The News from Frederick, Maryland on May 27, 1932 · Page 12
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The News from Frederick, Maryland · Page 12

Frederick, Maryland
Issue Date:
Friday, May 27, 1932
Page 12
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TW£LV.k DAILY NEWS. FSEDHtICK, MD. FRIDAY. MAY 27,1932. JsUlO NEW METHOD OF AIDING lOLDBYSPm Rev. Hal Kearns, Superinten- dent Of State Penal Farm. Talks To Lions. SCENES FROM NEW YORK'S POLITICAL BATTLE OF CENTURY HONOR SYSTEM IN VOGUE AT ROXBURY INSTITUTION Locking Up Offender Does Not Solve Problem. Prison Head Says. The Mar-, land State Pens'. Farm »t Roxb-ry. nesr Haij-rj-.-^ir. :? s prsc- tiral educational .mtii..t.-r. · ir.en *r* 'led and r.-^t tc a rr.?d- of liiing .n -c-r-f^ the la»s of society. £-- ar«d Re-. Hal K"3m superint-r.dei.t .r. an earnest sd!:e-ss befc-re tr.e F-eden-t Li .ns Cl-ib Th-l-i- cay rjcx^n at HW FrederK-'i in introduction Rev Mr. Kearrj urge; that ?eop endea'. ^r to ur.cerstand the new methods o' dealing w i - h men at the penal Lr-s-it-it.on sr.d r^i ccr.cur ·Kith the oDir.fn cf s^ne folks ^ho thrnk Mirjlar.d State pr-son ajthor.- ttes azxi hini^lf "fr-ct-s" and senttrne'ital in their manner of d* Tilth men icho have beer, found gu'-.'-y of "What shall we do »ilrs ine fe .-·» who insists upon cc-m-ng :r.t3 conflict Trtth the rules cf societv. or !a-» '" said , j be. in ha oper.ins remarks. It u.«ed to . » j be that autnoril.*5 w:uld lock vip an offender beh.r.d iron bars and forget OppOSBS Smith's Plan FOT New Republican him. but by so coins the probm was not solvec: the offender simplv »as, segregated for a time. Lions were told. ! The speaker further stated that 97 . Ob-. :vji'.v wearied by the barrage of qu^atloas har.d . . M-i-.or Walker j caught bj tne ram-ra .:. the -Ai'r.e^s stand bead r-si-.^ly lj-A«.-red in ! poee is -it sits -2 " -- - - - - - - Favoring the cameraman with a. slight A quizzical smile only half-hidden by D!sn!ty personified . . . Counsel Seabury's 1-idtcal pose Is !n v!vld contrast, smile . . . Samuel Seabury Jeares »ne hj hand . . . Maor Wilier parries a tt th« nor.cnalarrt attitude of Mayor Walker, slumped la the witness chair d-jr- court-rooen aJter an oral duel with verbal thrust a atse-crack- ingr trie heated inquiry. Mayor Walker. Just A Wink Issue For Public Works. State Convention Has Stormy Session. BALANCE BUDGET COUNTY DELEGATES THERE wi^ be assets or liabilities to t.:e puol.e a important. Punishment No Cure The history of cr.m.nok)«r shaws that punishment alone is a prc'.c".- tive nor a cure for crime, and the criminal pop.ilat.on is increasing, therefore, a new method of handling their, was described as necessary The classification of offenders ac-ordir.i; to the.r cnaes -was deemed most v.tai to their .future activities and improvement, a 2rst offender separated from hardened criminals. Practically all tl;e inmates of institutions are of low mer.talir.. although there are a few exceptional cnes, it was stated, and those deallr.s ·xith them most study their environments. The sserage education of men in a penal institution was rated as a i third grade education. 