The News from Frederick, Maryland on December 31, 1931 · Page 4
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The News from Frederick, Maryland · Page 4

Frederick, Maryland
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Thursday, December 31, 1931
Page 4
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THIS DAILY HBWS. FSEDERTCK, MD , THURSDAY. DESKMBEB 31, 1931----- 4 MR. ROGERS FINOS HE KNOWS TOO MUCH ABOUT CHINA NOW MOTHER'NATURE'S CURIO SHOP ! Today In History J4SMEBES OF ASSOCIATE- PKSSS. NO COMMCSICATSOS writer. TS» cy 52* e* ;C*i AK* Ol | S»t S« POO- j « !* «t»t«- ! : t2M cptn.ror »js4 sinletf « us: se NOTICES of *ny tlaS s»rt»t!3« cJ cSc*. Titj «-- iXT ESJIOSZCCS r«i;ccics cpoo Us* c±ir*cter. nances or sepai»'.»o c! aaj ;= c-' eerpe: aueo *2: r la tb* ca.s=^» ct eorrtewc ·be THUBSPAY. OECEMSER 31. 1931. KETBOSFECT AND PROSPECT. TS* j*ar Just ending b» B« sse of the best In To tbe Editor of The gHa-^;H a i jjec. 31. -- Tro-ubie wttb se I been is China too Uwg. If I had only stayed a couple of days I would hare had a better iaea ol Chiaa. The =»re lolks you talk to. the asor* you see aad lie less you know. jCvys dadge Use "espert »ho has lived in China and teio«« Csina." Toe ist san ti*t iaew the Chinese was CanlticJtis. «nd he died feeling that he wa* "becoming a -:t coQlui^d about 'eaE. Vour». WELL ROGERS. 1 tragic casualties -- only leads us to the i electors' second count against loot- bail; that it has become a gaaae for ei- perts. a game that no boy thotiliJ play unless he can. almost UteraUy. give «^i ' ; of his ttaM to It. A poorly trainee ] basketball player, a poorly trained bsse- j baS player, a poorly trained go!f«-- | ' they do not rua the rtsk cf losing their | ', lives *'hen they start to p!ay. Add to these cosiriu the emoticnx cost of the gwxxe. lllu*tr»ted by Cliiei Meehas's recent confession »boti'- to a frenzy." tad toe j indlrtnscr-t that Ss ahcoft overwhetalns Soar souls profess w believe the peo- i ^ pie are -getting worse.- They insy t* j " right, but is not war.t:ss evl- dence that the spirit o{ fauniu broth- ; erhood !s growing stronger and warm- . er. Charity is sore conspicuous th»» j cupidity, the will to peace Is gamine ; ascendancy over she arrogance and pride and beliiserence "at ·fortune : cj footta21-En«- j:; inKUau ., ab!e olhfr ^^ ^^ Fa;alulw arc extreradj aacommoa _ specta-.ors and players sltte Qulte M ^ Wouldnt ;t issrrt to replace ruled the hearts and minds of men. the ; principle of live and let live Is so com- j j^/~j h ; manly accepted and acted upon that j we now help our neighbors to live and I Improve their condition. AU these con- j Kitate spiritual advances. But they j irould not amount to much were they ; not financed. There Is therefore solid j reason for rejoicing that all the auguries are of better business in the year * be ** L ! there." Sav. "I Ssow only "wo." Science and invention have contrt- j Q..^ m ^ pronol ; n ce!: Physique Pro- buted to the prolonging of human ISfe. | nounce 2-*ck. i ai in "it," e as la "oie." *# Tej^AjTes, Ktl SCW.TCt IHC. New Year 1 * Program. An old cuitom a:i; be rev:vd at thr a New Year's Eve program »:il d unirr director, of the church Eers wir. receive the tome «-.:: be es:=i and a we!to all Today. 1494--Jacques Cartier. famous 15th century French navigator and Cana*}an exptorer, bom. Died about I71S--Feter Boehler, Moravian end p oaser of Pennsylvania, bom la Genaasy. Died is England, April 27, 1775. 