The News from Frederick, Maryland on June 6, 1970 · Page 17
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The News from Frederick, Maryland · Page 17

Frederick, Maryland
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Saturday, June 6, 1970
Page 17
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THE NEWS, Frederick, Marjrknd PftftD-1 Lois Causey CindiMunday Steve Pugh David Taylor Mary Ann Grossnickle Karen Cartle Sandy Lewis Greg Klinefelter For Class Of 1970, It ·ed By SUSAN LEWIS Middletown High School MHS FLASHBACK: The scene is Middletown High School. The time is September, 1964. Silence reigns supreme But soon her beautiful calm is broken by the sound of a bell and the stampeding of some one hundred pair of feet. The thundering herd of se\enth graders has arrived. In their white socks, textured hose, and empire dresses, they bring bedlam to MHS. Ah yes, those were the days' Among our memories are Mr. Baker and his duck, seventh grade bulletin boards, and Mr Keller's science classes. Who could forget the BEST ALL AROUND: Diane Shafer, Chuck Maynard MOST POLITE: Beth Monroe and Gary Crouse Dianne Williams Chuck Maynard Last Wills And Testaments Of MHS Class Of 1970 Funny Moments By DIANNE WILLIAMS Middletown High School As the class of '70 departs from the hallowed halls of Middletown High School, we realize that there will be many underclassmen and faculty members who will shed tears of sorrow ( 9 ). So that our memory will remain alive in the eyes of our admirers, we, the class of '70, do ordain this to be our last will and testament. I, Kelly Gouker, will to Sandy Miller my luck because if I can make it she can, and she is going to need it, especially in English. I, Marilyn Moss, will to Sharon Summers my old English lecture notebook. I, Karol Koogle, will to Gary Wiles and Steve Leatherman my rollofChiqken-Wire I, Carol Dutrow. will to Pam, Christy, and Claire my paint snnock and my "Jon Negy Learn to Draw Kit." I, Dianne Williams, will to everyone, my respect and esteem for Mr. Frushour. I, Charlotte Buhrman, will to Brenda Kline my one half-used English lit book complete with last year's tests. I, Dickey Boutellc, will to Mrs. Smith my knowledge that what circles have in common is a radius, not that they're round. I, Donald Wisner, will to Gary Levenduski my one can of Zippo Lighter Fluid for future needs I, Karen Cartee, will to Charles Wolfe my seat on the bus. I, Valerie Remsberg, will to James Fraser III, my Home. I, Dana Beachley, will Rochester to anyone who is in bad need of a good friend I, Brenda Covell, will to my brother, Mark, my long up-hill walks to the bus. I, Sandra Souders, will to Cheryl Palmer my ability to stand up while bowling I, Shirle} Cornell, will to Brenda Cornett my English grades I, Chuck Maynard, will to anyone who wants it -- my nickname -- that's a laugh. I, Ruth Axline, will to Sherry Brandenburg my position on the basketball team. I, Joann Grossnickle, will to any junior shorthand student my shorthand note pads. I, Mary Ann Grossnickle, will to the unfortunate drivers of MHS, my number 35 parking space on Pine Street. I, Diane Broun, will to Mrs. Bowers mv slightly used stapler, which she almost broke. I, Grace Lewis, will to William Clevenger my old seat in typing class -- have fun. I, Glenn Kline, will to Jay Kline my nickname of Porterwatchie. I, Nelson Buhrman, will to Steve Rogowsky my beautiful black shinguard socks; may they bring you luck. I, Susan Kuhn, will to anybody who wants him, my brother, Randy. I, Danny Gordon, will to Punk Delauter my unique way of playing the outfield. I, Rick Twigg, will to Sally Lutz my stinking, lousy puns (if she can stand them). I, Thomas Lcatherman, will to the tenth grade class the school. Take as good of care of it as we did. I, David Taylor, will to anyone who can use it, my seat in the library. I, Sharon Schroyer, will to Hilda Schroyer my place on the basketball team. I, David Fulton, will to Mike Lewis my CLEAN basketball shirt (he needs it). I, Sluarl Kepler, will to Rick DeLaney my ceramic pumpkin. I, David Axline, will to Raymond Trent my gym shirt and shorts. I, Beth Monroe, will to Jeannie Winfield my pnvileges of being a senior. I, Sharon Fawley, will to Barb Harshman my ability to pass school buses. " I, John Flook, will to John Ruetten my great basketball abilities because he is in need of them. I, Gary Crouse, will to Ralph Bowman, my love of auto racing, especially when Fords win. I, Connie Miller, will to Lynn Miller my knack for