Clovis News-Journal from Clovis, New Mexico on May 13, 1965 · Page 17
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Clovis News-Journal from Clovis, New Mexico · Page 17

Clovis, New Mexico
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 13, 1965
Page 17
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Page 17 article text (OCR)

\f A *OtB We believe that all men are equally indowed By their Creator, tori *$, ? OV nJ2 mentl "M *• K" 1 ° f freedom, and that It towSJ i ? ^> to i 3 ^ . to P!** 8 ™ 6 Ws own liberty And feipeot ft* liberty ol others. Freedom is self-conirol, no more, no lew. •hiiiTv r!?M h , argc ^ *'* «»P°n«>Wlitv. fre* men. to th« best of fteir SMH!,' J?n st u " d£ - rsfa ," d and *PP'.v to daily living the great moral guides expressed in the Ten Commandments, the Golden Ruie «rj tne Declaration o( Independence This newspaper is dedicated to fttrftlahlne totormttion to our readers so that they can beller promote and nitrtrve their own freedom and encourage others to see it* blowing*. For only when man understands Freedom and is free to control Tiiflwelf and all h« produces, can he develop to hi* utmost capabilities tr» Vrmonv with the above moral principles.• CLOVIS NEWS-lOIDRNAL, Thurs.. Ma ~ SIXTH AND t'H.lB - PI10NB Hew Par Can He lock Away Prom America? Between the Bookends Occasions And Protests new country that would allow The highly-celebrated author each ciizen enough elbow room John Dos Passes has recently to grow into individuality." released a volume 1 of his own essays, interviews and other . The trend awa » v from this '"miscellaneous writings of the (livic| i>alism is summarized by pas! thirty years. In this book, Dos pfl ssos a few paragraphs "Occasions and Protests," we any sociologist meaning of later: "Consult see the movement of an Individ- t0flay as to l ualist. away from the institutions 'happiness' in the social context and leaders that have betrayed and lie '" be P re ft.v sure to tell the concept of individualism. ymi " means 'adjustment.' Ad(The book is published by Reg- '.Hutment for the individual is nery Co.. 114 VV. Illinois St.. llle °PP°site of elbow room. . . Chicago 10, II! : $4.95i. H(> is supposed to learn to put - r , »P witn an everlasting lack of Dos Pa.ssos has apparently ,-lbow room." Considered himself a "liberal" for as long ns he can remember. ln A Protest Protested." Dos And wlnlc the label '•liberal" ''^"^ criticizes a literary in- ha* been misused and conliscat- ^llectual who is (ruslratcd by rtj by many institutions and income tax problems, lie points leaders who nre opposed to In- out tnat the entire tax structure, dividual liberty, the author's ba- n ° l J usl one man's problems, is *!<• phik>M.i[>!).v lias not changed, a mcs.s. "The shape of business Although the book, being a col- and industrial enterprise is continually bem.q conditioned by whether expenditures for vari- ALLiN SCOTT REPORT WASHINQTON — President i Some two years ago, on Sep-l HAJWHD HUISH& Johnson is privately indicating tembef 2S, 1963, the Boseh gov. &SL ""*" *" " - • -- - ernment was toppled in a bl The Doctor Says ' the Marines may be in the Horn- Mean Republic much longer than any U.S. official is publicly admitting. Also, he is saying that the Ma rines' mission goes further than protecting U.S. citizens and property. In revealing his dispatch of Marines to Santo Domingo, the President told a bipartisan meeting of congressional leaders at the White House he plans to keep the Leathernecks on that strife-torn island until "stability" is restored. When one legislator asked how long that might be and how (.he President would justify his action, he replied: "As long as we have American citizens to protect in the Dominican Republic, we are going to keep the Marines there. The evacuation of all the Americans could take considerable time, depending on the situation and how long we want to extend the operation, "There is going to be no rush to withdraw the Marines. They are going to stay there until there is stability. They are a trigger an attack of lupus. to | warning to Castro to stay out." While neither the President lessly military coup. As report' ed in this column on October 14,i 1963, the military junta that ousted President Juan Bosch uncovered a definite Communist menace within the Dominican Republic. J. A, Bonilla-Atiles, the Republic's