173*--Lord Cocs*«JIis, tie ablest of the Enth commanders in the R*r- ol-i-.ton, born. Died !a India, October 5. 1S05. 1803--Richard S. Field. New Jersey statesman, jur it and author, bcm at WhitehlU, N. J. Died at Princeton, N. J.. May 25. 1870. 1815--George G. M*ade, noted Union Major-genera!, born at Cadiz. Spain. D.ed in Philadelphia, November 6. 1872. 18*7--James T. Fields, Boston publisher and author, bom as. Portsmouth. N. H- Died in Boston, April 24. 1881. 1831--Mary V. H. Terhune ("Marian Harland"). novelist and writer vs. domestic science, born in Amelia coaa- ty, Va. Died in Sew York, Jane 3, 1922. 1653--TasJcer H. BI^ss. 6th AcBericaa General cf the Army, eoldier-states- man. Ch'ef of Staff, bom at Lewitburg. Pa. Died is Washington, D. C. November 9, 1930. Today In History. 1384--John Wyc!if. Enclish religious i reformer, first to translate the Bible | into English, died. j 1796--Baltimore incorporated as a ! city. I 1831--Denison University, GranvHle, ! Ohio, opened. j 1852--F_rst through railroad trate ! ran frora New York to Chicago. ; Today's Birthdays. I Harry S. New, Postmaster-General Harding and Coolldge. bom In ·pols. Ind., 73 years ago today. Governor Julius L. Msir. of Oregon. under »c-- · : T,i '*'·* A pro- ! ^~ | born at Portland, Ores-, 57 years ago Daily Lesson English ; In more recent years, the evening has ' been given over Words oftir. misused: Do not say. 1 chtircVsrh'cwlTappoUsteci by Saperia- "I only kr-ow two o! the men who were ; uitM j orin s j^ nn an ^^^3.^ re _ to secular interests, i oZ committees of the in the church for a New Year service. The pastor. Rev. Dr. Arr-os ; Merrill. WSs.. 49 years ago today. Harry Reid, president of CAS YOU BEAT IT Bv Ketten r to making the wcrfc of the world easier j accent iast syllable. ., TM* -- .,, »rTM«». MI* O.'tca misspelled: Parliament. to Increasing Ob- of performance, w ****«v«-w*^ ·--^ I ac-'-e ti~e *a healthrul pleasures of the people, to "synonyms: Conjecture (vrrb). infer. broadening opporturdties for cuHurai j jurrcise. guess, suspect, suppose, pre- bnprovemenU The finer things o! life ; surr.c. in-.^sirsc. are better appreciated and more in de- i ,^ ^^^^^^ mand. Education is spreading as never | .-o^bularj- by'.^rir.g one word each before. And that faith In God has i day. Today's word: Veracity; quality been strengthened !s not to be doubted I or state o! beln* true. "The nest wit- by anyone who observes the growing eagerness of our people to promote the spiritual welfare of the nation by alleviating and removing physical Ills and disabilities according to His plan. We wish all a Happy New Year, confident that conditions will soon be fav- 1 ness testified ; a::ty" to the defendant's ver- orab!e to realisation of happiness In greater measure than has been known Quotations Few of us who use riad'o understand very much about It. -- Prince George of England. # # * We used to be faintly ashamed that we were not omniscient, but new ignorance has Secorne respectable. -- Dr. G. G Darwin. University of Edinburgh. ·S- * * The avcraje college student today BUGBY. There Is every Indication that the football rules committee this winter will _" i is forced to T}!SV ua to Slis professors tinker with the regu!al:oas in an effort j , r pa;l a gy ^ g ;. de to mate the game safer. j --Professor C. S. Boucher. University of The iickoff may be abolished, lines- j Chicago. men may be prohibited from leaving