Lake Charles American-Press from Lake Charles, Louisiana on August 24, 1962 · Page 20
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Lake Charles American-Press from Lake Charles, Louisiana · Page 20

Lake Charles, Louisiana
Issue Date:
Friday, August 24, 1962
Page 20
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1 2() FRIDAY, AUG. 24, 1962, lake Charles American Press. t; C o Polfc's Population Boom fo Increase FORT POLK (Spl.) — Popula-; trainee is such that he is restrict- tlon of Fort Polk is expected to: ed to the post for his first four continue to increase within t h e j weeks. First passes are received next few months as a result of j during the fifth weekend of train- the opening of the U. S. Army' ing and half the men in each Training Center here. ! company are allowed to leave the In September, when the four! post and visit the surrounding training regiments composed of j communities, basic combat trainees, advance; The Third Training Regiment infantry and common specialist! has now over 3.500 Advanced In- trainces are expected to reach j fantry Trainees who, upon grad- full strength, the post population; uation will join other infantrymen is expected to swell to between j as part of the core of the U. S. 17.000 and 20.000 men and could' Army. This strength is expected well exceed that figure in t h e | to grow. Passes are awarded dur- months to come. Not included among those per- ing the third week and approxi- o r ._ j mately half the men will also be sonnel are the more" than 1UOO j allowed off post at a time. j men scheduled fo process through Classes in eight fields of Army i the Basic Unit Training Battalion specialization will commence be- in the next year. Also to be counted are some l.ROfl civilians employed at the fort and an addi (ween early September through December 10. This is the common specialist training, which will be tional 1.500 Reservists slated to P' vcn in tnc Follr(l1 Training Reg train on post Ihrmich Scptcm- impnt to ovcr 2 -°° n m ™- : Trainees in the Fourth R e g i-: mcnt will receive their first pass-! pos her 1. Approximately fv'W) enlisted men and some" WO officers serve cs (luri "S tlle sccond week at lhe , as cadremen for the various "'scretion of the commander. Un-1 training units and in other assinn- ilkc members of the other regi- j merits. " ments. all the 'men will be eligi- j The' approximately fi.onn train- ble to leave (he hase - CXCC P 1 lr >ose ees who comprise "the first and on s P ccial second training repiments at Polk go through a rigorous eight week course in which they learn the basic elements of combat duty. Here they learn drill and cere- : BQN Ge monies, M-l rifle prof.c.cncy, cmment-supporled s o c i e t v for hand-to-hand comba. and other space research was set up Thurs- cssential skills of the American day in West Germany's first move *° ldier ' to catch up with other countries The training schedule of t h e'in the field. More Units Are Assigned To Fort Polk FORT POLK (Spl.) - An addition to the growing list of support units for Fort Folk's Army Training Command was made public this week with the announcement that two Fort Hood Engineer units have been alerted for a permanent change of station move to Fort Polk before September 25. The unjts are the 35th Engineer Group Headquarters and the 46th Engineer Battalion (Construction). Col. Aleck F. MacDonald, Brooklyn, N.Y., is commanding officer of the 35th Engineer Group and Maj. Glen R. Clark, Mendota, 111., commands the 46th Engineer Battalion. Capt. Bobby E. Bogard of Little Rock, Ark., who is the advance liaison officer, heads an advance party of two officers and 13 enlisted men. This group was scheduled to arrive Thursday to assist in coordinating plans for the forthcoming move. Presence of the two additional' units will cause a substantial increase in the number of permanent party personnel who have arrived at Polk. ONE-ANTENNA TOWN IN GULF ST. PETERSBURG, Fla. (AP) — Ticrra Verde, a city for 25,000 persons being completed on fill land in the Gulf of Mexico off the coast here, Will have only one TV antenna. Zoned for 50 per cent residential and 50 per cent commercial building, one master TV antenna will boost signal and transmit it to each building site by underground coaxial cable. all day Sunday, September 1 and 2. Saturday night will be Quartet Night with the Revivalaires Quartet of Lake Charles one of the featured quartets. Sunday will be the annual All Day Singing beginning at 10 a.m. More than 300 singers in the choir and ten leading quartets and trios from all sections of the South will take part. Germany Enters Soace Research Tri-Stare