The News from Frederick, Maryland on December 31, 1931 · Page 3
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The News from Frederick, Maryland · Page 3

Frederick, Maryland
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 31, 1931
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THE DAILY NEWS FREDERICK. MD . THUF.SDA7. DECEMBER 31, 1931. THBES WORLD BUSINESS RECOVERY LOOKS TO GERMANY IN 1932 EARLY !N JM Many From County Expected At Annual Gathering. BEAUTY CONTEST FEATURE BY *i-i.*«n SMITH tries. Including England and Japan, Executive Vice President The Vnfea ba-.e abandoned the gold standard for Tn«st C^^y.Cteretond.Obto. currencies, at least temporarily. * (Written ft* XE^ S^i^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^.^ ^ , ccaraging t h 1 n g 5 ( 1916 Dollar Now Bars SL4S about tne coming The most senoui consequences of that jear Ss Use prospect world-wiae depression has been the gre« cecl^ie i- commod-ty pr c-a Wholesale \aiues are now some 30 per ( cent below »nat tne\ were m 1929 and a long list cf products ha\e fallen to pre-w^r le\el or lar below them. Tie ourchasir^ power of the dollar no»\ is $1 -16 com^rec -5h SI 'n 1926 i I nenv I ment coutinurs in i f i'_n», but should be re- A large number el members from tms counry are eipected to attend tile annual m£?t_ng of tne 3S3irj .n3 Parm S-ireau Federation and i£il.ateo asso- to be h*lcl .n Balt-dore January 6-S. Tne elude tne Maryland Crop Imprc :iation. State Beeieepers' Associa- :, Ssate Vegecabl* Growers' Assoc-a- uon Agricultural Corporation of Mary- ind, Maryland Tooa:co Growers' Association. Maryland Stoikmtn's Association and the State Poultry Aisocist-on The Slat*! Socjctv meetings begin at Co!k«« Pari and continue i Bait-more Tne sixteenth annual meeting of the Farm Bureau ·»r;l! star; at 2 ? m on January 6 in th* Lord Saltimore hotel TCth E." Thozas Massey. Y.ce-presioent, presiding The sessjon that afternoon n" Include an address s.'. 4.20 o'clock ay Henry R. Shoemaker, Frederick county agent, on "The County Agent and the Farm Bureau." Xfayor Howard W Jacison, Baltimore, will official the members ac 2 o'clock. The address of the president. James Davis. trJi also occur during tne ihat -t seems desnti- ed to bring to a h*aa for settlement the international prob- ,em of debts and reoarat.ons now rer- pl*xing the world. Me* .tig financial: and incustnal coc- i cit-ons purely from 1 the domestic point, \ difficult to nnd the I oasis for the start of , some measure of re- · cciery in th'-- coun- ·ry if the -world diScalties can be settled curing the months ahead Until ne know to trhat extent Germany is sole to pay h a r debts and rep- arat.on. or ·srhat the rest of -1-e world membered that out of a total of 4S.OdO.OM penoos normaUr gain- fullj employed in ttm roontrr. at least 40,0«e.OOO are still at their Ms=v of these ha\e cut down speed- ', .US to the barest necessities because ol j uncertainty bu - -n the meantime spend- I :ng poaer is, be.i-5 accumulated by a poruon of the Stocks of manufactured goods are loxi following many m*»n*hs cf curtailed pro- is go eg to do about it if she is not, this dticuon Industrial plants and com- afternoon in addition to the report o. er: proolesn is likely to continue as a dominant influence over world trade cone-lions. Recent months ha\e brought an Improvement in domestic financial condi- t-ons Noc only has tne general pabhc conficence in the oau£s been restored, but hoarded money s r.ow apparently flowing back into circulation, the Federa! Resene Bank's ha\e mounted cut. cf a danger rone and are now at high le\els. and crec-t. conditions are considerably easier tnan they were earlier STM the fall. The worJ demonstratii mercial enterpr-ses ha\e benented frcm the period of reduced actmtles iii tne sense that thev hsie Introduced sw»e?