The News from Frederick, Maryland on May 27, 1932 · Page 11
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The News from Frederick, Maryland · Page 11

Frederick, Maryland
Issue Date:
Friday, May 27, 1932
Page 11
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THS DAILY HEWS, FRBD2BIOK, MD.. TEIDAY. MAY 27. 1032 ELEVEN Hollywood Gossip BY DAN THOMAS DAILY IM.D:C P Kew York. Msr 27.--JUK wandering around . . . Fifi D'Orsay. clad Sa a blue crossing gown, «'g^'"g aatosrspii books ou'-side the slag* Axjr bet«re«3 shovs . . . I though HcUjTrcod had a. monopoly on autograpli hcuritls . . . apparently no:. Lois Moray's Par* Avenue apartment. . . . No stuffy hote-s for Jjxs and i»r mother if her show should rua a2 sunt- j Judith Wood co^ung cat of a theater. ! Things dtdnX go so well for her oa ' the west coast, despite being chosen a : Waicpas baby star . . . So she came · back here agaiE- And they arec.1 go- · ing much better. . . . Frances Dade « ; another Wampas babr who is 3adlcg ihmgs pre*.:y tough here. # * * Gather At sSardfi. Bardi's, Ne» York's most famous res- j taurant. AJ1 th« iheairtca! gang gather j here. It :s to Maaoattaa wha: the i Brown Derby is to Holiywood. Colored i caricatures of all the more acted stage j celebrities coer th* walls. . . Here the | footlight stars gather to see and be , seen. . . . A^so so eat. Renee Carrel!, the hat-check girl | with Clara Bow-ish ha:r. . . She used to · be a brunet bat now those tresses are a IMT CnlKxl F«»tam Syndicate) FBIDAT. MAX SI FX1DAX-9 BEST FEATITU5* ·--·STABC Xtivsrk C*Uktrc*--WEAP Ketvorc ^ Gal Vaa--WABC Xetwor* .£ --Am* '·' ABdr--WJZ Ktwenc 4* Fritttdhir T»«B--VTJZ S«w«k The CarmUco--WEAP Kf.wort OtASTKRN STANDARD TTUZ throufb- ctt 8DBTSACT »· SOJT tor Ceni.r»l ""^ae. ADO oaa hoar ror WTIC. WIAF- 6 «-8 38 S 10--Tioub»Ser« 5 U--l^trel Trto; « 00--Pilot aiJO--Hmra»aftr» (EASTEK.N STATION'S* . U B A l T J - - 3 60-U CO 18 WOK. NTWA*K 9-»--UseJ« Don « IS--Boy* CSuS « 3O--Bur»l Skit 7 oo--Chimfiu T 30--Cs=ei7-»s«!0 S 00--O F'.ysn-Cei* 9 3O--CCE»iT 10 K--Os5orc« Or. -4=»--n* k. e.o»--P. :«» · J»p«a Today T.ift--TWO QaJ»*r · 00--Concert Or. §:!»--P»r«T Bem-.ii 10 WJZ: - . . WBZA. BOSTON, ua i WBZ. SPSISCF1ELD--S3»--tM k. I WJZ: s j»-5 «: « *e-9 « · $ »5--En*;»n Or. 1C SO--Sports: Srvs ! 10 M--Federal 10.«S--Riae« Or. i - 11:14--SfrtnO j «E£X. BOSTON--M*--39* k. WSAP 5 S-5 JC: «:lS-8 3«; 9.e*-»:JO; ' 5:00-^S.acV-* »-30--Patater I 5-35--Ssws. Festar* . i 8 30--Trasptr* 10-00--Sews: Oreo, j i WBCN. 8t FTAIO--S3O.1--»«0 IWKAP 5 35-* 30. 6.J9-10 00. 10 Si ' S.CO--X*»s. Sport* 6'«5--Bis I CO--va.esi!a« * 10 W--X«rs 50-' tVCK. BrFTAtO--*«--5S» k. WABC i 3J-S *S; 6.0C-7-1S; ~:2*!-». . «^-S3oru 1.1*--Soith Sr»« s 50--F«=z«r»rtoy» C jo--SrsJEicnie Scene*; Lai* Z£::ioa ' s -s--·''run- Orel- 9 S3--Memories " " ClXCBv.V.VM--»t»--'MO a. . . « 50-- HlUb..^ C SO-- D Ax r C »*-- 5olab e 00-- N-tii: Chib 9 0»-- S»i Ora'.orto 1C iS-- Lc?