getting into trouble. I, Linda Doyle, will to all Knights my enthusiasm and interest in boys sports and teams. I, Laura Piper, will to Donna Huffer my failing marks in Spanish -- Good luck I, Dora Lowry, will to Brian Moser my one '57 Chevy with a "409" engine. -1, Lad-Monk Rhoderick, will to Pam Edward a contract for a two year detective watch on Claudia Keller. I, Lady Byrd Shafer, will to Lou Ann Schilling Co., my love for pizza at the fastest serving place in town -- ERNI'S. OPTIMIST SCHOLARS: Dianne Williams, David Taylor I, Lee Lushbaugh, will to Rick DeLaney one well used set of steps. I, Darlene Blickenstaff, will to Tommy Kline my one dollar for all the gum I've borrowed from him. I, Sharon Leatherman, will to any girl my position as goalie I, Jeanie Eccard, will to Dwight House my 15 minute flirt break before band. I, Judy Fisher, will to Beverly Neal my fun and happiness throughout the rest of her school years. I, Wavne Wise, will my set of weights to Mr Tucker. Some Final Suggestions Before g r a d u a t i n g , t h e Middletown High School senior class would like to give some final suggestion to the students, faculty and/or administration. The f o l l o w i n g are t h e i r recommendations and advice: Jeanie Eccard, Students -Don't take it too seriously; you're only here for a short time, so have fun. Diane Shafer -- Keep MHS the already No. 1 school that it is. John Flook -- to the students -I say get an education because you'll need it all your life Map Marsh -- faculty -- Don't push the kids too hard. They're only human Students -- If the teachers bug you, just keep smiling. Kathy Cutsail -- to all MHS students -- Be considerate of your teachers, your school and yourselves if you want to keep MHS the best school in Frederick County. Never loose the great school spirit that keeps our athletic teams moving ahead. Dora Lowrv -- Be good! Phil Rhoderick -- Wake up and die right!!! Ste\e Pugh -- Don't impose personal prejudices and moral standards upon the student body Allen Flook -- to the students -- Don't forget the teen commandments and especially the best one -- Don't let your parents down, they brought you up To the'faculty -- Don't forget you have more knowledge than any of them thar kids. Shoila Taulton -- to MHS students -- Always work for what you want and you'll be able to get it If you are willing to give your time and energy for MHS, then you'll be able to truly call it "your school." David Fulton -- I suggest that we see the Middletown High School basketball team down at Cole Field House next year. Smart Kopler -- Never give up the ship. Alta Arnold -- Don't take life seriously, you'll never get out ol it alive. Lois Causev -- to students -Always hunt for the best, not the worst. To teachers -- Stay as sweet and as helpful as you are. To administration -- Good luck! Da\id Taylor -- provide an education, do not give one. Nelson Buhrman -- to the 'acuity -- Get a sports letter for deserving athletes before we athletes get mad. Grog Klinefelter -- Let the students decide more of school policy Example -- school dress and policy concerning stair limbing Danny Gordon -- to the students -- Live well and have fun. but don't get caught Marilyn Moss -- Keep up the school spirit and keep MHS rolling. Man Ann Grossnickle -- Be open, change with the times, but retain pride and character of students and teachers in an educational institution. Do s o m e U n n g w o r t h w h i 1 e , contribute and improve MHS. Chuck Ma\nard -- Life is all around you -- if you try you still have a chance to live it Shirley Cornell -- Faculty, just keep Middletown the way it is now and don't let it change Kolh Goukor -- quit 1 '' The Faculty Looks Back E\ery year, as the graduating class departs, faculty members always look back and remember particular incidents that have happened between a senior and themselves The teachers of Middletown High School replied the following when asked "What is your most memorable moment about the class of '70?'' Miss Palmer -- Having each senior in my English class. Mr. Zink -- As eighth graders they were the first group from MHS to ever go to Mar Lu Ridge with me. Mrs. Schley -- That lovely shiner off Val Remsberg's hockey stick' Also our hockey game with Walkersville. Mr. Pfcil -- Trying to teach Lee Lushbaugh and Dave Fulton to type. You can't get them in class long enough to teach them Mrs. Horine -- My daily reception committee of one -- Stu Kepler's smiling face always greets me each morning about 7.55 Mr. Boyer -- One rainy