The News from Frederick, Maryland on July 17, 1948 · Page 3
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The News from Frederick, Maryland · Page 3

Frederick, Maryland
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Saturday, July 17, 1948
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Tke Kew*. FrHterkk. ML. r. July 17. 194* | THE NEWS !mu»t include more than inanimate! j materials. ! A true building program for j schools of this or any other politi-, subdivision must have primary foundations of properly finished "fsiA in} product administration; teaching " ***J*j staffs suited for and permitted to K j teach to an evident and high standard: an aroused parenthood j constantly pulling for bettcr-fin- 4rom Washington Daybook Plans To Carry Fight To HMBe Towns Of GOr Ob*trwetimi*t« Today'/n Washington Truman Commit* Worst Political Blunder Of Year In Calling Congress To Extra Session By DAVID LAWKEKCC NEWS Side Glances Mis* Mary Grace Helienste.'n. ( alumnae »ecretary of Hood College.' Washington, July 17.--The wcrst' ge«t surplus in history haii been re- I and Mis* Alice Mooer. her assistant. · _ i political blunder of the year has | vealed. So, despite th* pressure* j attended the national conference ''Philadelphia! July 17--The Demo- ; been made by President Truman in j of European aid, there are appar- j of the American Aiumni Council in By TK1S COFFIN SATURDAY. JULY 17. 1»*8 A Great Soldier Death of Gen. John J. Pershiag. discarded Include as normal cost commander of American forces in o f reconstruction, b e 11 e r-paid Europe in World War I. has teachers and administrators. brought to a close a distinguished' ^ The Conger we j*-ait, jhe greater ^^ ^ ,, _ crats have a Uick" campaign stunt calling Congress into extra session, j eatly enough receipt* from taxes to j Ann Arbor. Mich.. July 12-18. j { maintained~by"ade7«iate"refficienUy , up their sleeves to put the finger . though he and his advisers have de- j permit a drive for ta* reduction. , Charles W ROM Jr Coun- \ s administered funding °f blame » * he old « uard COP luded themselves into believing it is Mr. Truman will have to eat' a rtreitand Mr* Beno S Haro i I When spent wood of obsolete. leadeis of the 80th Congress. The a clever political trick that will j his ' words wh ea it comes to *^! and Mrs. Pa^LieKnoct West^^ 1 'school buildings is cast aside, let »**» k»s been received with im-; embarrass the Republicans buij. The Bepubhcaas may spread j ond jt^, are vacationin* in At-' : also the personnel deadwood be. mense de light oy^ President Tru- Mr Trun»n wll lase^out^no mat-: tjj e benefit* even wider than Mr-{jan^c city, N. J . whegs they are! at the Marlborough-Blen- i hotel. i career Full of honors and ' si»e roi and the more difficult Pershing. highest repair- General B officer in the U S . Army.' ^^ Ju . had dropped out of public nouce the decade in which he was A PARENT in virtually aa invalid. But curing the late conflict his LEADERS' PICNIC HELD Despite threatening weather over by the President sixty members and guests of the . "john Taber, Appropriations Com- advice w« frequently sought: by ^^ Bib , e class" gathered m | m rtle7 cto.'r^an'who'^eed" General Marshall and other mgn · Zimmerman's meadow at Ceresville foreign aid funds by closing the ranking personages in the war e.- on Thursday evening for the an- j doors a:id pulling out his lead · grei fort. ; nual class ptcnfc. Much interest! pencil. He went down the fund re- The old cavalryman's career was manifested in the softball game' quests. Cutting them right and left back to the eighties when., between the Red and Blue Divis-. and stubbornly insisted, despite palace guard. ter v.hat the Republican Congress ' Truman proposed originally and the \ , Mr. Truman will journey to such aoes . I p re »i,j e nt would have to veto them. ! '· out of the w a y spots as Manhattan if j t p 3SS es desired legislation j in nls Philadelphia speech the!' Beach. Minnesota, Auburn. New , and he yc ;oes the bills passed, it j President spoke of the recently en- ] Rev. and Mrs. Richard H. Miller · York. Galena. Illinois, and Rens- \ A .;ti prove the necessity of electing ; . acted tax law thus: -have as guest at the Lutheran ' Indiana if this strategy ) 3 Republican President so as to be; -They the Republican*) passed i parsonage