j theSr posts to make Interference on end ; ·» * * If we arc r.o: to talk, why not give j sis povcr and we will go to work runs, and this, that and the other minor i --Adolf Hitler. German "Fascist" lead- rule may be changed-- j er. * * * But there remains in the minds oi many persons, the one Important question. which the rules committee wil. j j not even consider, namely: isn't it quite possible that the game of American rugby ougtt to be abolished entirely? The ejchibits against the game, they assert;- are damaging. . , . , _ ^ I liie ta p.av joies Use handing some di _ n;ned -^-^a a chunk Ol i:e wllen ccp'.lor-.. at 9 JO. -x : .'.l be held John Travcr. will preach a New y-ar ' Harry Re*, present ol me *a- s*rn»n and the church «hco! choir i tw-a 1 - Eectr'.c Po^er Company, bom, will £ ecia: music. The wrrtee ' st J*-ast«ra F N. Y., 52 years a E o to- j be so il:r.e! that the New Year is in the old chape:. The board of maca- catered in prayer. Frederick K. Detv.-inrr, noted New CHINA, ARMIES BEATEN, HAS MIGHTY WEAPON LEFT- ECONOMIC BOYCOTT ·^ *^,i, '-"V York artist, born at Easton, Pa., 49 years ago today. Today's Horoscope. The last day of the year does net promise very good fortune. If any sac- cess is to be attained, humility of spirit should be cultivated. The patient waiter is oftener rewarded by SUCCESS than the one who seeks to tear open life's secrets by force of either strength or guile, SUil a proper application of the powers of this day may bring success. SIDE GLANCES Bv George Clark CALENDAR. December 31. Centenary of the birth of Mary V. H. Terhune ("Marian Harlasd"), 18311922, novelist and writer of domestic iclence. Centenary of the opening- of Denison University, GraaviJle. Ohio. Hogmanay observed in northern England and Scotland. January 1. New Year's Day. January 2. Centenary of the birth of John G. Lemmon, California botanist, explorer and writer. Centenary of the birth of Thomas T. Crittenden. Missouri governor. BMtsrtood Day .in Georgia--ratified Constitution in 1788- Jantary 3. Festival of St. Geaevieve, patroness cf Paris. j 50 :h anniversary of the death of ! Ckrrent C. Clsy, 1816-1S82. lawyer, j Confederate senator and diplomat. sr.aice hands, just for a laujh. --Dtjrolhy Lee. movie actress. * ·£ # Let Mr. Klein (assistant secretary of commerce) teli his bedtime stories and the return o£ prosperity every night, if he wants to. but It won't move one First, last and most damning is the i "^ 5 -'; «· w "* 3!: won "* P at onc ~ an to ·- wcrs. i --congressman LaGuardia of I i Luf s Stuff feet that something liie two-icon- youag Americans were killed playing ! the game during the autumn season ct 1931. It has teen said that that number is , ^ OM ^ ^ ^ not large, considering the vast cumbers = ^.^ JV , T ^ j.;-.^ - c w a c - c « of young men playing the game. Tha" ar.d ~e sh.i!l rniss it Tvhrr; it pc is sheer nonsense, the objectors declare i for it's presented to us all It is larse-appollingly large. You : a :?t :!ut Te ~^ :on S «a:L i might asi. they say. the parents of jnr ! of those dead boys how they feel about st, and sse what sort of answer you get- Defenders of iJie game also point out that most of these fatalities occurred on teams which lacked _ higb-grad«: j a bunch of woes we've ill rr.dur«3. coaching, and that boys who are pro;;- erry trained co not ran such risks. Bu r tiat--putt'ng entirely aside the fr.