The Des Moines Register from Des Moines, Iowa on May 9, 1970 · Page 16
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May 9, 1970

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The Des Moines Register from Des Moines, Iowa · Page 16

Des Moines, Iowa
Issue Date:
Saturday, May 9, 1970
Page 16
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Page 16 article text (OCR)

ARGENTINE IS mmwiNNER D i a fi a Monica Bruno. ^*y 9, 1970 THROWS STONES LONDON. OFFICIAL PUBLICATION 1 OFFICIALJPUBLICATION nify near Ma'son w a s, jrLajai.e d winner of the a n ii u a 1 .Iowa High ' School !Vf a t h emafics contest. Diana, whn snored a "once- in - a - decade" fi&& —lLOwERlfJMmiAm: 1»« 6. GfjANO (purpose of planning » sanitary disposal <. By StrifctiW from line, eight (8) the . iproicct and such lax shall not be sublect I w»rd "control,". tO fo the thirty mill levy timftattorr eorttatneo- j • S. 6v stmitW trOTr ttn* netsven (ITT me" ..„*._» i« ou^j^^s- »'-.«!•**. n section four hundred four point two words "and towns" and Inserting in Htu return to Rhodesia, a police-*««.-/) ot m« code, and snail be in *adi- thereof the words, "towns, counties,". r '•' - —-—'"••• by section «..8y Jtrlklfio.from line fifteen" (15) ths visa . t!on '° tnc taxes aothorlied • man told a court here Friday. I Vo«r ^«"% ti^^&tfS r'KS ».,.=„,. Cronini 25< was nncdi^^^ra^itwTMnSS: r$li L-.. OFFICIAL PUBLICATION upon -any- levy otherwise authorized by law. fhe. tax herein authorized mav be < levied one time by each citv »nd town In joe! iu! Prohibited Practices — Penal> DIANA MONICA RSUNO tR-343)-NOTICE TO CONTRACTORS' , Soiled Bropoi.iis 'lor - Rcrooflnff Portion ; |6f Surge Hall ai the University of Iowa. i Iowa Citv, will be received bv the ! Iowa Staii> Board o' Regents at the Physical Office Building, 103 W. Bur' Iti.p un ^o.rce:, The University of Iowa. COT. on May Jl, 1970, ana will be publ'iclv o.'Cncd and read on lhe same day at J:00 o.rn. COT, in Ihe Old Capitol Building, ..Copies of the 'plans, specifications, and words "construction of any" and Insetting In lieu thereof the words "costs of any of the protects or' 1 . 7. By strlkinft froW lint seventeen (17) the words "and. towns" and inserting in lieu _ thereof -the wards- ", towns, coun- "*B'y striking from line twenty-two (221 i. commencing July,!, unlawful for any private agency or Dubflc agency to dump or deposit Or oermft the aumoiri*) or deooslting 01 any solid waste at anV olace omor than a sanitary disposal proiect approved bv the commission- . , tl lui . u 'he words "and towns- IMS It shall b« ••••"• ' lieu;,thereof the words ties/' ana Inserting In towns, coun- or. l . By striking from lines tw<!nty-four (34) and twenty-five (25) Ihie words ['construction of said" and inserting in neu thereof the worts "said prolects or", 10. By striking from line twenty-six (JM the words "or town" and Inserting In lieu TILL ver. _ 515-797 . paying niqntst .prices for sll- . Ed Powtftr -Newton?- Mv Ph. • 797-1S55. fld 30 o of china, dishes lost vie. between. 31st and Grand and 51st ' vGf«no^R*waro.aS. I. Ini NORW collar gold watch wi _ jfn lost betv, .ocust. Reward. YEGIAN ElKhOl »r. N.W. S3Td iKhound l — trt. lost vie nltv.south Un»n and Davis. . Ans. to Jehnv. Rawai-d. asi-ttfl,-,.- 'OODLE found, .white, male. vie. Hlckrnan and Harding. ja79jl723. iEWARD, to? return of Enflllsh RE seller, lh * word , , white with black black left eye, lost Wood Park. 277-5545. .—,?'!! prolect i . ff .«'«" d ?