« Or. 11 e OO-- F __ _ . . . a. ti -- Poak Or. S 15-- Organ 1:OO-- Caralien CM -- Rclxaaa Or. 10 JO-- Colaasbo Or. - - - - o I T Or. | , Or. WJZ. SEW TOKK- ,,- ---- _^ S CO-- ITsc-.rr Bros. 5.15-- Tb« Je«t«E» j 50-- v»t»£»nl» 5-4S-- Lowell Ttioauu e oo-- A=i«-A2iST e is-- Root, u Ritcej C 30-- S«Sbim »o« * *S-- Jon«-H*r« ·: 09-- Joj s Or. 7.30-- Sou* Or. Town «:3*-- «hJ«!a Or. « OO--FMttU* 1900-- BM*S'S O* 10.3O--Orch«:r» Jl-JO--X*w Or CKCW. TtMMWTO--MS--««· a. wjz «.»e-« 15: t «e-» * WKAF: f 00-S.30. f «0-« OC » SO--fUC?-.t » SO--DteMT Vzale c }«--Jvaau* · o n«a«;-Lew S 3»-Jo«« Trio t 00--PML; Orch.. IWCSTKXX »TAWOX» CBST--*CBTRACT 1 HtKir tor Otatnl Standard Tuz.*. ADO 1 Hour Jar Dw lapas Saria* Tlmr I KTW. CB1CAOO--»tl--M9» k. WEAP: T 05-1 00 WJZ- C 00-3 33; »:JC-»:t» f OO--Or : Sporu «.»--Orth : Air AM* » 90--Krz X»up» » 4S--Orcb : Sporu 10 03--Kev«; ACM 10.M--ruu; Orclx. WXAQ. CHICAGO tit r* k. WJZ- S JO-* «S. « *»-t »; l'30-» 00 WEAP S 43-4 00: 9O-»-JO C OO_raat« klaaar « 3e--SporU - - Jlo«U Jo» T 45--Otto 10 IS--baa"~sVlria 19 JO--Orciu*tr» MTCXK and WLS. CHICAGO--»**--«· k. vus, « :o- 49. T M-( oc; ».oo-» 3e; ic ja-i! oo WEAP: SCO-* IS; ·:fi-TtfO: iOO-f-OOt, n cv-u 39 S li--Si'-ppl S SO--AIT foMtf. S.4S--Orphan Aenl* 10.60--Amo»-AWU hOJDt o; h*r s^'.«r Miss Mv;'.ic P.xl«: Usl»s. Funeral s*nic«« »·«« held Irvm ·h Poo!* Jionie Tuesday a: i 30 p ·« ! ·»-ith iswrmen: lu '.be !in-..:y b_r:a: j ground Ed.:ii HJ.uli^ii ; ho.-cvj- .V^«s. or ·..;rLr :rip io X. V . itlS »««- i --Mr. and Mrs Henry Brandenburg j and iamily »rre g"-"i:s ol Mrs. Mlc- I rut Brardenburg. I_sbon. BROS. THE*TKEi-- I TIVOLI Jlamlsg red. . . . R«cee reauicis me a | greal deal of hule Ruby McCoy wh^ ; was custodiir: of hats at the Mor.:- ; manre back in :he days when i: was I THE p^ice in Ho!!y»-oo! Her boas: ^ that she sever iss'jes a checi *o any- : one who ins vis::ei Sardi's be:ore. Ar.d i she has bees known :o I'etnesiber up :o | 400 haw -R.tho'j;: niak^g a mistake. \ Gil'oen Sn'as. lie demon ican-aboa;- i town, is au;!vj!ii for iha:. . . . In any j event. is q-^j-.e a. girl. . . I j wouldn't be surprbed to see her :n · Hollywood one of :hese days. . . Sr.e has ! amb:::o=s ^ :ha: trec'.KK. And looics I like a grf who us'-aily gels wha: she goes af:er. «· * * O\er In Harlem. And so to Connie's Inn. one of ;hose "wild" Harlem nigh: clubs rctere one is quite apt to pick up visiting fl'n folic. | . . . It's EO: so wiM, though. . . . The j dancers are garbed modestly as com- · pared with some I saw ever In Jersey. But one of the colored actors does give the best impersonation of Boris Kar- loS's characterIzation in "FraaJceasieic" I ever have seen. The El Gerron, another of the noted night clubs. . . . Bui in the swanky oo-caa«a, or. »tak«. WABC. NEW TOaK-»»-J»» k. » OC-- Mtt**al BOcndBJ. WOC. DAVWO.T. »«». DES WKAJ-: t 00-».» ALMOST FLAT ON HER BACK Aching b*ck! it never *«£·? She's cc»r!v dc»pcr»tc. LrdiiE Vigctible Coa- roucd has relieved ··jarasinc troublo" for over 50 yctit. STARTS At 1.15-: TODAI ^--7.15-9 s is-- Sk:?PT 6 00-- Xe li S 41-10 00; 10-30-11.OS; 5 SO-- Xews: I 5 -5-7V.;.jh: T-iae* 5 30-BzMb*:!! 