The News from Frederick, Maryland on July 17, 1948 · Page 4
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The News from Frederick, Maryland · Page 4

Frederick, Maryland
Issue Date:
Saturday, July 17, 1948
Page 4
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Southern Democrats In Meeting Birmingham. Ala.. July 17 (.¥)-- Defiant southern Democrats met today for the avowed purpose of ^ taking the solid south out of the regular party columns for the first I time in "0 years. j They planned to challenge in. 15 I states* the Truman-Barkiey ticket' nominated earlier this week at Philadelphia. The issue was the civil rights plank adopted at Philadelphia over the bitter protests of deep south delegates, plus defeat of a states" rights proposal. j The frank purpose of this meet- : ing is the defeat of Mr. Truman. ; An anti-Truman slate of electors j will seek a place on the banot in j the President's home state of Mis- A Family Affair SOUTl. ! Other states in which the chal- I lengw will be made include the; deep south which has not turned its back on any Democratic presidential candidate since 1676. These are Alabama, Mississippi. South Carolina. Arkansas, Georgia and Louisiana. Still others, normally Democratic ! with room to spare, in which cam- | paigns are planned are Texas. Sen- j ator Alben Berkley's home state i of Kentucky, Tennessee. Florida, I North Carolina, Virginia, Oklahoma ; and Maryland- j In the latter state, however, the j attorney general said last night there was no chance for qualifica- I tion of electors at this late date. | The meeting was called by Gov. | Fielding L. Wright of Mississippi. mentions Attention Moose Saturday night is guest night at the Home. Bring your guest and join the crowd for a most enjoyable evening. Good music, good food and a fine time. SECRETARY Wines and Esslcy White ShirU 53 00 Sues 13*2 to 18 S'eeve Lengths 32 to 35 KEMP'S MEXS STORE Liocai mentions You r»y No More For The Best I So why not use the best. For the j best In moving; call i MEADOWS VAN SERVICE Phone 677 Weekly trips to Baltimore and Washington. j inr icws, *· reaerick. 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Missouri L finer ever- j cata- , General Haultn; ant! 34 LINCOLN Phone 1975-R FOK liKNT trj-e/k. j-v.-i ::i good j:ape. Cheap. P:.,n_- 4is-Ii or 1J S. 31JO. S:. Frea- vr:ck 7-17d3t FCyt SALE -- GOLDEX HAMSTERS. , iO:v S'ALK'--CO.MBj"S"ATl65r"KADlo"- i 3 .:c::-»;ropl» «,-. Apply ;(X E. FOR r . K N T -- r i Paprrhanslns WM. J. SliREVE " p h 2:78-R 1^1 E. 6lh SlrccS Among The Sick Prof. Chester G. Clem, principal of the North Market street school, is undergoing treatment at the Frederick Memorial Hospital. Mr. William H. Angleberger. Local Mentions Firemen's Carnival NEW MIDWAY Monday through Saturday i ... hls -«._ "" who led his delegation out of the . 'T' J - . Democratic convention Wednesday ; J_ l/tlUj night. Wright and his delegates ar- j J rived late last night, coming here' By JA MES 3IARLOW direct from the national conven- "Washington. Jujy 17 o?--Presi- tion. dent Truman is trying to put the Former Gov. Frank J. Dixon of Republicans on the defensive by Alabama was selected as temper-' ca Hi n g 2 special session of Con- ; arv meeting chairman- H gress. i . , , . ., , ,» ... · ^,.