- mg econim'es and heightened the edc- lency of th^ir operations. i As a resul- cf tils fact niicy com- J panies are ro~ in a pos." on to make J crecitable earnings at a le^el of opera- j tions -sicll belca the high \ol l ices re- j quired curing the era cloiir.g M 'h 19^9 , Tne mdostriai picture js nuxed. tut. I , there are some points One j cf tcese relates to the automobile m- i custry Vihere production d'-nng the J Tas gi'.en. a dramatic ! closing weeks of 1931 declined to an an- i of tne strength of Am- I nua! race of less than 450 000 cars, as ' the secretary-treasurer, Frank M Payne, of Braddock. Among other ad= dresses will be one by Dr. Raymond A Pearson, president of the Oni\ersit.y of Maryland Beauty Contest Feature. ' The r~ a '*' eveci on Wednesday e-.en- · ing's program Is ice selection of tne -»m- ner of th« beauty coniest. 2ich coanry j iield contests ounng the year from j Tthich Tictonous entries were picked' and ihese win compete in the sts'e con- , test nest Wednesday evening. Miss E. Frances Rudy, M.dQletowa. is Freder- ' ick's represen^tive. The beauty con- res; wilL take place a; 8 o'clock, followed by the annual dince and the grand march, to be led by the beauty ' contest wmner. Tne second day's program, opening next Thursday iroming:. wiH include a numoer of addresses. one by · A. G. Ensor. master of tne Maryland Btste Graiige. The annual banquet ' ·mil be held that evening as 630 o'ciock in ihe barroom of the South- . em hotel at which an address wm be celi-ered by Arthur S. Hyde, U. S. Secretary of Agriculture, and the presen- , ^at.oii of a tropny to the beauty -con- , test winner wiil be made by GOT A. C ' ·Ritchie. Officers wili ne elected at the · final meeting Friday morning and an address w_l be made by Dr Thomas E Symons, director of the Unrrers-ty of Maryland E3ctensjn Service The Horticultural Society meeting will also draw a number from, she · county. It will begai 1° o'clock, nexfei Tuesday morning la the new horMcnl r i niral bulldog at CoLege Pars. Most of . the first day will be occupied in dis- cuss^ig the subjects of Orchard Eco- . and Peach Culture. Weil- inown speakers will adcress the rcem- aers, ineluomg Robert O. Sunpson, past 'pres.aeiw of the Indiana State Horticultural Association; Dr. H. Bcamoat, head of the Department of Horticul- ;~re, Norta. Carolina College of Agn- caltore, Dr I«e M Harca^is, pathol- og^t, of tne U S Peacn D^ease .Laara- -orv. Fort Vaiiey, Ga. A get-together;er will be heli at 6.30 in the dining .13*1 cf tae Cii-\cr3.ty of Maryland -nsn numero'-s r ^'-^*- will oe mace, in- :Uiag Senators Earle H W.tngot', Hasten, and N. H Fooks. o: Frestcn General Orecarc topics will be d-sc,iS- sed as tne assooiat-oa reconie^es tae following cay in tae Lord 3a!t_more er:ca . s ^^^^^i structure in October ' when a "raid" upon this country's gold i stocks caused exports of some S750 000.- j 000 in less than two months' time. America permitted rh»; gold to flo.v out free!" and soon the "ra:d" spent .:sel: Tcith no bad eHects. Althougn 15 cour.