The Daily Register from Harrisburg, Illinois on January 31, 1948 · Page 5
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The Daily Register from Harrisburg, Illinois · Page 5

Harrisburg, Illinois
Issue Date:
Saturday, January 31, 1948
Page 5
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THE DAILY KBCISTEU, IIAIUUSBURG. ILL.. SATUU1MY.. JANUARY .81..1048 t , «t , i . , ' . * t s · · "* Farms arm Hooser Speaks n d Washington^ · vn ,(or Arthur V a n ! looser - ome State o f - ' this ill lie l-tb hjs home islation creating the Farm To Market Koiid Commission and served as chairman Of the Commission, told the groups about Illinois legislation which provided $30,000,000 for rural »-oads in the state four year period. In the four years ,St'~.on · January 24. ! I'oliio and ^'""r^Ws* at the the slate for improvements. He delivered an »'P» r " £' ' Q|,J O · He also outlined plans of the Illi- mnual convention 01 ft j tio ^, on 1H ,ls Highway Traffic Problem Com- Township "f f i c e i s .£ at ...Dayton, mission, of which he is a member, of the survey being made of all types of roads in the state and the formulation of a plan for permanent financing of a statewide road program. vour own selection the BEST PROTECTS! See us first-we will save you money, persona! attention. All claims have our CLUB Phone 889 SHI'S GoiEVERYTHING AND SHE'S Homes Families .'* 1 'FomiEy Party' by Brown Brothers Tuesday, February 3 A "family party" has been scheduled by Brown Brothers, local International Harvester dealers, at their place of business on U. S. Route 45 for Tuesday evening, Fob. 3, at 7 p. m. Movies and personal stage ap- -jyr ^^y M N . pcaranccs by well-known enter- S011 1S lolu P'.TM- tainers are en the-program. Included will be Tex Justus and his Texas cowboys in their special- tics, and i Sir Edwards and Constance will present a program of magic and mental phenomena. Peru, III., Farmer Keeps Books on Fertility of Soil Ford Farm Magazine Mailed to Farmers In Harrisburg Area Ford Fanning, new national ri't^r-'Y'c;.' magazine for Ford and Dearborn farm equip At 65 million bushels;'the 19-lt soybean production in Illinois ft down 16 per cent from the rocora crop produced In 1946 but 30 Wt ce-nt larger than the 10-year -aver* fltfO ' '.. TOPEKA Kansas--How Henry jim-nt users, is now being mailed C H?mcr, farmer near Peru, 111., to farmers in this area according keeps books on the fertility of his to Oscar Williams of BarhanvGreen i., v v »" . . . . _ . . . , . ... '!·..,,,(,,.. v. implement Co. ine IB Hamer obtained a fertility inventory of the soil on his farm land from the La Salle County soil testing laboratory, Bccler The program includes new color movies featuring educational, travel, comedy and other feature showings. , ... The public is invited to this once a year" appreciation event staged by Brown Brothers. List Features For Illinois Farm-Home Week URBANA, 111., Jan. 31.--Illinois in an Tractor writes in the February issue of the Detroit, and contains photographs nnd stories about farmers from ell parts of the country. . Williams said that he has a few extra copies for those whose names were not secured in time A U A » * · ···**^*-»*--- ·"·- to him in the form 21 page users who do not receive the firs issue may receive future issue by mail without charge by leaving names and addresses at Barham Green Tractor Implement Com pany in Harrisburs. booklet. The report contains figures and maps, records of Hamcr's land treatments and rotations of the last few years. There is space so he can list future treatments on each of the 6 fields that make up his two farms. where his treatments are still ef- The report after-listing fertility j fcctive and where they are begin- assets tells how much limestone. · m n g to run out. The inventory how 'much phosphate and how w ;n scrV c him as a guide in son much potash are needed to bring | treatments for 10 years. For the the land up to top production. It \ complete service he paid a fee of also recommends improving nitro-, 35 cen t s an acre. George A. Trull gen. and humus supply by includ- assistant farm adviser for La Salle ?* ·* · - * ^- A 1 .-. » n 4 rt 4 t f * k t t * l t / - I - . . . . 