Lake Charles American-Press from Lake Charles, Louisiana on August 24, 1962 · Page 19
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Lake Charles American-Press from Lake Charles, Louisiana · Page 19

Lake Charles, Louisiana
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Friday, August 24, 1962
Page 19
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TV TIME PREVIEWS (TV Time critics preview coming television shows by attending rehearsals, watching screenings, and ana- ly/ing scripts in New York and Hollywood, These are their previews for today): BEST BET 6:80-7:30 P.M. CBS. RAW- hide. "Incident of the Broken Word." (rerun) K. G. Marshall takes a hiatus from defending criminals ("The Defenders") to bccomft one in this story of a rancher who knows how to get rid of his slock of infected cattle. He tries to sell them to Gil Favor. Dick York and Gloria Talbott are featured with stars Eric Fleming and Clint Eastwood. OTHER HIGHLIGHTS 6:30-7:30 P.M. NBC. 1NTERNA- tional Showtime. "Vienna Magic Show." (rerun) Tonight's telecast, (aped in Vienna, is a departure from the series' familiar carnival - type presentation. It stars one man, Kalanag, a deft prestidigitator, in several acts, including a rapid-fire sleight-of- hand-' demonstration; shooting chalk bullets at his assistant; a disappearing lady and the astonishing Jevitation act. A Tyrolean ballet sequence also gets the "magic" touch. Don Ameche is host. 7:30-8:30 P.M. CBS. ROUTE fifi. "Kiss The Maiden All Forlorn." (rerun). After stopping to help a car with auto troubles. Tod and Buz get involved with a suave fugitive who has returned to the USA to stop h i s daughter from entering a convent. Douglas Fairbanks Jr. makes a rare appearance as the guest star, with Zina Bethune as his daughter. The latter will be much seen -this fall as a star of the new seties, "The Nurses." George Maharis and Martin Milner star. 7:30-8:30 P.M. NBC. THE DE- tectivcs. "Never the Twain." 'rerun). Imagination and efficiency in- armed-car robberies is getting to be quite popular in real life as well as fiction. In this one, a gaug. of thugs armed with everything from knives to bazookas inva'des the home of a Japanese farm-family. Their purpose is to fix up the farmer's produce truck for use in a robbery scheme. Robert Taylor stars with Mark Goddard, Adam West and Tige Andrews. 8:30-9:30 P.M. NBC. PUREX vSpecial For Women. "The Lonely Woman." (rerun). Another excellent dramatization of some of the psychological illnesses that beset modern women. In this one, Nan Martin portrays a vivacious housewife and the center of community and social activities, whose ceaseless energy merely covers up her intense fear of the lonely empty hours. Pauline Frede r i c k interviews psychoanaly- sist Dr. Jack L. Rubins. 9-9:30 P.M. CBS. MONEY Talks. The conclusion in this five- part scries on our national and international economic structures with Prof. John R. Coleman of the Carnegie Institute of Technology. Tonight he outlines the modifications in the American free-enterprise system, focusing on the government's relationship with business and particularly the anti-trust laws. He also details some of the effects of governmental Intrusion into business activities. 