5 -C-Concfrt 6 'S-Cesf C.«l= t _ 1! ^-Stxcrl* 11 'wxvz! VCTKOIT^sSl^UW^L J' ! WEAP-'« «-IO.Oa; 10:30-11.00 * 20--Sport* Ores S-45--Carefree ,, C» 10 15--Grreshlall «L1T. MIIlADtLFHIA--iS«--MO a. ·R-ABC E 30-S 03: « io-co-10.15: li is-ii j* »-00 : -svl;:ne Ex 6 00-- D±f! ReT'fw 9 15--M'jrr-Mars* 10 :S-- Tun; S=i«rs 10 30--uo»n-»-wos» 10 4S--Nole's Or. 11 33--!e v.o'.f s Or niR. DL'TKOIT--iff--'HiO k- WJZ- 5 3:-S-«: 6:30-8-45; 700-730; T is 9 so- :o :s-:o 30. 11 *i-;2 co E CO-- Ts:ic 6 4i--li" e Kei'^e 7-30--Cf-sr:d-J 9 jO--Sccg» g'o--Pi-^. Fr«!er!ch :0 »--Ar-^s-Aci-' "-;l~a*kV* ° r WEAP"^ J M""; s ivs'iol "; 10 30-:: c-o 5-30--\=.'.VJ Or. C CO-- Bi^b*: . Ti!s-Th»t 6 « 35--Nr«s 10.15--i:»r:i=-.'oe 11 CO--s.=c:u Or. 6 00-- Feature ie-CO-- Kerr orch. KDK.V. PITTSBVKCH-- SOB-- ·»· k. ··VJ7 i !5-9 «- ll.CO-ll-IS D oo-- NCKS. Sport* » l i -- News: R«!er !,i M-- ifor'.«- Kews 10 2O-- Orchestra "lTC*r ' NTT*BrECH-- i«5 »-- 1SSO k. \VEAF S C7-5 30; 6 4J-10 00 5 30-- Srw« 5.10 -- B«eb»:!: Peat 6 ?0-- S^r'-J 6 15-- Ctaaila C 30 -- F^asli Or. 10 00-- Biicbali: Club: Sews \\II\_M KOCHLSTEB-- ICO '-- 1150 k. WJZ- 5 30-S 15. 5 30-S ; 5; -7 " S 00-:? CO. !0 15-11 OO S 00-- Bros. ·.M--Cr«tc«Bt Hoert C 1»--TOBB-Jackj t.45--OU«. Ana. EM 9 JO--Fr»:o;*« 10 IS--H»*fct»w 19 30--V«z»boci» 11 OO--aa«baU, 11 05--Ha»lE«M 11 IS--B»=elieti WHAS. tOCIgrHJUE--M»-» M« a. ' WABC: S 00-6 00; B.13-S.U: 10 OS-IS:U;| 10 4S-11 CO ! C OO--Puomakert T'OO--B»nq 7 25--Bacv^aU ^ 45^DlAk S 00--PUfl*r 9:«S--M*rt aitrfc !0 :s--Taoe Binders 10 30--Car*rre«, 12 00--Relearl * Or. WTMJ. MILWAUKEE--U4--CM k. WEAP: : OC-7 4i WJZ. 9 00-9:30 COO--Slnr-sz tair «-15--Band. 10 00--Ans«-A»dF la Done U«0 6 45-7.30: -- 7 30-- Vjr.c:i« 10 00-- Recital I WOT SCBE.VrCTADT-- 350-- 7»» K. I WEAF: 6 4S-T.30. ». 00- 10 00. 11CO-11.30 5 ·n--Orfzs S 31-- McC-i=tcelc ! 10 11--Day K-JTP. MPLS-^T. PAl L--Mi.*- WJZ- 8 00-9:30: 10 »-ll 00 WEAP: 7.oo-*.oO; U-3S-1S 90 5 15--SUppy 5-45--Oryhin Annie 6 00--Sir.tlcE La(S» lO'OO--Aasos-AndJ WOW. OMAHA--£·»--W» k. WEAP- e 4J-:o oo: 11-00-11 3e. is 4S-u 10 IS--Me:xiy LaSr 10-45--Aca Xwmanl 11 30--N*« 13:00--or«««ira, BSD. ST. LOOS--3*O--KM k. WEAP. S 00-5.1S. 5.45-6 10. 6 ii-11'00 . 5 is--Silppr «-lo--Baseballs KMOX. ST. tOCIS--175.1--109« ». WABC: S-30-S.45; 7 00-9 45; 10 OO-10 !S( 6 15--Piano S 45--Mrrt Uarce 19 15--Tucr B!