in Union "Bridge, Mrs. through. These are the home r;d of the obstructionist tactics of a tax bill over my veto on. the | Miller's mother. Mrs. Cotton, of the present incumbent ! third tr-. They finally sent a tax j South Dakota. ' _ . , , If desirable legislation meets with i b m tnat was somewhat improved! Messrs. Thomas E Smith. Eugene; Commtttee chairman, and author of Mr Truman v approval, the credit | but it sliu hejps e rich and sticks ! M. Engle. Gordon H. Tobery. all I may be equally divided but the j lne knife into the backs of the' of Frederick, arid Earl T Carpen- Democrati,: nominee loses one of' , towns o! · Harold Knutwn. Ways and Means the tax revision law. jwice vetoed ter. of Ml. Pleasant, will leave this way for the! evening on an eight-day tour of poor. , his most important campaign argu- ( This is a very odd .._.. .,, , merits--the failure of the 80th Con- · president to refer to the many J lij e New England States and Can- I ada. During their northern trip will visit with friends as a graduate of West Point, he ions, captained by Robert L- Ship-j appeals from such party elders L; . was sen* to \rrny posts in the ley and MiUard E Crum. respective- · Arthur Vandenbcrg. that they stay. · ,,, . «_ T · "-- ,x^ fTM«»;-r ly. The Blues won bv a score of He later consented to a face-saving ' pass certain legislation j members of the Democratic party j · which he mentions repeatedly in in ^ House and Senate who voted | ^hO' will visit with friends in his speeches. · to enact that very tax bill into law. j Pennsylvania. New York. Vermont, If the Congress gets all tangled ; xhj s wa s the bill that said that rich \ * nd -' 1 up in an endless filibuster over · an( j poor alike could divide the in- ! tv»s W*t He West. He m Montana, Wyoming and The cavalry was in the lore- ont in the Indian campaigns and rnsli- ! ''9 to A . tary life- on tfie~frontier was * by the social committee under the i rugged existence. j direction of Guy E Kelly. Supper · hls committee. General Pershing married the : was followed by daughter of Senator Francis E. ' meeting under the Warren millionaire W y o m i n g Bryan Rice, presicl. - - - - - . ^.....^. , . . . , and -n 1915 "was com- · Rice offered praver and officers' and ; lh % old «f uard ; * i: will merely empha- «^ between , husband and w!te .« Ma ^ e f ° re e f' f^a^quL'l^of- Blues won by a score of He later consented to a face-saving ' S1ZC sh -* ntl ln he Democratic party j The Republicans will remember se ^ vin - his ej.htv-sixih binhdav Batteries fo'r the Reds device in the final hours of Con- j a:id the need for more Republican j ,he phrase about sticking "the " * ' gress. , votes m Congress to overrule the | ' a jf e j nto the backs of the poor" j _ _ . ., L*o Allen. Rules C o m m i t t e e ; southern Democrats. j an d there will be tax proposals pre- '. ,,. ,^,* , 1 s observi»g their M1|onee . for , Locka , d and Me j tz j er " W". 1. o - c!ock sup " was scrv . frd chairman, who bottled up the Taft- | If. as Mr. Truman boldly advo- j se n t e d to Mr. Truman so he can re- . £.:. L *TM. *?**'· J"£ v social committee under the i E1Ientler " VVa K n er housing bill in , cated in his speech of acceptance in ; move t h e "knife" if he really wants . ~ g j PhUadelohia. the cloture rule j to equalize matters COT*. 1«*| BY MCA HXVXX. UK. T. H. KC. U. «. PXT. CFf. t-Tl Mr. and Mrs. Sammy E. Crone of = and Mr. and Mrs. thev ' """i"* Sizler of Middletown have . ^ - returned home from a motoring ! "Sure. I remember you--you're the deli\ - erj' boy I fired 30 years ago for losing bananas: Do you still like 'em?** _ address on -High- I ways Qf Ljfe -. was R|ven R * v/ ~ . . o v e r n o r s ' n they x-isited sex-era! interesting j j civil-rights issue itself and shift) can'do'in 15 davs all^ tha* the Dem"- returned home from a mo.onng , -f-r t . I ian. born Reedsburg. Wis., 54 years ^^^ff^^' l ^^S^';^^ ""-2Sf"=^.?