sal» nee, and T'v"repaTr'."278°55"6.' ARTTST~ 2-2351 f MODE LING, residential, co •'• New construction. All SSIfin! 6 ^ .il cense d. ew constr, res & comm. Remodel- AHl3 d 2:. s .!*?.« la J!y-.Non.unlon. c lic, rwffB^TANT'QUALBID oom, cai BonJ. 273 LI Beat < ?nst., add-a- llmates. Lie. _ _ TRT ma ?&M* atr * sr'sHi.^^BF*" t Fill Irt * Din Granite and Wh olesale. screened d Lawn Roclc . Crushed or d, 937-4677 H S A i, p .y.' s ,,t*? ul Jn», F .VAlt«re .- Haul In _-..._ truck serv. peds. Reasonable. .. Misc. cleanup. ~ feAWN_SlRyJcr: """ >^!iy lce -. Resldentiara, com- SHIPP-V lawn service 2654418 Com B,_res_.yard t, garden malSr _.._ Res lawn, h"ed .... iednes, cleanup, hauling - & metro. • Est 944-2119 COMPLhlt lawn service. ' Frank's Lawn Service. 77- JMIMTiaig wcient ft >&£3lg& ttBBiat. __J*Jari£S.4 e . leC - ffl « PAINTING & PAPERTiANGlNG" GRADING, Tiff lawns. M9-S405. HOME clean ing, men-wife team. ... ._. • carpet cleaning, tiie CONCRETE WbfTf, estimates. 268-1993. commercial jc, all fypes. Free POINTING, "Inside, ootslde, JiJ aver- OTjjiJ"" 811 ' nMtr prcmp t. 95S- *—*/A***P4» EMPLOYERS! NEED PART-TIME HELP? United Electronics Institute Male srUucnTs WITH vAfrGcf flxp6ncnc*s mormno-atternoon 01 " T^eTe nfn'« hours. Classes are 28 continuous f^ceT^selKtedH.erscifeF^ 1 ^ UNITED ELECTRONICS INSTITUTE 2555 E. University Drive Phx, near Sky Harbor Airport Trades 682-$theeU Lttai Cfan ar tefwina trenchini renctilng. EAPHJ ..... Places, remoovai. »fr»7«i: stone, fences, fir*- litlons, patios, con PLL, hanging, f i n t s h I n S Ine-.,.. Satisfaction guarantee? Work guara patios,fireplaces block, *~'.*tw!*'_ cement; patios S* R68S leasonable la? con; M treees. ™ s ' EDUCATION and JOB PREPARATION Classes Ml tftrmft m lnter '° r ' ^^'^M^m^- rawing of debris. Clean- ". 939-5679 service. I var lomes mm >.ico LAWN service." awn service, apartments, |d_cleanups.J'43^5p91. »':i»»n _j\.i T i\.c. t I MINI |POLDEC|CJ!SM9M; §i? c t*, service and re- icehsed contrac- ^42-2746^. service. 943O240. ; . wprkT-Wall washing, JRAPERY and rod Installing, week ~hiye a one~f6n~plckuprw!)rriaul inythlng. Ask for Jackie, 2M-015t. n A i M VTk7>r" ' — iohn Pierce & lAost rooms '$l"6"up' "on, 252-7957. THE AQUARIUM REMODELING SALE USED TANKS % 4432 N. 19th Ave. ROCK FISH SPECIAL 277-357 lawns, ponds. CTNG7~c(ean-upT~moVi'ngT CHUCK'S~ Lawn Service. Hedge, rees, cleanup. Glendale, Maryvale rea. y37-na. iAINTIN pff._252-4510. =XPERT .. trimming, trees"~ofa In Richard 667-Building Trades BA< I texturing, . lock, stone wanted kooT- cement 682—Schools Letal Class af Tatarlrtt AUlO & DIESEL MECHANICS" AIR CONDITIONING REFRIGERATION & HEATING NEW CLASSES AUGUST 31ST STUDENT LOANS AVAILABLE CALL 264-4164 INST. KEYPUNCH TRAINEES AN > TRA|NYu ' CALL KPA 253-3166 High School not required ' Imit No Aae Llml CECIL LAWTER REAL ESTATE SCHOOL JLE-8 BROKERS 60 or 90 DAYS A 0 !??