9-10 P.M. ABC. TARGET: THE Corruptors. "A Man's Castle." (rerun) A startling expose (for a clrnmalic series) of the shocking living conditions under which many New York slum dwellers exist. Newsman Paul Marino investigates tics between slumlords and politicians and befriends a teenager who is raising his orphaned family. When t h e boy witnesses a tenement murder, he becomes a potential victim liinijclf. Jack Elam is particularly effective as a slimy rent- collector. Scott Marlowe is featured with star Stephen McNally. NASON ON EDUCATION Help to Build Self-Reliance B,v, Leslie J. Nason, Ed. D. Professor of Education, University of Southern California The term "self-reliance" means just what it says — reliance on one's self. Many school children fail to live up to their potential because they lack "this ability to do things on their' own. That is the problem that confronts Mrs. J. F. Hillsborough, CalC She writes: Dear,.Dr. Nason: Our. • nine-year-old son in the fourth grade has great potential. Eastern Puts Jet Fleet Back in Air MIAMI, Fla. (API-Eastern Air Lines' employes crossed picket lines Thursday as the company put its entire jete fleet in the air, ending a 60-day strike. For the first time in more than 10 years, there were only three men in the cockpit, two pilots and one pilot-engineer. J. 0. Jarrard, vice president in charge of industrial relations, said Eastern- has replaced all striking employes and is proceeding toward full operation, scheduled for Sept..'il. Eastern said piston-engine flights, will be restored Sept. 13. A spokesman said some of the less-profitable flights will be dropped, 1 but did not say how many; Malcolm Maclntyre, EAL president, said last week that a streamlining of service would mean 4,000 to 5,ooo "employes in all departments would not be recalled Sept. 13. Eastern's flight engineers struck June 23; over whether a pilot or an engineer would occupy (he third; «eal in jetliner cockpits when the crews are reduced from four men to three. Flight'engineers agreed Wednesday to binding arbitration if Eastern and the pilots would concur. William Grogau. a vice president of thef AFL-CIO Transport Workers Union, suggested arbitration. He will do anything for me if I ! demand it, including writing high- j ly original verse. But he does it | under protest and it stops there. | I would like to develop self-re- j liance in this child — but am at '• a loss as to how! The pattern is the same outside ; of school, ho completes nothing | i that he starts. | By doing things at your insis- ! tence and to please you, your son gets no practice in relying upon himself. 1 suggest you discuss this matter with him in a calm and serious manner. Let him talk about ! the problem and let him suggest a solution, or at least a small beginning. Once he decides to start and i i complete one project under his I own steam, you have made a be| pinning. ' Dear Dr. Nason: | Our boy is entering the eighth i grade. He is large for his age, a muscular, good-looking boy who made all A's in the seventh grade. He is a quiet boy. He talks very little. We have concluded that he is hiding his crooked teeth. He is now going through the process of braces to. correct this situation. How can we help him overcome | his reticence in talking, once his i teeth are straightened? ! B. R., Brooklyn, N.Y. | Talk the problem over with your j son at the time his braces are I removed. Encourage him to make j a special effort to talk about in| teresling events at the dinner la| ble. Cooperate by listening. En| courage him to talk to his teach| ers and recite and contribute in ! his classes. | It will lake a conscious effort | on his part. It is his life and he i can be shown that the ability to communicate verbally is a wonderful asset. Dear Dr. Nason: 1 am a sophomore in college. Last /ear I made a C average. My parents are separated, and, each insists that I should be able to make better grades. I think I am doing pretty well for a boy from a broken home, don't you? K. A., Milwaukee You are a big boy