-c' that such spier.clifily coached teams as Wesi Pcdnt and Fordham suffered ' It's bet-n a year of woes and cares. I and rurr.crrd wars and rnorsey scarcer-; Of rri?r:tal hazards all around, i v.-ith remedies as yet un'our,d. j But there's another year ahead. 1 a year, we hope, when we may shec nelf --N. A. LUFBUKROW. Flapper Fanny Says --- Twenty Years Ago today Th-o NOTTS, Iooerr.ber 31. 1911.) ; AiiovJi--Sud-e:l y frcm :iovi-here . . . thousands of Chinese, led by agi- :atinsr students, appear . . . in irresistible protest aga'nst some cppres- .-jon . . . Eere is such a crowd at the rai!ti-ay station at Tslnai!;'-! in Sban- 'ung . . . curing a cen^o:-;: 1 ration like those trhich give strength to the boycott measures.'l 1 --Overseas Chinese back up th£ ant ! -Japanese bcycott . . . in unison with purchasers at home . . . Here are residents of New York's China- :otrn reading the posted notices. . . . which announced a corr.plcte boycott by American Chir.^e of ail Japanese T-rsducts . . . at the o:" the present troubles between those nations. All of them sailed irndsr any flag es- j cept the Japanese. The Chinese witi- : drav,- their funcs from Japanese banks and add them to the English cr Araer- : iccn car.ks. i Since ^?^ t Cn^ia has had an a.mosi coctinUKi boycott, in one cjgree of in- :emity cr another, acainst Japan. It. is ;he one garse tl-it China plays united- . ·oily as a whole ration. Chinese s:!d- \ ii-r.=. Chinese peasants. Chinese stu- ' ler.T.^. Chinese merchants. Chinese | COMING. J^nuarv. 4--Statehood Da? in Utah--^adraittea 1896. ., S--150th anniversary of the birth of Rob:rt Morrison, English missionary, founder of Protestant missions in Chrca. 6--Epiphany. 6--Statehood Day irj New Mexico-admitted 1912. 6--Centenary of the birth of Gustave Dore, Preach artist. 7--Centeriary of the birth of T. Dewitt Talmage, American Presbyterian clergyman. \ ~--150th anniversary of the opening for business of the Bank of North America, at Philadelphia. o: the battle of New Orleans. "One of onr best customers, bat I'm afraid we're going to lose him. Says i he's getting married next week." HEALTH By DK MORRIS F1SHBETN, · { Editor Journal o; Aucncan : tocialion ana o: Ky;rla. Th .. MecUcal as The seerns liieir that ths meal served at the schoal is the one m meal oa Trhich tiis child can cepjrid especially, ef- | forts must be made to have it include j an Edcquate amount of milk. a. hot dish,; politicians, and have Graceham Grarehass. Dec. 31.---Mr. and Mrs. SJjar Boiler and daughter, Geraldine of nsar Loys Mr. and Mrs Guy 3oi:*r and childrer;. Maualine. Harry. Wilbur and Clyde. Rocky Ricge. and Mr. and Mrs. Charles Gluts and daughter, Virginia, of Keys-vine, spent Christmas cay i,, with rheir parents. Mr. and Mrs. Harry Bc-ller. and also Mr. Clu^, father ol Charles Cluts. --Mrs. Robert Valentine and sen, Sunday x ".~ u -~!' a " c . ";v---'-^ ;i ;^ e ^ e J Carroll, of Keysville. visited on Su: pp. ea tM pr:rc:r:cs c. ^can.y o, j .^ fonoe -. 5 broie , aad xL , e ^ h«r fa=r_T .^'c to :r.c ^fe o tncir aa- j 3.,.^. j B p^izse:. Fc-ll-^wins: the l?ad in expansion j?: cv ;hv Frcierici Railroad Cors-; t-~.-e r.jw pr:-;^.s ^'-'^ '--·* Fred-rricfe iiattoir. Ccr.trsl Natianal ryw hi;Ch sch-col. wat^r worios re- .\^thvi;,-t ari Rr-rrr.-cd church irs- rcc-.^rr.rr.:?. arid M:. O"_TO: cernttery An ci^y^r rcast ar.d supper at Mas3r.ic Terr.pls 3=d z Ch dznc at tr.s arrr.cry hill were BY J. E. Bl"DD. WrHtrn For NT A Service. i to cc with '. I t -- -d-? !:*?