^.,,..v ~» ......... Dixon. Wright. Gessner T. Me- * fi jdays for a heart ailment. He will , Free if , s al , , nembers and guests · Corvey of Mobile. Ala., and W. W. j °^~ ; be confined to nis bed at nome for , y F w HOME | Wright of Mississippi formed one,- They on put o:m and his Demo- .about a month. j of the numerous huddles in the c [ at f on tne^derensive rigai at Uie ; Margaret Anglefaerger. eight-year [ Strine's Reunion j , Creek Park. Taneytown. | July 25th. Public in- ! undergoing treatment for several Saturday. July IT Bank Xight S17 Monday. July 19 Feats o£ Magic Sleight of Hand For Sale i Six-room frame, rock-.vool in- J sulated, hot water heat, modern | bungalow, storm windows, screens. ·. etc. Large lot 4 msles from Fred- j ersck on one of the main highways [ Quick sale desiied. 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Sunday, cratic committee. '. " they do. you can be sure the ! who received superficial injuries j vited. cratic committee. All sre leaders ri of the states southern Democrats will start a . when she was struck by a car nn ights campaign committee, form- ' filibuster--marathon talk--to pre- - Tuesday, is reported to be irnprov- :d at Jackson. Miss., last May 10. · vent any action on the bill. . j n g nicely at her home. In an opening oratory, Senator · M r . Truman has said Congress , Mrs. Norma Freley. Thurmont j James Eastland (D-Miss» said last j needs only about 15 days to Snish ' underwent an ^operation at Fred- ' night the nominee of the meeting | up all the bills he thinks should . erick Memorial Hospital on Tues- ! would carry more states than Mr.; be pasesd. ' . dav " I Truman. ! Those include bills to control'. Mrs. Miidred Bowers. Lexvistov.-n' Wanted To Buy Upright Piano--Immediately PKOXE 93-W Or 2135 Notice If you have a leaky roof, metal. Deaths Herbert L. Herrall Herbert Linwood Herrail, Hag- j C0 uld go on for 15 days all by "it- ' returned to his home in Thurmont erstown, died suddenly Thursday i self, blocking action on anything f r°rn Frederick " = - ' " r -- prices, help housing, give Federal : is recovering ar Church Home and aid to education, and so on. | Hospital. Baltimore, where she un- But a filibuster by southern . derwent a major operation July 7. Democrats on an anti-lynching bill! Jackson L. Strickland, who has. silo, metal, wood concrete or tile. ' «-'«=-= ««· «·"«=. H. C. SUMMERS CO. Jefferson. Md. Before The Show Have Dinner at SCHLEY INN Phone 2711 for Reservations Custom Baling GLEXELLEN' FARMS. Ijamsville. Mil. Phone New Market C013 at the Washington County Hospital of complications aged 60 years. He was born and reared in Keameys- vilie, W. Va., and lived in Hagerstown for the past five years. He | j al is survived by his wife. Mrs. Thelma : o else. And that would put Mr. Tru- rnan's own Democrats in the posi- of blocking the work the spec- of Congress was called Memorial Hospital where he underwent treat- Mr. R. Ames Hendrickson. 119 ^ iCe ,. H ^ rT ^L..5. aUg "!i £ -^S! 1° the civil rights program he ' 2 ed Frida:Baltimore, where he underwent operation involving both eyes. Mr. Hendrickson. well-known local Public Sale i Friday. September 17, 1948. on [ Requardt Farm, »4 mile north of ; 1 Urbana, Md . along Route No. 240. i large sale of livestock and all mod- i ern farm machinery and equipment. The Mountain Theater Braddock Heights. presents "The Man Who Came to Dinner" with Amos Harper and Kathrvn Eames TONIGHT AT 8 30 D.S.T. ' Reservations at The Smoke Shop. 52 N. Market Street Phone 2323 1029-M or Braddock 3921 r.'iciie \v .ire! s: hoi: n r v r - · KrKxtsiiEtj "KOOM , IT U ;cn!tcnir:i Twui ln-ds Pr.v.itc FOH "lIKNT--SA.NOEK ".-VNI? Ki)GE~R I'Ic' ( ) f · , 1(! i.,.. r ,.,_ v.irnisiips niil ^ht:!.,.- · (.- ll..ri,::;n. E..-S Street. . I'noirc c'roclt ricJc __7-!udo-.- _"~OR ~ c CT " O"N* . K Moore far:::. ; :»rt'.