-±SJSiKnow;America |-_ ,,,, ^ _ ^ uacer Villa xvho raided the town of Columbus. N. M. In 1917 he arrived in France to w .De\V:tt Dickey . o f Walkersv!lle command the American Expedi- T numbers. ' Lon K Ago" had grown to 2.000.000. !a:er -, "Carry N Under his Mountain" b y t e m r r y I Ad °P li °" of clo '" re wo " d »»»»«» ] fulfillment so long as Mr/ Truman ( , he rights of the mmoritv which , wi eids the veto ax. ' carn P ai « n as a '"Oderate H- . have never been seriously chal- , Secretly some Republicans are] !?nEed before in the Senate. ; rejoicing over the special session. ; » a l .N..ionai " c direction they engaged in were sung by a the! quartette composed oi George A s j r e n the forgotten men. never men- s lruec "f v e"' w .n'be^ccom plished^nd I'doiii ? it^iu'st'w tinti trifkii IM lh«- omtrt»-v Incttffcnri · ~ . . . . . . «v... ·» j«u.- *v M L toughest fighting ever engaged in Lockard. MiUard E. Crum. Paul; tne by American troops up to that Wilson and E. S Rice. The clo«- ' lrv lion them in carrx- out Dem- where they visited Mrs. brother-in-law and sister, Irs. Msurice Gaugh. Anniversaries ; 1744--Elbridge Gerry. Massachu- ; setts merchant, signer of the Declaration of Independence. 5lh Vice President, born Marblehead, Mass. Died Nov. 23. 1814. ' 1745--Timothy Pickering, soldier * ing prayer xvas offered by Edv.ard ' group o f conservatives Subsequently chief of staff o£ the M- Mantz. Army. Pershing xvas several times : mentioned for the Republican nom- . PICNIC HELD . the nresidencv. but ! The Wesleyan Bible Class of Cal- sure them in the oratory. Instead, i Concre^ mav decide b v m a i o r i ' v f- "i ' A K \ - K .u o " Pryor's b! Democra' -vord n-aster^ \"ill' g y decide by majoruy ocratic demands but with the Presi- v " d ,, to TaTand father thl little ' V ° te l ° aUiOUrn '" sheer dis2US ~ ! dent takin « the Snitiatlve the xvay is ^ 3nd " to tar feather he l u t e . wh;le (he norlhern Democrats S cleared to fill in the serious gaps ,, . ,, -TTT^ Uv^ osten.sibly will do all they can to | Ie « bv the necessity for adjourn- | Dr..anaMrs. A. D. Flory and son u ^ ef '. . heln the Tniman pnn«. hv narti^n ! : .-,, «: r«_ .t. ' L_ _r Douglas, inurmont. are vacation- , the Houte of Representat ' t Taber. Knutson. Allen and Hal. leek have always been considered ination for presidency, but j " never evidenced interest in poli- vary Methodbt church held its an- i ,. ^ jay evening. Julv , tucncies - wlth 12 member's 1 ?. ea "" c 5! tics. He was one of the nation s ["ual picnic 15 - m B aKer fire bets .or re-election in their rural and small-town consti- Bul these dramatic ap- r-nnv^ y\v n^rti^^n - *· r .L " - ^ cause D\ partisan m g ln time for the convention of t - ing at Ocean City. Md. lactics. the southern Democrats will j June 21st. last. have no such sympathetic attitude j So far as Governor Dexvey is con- and in the end there xvill be many ; cerned he may xvell say the session ' n popgun measure out up to Mr. cannot pass any legislation to carry : ver - Thurmont. Route 2. announce · Rev. Dr. Frederick W. Evans o: ^v. Y.. former moderator o. the Presbyterian Church, born at Corsica. Pa., 63 years ago. Today's Horoscope This is another stro" z day- giving a strong, masterful nature, xvith great endurance and ability. Am- of the Revolution, holder of . bition is the keynote ot this char- '. three cabinet positions under j ac «r and. if properly curbed, xvith President Washington, xvho per- the combination of a studious mind, formed gre^t services for the., i l bids fair lo make a person of country, born in Salem, Mass. . powerful presence, xvho will not 7 Died Jan 29 1329 only be sure ot success, but much for the world at large. P^ld'ent" of ihe i Truman which he will have to veto. | If the measures cannot command greatest soldiers and his name is |--·."·""""'""·""" 7,;":"""^" i United States mav start a slow fire !" lne measures cannoi commana firmly engraved in Amencan his- ^'" K»«^ f,^" l -,, A«« a de- ^.^ There -. s already ^ enough support to wjn a two-thirds tory- The Water Picture ! licious picnic supper, a social hour ! was enjoyed by the group. Those [present were: Rev. and Mrs. Melvin ITabler, Mr. and Mrs. John M i Grox-e. Mr. and Mrs. Guy Brust. grumbling up in the farm lands of north-central Indiana over Hal- vote to override a veto, the Reoub- licans will plead for a Republican Water is always a beautiful fea- Mr - and Mrs - Williard Beall. Mr. ture of the landscape. People who| a n d Mrs - Frank R - Sm ' th - Mr and visit the seashore often sit and| Mrs - Ro " w - Cutsail. Mr. and Mr-=. i^v ,» rh» ^». n o i^,» HTM ! Martin Wagner. Mr and Mrs gone "upstage." look at the ocean i There is a fascination time. I Claude Etzler. Mr. a