« "»' vtolat. »nv statute of ; «•„• ?v _str!k!ng from lines thlrly^ne (31) rules and regulations oromul.j „•„-• fhirwlfwo '(32) the word, "constfuc- h° ( ^°S5!iS tlon" and. inserting In lieu thereof the lIOnr . , he Physical Plant Offlceat the Unle- 0 Other Winners Robert D. ProbaSCO, regulations promulgated pursuant thereto, - attorney.general, shalj,.on j.eqyest.of | or' 4 . • $ ^ ^ f . ||y (<)ur (M) the words "and towns" and Inserting ' Urbandale. Long hair ora white Schnauzer type. 27i-: T6 operate electrical de- Fost, black, Rew. 274- spots, t vie. of Green- and . -. TER~RTE"R~tVpe puppy TdundrVownT about 3 months old; Near 30th, Hol- omb. 255-8440 after 5. _ comb, 1> FOUND—! purchased rs Fair. sack of newly clothing, Vic. of Sho . owner .Identify.. Ph. 279-1955. FOUNtT-nacket and CubTlScout hat, vicinity of Boy Scout Fair at Teen Town. Ph. 288-0858. Career opportunity for an aggressjve architect 'Jo assume project responsibilities related to the design and construction of commercial, office, and apartment build ings. Duties will include pre liminary design, working drawings, site planning, atfd construction coordination. should possess a degree in architecture, with] a minimum of two years de-' sign-working" drawings ex- woqg^qru. ^ff-jjoj. . . , . SMALL m«i* puppy found vicinity of penence; and possess a business approach to the profession: We have long range commitments and can offer an excellent opportunity for growth in a professional at- mqspj]ere. Send complete resume to personnel man- partment for established 06s Moines contracting firm. Write V 0-241, RegisteV v and Tribune' from I .PtiAv f^nmmnnitv Hi oh ' tf set on the basis of his bid or laii to mfiet u urn L«no.\ ^ommuniiy «lg» : the requirements of this notice and the School, was second with a score ! """" : "" " ' w J -- regulating the award =-.-,. or certified check may be .forfeited as liquidated damages. No bidder : may withdraw his proposal for a period of jtortv-flve a>vs after Ihe date set for the opening of bids. Bv virtue of statutory authority, the contractor-shall give preference to Iowa Domestic Labor, according to the provisl of Chapter 73 of the 1962 Code of Iowa. of the commissioner 01 public health or orose- uctina any person for a violation of tne provisions of this Act or rules and regulations Issued pursuant thereto. Sec. 11. ORObRS OF COMMISSIONER •- _ APPEALS. Inh lieu thereof Ihe words ". towns, counties, and sanitary districts' 1 . 17. Bv Insertlno..In line fifty-seven (571 tne aggrieved by an order ot the thereof the words ol public heal'th Issued as sanitary district", in this Act may appeal Ihe same " ~ ' after the word "acquiring" the words "sanitary disposal protects, or". 18. Bv strikinq from line sixty-two (62) th* words "or town" and inserting In lieu j Collon LOST—Dachshund, min.. brn., fern., Vic. Watrous-McKlnley. 244-9039. ITdtictV" ~~ 90 PHOTOS CUPIES. BrTng us your photo for copies. Any size. Register and Tribune ~ ..... 584.8321. Attractions .FINANCE" MAN' insldt collection. and credit, some exp. needed. All replies confld. Can give.notice. No transfers. Evenint interview arranged. Iowa's fl" Co. Mr. Neary, phone 244-6111. GUARANTEE FINANCE 1300 Locust Pes Moines, Iowa Aldesi FORM SETTERS AND LABORERS Apply lob site Greenfield and Orient. OAKVIEW CONSIRUCILOI^CO-- BOX 361 Reg uak7 la. ager, Commercial Photo,I GENERAL MANAGEMENT' FRONT-END MECHANIC Experienced or will train Interested 'pyng man. Good salary. Write 0 "efllster arid Tribune. , 00- CORPORATION 1055 6TH AVE._ DES MO ATTENDANTS FURNACE INSTALLER AND SERVICEMAN HAL SCHMIDT FURNACE CO. 281-5600 town, counly, or i Choice Dates Still Avail. [ Needed ^^r^'uTsto, tJ GRADE FOREMAN oopcorm joot lonpsj pay add benefits. Aoplv in person. ' v -" Nr ' 1 -' 1 - IV-MM-IVIOM By vrrtue'5rstatufD^"aVthor < |ty 1 , < 'a'°pref. I!!!' 11 '* da «. of Ihe "— be given to products and pro" within jy filinq a written notice of appeal with the commissioner of public health within of the order. health shall Nobld me be withdrawn within lorty- She rS StlM l 5i n tL v .