^ct-n Ha!t^- Corner. R. F. D^ " _ _ _ _ . _ ii fcALt.-- HOrSK s5.!ALL BAI\xT JJ fc-^rc- oJ :«:c^v ;.u:d, 4 miles riii «: trciler:ik. just o:f Route 15.;j ro.iu iroci Sj to \Valkersvilie. ' , !!un ^, lru ^- K W | l h , 4 . u '· c.ittic racks. M:!case less tha.i t".uO nuZcs. Carniau H. Uern. Rocky Kiacc. ^:^!. 7-10d3f ' CHARLES H BAKER Phone 1523-J 906 Motter Avenue! kiTise:!e stove tKlorencc wuh bu:!t-!ii o\ en. Phone Mjersville -*-. ,,_____ 7-itid3f FOR SALE -- THAYER FOLDING bu!\ carriage in good condition. Watch Carefully Repaired and Adjusted by Watchmaker with long experience Jewelrv and Clocks Repaired TYLF.RS JEWELRY STORE JjVANJED V.'A.V I KD TO EH .NT ! FOH SALE -- l.MPROX'ED ICE RE- Ir.geraior. Good condition. Capacity j OR r, ROOM ". 10'J los. Phone WalKci^vsUe 3251. «'f August. .Mr.! ' 7-lGd3t Church St! ! \VANTED--S!.r00 OR S3.000 \VANT; e--! !or short tcrni lotn on mig. seen- "y. L'sril \\ork in vtorc t-n part ' ' ' " 'fd \Vri;c Fred k Fight And Kill Japanese Beetles Use Fratfs DDT Concentrate Spi. Sold At C ARMAGH'S GROCERY BQHROV." sVooO 5 intero'-t Wall Paper :tnil Papering; A. H LA BRUSH 19 DcGrange Sticct Phone 1-94-M JOHN L. DeGRANGE; Glenn Trout. e street, Mrs^ Dorotny uames war , Mr _ Tt ..., : . a , Il lnc i uded an ant i- tinsborg. W. Va : Mrs Ruth Shew- . j hia ^ anti . poll ^ law . : bridge, B e r i l l e : M e s L o u i s The R e pli olic = n-contr 0 llel Con- = r e ^ide-ce du-iie e« retar'ne to S Joseph ' R- L - L. Reeder. Auctioneers. Clerk. i the passed, neither one. But in ; 1948 election campaign piat- · BTM£?thy. at home: sons, Raymond L., Hear- [ _ _ =u ^_ neysville: H. Garfiela. Martmsourg. form hammered together at their I I i if e Sflirr W. Va.; Leroy. Thomas. Frank and _ conven ti 0 n in Philadelphia in i U l 3 *'"" Robert Lee, all at home: also six j j une the Republicans \vent oa ' CONTRAST grandchildren. _ i record as: \ Worn down \viih centuries of Funeral services were held this t ( j ) Promising "prompt" action age. a rock majestically stands. | afternoon at two o'clock in Hag- · on an anti-lynching bill next year, more self-sufficient than a sage i erstown. Rev. G. I. Rider ofHciated. jf elected in November, and 12) : and stronger far, than Interment in Salem Lutheran cerne- favoring an end to the poll tax. i hands, tery. Bakersville. So. in calling the special session · J^ot so the humble role of man Dance Saturday Night Cool Dance Pavilion BIG PIPE CREEK PAIiK Taneytown. Md. Musical Melodiers Dance Band Attractive Site For Sale i Corner lot 100x150 feet, on North Market mox*ing P. LUTHER RICE Real Estate Broker Pianos--Spinels--Pijnos Student Pianos S50 up. Spinet Styles S399 up N^-^-1'o-.t l!o\_!70y. W A N T E D -- TO f: .u'l ^-'.i'l;;. \ \ r . t e Frederick r.'e-A:,- f^*' I*»v !"·:- 7 - l . v ! ; - ! WANTED ".\r ONCE --UVFt;RNlS!IE"rj hou^e or- .ip^r-:nc!!t «v !,t-;;'!v of ! .r.'C. CiHiM (!· ijivcvt try r"3ir -.vnrk . »f nccdc'l C.-ll :-.:-3 or C c Jncc-U · Prrry. Sr.o,-. V.'h-.'c Grill. 9 K P.itnek !^ Ir r c: 7-n-d2:- I WANTED TO IllTV--A .-)(·"-· ':«~\CRE I f..rm. a LipTf' f..r :^o cr.'ilc : lust · h a - , e ^inr| .-.····j a .:t! ! ri; ., t iccc3- ^ re .'icnrc. P; r f r r eJ."sc to o n _ p . i \ c d rnad M.-rtin F. ·!v h ! Frederick Shcnker. ^ S^rlnce pr^ Ow^er i CRAMER ' S ^^^ FRITCHIE ' Kft*«- ^ °~ '' "^^^{"ZfZSZ out of state. I^ll: , \vANTkD^s?.T7\TI7~Ft ; K5cTsMED~OR I portabie radl °- J Dintcrman Reunion Sunday. July 18. st Rocky unfurnishf:! apurtrns-m. Xo chil- '. · FOR SALE--3-KOOM SEMI-BUNGA- 1 low with II acres of nice laying; ' land. HoUie in good condition, new. ; yaper and pain:, electric water system, garage ana several other small bid^i. A \erj tteiiraljie home with a. | lo\e!y view of Iho :l!OU,:'.air.5. Oil good roi'd jubt oir mam highway between, Tnuinum! .:nd Eninnliburj;. Immedi- .Tte pj5sesi.on. S2.U3U. ;',-acres, good . b-ruv-m l-.uubc ··. :tn part conveniences, rucclj elevated and well located on. ! iiuiii hishv.