fascination in seeing j ,. am g ^ Mnt Kcnnan stone those waves roll in. If they are i Mrs B c zi mmcrma n. Mrs. Lucl- fairly high so that they break in | i a M _ Hesson. Mrs. Minnie Overa line of foam as they come into i street. Mr« Kath'^cn Dean. Miss shallow places, the effect makes a j Elsie Warfield. Miss Edith Marriott, specially fine picture. One looks j Master Paul Keller Dean. The across the great spaces of the 1 September meeting will be held at go tta quit kicking my dog around." into an infinite scene, and ! tne home of Mrs. Martin Wagner. Colonel Smith remarked. "Presi- leek's two swank limousines. The President to be elected so as to end frugal farmers and railroad work- j t h e stalemate in government, ers in thc district think Charlie has I Many times in American history j a Congress of one party has success- i fullv fou?ht a President of another Hound Dojr--One of the best party. The Reoublicans have many cracks at the conx-ention came from a piece of legislation on xx-hich they a veteran at these quadrennial con- I would like to make a further rec- claves, Co! C. E. Smith of West ord. For one thing they can oro- Virgima. | pose ex-en deeper cuts in taxes. For. The delegate and x-eteran news- since Congress adjourned, the big- paperman recalled that in 1912. ' Champ Clark's theme song xx-as. "I don't care if he is a hound, you July 1. " o£ "TandY'Tar ~ acr'oss" that ; ==» East Sccond strcet tremendous sheet of water. 1 dent Truman's been getting such a out the Republican platform be-! cause a Democratic President has j revealed himself to be merely a! political partisan and hence unlike- ! ilr - and ^* rs - E - ly to sign what a Reoublican Con- | Carroilton. Ohio. gress may propose. The argument week here will be to wait until next January j m ^ er when both the executix-e and leg- j a . r islative branches of the ment are of the same political party, j Mr. Truman will be exhibited more dramatically than the Republicans could hav= dore it as the major obsfructioii it) legislative progress at this time. (Reproduction Rights Reserved) Mr. and Mrs. Raymond C. Hau;e 2. announce the birtft of a son. Gary Carroll. xvith Mr. Thurmont - Fleagle, West, xvho spent a , Fleagle's · returned , 1763--John Jacob Astor. immigrant; fur trader. New York founder of : ~~~. ~ m the family fortune, developer of , (JltestlOTlS Ann. America bom in Germany. Died | Q_ W ho.xvas the only English, o n n r ^ i ^' -c- i« 4i man that ever became a Pope? 1809-Samuel M. Felton. noted A _ Po pe Adrian I\ r was by birth railroad head of great service to Engl |; hnian and ^ oa v one the Limon in Lincoln s dax-. oorn : . + . _ . ,. . , * -v v . ^T -r.- j T -j i o f tnat nation xvho has ever occu- at^exvburj-, Mass. Died Jan. 24. | pied ihe pa _.. ! « govern., minster, accomanien Ohio for a xveek's visit. ' 1852--John McKim. Episcopal mis- j O--What West- - sionary-bisnoP ta Japan more j stand for ~ *!, TM *« 1 than fiftv \-ears. born at Pitts- ! A -^v,V i..^,. _ c /-ic them to _ . . »._· TN.--J » =1 . inia i A--T* 16 letters SOS do the letters SOS I field. Mass. Died April ; Today In History " temational radio distress signal | and hax-e no verbal significance. 1 Mrs. Harry Ga.. xx'ho has been ents. Mr. and Mrs. John M. Creeg er. Thurmont. returned noitse last Saturday. Her sisters. Misses Sara lutionary army ic its 18 months . I of life. is popularly thought to mean owhood upsets alt of her plans of ' and Sylvia Creeger. returned with ! 1854--Historic party of 29 to settle Kansas sent out fay the Massachu- Dorothy Dix Says: have a life expectancy of eight · environment, and she finds that : mar. and young daughter, of Birm- , 1894--Congress enacts the Utah" _. _ j . ^ " . _ l t . _ _ . . t ^. n · . . J - _ _Y^ _. ^_ * T _ ^ - 1.