The Paris News from Paris, Texas on July 27, 1934 · Page 9
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The Paris News from Paris, Texas · Page 9

Paris, Texas
Issue Date:
Friday, July 27, 1934
Page 9
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Page 9 article text (OCR)

FMDAY. JULY 17, 1*34 PAWS MEWS, See The Classified Page Every Day For Automobile Bargains CLASSIFIED AD Information the ItATJC* 1 Ttv>« Xc p*r woro. * TiBu«* -*c JMM "or 4. * Tina** »o p«* "orA. It Tim** l&c P«i word. Minimum clUtT|E«. IOC. Mlmtmum oumb*i at ward*. ala. C*ut«r*<l or llnea *«t 1* CAP* »r« eoomtws on c&« hui* or •!* u»lt**d •*» Iet;«r» < mat application. !>*<&! r».l*« *t p«r »or<l *» orc«r* tor Krrorm: Tb« New* will not o* r**pon*ibi* tor (DOT* tfcaA «w* l»corr*ct insertion. W* Ut* rl«Q» to *dtt »i*<l c* copy for th« b«*t tnt«r*»t» of Bo* number* c*r« ?•«•*• «1U k* Cl**n advertiser* <Jt»:rln» blind a.d<ir«**v*. m.<l* to out Ad you li w oopy. IM OK IM. DEMOCKAT1C PRIMARY July ±8. 1»34 For Representative from U>« »~ District. A, iL A1JCLN. JJft. ' (Re-election Second Term.) 'Star RepreseJiuuive 3SttaJ>istrlc* C- C. CANON (Re-election second term.; For County M. IX EMERSON HERBERT i~ JONES GRAJDY STURGEON. ..'jfV>r Coojoty JudLjrc: C- A. MARTIN /-'• J, M. BRASWELL VAN D. ANDERSON. For StocrlTt.- CLYDE SfULTON (Re-election, second t»rm.) Superintendent Ijtmar Co, School* WALTER TURilAN MART JONES LINDSAT (Re-election. Second Tens.) 3, G. SRUNSON. CHARJULE R. BUGGER JLAJR.T MAN ESS PIERCE I>. I.. CH1SM. For County Clert: R, V. CBOBJ rl (Re-election. Second term) For JOlstricx Clerk: BOS LATTIMORE. SR, <R*-c*ection, second term.) DOROTHY L-ATIMER- CL.TUE KUMPHRET Caurde of Ttuuiks for Commfcwtoncr Precinct Ko. 1- RUPERT L. BAJLLARD CJTor Rc-clectloa, Second Term.) for Commissioner. Precinct I: GEORGE TSRRT for Commissioner Precinct 2: i£KS. ROT DUXAGAN. J. FRAXK JONES. l\>r CommlssJoncr Precinct Three I*. R, ROT CAVINESS >r Re-election. Second Terai-) KENNEDY J. H- JOHNSON. I"or Conirnlssioocr Prccfuct 4: T. W. (BILL) RUSSELL ctSon Second Term). EL BOOTH For Public Wciehcr, Place I- WILL THOMAS n Second Term.) For Cotton Wri^hrr. Paris. SECREST R_ T. CBO3) NASH. C. J. (JACK) MOTE For of «he Peace Prectact 2fO, I. Place No. 1: A. W. SHEFFIELD. For PaMic Weiffhrr. Product J". Al. (Marrir.) COOPER- JPor Justice of the Peace, Precinct 1. Place 2. f^amnr Connty. J. A. (Arthur) JOHNSON. For rc-«lcct5on. second tcrrn. CHARLES PARnOTT For Constable. Precinct 1: SAM GARLAND. fRe-EJcctiors. Second Term). J. C. (JOHN) PRIDE. AH S*x-lette« nnd OKDKR Or STAR $ O E S TTiurwr'av n!ff rR««rr: »>•>?» -»>; t^ \V M, Mr* tln. S ijQt*KK NO :" A. M.. If O nrwn^rnarv. 8»«c. Kn NO «s a. A »cft mr-nth. 7:30 p. rn. ni«>n!« «r*-?r*>Tti**l J J M E II. r, H. <5 n COCXCIT. NO 5< R »t 7:50 rt, J . S*c, & COMMANOKOT NO » K Sf*l»«l «<*!»<• Javo l«t *R.1 u»«»n!n«{!» *•»<>» rr»r»nTh 7:30 Mr* of vtttlae J*>r Kt»!«fit «1 lloryl P .7«hTi]icT» B. C . H OnOTTO M 36 p. w. V1»1t»nit rrnt»h* > t» lw«1t««t J. W. H*rrU Mon- U. P*r»«»it. *!