* 8 »f re T »"9ht by CECIL firvre T w^,hl^nBTtraln e fr& W .nd Ce m^ vatlng salesmen. CECIL LAWTER * an Arizona^ real estate broker and teaches students from actuarexperi. Vffi^^S^dSWZ 277-4841 277-1478 AMI REAL ESTATE " CACTUS Cabinet shop. 992-«an: IG, Residential iiaT 55^5 956-0010 CRETE~work: , fi^ 6 " 31 * 5 - CAR'PE i7 driveways, - estima' BlSPESdTol reasonable. -S"" ' '""• ' c°»miam». IQI-UUMI «|MpDELlNG— complete. KitcheFT, ONCRETE ^ v . Skeen carports. LW Lo . cal 8nd J± ona Ha "l'-'••veterans. D av or evening classes'. American Diesel Drivers Schools. -6003 work, large or small Contracting. 944-3623; stucco, patchw'ork. ACKHOe dumptruck service. AINTING, interior, exterior,'good ^4^^^^^m^- - i~. 349004 c f petnter - 997-4iTf. christian - wor! AINTING. Cheap. Spraying" uaranteed.^^^m^^aiOii. hanging and painting. •APER 992-2450. CAffHtr snamppoing; Painting, In. enor and, Exterior; Window Clean- g. Nominal Charge, Free Esti- iates._CalI 95^3500'' LOCK, layjng, Jmajllobs. 278-4055. EM6NT work. 944-0837: ~~ZZ NEED PAINTING? or small; claan i serv . _ ItfAMIC tile, Formica, Marlite \n- Jii!«LSmal|_remodel (obs. 969^)037. "^^~~ roon ,. IBCEOjreplaces. 939.793iT" pOFJNG, coating, repairing. Guar- J954 T ' N G in '« r| o>'' exterior. ~AVE~TOD7fYT With M c D o n a Id rothers special 20% off on all labor, exterior, decorating. and additlohi: _AINTING. Interior-Exterior^ -U J_T_?_j '»*»« •iii»j» iyi-1—iPtjy) IVI TJS'TQMj LOCK laving and cement finishing. LECTRICIAN, licensed, reasonabliT. RA ee adi RACTOR and need operator avai paneling - M4-1237. our radlng P?_ le for custom and praetor work. Hourly. "*' Evenln8 «' «*•«*>. BEAUTY SCHOOL INSTRUCTOR .2 A - llln 1.2 WEEK COURSE lll mT, n ,-?. > !F, iti CiA """warding career PHOENIX ACADEMY OF BEAUTY MR, RJCCI 254-1169 BE A TROCTDWEr Approved for -rung classes. _ . _. ing Low Monthly Pa,......,. SCHOOL OF MARKET CHECKING BARBERING - HAIRSTYLING Classes for men & rehab, approved. . .. T^INCHV^"- 6 -" 0 --* 255 GREGG COLLEGE 252-233F MEOIC'ATrDlTAL ASSISTANTS & RECEPTIONISTS sssissstnst IjeHT CLAftls Schools, Inc. J CtlFuTrI & SYSTEMS ANALYSIS GoVt Insured Tuition nt. 10 mo. after gn Loans {1st graduation) Approved For veteran* Accredited bvA.C.B.S. Full-Time Placement Assistance Day 'mi Evening Classes COMPUTER INSTITUTE 3620 N. Central 266-4483 Plv. Of Granite Put* s«rm f .. "ASA'S DIESEL DRIVER TRAINING REAL jjrcffi..«" STATE GOTIOff^" ***PAY LATER 703—EmpUyment Wanted Female «r F»rtn«ntM Part Tiiti* retary, exotrj ale _£uner Permanent part Tin* exKOTivirA^glo Saxon, SO, Mexl- E'.Svul'LS?'!!? utive in Mexico. po«tttnn u,tfh tr»t,«i -. and' aval lort noti zona ition with travel !? •0? purchas- ialfv. Resume on ible for Interview reply to D. Tucson, Arl- AUTOMOBILE general sales manag- «f «r sales manager posftion wanted. employment and In qood long hours. public and G 40 years old alth. Willing to work jply Box 55-MX, Re- mar- area desires _. i -. —^—I-. Business college plus 3 years business management program. 