-av Iram \Vc5tmirister to W.««.hinston. Near Mt. Airy. S3.0CO. 0 C. (Jorbin-I. B. Miller. Brokers. 30 \V. Giet-n St.. Vres::!i:r.slcr. Md. Ph. 74j-J : __ Zzi5£?L_ 1 OR SALE--3-SECTlON" MAHOGANY bcjck-c.!c. j-m.iU rojl-top dcik. small v.'3:tmt ciebk. man's 2U-'.rich light- \.esghi bicycle. Prione o-13-M artor 5 . p- HI. ,, . 7-IredSV- -ELECTiuc REE"KIGER- tric radios and one G. E. Apply 128 West 3rd St. 7-16oif 29 East Third St. Phone 1484 Ridge Park. Relatives and friends Winters A Comin' You ought to see that new Oil Space Heater that Weil Brothers! . invited. Bring basket lunch. Announcement We are pleased to announce thai Annual Barnesville Picnic And Chicken and Ham Supper SATURDAY. AUGUST 7TH On Church Grounds human j On Church Grounds tor. and completely automatic. Tournament begins at 12.00 noon, j Burns kerosene or No. 2 Fuel , of Congress for July 26, Mr. Tru- whose stature crumbles all too fast: I Supper from noon to 9.00 p. m. ' Oil and of course Weil Brothers j man in effect is saying: 1 who looks as sturdy as he can and j Jerry Marrone's 11-oiece Band, 'will assure vou of a "jupplv " ' ~ - - - - - - - - - . WEIL BROTHERS.' * »£*··-·.'_ ...... _u ···*_.·. ». u . .. ^»» A^LU^..^^^ , yy £. gi~e pieiliVU IU i l l l l l U U H U t : L l l U v i are selling. Heats up to four large! we nave ope ned a used car display i rooms. Has a humidifier, turbine j Iot on South Court Street, south of type blower with electric motor. | thc Amoco Station. You are in- thermostatic control, draft adjus- i v jtcd to visit us for a demonstra- Band. · "I recommend an anti-lynching shortly finds his day has past! j Supper, adults, S1.25; children 75c. ! Funeral services for airs. Alice ' a n « ar.ti-poll tax law. ,Now you . N- A. LUFBUHROW-1 ------ ! armanRpfkPr, nf Tanevtown. who^ sa " J'Ou're for them. All right.; /" c f^o T -TM u u i On Saturday. Sept. IS. I v.-ill hold j my large annual sale on my fsrm j at Dickerson. Montgomery Co. Md . { Funerals Funeral service Harman Becker, of Tanevtown. who ·{ . . , died Tuesday night at the RitcCiie j *TM giving you a chance to prove -. IA KKET PRICES Hospital, Cascade, were held Fri-; lv -^ ^ , . , . . . , , . ... i Wheat, bu. Frederick, Md. Frederick Co. Pomona Grange Glee Club Will hold a rehearsal in music further services in Trinity Luther- ' an church in charge of Rev. Glenn j L. StahL Interment was in the, either one of laws, this did happen: i Senate committees -- dominated : s. Also a large lot of : Local Mentions Baser William ' S Leon Tanner. C. O. Fuss and Son.; funeral director. i and sent them over to t h a i Sena ' e for act:on ' meanm « a But. the Republican-controlled The funeral of Samuel T. Geis-! Senate qu:i in June, withost get- bsrt was held on Friday wi.h serv- i ta g aoruna to a vote oa those ices at the funeral home in Thar- ', Wanted To Bay--House From Owner--AH Cash 5-6 rooms Detached. In or near ity. Write H. CLIXTOX KIXDLE, Rt. 2, Frederick. Md. ers. local cattle. R C *BOB DAYHOFF John W. Null, Glenn Trout. j Emmert R. BoxvJus. Auctioneers. · Alvie ?.L Etzler. Clerk. j u ] y ig t h. 2 p. m. dst. All | members are urged to attend. tion of our used cars and trucks. THE FREDERICK MOTOR CO. "Your Friendly Ford Dealer" Phone 2336 dren. Phone 13! Pendleton. and ask for Mr ·-l.