90 per cent were ; said to have no trade but to simply ! hang on the edge of an economic order ' and many of them possess abnormal · unstable, emotional set-ups The punishment for a man should | not St the crime he has committed ac- ; ccrxtog to the legal punishment to be ineted out for the oCense. for a man ! picked up for petty larceny may be Woshingtor.. Mftv 20 --Balanc-- the Baltimore. May 26--Tne Republican budc"t and p.!t an '-:icJ to borro-*:ns: state central con-.ejsujn toda-. forrnailv nas the rop'.v torsS^ht of Secr^tar\- MJls ?a'-'e Mar\la:ids 19 votes in the national contention to President Hoo-.^r and ref'ised t-o ?o on record ax fa'.orlr.s: .1 national rclirendum on the prohiol- to the rr~tr.t pr.-p.wal of former Gov- , err.or Alfred E Snv.'.n. N"e.\ Y rk for a p.ibl.c' v.oric Dro?r.i.rn. fir.anc«^d b 1 . bonds 1:1 a sta"-mrnt that c.\rne about t.on qjfit..-n the t!me «f t.v dot ills of Speaker Garn- ' ?rs rol.ef b..i. nl--.j i-.i..!n? for a public ·Rorks proj-am : be ii::Ar.ced by a , In a session the convent on ic reft-rendjm propc-sa'- 103 to 41 the protest of the ' anti- bona issu- Trere rrscie public, said such ' orsan.zjiiori' croup, ' so-ight ,ts ii building pr.i^ram as proposed b pa.vs.iw Srnit.i. f-ox tne Trcasur Tnr !-?ht for the ref-rendum re»o!u- ·aoald cestr- 1 -. a balinc^d buds'", ajid '-^" way d b\ f^rrr.'-r Senator Joseph T I its dcs'ru-f.'.e itlecrt-\.ijld far ojitTiesgh I·"*'." France '.-..10 w-.s beaten hi :ne more dangerous to tr.e cotnmar.Jtv than ' a man wno. in a rr.omer.t of PiS s»n. ! ^actmcm has committed murricr. said Sc-.. Mr. 1 Kearns. the former bem? an example of the constant anti-sscial behaUor | Nevertheless. "»e have not corns to a ! point nrhere we conv.ct on tne bas.s of I the prisoner's nee-is rather than his' cnrse.' he stated The hardened crjn- · Inal takes delight in · beating tne Karne" ' and poses good beha-.ior in order to get out of orison, ne saic. Because of the r.c-»- method of classifying offenders ar.d then se;rec:,it'.:-.£ them, fa.rly stable men ser^.nc only hght sentences and I'-ns termers nearing the ends of ;ne:r sentences are committed to the penal farm at Roxbary. There ihere ar« r.o bars sr.d only one gun is kept, and ihrre men are held by "morale" Cixa arri\al there, they out. for each. aTcrcir.c to his prcvn^ worthy occupat.ons. su;n as and phimaing and --r^ of ac'ivi- ties. and ·sr.ere tne icea of r.onor is upheld to trem All rr."n or. He-. 5- £kCrris staff are trit--xictms ar.u ar^ not fcno's-n as guarcs. althoiur. .'. a "man reacts -vronclr · f tr.e pl^n. tr.c-c are means of n.m A cest-r-? of self -s a c^mrr.itt^e of offenders rcspcn.=.ble fcr tr.e b?h.v.i^r of all. and 'siio a_ c o s-ffcr .' ,-thers i^obey the rules. When t"* 3 nton "^sl^ec o.. recent.y _r^Mn t^e .arm. tne re-- The entire ^ist-^'-T. o---in; bj..t largely by ir.rr.a'c l\oir n... o- completed in s.x or e.gnt years, it ·ras" ec. ana f.ose .