day in November. That's the day we were running in the state cross- country meet. I hope the best is yet to come. Mrs. Koogle -- The fun we had going to the Peter Pan with the Ensemble for the FCTA banquet. Mrs. Carter -- When Kathleen Lewis' cake fell and she was sure somebody switched cakes The day the FHA sponsored a cleanup da for Middletown and we rode to the Burkittsville dump on thejunk trucks. Mrs. Bowers -- ANY moment I spent trying to keep Kelly Gouker in line, in the room, in his seat, in THIS world. Mr. Marrone -- The pride and determination to be the best at the Festival of States in St. Petersburg, Florida. Miss Grossnickle -- MHS deteats W a l k e r s x ille, 68-44 Sweet, sweet victory -- after ten years' Mr. Jenkins -- Monday, June 8, 8 00 p m Mrs. Ahalt -- I remember how they killed Latin -- right out of the school! Mrs. Zimmerman -- Watching Jamie Cohen and Sue Carnochan apply blue or green eye shadow every morning in ninth grade home room Mr. Phillips -- The prom "House' that almost wasn't. Mrs. Zoigler -- I remember the wide variety of experience that they "inflicted" upon their student teacher, Miss Devilbiss. Mrs. Jones -- Gary Crouse and David Taylor p l a n n i n g the "Spanish Laugh-In" for the Spanish III group and other Spanish classes -- it turned out to be lun lor all! By DIANNE WILLIAMS Middletown High School Throughout the years all students have f u n n y and unforgettable moments. Many of these experiences were revealed when the seniors of Middletown High School were asked to complete this sentence: I'll never forget the time!!! Stuart Kepler -- I got thrown out of the band concert by Mr. Melcher! Laura Piper, Karol Koogle -- I was thrown in Ray Gladhill's fountain three times at 2:30 in the morning by certain upstanding characters of the seniors class (?) Allen Flook -- I saw John Flook go in the showers with his socks on' Gary Crouse -- I got my driver's license! Diane Brown -- I was teacher on Senior Days! Glenn Kline -- I got caught kissing my girl in the hall! John Flook -- I scored the first basket on the JV season I played. Connie Miller -- I got sent to the trash can three consecutive times with gum in homeroom! Rick Sheffer -- I went to Steve Pugh's house on Saturday, March 14,1970! Vicki Routzahn -- I taught Home E. on Senior Daysi Mae Marsh -- Lee Lushbaugh and I were late getting back at the Winchester Parade and caused the bus to wait half an hour 1 Beth Monroe -- I almost received a ride back to school in a taxi cab from a field trip to Frederick.! Susan Lewis -- I was in the Answer Please team and didn't answer one question 1 Joann Grossnickle -- I got caught by a teacher while a boy was teasing my hair' Stc\ e Pugh -- We won the 1968 District I Soccer Championship' Sharon Fawley -- My first day of typing Mr Pfiel informed me an electric typewriter had to be plugged in' Lois Causey -- I went to Camp Greentop as a counselor' Da\id Taylor -- I lost a JV basketball game at Boonsboro' Jeanie Eccard -- Mae and I timed a date perfectly so \\e wouldn't get in dutch with the guys we had been dating! Sharon Leathprman -- I cleaned up the gym! Darlene Blickonstaff -- Mr Rowley sent Judy and I to the office for asking for a kleenex' Loo Lushbaugh -- I saw Dave Fulton's ball handling exhibition 1 Alia Arnold -- I knew only one player on the field, so I cheered for him -- a Railroader, which was not very appreciated by any fellow students' Diano Shafer -- I watched my mckle roll across the gym floor right in the middle of a basketball game' Dora Lowry -- I left school to go to my girl friend's house and everyone knew about it' Phil Rhodorick -- I took Mr Lionel Baker's stuffed duck out of the room in a fire drill (7th grade)! Sandy Smith -- I taught art on Senior Days, when a group of 7th grade boys decided it was more fun to put water paint on each other than the paper! Suo Carnoehan -- I had to ASK to borrow some sneakers to cheer in at the Maryland School for the Deaf and I went there with no shoes on in the snow! Linda Dovlo -- I had to run track because I kicked Mr. Engle's volleyball! Thank heavens it was only one lap! Kelly Gouker -- On Senior Days when I messed up my pants and I had to run around in a coat and tie with gym shorts on. Karon Schroyer -- I and a bunch of other kids went on a most exciting train trip with Mr. Phillip's train club. The e x c u r s i o n s t a r t e d a t Martinsburg, W. Va., and ended i n b e a u t i f u l d o w n t o w n Brunswick. It was one of the most exciting times of my