«ifi*r« 10 45--Se«: Bsi»ls!! If P 3-t A Gunt Romance of Oar Times--To Thull The Soul of a Nation'. THE WET PARADE An M. U. M. PUIar. Mllh-- WALTER HUSTON DOROTHY JORDAN LEWIS STONE JIMMY DURANTE NEH HAMILTON WALLACE FORD The BULOVA BAGUETTE "MISS AMERICA" The New Nationally Advertised Up-ToX-ate Ladies' Watch NOW ON SALE AT McCLEERY'S JEWELRY STORE Frederick, MdL OPERA HOUSE Sykesville -. is.t to tr.e:: j Smith ar.d c3-isui. --Miss Martha H. r aan Mri. t. Mr.5 George ' Ttx: S^thar- i M. class. . . . A S5 cover charge . . .And all . . They love it. The main course depends largely I on the amount of money ailo-aec ;or j the aier.-^. Chic'sen is generally Iikei- · Svkes-. :"e. May -1 --M_^s but veal birds are a safe choice and lghart enterta-ned at Mr. and j _, Creamed peas and Mr; K."arT Riplev. receni bride and a *' a " 2t :hc a ? e °- so /^ r f ^"JV a: ' " " " her horr.e "Quaker Kt-1. Ba.t^norc cosut:.. M^s Wji'ers li-. ec here year- 5 :-, · as-j. The 5un-.ra'. XAS hold M^r.aav | :"rctn tr.e Tar.eral I:on:c o' Ki^ton So".J ' C:tv. at 2 30 p. m. fUh .3- ' terment in St. Barnabas P. E. cS'irch ' less expens_\ e. potato marb'es rolled in minced parsley are excellent vegetables to serve ·nt:. 1 - c_ther chicken or ihe veal b;rd^. Jell/ and buttered rots are Included in this course. the suckers fall for it. ... They love it, j Choice Of Salads Is Wide. to °- I Stuffed tomato salad, jelled vege- The music and entertainment are table salad, frozen cheese salad, ana good. . . But they seem better be- 1 head lettuce with Thousand L-land cause of thai five-spot tax on each ' dressing offer a choice of .salads. This. head. . . This is another place haunted , too, depends or- the p-.ce ljn.:G ;r.- j by the Cinema celebrities when they ; the facilities fcr preparation and serv- ' are here to play. Those who are work- ' on Waters Mrs. H.llary Ripley. recent bride gcont and iJtss Ethel Thomas. · Thursday and they iftemard ' tr.e play. "Aaron Sick from ' C-c's" at St. Paul's Cnurch hall. The j play u.ll be given at Germantawn. Sat- | c--'-~^-'- , uruay nigat. , ceme . ery _ S7ie£ vi::e. --Mrs. Sarah A. Ridgely. wife o' Win- THE PEOPLES FINANCE CO. H lLOANS ! PAY OFF ; YOUR BILLS! : Do not hesitate to see us if 1 you need money. It's our business to lend it to you. Quick service. Strictly confidential, friendly and dignified. WE WILL LEND YOU UP TO $300 --Mrs. George Banks and t.he · Jalia Betts. Katie and Mary McDonald, j Ing don's go oui so much. And of course the speakeasies. . - . Ko account of New York woulc be com- class numerals --Postmaster William Melville is hav- S his home repainted this ueei. %· I --Mrs Mary M=D3na".d and caugh- Brick ice cream in the class colors' ie _ ^j^ giga^.^ McDonald and M«.s squares of cake frosted in th-; \jary Harmon ·aere guests at the hom*s ptete without a mention of them. . They are found everywhere and range from plain bars to extremely ntty cafes. Borne eren have gone back tc the pre- Volstead custom of serving free lunches. Buy your beer and eat all you \rant-free. an appropnatj dessert. Mint3 in the class colors ar.d s r.uts finish the menu vcill hie this: Banquet IVIena. Froit Cup Hoc Bouillon OUves