The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas on September 17, 1918 · Page 6
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The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas · Page 6

Hutchinson, Kansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, September 17, 1918
Page 6
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PAQF, SIX. THfii mnten i NSOK a EWS, 125 Select 4 Neiu FALL DRESSES On Sale Wednesday for $29.75 .Values from 935 to $65 Sale Starts Promptly at 8:30 Our Big Fair Week Special will begin tomorrow when we throw open our Dress Department and offer these $35 to $65 Dresses at the low price of $29.75 These dresaes represent a purchase- wherein we were fortunate. Our buying ability and inatant cash tempted the manufacturer into quoting us a very low figure. Wo immediately contracted far the whole tot—and can offer thern (o YOU now- at ait. equally tempting price. The dresses are all new—of the best materials in the latest Bclylea and most popular colors. Materials include: Serge (all wool) Satin Crepe de Chine Wool Jersey Plaids Crepe Meteor Georgette Crepe Georgette and Satin TritnmingB are of beads, silk and wool embroidery; fringe and buttons. Showing also includes several afternoon and street dresses taken from our regular stock. . ' Bo here early, and secure first selection. Special beginning, Wednesday—*25.75. (Second Floor.) HUTCHINSON, KANSAS. Wednesday Items -AT- Glenwood Grocery Peaches Plums Bananas Watetmelons Lettuce Pears Grapes Honey Dews Siring Beans Tomatoes Phone 232 Glenwood Grocery Ju waking cWukua salad be BUIO to tuko UMt.<svw)> alow «J keg?. gristto •suV-skip,. ' • • • • • FRED WEESNER Successor to Uriggs Bros. 1 DRUGGIST No. 3 South Main Phone 168 WILL SELL WAR SAVINGS STAMPS AT STATE FAIH Mrs. W. Jl, Underwood Announces Committca in Charge of the Booth This Week. The War Suviiigs Stamp booth bus been moved from the corner of First and Slain streets out to the Fair grouuds Just soutli ol the secretary's office ou the jiilii'. Here the different committees of women will hold forth and hail ail l''uir visitors reminding them thut with every tjuart- or spent tor amusement, there should also bo ono saved for thu government. It was thought by the committee that theru wilt be many people in attendance at the Fair this year who perhautf hove not had as opportunity to purchase the baby bwd* so, ewvenlsftily. ' Mrs. W. H. Underwood, who has bad charge of the women's commit tee in arranging days for various clubs, ami organizations, announces the following days when certain ladles will have charge: Today, Mrs, W, JJ. Underwood, Mrs. Fred II. Hamilton and Mrs. C. Mayrield; Tuesday, Mrs. US. I'egues, Mrs. K. B. Sentney und Mrs. Ueorgc Oano; Wednesday," Mrs. A. B. Kirk and Mrs. J. H. Foils; Thurajny, Metropolitan Life Insurance Company, and Friday, Mrs. Edwin Jpnee, 'Mrs. Henry Gallup and Mrs. Nettie Malick. Ask Hi Heaps about the Itepubllc Truck. Itcno-Ilulck Co. ifl-fit. Ordered to Work for Their Country. Vladivostok, Aug. 25.—German and Austrian war prisoners in llussla were ordered in June last by the German and Austrian Idmpcrors to work In lluasia for their own respective countries. A Hungarian newspaper containing a copy of no order to tpat effect signed by ISmperor William'and Wraperpr Charley bas been found on a prisoner captured by the Czechs. In the order the war prisoners were threatened with punishment after returning to' Germany If they failed tp promote German interests tu Russia. . Those who obeyed ' were promised furlough* on returning nit »«Wt in Germany to discover those who betrayed their country. A BILLION This is How Much the War Has Cost trilled Stales <i Month. MORE THAN THE ClVlL WAK \yi Years of Modern Warfare Cosl 4 .Times More jhan Entire Civil VYar. Washington, September 1G.