Pampa Daily News from Pampa, Texas on June 23, 1972 · Page 3
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Pampa Daily News from Pampa, Texas · Page 3

Pampa, Texas
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Friday, June 23, 1972
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PAMPA, TEXAS PAMPA DAILY NtWl 8«thYEAR Friday. .hm* M. f-fc 1. *• •*<•. f*k , . f*+ v PAMPA, TEXAS OBinirr.™ Predictions For Democratic Convention Court Bars Splintering Of School Districts Into Small Ones By BKRNKK BKDK OS0L tfhen the curtain goes up on the 1972 Democratic National Convention in Miami Beach on July 9, it will open one of the most interesting political dramas in recent history. Abrupt change and confusion were the keynotes of the primaries that led up to the convention with the experts often guessing wrong. Perhaps, astrology can provide an indication to what's ahead in the 1972 Democratic extravaganza. One thing is certain, new heights will be attained in the flood of words, pictures, analysis and commentary on this convention.' Astrologically, the high concentration of planets in changeable signs show independent factions, each with its own ax to grind, striving to make their presence felt. Uranus in Libra indicates that the Rules Committee of the convention will play a powerful role in the proceedings. It will, on one hand, placate the young and liberal elements. On the other hand, labor and the more conservative factions will be disenchanted by regulations they, feel are discriminatory. the various divisions within - the party will become evident. Most visible and prominent will be the power brokers, who will manipulate the liberal and ultralib- eral elements to suit their owh purposes. Idealistic young people, for instance, may come to the convention optimistically feeling that they are going to be the dominant force. In the final analysis, this will not be the case. Open hostility will develop between the labor-conservative elements as opposed to the young people and ultra- liberals. This is the first presidential nominating convention in which the 18-21- year olds will have a voice. What they might say with that loud voice will tend to frighten the more conservative, entrenched delegates of the party. The United States was born on July 4, under the sign of Cancer. It is interesting to note that the convention begins with the Sun and Moon both in Cancer. Since the convention occurs during the time of the New Moon, a new image of the Democratic party may emerge. What kind of week will it be? Here's an astrological explanation: Sunday, July 9, the opening day is not favorable for political deliberations. Jupiter in Capricorn will be in hostile aspect to the Moon in Cancer, causing losses through poor judgment or miscalculations. Candidates and delegates will have extravagant dispositions, causing them to make bad deals. Monday, with the Moon still in Cancer at odds with Uranus in Libra, will be a day when name-calling and other rebellious actions are prevalent in the morning. By afternoon, calmer conditions prevail, smoothing out the; work of the convention delegates. In late afternoon, Correction The list of names for 1972 trqpical storms, which appeared in Wednesday's paper, is incorrect. The correct list; of 1972 is: Agnes, Betty, Carrie, Dawn, Edna, Felice, Gerda, Harriet, Illene, Jane, Kara; Lucille, Mae, Nadine, Odette, Polly, Rita, Sarah, Tina.Belma, Wendy. Mercury's aspect favors youthful leaders, making them more articulate and convincing. Tuesday, the third day of the convention, the Moon in Leo will be at a 120-degree angle to Neptune in Sagittarius. This will be the day of the secret deals and behind-the-scene activities. The influence of women will increase. (Shirley Chisolm and Women's Libbers, please take note.) The deals made today will have a pronounced influence on what happens tomorrow. There are many good influences for Wednesday. In I he morning, the Moon will remain in Leo, favorably as- pecting Uranus in Libra, causing sudden and unexpected changes which could create some new alliances. In the afternoon, with the Moon attaining a favorable angle to Saturn, programs and proposals of conservative elements will have the most impact. Friction will follow. By late afternoon, liberal coalitions will emerge as a counterbalance. On Thursday, the Moon in Virgo will form a 120-degree angle to Jupiter in Capricorn, giving greater power to the old-guard elements. If the balloting should continue until Friday, the convention may be in trouble. The Moon is well into Virgo, a conservative sign, and has an unfavorable aspect to Saturn, in the sign of youth. This causes conflicts and severe disappointments. It is not a favorable time to launch anything new — like a candidate for president. The convention ends on Saturday with bad aspects in the early morning indicating disappointed groups. By afternoon the Moon will be in harmony with the Sun. These conservative aspects could mean the moderate forces gain the greater advantage. An interesting side issue of the convention will be the plight of the news media. The media, represented by Gemini, will be opposed by Pluto and Neptune, indicating that both the conversa- tive and liberal elements will be displeased with coverage. Partisans of both camps will call "bias." Some of these claims will not be without merit. How will it all come out? Birth has given each of the candidates strong horoscopes. The astrological influences merely impel, they do not compel. Each man is free to make his choices. It's how the candidates choose that creates his destiny. Sen. Hubert Humphrey: He is a Gemini, born May 27, 1919. Saturn is in his Sun Sign and this will make it difficult for him to capture the imagination of young people. He will, however, have the support of labor and the old-guard party leaders. This being a year of unusual coalitions and alliances, Humphrey may have to seek the support of George Wallace to aid his quest for the nomination. If he can make a deal with the Wallace supporters, it could help his chances. There is also an indication he may make a surprise announcement of his choice of running mate, which would enhance his position. Sen. George McGovern: He is a Cancer, born July 19, 1922. McGovern's horoscope reveals that his is a power to be reckoned with. Pluto in Virgo is at the highest point in his chart, favorably affecting his Sun and Moon. In order to take maximum advantage of these aspects, he will have to make