Toasted Wafers Hearts ' f: Mrs. James Gr.mes and the Misses . licDanala on Fr.cay afteraooc. . --Mrs. Joseph L. Donovan ·aas hos- . tess to a number oi Democratic wom- len at her hcoie recently, ilra. Frank | Beasman. ilrs James O. Ri-ljely. Mrs. ; Augustus Riggs. Mrs. William Stimscn FADA EADIO THOSE KK--S26H aCLlABLB SAD1O SERVICE ROGER F. LIPPS EXPERT RADIO SERVICE. HOLSE IVItt- ING. FIXTURES AND REPAIRS No Job Too Small--None Too Large Sti anti Mrs . Roland Mas-jrell Trere some Howard , like KITCHEN MEXU HIXTS FOR CLASS PARTIES BT 5ISTEB MART j XEA Serrice Writer | Juae is packed witii acUvities for the j sweet girl graduate, whether she be leaving high .=«h2ol or college, and I every cscssicn seems to require food · "Spreads," breakfasts and teas cro~d, close on the iieels of hanqusts. lunch- ; eons cud picnics, sad repasts both for- | mal sad 3i?omial are in demand. j Each ?!rJ who s responsible for ths j "refrsshmeats." either as chairman of ' Th^ comznittee or S3 hostess in her ov."n ! honie, is eager to plan something ' dif- ' Potato Marbles Jell- Ho Sr^ffed Tontsto Salad Neapolitan Ice Cream Class Cake Mints Salted Xuts Teas call for sar.c^-.ches and cakes. The tiny cakes knov.-n as '·"oon- i nes bouches" sre sure fastidious young perso: the buds of flow- 3 YI GTS, blossom forth, in .T Creamed Peas' ""_it. aa-d Mrs. Raymond Turner i £ Spring atttte, JUSt nO- I Buttered Rolls ( a - d cr.ildrer. spent Sunday ss guats j E fc ce ^ ow muc h theV I S of the letter's tsarents at Doubs. Jj . T i -- Mr. and Mrs. Julian V. Childs. were i g have gTOWB Ul a yeEF. | V-!«a of ihe fonnert parents. Mr and j fl There Should be a n6W .1 Utt.c Mrs. j K. chiids. Saturaav r.isht. r, , , . , - .-t photograph to' keep, -j to appeal to tie House show under Auspices of the Ho»- j « f o r a U time, this TBCOrd ersons. Squares, · a rd County Pua.ic Heal'h ^ss";^t.on !I fj nf diamonds and rounds are cut; w^l! be hs'.a Ma}- 1Z. Saturday at Doug- " froni a sheet of delicate but rather' iioreear. Manor* The ht-rse sho^ cam- compacrt ·K'hite cafee. Tnese are dipped n-..ttee Is composed of Edr\^i in melted fondant sr.d the sides, tcps' Warfield. Hc?.ard Brace. A-.;z.i r M3 and bottoms are co'.ered wtjh the R.g-s 3rd and Philip A. Carroll. --The He-ward County Garden Club m^t Fric^y afternoon at th-^ hozie of Mrs Jcscpn L Icno\an --Mrs J-Ties H Brewer. Bait 010:- ·^as :r.e ·sees-end guest of Mrs H'srry a. m . for the party. and tne junior;o -T.oortant a f - i ? r '. ;ons _~ _ ' n" .' fe^ent" and The rig-os breakfast senior banquet, are t~ fairs which require much planning anu i preparation. i The decorations, of course, should be \ carried out -^ ·-·" cisos colors. The class flower can be used for the centerpiece ana candles of one color with 5xrw= cf the ether can comple'.