The News from Frederick, Maryland on June 6, 1970 · Page 18
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The News from Frederick, Maryland · Page 18

Frederick, Maryland
Issue Date:
Saturday, June 6, 1970
Page 18
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THE NEWS. FnMcfc, Ibqrtal M*t Ami Jtff 140 SENSE HIDING LlfiHTfW IS GONNA 60NNA *4AVE-TD The Jackmi rMOWIWS S WHAT ^g^s TOASTEPTHE BEHINP OUB BACUS CHAMRtGNE NMYB43C FOOB EXA/NPIE TDflCT IVB FffCW HI© TEACHER PICTUBES THESETHINOS Alky Oop WONDER WHAT UXX/LO JUST MANOMAN! THINGS 45KTUPAN Bugs Bunny IT WAS ONE OF WORST NIGHTMARES I'VE EVER HAD! WHILST THERE I ACCEPTEP A POSITION CALLING FOR EISHT HOURS OF ARPUOUS TOIL EACH, AND EVERY PAYJ LAST NIGHT I DREAMED I WENT TO AN EMPLOYMENT AGENCY! HIYA, SYLVESTER 1 VA LOOKS BEAT? Prtocllb's Pop Answer to Previous Puisle Chow Time He'll neve*- win a poll; His head is Just a worn-out shoe, Sfc/e Glances "Take a confidential memo not to be leaked until Friday!" Professor Halts Extra Tridt Try By Oswald James Jacoby NORTH *Q63 V A K Q 2 * K J 9 8 7 *J 11 WEST EAST 4 K J 8 5 4 ¥ 7 3 · 653 4Q72 SOUTH (D) A A 10 VJ10985 * A 4 2 · Q10 *AK109843 North-South vulnerable West North East South 1* Pass 1 · Pass 2 * Pass 3V Pass 3N.T. Pass Pass Pass Opening lead-- A 5 The Professor opened the five of spades. East's nine lost to South's 10 whereupon South proceeded to play the ace, king and 10 of clubs. East discarded the jack of hearts as the Professor won the trick with his queen. The Professor s t u d i e d for a moment and led the six of d i a m o n d s . East took his ace and South claimed the rest of the tricks. "When your partner sign a l e d with the jack of hearts, why did you lead a diamond?" asked the student. "I see that South would have made the same "tricks but how could you tell?" "He would have made 12, not 11," replied the Professor. "I knew about the 11 by a simple count. Two spades (he was marked with the ace) plus three hearts, plus six clubs total 11. Our only possible tricks were in diamonds and my partner might hold both the ace and the queen. As for the 12th trick that he would make, just study the squeeze situation." The Professor was right as always. There was no way a heart lead could do him any good; it would have cost him one extra trick. It would not require any great skill on South's part. He would just win the heart; enter his hand with the ace of spades and run off all his clubs. Dummy would come down to ace-king-deuce of hearts and East would either have to un- guard his 10 of hearts or throw away the ace of dia- beef 4 Kind of spice 8 Cheese-eaters 12 Eggs 13 Malt brews 14 Musical instrument 15 Legal point 16 Pertaining to a barber 18 Dinner courses 20 Pauses 21 Hawaiian hawks 22 Unequal conditions 24 Lease 26 Soft cheese from France 27 Cleaning implement 30 Form a notion 32 Full-grown 34 Military meal (Pi.) 35 Puffs up 36 Abstract being 37 Seines 39 Time gone by 40 Stringed instrument 41 Strike 42 More secure 45 Looking fixedly 49 Supplying food 51 Above (contr.) 