The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas on September 17, 1918 · Page 7
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The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas · Page 7

Hutchinson, Kansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, September 17, 1918
Page 7
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Page 7 article text (OCR)

PA OK SEVEN. Announcing to t/je Women of the [ City and Loca/ity the • * - Addition to Our Stocks of •• •. Vogue Patterns Recognized Everywhere as the •'• - Supreme ' litPattern Art - \ The highest, results .possible in the use of paper patterns, nre oblalri- nbie by. the exclusive Vtwrue patterns, recognized everywhere^ hi tli'e' 'United States ns the most superior'patterns procurable. The woman " , \vho buys them, gets the Neiv York mode, the New York service, in "iier own city. ,'. . , -* . ; yoRue patterns,Which are illustrated each month ill Vogue Magazine, . . .until recently could only be secured by mail from the Vogue Pattern; . Co. direct. Lately they have established agencies'in six of the largest ! American cities, and in only, seventeen other-cities in stores who cater,., to women of discrimination and luste. - Below is a list of the only Vogue Patterns • .--NEW YORK CITY: B. AllpTan & .' ^Cd-, Fifth Avnnile and'34lh Street; _>C':ntlOC3KIjYN, N. Y,: Abraham & '""'"Slrous: •' ' . NEWARK, N. J.: h- Bamberger & Co. -.ATLANTIC CITY, N.', 3.: Bruun<\ Rtcln -Ulatl. Co. V PHILADELPHIA: Vogue Pattern Itoora, Empire Bldg., (Bboni 304). lfJth and Walnut Str. ,,' .' I.ANC A STKIl, PA;; The Donovan V CO. •"' "SEATTLE: The Griffin Specialty Shop, 1G02 Second Avenue. LONDON, 13. C, ENGLAND: Vogue Pattern Room, ROIIH House, Breatns nuildlnK. PORTLAND, ORB.: Lennon's Watst Shop, 309 Morricon Street andl'ortlnnd Hotel Court. COLUMBUS, OHIO: Columbus Dry Goods Company. tff" 'It 1CHMON D! The. Gin Shop, 320 •*>;v!KBs't.Grace Street; . , 7JfF< cities and stores in which are, procurable. UUTGFIINSON! KANSAS: Pcgties-Wriglit Company DALLAS, TEXAS: Tlclie & Coet- '•". linger Co. .'-•-••'.. ATLANTA: The Smart Shop Con- .nally Building"'" '' \ . BALTIMORE: , The Jennings-' fhomns' Sliop,' 52C North diaries Street. • - - . -- '",. ' BUFFALO. N. Y.: Flint fc Kent ' ' 1 ' PITTSBURG: Joseph Ilornc Co. CLKVELAND: Halle Bros. ' CHICAGO: Vogue Pattern Room, . Stevens Bldg., 20 N. Wabash Ave. GRAND RAPIDS. MICH.: Triedman Spring Dry Goods Co. ST. PAUL: Mannhelmer Bros. HOUSTON, TEXAS: Foley Bros. Dry Goods Company. LOS ANGELES, CAL.: Bullock's. SAN FRANCISCO: Vogue Pattern Koum, 233 Grant Avenue. •>l »s: !-M COMMITTEES APPOINTED At Recent Mecling of Ihe Y. M. C. A. Qllicials. flllj PLANS FOR V; ftl. MADE Books Will be'. Kept oi All Ac- tuunis of the Instilulion— \\ Invoice^ Made. I \ •. At a recent meeting oC the V. M. , G. A officials IUM following men were clecucd to the; bqurrt of directors to ii fill vHvsnilos-Jfnaae, by mtu going awuv: C. H. Humphries, C. O. Hitch?, coil;, Guy (.'. Glasscock, Ityrt E. Mitch.-' mr, J. C. Hopper, L, S. l'egues, and F. L. Martin,- Making a full director; -.'..alatft twenty -fpur, members. Because oi 'the large'iniAiunt: of work to lie' (Join-, uien who are not members .of ilio board ,<jt'd|ieolors have been • asked to- serve, •• ,i. . . ,TUe report'of Ihe secretary on the needs of the institution was heard, and the chairman of tho house couv mlttec, A. H. Schliiudl,- Bpoke of the iiluus'pf Ills conjpitttee tor the coming year. B, V. tierry reported thut all the phyBieal activities of the building »puld begin next,week. The resignation of L. iS. Foutrou, as secretary was accepted'on account of his going to Long Island. Ip Red Cross work. Flans' were started, which if carried out w|ll make 191ft the greatest year 11 Hie V. M. C. A; has ever kuowp. The ,following fommlttees were elected to: serve during the ensuing year, Finance Cofiimittee: Frank Co|. laday, chairman; A„ J3. Asher^: treasurer, John M. Starr; House Committee: A. II. Schluudt, chairman, c. Cb\- laday, W.'W.