« | the scheme. Favors, if they are used.! also should be of the chosen colors, j If food can be selected which is cat- j urally one of the cl'-ss colors, well and j creamy frosting. Make the fop.dani, as ·K-snted. Melt in £ ccuble tx.ler over bonnes larcc enous.t to rnr.k- not more than three oolite inout--fu*^ Tomorrow's Jlcnn. BREAKFAST--Hashed oranges ar.c bananas, cereai. cream, cr^p bacon, ra^in muffins, milk, coffee. LUNCHEDX--Asparsgus End poached eg^ on toast. t2dish-:s. cup c^kes lemonade. DIN7CER--Casserole of haLbut. 'ind Tontatcssi macaroni ;im- hesrts 01 .£-;^ce, s.rawDsrry shortcake, milk, coffee. of change. It must be made now. Make an appointment today . . . PHONE 799 Edmonston Studio "V/hile 1'ou Are About It . . . Get a Good Picture" -- St. r.c church. Sermon. ; e~ · The Garden of the Th2 Her C. H R.crcr.-or.d. minister He-. F F. Leonard of the Maryland Biole Society wi-1 preach Sun-ia" eve- c n-nj st 3 p m It was BiDie X;?ht S. v prizes 7 .11 be g.-.en fo- oldrs:. n;west. largest, smallest, stost marked and , --The M-sses left Monday fcr good: otherslse do no~ t,ry to introduce j decided ^nd unjiatural colors into the! 1 nier.u. '' I A frui' cup is always popujir for j the first course and if made of seasonal, I fruits is quite Pinespnle. · I and orange sections con-.- j I bine dfc:cic-js:r. Le_ them stand in a ] I thin syruD for several hours io blend ] ! and chill and th-en serve very cold, If a soup is wanted for -he banquet a clear bouillon with toasted wa good. or consomme served ers S^ICL r^i^nes is c= COVS-RSt V OV SVUN 3-0^ / "Tfce minstv yoa put yoar fir^t brush fell of pafnt on A surface, yoa hr.ow tat ?on made a wi%e raott hi bcjris t frora the Frederick Paint i Store. The paint joa get at that store. Sews on easily acd covers exceptionally wen." FREttRICK P ZJN-WBK£fSL GU55 STORE PHOHEU24 · Lake View i B Swimming j Resort I m l^fow Open 1 Hillside Coal Co. still leads in low prices on best quality coal money can buy. Summer prices now in effect. Genuine So. 3 Veto Washed POCAHONTAS $6.50 per ton Guaranteed FnD Weight PHONE S9 Hillside Coal Co. OSlct on Water Street. · · K FOR A CHANGE-~ TRY GARBER'S HEARTH BAKED BREADS French--Vienna Style and Eye. The Garber Baking Company T O M O R R O W At 2-6-7.30-9.DO "Hoot"--In his Funnle»t»t Kolc - - A Rodro Treat For The Whole Familv Hoot GIBSON SPIRIT OF THE WEST Peoples Finance Co. |§A «u--CM \PTFK B ·-.V1KMA1L MYSTtKY" "T»»te TflU W h t Honf» Saprrme , "T»»«« TelU Wh» H«nf» r*»d» Ar» So PopuUr" ; Foodt Ar» S« P»p HUNT'S SUPREME ! HDHT . S amK Barlet Pears , R(jya] Anne cherrie$ Additional Specials! 15 N. COURT ST. (Mr. Sam io cbarsc) PHONE 1473 COMFDV SHORTS BE WISE--BUY WISE--AND ECONOMIZE AT L L ' S --AND SAVE THE DIFFERENCE! Fresh Ground Beef Fresh Shoulders Smoked Picnics Ibs. 25c Ib. 9c Ib. Rib Roast Beef . . . Smoked Hams lb 13 Round Steaks lb 17 Porter House Steak «»· Chuck Roast Plate Beef Veal Chops Veal Loin Roast Veal Breast for Dressing Pork Loin, Whole or Half Center Cut Pork Chops lb. 121-sC lb. 9c . lb. 17c .. lb. 22c lb. 12c lb. 12i-oc lb. 17c C. JIM SHULL For Fresh Meat--Something- that is Hard to Buy in Frederick. 