ambassador to the OAS, submitted shocking evidence of this Communist infiltration to! both the Organization of Ameri-! can States and the Senate Armed Services Preparedness Subcommittee. . His alarming report Ihcluded the names of a dozen Communists and their key roles in the Bosch cabinet and other government agencies. During his regime, Bosch Defused to denounce Castro. Communist party groups had complete freedom of action. On various occasions the Communist party had paid advertisements in the newspapers sup-! porting Bosch and his govern- '• ment. i MELTING POT - Gian-Carlo BUSINESS SERVICES If, dtttMlf C». R. )h Tenl -» Miiw K, uth •fc Vtt . CUSTOM SPRAVINO Mr. F*rm9r. to control w««« li a>T8hum. spray ^pniMjrtnft, 'Fin upray Job call ___ "Ha FEME Pence your y»rd ttavt. Summet living. » St<ieti*9f . CMty. Other type* «t*« * fm eittmate call Bill ' CALL 7W-4»M for c»Wnet *- repair «„.... .. _ Simpson 1219 M«pie,* ** MAYTA4 SALES & SEKVKE | Gambles, 504 Mitchef MELV1N PAYl^N A General Yarrtworh. All Guaranteed Tl hi-. attitude n-vraled in an os-iiv. 'A Question of Ml bow ou< activities are tax deductible H'win," He notes- 'When all the "r no;. . . .Don't tax *I.M - UNsion v of the position of ly WAYNE G. BRANDSTADT lion and prompt treatment with M. D. some of the newer druus Newspaper Enterpprise Assn. Newspaper Enterprise Assn. II your doctor is giving you nor . Secretary Rusk indicated iy of these drugs, he will' which slde tne U.S. is support- watch for signs. If" they occur' ing in the Dominican fighting, A drug that has caused a the progress of the disease can' Central I ntelli gence Director large proportion of cases of this '>c checked bv prompt with-! Williams Ra born made clear drawal of the drug. Although which group is backe d by the with lupus erythematosus disease is hydralazine which _. _ 0 _ ftll "butterfly disease" ap-4 s given for high blood pressure, the cause in most cases is unman .siuii' vi uir pusiljnn 01 (,,,,•,,. fnrfn mnno*- ii-1,i,.v «,;™U( ' ^ ls 6 lve " lv " '"K» uiwJuj.Jies8U.ri:. •••••- «-uuov- in IIIUBL tases IS I m the framework of gov- money, wnich might pears lo be increasing, the out- Some anticonvulsant drugs known, there appears to be Menotti, famous operatic com-i poser, is still chuckling over the : "' White House dinner conversation he had with the wives of the — two freshmen members of Congress of Italian descent. _ After he was steated between! the two legislators' wives at the; Communists. eminent which had obsessed so boUer b<< s f ent on profitsharing look for the victims of this seri- given for epileppsy. isonicolinyl- hereditary many of the best minds of the,for employees or in imnrovinz ° US dlsease is improving. The drazide for tuberculosis. pro- : ii ms century came to a focus - i«. ,,, -J^. 1, _..., ' .. increased,incidence is due in cainamide for irregular heart a | He warned that the so-called the posed President Juan Bosch to hevly * filtrated establis .iiion o; erica was to 11 - in their «' disease in its eartv stages ^ 6 e ? vy * trated i casv to roconS" bi* ith well - or g anlzed Communist ' BRAND NAME mi* rfisoacA ic imnmvino Tho j "•',' r ' ' I ' i • ' ' fnctor in some vie- rebels attempting to restore de in imnrnvina disease is improving. Ine drazide for tuberculosis. -••"-•• = — - r m improving increased incidence is due in 1776. the methods of production or the part to the fact that the pro- beats phenylbutazone for arth- the product, into unproductive chan- ]m ^ d usc of ccrtain dur R s can ritis. sulfonamides for ordma- ls no1 *™y to rocoRnize because 1 1',"" p^T'^itiTn^H 1 wHh „,;,•• '-cause it. The improved o ut- ry pus infections, firiseofulv in lll> ^\ is s!ow a"d the smyp.; eiemenls e ^ m PP eu Wlttl look is due to earlier recogni-for fungus diseases and several oms tirc> , vanc ^ ^ re( ^ eru P' of flip nose (o both cheeks hi;„«,„„,_ a butterfly < lupus in Latin) pat-j y Wessm ' torn is seen in about half of the! vi.-tim- This is aggravated by 1 I'viiosu:-" *.-> sunlight. Another! early fymptorn is pain in the 1 'fiinfs with or without fever. 