- t.~arse r\-.=h to crsat a zicrinal n". .r^nm*---.t for meri tnere ar^d to c.o v _ist th^v ran to l^ratc t^em in t r e "scrlc sftcr .ca\e Ir. KT. Mr. St'2~T^. "^ no^ mCo-^xiCc °o^ wer?; no r-eo'~ . r.v bencrsts May 'J r'rn.\-. L Pr*^idoni Hoover It He ursed a b.'i.ii-."(-d budget as a '*a.s :)-o^;:tcti ifer S'ate S"iitor Wa:1 pr.mar\ ncce*slty for n:di!i: b uincss '.aco W.lls.ims '.vn formal v nominated 1 reco^rr-.. '.is the senatorial i-iraidato and he Mad I Mills paid trio.:t« :v Smith's courage ' called for a rcfvrendam In his speecn j in recent jvib',-- s:n;c--cr.ts snc his of acctpt-inco I valuable su..v»n b;. iis oufspo'irn de- Williams seoared the nomination b clarati^n :n lnvr '·! t'.'.f rtst of tlie enough of the cojntles to K.'.e President j; program ' h.m t!.c ir.vj-ir.ti. of con-.ention -.otts , . 88 lo GO alt:!O.i;n he '.vas beaten In tiw ; BiR Day In Senate ' populr-r '.oto bv former Rep Ljn?.ooJ ' Wash ins" in M it -" --Tne Senate t?- L Clar day jacke-U the b.'U"n dollar re\on-.ic · bill out of the and in a b.irst of Rero S Harp Dr Cfarle*; F Go-^d- votcs moMd :t do^n tiie hi" toward e'... Walter E -s'atc's itto-nc-. -inci so rantrtl'. it almpst got V.ct.'r M. B.rol\. Ih^rmon". d-.ltfsa'cs stirticd leader' from thj- c.-*aiity, a.tended t. o ccr.'.er.- CLOSE DRILL AI 'SF TO BANQUET JUNE 17 \ValkerSTllle High School Alumni Plan . Reunion, At a special of the Walk- ersviUe High School Alumni Assoc^tion j neld Thurscay nishc in the auditorium : at 7 o'clocE. :: n as decided to hold the \ . . . .. ,, _ ... .... ' annual banquet of the organization June Melvin Kelly, Baltimore, Wins j J7 at -.he Eberr- House. sra«wock , Heights, a; 7 o'clock. · Gold Medal. i Officers of the organization -nil be | ! elected ao that time. A nominating! ! cotnrcittee. carnposed of Prances Rams- j COMPETITION WAS ' officers a; tne banquet for election. It ' Hot Days Are Coming So Buy Now . . . i a gold m-da!. in tne annual individual '· Walfcersville high school competitive drill of the Maryland State i Melvin Trout, president of the assoc- School for tne Deaf Cadet Corps, on the -i-"n. presided at the meeting ar.c f-ont campus Thursday afternoon. The Mlss Grace Zimmerman was appointed i drill followed the annual commence- i temporarj- secretarj-. The following m-r' exercises at Thich twelve grad- ' members attended: Misses Helen Culler, aate* -sere presented diplomas and a i Virginia Culler. Mary Ramsburg. Char- i M X G. -xzs the officer in charge | ? ar! - Frances Ramsburg. Margaret i The second prize, a gold medal, was' K; ntz. Grace Zimmerman, Mrs. Ralph ! 1 ion bv Lawrence Erode. Midlothian.! Z-mmerrnan Messrs Melvin Trout. · Harrv Content of H Content Co , MQ 3 Rd tne t.-urd prize, also a gold! Arthur Trout. Gilmore Trout. Bernard ' Xe-r York broker^, -s ar3\e be- i rnedal. was awarded to Walter Stan- Stale;.