-.J 'U«._._ __:.: ! TTi-»ol-fcl¥i-»of A **· nn f*rt-t-tri Jtir^n t^rtl V-- life. She has formed tastes and ; her for a visit. Returning also habits that do-net--St into--a--new | was her cousin. Mrs. Kenneth Voll- setts Emigrant Society. more years than' men have, and i her family are ex-en more arbitrary . ingham. Ala.. v,-ho hsd been visit- [ i "Save Our Ship." « » » Q--Why is Raphael's "Madonna della .Sedia" circular in shape? A--According to legend", the art- The water of lakes and rivers j y I QTS Emorv Stottlemver. Thurmont. makes a charming picture. Asi people look at U from the shore, I Lo cal Items From The Columns or as they move around on it in; QJ xhe Xexx-s, July 17, 1898. boats and canoes, there are love-! ly reflections if the xvater is still i and quiet, of trees along the banks. I When the breeze stirs the xxater into motion, its irregular little rip-j - .. * _ , ! i-*-»---'w»- -v*. * « v " ».v ^ f \ y * vate power lobby showed its hand ing problem . for it is FIRE EARLY TODAY COMPLETELY destroyed the barn at too clearly. Montex-ue and all its contents, j The leading statesmen of i beating that his enemies are j this has led a scientist to urge! an d hard to get along xvith than ' ing her parents, i rounding up a tremendous sym- j them to pick out husbands x-ounger' her husband was. ~ -. ... pathy vote for him." j than themselx-es in order to mini- ! The \x-jdoxx- is supposed to be a * * * * * ! mize the danger of being left lone-; free soul, but nothing could be Prix-ate Poxvcr Lobby--The high- \ y vrtdoxvs. " " ly advertised Southern revolt splut- This is a tered out to a pop because the pri- ges ti O n o£ how and Mrs.. Enabling Act--on condition poly- i 1st is said to have been strollingH gamy be abolished. | along a Roman street and chanced j'further from the reality. If her j Pays S22.20 Fine For most interesting sug- husband has left her money, she j » -r \T' t »·' w to solve a perplex- becomes the target of all the hold- j AUtO .Law \ lOlatlOn perpl a matter of U P relatlx-es she possesses and the ! common knoxvledge that the xvorld i vict«m_ of all the causes. Her sis- j is filled xvith widows, most of t t e r s ar d fl er cousins and j 1898--oO years ago) Santiago for- i to see a xvoman seated, xvith one j mally surrenders--War xvith ; child on her lap and another at her . I Spain. I knee. He stopped and at once 1918--9.000 Nexx' Jersey machinists j sketched the group on the head of a' I go on strike--in midst of the x\-ar. j barrel--hence his picture was ; 1936--The Spanish Cix-il War be- j round. gins in Morocco and soon spreads * * ·· to Spain. Q--What xvere the circumstances ' Five horses. 328 bushels of xvheat , Sout h. Senator Harry Byrd. Sen- whom WQU , d ljke tQ remarrv b u t ; expect her to support all arid about 40 tons of hay xvere j a tor Dick Russell, and S e n a t o r , . _,,_,,_,, ^ ,,--.,:,,,, _ t \,' ,, l children and s^nrf th^m t, pies reflect the sunlight, and makej i os t. The fire spread to a row of i Walter George, backed away when ! tar again'are ·=!! , whose chances of reaching -the al- ' children and send them to beautiful picture. People look long at these lovely water scenes.' Water scenes hax-e been a con-1 stant theme inspiring poets and; musicians. The lines of a gifted | poet, Joseph Edxx-ards Carpenter. "What are the xvild waves saying" have often been quoted. The xva- ters of the Danube river seemed to hax-e inspired Johann Strauss to i write his "Beautiful Blus Danube" j waltzes, which are very lamous ( and fax-orite compositions A famous composer xvrote the cattlesheds and a corn house in I the front of the barn, destroying '· a fumes of the ancient fight , Howard Manford Stevens. Route - - w ^._ , u . , . . , . , {hev gre ; But no one has , house fe enough ; motor vehicle in violation of a re- Lottery in Washington. _____ . A -- Dr. Benes resigned as Czech 1 bovs Independent hose carriage xvere called but the contents xx-ere in ruins by the time they arrix-ed. MANY RESIDENTS OF THE northxvest section xx-ere annoyed by fights and general roxx-dyism participated in by colored per- Powcr sons more or less under the influence of liquor. Trouble originated at txx-o saloons frequented by Negroes One man xvas stabbed in the neck and cut in the face. ,,,,, , J , , , . , . , luckv enough to be either rich or : to take in a poor widow and her '. striction xvhich xvas stamped on the , 1943--American planes bomb Nap- j President on Oct. 5. 1938. in nrotest 1 TVA and rural electrifica- j prct - y _ e ° j cnildren * j back of his license and paid a total i es . Italy and beavUy bomb Ger- against ^lunich agreement "which | So the plan of hax-ing xx-omen | take out insurance against widow- Actualiv. some of the leading i ;·""= "" l ««.«-..« H 8 ,,nsi ,,-. hoh.