««. or THK KASTRRN STAR *" ftiTTa th* >»t nvJ Th» third WE wish to thank our aaany friends for their kindness and sympathy during .the illness aa4 death, of our loved one. Richagd Ivey. We especially thank Dr. Hooka and the «inger», the Rev. E G. Beckman for his comforting words and all who sent beautiful floral offerings. Mrs. Richard Ivey and family. Found LOST BETWEEN Sawyer and Arthur City black hand srip- Leave »t Newx office. Reward. Mrs. J. T. Penn. Roxton. Personal WE BtTT UCSCOLX BDEJJ> PENNIES Will pay up to $2.00 each if over ten years old. Indian Head Pennies worth tip to J51.00 each. Send lOc for BTJTING CATALOG. .CONTINENTAL COIN CO., Box 1722. Chicago. CAN take 2 or 3 passengers to Austin. Texas, on or about August 5. Share expenses. If interested, address Box 5-A, care News. Professional CHARLES PRICE Phone 836 5 West Houston General Insurance. Special Notice* 1O TOUR MINNOWS AT LAJtK CROOK. 15c and 25c Per Dozen tVe have all fcfnds of bait and give prize "f 100 minnows each month for largest -fish caught with our shiners. H. W. JEAJEtLlt This for That 11 "WILL Swap good year old heifer for hay. V. K. Dulsson, Phone 1315-W. EN rube R. C. A. Radio to trade for model T Ford Roadster or railk cox*-. Phone 1S02. Anto RcpairlJi" and Palntins 14 NOW IS THE TIME TO PAINT YOUR CAR! We bave an easy pay plan on Auto painting, fender, body and wreck work. Ask about It- W« make cash an to loans Morse Bee Lmc Station 3rand at 19th St. Tel. 803 Auiorrtobit-et Anttomoblles for Sale 13 . M. Auburn Sedan For SaJe An S cyllrsder. fo»3r door sL wheel Auburn Sedan. practlcaJ Bartrain For Oirtnot Consider Trade Tom Hinkle At ainkle tmnnber Co, Livestock Feed Plants and Seed Queen of Dixie Poultry Feeds Sure Nrff Stock Fee* Field Seed — Garden Seed Poultry remedies.. Bulk Bird Seed, Bird Remedies and Supplies. Dog and Puppy Food Chigger Chaser. Guaranteed to Keep tbe CMggers Off HARRY BOOK S? Grand Are. TeL «04 Far Sale Known* Goods SPECIAL SALE *£ m Livestock tor Sale FOR SALE—Good young Jersey cow. Giving milk. Ernest Johnson. Route 2. .Paris. Merchandise For Sale Household 80 OAK POSTER BED and dresser Call 643-J. Miscellaneous for Sale Us TODAY Texas Power & Light Co. Real Estate for Rent Furnished Room* tl TO GENTLEMEN bedroom close in. Phone- 1223. Apartments for Rent •* TWO-ROOM furaisiied southeast apartment. Bills paid. 73 Gra- banx. THREE room Garnished apartment. Bills paid. 101 Clarksville street. Phcne 2238. FOUR ROOM furnished apartment, private bata and garage. Ring 19S1-J, TWO ROOM furnished apartment. Refined home. 11S East Price. Phone 1745-W. proj>eriy Tor t&xaclan. will b*> held b«- fweea the hours o- s:OO o'clock. A. Al . ami S;03 O'clock. P. J1-. os ti« 2t2i <Jay i of Aos'-ist. '934. Jor Ui* sniryoaKt o± <i«i t«rm:n!oE ti* rcilowiag proposition: j "Wisether or jac^ ibe cit> of Paris J shai! be autiorized to Issue Bon dm of 1 tJi« City is the j«i=3 of S*w«nty Tlxoa- i »3La<I (170000,00) <lol!ara, and levy a. I tajt *off:ci*at to pay tJh« interest on | said bonds, and create a. sinking fund S sufficient so r**Jeem sbejao -at eaataritjr; ; th« said bonds to bear Interest Iroza : dat« at 4. rate not exceeding- 4 per cent I anncsn. Interest payable sesai-aaottaHy. { Said bonds nnatcrioE serially at tlse rw- 1 sj>*ctive tlnn«s ansi in tfee respective anso-onta. as maj be- Jut«d by tii* City , Coancll; no bosd to b« ls»a«d for a i period exceeding thirty years from Its | date and aJl ixinds to be i«sce<i for J the purpose of t»!ii!d!3K Sewer Dis• s posal Plants, construction of tnan-ito!e« i and enlarsensent and l=iproiren:fint of { the present S«-=-er Systesa and to be I knows a» S«wer Coastmction Bonds. { Series "1S34.