Singing Convention Set In Bogalusa High BOGALUSA (Spl.) - The 22nd annual fall session of the Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama Tri- State Singing Convention will meet in the Bogalusa high school auditorium Saturday night and Flow of Refugees From Havana to Miami Is Slowed MIAMI. Fla. (APl-Tlie flow of refugees from Havana to Miami slowed Thursday when Pan American Airways canceled its two round trip flights. The four-engine DC6B normally assigned to the flights was taken off for maintenance. A Pan American spokesman said no replacement craft was available. Normally, PAA planes take an average of seven persons to Havana and return with 200 to Miami daily. Trans-Texas Cites Alleged Infringement Trans-Texas Airways has fifed a complaint with the Civil Aeronautics Board against Trans Air Lines for alleged infringement on their name. R. E. McKaughan, president of TTA, said the confusion over the names "harshly affects the public." and that the reputation of TTA is being damaged. The complaint, filed Thursday, is in addition to a law suit filed by TTA in New Orleans, August 7, against the same carrier, McKaughan said. The complaint cited inconveniences to the public which result from the name similarity and that SWEDfN NfFDS MORE PASTORS STOCKHOLM, Sweden (AP) — The Lutheran C h u r c h of Sweden fs short of pastors. Archbishop Gunnar Hultgrcn says that 238 pastorates became vacant last year and only 108 pastors were available to fill them, leaving 120 unoccupied. Annual Average Of Polk Trainees Is Set at 15,200 FT. POLK (Spl.) - The annual average number of trainees scheduled to process through Ft. Folk's Army Training Command has been set at 15,200, according to latest figures released by the Cool Weather Pushing Down Into Texas By The Associated Press I A cold front pushing southward through the Texas Panhandle promised Friday to take the edge off August heat over northern areas of the state — at least for a day or two. forward edge ..„...„ „—...». ..^ .»..» »..*... tw imv3L iigui co i eiuostfu uy inc the "inferior service rendered by United States Continental Army Trans Air Lines with small equip- Command. — — 4 fc _ ment reflects unfavorably upon of Trans-Texas." the reputation The infringing carrier benefits, thc complaint says from the One basic combat training cycle, slated to include ten companies, will be added to the structure of the Training Command hc- Doubts Aztec Calendar "splendid" reputation Trans-Tex- j ginning December 6. The adcli- ns has developed ovcr a period tinn of the cycle will bring the of years at great expense. input of trainees arriving at the McKrnighan commented "Theipolk facility to four companies infringing carrier attempts to per week. reap where it has not sown." ; TO accommodate the increased number of basic trainees, con- slruction on a new trainfire rifle range is expected to be completed by January 1, 1963. The range MEXICO CITY (AP)-An arch- Y' 11 be put into use Januarv 7. un- eologist says Mexico's famous cler current schedule plans. Aztec calendar probably was neither a calendar nor of Aztec origin. j Alfonso Rivas stirred the con- llroversy Wednesday at the Interi national Congress of American- 'ists. About 1,200 anthropologists and scientists from throughout the world attended. By morning the of cold air mass was south of Amarillo and advancing downstate at 15 to 20 miles per hour. There were a few thundershow- crs and temperatures sagged to the lower 60s behind the front, where it was partly cloudy. It was generally clear elsewhere in Texas except for a few clouds around San Antonio and along the coast. Protracted drought held on doggedly in Central Texas, w here Stranded-and not a sold in sight. Read the 10 tips from Shell.bclow. Tliey could help you avoid getting stuck in thc middle o/ nowhere." Shell suggests 10 ways to reduce your chances of getting stranded when you're miles from help 1. Make your own roadside emergency kit and always carry it in your trunk. It could save you a lot of trouble someday. Your kit should include; a spare fan belt, a strong tow rope, a gallon can of water, a flashlight with extra batteries, pliers, screwdriver, and several wrenches. 2. Check both your spare tire and jack. A flat tire is usually more annoying than serious. But it can leave you stranded if your spare is flat or your jack doesn't work. So always have the air pressure in your spare checked at the same time as the rest of your tires. And make sure your jack is in good working order. 