—Sev­ enteenmonths of war have cost tho United Stotes government • $17,339,681,342—a billion dollnra a month, This rate hn« increased so rapidly however, that August expenses ran up to $1,805,613,222, or nearly S200,- 000,000 more thRU the highest prev HERE IS NEW FIELD Nurses' Aids Are Wanted at Once to France by Ned Cross. IT'S ANOTHER OiM'OHTUNitV For Youne Women, to bo War Work—Must be Able to Speak French. Ing hrV niece alone with tho nSafds-ta the We fnrhihousr.. "I hope yon haven't been- InftMft deaf," ?he solicitously renm»J«Ml,-ijfl her return in the evening. "Whttt' have you b»'Pit doing nil afternoon?". "f hnvth't hern lonely n hit, aunty, deaf." answered the niscii. .''1 sp^fflS Ibe entire afternoon in tho hntomrtcSi v wilh my beloved Robert Browning." "What's that?" exclaimed the scan- dftllxed aunt, In a cold, hard voice, "flenlly, Gladys, f enn't permit such dolnfcu. If It odour* again I shall write to your mother." See that mnn Ili-ftps abn\it flpputr-- lie Trticka. Hifn-lhilek Go. l«-6t. Any yoting woman who can fill the requirements for a Nurses' Aid In Hutchinson or Ueno county will find a new field with n most wonderful opportunity open 'to her and one ... _ .._ nrhiph n-lit nt,nnai tn muni- Numei'I or eUre ' Pains, internal Inflammation which w I appeal to man>. ^urois . k b k -nd-hiii. WAR AND WOMEN We hear much these days of vital the women are doing on tho Battle- line. How few American women are strong enottgh to go to the front and endure the hardships of tho men! ' Help Is offered, and Is freely glvort to every nervous, delicate woman, by, Dr. rierco'n Favorite Prescription. Iftmcmbcr Ingredients on label. No alcohol. . In tablet or liquid farm. AH druggists. Tablets sell for SO cents.. In "female complaint," irregularity, or weakness, and' In every exhausted condition of the'female system,-(ha "Prescription" seldom falls to benefit Aids are no. Intended in any wny tor I "J' U «»> service in the Military. Hospitals, but \ -»} «X^**\Tl billty, insomnia, or sleeplessness. Write Doctor Pierce, Prea. Invalids' IK .el, Buffalo, N. Y„ for confidential advice and yon will receive the modi' cal attention of a specialist, wholly, without fee—no charge whatever. Send 10c for trial pkg. "Favorlto Prescription Tablets." lous record set in July. " ' .to take, charge of such work now he- j 'ZWtofwvom "and" gJSSSX These, rigures from tho Treasury ing carded on In the pillaged coun-.!.,,„„„ In „„„„i„ nr „i„„i».« n ... • show that less than Ivs years of tries, as care or refugees, infant we)modern warfare have cuiTi the Lint.- fare work und other slnilliar actlvltte.. ed States more than tour ttmes thu conducted tp.der tho auspices of tin: combined Union and Confederate out- Red CroKS. layu lor three years oi the Civil war,' The Hed Cross has hsen asked Kv-. calculated at $3,660,000,000 tot the the War Council to lake charge or Union und $1,500,000,000 for ihu training of these young women for Confederates. this worlr. The plan which the Sotilh- The report also shows double the western dlrlriloii is preparing to work rate of increase lu expenditures es- out, is to select hospitals In this dlvl- ilmatcd by the government lu June, slon which ciui be uaufl as then set at $100,000,000 more eneh ror instnicting applicants for , this month. If this rate continues, ex- work. One of the requirements will pensfe lor the year ending next June.he that the young:women must ku<»y 80, will bo much more thau tho m,- French. That is they must have 000,000,000 estimated", aud the couu-: enough' Knowledge of the language so try mny be, called on to absorb more {that they will be able to carry : on a than the $16,000,000,000 of liberty'conversation. Before the young worn bonds, now telatlvely planned. j en begin their short course In Home The Treasury report also shows'Care of the sick Is begun, "the appll- rurther that of the $17,339,000,000 cants will have to show that they, cost of the war to date, $10,»S9,077,- ! have this knowledge. 000 has been spent for ordinary war I Further Views, purposes, and $6,245,76-1,000 has gone The purposp of preparing women as financial aid to the allies. This'for European service In not the only will be repaid-eventually, and conae-.'idea in view but also of preparing qnemly may be deducted In calculn- women to meet the serious-conditions ting the net war expenses to the that are bound, to arise In the conv United States government. imunity life after our professionally Only $5,031,478,000 linn been gath- 1 -trained women have been called away ered by the government from* taxes, Into service. customs and other minor sources ol'i Already the demand has become revenue since the war started, and;most serious. There must not be a $12,,'!00,000,000 from liberty loans and single American women today who sale of certificates of Indebtedness, [has not prepared herself for some de- which are to be converted into liberty 'finite Job In connection with this war bonds." This