life. ! Da\id Fulton -- I dropped the garfish in Biology. Nelson Buhrman -- I stole the Jolly Green Giant off the school roof from the senior class of 1969. Susan Kuhn -- I and two other side kicks cleaned up the gym. Grog Klinefelter -- I made udding in 10th grade Biology. Danny Gordon -- I fell off the tage b a c k w a r d s t h r o u g h irough the curtain while Mrs. lobmson was lecturing. Cindi Munday -- Lynn Holmes ind I played tennis in our prom ;owns Carol Dutrow -- I and about 20 ithers were sent to the office to ;et late slips because Mr. Gates ocked the door and we were a ouple of minutes late. Mr. Frushour made us write a 500 vord paper on "Why I Should Not Be Late For Class." Dianno Williams -- April 18, 969 -- I completely rolled a '67 Chevrolet Impala and came out if it with only eight stitches. Da\id Beachley -- I was ;topped by Trooper Sanders for a registration check the day we vere working on the prom in Rusty's uncle's truck with about welve other boys Dieko\ Boutello -- I got in a fist ight with Donie Weber in 7th grade. Charlotte Buhrman -- I was pushed off the front steps and nto the bushes by John Mott Dana Boachlov -- The day our class walked to the office in single file Karon Cartoo -- I was plastered with rotten eggs at a )rom raid and had the car washed at the Fire Hall'' Wa\no Wiso -- I told Mrs Zeigler that "Migration is for the birds " Marv Ann Grossnicklo -- I was reminded bv a garage mechanic that my car (with automatic :ransmission) would start a lot better if I'd put it back in park! Carol Rood -- I almost didn't have a date for the prom' of a period -- suddenly you are interrupted by the pattering of seventh grade feet and are stampeded, over-run and thrown out. Loo Lushbaugh -- all the talk and worries about minor things which don't help at all Chuck Maynard -- people who mess u p t h e b a t h r o o m s intentionally. Alta Arnold -- filling out a paper like this. Diano Shafer -- looking at myself in the mirror. Phil Rhoderick -- giving Chester Wattles only one black eye ("Our Girls" -- senior class play) R u t h A x l i n e -- d o i n g homework Linda Doyle -- teachers shutting doors during classes Kelly Gouker -- to come to school. Karen Schroyer -- the crowded library during my free period, especially when I have a lot ot work to do. Gaithor Stottlemyer -- lint on my clothes. David Fulton -- getting blamed or everything that happens to Lushbaugh. Nelson Buhrman -- every time : have a test 6th or 7th periods, hey give them on a "B" day Susan Kuhn -- cold bathrooms. Grog Klinefelter -- nonparticipation. Danny Gordon -- the way we couldn't be in the halls after unch. Sandra Souders -- people :alking about other people. Laura Piper -- investing 15 cents in a coke and getting a erape. Allen Flook -- the locker room, Pet Peeves B\ DI \\NE WILL! VMS Middlotown Hi«h School People throughout the work experience daily pet peeves However, the Middletown Higl School class of '70 feels that the have some m a j o r gripes concerning life at MHS David Taylor -- good music and better lyrics. Judv Fishor, Karol Koogle -Homework. Jennie Eooard -- people lying tome. Sharon Loatherman -- lockers on the bottom row. Darlono Bliokonsiaff -- snobby people. Riok T\\ igg -- when you go into the library while it's relatively quiet and empty at the beginning Gar Crouso -- greasy hair. Graco Lewis -- unfair teachers. Diano Brow n -- how people get into my locker Connie Miller -- the teachers of MHS making use of the most convenient stairs and then griping when the kids do it. Rick Sheffer -- "Tag-a-longs" on band trips (Florida). Vickie Roulzahn -- the water fountains filled with chewing gum Mao Marsh -- people who get themselves into messes and expect others to get them out Both Monroe -- ladies that wear curlers outside of the house or in public Susan Louis -- cold school building Joann Grossnicklo -- lack - of locker space Sharon Fawley -- crowded hallways and charging seventh graders Lois Causov -- people who can't see a good thing when they have one Cindi Munda\ -- people who say one thing and do another. Carol Dulrow -- staying up all night studying for a test and then falling asleep during the test Pianno Williams - all the excitement and noise on the Pep Club bus after a defeat Daxid Boachlo -- when everybody tries something and gets away with it: I try and get caught. Dicko\ Boutollo -- scratching on blackboards. Carol Rood -- Student Council meetings in the library during my free period Valorio Romsbor" -- sitting in lecture. Charloitp