12 years experiences cost ?no. Inventory control, emplovee- 'cusfomer relations, computerized t3S--lielp Wanted mtn lUftVf* Cffe. i."? w i n i™ boslrws* an w in closing or In a Han -„.--, ..'Iff someone else making th sales? Then see us f-o-a-a-y. w have openings for 2 licensed eeopfe closing. Call'Thorpe, ' n EMERALD TRUST coftp. WANTED ARIZONA REPUBLIC AUTO DRIVERS — ••••"• —••«• «»i *.MII iiixnuBbi r <*ti--ru ^ni- ployees. Excellent character credit and employment reefrences. Available for Interviews, beginning A 24. Box 51- zette. ,-...iews_l>eglnning August -MD, Republic and Ga- rbuNTING-Bookkeeplng. Expert-,--». Including cost, permanent. ACCOUNTANT. 724 North IsfStreetT apartment 9. ACC m* BUSINESS COLLEGE H. CENTRAL REAL ESTATE SCHOOL ..-Cla MONDA, MONDAY! sses AY, TUESDAY, forming) . 17th, 7 A M 'st; 10 A!M. ARIZONA SCHOOL OF REAL ESTATE Scottsdale 60 W. Indian School Rd. 686—Schools Correspondence * Out rt Stan P. DImp " fled •3555. HIGH SCHOOL 693-RESUMES, Counseling * Empleyment Services Sperry Flight Systems Oi». SPERRY RAND 19th Avenue N. off Bell Rd. Emp. Lobby closed Weds, fc Frl. An Equal Opportunity Employer OVERSEAS EMPLOYMENT ALL JOB CLASSIFICATIONS INTERVIEWS BY INTERNATIONAL SERVICES 1808 N. Central Ave. Suit* 104. 252-5(54 FRONT end mech. desires to re-locate in shop with 40 hr. work week 14 yrs. exp. In valley. 277-8272. 15 yrs. . unemployed Is my Idea of toy. Seven years a ligh schooF science teacher, still I .,. RNEYMAN Groceryman, . Prefer Produce. 942-1341 . ING one of the 5% unempl do not know al prior, business tomed to 'ha'rdworkV and challenge. I would merit in cent _ answers. Some experience. Accys- vork, responsibility would like employ... any field that offers a'de- opportunity and a chance to earn a living. Please reply to Box 74-TK Republic & Gazette for references, resume, and interview. . _ FAMILY man needs work desperate^ _..._ —^...— ,'ng draftsman, ~. ~.~. ably with some structural exoerl- epce. 264-W1. 715—Help Wanted Employment Agencies TEACHING POSITIONS Arizona Teache ' Ariz., her Pl 3033 MOORE. OPPORT N. Ce Central ITIE CAMEL P 959-7500 ^- P ° PE SA% UTH NAM, JDI !CA COLUMBIA, It RESUME LNI ASSOCIATES, INC. 77 Camelback E. Suite 206 264-4646 Executive Making A Change Free Na«on l wiae"placeme ance_throygh_ branch. Tall - £C . .w i»i.wii ance throug BROCHURE ABC SHORTHAND NEW CLASSES AUG. 17th weak* MENT ^MODELING, custom caMnafs. arpentery. additions eaiauu " e AINTINd Interlor-exterlpr, home e I?P de i l , t y»«,S r re " alr - Pree estl- repairs'. Ist .__ SAM'S tree service. tymp, $10 V76-4962. side Removal any r'\niiinv.i 'aping, lexiur ng, terlng.. $3 hourly. 