now. Your life is your own. Don't blame your parents for your low scholarship. Take charge of your own education. Like your parents, I too believe you can get better grades. Residential Mortgage LOANS for * Building * Purchasing * Remodeling Guaranty Federal Savings & Loan Assoe, tOO RVAN ST. PH. W p so use, Gerw fit ME6TCH*'AT fast MAW SHARP/ JOE PALOOKA _ Before it's loo I've done ^ late I think we'd before, E better re$cu& Walt and Phyllis from the twins. tuuins could be really spoiled fn another 1 week? FheyVe little imps T m just mfesrab'e Business mil I. be slack next tweek.Corkg. Could you manage here GASOLINE ALLEY J VOU'RE " VOU DONT NEED A DAD LIKE ME DONT ANV MORE//- ll LEAVE I'M GOING BACK ME. I'LL HAVE ANOTHER HUNDRED GRAND TOMORROW, THEN I'LL u STAV.SOU'LL NEEO VOUR DAD.T FIGURED VOU'D NEED VOUR DAD TO HONGKONG.? DAD.'f LIL' ABNER £ THIS MAYBE THE WAY MISS MIZZOU GOING TO CONTACT A COUPLE OF' LOCAL MUSCLE* MUST HAVB MISTAKES! ME FOR SOME ONE ELSE/ ;M TO YOU, MAJOR, B'JT THE HOTEL A1I5HTTHINK I TRYINOTOPUT ON AN ACT IF WE BEPO THE WCIPENT... I CALL* P TO PPE- SENT COL. EDGAR'S COMPLIMENTS ANP ISVITE YDU TO VISIT THE AEAiy CARIBBEAN SCHOOL.' AWDAV WHEN I PHONED YOU FROM LOBBY.' MAJOR TOTE AEMf, f=OET CK, CANAL. STEVE CANYON ON6WAV0? \ OVWTHtWALL,) I aujtff'" / WOPPVA gANOfc U'86JU MTCt/Wf YOU 60TTA APMlf, It 5AVfc$ A UOT m QW aON£5 ASS A um& susrv AL.U THAT ' : ili'( ilT DOWN, DEAR- BACK TO THE OFFICE TO PICK UP MY CHeCX-OOSTrtfi?" I FORGOT TODAY WAS PV I'LL, GET xxj A Vv'H S fJE ARE \OU SNUFFV IS A ^ j FINE FEUER!'/! ii^^ j. IN MY VERY OWN WORDS? LUKEV-TELL TH'JURy IN VORG OWN WORDS VORE OPINION OF SNUFFV SMI* SNUFFY SMITH All, SUB if ML Me , THWATLH*- mmr, BKWPA SUDDGNIY TURNS AM> RUNSQUTOFTHEOFFICS... AUTHORITY, AW LETS 60 OF 8RBNPA... CAM FIND RUTH LUCKYr AW I'LL /M£ LI\WRI6HT, THIS $ PRDF& PALIVAR. ^*JJ A COMPLAINT OFMYttPORT- ', THIS 1$ HAPPLY THE WAY 70 5£f7Z£/r/ BRENDA STARR I CAN NE.VER DECIDE WHETHER"") ARE 1HC. KMi WHEN BIRDS COME SACK, A VC.KY «tV, A 6IRD OK TWO, 70 TAKC A &ACKMAW LOOK." NDIAN SUMMER 15 A BONUS OR A NASTY JOKE ON NATURE'S MK. WE'RE GOING TO HAVE FEW MORE NICE &EfORE FAU REAILY MOVES IN ! TO PACK FOR. BOTH HEAT AND COLO TO BE REAUY (OMfORTABU MARY V WORTH ', AUG. 24, T962, take Chortei Amfertcon Pren. 'FRUSTRATION ROOM' MAY BE CATCHING ON MIAMI, Fla. (AP) — Do you ever feel like letting off steam by smashing things? A Miami man, realizing many Americans have such a desire, has copyrighted an idea for a "frustration room." In it, the jangle-nerved gentry can heave dishes, lamps, light bulbs, small furniture pieces with bang-up abandon. The designer, Harry Linsky, reported that a motel near Chicago has installed his smash chamber, and that other places are asking about it. A corporation is considering one for board meetings, he said. Linsky has a stock of slightly damaged crockery to supply frustration rooms. TONIGHT AND TOMORROW (Presented as a public service by the Lake Charles Americar Press which is not responsible for unannounced changes by stations or similar program inaccuracies.) Channels - WBRZ-TV Baton Rouge 2, KPAC-TV Port Arthur 4, KALB-TV Alexandria 5, KFDM-TV Beaumont 6, KPLC- TV Lake Charles 7, KLFY-TV Lafayette 10, and KBMT-TV Beaumont 12. Today's evening programs are listed below. Tomorrow daytime programs are also included. FRIDAY EVENING 6:00—Sports, 2, 5 News, 4, 5, 6. 7. 10, 12 6:10—Weather, 2, 6, 7, 10 6:15—Esso News, 2, 5 News, CBS, 6 Sports, 10 Weather and News, 12 6:20-\Veather, 4 Outdoors, 7 6;25-Weathcr, 5 Social Notes, 10 6;30—Shirley Temple, 2 Showtime, 4, 5, 7 Rawhide, 6, 10 Margie, 12 7:00— Hathaways, 12 . 