- | The pollingr place* and praslCins of; fieers oi said e!ection shall be reapec- Ward In which h» offers lo vote for j thirty (30> days, sext preceding tls* f election is eatiiled to rote. • Given under say hand with, »a« Seal J oi th« City oi Paris atflxed thU the 1 SO* day of Jaly. A_ £>„ I93i i J M. caOOK ' Mayor. City of Pari» Attest: S&rm. Odoas Park. City aftcretary. city of Paruu NOTICE OF COURTS Business Property—Rent 97 i PART of store space near Plaza.. :Clarksvi!!e St., Ben Peltz. W. Wanted to Buy SS GRAPES for sale. Pnone 21S2-J. Wanted to Bay $8 WILL PAY CASH for a good used car. Nothing older than '29 model considered, and prefer light car. Must be a bargain. Ray Morse. Morse Bee Line Station, corner 19th and Grand Ave. WANT to buy good second band pianos. If you have one to sell ! call me and let me make you a price on It- J- E. Trumble at Bonham. Street e^elry Store. Phone 384. Famished Rooms »1 FURNISHED room comfortable. Reasonable, New Plaza Sotel, Phone S6S- Houses lor Rent 5 Rm. Fum. Km. and Dup.—S56J. I sti-cct: FIVE room furnished house-, close in. 704 Notice NOTICE: Purs'-an* to a Resolution passed by rhfe City Cousci! of tfa« CUy of Paris on the 5tb day of July 1S3* I isereby give coti"" that an ejection by tin? Qualified Idlers cf th^ Cty of Paris •who own taiable properry !n said Cit" acd irio iave cwly rendered said 1: Central Fire Sta-tioa. T>. 3P Godbold. presiding: officer; XVARI> 2: Uasoc'c Bids..! W. H. Wright, presiding officer: XVAHI> 3" Coeirt Hotiae. A. VV. X presiding ofiicer: Vl-ARI> 4; Paris Hisb School. Jackson presiding: offlcer. The foras of ballot to be trsed Is said election for those voting: In favor °* tha issuancd of bond^t «hal) be as follows; **ycr the Issuanca of Sewer Coa- strcctlon Boads. Series ~1334." The form of ballot to be used In said election for those voting against issuance of bonds shall b« as follows: * 'Against th* Sss^aace or Sewer Con- rrwction Bonds. Series "•1934," The election to be ne;d fn accordance with the General Election Laws of the State, in so far as the sarne ara app;?cab!e and not in conflict with the prei-jsiona of the City Charter. Srery owner of taxable property in th-s City of Paris, who hits duly rendered said property for taxation, and who Is <jt2a3!fied to vote for rrierrsbers of the legislature of the state and who hs.s resided In the limits of th* City for sii (6) months, and !n th- the firm was dis- th« 23rd Notice is hereby givea th,at the partnership litely subsisting betw^^n W". 3ea. SniHii and Joe Hiiiiioiisr; oi Paris, JLamar county, Texas, under nurse of Sraitix and Hiilhous* solved by zcutua.: coa&er.: on. day o* July, A. XX. IS34. f Alt debts owing ;o said partnership! aro to be received and coitecte-d by the j said W. Sea Smirli. stad all <iebra ow-ing s by said partnership ar* to be pa.ii by j iiiia and to be pr«seated to him tor pay- | Tiia tie 24tii day vi July. A IX, Z334. } •W. 3EX SMIT 1 ! " [ jos : DISTRICT COURT Newman Phillips, jtids* XeT\- Ca.