indicates-that only L"J,work, and who Is not assured that percent of war expenses to date, have ! she Is pit-paring herself to be the boen«drawn directly from the pockets I greatest possible assistance in the Ceremony, Witnessed by 6,000. JeruBaleni.'Aug. 21—The ceremony of laying the foundation stone of the Hebrew University of Mount Sco'puB ^as witnessed- by 6,000 people. The site is on the eastern slope ofjho mountain, overlooking the valley of the Jordan aB it enters the Dead Sea. Dr. WeUmaun, head of the BritUh Committee in charge of the work, said in his address: v Out of the misery and desolation of war is being created the gerw of » now life. This university, although intended primarily for Jews, will give an affectionate welcome also to members of ev- KV ., — fry race and overy creed uud willif Canuvd. Halinan L tali red Ainslta be accessible to all classes of the people. You'll like Major when ho talks to you about galley Light tuid Power. Beno-Buick Go, • J6-6t. Some men succeed in spite of. their grouchiness, and not on account of it. Atchison Globe. Lower hauling cost by using a He- public Truck, Reno-Duick Co, 16 -«t. Sotty must ho used wl^en CQps^g ft^.^ej- J »st'a» »h»tw>fcl |i# with of the people, and that 71 percent has come from popular borrowliigi which will necessitate heavy tax levies long attpr the war. Third Liberty Loan. . The third liberty loan has now brought in $4,165,635,000 which leaves only $11,000,000 of the $4,176,00U,000 original subscriptions -yet to'be paid in.' The last Installment was due three weeks ago. Income <uadc$j!e|;$ profits paymeuts trickling in'during August raised the total from this source within the last year to $2,s42,- 208,000 and officials expect this to rise gradually to $3,000,000,000 as de-' llnquent payments are rounded~up by internal revenue agents. Millions of thrifty citizens investing In war savings stamps have piled up $647,554,000. In August receipts from 1he stamps were $129,044 00U. Even with this total, comparison shows that war savers did not keep up their pace set in July, when the government collected $211,417,000 as a result of the national campaign on thrift day. , Tremendous war expenses' these' days—$00,000,000 a day—are -being met by sale of certificates of indebtedness, virtually short time loans from banks, to be refunded In the fourth liberty loan. Bven with a half billion of these securities going- oui every two weeks, and a corresponding Inflow of money the government's working balance has dropped from about $1,500,000,000 where It stood for the Inst few months, to about $1,000,000,000. The figure represents- funds on hand, most of which is distributed as deposits among hundreds of banks, but available,at all tim*s for checking out. speedy termination of the war Another Field. Perhaps this new service Is more particularly open to the young college student who has more opportunity to study the French language, bnt never-the-leas It is the opening of one more field for young women to- be of service to Some of the.' stricken people of France,. Belgium"-and Italy and, before,.longshore,. jvlU .be .Jn all probability, roore'opportunjties^afiord- *d joung women to answer the call of the down-trodden people. It will be well for many young women to pause and think if they are not already fit-, ting themselves 'for particular war work. Republic Trucks the most popular in America. Reno-Ilulck Co. 16-6t.' Peniylvanla Dry. Philadelphia, Sept. 6.—Practically a dry Pennsylvania is looked for some time in advance of July 1, 1919, tuc date set for national war-time porhibition.: In Philadelphia the license to sell liquor expires on June 1. The privilege costs nearly $1200 and,the authorities do not anticipate that many saloon keepers will care to pay'that much tor the privilege ot dispensing liquor for one month. Similarly • in the -interior towns, where the.present licenses expire on April 1, the feeling prevails thai few liquor sellers will feel Jhat they ..can afford to pay more than $500 for the three months privilege; Calm Yourself, Aunty. The charming city girl went to the country to spend her holiday with a favorite aunt. One afternoon the latter went to call on some friends, leav- FAIR FOOD PRICES PREPARED BY. THE "^"NTy ^^JNTM ^.TINQ BOARD U. S, Prlcer being paid by retailors f. 0v b. Hu»d>lro»n for the staples named and erf, are as follows • • ' He taller Pays ST RATION. the retail prices which'they should not "execmt, are so foHews Commodity. Wheat flour, per 1-16 bbl, U't Hi lbs.). Wheal flour (bulk) (per lu.J .'