- producers changed o\er to the prodac- t.on of ne"" models Auto Recovery Due. Most of the producers now are ;n- gaged in bu.ld^-g nee- mcidels and ^ith any encouragcnicnt from tne tonsum- 'rg pubLc auton-ob le procjct-on may 40.00QCOO OF 2 48,009000 be e\ptct«l to expand o\er substantial! the comlas months Bccord breaking (*ollae con- lonsptioa during itte current ye»r shows that the country's Atoow- Mlrs arc brine used »nd worn oat and a rmst rrplscciarat demand undoubtedly is arciinuil-nint. Anj ln:?ro\ eaient in the automob^? .:.duitr\ will fca\e farreachir-g ?ffe~'. many other lines Including su-*l glass and textiles In Jsct. th? of sonic\«urnl in Ule s'ee. r\ during :lie first half of 193J ii almost rr.- rtl\ up«a r\p*c:a'.or.s. n in :!vc a'-. n 1 he ra.lroad ;."-a' or i.a^ bffii un- ' fa\orible as a resaSl of rtsiuced traffic and low earnir-ss but forces, are nv- at work to lzrpr°\e the condl'to^i ct t';is grea' IndJMO to \itjl to Uw» ll! · Scotch Wilhert L. Sm th. president, and T S. Anceraor:. secretir;. ·».!. hesd tne Frecen:k Cc'_ntv Grange de.esst.on. tvh-ch is expected to be augmented i from time to time dv*r.i;s tne sessions. The searchers rei^n.ed after an al! was ex'lrsjlshed by emp'.cves at the n^ht r.ur.t and Sher f f Carroll said ;arage with a fire eit'n?uaher before le firemen arn\°d It sta'Scd from sl'.-'r; circui'. they ^tat^d. and little vas co"e Tr.e was he belieies thev had reached a ranch house v .ihou; a te'ephone BLIZZARDS RAGE IN WEST | Marooned High School Basketball Team ! Found. Cheyenne. .Wyo. Dec 30--Fiie mem- osrs of tne A.bin. \\ yo. higa scnoo! oasketoail team and tnej coach, missing .n a o' 77?.re s_nce jestercay aftemcon. were found unharmed tonight at a ranch 35 miles northeast of here. Auto Fire Alarm The citj's fi-e-£ght:r.g »«quip- nienc nas called to the scece of a b'aze .\hich had already been extmgulsied unen the firemen am-.ecl about 8 o'clock \Vednssdayei The fire was re-port- ei to be in on autctnobi'e in r^e Franc-s Scott Key garage Because of tne danger, s-nce the fire might ha-.e spread, a genera! alarm nas turned in The fire USE VJCK PLAN to Eagle. Hooter Relief Measure*. Dunrig the past v^^ar President Hoover has ajsdc a number of Important ;onstructHe mo\es looking to»aru the relief of trouble sl'ua'.otu and im- proieaient In ger.era! co:!ditlon$ Ap- jro\a! by Congress of the Preiidrnt 3 -ecomrnenda'ions desigmd to benefit the s tuation t!-c railroads stimulate home building s'edjce go\errunent expenditures, balance the federal bud get ai.d other plans will be fj\orab.e , In Mimming up. !t ^ould be fair t^, av that donaestlc conditions s'.ve a '.3\ orable indication for some tirprvnenim. dur Kg 1932. but that the start of re- co-.ery and eitent of it cauiuy be f on-cast until sonic of the problems affcc-- Irg reparations and International debt. now overhanging finance and business ha-.e been so.'ved. It Is constructive fact that sum solution of these great questions ap- parentir must be made during tile lirs- fev.