«??ys from the scheduled closing time L h .? Hlx Si c ,«,2' for receiving bids. ROBBRT D. PROBASCO PETBR H. KUTT 19. By inserting In line sixty-three (63) after the word "such" the word "Broi- 20.' By striking from Hne sixty-five (45) the words -"or town" and inserting in lieu (hereof the words", town, county, or sanl- '.^T. ^y'strik'lng from lines sixty-five (65): and sixty-six (M) the words "by tht re- 1 sptctive municipalities". j 22. By inserting In line sixty-seven (67) after the word "such" the words "sanitary State James W. Grimes Building Des Moines, Iowa 50319 (R-3471-SENATE FILE J232 AN ACT Relating to the establishment of sanitary disposal prolects, authorizing a tax therefor, making an appropriation there- for, and providing penalties for violations thereof. BE IT ENACTED By THE General As----~ Ssciion I. PURPOSE. .The purpose ol this Act is to require j cities, towns, and counties to.provide sanitary disposal proiecls for the final disposition of solid wastes by their residents and, thereby, protect Ihe citizens ot this state from such hazards to their health, etv and warfare ,hal results from sta safi -_ _ . , _,.»- ."-••••• V i "Mi i v,du< 19 II UMI CIVflM l^Uim IK the uncontrolled disposal of solid wastes, as amended act. /. OEFlNl i IOIMS. fifteen (315), A , s ., us , e . dJ ,i1 J hi 5 A <L». ""'.«>.'!??. context.Acts, of the Such appeal shall be made within thirty days of the Issuance of the findings of the commissioner of public health and a copy of the same shall be filed with the commissioner of public health. The court upon the filing of such appeal shall hear the appeal in equity. Sec. 12. Section one hundred Ihlrty-flve point eleven (135.11). subsection seven (7), Code 1966, Is hereby amended by inserting Ifriirie IWo"m~afleririe~w6ra '"plants"" the words "sanitary disposal prolects,". Sec. 13. Section one hundred thirty-six point three (136.3), subsection two (2), paragraph c, is hereby amended by in- sertlnq In line two (2) after the comma the words "sanitary disposal protects,". Sec. 14. Section three hundred sixty elqht point twenty-four (368.24), Code 1946, by chapter three hundred .eclions one U) and iwo (11, ixty-second General Assem! clearly indicates a contrary Intent: !bly.'ls'furihcr- a m T r;;id. : d 7s ToTlows: 1. Public agency" means a STEVE JAMES- RAHER PETER ERBACHER - - ..-n a9 S n f v • 7! ean 3 a Public, I. By strlkino line th agency as defined In section twenty-e ght words " ' .... E point Iwo (2BE.2) of the Code. ' in I • 2. "Private agency" means a private land agency as defined In section twenty-eight Newell's Concession, P.O. Box, 3189 E. 14lh 91. Station. Des Moines. Iowa 50316. CROSSROADS USA Interstate 80 and Whir* Shall Wi Qo LAKEROfrBINS 110 Riney Rinehart.—Saturday Don Hoy, Sat. MavNtth ATTENDANT Full lime night shift. Only clean cut responsible man need apply. Apply Jf Dave's Clark Super 100 Station, _J720 E. Hlh St. DANCE-MUSIC MIXSRS S»t., May 14th. Polkas and Modern. Victoria Lodge. 8:30-12:Jft-p>( Binn Une slxty-nlne ;(») after th* word "its" the words "sanitary disposal prolect or", - - , . . , < Sec. 26. Section three hundred ninety- four point seven f.394.7), Code 1966. Is! hereby amended as follows: Vacation Guide ., By strikinq from line two (2) Ihe W 2; d By al strlklng lines three (3) and four (4) and Insertlnq In lieu thereof the words ••/towns, counties, and -sanitary districts for. any of the purposes referred to In this LENOX MODERN CABINF Lost Island Lake. Where fishing Is always good. Very reasonable rales. Call Ruthven, la. PH 712-8375585 I ~ (4) the words flve ,5, and six for the construction of any lourpolnt bV Personals 140 Attendant Service Station Full or part tirrie. Some experience necessary. Apoly In Person. RAYMOND'S STANDARD SERVIC6 , 32728th St. WMt_P_ M _M ft lnMl I Phone 515-357-5281 E. M. DUESENBERG, INC. Clear Lake, Iowa An Equal Opportunity Employer GROCERY CLERK" Experience preferred. 