... Uark'y Iluur, 1)8 lb. bug ; , ., Ityt r'oui',. Hi lb. bag Corn flour, 100 lb. bag Ukc tuiur,' m lb. bug........... CorniueSI, 100 lb, bagnpu' lb.)....... Cornineal, pkg. 6 lb, or less (pur lb.) Victory bread,. 24 o«. loaf Victory breud, 16 on. louf. Ontmeui or rolled outo, pkg. (per lb.)...., uubrokuii.iland. quality (per lb.).. llumluy or hominy grits (Per IbJ... Sugar, gniiiulated (bulk) .' Deans, while, navy or-pea (per lb.) Deans, eoloied, pinto or any other colored variety (per lb.) ."...' Potatoes, white or Irish, (per pk,)....... Onions (per It).)...,... IluUliM, seeded, (per 10 o». pke.)......... Prunes, mod. slue. (70-80) (per lb.).Canned tomatoes, standard grade per 20 os. (No. 2) can.... , .14 Cunnwl corn, standwd grade per 20 o*. (No. 2) can........... Cuiinvd l«a«. standard grade per SO o». (No; 8) can......... Canned salmon, tnll pink Alaska por 10 az. (No. 1) can Low Price .$0.70 . .04 8O0 . 5.17 • . 5.80 . 6.07 . 9.75 . .06 High Pl'fije ,13 .08 .0714 .03 « 8.61 * ,18i4' 'J^ .60 !io'' Consumer Should Pay High Pi-ico .78 • 06« •onij .07 .07 .12 .00 .07 per 10 oz. (No. 1) can. Evaporated milk (unsweetened) per G o'i. can. , Evaporated milk (unsweetened) ixo- 10 oi. can ,. Milk (bottled) (per nt.) Butter, creamery (print) (per lb.)... Oleonwrgarlne. (per lb.).....;; Eggs (fresh)-(per dosj. Cheese, American, full cioam (out) (per ip,J i..,. tard, pure leaf (bulk) (per lb.) I,ard, pure leaf (In tin) (per lb.).... Lardsubslltuto (bulk) (per lb.)..... I^uid subatltuU (In tin) (per lb.) Paeon, breakfast, sliced (standard' grade) (per lb.) Pork chops (per lb.)-,,,'.. Ham, FPinekfd. sliced (per lb.).....' Round steak (per lb.), T^'CT 1 T?«Wft .14 .14 .10 . .23 • 0t>& ' .11 .011 .63 .90 .44 ,}7 51 lii: .08 .10 . -07 •l »«r ,11 ' .60 .06 .13 .16 .10 .10 ,18 .25 .00 .14 • ' .81 .40 .32 w- .29 *4« IAIW Price .76 • MMi .Oi Mhi '.11™ ' .06*1 .10 ' .00 .11 .0714 , .13 .00 .17 .13 .IS .10 .19 .18 ,28 .mi " ,14 .10 ,68 .84 .43 ;37 .82 -. .33 il .61'"' ,97 .66 ,98 i »«.(v ...«,-» (Jl.-l .f (rsUjSSv -.v ,Vo*'- : •iS" .14 .70 .19 .16 .22 .23 .80 .08 .18 .60 .30 .47 .40 .36 .30 .28 .32 .66 .47: .68 ..»B ^7 - KANSAS OIY, KANS .—"After my first child it left mo with woman's weakness. -1 • became very nervous and-all rundown in . health, all caused by this- weakness, I took Dr, Pierce's Favorite Prescription and it cured -me and I was soon enjoying the best ol health. It proved so good ii».; my case that I do not hesitate to rocom- ' mend it as a splendid medicine - for woman and their ailments."—Mas. KATIE KUXGIXK, 1869 Brighton-Ave. , WE MOVE WITH CARE Our packing and moving sen-ice is everything - that ..the ta,QjSt exacting could desire • ^ If you want your home's furnishings moved ^AFELY, call 838 and entrust the work to us. UNION TRANSFER and STORAGE CO. Phone 8^8 15-17 Second W. Home Complexion Peeler, Works Wonders To keep tho face, neck, arms and liandu truly boautirur and youthlul In uppcivr- ance, tho treatment which eectrni mout ifenslbto 1 B ana which will actually remove tho Kliln Ituelf Immediately It begins to age, fade, coartten or dlueoJor. The only known treatment which -will do thie, iiiikl* from a.palnful; expensive MUrgical operation, IS the application of onllnary nier- eolized wax, which \n UH harmlcsu aH it In effective. ' Tho wax la put on at night. Just an you apply cold cream, >ajid wofthed off hi tbi morning, it abuoibs tho dead and Imlf- dead surfucu skin In almost invlalble flaky pai-tlclc^, a little each day, no dlucom/orl bolng experienced. Willi the disappearance of thu old cuticle, the newer, health- lur ekin underneath gradually uppunra richly beautiful with tho ( UIHH of youth. This inercolhiod wax, which you' can gel at any drug Btoro in original packages, 1 A Indeed a veritable wonder-worker. ^A^XASTWONPER Tho Texan Wonder for kidney and bladder troubled, gravel, dtuhete», »i«k am lame back rheumatism.-and li-reiularitifi of the Mdueys and bladder in both nwi and wuinen. If not «okl by your tiruiasUt will be sent by inul! on »ecerji «| 11 -33 One smaj) bottle is . two-motttnnv tr«nt mjent, and often curie. Bend <ef ui(fi(O0«Jftk 'iCr. H .W. ll»V, <W* Mr gjT ?j, m. BOW t>r drvfsVtM*-

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