-idGt- VV1LL PAY CASH FOR STOVES. FOR SALE--FARM. 143 ACRES. 15 acres -.voodland. fine bottom land pasture with creek, buildings good re.,.-.,,:_,, _ 0 ^ h '."" . ·an-'VM. IJ3ir Wlth electric lights in building. e-Tto-s"^,!^^ : " P? ' C v e i l , n ? Refr! «-! electric pumps for water supply. Aa- A n - -'""f,.? °"d nou'-ehold furniture. drc5S Owner. Box 85. Taneytown. Md. f" 1 ' I 1 " 1311 - Kchnc Furr.:fjre Co. 7 "SHIt- 69 So.ith -Market St. Phone G7S. ---___-_________4^|3t WVVTKD -- T o- *m-' I --,o. ;m..,[ hor-. area, rer 7-13dtf_ redertck or sur- rcsidcnt. FOR SALE -- GIBSON HOME FHEEZ- cr - ~ cu - "· u P"ght). 5 compartments. Apply Jones Metercd Gas si-- vit-r T7 ; Mi-fcpt ^t 7 I ' · ' 1 ' h ' - t al - '- Wriic Box 1208 Frederick Vows-Post FOR SALE ~ 1938 La SALLE. GOOD - v ruil . , (;ondltlon Lc . A is Renn. is W. Thir! tccnth Street. Phone 1175-J. 7-13d5J A ·PART- 7-I5d5f WANTED -- LADY WANTS rnent in Frcrieriri: Kcfjrcrtce-i - \ d - 1 drcs*. Box 1202. care Frederic!- Xo'v;,- ! FOR SALE -- MICHIGAN WAXED Post. 7-;:?-if;t- I concave stave silos. Also. Grange For Sale--Late Plants Fiat Dutch Cabbage. Tomatoes. Celery. Broccoli. Cauliflower. Brussell Sprouts H FRANK FOLAND. 304 College Avenue Phone 735 and corn. ·m. Erect- Inquire lia Ave. 15d6f mont at 10 30 conducted by Hev. | Those bills, all readv for action. are still :n the ' Xew MJdwav Firemen's Carnival GOOD COUICTRY EATS Monday through Saturday Park Avenue Properly For Sale Six-room rr.occm brick dwelling j and double "arage, reduced from j $11 000 to $3.000. | F. LUTHER RICE SOX. 'Real i^ate 1 , Phone 1484 29 E Third St Beginning Monday. July 19 Hair Cut?. 50c Shax'es 3oc At the following Berber Shops Harry T. Hoitcr, Irving D. Rice. Middletown. Md. J. R. Corun. Jsfferson. Md Hard Sl'.rll Crabs On sale every Thursday. Friday. and Saturday. Phone your o:dcr nil later than Wcdncsdav evening befure. ROBERT WEDDLE Phone 2i56-J 10-ROOM balii. and bath. Very ca,. or v.e will sell you- car for i . For Sale Attention Junior Ladies Aux. Burial in Creagerstown cerne.e---"-: SL L. Creager and Son, funeral di- j rsctcr. as soon starts. Attention Serf Club Members ' Dance Saturday Xiaht. July 17th Mu?ic by Personality Boys Featuring Percy Johnston Hillside dial Company 5. S and 12 inch cemer-t block IMMEDIATE DELIVERY Phr.r.e 23 OLD DISABLED DKAD A.VI.MALS Qun-ki-:: ^.-;r:.!arv rc-"nvni I! it ·= too late fr :"no fio'-t-r call P.pc 1 ; Fred, crick !27y 2-1 h o u r « We pay j tc.epicne ch'rccs Alv.avs on th*- job i d-tr HKLP Julv at Braddock Funeral ser^-ices for Mrs. Susie l TM. l TM ce O. Kline who died Tuesday afier- r.oon at her home in vVolfsville. v.-ere held Friday. 2.30 p. rn._ at the \Volfsville Evangelical United Brethren church. Her pastor. Rev. Albert Snydar. ofnciated. Ssrvices were very largely attended. Mrs Catherine Smitn and Mrs. Evelyn Grossmckle. sung a^ duets. ' Some- l t .,- .... argue . that putting Zimmerman and Rhodcrick Reunion I | tcgetner a oih on price control, for ! -.voula take time, while : Heights. Air-Conditionsd Social Room 1941 Dodge 1941 Chevrolet ' 2 anit-lynch : ng and anf.-poH tax , bi'Is are waiting and ready. ' In the Senate there's no limit en the length of time a man can talk. If he wants to talk indea- r.Itely--filibuster--to delay action on a bill, he car. f i n the House there is a limit on debate. There can'i be a SI:v-here" and "In The Land Where buster there. So if a bill ever K ot We Never Grow Old." Pallbearers, tn-ou-h tie Senate. TIO finouster nephews of the deceased, were: ' couid "° ; ° ck !t J:1 thc House -' Richard. Paul and Austin Martin: ^f.