^H th,v srpn « in th P . h o o d b v marrying lads the scenes in H the widow is young and prettv. ! fine «»« ««ts °* S22^20 no matter hoxv discreetlv she con- ' stltute Magistrate Edxvard J. Smith ducts herself she gets talked about. ! in pe °P Ies Court this morning man-held Amsterdam. 1944 -- Americans fight their way into St. Lo in Normandy. in gainst Munich agreement which I ga\"e the Sudeten areas of Czechoslovakia to Germany. t h e ' uuuu °y marrvmg iaas much - a --- . ;yoiineer than themselves is an in- because all xvidoxx-s are popularly · _ He had_ been arrested by State · 194:---Big Three Conference iss. Gromyko in the Bal- ; kans. U. S. Cix^il Service Commission disclosure that an estimated Q--What part of the^fiag is called I the "canton""" A--The blue field containing the felloxx-s as xv.x-es. the masculine Light Co. Walter Silicrs. Speaker of the , , * - » House of Representa- , t h e masculine taste seems to run , direciion a railroad laxx-x-er. ' '° bcoby-soxers as xvix-es. instead And xvhat turns every widoxv's ' ^- ai i ^ 1 ^v»nc m^-ati^t. "- nw»v..u «- j of ladies xx-ho resemble their maid! ' {e '"* cinders, ashes and dust i moved from one side of the road i - ' - - ' - - · After t h e defendant j he admitted he had i Unfortunately. two - th en they flee in the opposite ! Mountain. The trooper testified this ,,_ i Airfft'mr, j morning that as he folloxx-ed the | car for some distance, he noticed it j Q--What is amber and where is The powerful Tennessee Coke ING to the Frederick Xovitiatc hind doors, and newspaper corrcs- and driven by Bro Daily, ran por ,dents were oiTcrcd fr-e air travel to Birmingham. Alabama, to avvr.v on East Second *treet and waves rise fiercely, there is a peaceful stillness in the loxx-er xva- ters tindemeath. So when thc heart is strengthened by some fa t'n or ideal, life is comforted by inspiring thoughts. Letter To The Editor near Market collided xvith a push ' COV er the projected ' States Rights ' docs not mean spec-.ScaUv those de- xvidoxx-s xx-ant to remarry. JCo won- ; barracks from the scene of arrest | Erie Stanley Gardner of Teme- J A--Indians have the same rights inference" x-oted XMX-CS x\ho lose their all xx-hen der we say "poor xx-idoxv." i by Trooper J. H. Sheets and it xvas - cula. Cal.. novelist, bom in ilal- ; in respect to voting that other races The same pox\.-cr lobby that xvork- they lose their husbands. Theirs is Released by The Bell Syndicate. IRC said today that no difficulty was den. Mass.. 59 years ago. j hax-e. All natural-born Indians are '· experienced xvith the steering of I Dr. Paul Klapper, nexviy-appoSni- , citizens of the Tr.iied States. Anri Pflf/C i the car. Sgt. W. W. Corbin testified i ed dean of teacher education for j * * * '""'*"' t l l v l , that at the barracks the man ap- · the New York municipal colleges.! Q--Irs the Ucited Nations, is t Ar. Editor's "Views peared to be under the influence of ; former Queens College president, i veto limited to the Securi!v Coun- cart loaded with bananas and other fruit, scattering the fruit about the s-trect. The horse was ed so hard to beat the liberal Ala- the heartbreak that makes widow- on market C P. Smith street barna Senators. Lister Hill and and Son's John Sparkmars. worked feverishly ' "Danube Waves" waltzes, which ,act-. actjve n thc convcntion are highly popular. Innumerable A OXE-HORSE_ TEAM BELONGA j ot o f mopey xvas passed out be- such compositions and x-erses of poetry could be quoted x\ hich xvere inspired by thoughts of xvater scenes. Harriet Beecher Stoxve xx-rote a lovely poem xx-hich expressed the thought that xx-hen winds are bloxv- · stopped ing violently over the sea. and the ' front o: store. F. MARION" FAUBLE AXD EDWARD Hexxcs have sold a hou^e and lot on East Church street to Mr« Ida M Flemrning for Sl.