313 East Patrick St. Phone 386 Sell Seven Day Coffee Queen Olives . . . Coo4 Qumlltjr -- Thrown French's Mustard . . ] It: Ihr ricote or Luncheon Champion Peanuts " lllcb-Grade Nailed -- Sehlndler'« - ^S 11». S3« Catalina Tuna . . 2 can* 25c I.icht Meat Tuna at a Savins. Clicquot Club . . 2 bot.. 27c Ginier Ale -- Full Pint Sanico Corn . . . 3 cans 25c Floe QuilltT She* Fej FREE -^ A PACKAGE OF t'NF.EDA BISCUITS \V1TH Under \vood's Ham . . 25c 1. 2 or 3 cam fcr Super Suds . . . 3 , . . Thf *pe*d So*p iU.;3y»^ · Daily Needs Sanitary Butter lb, 23c 2 for 45c Jambo Country Stjlt Roll Butter lb. 23c: 2 for 45c Land O" Ijikc* Butter lb. 27c; 2 for 53c Sanitary's Special Coffee lb. 19c Green Bag^ Coffee . lb. 25c Sanico Finest Coffee lb. 35c Sanico Tea ''-lb. 23c "You Can See It" Tea . . pkg- lOc Kraft's Old English Cheese J /2-lb. I7c Kraft's Cheese 2 pkg;s. 29c S«ist, Pimento. Amrrfcan. Velretla Dole 3 Coral Sea Half Slices of Pineapple 2 big cans 25 C 9c More Values Kraft Salad Dressing . . Va- Sanico Mayonnaise Vs-lb. 13c; pt. 25c. Ritter ^*ork Beans can 5c Standard Com 4 cans 25c Standard Peas ... .3 cans 25c Standard Cut Beans 3 cans 20o Stand. Tomatoes 2 cans 15c Shred. Wheat.. .. pkg. lOc, 2 for 19c Kellogg's Corn Flakes pkg. 80 Krispy Crackers %-lb. pkg. lOc. lb. pk^;.. 17o Carnation Milk 4 tafl cans 26o QUART JAR Star Sonr or Dfflt '^U Pickles Bulk or C»rt«Q Sanitary's Special Tea IN MEMORIAM LARD 4r Ibs. 25c ! 1-2 lb pkg 19c Special TbU VOek SEALECT MILK 2 tall cans He Small can, 3c --rFEUITS AND VEGETABLES: Large Ripe Bananas CANTALOUPES Fresh Slrinidcss Beans . 3 Ibs. 22c; Fancy Cucumbers EA. 15c .each l»c New Cabbage ._ lb. 5c j Fancy Radishes -.3 bunches lOc _ 4 HB. I3c 3 Ibs. He 6 for 20c -Stalk lOc Potatoes TO THEM \TE O'^'E THE LIBERTY ^JTE ENJOY; TO THEM \S7E OvvE THE PRESERVATION OF OUR iNsrrrunoNS; AND SHALL WE NOT HOLD THEM IX GRATEFUL REMEMBRANCE? ·--Central John J. Commercial Bank of Maryland Jumbo Cclrry Iccbfrjr Ix-ttoce . ... Z heads l!c! Red Ripe Tomatoes 2 IDS. 25c | T « as Onions Fresh Peas in Pod _ 3 Ibs. 23c ' ·"»"' Oranges Juicy Grapefruit 2 for 15c,LarRe Pineapples -.2 for 19c Ne\v Potatoes .. 5 ««. for 24« P llrnt quality . . . priced mo*t attractively Clover Sliced Bacon «». 1 7 c Sanico Smoked Ham "»· 14 c Lean Strip Bacon . . lb 12« Skinned Back Ham . . «. 12V 2 c Lean Smoked Shoulder . lb 8 c Prime Rib Roa«t . Tender Chock -f O J.OC ' Lean Boilinc Brrf , Fre^h Ground /C Loin Pork Roast. .»-12%« Lean Pork Chops . . Lran Fresh ··'2*^ Shoulder . lOc Veal Cutlets Meaty Veal Chops 31c Shoulder Veal Roast ISc Relied Breast of Veal loc lie i Shoulder Lamb Shoulder Lamb Chops Breast of Lamb 12c 17c 2 Ibs. 15c

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