944-7698. PAINTING interibrT exterior, estimates. 254-9558 Free DRAFTING NOW OFFERING INDUSTRIAL ILLUSTRATION TUI 9ITED BY A.< VA APPROVED LJL^^RITILQR VIIIT PLACEMENT SERVICE AVAILABLE 1001 N. 1st ST. CORNER lit CT. t ROOSiVILT NOW! OVERSEAS OPPORTUNITIES COUNSELING BY OVERSEAS SERVICES, INC. IN. Centra, Aye.. Suit.,,, Mon, Tues, Thurs & Frl 9 to • Wednesday 9 to S THATLA-NDrk^AJr^-^ coimt'mtf Civil, Electrical, Chemical ENGINEERS, ELEf_Tf?Oj!f| l ?'technlclans, Calibre- Ai , echanical, & EDP anaylsis, programmers icia . hell ts & Con- :p. desired. sexp. —i---j.,--V-.-, journeyman ony. Single status. PyjAABtRS. welders & pipe fit- COIN' ROUND THE JOB-HUNTING CIRCLES? Don't Be A SQUARE Make A Straight IK To A Member Of The ARIZONA PRIVATE EMPLOYMENT AGENCY ASSOCIATION FAR WESTERN PALCEMENT PROFESSIONAL PLACEMENT ROBERSON 8. COMPANY JOE HIGGINS EMPLOYMENT ARIZONA REPUBLIC HAS MORNING NEWSPAPER MOTOR ROUTES AVAILABLE EAST OP CENTRAL AND NORTH OF INDIAN SCHOOL. GOOD PART-TIME INCOME FOR THESE ADULT ROUTES. 18 OR OVER WITH DEPENDABLE TRANSPORTATION. CONTACT MR. FRONKO 271-8307 2.-30 TO 7:30 P.M. MONDAY THROUGH FRIDAY INTERIOR DECORATING CONSULTANT nTe'rIcS'd'eS nnH r , had formal tram- anmlmu " of .2.years recent •Furniture •Curtains and draperies •Decorative accesorie* *Home furnishing YS^Jl^lssary to have knowledge In s of "total environmental lecorating" and have ability liw'hV«!2L. an M 9e . ne . rat 'ng leads tor =S^ b t1 f. ess -. Most D ave experience ft™, ability to meet customers in their home and demonstrate high i performance and average We have the finest training tools and merchandise selections. Outstanding benefits Very high earning po ng potential PENNEYS PARK CENTRAL STORE 3141 N. 3rd AVE. An Equal Opportunity Employer CLEMENTS REALTY lot S c m nf n ,d ef n 0 lia? U in,e T r e vT^, SNELLING & SMELLING SNELLING ,E N LL,NG ACE EMPLOYMENT SERVICE WESTERN PERSONNEL AN OPPORTUNITY B i, B EMPLOYMENT ABLE PERSONNEL CONSULTANT DOCTOR'S OFFICE PLACEMENT DUNHILL OF PHOENIX You'll Find More Listings For More Different Kinds of Jobs Than Anywhere Else in Arizona A NEW JOB CAN MAKE YOUR WHOLE WORLD SHAPE UP! WOMANTWORLD «K» N. 7th St. 264-2525 ,05 M 105 E. McDowell 252-5728 ECORATING, sales, advertising po- t'on Ask for Bee at Beelini Intert rs, 4721 N. Central or Saturday 9 a.m. sharp, lower level auditorium, .. , m, first Federal Savings, 3003 N. Central. No Investment. _ 1-Fuli time & 3-part time people, with car needed 264-5301 . - , ded at once. $2 perhr. REAL ESTATE . hi9he5 ' . FRENCH REALTY 1502 W. Osborn 264-3711 272-5384 INTERVIEWER Established valley resident, set starter for one of our 3 branches. Private off ce, good training ori lenTral bu? 1 --^'- —* r Sl9nift<:ant sales, pers' are now sk — „_,.