- 600. THE FAMILY OF DR JESSE Rarrsburg thi- city who let*, on the Red Cross "-'earner. Relief, as an assistant surgeon for xvork in* :he army receix-ed a letter from him x\. niter, on board ship oft Santiago, stating he expected to land soon it found' 811 Federal employes have been j A --Amber is the name of a fos- ousted as "disloyal" in past nine j sil ^^ -^^ gVLm is f oun d in the months. I But. be this as it mav. in all good | Nobody's truth there is no other class o f : xvomcn in the world who are more pathetic than widows And this to drink, the trooper Today's Birthdays ground. - and as it seems to be a j crystallized substance, it is called a the right to to pull all that state's delegation oui of the hail and the Democratic Party. But. at no time, did the poxx'er boys control J majority When other Southern states sa\x- the lay of !he land, they quick'.x hood a never-er.dine tragedy But not all wives who are left are overwhelmed with erief Many a widow fee:* relief OnSappresrfon of Xews ' pulled out of the coalition ieax-mg a from bema ground 'inder the heel of a tvrr.nnica! husband Wants To Remarry But xvhile one -AOuld think that 1 intoxicating bex-erages Tna restric- , born in Rumania. 63 vears ago. v.ho had a mean Mississippi. Arkansas, and rcm- band x.ouid .-ins paeans Proper Instruction More Important Than Buildings, Parent Holds To The Editor of The Xe-.\s. Sir: To whom ;: may concern, all persons and aii orgar.:zat:oris interested :n The discussion of expanded school plants before the School Board Monday nigh-. 5= n - prime importance to all of us My oaser- vation indicates a cry:r.g need for such ex»ans:oc as soon as first class bjildmg materials at reasonable costs are available. But physical properties of schools are an ;tem in the overall goa: of educat-.on. Instruction. ;s the primary objective. What is Frederick county's edu- Twenty Yeors Ago Ix»cal Items From The Columns Of The News. Jnly 17. I92S. greater stature than Governor, v.-hether her narriase had been haopy or not. the average \v ido\v wants to try it over again And thc reason of it ;s that wid- ALL STANDING CROPS fruit in a two mile area of Jackson district were totally destroyed The issue in the recent hailstorm, accord- and not ing to reports reaching County Agent Kenry R Shoemaker On some of the farms !n the path of the storm, nothing xx-as left but the land, he said cafeonai goal? Have xx-e a gos".' Are A WEDDING OF INTEREST HERE ·sve atta»n;ng". :n ea-cs- tion? From close snalys:? of plsri and accorapksnnvents. I doubt ;t. Even granted that our schools are not attempting to prepare students for college: :n this great agricultural community, how many are being better fitted to f.!I the soil bv virtue of their schooling? If our high school graduates are ] readied to enter business, are they j eminently qualified to engage in · the highly competitive labor market of today? Are they gradoated as belter' homemakers. spouses and citizens? Juvenile delinquency and divorce uptrends belie it. What are schools preparing chil- ' dr?r for? i Surely there are thpse, v.ho| that a building program | v.-3S solemnized in the First Re- forrred ciiurcli. Green^burg. Pa. yesterday \\hen M:s^ Ruth F Thoma?. o; Greer.^burg becan-.e the briQp of C'nlTord M Yinjcr. this c:ty MR. AXD MRS JOSEPH MAR1XO. this c:ty. are leaving for Baltimore ?nd then Xew York to sail on an Italian steamer for Italy. nants of sex-eral other delegations holding the bag. The more moderate Southerners decided to make :hcir pro*est feit through a man o Laney. and cast their votes for Alben Barklcy or Dick Russeil Senator Joe O' Mahoncy pushed out into the open the lurking economic-political combination at a closed meeting of the Piatform Committee He said pointedly. "States" rights is a device by xx-hich big business cix-ides and conquers, right here is monopoiy states" rights or civil rights." The Administration pulicd a fast play to sxx-eeten up a number of Southerners. It agreed to leave out of the platform any mention of the tidelands. thus not committing the Democ'stic Party The tidelands xv as. obx-iously mixed up in the xx hole Southern rexolt. At the original rebel caucus the Attorney General of Texas made a Ions speech demanding that the stales control these ^il-rich lands Sam Rayburn's stou" gax-cl completed the day for the Admir.istra- i:on Caught dumbfounded by the der her breath at beins freed from him and that v.-ilci horses couldn't drag her to the a^sr asain curiously enough *\:ch :·; seldom the case The Publishers' Auxiliary. Chi- tion stamped on the man's license , Sanford Bates, commissioner of . A--It is. There is no veto in the c-ago weekly trade paper, recently _ was in prohibit him from operating . the New Jersey State Department General Assembly or in am- of the printed a Better from^the Turtle a motor x-ehicle at any time after of Institutions, former U. S Pris- other d:visic-s Xounlain Star. Rolla. N. D.. xx-h;ch !