-KltwnllUwi- Auditing Committee, H; K, MeLedd, Chftlrman, J, S, Simmons, W, N. Stdlluger, J. N, Bailey; Jfetu'bergbli! Oomnjlltoe: C. H. Humphreys, chairiaan, O.- O.. Hitchcock, V, M, Wiley, Fred Weeener, J. B. McClure, Jl. B.'HMl, T. .0, ArmQUr. Uene Hippie; Commtttee go Physical ft r ert-: A, II. ScUeble, pert S. Berry, B. K Jack, S.H. Lee, C„A. Ryker, Uuy Glascock; Sbelal Committee, Will S; Thompson, chatrnian, Harry Dealt, G. I). Scanland, 11. H. Btormont, B. E. Mllchner, Carl Little; Boy's Committees, J. C. Hopper,' chairman, Paul Noble; R. H. Hammond, L. S. Pegues, G. T. McCaudless; RellgloUB Committee:" A. \V. McCandless', chairman, W. MMsenheliner, D. E. Richards J.' C. O'db'nhell. Warren White, P.- L. Martin; .Executive Cbmmltl.Be: W. Y. Morgan, pres., F, if. Cost, vfceiproB- ldent,"'F. Colladay, A.,H, 'Schluudt, E. V. Berry, A. R. Scheble; who was elected recording secrctury.' - At a- subsequent meeting, of the finance committee and the chairman of the IIOUBB committee, plans were made to open a, set of books so: that a proper accounting migbf be Hept of all the receipts and expenditures In every department of the Y. M, C. A. The audjtlng committee will have 1m-,, mediate charge of this.-' The - hjjuse committee ig Invoicing all physical property of the Institution and' will submit a detailed report tii'a few'days: .„. Sell Horso Meat. . ( Calgary, Alberla, ; Can.--A movement to permit the sale of horse meat In butcher shops throughout Canada has received the Indorsement of all leading live ulock organizations JQ this section of. Canada and BDOII will be formally, placed before the Dominion "government In Hie form of a recommendation, according to the Alberta Horse, Cattle. Sheep and Swine Breeders' Association. Horse meat sold under the same regulations as obtain in various European countries would result In a great economic saving, the Association says, adding that "thousands of light horses (hut have ceased to be of economic value consume large quantities of feed annually." Figures dealing with, the , sale of horse meat In Europe were made public. They showed that one sixth of the 600,000 families in Paris eat horse flesh, end that aermany, as far back as 1909, used 79,000,000 pounds of horse meat annually. In 1909, Germany also consumed 6,990 dogs, the figures showed. W. tj. Hinsbaw, Plevna, Kaos,, used an International Combined Harvester Threshor this year—result: Saving of one-half in threshing expense. See It toduy at the Harvester Company's exhibit at the. Fair. 14-6t You'll like atajor when ho talks to you about Ijilley Light and Power, Reno-Bul ck Co. J0-6t- The hostess of the present alms to set 'her table as simply us possible, placing only tlie SIJVM for on,e coyrse at a tluu, WILL RAISE THE WAGES Many Railroad Employes yvilj (let Subitanlialjncrease. WILL AFFECT NUMBER HERE Wpfnen Who Are Taking Places oi Men Willflet Sajne Pay ( .. for-Their Work. ..,! .When the new wage increase goes into effect between. 300 iaH 400 Hutchinson men and women em-' ployeea of , the different railroads probably will ^be. benefited. ThU announcement which was recently made by. Director General' McAdoo .w|lhe£- feet nearly one .million' employees of railroads, now under federal contjfpl. 