« of _ Mrs. J. B. '.or. in this cr.e rrsrtct. ihe prfs^it t ·i--^ =··,-' %V,T-,, --j -·,,.··j^_, -,,,» . ^..- i .*--a. ~*.l.. *^u..2, 2^^u i----QTci* amc --co.: Is^ic-r.;^^up by_ti:e_ Chi- ! ^-3. Mari Warnant visited at Mr. and fj=T«eciaHy ir. Arr.ericr.. ~hers the Ch ; - ' r.rse poruln.::cm o' cities Use Ssn Fran- $13.cC'0.-.VO far exceeded Cisco. New York, and Xevark have at w-.ii by is not yet Ccm:pt Ch Japsr.rsc - srv.r:, sh- .--.:: holes a h'.sh rsrd in ;'~c S^:^ v*3?^ncs; rarr.t. It is the boy- cc:t. cs? oScials were railway rights or the Chinese In 1915 tv-Or.o r -rr.anr. rc?rr.:«-d th? "Twen- ?ol:t:c3.11y China v .:t in action a pc"»cr V - , -- ^ ^«.,«^! *^a -r"--"^ -- Ci-i. -v-.^;« i«,S *l^..\-. Ir. chins have T frc-rn the icyco-t wch=' ur.til sh? has ths Worli War. d;-:-- 'cc ;h^ T-tv.r-.-r. sf^inst. Ja- t wers · ::r:;t?d in !c~r. ar.y ar.d all cc^xio- cc"^i7ic:5 -^ ^nrxir^'T^'? msr'jc. i Students Bark Boycotts. ' St;: dents in China jince they first bccar. :o ic~cc-tt the » T« have o-r_~.::f r-d politics a part cf tneir lif-c. Tl-.c boy or cirl who refuses to tike part is a traitor. The stud-cr.:s risvc learned r.C'-- to ·:·-- s.r-.-_rc the cc~.mcn people behind their ccuse. It :s the ovstcrr. of Chines-? s:~jden*s Fc-r 23 years China has been work- ' to gr.ppea in fee war, how- trie Twer.- -··* -- ^ J *.*\" : ^i^- -("^T* *^pT-- ^~^--v,"^ far out into tne country d s- Thsre they gather the people ;ri£ on, fire them with a n;~ sense of i'.-h thr b.-~lr.r..--s -c-r a" Ic-.-s? f.-rm of go star barely sue-1 i :·- ..-:-··-.-s '·'. ' 5:1;. ---- j-'r--..-·«;. rin $4,170 to $:,;;-; p-r y«. inj o! tie X'r.::£ct was Par's: W. T. Lr-. Th^rniorjt wss spp-cintsd TTiro chief ^f the Frederics district c: tr.e C. and ?. Telephone cccsei. N EV/RPA PF.C RR C" i Vl". S : Ir. I £03 a J4p-r.r.r--c b.-j; cc-rryins «n- Itrahar.c bc;;r.d :cr Ch_-.a was seized 'by th« Chir.e-'e. The Mar.chu ctcrjcn- wa.'; p-.-.~fr!ess ar.d prar.tcd ir.- dfr;-.r.:;y to .T.i;-.'.::. Thp Chi-.-.c.-c pcc- ;p".e objected and vrrre f.ror.e. For nine imoatia tiey rcfiised to Thr w-jt iv-arj bur. an An- glc-6'axc- rs-lr.. n-.ills feel the eSect. Mere scpar* yards cf nsa- · trrial are fsprctc-c: to Chir.a curing a boycrtt pfr'cd. cc::on V.los up the West profits. Five huiidred Chi- 'r.ese left Mexico this iast November. :··-- «vf- ".', ". -jt,r Kcc cr the Prrsi- :'..-nt cf hicnrelf. Chang Kai j --Mrs. Margaret Routzais. oi West! minswr, is visiting friends here. I --^Mrs. McCie Fisaer is spending her Christens holidays in 'Frederick w:h i her «n ar.i faoiily, Mr. ana Mrs. ;John Fisher. 1 --Mr. and Mrs. Guy Crawford a=d j daughter. Katherir.e. an= son. Frediie. of 3altim:re; Mr. and Mrs. Gl-enn :C.-£~.'ord. near Hocky Sidgs. and Mr. : Lawrence SoelSey cf rsear Key-Mar. :t*i a: Mr. ani Jrs. Fred Cra^ord's I Suniay --Mr. Melvin Hesser and sister, Jessie. '-. Harry Boiler. Mr. and Mrs. 2arl sting. Mr. Harry Null. Mr. Richard incl J 3. Pittinrer. attended ·.er,--; of Mr Harry Fox, of Bal- -r. 3a:u:i.-i;.