^ 6 s on =y one .^a- v !r! which Samuel Miller. Scott Miner and a "''-ouster can DC Dreven^ed. Jssse Bachteli. Imerrnent in Wolfs- Th2t " s v '' hen ttro-tn:rds '52 ·viUe United Brethren cemetery. Fa-al F. Bittle. funeral director. _ 3ts rare." oor.e. In the Se-.ate thsre are 51 Republicans. 45 Oerr.ocrat 1 Or.iy 20 of the 45 De-r:ocra!s are 50uth2rr:ers- So therc'd be enough non-southern Cernocra'.=. plus ih-e 51 Hsp-jb!:can?. to stop a rlibuste-. Braddock Heights ild SUNDAY. JULY 25TH. New Midway Firemen's Carnival Monday through Saturday Car drawing Saturday evening leave Fire Hall at 4.00 j and 6.00 p. m. Stops will be made · at Square Corner and Jefferson St. ' Please faring glass, knife, fork, and spoon VIRGINIA M. DAXNER. Secretary. T TM d °° r ·night every Saturday ! 1941 Dodge Card of Thanks "We want So thank all of our friends and neighbors for their kindness and sympathy shown us during the recsr-t sudden death of our husband and brother, also for the beautiful f!ov, ers. and cards, and use of automobiles. Especially we thank Mr. George E. Burrier Tnats when two-tn;ras *52 of tne and family for their kindness and 95 Senators vote for "cloture." JL .R. Etchiron and Son and staff wh:c.i mesr.s _a .:rr.;t on oecste f or t v s i _ cnknaic: service?. Final Rites Held On Fridav For Pvt. Fulmer MRS MARY E BARNES MRS HERMAN M. ORRISOX Funeral services for pv;. Edward L. Fulrner Middlelown. who was killed in action in Francs, took place from Uie funeral home in Middletown Friday afternoon at 3-30 o'clock, conducted by Rev. If tr.ose ncrir.ern Democrats didn't vote for cloture asainst a filibuster, they'd put their party 'eader. Mr. Truman, in an embarrassing position. They would be VT. E. Fox. Members of Middle- heloing to block bills he asked for. town Post of the American Legion Here's attended in a body. Rites vere penny: largely attended and floral tributes ·were elaborate and beautiful. Pallbearers were Dale Kepler, Edward Falkenstein. Renice Reed. Ellis S-roup. Robert Shank and Eugene Alexander. Jr. Military rites, color guard, firing squad and bugler xvere under the JMidd'etown Amvets. Interment Reformed cemetery. Gladhill Company, funeral directors. other side oi the Cara of Thanks TTe v.-i.i"-! t- -,har' our re!a'.:ve.- and friends for their rr.anv acts of kindness ar-d 5ynna*hy shown u? c-jri^.s the suadsn iilr.css ar.d death of our dear mother. S'elia rIay Shaff Aiso for the beautiful flowers and use cf cars at tl-.e HER LO\aXG DAUGHTERS 1 Kill Japanese Beetle i And Corn Borer DuPont Materials 50'- D D. T. \Vettable Powder j 1 lb can S 59 · 4 5b. ba2 . 3.36 1 50 lb. b?g 1600 5'- DD.T. Dusting Powder 50 lb. bag S3.75 DuPont Flora? Dust for Flowers. Shrubbery ard Vecetablcs I lb car. 5: 15 FAHMEHS COOPEERATIVE ASS:;. i:;c. Fredsrick r.I'^ctctov.-n 1077-1577-277 Xo 6 TTnclc Cal's Barn Dance EVERY "SATURDAY NIGHT Bernie's Arena in Frederick Polar-Air Cooled Pavilion Home of the Paul Jones Admission 50c. Tax Included Highest market prices for Waste j ;^" 5.°'" IY-.OT- R = crc ilTplalc Trnn T-rp= 'IS-'l * Ord Evcrv · Hides. Greases, etc. For Sale: I Beams. Angles, Cfaan- ' nei iron. ReconC'tioned Pipe, etc FREDERICK JtrNK COMPANY. ! 310 Chapel Alley : Phone 3S3 Frederick. Md Frank Gastley Sons Used Cars nrt? Truck-; 1943 Ford S. Dei:-:. Fordor Tudor .' Town Sedan Fordor Tudor Conv. Cpc. Coupe To'-xn Sedan Coach 1-Ton Stake 2-Ton Stake -^-Tori Pickurj i Ch-^5i? 5^ Cab : --Ton Stake !2 -Ton Pickup truck in coed \VA:;TED -- -i -···T! genera' I HELP" Ar,-lv c '-Id W A N T E D - ?i!AKSIZ'5 MAX x^iXh n^'p fc" d s i r v .