1 OUM.IUAN SOFT WATKB seiivrcK. i-niiy Riierd Mft-ftBll, Purtalet. O.tLL, Oil. FIX IT) Hell (Ix that dnot moldliu or add * room. Oil Pll.t John McAulfctH) . FU state dinner for Italian Prime Minister Moro, bne of the ladies turned to the renowned composer asking: FINK HIMEOtlRAPHINO Credit BarMw at CliM. * BIIJ/S RENTAL SKIlVtCE We rent A lot of TBIne^ f O »-M 10 1117 W. »O>. DRESSMAKING 16 ALTERATION WORK Warned. Call 7B2-3S07 l ; weapons, and are opposing the pro-U.S. military forces under Air Force General Elias Wessin Uf's Travel J-v OPEN 7 TO 10 7 DAYS A WEEK Shurflne >**• •!» • f SHORTENING Slmrfiiie COFFEE i - Northern JUMBO TOWELS IV Ivy TISSUE - •-. I)f I Mnntf Cut GREEN BEANS » IVI .Monlo GOLDEN CORN Del >lon!«* PEACHES ^ Swift Premium -- l> Ot. LUNCHEON MEAT Del Mont<» 3(»8 FRUIT COCKTAIL CANE SUGAR 1M Montt* CATSUP «• .1. •MB*. .1. ^.. oo 11 O/. 4G Ot Pineapple-Orange Juice Carnation ^ MILK 2 POWDERED SUGAR 2 29 C FRESH PRODUCE CARROTS CHlu B«g 219* APPLES TEXAS CUCUMBERS No. 1 Slicers Kip»* Bananas L> OITDOOR EATING GIVES LII r E A LIFT TENDER JUICY SIRLOIN to the kidneys and occurs later, most common ARMS FROM CASTRO—Ac- j cording to Admiral Raborn, lat-| est reports from CIA sources on! the Caribbean island indicated! the rebels are using weapons, made in both the Soviet bloc and I ACKOSS 1 City in Ohio S Brazilian «Ul« • Blue Bidge streun 12Gr«»ek god of war 13 Soriet ruler (1529-1584) MliUnd (Fr.) vessels are the of rlcath from lupus OR blood Thcso ("III SCR crythcmntosus. The most useful drugs In HIP treatment of this disease arc the steroid hormones related to cortisone. Paramethasone acefale, one of the newest of those, has been found to be effective, especially when th e i.b. Fresh 0 round HAMBURG:* 3 Lbs. 89c i's FRYERS Grade A - I .S. (iood CHUCK ROAST (il(ner> or Hati'hs /fe A I" A BACON 2 95 e the U.S. He said there was evi-i dence of the weapons had been | smuggled into Santo Domingo! from Cuba and Puerto Rico, j Raborn, who had been sworn in as the new CIA chief only a few hours before the White House meeting, stressed that a Red-instigated uprising In Haiti would probably follow if the Communist-backed rebels were successful. dread kidney complications are „ , , . .... .. TI ... pri-snit. Other drugs that have' He P ointed out that Uny Haitl ', proved useful are aspirin anti-1 Occupyin ? the same island witnt I'ioiirs. antimalarial drug's ni.^ e Dominican Republic, is the 1 ti--»m-n mustard and drues dosest natlon to Cuba> U has [ that dpi.ivss antibodv formal i approximately 4 - 500 .°00 inhabi- iion Like ail powerful modern' tants and one of the stron iest ilrit'--. the dosage of these rem ! Communist undergrounds in the '"iics must he controlled with Carlbb ^ an area .-. „ ,, ! '"•at vkil] if harmful side ef-i J nnthe , Dominican Republic,! icci.-, an- to be avoided i ll ? e Bosch supporters ousted the; _' 'civilian junta headed by Donald! Reid Cabral in a swift uprising' "'ir iK-iiUibor's rat terrier -last week. Their revolt began to | J<Hi- a blind old rooster around falter when General Wessin, with' •-'•i' a s'.'<-:n--c'\t- dog— Mack \ loyal navy and army units, coun- M.'iscot. Tcnn. terattacked. 3 Apportion 4 Pall flower 5 Fastener 6 Reluctant 7 Demolish 8 Fed the pot (poker) 9 Disinter 10 Fish MUM 11 Salamander ia romeit 16 Puffs up JVSUtcb 20De/eated one 18 Genpflect 22 Musical 19 Return to "fffrT aualitiM 21 Rodents ~^; 23Mr.Ameete 24GJbboa 'ZTPedrt.iHglg Antwgr to Praviom 33 Climbing ' Nebraska S8 Cuckoo blackbird ; 54 Joys • 66 Card gin* ' 57 American ! engineer • (1820-1887) : SB Trigonomtttfc function '89Feminui« , appellation 'WSonof Setb (Bib.) KlUisK Ijncheelcr DOWN i ISong bird No City Tax fs. Tuckers VAUGHN'S No CHy Tax - -." SHORTENING White Swon, Cr«am-Style or Whole Kernel FROZEN FOODS CORN cans 303 Size (Jlader Club White Swan Cut 303 ICE CREAM Gal. GREEN BEANS White Swan Early June 303 Can BEEF ENCHILADAS WAT DINNERS 2 75'IIIARGE BOX TIDE 29c Old South PIE SHELLS in a TOMATO SAUCE 5-49c FOOD. STORE VIENNA SAUSAGE 5 «« OLADIOU FLOUR e S2.09 25 Lb. Pillow COFFEE W!;iie Swan Pound PRODUCE rREEN TAMPQ S & H Grtw Stomps WiHi Evtry Purchase Dotiblt St«mp$ Wttefd«y Wiffc Purchase of $2.50 or more FRESH CORN GREEN ONIONS 2 Bun. lie U«ott<* At Oread & Prince YEUOW SQUASH 2 Us, 2§c cucuMiets Lb. 19c C.A. IANANAS Choice ROUND STEAK Lb. Grade A -- Whole FRYERS Lb. Hickory Nut BACON 29$ Hickory Nut FRANKS 1C State L,ine Lb. HTiile Swan BISCUITS Each "-"~—p™-—-""*^ r^~^Tzir:UUMJlMU...-IlBUjNJNfJPCBBli^^^^B Vaughns GRO, & MKT. South on Portafes Hiway 1 1 and Poly Vaughn Owners

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