-. James VanFossen. Leonard fore a hearing of -nc Senates Banking and Currency Committee in Wasn- ingt^n. The -Aink "as for a friend. Content testified in the stock nurfcet probe that he had no part ir. financ- .n^ his;h-poiMred public.ty :o creatf faverabk- markets c'lff The superintendent's! Kersnner. Thomas Cramer. Ralph gold medal to- tne best crilied officer i merman. William B. Gross, principal ! -.ras won bv James Gniecko. Hender- ! of the school, also attended the meet- son. Md. The drill, one of the most Interesting and spectacular campus events of tne vear. included military tactics with ing. witnoat rifles and the individual · Prcl-mmary maneuvering tv:th · « , A - ,«"·"'-·; ** -P--"= -^ ^-.ised -schedn.e °« « « ' « « « « wmtp..::ce · he S-na:- re -' : , ore! np - l7 -- s '"° On ° M0 !1 s ^ c:a - f e Mw a- -cp-,xi rommu-Hcation ti -n Tlie .itner t ^o c:el-x.»tes. Geo"C i L E'zler W""C_~j-ro and Jo-epn Dar- ncr Je!It-.--n were not pr-^ent and G E-.-A?.ri Mvers .inn C.iarl.-s W Cr im --_ _--_-- ___ --- · ---- ana r of the committee on re^ol-it.ons. J (j-;-j chosen presidcnua. e'ector from | James M cVerr.o=.' military director, and LeRoy Amoerg. actir." cadet officer, in ; charie. was stien. after which Super-! intendcr.t B.orlee and Major Munshoarer '. re\ie'i%ed the cadets The pupils tcre i dra.\n up in line IP. different groups for · tne pr^e drill, under the cumulation' tne S_xth D^triot Clari Mclntyre. Ga-rett county, and J Fran-; Rider.our Wsshjisjton ,ie-e ^?le:t«d dele- r ^ j c ^ ' - d in amendment she".!* · tt-.ff 0:1 n'a:i~ir.o^c ' M" ^ i.rf:: 1 ' r .i,i,-'--h( r.;.-.o of . met.tod of '.-.; a t -''.r pr^M^s 3 M 10 -AOS tr..ivlo -^A'.Dn a-.d -A.-S alx a rr.eni- In r-"-to--.".; t'.ie o\»,. o Y\\ V'.'.«nsl.:'i- S v-j-^r put hj= ?2 l O O O O O O i V rol.ef b.:. i:i to Dcni- ocrat.c n-.-i-ir 'v -if the- Houso -i:-.d rc- cc.vec he ?a:c unininnii." onror^emcnt; the :»^~:r.-; of a dri-.e to aid t:ic i;r- -rp..»-d and i.ecav before D.irir.c tne di\ C'-1 -T-an J, -.n Bar- cent H^\cr t.^it 4^ 0^0 ^ 1 0 b^ishL-15 more of c ''-nt ·*l *-v -^-*^'-d oe STICKLER SOLUTION Ch.~aso. Benjam.n Rosenour. thB city, and Mr.« Don E Clark. Montgomery ccjnt\. 'Acre selected alt^-matc delegates. Mr Sinn i"os a member of the -on-.n- f · 0:1 cred^n'.al': The dv'ejatcs from tr.c S^vth Di-'tnct -.o'.-'d tor L' S S.»-ator Ph. lips Lee Go'.atboroj?h t^r nitional corr-r.tttee- and for Mrs Jir_ Gabriel Bil- t.more. ior national comra_tt«e ^itiian FLVTXG AXTS (TERMITES^ Cau=e S40.500.0CO 00 damaKe'.:-.- :s Trood ·xor^ In Kcmss anc 3u..c:^^5. Guaranteed Tr?a:r=enl. Vacalir.g Unnecessary --Fre» Ir^pect.or. T E R H I X I X CO. OF MD.. Tiu- Pnorc 65 7 9 E Pair ct S; Gliders in Our Incorporation Sale as low as $10.90 Awnings--Porch Shades 6-ft. Stock Awning, Green and Orange Stripe $4.15 Rubberized Glider Covers $3.50 NEW LOW PRICES OX WESTINGHOUSE DUAL AUTOMATIC REFRIGERATORS C. C. C A R T Y LSCOItPOKATED Established 1868 Telephor* 596 4S-52 EAST PATRICK ST. FREDERICK. MD. Uic-r the scrutiny of Major Mun- sho--er tne dwindled somewhat rapidly at tne One by one t- n e clr.llers were sen; oac^c until half a c.oren were -n line Finally three were 'eft and njt until Ma:.