Buhrman -- tests on Mondays. Karon Cartoo -- no toilet tissue in the bathrooms WaMio Wiso -- when Jesse Lovejoy ("Our Girls" -- '70) hit me in the right eye and rny left one got black Dana Boaehloy -- 8-30 on Monday mornings. Marv Ann Grossmoklo -parking on Pine Street and walking through rain, snow, sleet and hail to get to school. Marihn Moss -- somebody who talks about you. Suo Carnochan -- My pet peeve is dead: he died two weeks ago. glee club concert, "Magical Prescriptions"? Who could forget core classes or white socks 0 The eighth grade brought new memories and more good times. Memorization of the Maryland poem and all the fun in Mr. Gate's modern art class were some outstanding highlights, plus Mar Lu Ridge for a small part of us The state requirements for graduation were changed This was the year for a new phys. ed. teacher, Mr. Fearnow Our attire fit the mood, wildly patterned stockings, pinstriped shirts, and madras clothing. New subjects greeted us in the ninth grade Well remembered are Latin and Spanish. Among more vivid memories are Mr. Frushour resigning as principal, Mr. Patton, Mrs Cruther and her crow, a class trip to the churches of Washington, D.C , and the movie, "Doctor Zhivago'.. With the tenth grade the pattering of feet became less distinct Sophomores were not in any big hurry to get to team teaching or any other class, especially since there were no bells Once there, entertainment was supplied in the form of such inventive songs as "Martin Luther" and "The Carnival Song". Throwing soap in the locker room at Boonsboro provided an interesting break in the dull run of things for a few of our more active sophomores. While we were demons on the highway, we were inventive on the home front, "The Wizard of Face", a new comedy farce written by some of our talented members, and the word skag plus other inventive terms were firsts at MHS. Louis Nicholson and Ricardo Cirese were visitors to our school from Argentina and we welcomed our new principal, Mr. Stroup. Free periods were spent in leisure or studying. As juniors, we were busy with "April Showers", the junior class dance; a mock election; squirting water in Chemistryclass: getting class rings; and studying Algebra II, Chemistry, and U S History in our spare time The soccer team, with some of our classmates as starters, were district champs. Famous actors were among us including Yul Bryner. "Tara" our junior prom, was the highlight of the year for all of us and we are all grateful to Mr. Phillips for his valiant efforts in the field of "dates for May 23". Egg battles in which juniors were victorious and thwarting senior pranks were a great part of the year's favorite past times As seniors our final year was. of course, the greatest. We spent our summer evenings at the newly formed teen center and our school days on the new schedule of A and B days. Our band received new uniforms and sported them proudlj in the Festn al of States at Florida We worked hard, taught dutifully, and had a lot of fun during Senior Das. We signed yearbooks and supported our teams at MHS on the field of battle. We presented a class play. "Our Girls . never to be n\ aled We were given a prom called "Deep Blue Sea." We pulled senior pranks and had egg battles We studied and we had fun But as we studied and had fun. we were always aware of current events happening around us As se\enth graders we listened to the presidential election. As sophomores we were shocked at Martin Luther King's death and also that of Robert Kenned\ In our senior year, we became more involved in \ietnam. Cambodia, and the Far East The conflict hit a little closer to home as our boys turned eighteen The racial strife, an ever present thorn in American societj 's side, became more violent and college campuses were the scene of chaos and disorder. Always present was the controversial drug conflict We lived through the breathtaking events ol the Apollo 13 flight to the moon and joined hearts in prayer with others to ask for their safe return. The time is June 8. 1970. The class is the same thundering herd that entered here in September, 196-*. But there is a change We are no longer kids, playing games, but men and women calml walking into the future. There will always be memories of MHS and the good ole days. We will treasure them fondly. We march, we walk across the stage, \ve : ece:vc our diplomas and say goodbye to MHS. Tomorrow is forever The future is now ours. SFAFLRI fcWSPAPER

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