- months of 1932 Sir Ceo. Foster Dies. i Ottawa, Can. Dec. 30--Sir George 1 Foster, the " grand old man" of Can' ftciio;i public life, c" today. He was i 84 ears old. !! ft ! N M I t !, ri i i , Ccl. Dec. 30 --Sncrst ! v. hipped sudden!;, into blizzards, ragod n the Rcck-cs today and sv.oop=d ca~ ! ~". into the pla-ns states. Scores -'·ere marooned by t~-e storm but no deaths had been repoted this afternoon. The storm struck hea.ily at Limon. Co! Hcwlmg winds and dn\mg snoa j5r-ept from the moimiaji res-on be- irween Leedvilie ana M^ntem and -Rere 'reported from Silverton and Duracgo. I There wzs heavy srowial. at Fort Morgan and Greeley Five memoers of U~e A,b n Wyo. ·i-gh school basketball team and their i ^structor vere rccrocned saiEev. here ' northeast o: Cheyenne. The t^ara ! started in a paaenjer car fsr A2bJi ' 49 miles d-s;ant. at 4 p m ye^"erc-y ana searc^£^3 irducLr'g Sr=ruf George Car-=': of Crerei^e 'e;r at II p tn ""rien .^ -ras repsrted thev r;ad net ar- i at Albin. for _ BETTER "CONTROL OF COLDS" -»sat».. Jt «»jii NEW YEAR DANCE STATE ARMORY Friday, January 1, 1932 8:30 P.M. POTOMAC CLUB ORCHESTRA Ladies, 25c; Gents, 50c. Poultry Association. The Maryland State Foj-iry Assoeia- ^.on meetigs wi^ be heia nest Wed- sscay morning in the Lora Baltimore ^.otel. followed oy a meeting in the evenig of the same day of tae Bee- kesoers' Assoc-aton A jo-nt program nil be held Wednescay morning of tne Crop Improvement Ass-5~awO=. Vege- i3.e Growers' ar.d Tooacco Growers' Assoc^i-oa. Msny acdresses are scnediiled. These triree organizations nriH convene separate^ Thurs- cay Trnen other d^c-sSiOrs vffZ tase 3lace. The Agricultural Corporar.on of Marylana ~-i meet Thursday morn-ng K 10 o'clocs. The Stocsmen's Associ- you heard tse one aoout a S-:o;ciJian named Sir Earry louder' , Well, it seems the famous comecian -rent hunting at Forfar, Scot.aad, recently and brought home a rabb.t -c- stead of an elk because ue had neard soziebody say that elks were "dear." ation ·vnll begin inseSngs Wednesday at 9 30 anc. a number of addresses '^ill ae mace aunng the mo-nmg. In the eTen-ng a. meeting TK-^I be held in the Clareniont --OMl. Union Stockyards, at 530 o'docS- Repons will oe mace cf ·winners of county and state prizes Thorsoay mornlrLg t^e meeting ^ill c^ntj^je, clos_n; ~.~.2. elect-OS of officers. A conference of Boys' and G-rlV 4-H CltiDS ·snll be helc v^ecnesday at 9 30 5"cl?:k, led oy IJoro'hy Emerson, girls' e.tib agen', ar;i E. Q Jeniins. state boys' c.UJ) ages: A home and com- d^n-ty program TT.I. also oe held Wed- Take . . . Greenawalt's Dandelion Liver Disks for Tonr Lfvcr's Sake box $1.00 COMP. SYBTJP OF MULLEIN For Coogbs and Colds 25c and 50c At Tour Druggist's or Dealer** A Happy and Prosperous New Year to You 9 \ ... and ivith sincere appreciation for your generous patronage t E N N E T T ' S i AUTOMOBILE INSURANCE IKE Tlltt-t rROPEKTX DAMAGE LLB1UTV HELFENSTE1N URNER FIKE It is with a feeling of gratitude and full appreciation that we extend our hearty greetings to you, and in wishing you a happy and prosperous New Year, we gladly pledge our sincere cooperation for your best interests. STORM SHIPLEY THE BUSY CORNER I' I s K S f i M 13 » U !« I! Start Saving New Year's Day and by the time another Xe\v Year rolls around you will have a comfortable sum put aside against the emergencies of the future. This is the right bank to put your savings in. Sound as the government, and pays you 3 1 , * per cent, interest every six months. Farmers Mechanics ~ \ National Bank Frederick, Maryland "The Sank of Personal Service " h BEGINS SATURDAY, JANUARY 2nd A BONA FIDE 2O% DISCOUNT Will Be Allowed On A11 Cash Purchases Beginni ng On The Above Date This Includes Our Entire Stock of Clothing, Shoes, Men's Furnishings, Hats and Luggage RUBBER FOOTWEAR EXCEPTED THE UNG MEN'S SHO

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