-r Munshower did = SOURCE OF RACKETEERING Public Is Barred From Launching Of U. S. Cruiser SATURATION TSc b'jc Ittttrj arc tiie one? tkit i«crc fcfied m ID miltc !»«o I0-!ct!ei x-o-os The ctKci iettc's appear ni t'pc s*ne wdcr u Paris Mav 26 --Gen Johi J Pershins afac'ted prohibition a^ a source of rack- ctecr.n^ 'ocay attno-.ttr; - to the apit.v. of te people Passage of the ejt.:' amendment .vo-s sjnnlv done t'.iro i?n the ncrli;- er.ce of the citizens v ST r.ow s.t i:p And no^l " he as.-erted at a luncheon of American Cluj todav. Srorir? ti'ose ^ho failed to talk :n the primarv. tl-e general .-.aid ^* are bi-ine coverned by 3 lot of cheap politic- .an^. v h a put I nernselv vs over in Am- f r.'ar.s. " ho are too r."glectf"l to gro to als to tne winners ---School Exhibits Inspected ^z Irnrr.ei.ate.y follow ir 5 the indoor ex== erc_se tr-e cuests insoec-^d the school ^^ exhio.ts Tr.ese snc.uced art. cooking. == .-cwin^. r-; -.ea'.-.r 1 -. manual training. r= pr^it.n^ shcemaking: ^r; tail^rin; and class e\lv-oits. displayed ·?* -the rotjncla and reception rooin of tne = main r.i.ldir.5. Many of the guests v^u- ~ ed the trades and academic buildir.g r^ ;pene5 for inspection. Very favorable == comment was made upon the splendid _ = ! toe of eth.aits Favo-sble comment was = 1 aj=-- made utrri 'he a' campus r^ At The Hendrickson Store WALKER HITS BACK New York Mayor Put* I p Bait!* OR Witr.ess Stand. ;-£. iv- -- .CV.-J; vsor- cuslv Ma""- ?ZT-£. J ?.";. .-'r f- -- . a ·*itnis 5*^nc * -.di" "a-.c .".-^ e^^ A~a- tnd'jsirxis c: CC_A~^ f*"rr. st *! "~ar^-- act:sr^ --.t.-.cj:- -^ --- -r. ..^ a r -- .- a-c charred S;rr._--" Sr-.o.-- --.-,,-. r- .r.; ··- e=d his 5-1.-.--1 l.f- m cimpsrati". ?'° 'sr. * -.".*· h?3l of the !ar;c-=t -.-- .r. ·-: "o-.; d«- ta.led n- » r-r.s . a'ec t^-sr.2. f.r'rce^ Th 1 ;.- also rei-c f.r T'.V ~r dTv R^s- sel. S'"£rxxi ?.;co^r -a^t fcr "sr.-rr. tre PUBLIC INVITED TO ATTEND '""--» ^ -»"* v i s p*-~i27^.'- arer.t Waiter ^a.d .-.e :-..m?e:f had b"«-i ar;h;ng for t.-.? rr^s^-.c who The rjub\c WAS bir-cd whcr. tne 10- is £r.ed SIOOC-) f ^ of the 000-Mn cruder. Por.l.Tic 7,3^ .i^ ·- . . ;au;£ sr A. i -.rro -, , fTc..-. 5 ;. a: x. . p «s- "T* -_.- - C - i lev} 60 d.Scr- ;:b._- ·'s ^.i\e carnage- ea; uji^i -rja c,t-Kr^. j ctner -vessels ibere. Service of Dedication Frederick Memorial Cemetery SUNDAY AFTERNOON, MAY 29th at 4 O'CLOCK Ministerial Association of Frederick HAVE ENTIRE CHARGE This will be a unique service, perhaps the first of its kind we have had an opportunity of attending. Cemetery is located one-half mile west of Frederick on Hagerstown Pike, turn left at State Police Station, on Linden Avenue A CORDIAL WELCOME AWAITS YOU Frederick Memorial Cemetery Co. 5 | Featuring Good Reliable Merchandise When g Prices Are At Their Lowest. Your Dollar | Will Buy Double At This Event | You Cannot Afford To Miss. - § Friday and Saturday Only | ^ MERCHANDISE OF MERT ESTABLISHED 1877 42-46 North Market Street .;^ll!lil!||||i!llll!l!ili!i!ll!lilll!llllllliilllilll^

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