*es Ffled. Roy Johnson, r&ceiver, v»> f. L» Leverett, suit for d-ebc, K. T. Cauble vs. Pearl Gamble, suit for divorce. J. S. Partin \-s suit for damages. Mrs. Rosa Hutson et al vs. liann Hollje, suit for damages. Mrs. Roy Xettletos and husband vs. E. J, Bailey et al. mandamus, Marjorle Hodges vs. S. J. Bni~ ley et a3. r^andarrtus. TIGERTOW1N 7 FOLKS SING DROUTH SONG! N'.—Everyone here is sinking "It Ain't Gonna Rain Xo Mo' "_ The Shannon family moved Monday from the old. Cothran place 10 Paris. itrs. J. P. Hobos lias been ill this week. Miss Wilma Parris and Fred Cra^vley Trere married last Pri- fiay afternoon at Brooksion by LA3IAR COtTXTT C. A. Martin, judge Roy Johnson, receiver, va. Lottie M. Levereit et ai, suit for debt. One case of violating the highway !av,-s filed. Licenses Issued J. L. Aaron and Mrs. Wilson VT. "RTelcb. and Miss ,Xo- rine -Windham. Baptist ! the Rev. Leslie minister. !>ave and John !Hanes of rTm- bersc-n spent TKrectnesday here with J- ?. Hobbs and. family. Xew Automobiles Mrs. S. 3. McClarv, Paris. Piy- moiith coach. Rayford Gamble, Paris, Ford V-S truck, Mrs, Mike Robinlus, Paris, Ford V-S sed,in. Thimble Theatre, starring POPEYE The Choice of the People By E. C. SEGAR t'tn >\CFT GOlNiGi TO - V rAE HcCK OUT OF THcM - HtWc GOT NO "TO SHOOT f\~T Me I'VE <bOT SHCOTlMGs Mb UTc\EH I'VE GrOT "STOP ot^U.5 AT K OF VOO BEr\££ Or PL.V- IDIGTS OF THE BUNGLE FAMILY The Ayes Have It By HARRY j. TUTHILL: aP^f,Mo« SENNY!) 3CVS, WHAT ARE WE GOING TQ DO ABO'JT THE SCL^HEViKl WKV „__ _,,„%/ _\ / U5T£N,\VHY NGT HCnTj ^"l-J^'^-.V WHAT \/ THEMESTJNG RIGHT • Ar7ra™«fi '-n~ ! ^S / ^ E ^ £ gy /S KOM£? _I^> ^a'SS^f °f^ °5 ^ I Bf SAYING AYE./ G ^£F' new Ford De Lttxe coach. tquippe-3 xvlzh Bosch radio, •will be sold at a bargain. See Harry Vainer. Paris Grocer Co, and NOW TOU CAN HAXTE YOUK MATTRESS RENOVATED Or* The E"st!?y Pnymect plan: One t>Ry Scrrlce Paris Mattres* & A>ranig Co. SO \V. Shermarj Phone STO WEU- BOYS, L V/A5 OVER AND TALKEB TO BENXT'S WIFE AND IF SHE'S DOWNHEARTED ABOUT HIM 3GNG MISSING THE LODGED HALU FIRE, SHE'S', GOT A LOT NO i I THOUGHT*FT WOULD ) DiO YOU ASK HER TO IDENTIFY PAUSE.' THAT} E FOUND SN THE! ASHES "2 jf \ ANYBODY! V •: DIANA DANE Serrlcc SLECTKJC FAX and motor re- •wlndirig. Main Salvage Co. 2S Xortb Alain St- Employmeni Help Wanted, Male 4S STEABT WORK — GOOD FAT Reliable man Canted to call on farmers in Lajnar county. No experience or capital needed. Wrl:e today. MeXcss Co., Dept. S. Freeport, Illinois. for nexc-spapcr See Mr. Melton. Gibraltar hotel. Opportunities ANOTHER business forces mo to sell my pig stand. Priced ritcht for cash or win trade for 3i.s:h; delivery trticfc. Crawford's Pis Stand. SS Larnar. Financial Insnrancr anrt Bond* ** GALBREATH. DEWEESE AND PROCK Genera) Insuranc* Telephone 257 AUTOMOBILE LOANS >«*«•«« K*-nmur*rfrt. C*»h Arffunv^v* GENERAL INSURANCE Oliver A Yamx-y fl. 4S« Livestock I>tHr»> IVt Animal* TO CoHlo pupp'.e*. See tt»em at Moor«*» Mul« Barn en Market Squar* Saturday. P, H. JtKui. N*X» PUT- ON A 5r4OV\/ A HOMER HOOPEE What's This? 'm^^^fj HSS / DO VOU Vl \N,MLU\r\V.\t DO I WANET To I WAVH" TO I \ c,prr \ " rV V\\K\ RVGPCT \M '. l»^r ARE YOU M**- HOOPEE 7 -Y VcS WE\?= HAP A / SEE TRKrr ^30T B. ! HI out c? VOUR TOO vou f V£S, THHRES A \1 \v\5-V\tVx *» ^v-^, ir-.c,rsi-vJ <^ \ 5 ^c MH ON f\ " ~_ X v ' ^-c » i SCORCHY SMITH Reluctant ' PART OF rr- illTSS UKS. / KNOW A HEAP • SOT THtN&S UKE

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