5 day week paid holidays and vacation. APPLY MR. TONER Dahl's 4808 University MARSHALL ELDON, Iowa. Population 1.314. An- ilv Town Hall. 515^52-7510,,, MEAT CUTTER anies-and Partsman more needed Immediately. ?««•"> with a desire to learn »nd a willingness to perform, we are exoandlna our farm imolement business to Include more territory and are understaffed to meet 'his need. Permanent employment with many extra benefits. Service schoo training avilable. Located in the heart of Iowa's newest and laroest recreation area, the arowinaesf toynly seat town-In th s carl of the state. THE JOHN DEERE DEALER LUCAS COUNTY IMP. INC. harlton, la. : UA-**i! MECHANICS Highly skilled High School graduate with top mechanical aptitude to train for key m>- chanTcal lobs In new non-de- (enst metal working plant in Missouri. Well established n» tlonallv known.companv. Moving expenses, will be pairi. v BACKHOE Prefer knowledge of dozer and end loader. Permanent.ywork. Excellent MARSHALLTOWN. IA" . ns-itfOui Body and Fender Repairman RED AUTO BODY OPENING! (394.81, Code is here- lines Iwo (2) and CUSTODIAL AND CONVALESCENT CARE Newly remodeled, newly decorated. —Nurse—on—duty—?<—hours—a—<tevr 244-5323 or 285-3070, 235-3714. HERB CANON, MANAGER _ BROILER COOK GUARDS Full and Part Time Work IMMEDIATE EMPLOYMENT A ApDly. 508 Equitable Blda. An Equal Opportunity Employer "GHOSTS' POLTERGEISTS _oav._ Insurance,—bonus,—vacation- Local reference required. DES MOINES CLUB LANDSCAPING EXPERIENCED NEEDED IMMEDIATELY i ,274-3558 •MECHANICS (2). shift. Truck • experience helpful. Union .shop. Collect calls For second helpful. U .. acceded. 282-4035 Sid Cox. An . . RUANCABCO. SW 4th and Tullle words "governing body of the city, town, county or sanitary district". 2. By Inserting In line three (3) alter he word "by" the words "resolution or-'. STRANGE LIGHTS UNWORLDLY CONTACTS - nf 122 out. of a possible 150; Steve James Raher, sophomore -at—SioTnr~Citjr~Ceritral High School, was third, and Peter H. Kutt, West High School sophomore from Iowa City, was fourth. Another foreign exchange student, Swiss native Peter Erbacher. placedTifth. "He is a senior at Hartley Community High School. The visitors toured local insurance company offices and were entertained at a luncheon and a banquet jit Hotel Forl Des Moines. C. R. Rohm, an officer of The Bankers Life, cha[rman of "flieT'etTucalional committee "of the national Society of Actuaries, and treasurer of the Des Moines Actuaries Club, congratulated Miss Bruno, declaring: "A perfect score happens about once every 10 years. This is an extremely fough exam. This is evident when you realize that an 85-point score placed fifth. Music Winner, too Miss Bruno, daughter of Mario and Dolores Creide de Bruno of Buenos Aires, attended the Institute Nacional Superior in that'city before coming In Iowa. She was graduated first from her elementary school and won a 1970 high school music contest for vocalists. She is a member of the Dumont school girls glee club and mixed chorus. She has been living with the John Bigler family in Dumont. Probasco, born in Corning, has been a top scholar at Lenox and has won Hawkeye Science Fair and essay contest awards. He has been accepted "with recognition" at Iowa State University, Ames, beginning next fall:' 1 E coin! two (28E.2) of the Code. .3. ''Sanitary disposal oroiecf" My, is further arTX;id,-d rs follows: disposal prolect