1 AH employees who haye not received an Increase in wages since' Japiiory 1, 191H, will be given an increase of $2!i a month. '< • . \ Among tliose who Will ,be affected hero will be all clerks, station employees, stationary cnginemen,' boil : , er-washers, power transfer and tprii- table operators, and common laborers In shops, roundhouses; stations, store- hoiiBcti and warehouses. . lleretoforb that lias been felt to exist,some In-' equalities and so this new Increase is expected to smooth out these Heel­ ings and to stabilise the wages. Generally speaking, the wage increases amount, as compared with the wages paid on January 1, 1918, to $25 per month for employees paid on a monthly basis and twelye cents an hour for all employes paid on an hourly basis. In Effect Now. The new rates have beeu announce ed to be effective beginning September 1, 1918. To those employes who have not received any back pay over tae stlpulatod salary since January 1 of this year, Ihey will receive Hits increase based on the old regulation. Perhaps ono of the finest results wbloh is to come from the new regulations and one which is causing many 19 wear an unusual smile l« t.^ Kansas State Fair This Week V An Institution In which Hutchinson takeg~p,rlde; .ah event that tnkes first rnnk In the Autumn attractions of the entire state. > { Instructive, entertaining, enlightening And thoroughly patriotic! ,' This city and this store extend their hanfls In \felcome to. ou'tof-c'ity folks at all times—but particularly on STATE FAIR DAYS.- . LOOK Von THIS I.ABEL HUTCHINSON. KANSAS The IVrtnen-Wrlglil lahel In a dnrmenl la the only fndorne* men I o( iln qnalily neceaanry There'll be Much to See and Admire and Choose From in the Pegues- x Wright's Apparel Shop This Week c L 0| , It plight be termed a continuatioh of our Aulumri Fashion Review, for indeed, it -is a display replete with the season's approved models—the wonderful new 1 . Fall Mode in its finer and truely authoritive ipter- ' pretations. Those who come this week will assuredly find that— • • • * The Suits, the Coats, the Dresses, in Large, Varied and Beautiful Assortments, Truely Inspire Immediate Choosing. The Patriotic nd'te of simplicity finds timely emphasis hero, practical, serviceable, and thoroughly wearable things are being featured by this store. And still there is such excellent variety in liues, in distinctive touches, and-in the splendid .fabrics, that monotony is entirely eliminated. Suits at $25.00 to $97.50 Coats at $22.50 to $97.50 presses at $19.75 to $89.50 Second Floor. Hats Are Very Important When Autumn Clothes are Being Considered Real (jjorsef Advice Given by a (jjorsetiere Who Really - Knows Corsets • . -• . ;] i % - W/E INVITEIjwoiiien of abnormal or out. of. the orcUmuy figures, just as well as tliose of .wragfi size, to edjne here and let our graduate corsetie'ro select aj.inodel suited to ybui' needs. Each liiidividual i'fittiug will hi treated cou- scientib'tisly ar/t| \vjith personal interest. , War &onditlons |na^e proper corseting njore necessary than ever. Well fitted cot-ee^s will wear longer, bemore comfortable, give greater freedonV„of ^ctlon and a smarter jappearance. Capets FUte^ at $3.50 and Upward 'tj ..' i r?iratj ('Floor. ' , Since fho cliaini of lli)> cut lie wardrobe depends so iimrJi ) upon llu 1 Hut-lis bi'tomiriKncNs, KB modlrthnino. Its linrinon- . loudness—Hills arc vi-ry li^porlunl wlir-n Autumn stylos :iro bo- • |HK 'Qonslderal. 