-inc: general Mu-t nave cvccncncc -Ai~n mrich:r.c--.-. Srn.i!! nouc v. .ih J;;his and t..Ter. Goo-i v.-.-ire-i :o r.;ht r-~!rly. Phone Pool~;vi!lc 20S2 after 1 FOR SALE -- BIRD DOG POINTEH pjpp:es. 6 weeks old. SID creh. App',-. 5 Royraont Avo. Tj: 1 ^ 31 ^ FOR SALK -- WO'ODS BROS. COM- tainc. -j^ no; I K. C. corn binders. S20DOU 10 s?ooco: I. H. C. corn har- ics:cr SPOO CO. V. A. C. Case mower. 52;.-, no- \V C. Allis Chalmers mower. S17oCO, W. C. Allis Chalmers corn picKcr. SSO.T CO R. Johnston Bittner. Wa\ r.esboro. Pa. Phones 9SO-R-G. : 237-J 7-I5d6f FOH SALE--IRON FIREMAN". LAT- c^t mode!, in use one vear. cost over,y v.-.:i sell for SI40.00 cash. May be seen 2r. time. Telephone G^ithers- burg _ 4 U 4 - W - I . 7-I5d4t _ FOR SALE--1945 CASE COirBINE, mode! F. 4-foot cut. Fjcccllent ccn- 1940 Por.tiac .. 1940 Pontiac 1939 Ford 1S35 Chevrolet 1934 Chevrolet U947 Ford j1942 Ford 11940 Ford ! 1935 Ford 2 Ford DISTP.ICT MANAGER year ".-· -rc.'n:ze nn-.l ». :pcr--,-e direct ^:il"'r.,c" Pjte.i'Eu :ooi rn-jluplies :^t^. :.irr.i.r« Tr.'i^port^. r.-ii'-..^ . 5, po- !'"c r n d s t a t i o n dcrj.Trt:r.CM:. etc Amn/sr.a c^rnins rcr-.rd 1 ! Imr:-cd,3:o dition. Price $700 00. Can be seen at ' - · ' « » " _ Head'.vater;; Farm, Olnev, Maryland. XVHO 5 PAST Box- 92. Olney 7-15d3t KELP da:--. car anr: · or.-: Je n^d ' condition anci rca ; onab!y priced. For a dcrnori~lrat;on v:-:t oi;r new HIGri lot on Sou*h Court street, south of ; Amoco Station I THE FREDERICK MOTOR CO. , Your Frrd!y F-sr"! Dcr.ler Phcr.c CC^S V / \ X T E D -- F-'CPERTEXCED ·v.-,-i -o- :o J V . '·.,;-!! S.:"") and ·:" Cier.c-S'.c.i F,.rn:=. Ijams- id. Pho.-.e r.'c, 1 . ria/i.ct C n ' T 7-:^.^t 5CHOOI., CKAn'-.-T^S-'STOKE «":!mz. learn r? a^^ui pco- n'ar.d ^"c'-rrr ~C-~?" :r' arid ~. c. ~c--.c. C' . ;- FOR SALE--1947 CHE\-HOLET BUSI- ne-s coupe fully equipped. Call 427- M ber-Aceri 7 p. m. ar.d 10 p. m. 7-2 5p3t_ FOR SALE--XE1V RECORDS. 5 FOR SI CO. v.h'le thev last Hub Fur- n.turc Co. ICO S Market St. 7-15ciSt FOR SALE -- ICE REFRIGERATOR. Goer! condition. George Crcsgcr. Woodsboro. Phone '.VaJkersville 3793. 7-!5d3f FOR SALE -- LO"w DO\V7^~WAGOX on ruboer. Chester St:ne. near Valkcrsvillc. 7-35d3t* FOR SALS--SEVSX ROOM HOUSE. part!v modern t in Urbana, on Ko-jte 250. V.'m. R. Main. Urbana. Md. Beetles On your corn? VTe o^er DDT spraying ssrvica by s:rrl£r.e at S275 ne- acre Call SOUTHERX STATES FREDERICK SERVICE T o 1 _* FACES RED Detroit, July 17 ·, -- Police of suburban Hamtramck were a bit red-faced today as they intensified their hunt for a sneak thief who invaded police headquarters yesterday and stole four typewriters and the detectives' rollcall book. It's r.ot certain all 51 Reoubli- cans would vote for cloture. There is a tradition in the Senate asainst invoking cloture. on the theorv that a man should be free to speak as lor.'? as he wishes. If the Republicans called uo an anti-lvnehirij: bill, and then didn't vote for clot-jre. it ivou'd be p^ain to everyone that they had called up the bill to start a filibuster and block action on anything else If they and the non-southern Democrats stop a filibuster and an ant:-!ynching bill passes, it's a Fried Chicken and Ham Supncr cinch southern Democrats will be PLEASANT GROVE HALL. even more furious at Mr. Truman Route 75 between Hvattsto'.vn and than Ihev are now. j Fountain Mill*. And--that might work afcainst Wednesday. August 11. 