4 . . « « r\ 4 * i n V t » t * n i i * t C * tL I A M R VII T THREE PICTURES OF CONTOUR FARMING, which helps control the farmer leaving a farmers and homemakers who at itend the 47th Farm and Home 'Week at the University of Illinois February 9-13 will find that an outstanding program of general interest has been arranged. Each department of the College of Agriculture will hold meetings during each of the four days, and ! general sessions will be featured ;each day. . ! \i the first day's general session, ithe speaker will be the recently elected president of the American i Farm Bureau Federation, Allan ! B Kline, Des Moines, Iowa. He will speak on "Our Future and Europe's Food." ; Speaker for the Tuesday after i noon general- session* will · be Mrs ! Ravmond Sayre, Ackworth, Iowa iwho is president of the Associated ' Ccuntrv Women -of -the ; World. Her topic will-be·· ^Europe.- A , s l . See It" in which-she will tell of her visit to Europe-last-summer and the meeting: of this international organization.'- ' At the Wednesday afternoon pro- Dr. George, p. Stoddard, least once in 4 years. SCH HI1U IJUliiuo owi'i-**.? "*· ...~- -- -- U3ai3i«**t i** 1 ***· **** *^"^» -.«·- -- --- ine a legume in the rotation at county, and technicians Glen Ryan · · ' ' ast un«= ... - , I and H. L. Taylor sampled Hamer s Bv looking at this record, the | soil, ran the tests and made the tory says, Hamer can tell just [report Highest Quality GROCERIES . LOWEST CONVENIENT- GOOD PARKING GOOD DEAL! AZAR'S MARKET On 45 at the Tracks erosion ion the farm. The top gram, ui- vn^s*-- .··-.;·· v in; president of the University of Ilh- £ois,mll be th^featujed prnson · on e . , . eraS ° waterway as he plows his field. Middle photo shows planting 1 He: ' wiirb e ' : iritroauoeoV by n contour. · . ^ H p Rusk O f the College of CU prof e essor John- ?· lassen on contour. Bottom picture shows cultivating on contour. yrtion aces 18-15 Per in i. i of Yes ho MM Universe! "H" is cjoing places because it's a modern tracwr. wVthirk the "R" is the world's mosl modern tractor m its sue. Thi« cogitable VISIONLINED Tractor ,s symbolic ol improved engineering end design that make the Universal "R" tops in power, economy, and durability! . . · Stop in end let us telll you obout doicns ol special 'ectures "°" b ""| into the Univerni ~R" V^ You'll bo interested m the INSIDE (acts of . the Universal "R" -,'V^" The expenence ol MM owners everywhere clearly indicates.tort tho» * who and build .· Modern MM Machinery have the : Know-How , o! building products, that lit the needs and desires ol those who use (hem. Stamina . . X'ihe 'ability to "take it" lor long periods ol tough qoinq doesn't coa'o as an accessory to tractors or farm machinery. You ccn't buy it as en EXTRA. It's either designed and built into every pert ol the rncchire or H u n t there at all. MM products are Samouslor ·teamo - year aller year owners, report records ol Jong low COM · eiiicicnt service cr.d the Icct that MM products stay MODERN. This ui- dicotes three important'. things. I. Advanced engineering. 2. A policy the building machines jo : endure gruelling iobs year in and year out. 3. "Know Kow" ol Jroildlijg cr.d putting them together right. N.V-1V- '· Saline Ipestient Locker Co. Eldorado. Illinois !fei *''·· l' h ° ncs 487 ' W ~ 387 ' W :t-J --?· LOVE Bluff ton college. Bluff ton, Ohio · will present' an illustrated lecture on "The Ideals of Rural America at* the Thursday afternoon general session. He is professor of art and is well known "as an artist-philoso- Ph The concluding general session me LU"«.* uui " --.---- - , . on Friday will feature ihe unveiling of a portrait of Dean H. ,F. ; Rusk of the College of Agriculture Us presentation and acceptance bv President Stoddard on .behalf the University; ^Dean Rusk wg on "The-Amencan Farmer n SERVICE Bring Your Ford Back Home BARHM-6REEH Your FORD Dealer Dean H.'.-R. Bowen.qfthe _ · · . ^ _..Jli' *-*v^*ilr r\ REGISTER? This edition of THE DAILY REGISTER will find its way into the homes of several former subscribers, who did- not renew through negligence or for other reasons. Are Sn NATIONAL STOCK YARDS, 111., Jan. 31--Mid-winter finds live stock prices, averaging slightly below the all-time record levels following a year of liberal receipts and a broad demand resulting from record U. S. employment and incomes, according to the Producers Live Stock Commission Association. , JL)eau ,,. ^ v . ««...-- r .