1'iA vurlcly Is to bo found In our Millinery Soollon, whlcli • imcetsl every Individual nreleruncu. We have ooiiKldeivd Hie woman whose oxpenditniv must be II ml led quite as much as her , wliosi> Interest is to select the mast liocoinlnR Hat iiegai 'dloBK ot .price. • • - , . • A visit will do more to acquaint you with the ^ • new shapes, trimmings and materials, than any j description. Second Floor. Visitors ore Cordially Welcome DFTY COOKS' CO fact that tin eight holii', day Is to lie established. All overtlijie up .to ten hours Is to be roekoneil on a pro rata basis with time and .oue-half thereafter. Because <if the situation which results from the figuring of the various pay checks in dlfferontjiiantnirs and because to come under this ns'w raise the employe must have been receiving less than tilo minimum"wage, It. Is hard to Judge. Just iiow much increase In a round sum will be given to 'railroad employes'b»re, Women's Wages; ' , , Women employes w u o are doing tno^sariie work as Then aVe- doing, or, done' heretofore,' shall redelvi) fhe' same amount of pay, us, the inou.' This i«i another-proviso-in the new'regu­ lations. It used to be tliought that women were noucapable of hildlng t>uch, responsible positions as those connected 'With railroading but this Is being rapidly disproved now that I ho women ure continually takng the places of men. In some placet" the .women have been called upon to work with the. men building the track, repairing c^rs.and many other places, of course taking the lighter share of the work. Hawaiian Subscriptions, • Honolulu, T. 11.— Statistics just compiled show that during Ihe three Liberty U>;ui» Ihe people ot Hawaii subscribed to bonds of a value of] IJO.020,000 or IQO.por capita, based on an estimated population for the territory of 2G5,000. Preliminary plans, are bciiig made to maintain this record Id tli^ 'fourth Mberty I-oan campaign, • Honor for Egan. (.'openhagen, Sept. 1T. : --King Christian has bestowed the grand cross ,Qjf the Order of Dunnnuorg on Hi-i Mali- rice F. Kgan, former "^jjicrlran ;minlfl- ter lolJenmark. - Tlila.Js'.the holiest decoration which can pe awarded a cotnmoaer. $ ~4> ^ • 4> <S> <J> ^ ® •£> & . '''••. ',".' " • ' • *. '. • ' '• LERAD'O >«> ® <$> If) 4> <J. ® <$• <p -J> Mosdames F. Keese, J, W. Ohuat- um, V. P. Lee, J. C; Utile and li. S. Mauck represented Lorado at the ,.Mi'l liocllsl Training Conference at Hutchinson last Thursday. There were thirty-eight registrants In Bull township at the registration last Thursday.. Mrs.'J ,W. Ohyatum was a IKingmau visilor last Saturday; Mrs, A'dklris lis enjoying the Colprado sivener'y these 'days'. \ Messrs. 0. 1?. Lee, Albert Jonas and Pbll Mauck with their,families attend-' e.d thii baud concert' at lliitchlnsou lust Sunday, \ Mr. O. T. ^lelt and wife are visiting at his. old home In northern Missouri. H. W. Foster and-Claude .loues ytfre HutchlnHOU visitors last Frlduy.- I lloscoe Culberlson ot Slerliiig wua in Oils part on business last Friday. Wheat seeding has begun but there Is still lotB of ground to prepare. Some are not seeding' until it ruins, wht -41 seeding will be Ihe main' rush. You ^wouldn't take twice what you give for a. l^tlluy Light and Power i 'laiit. Ask Tom Majors. Jteno-Dulck co. '; io-ot. Every kitchen should have among lis supplies a saw for trimming meat and tome larding needles, A tiny piece pt gar/ic laid on the lettuce half an hour before serving will gjvo a slight savory flavor. Always, It possible, have your dining-room light and bright in Ihe win- lev, and cool and shaded,, in summer. The famous TorbiiUon roar axel in Uep'ublic Trucks. Keuo-Bulck Co, lOtlt. Baldwin Sales Co. REMOVED to new location at 11 Sherman East The Famous Ullibridge Oil Vapor Burner is being demonstrated here daily. You are invited to come in and see a practical demonstration of the most reliable fuel for heating and cooking purposes. The Consolidated Flour Mills Co. 110-20 Korahaush-Wiley Hldg, Hutchinson, Kansas Operating mills at Wiufjeld, Caldwell, Newtou ami Hutchinson, Kansas. Daily capacity 3500 bbU. We invite the inquiries of Flour aucl Feed Dealers (Carlots. only) U«© UNITED Flour .J

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