„„„,, ....,,, lu learn our part of the personnel business, call 264-3477. Davis Pioneer Employment Agencies. f .selected^ Prefer"significant business background In wsonnel or industry. If you i skilled or seriously want to HALLCRAFT REALTY now Interviewing salesman f Temoe Office. Company floor time 8, assistance. Aooointment. Ask for Derr!ll Harris. 967-9446. for the y benefits, . Call fo; Contact Employment Service 234 N. Central 252-5621 employ. .40 Ccrane JOB HUNTING-USIT EMPLOYMENT ClaiMI 7W HirauM 777 700—Employmtnt Wanted Couples Pull or Permanent fart Time cleaning" boys urnityre. Man *—- *. Know. ... •atlon malm 14, 16. works AREA EMPLOYMENT 553 N. Old Scottsdale TIONAL pe 355 ^ 50 N. Centra ERVICE U, 947-4381 1017 N. 3rd St. ^ ^ ._.. __• DON'T TALK TO STRANGERS ABOUT YOUR NEXT JOB! WANTED ARIZONA REPUBLIC AUTO DRIVERS THE ARIZONA REPUBLIC IS INTERESTED IN MEN AND WOMEN IN SEDONA AREA TO HANDLE MORNING AUTO ROUTE DELIVERY. MUST HAVE A CAR» AUTO ALLOWANCE PLUS COMMISSION IF INTERESTED CALL COTTONWOOD, 634-5701. REAL ESTATE Expanding; lists wanted. No ex-'>«| liwLTER^CMluiS'sOCIATES See AL _ sjn.carely'e»ra about"your'next 'job' 2*4-1191, 1425 E. Camel- FUiLER AGENCY" EXECSECTYTRNEE TO $400 to learn. Good 100 lamel .^ EMPLOY, Have own alntenance . Plumbing, ince, repair. 703—Employment Wanted Female JMtfftrmtimt Fart THna Sterling Secretaries-AHaiN t, t<l*t)ti;'.fi C OPPORTUNITIES IN "AIR CONDITIONING" (For free booklet call/write) VETERANS WELCOME! Modem School of Refrig. ffi led. orr Quarti for business women" wlifi ^j-bcokkwplns a«Ptrl onT teena8e~«in, experi JUST step an FR~DAY Ts affe i at £f e « rmai 3?fi t< ^; Phone. RR '•..Box 801, Eloy, Arizona; or for llat_e Jnformatfon. refer to Casa on refer t Oiffce, 836-72 i iii'. SBl r immi i - ..- .— mature lady now in South Amencs wishes to obtain iob Ciriny for elawl/ or iiiv<*lid person. Contact tjifthtr ot 751V p. Bellview bpr,KKI-'fi-'i-H. otl Vre;.fj ivli ' '.viyi •/; ,l..l-. KHMtui l" v .r c' i. i ': A i. !• '.w .•/,;•. "KOGEN PERSONNT JOBS SOONER JOTNDERS "fifffif Ul* E. Bethany Home Bd. Business Men's Clearing House 3003 N. Central Ave. 264-1414 "TTETS/RESTAURANTr" EXPERIENCED" proof passers ed at once. Can use -• - "• other lines. Good cor, 2%9575 nd SUn "' V ' use strong c osers, commlss/on.Satur: day, »-iO:3ft a.m. 739— Help Wanted Female CommluteBs. lie. »H( Mrt "•"•• ~ . .FASCINATING JOB $rium»wim'p* >in exciting m Idas Professli M in rffll ri-^Jpas^ !^*ffi$®** §nd roil "as IP makeup and ' il make- woman. •Siena) make* Ignt w HoWW^Slrn^'^Uw rr-i —.P^Wm-Jlilir Electronic Systems Personnel Iff? W. Clarendon. Suit, fflf 735-^elp Wanted REAL ESTATE cwiiiiiis.s.101, u,,id « & t.uc.'t //•.' e ultice. t we Topi in ijvt buth Call 942-422* t TIGHT1UVE1Y~ ALL WE WANT ARE YOUNG WOMEN 1. Who 3. Who are not single or ie or young men c 966-3382 to work with

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