-- ,,_. Live stock and meat prices havejof Commerce will.speak on . I e been supported by a favorable sup- Outlook for Industrial Activity ana ply and demand situation as well as" by the inflated commodity pries- level. Barring the reimposition of price controls and rationing, live stock values seem well protected during most of 1948. From the standpoint of supply, live stock and meat production this year is likely to drop 10 to 15 per cent from 1947 as a result of heavy marketings last year and slow feedlot replacements. The high level of American business and consequently the demand for meat is expected to continue during the first half of this year and possibly longer. Just as poor crops last year served as a strong inflationary force, good crops in the U. S. and Europe this year could signal the slowing of the boom. ^ Wll 61Wfc ,. ,,, .... The impression seems to be grow- i n the old plant, and new ones are ing in many quarters that should further inflation be avoided the end of the boom need not necessarily bring about a prolonged setback or a major depression of the 1932 variety. The long term appraisal of the U. S. economy points to a period of great expansion. Your Subscription Just fill in the blank below and mail it to THE DAILY RtGlSTER, Harrisburg, III. 1 Want to Subscribe to The Daily Register, by Mai!. NAME Address -1 will pov Vny subscription the next time I am in Harrisburg. ,f you wish, mail your check - $5.00 for one year; §b5.C for three months). Its Relation to Agriculture. Harrisburg Ice Company Opens New locker Plant Construction of .a new building at the Harrisburg, Ice company plant for the housing of a new system of frozen food lockers, and 5 -gement of facilities for pro- n P meat and other food pro- 7 ^ x 1 0 Ft. Protect valuable property--cover machinery, implements, trucks. crops. Madc of heavy canvas duck; every fiber -waterproofed ·with special -wax. Double-stitched seams. Green color. 9 x 1 2 Ft. 10.95 17.45 27.95 12 x 14 Ft. 15 x 18 Ft.. ce . ducts, has reached a point where ow being the new a S d lockers are now being 47.95 Electric Home Milk PASTEURIZER Retains the natural- milk flavor yet kills narmftil germs! No loss of food value -- no cooked taste, either. Pasteurizes two gal-! Ions milk per hour by water ; bath principle. Low cost v operation. Operates on any ) 110-120 volt AC outlet. Fi£tchoice of the lockers has been "iven to holders of lockers e are .expected to be Placed in use within the days, but formal o e n - food I lockers casc , l ai » ^ curins meats, rendering [ completely processing of meat products. .,. D j, v K cg!Stcr. 20c a week. * "· · -- - -- -- - -- I d n t c c o o full employment, great prosperity and cunng i room for and high living standards, it could new machinery »' mean a considerably higher level packaging mea~ a a ^ . of crop and live stock production for other '""fjj J,°° fo ^ dressing than at present. The immediate concern of the live stock industry' is over possible revival of meal rationing and/or price control. While JJicrc seems to be better ihan an even chance that there will be no drastic action along this line, the possibility of controls acts as a deterrent to production ami makes for unsettled markets. : Despite proi-pcclive smaller supplies of live slock in the months ahead, it is possible that this is already discounted to a considerable exlcnt in present prices. Also, it is important to bear in mind that as more consumer goods tocomc ELECTRIC CHICK BROODER 200-Chick 17 75 Size * mm*, galvanized steel with adjustable legs. Has ^-^v. heating clement, attraction light, thermometer, pilot light, sis-foot cord set. 40O . ch ; ek H eovy-Duty *nn.cMck t« r*r Electric Brooder with · *% QC SecS Brooder 21.95 Fen Ventilation ^.YD BROODER SUPPLIES BROODER THERMOSTAT _ WAFER....: y^ C RED ATTRACTION a, ft LIGHT BULB -4MC BROODER .ft., THERMOMETER ·»«* ·available such ns automobiles, hous- 'cs. etc.. ih'c demand for meat will ! lessen. Dcvid Ray-Porter iWins Jersey Award i David Ray Porter, member of iKcctor 4-H club, won the 1947 ! County Jersey award for the nest 11 lire Bred Jersey ProjccJ. farm J advisor Pa;:! T. Wilson announced j today. ! This award is presented by the 'Illinois Jorsev Cattle Club each lycar to the boy or girl who nas |the best Jersey project. I The cup will be predated to 1 David Ray at ihe 4-H Rally, winch jis planned for Friday nighl. March e blade. °f« tcs tip control. Bwlds terraces. Digs ditches. Moves snow and dirt. Cleans feed yards. Just trv knocking down your Ss. 'leveling off the ndgcs before discing. Notice what a level, smooth job of plowing y u do. Come and take one out and try it No obligations. BARHAM-6REEN Tractor Implement Co, Phone 456R 24-Inch C H I C K F E E D E R y^^SVSSS'^^S steel reel prevents roosting --'seeps chicks out of feed. 36-INCH FEEDER 98 £ 5-FOOT FLOCK FEEDER 5.45 2.79 3-GaI. FOUNT Heavy galvanised steeL}, Keeps -water at constant level- Cant overflow. S-GAUON FOUNT GLASS FOUNT SASE 3.98 IOC HOME, FARM AND AUTO SUPPLY 22 W. Poplar St. Phone 302 rSPAPERf

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