52 Roman ruler 53 Go by aircraft 54 Scottish negative 55 Sharp 56 Golf teachers 57 Pigpen DOWN 1 Minute skin opening 2 Baking chamber 3 Good flavor 4 Ship captain's assistants 5 Tropical plant 6 Overseer of morals 7S-shaped worm 8 Folkways 9 Wading bird 10 Outer garment 11 Delicacies to a Frenchman 17 Trying experience 19 Lists of soldiers 23 U.S. coins 24 Hoarfrost 25 Biblical garden 26 Assail 27 Changes 28 Mineral rocks 29 Nuisance 31 Holding right 33 Malayan ungulate 38 Bed canopy 40 Citrus fruit 41 Nimbi (art) 42 Subsided 43 Toward the sheltered side 44 Needed at a barbecue 46 Poi ingredient 47 Tidy 48 Novelist, Zane 50 Snooze He may not look like much to vou. But he's a well-loved sole. The Born Loser THEY 1 #N FIMp THBWSEUIES AMOTHBJ Eek Meek A OURCOM AMD CHOCOtATE MILK.! LEFT THESE g) 1WO i, NtA. ht. TJH. ««| U S.M OH. TftlS UTTER SAYS 8 YCAieS OLD AMD I HAVE ALWAYS LIV/EO (M SOME KINO OF SMOKE OR POLLUTiOM.* PULL pepj'5 monds. Nothing complicated when you look at all the cards or when you know about most of them as the Professor did. He just ignored his partner's signal and led the diamond. ·By CLAY R. POLLAN Out Our Way Our Boarding House ARIfS MX*. 2 TAURUS AM. 20 £ HAY 20 M6-l£22-27 Dttm fttm US. WIATMH HjttAU . gUA GEMINI MAY It ·V'JUNE 20 2-35-52-6 /62-6S-66 CANCER JUHl JULY.11 /32-784M^ LEO JULY 13 .AUG. 11 7-12-14-25 WEATHER FORECAST-fihowera are predicted today for the Middle Atlantic states, Utah, Arizona, Colorado and New Mexico. Rain is forecast for northern Maine. Cooler weather will prevail over the North and Midwest, with warmer air expected in the South. (AP Wirephoto Map) vm«o xuc. 22 , 3-17-28-29 Your Daily Aef/w'fy Gu/c/t According fo Iht Start. To develop message for Thursday, read words corresponding to numbers of your Zodiac birth sign. IGet 2 Don't 3 Love 4Be 5 Ready 6 If 7 Mixed 8 Problems 9 Tension 10 Papers 11 Something's 12 Day 13 Or 14 Some 15 Losses 16 Ideas 17 And 18 Come 19 Been 20 Evading 21 Signed 22 Like 23 Go 24 Are 25 Favors 26 Use 27 A 28 Money 31 Personal 32 Letters 33 Mix 34 After 35 Do 36 Your 37 Personal 38 Bolt 39 You 40 Appeal 41 Well 42 When 43 From 44 Eat 45 And 46 To 47 Drink 48 Change 49 Use 50 Your 51 This 52 Extra 53 Day 54 To 55 Go 56 What 57 Possible 58 Meeting 30 Don't 60 Today M , G o o d Adverse 61 Overtime 62 Unless 63 Watch 64 Those 65 You're 66 Paid 67 You 68 Calories 69 And 70 Program 71 Promote 72 Harmonious 73 Relationships 74 Wont 75 Some 76 Don't 77 Obstacles 78 Written 79 Be 80 If 81 New 82 Backward 83 The 84 Telegrams 85 After 86 It 87 Blue 88 Friends 89 Off 90 Necessary 6/11 SCORPIO OCT. 13 HOY. 11 8- 9-13-15/?? tM-57-60 49-51-53-54/T 71-72-73 SAGITTARIUS WOK. DK. .. , fc 23-34-56^7^ 74-76- CAPRICORN C ,-" JAN. It 44-45-47-59 03-64-68 AQUARIUS JAH. 10 fit. II 450-70-80-9 PISCES rtl. It MA*. 10 6-11-19-20^ ft» MOW COME THAT VIWE I MAVBE IT P0ESNT UIKE ' THE IPEA OF 3ROWIMO UP 1H THE SLUMS.' STEAP OF UP TH CLIMBER-WHAT'S WKOM3 WITH IT? THE WDRRV WART 1 MUST K REAW FOftTHE HEAPSHRlr4tC6p...UeTTlN' THOSE BPM8P6RS CON WE OUTA MY MONEY/ BUT 3UST MOrVTT'LL I C6T ANOTHER SHOT AT THOS6 CR£6PS...THeyXL F1NP IT PON'T W/TO PUULTHE \WOOL OAKE HOCJPUB'S BYES/ MlLUVyTeR AINT NO PRISE, EITHER/ ITS A GOfX THINS IVA MtJy WITH THB POKES/ AN ORPINABY SUV MUSHTA "HAP TOUGH uepPlN' UDiTH THAT TU5ER/ TH6POM3 S SPAPFRf NFWSPAPFK!

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