-.e had had anx-thine to drink, ons head, born in Boston 64 x-ears « · · is of such xx-ide interest, that re- Stevens pleaded guilty~to failing to ago. puolication is herexvith made, as keep to right of Center charge and , .Tames Cagney. actor, born in noj Euiity to the other , Nexx- York. 44 years ago. Your series of articles on xvhat -hould---or should not--be printed, interests nie because ex-ery profession 15 faced xvith the questions. "Should I be honest. rr should I the easy xvay out?" Q--Who i?-said to hax-e been the first Emperor of Japan? A--Jimmu Tenno xvas the legen- Coll?ter?l forfeitures xx-cre made Dr. Warren Weax-er. Rockefeller ,dary first Emperor of Japan. He is by Carl M. Grnu Alexandria. Va. : Foundation's director of the Nat- ' supposed to have reigned more exceeding 50. Sil 45: R E Nexx-ell. ural Sciences, noted mathematic-, than 2.600 years ago. Irx\in. Pa. reckless drix-ms. 511.45. Georse E , Sundholm. Chettham. T . . oasing xx-hen xx-ax- ahead not ciear, ' in my opinion, sucn stories sf45 " ' Engaged passage of the strong civil rights' They will visit their native land, minority report. Mississippi s Gov- Sicily. where Mrs Marino has a ernor Fielding Wright hastily rushed across the floor to consult v. ith Arkansas : Ben Laney. Be- brother, and expect to be axvay about a year ONE OF THE LARGE PASSENGER bu» s e.- of the Blue Ridge Transportation con-Iderably damaged by fire xvhiie parked outside the company garage at Seventh and Bcnt7 streets. A short-circuit electric xvire xx-as the cause of the fir*. xx hammed the gax-el and reces. »d the conx-ention (Copyright. 19-58. b\ Globe Synd ) should be printed for sex-en different reasons and by printed I mean simply printed, not necessarily "played up." The reasons are: One--Courts are supported by taxpayers tx-ho have a right to know hoxv their money is spent. Two--Publicity is one of the best-knoxvn crime prex-entatives. Three--It is a violation of justice to publish one ie?al matter and keep another one outpour--No unhappy incident xx-as ex-er kent from very many people's knoxxltdce by beinu "kept out of the paper" Fix-e--An ethical, conscientious publisher is not publishing a "hur- Arrests xx-ere made by Sgi. ] Do lou Suppose Somebody Might Get Ideas? W. W Corbin. English Lesson [ Words often misused" Do not say. i being -jane is littler than her sister." Say. "is smaller than her sister." Often mispronounced: Chalet 'Swisj. cabin 1 . Pronounce sha-la. Srst a as in at, second a as in lay. j accent first syllable. j Often misspelled- Wrap -to en-1 fold 1 . Rap 'to strike xvith a q«ick ' bioxx- . j Synonyms: Defeat, conquer, x-an- ) quish. beat, xxhip. ox-ercorr.e. Word study; "Use a xx-ord three rah" sheet, he is publishing mod- times and it is yours." Let us in- ern historv. Six--Editors are silly to keep crease our vocabulary by mastering one word each day. Today's x out any storv in the vain hope of word- Irnpeditive: hindering: ob-' structive. (Pronounce the e as in bed. accent second syllable 1 o saving a "friend " What does it orofH you to keep one friend when. bv suppressing news, vou invari- , ' Cumbersome and impeditive ablv lose hundreds of other friends , motion."--Bishop Hall. Seven--Why make life harder? ! Ever' editor who choses the easy ! TT/W-- wav out and suopresses an unp'.eas- i»«TATIONs Mr:-. Edxvard K. B l u m - j die to jumo time and time again. ;St Sex'enth street, hax-e' Ptrrsonalix- I beliex-e in srjarin | enauer. Eas 'announced the engagement of ti.eir chi'dren in nexvs i pin. of Texas, have issued invita- nc tions to the marriage of Mrs. Hal- stories pin's daughter. Mildred Ruth Did- Oxx-ls frequently hatch yound in freezing x\eather. lone i before most birds arrive from fie | south. j dauchtc-. Marguerite Jean, to Rod- rhiidren are not the real offender?, niann. to William Leon Etrler. son t h e i r i ncy E. Lcntz, son of Mr. and Mrs I If there xx-ere any xvav of publiciz- i of Mr a "d Mrs. W. R. Etzler. of · John H Lentr. Dill avenue. The I mg the parents xvithout betraying Sykeeville. on Saturday. July 24 wedding xvill take place Septem- , the children, I most ber 4. would do it. certainly I at four o'clock, in All Saints' " 1 Episcopal church, Frederick. .NFW SPA PERI

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