- at Thurmcnt. ?r" C^..i--OTTf» sr.z. sister, ilsr- u*-- »-. ~, --'. -,v ·- -- i c-*v-" "·'' ·""·ff a · . i . t ». ^ » . k a . j." ,f?t · · « --"I? ·* Chfld Mnst Have Bight Food. In t-'mas of depression dietaries are ' apt to be restricted. They are not likely [to contain the essential vitamins and ibody building s-utstasces that are Because of the recosn:tiori of the importance of this fact, the President's ! organi22ti3n on unemployment relief, j in co-operation with every nat'onal or- j -ar;mHrr) caving special interest in i the public, has i£saeci a b-xlctin of ad;vice to the public concerning tie type : of fco:"s and the methods of feed ng i -or chiiilren most, advisaile in this time ! of si-ess. ! The standard of diet oj the bread | line--coSee aad doushnuti--is hardly ;a we^-bal^nced diet. J; lacss pcacli- Jcaliy everything that a well-balancrf 'diet should irc.uce. A thick vegetable scup. a glass of milk znd an an crar.sre '. would mere densely approx"ma.te what itfce human boiy reilly s.sxs for ade- 'qua:e Eatrit::n. | * * ~ i Ons c* the wO_nt^ mc5~ ^mt Xl S5L T eG i - fcy the ofrldsl bulletlri is the cl"sir2- i bility of feeclin-s children at home : '. rather tfc?r * r - bread linens. sc~ut kitch- : ens -cr schoc-1 lur;ches. It :s desirable to '. "· preserve the farr.ily unity if possible. . ,'Feeding of chilcrer- in the mass tends : to cntit fo^d for prs-school children : : and is associated with ecncrional strain ; ; a=d may lead to neglecting proper j:,-; ; ' for mc-lhsrs dur'ng tJe pre-natal ar.d ; j nursing periods. ', } The school luncheon has besn cs: la the pssl as an educational as ~c-- as one for safeguard- · ing ths h-ea'.th cf the pupi^. It U ere- ; tr-ot where the schc^l lurich : ; be maintained with continued erzpha- : j s's o~ the educatisnal preferac'y a thick, hot vegetable soup: and adequate fresh fruit. Greenfield Greasfield. Dae. 31.--3Ir. and Mrs. i Oliver Brijgs, caujhKr and niecs of i Washington, visited ilr. and Mrs. Chesti e- Davis " ring Christmas, i --^lliss Etta 3r:r2s of near Bock' viEe visited her sister, Mrs. C. H. Davis ; and Miss Maxine rjsvis. : --Miss ^Florence Sears is visiting in · Urbana, | --Miss HHlene Grejj o: Washinjton, Misses Catherine. Lu-lla an j Lorraine : Grc?5 or DicSErson, vi;i:s-cl Mrs. Rog- i er Davis. I --Mr. and Mrs. J. G^risn Dsri: and ' chilclreri Evelyn. John ani George, and · Mrs. JsiSS Ruff an~ Cju-1 t:r Mar-jret ! visitcci Mr, and Mrs. Jjhs Davis Sun- I fey. i --Mr. Archer Dar:s is vSsiang it i New Loncc-n. i --Mr. and Mrs. Ecl~ard Davis and. · days in Frcdsrici. ' --Miss Janie ^;-j; 3 ^3 -5 Bethesda j --A shoDtinz rr.atch will be held at : th-e store o: Cass'cr H. Dav:s. Jan. 2. i -- Mr. and Mr;. RDger Davis and children Glenn ar.i Leonard viii-ed ai Mr. Algie Greg; Sunday. Sticklers i Every Chile who rerr_3.ins st school · ' through the noc-n hcjur she-aid be as- ';ur?d cf cne r.;urlsh'.n~. hct dish at --Mri.. Her and son, Arrie. · to .s= tr.css net ac.e LT.!» J-n Shek. could stand sgahv: their.. For ! ^P^ 1 Christmas day asfl Suncay with j xj,;. -satal hyg'sr-e aspecis o.' th they ars sy: frful :cr ordu:ary ~_-n to be aisle to j town. nr. | her daughter* and familias of Jirc- I f i . boycctc. ts Chir.-?fe 4; h.»ve developed it. is the way of Sgiu- her cn trursp. In the Srs; eiont months cf this year about S4.00C.OOO were paid in Nevada ror divorces. | situation ear-net be neg'ectec. It is aa- ; vised that in rural and ir- other cc:ri: v^here thsre ?.~? r.c? established welfare ^aer.cies to the farr.ily r.^is. the schools themselves, ffiust ta!:c the -Kporj^ibility. If It i 133! c tfcc rcr7Jxr ? bc.--.-:c- l'i r-.i 45. ~- ^rccK' p^ccd csch cc-l-jrnn cf ihia -i~- '"-.if ! ^S T^flrA --^ *^n«v hortronaL tKres vert:cai TM.d two disg- l e s u l coJu^ms o.' frv'C futures. 3/ wai be foard on last p

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