4 p. m. him badly in the coming elections, j Browningsville Band Festival CHAPEL LUTHERAN CHURCH. Near L-bcr*y:ow.n. "Will hold s festival July 2?.. Music by Yellow Springs Band. If rainy, next fair night. Down! Dcwri! Down* Used Cars Down* " IP42 Por.t:ac Se^-Crc S475 Our Special* Radio Heater. 33.648"Actual rriles-A-1 I9il Chev. Dciuxe Sed. 325 Cornr!etely Overhauled. a real bargain 1S39 Plvmcuth Sedan 225 IVith new Pa;-it Job Very nice 1935 Chevo'et Coach--Very 60 clean. Good shape 1934 Plv-nouth Coach 50 Still an old favorite 1P50 "Ford School Bus *50 1940 GMC Truck with 160 hvdraulir du'T.n 1P33 HiH^on-Panel with new 125 paint lob. ' GMC Motor for 2 ton 50 ; truck Dri*-e Out--Drive In l i a rn. in 2 a rr. Chicken In the Basket J-rnbo Shrirrp Ranchburgers Eat and Relax :r. Your Car at THE SNACK BAR. Jet. U S Route 4D ar.d 40-A Picnic Ltnch Cornple'e Tnke Ov'. Service Phone !?S3-J-3 TO £-T£- FOR S i-T-E--MOSS3UHG TUBULAR c:".or s^CO"! V,"--: r.Iorar:. Jr. Pror.e For thc in I's^a Cars 7-I5C Venetian Blinds Complete Renovating Service New Custom Made Blinds As Low zs SOc Square Ft Aluminum or Steel For estimate without obligation call VENETIAN BLIND SERVICE Phone Frederick 2052 For EatTe-P'-her I "Certified" Insulation and Eaele- Evcrjthin" is Down! Everyone is! Picher Aluminum Storm Windows Going down' to Your Hudson Dealer KEILHOLTZ MOTORS. IXC. W. Patrick Street Extended Phone 1163 and Dcors see H J Kester. nhone 532-J. 316 E. Third St.. Frederick !fU7 Ka:?e-. 4 Dr *"~ 1947 Plyrr.o'J'J-. 4 Dr. Sor: 1947 Chevrolet Cli-b C-.upe 1047 Chrysler. T-v n voun'.ry 1946 Cr.evrcl'-'. ~ 3r £\-;?n 19i5 O'.dsrr.oc.le. 4 Dr Se==n 1946 .Teea 1941 Chevro:et 2 Dr S-viar 1941 Packard Seven ???.= S?d J .r. 1943 Dodce Ctub C".:pe 1940 Chevrolet 4 Dr S^drfrt 39"?9 De So'o. - Dr Sc^ar. 1P3S Packard Ccn\cr: Coupe l r '3S Xa?:i. 4 Dr Sc Icr. 1P37 Dodse. 2 Dr Scc'fin 1S37 Terrap!ar.£ Co.TOP 3.947 CroMc-v P ck::rj Truck 1!46 G:.:C -;-f'i Truck !«40 GMC 2-'ii T:"ck 3937 Ford FicV.n Ti uck 393(5 IrttcrnatioTl Pickurj 1923 Chevrolet Panel Truck Salesmen to 9 00 p m SPP Our Used Car T.ot Next 1o the V F W Anorovcci Pack *\\\-- V. ilh ^-OverLind Service h ~-.^c V.'sth v.-eii er;- 'rtj-z Ice.-l ;ocat;c~. _______ _ _ F"O"R S A it -- 7 SSST s'co's v.:th foot rc'«. I dci-Jb: r." · "·.-:-» :ron bar=. - ~ " o: u=£ ? * I_^^"H!f~ i r*I_E T - --T- e v "cc - r.tsr A-l cor;d:t.or:. Phcr.e IC52- ~ .'~ FOH S iLE -- GPEZX AXD IVOHY ccrr.b.r;at on co?. 2~ -.vood Cocci;. Phone L.UMBHK. S70 PER ·"^^rr."! ft richvercc!. oa ; ; p"?b I-- sIO for 2-cord lean C!-sr!es E. -!·-.. T'-iu-mor.;. Md Phone Thur- -1 i' . r.c ·_ . I ·-- · ' ." 0 V. \.\T~ c ?-! o^ S\LE -- WA : c^-.r Good Phor.e 1773. cor.d.tioi. Pr:c:e 7-I2d3: h. FOR SALE -- REPAIRED GENSitA- to-s, starters Blair's 222 W S^uth , S' "bore I54S-M 7-9d30f FO ^ SAL.-:-- XEW MACHIXSKV TT.I- mc-5:?'o del.vcry. 10-" Ca'e po-.ver D - FREDERICK HOMES INSULAT- i BARBARA'FRITCHIE MOTOR CO. '' T h r ' s u p ING COMPANY i Phone 128S lon.o. :r o'ir co:ii"5iote hne ^ T ^I^"rr:ce r ^ m " « f.cor- ro'-"'f:fl .110^ -old ri.rect to bx:i r j i n c ou r.e/s ?:i-i farni- ..t. f \ * P r *n .ct '^T..on^ny .T"i "C- · u . ^ oprj'^r- J . - e trne Co. Cle^ S O traotor. d:sc harrows. 4-can miik cooler. Cobey low-down wagons. Case low-down wagons. 2 neiv Jeeps. nia^iire 5preader«. 4-bottom Case plow, rorn planters ee-nent mixer*. h^m Terrru*l'= tractor woodsaivs, poxv- er corn sheiler^. Xe\v Iloilr.nd baler twine, a'.^o iised Ford tnirk Lot of other niach:ner\ Guy C Khr.e Mv- |0-^\ille, Mao'and. Phon« M-^ersviHe 12801, 7-7di5t JEWS PA PER I NFWSFAPF.R!

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