concessions to labor and conservative elements. If he goes too far down this road, he risks eroding his basic support, which is drawn mainly from young people and liberals in the party. Powerful elements will pressure him to make these concessions. The longer the balloting goes, the more likely he is to accede to these demands, which could lead to the disenchantment of his present support- Sen. Edmund Muskle: He is an Aries, born March 28, 1914. If he can survive and remain visible, he could be a factor at the convention. If the other candidates can- Today In History By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS Today is Friday, June 23, the 175th day of 1972. There are 191 days left in the year. Today's highlight in history. On this date in 1683, William Penn signed a friendship treaty with Indians in the Pennsylvania region. The agreement was faithfully kept by both sides for more than 60 years. On this date: In 1722, England's queen ordered French people in Nova Scotia to take an oath of allegiance to her government within one year or leave. In 1836, there was a surplus in the U.S. Treasury, and the S28 million was divided among 26 states. In 1931, Wiley Post and Harold Gatty took off from New York to fly around the world. In 1938, Congress created the Civil Aeronautics Authority to regulate air traffic. In 1967, President Lyndon B. Johnson and Soviet Premier Alexei Kosygin held a summit meeting at Glassboro, N. J. Ten years ago: Flight engineers went on strike against Eastern Air Lines and Pan American World Airways. Five years ago: The U.S. Senate censured Sen. Thomas J. Dodd, D-Conn., for allegedly using campaign funds for his personal benefit. One year ago: President Nixon said he would make disputed Vietnam war studies available to congressional committees after their secrets had been made public by the New York Times and other newspapers. Today's birthdays: Secretary of State William P. Rogers is 59 years old. Former baseball star DonDrysdaleis36. Thought for today: Better to wear out than to rust out. Richard Cumberland, English philosopher, 1631-1718. Niagara's Flow By agreement between the United States and Canada in 1950, the minimum water flow over Niagara Falls in the tourist season is 100,000 cubic feet per second and 50,000 cubic feet at other times with all water in excess of this diverted to generate power for equal use by the two countries, according to Encyclopaedia Britannica. CIGARETTES Regular or King Size CARTON 100 MM.....M.09 3 H.P. Briggs ft Stratton Lawn Mower Regular '79.95 Seflex FACIAL TISSUE 200 - 2 My Reg. 37' 5 Boxes 99 not form effective coalitions, his horoscope shows he is strong enough that week to win the nomination as the compromise candidate. Gov. George Wallace: He is a Virgo, born Aug. 25, 1919. Wallace goes to the convention with remarkably strong aspects, both good and bad. All the powerful influences in his astrological chart are emphasized during convention week. This means that his presence and ideas will carry enormous weight. His aspects accentuate his independence. Candidates will need his support. In order to gain his approval, they will have to make important concessions. One of these concessions could be a Wallace man for vico president. Sen. Edward Kennedy: He is a Pisces, born Feb. 22, 1932. His influence on the party increases as the week progresses peaking toward the closing days of the convention. Will he be drafted? Only as a last resort. Pisce- ans are very sensitive to moods and trends. With many unfavorable aspects affecting his Sun and Moon, this is not his most promising time. I believe he is sincere when he says he will not seek the nomination. His instincts are more likely to direct him to wait for a propitious cycle. Humphrey, McGovern, Muskie, Wallace and Kennedy: Who will be the man to face Richard Nixon in November? Astrologically, the most likely to be nominated is Sen. George McGovern. (NEWSPAPER ENTERPRISE ASSN.) WASHINGTON (AP) - The Supreme Court today barred the splintering of school districts into smaller ones when the result is to perpetuate racial segregation. The 5 to 4 ruling, in a case from rural Virginia, gives federal judges broad supervisory powers over the drawing of school district boundaries. Although Justice Potter Stewart's majority opinion did not deal directly with cases other than the two before the court he gave out broad hints that strong actions by judges to break down school segregation elsewhere Repack Your Cooler (or have us do it-no extra charge) Insist on COOL PAD Media. Fresher, Cooler Air. Won't Shed Particles. Longer lasting- No Sag EVAPORATIVE 'COOLER MEDIA Builders Plumbing Supply Co. 535 S. Cuyler • Fresh Meat Fresh Produce Bill's Grocery 2121 Alcock—Borger Highway BACON Slab .Lb 69 Tomatoes McNeil's, Tibe ... _90_« Folger's Coffee 1 LbCan LIMIT: 2, Please 69 larger flmeiV 3 - $ 1 Ice Cream Borden'f 1/2 Gal 69 Bread Soft 'N Lite, 1 1/1 Lb 4 Lemonade Kelly 1/2 Gal 29 White Swan 300 Can Pork & Beans Dog Food Ml ton, N« 1 Can Peas Whit* Swan, lunchton Saturday • Sunday Monday could be upheld. In other actions today, the court: -Held that convictions of white defendants are invalid if Negroes were systematically excluded from the jury. —Ruled that a murder defendant's jailhouse confession to a policeman posing as a prisoner was "harmless error" and not enough to overturn his conviction. Particularly, Stewart emphasized in the school district decision that the test of whether school boundaries are legally drawn was "the effect" upon the dismantling of racially separate school systems. In a rife departure from virtual unanimity in school cases, the court split in barring the separation of Emporia, Va., from the Greensville County system. The four Nixon administration appointees dissented in a bloc. Chief Justice Warren Burger, speaking for them, charged the majority with going "too far" and said the elimination of disparities in racial ratios "is not the mission of the segregation." And yet, in the second case, the court unanimously dis- allowed the split of Scotland Neck off from the Halifax County, N.C., school system. The judge, Robert R. Merhige Jr.. was the same one who initially barred Emporia from separating its schools from its more rural and more black surroundings in Greensville coun- ty.Mershigewas reversed by the same circuit court with the same judge, J. Braxton Craven Jr., of Asheville, N.C., writing the majority opinion. 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