3. Find out where your car fuses are located. Your car has fuses that do the same job as the ones in your home. And they're just as easy to replace if you know where to find them. So have your Shell dealer show you where each fuse is. And carry extra fuses in your glove compartment. 4. Hide a spare ignition key in your car, If you've ever lost your keys in the back country, you know how important this is. Be sure that everyone who drives your car knows where the extra key is hidden. 5. Check for the three troubles that cause nearly half of all breakdowns. The American Automobile Association reports that tires, weak batteries, and faulty electrical systems account for 45 percent of all car breakdowns. So have your Shell dealer check all three frequently. 6. Don't plow through water. Here's a good rule to follow. // there's the slightest chance thai the water is deep enough to reach your tailpipe, turn your car around and look for an alternate route. This may take you a few miles out of your way, but it's better than stalling in water. EXTREMELY IMPORTANT: Test your brakes after driving through water. Even a few inches of water can cause temporary brake failure. If this happens, drive with extreme caution until the brake linings dry. 7. Don't let your gas tank get below half full in lonely country. Americans ran out of gas more than 2 million times last year. It you know you'll be driving in a remote area, fill up before you get to it. And check your gas gauge regularly in isolated country. It can be a long way between service stations. 8. Try these tips if a stuck wheel nut keeps you from changing a tire. a) Make sure you're turning the lug wrench the right way. Some cars have right-hand threads. Others have left- hand threads. And they're not always clearly marked. b) Give a stuck nut a few sharp raps with a hammer or rock. (13e careful not to hit any exposed lug threads). Then try the wrench again. If the nut still ref uses to budge, try turning the wrench with a sudden snapping motion. 9. Try "rocking out" when you're stuck III mud or sand. Put the car in reverse and apply power gently. As soon as the wheels start to spin, reduce power and shift into forward gear. Ease forward until the wheels spin again. With each back and forth rock, your car should go a little further—until you're out of trouble. 10. If "rocking out" doesn't work, build a pathway of sticks. Place sticks or branches in front of and under the rear wheels. Start the car forward slowly, and gradually increase speed. By the time you reach the end of your path, you should have enough momentum to carry you forward. Super Shell's 9 ingredients for top performance TCP*—for power, mileage, longer plug life. Pentium, mix —lot fast "warm-ups." Anti-knock mix-to resist all kinds of knock. Alkylale — to help control "high-speed" knock. Butane —foe quick starts. "Cat-cracked" gasoline — for power. Anti-icer— to help check carburetor icing stalls, added when the weathercalls for it.' Gum preventive — to help keep carburetors clean inside. I'latfonnate—bt extra mileage. • Trademark for Shcll'D utiiuut guolln« additive. Ga»oliu» cuuululiig TCP 1* cuvtrcd by U. a. I'alont £888312. world champion driver Phil Hill demonstrate Super Shell's 9 In&redients on TV, STEFAN .STUDIOS Special On PORTRAITS 7 8x10 PLUS < WALLET SIZE PICTURES Req. $».»5 NOW $4.95 3305 Rvoru at Prien Loka Rd. Austin was in Its 55th straight day without rain. Thirsty d e e f and other wild creatures wera moving to the city and raiding flower gardens for food. The only moisture reporter! Thursday to the Weather Bureau was at Alpine in far West Texas and Victoria in the sotith. Each city measured .28 inch. Presidio in the Big Bend sizzled in 106-degree heat. The mercury hit 103 at Laredo, 102 at San Angelo and Wink, 101 at College Station, Fort Worth, MfRhi and Wichita Falls and 100 at Junction. Corpus Christi was the cool« est point with a high of 90. Forecasts called for the cooler air to spread gradually over northern sections of the state by Saturday and promised I usually^ scattered isolated thundershow* ers. It was expected to stay hot and mostly clear south of the front. J. W. Merchant's 1021 17th St. Lake Charles. La. IIE 3-5320 Gulf Stores • 601 RYAN HE 6-2569 2406 RYAN HE 6-3688 HURRY! Theso spectoculor prlcei qood on remaining stock onlvl When these are qone—no more! OPEN TONIGHT TILL 9 P.M. Don't suffer another day in this sizzling 100° heat and humidity. Get cool now (and for summers to come) with an air conditioner at Gulf Stores low "End-of-Season" Sale Price! QUALITY ROOM AIR CONDITIONERS CHRYSLER , . . Jhe world's finesf olr conditioner made bv the tamed Chrysler Corn, especially for qjur hot, humid climate. 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