7:30—Award Theater, 4 Wanted, Dead or Alive, 5 Route 66, 6 Detectives, 7 Ripcord, 10 Flintstones, 12 8:00—77 Sunset Strip, 2, 12 Death Valley, 4 Johnny Midnight, 5 Movie, 10 8:30—For Women, 4 Adventure. 5 Movie, 6, 7 9:00—Detectives, 2 Target 1 Corruptors, 12 9:30-Chet Huntley, 4 10:00—News, 2, 4, 6, 10, 12 Dateline, '62, 5 Weather, 7 10:05—News, 7 10:15—Movie, 5. (5 Tonight, 7 Sports, 10 10:25—Tonight, 4 Movie, 12 10:30-Play Your Hunch, 2 Zane Grey Theater, 10 11:00—Tonight, 2 Nightmare, 10 12:00—News-Prayer, 2 SATURDAY DAYTIME 7:15-News, 5 7:30-Three Stooges. 2 Travelog, 4 Heckle-Jeckle, 5 Farm and Ranch, 6 8:00-Fun Club, 4 Leverne Perry, 5 Kangaroo, 6, 10 Deputy Dawg, 7 8:30—Roy Rogers, 2 Pip the Piper, 7 9:00--Shari Lewis, 2, 4, 5, 7 Alvin, 6, 10 The Answer, 12 9:30—King Leonardo, 2, 4, 5, 7 Mighty Mouse, 6, 10 , Movie, 12 10:00—Fury, 2, 4, 5, 7 Allakazam, 6, 10 10:30—Danny Thomas, 2, 4, 5. 7 Roy Rogers, 6, 10 ll:00-Mr. Wizard, 2, 4. 5, 7 Skyking, 6, 10 Cartoons, 12 11:30—Jet Jackson, 2 Margie, 4 Highway Holidays, 5 News, G Groucho, 7 12: 1 2 ! 3: i 3: Big Picture, 12 Cartoon, 10 : 45—Baseball, 6, 10 :00—Bugs Bunny, 2. 12 Highway Patrol, 4 Big Picutre, 7 30—Baseball, 2, 4, 5, 7 Movie, 12 : 30—Movies, 12 :30—To Be Announced, 8 Movie, 10 00—Movie 2 Kit Carson, 5 Playhouse, 6 30—Movie, 4, 6 Tulane Closeup, 5 Navy Film, 7 Big Picture, 10 : 00—Big Picture, 5 Kit Carson, 7 Jamboree, 10 : 30—Bowling. 6 For Your Information, 7 :00—NBC News, 2, 7 Wrestling, 4, 5, 10 Man and the Challenge, 18 : 15—Beat the Champ, 2 Wrestling, 7 •:30—Dragnet, 6 Men Into Space, 12 Police Seek To Identify Silent Waif INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. (AP)-Police had a new clue to check today in their quest for the identity of a blonde, blue-eyed waif they know now only as "Smiley." It was one of scores of lips that have poured into headquarters from all parts of the country since the shy, taciturn child was found early Monday sitting on a downtown doorstep. A boarding house owner told police he saw the girl in the bug terminal early Monday with a woman who told him she was , from South Bend. Ind. The man ! asked not to be identified. ; Police said the child seemed to I know the man, but did not break I the baffling silence she has main- jtained most of the time. She is about 4 years old. Policewoman Barbara Hanley ,took the unidentified tot, whose i smiling silence caused the home's I nurses to dub her "Smiley," back i to the doorstep Wednesday in hope she would respond. Mrs. Hanley said, however, the I child did nut seem to react and jsaid nothing helpful. Young Musicians Climb Mountain To Hold Concert FORT WILLIAM, Scotland (AP) -Twenty-eight young British musicians climbed to the top of Britain's highest mountain with their cellos, violins and horns and played "'The Stars and Stripes Forever." The teen-age Dudley Youth Orchestra followed up with the Communist "Internationale" and Britain's "God Save the Q\icen." The concert Wednesday — described as "a gesture for pcwe" —took place on the summit of 4,406-foot Ben Nevis. The ceremo- | ny was part of a belated local observance of the 17th anniversary of V-J Day, Aug. 14. WEEKEND! for •two RAMADA BEAUMONT'S FABULOUS NEW MOTEL INN MAKE RESERVATIONS NOW Phon« TW 2-7722 Relax and enjoy a superb week, end in luxury. Swim, Sun, Dine and be entertained (by special arrangement), in the intimate L'Chambre Club, ladies, don't lift a finger! Gentlemen, you will have her widivided attention! TWO NIGHTS * INCLUDED IS « A Beautiful Pool-side Room • Breakfast In Your Room « DinnerInTht Dining Rpo»i

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