or . . ] 1. By strlkino line throe 13) the Sec. 28. Section three nu n p. r , e <> , nin ,?l*' : words "garbage aod r:lusc" and inserting lour ooint nine (394.9), cooe lit", is n«re- m lieu (hereof lhe words "garbage, refuse, 1 by amended as follows: . md other solid waste,". l By striking from line one 0) the; 2. Bv inserting In line five <5) followinp words "City or town council" and msertmqv, he word "grounds" Ihe words "and other in lieu thereof the words "Governing boriv Ihe word "grounds" ihe ... means {sanitary disposal prolects". all facilities and appurtenances Including'" 3. "By striking "fro'trf'Tlne ten (10) Ihe property connecteu words ''refuse and garbage" and Inserting iir?d, in lieu thereof the words "refuse, garbage, with such facilities, which are acquit purchased, construc ?.9J»J OJ> • d • Irnpr reconstructed.'and other solid waste' . r»r«irf •„••--• -vs vv-- I iiil* nil *' | »- mi aln ^By-inscrtlnq Irrtlne-elcverru miter Wifdi.or operated ro .facilitate the final the word "dump" the words," sanitary disposition of solid waste without creating , Disposal prolects, hout " C lati?5 »S8 f Hw?h d .'?. comrn I lssToSer W o h f IC n h ub1[c e heaTth 4. "Solid waste" means garbage, refuse, rubbish, and other, similar discarded solid or semlsolld materials, Including but not limited to such materials resulting from industrial, commercial, agricultural, and domestic activities. Solid waste may Include vehicles, as defined by subsection one (1) of section three hundred twenty- one point point one (321.1) of the Code. Nothing herein shall be construed as prohibiting the use of dirt, stone, brick, or similar Inorganic material for fill, landscaping, excavation or grading at places other than a sanitary disposal. AD ° RY SATARY D,S E P S 0 T S A A B L y striking from line fourteen (14) the "or" and Inserting in lieu th'ereof the words ", sanitary disposal prolect, or other.". 6. By striking from line seventeen (17) the words' "and refuse" and inserting In lieu thereof the words ", refuse, and other solid waste". Sec. 15. Section four hundred four point nine (404.9), Code 1966, is hereby amended as follows: 1. By inserting in subsection three (3). line three (3), after Ihe word "grounds" the words "and sanitary disposal proi- eels". 2. By inserting in subsection five 15). line iwo (2), aller Ihe word "of" the Every city, (own and county of this state shall provide for the establishment and operation of a sanitary disposal proi- ect for final d sposal of solid waste by Its residents not later than the first of July, 1975. Sanitary disposal prolects may be established -either separately or through cooperative efforts for the loint use of the participating public agencies as provided bv law. Ciltesv-towns-and-coumies-mav" execute with public and private agencies contracts, leases, or other necessary Instruments, purchase land and do all things necessary not 'prohibited bv law for the collection of solid waste, establishment and operation of sanitary disposal prol- ects, and general administration of the same. Any agreement executed with a private agency for the operation of a sanitary disposal project shall provide for the posting of a sufficient surety; bond by the irjvate agency conditioned uoon the faith- Sec. 16. Section lour hundred seven point hree (407,3), Code 1966, Is hereby amended by striking subsection two (2). Sec. 17. Section four hundred twenty point one hundred seventy-one (420.171). Code 1966, Is hereby amended by Inserting n line ten fio) after Ihe word ''viaducts" he words •', sanitary disposal projects as defined in section two (2) of this Act". Sec. 19. Chapter three hundred forty-six 3461, Code 1966, Is amended by adding he following new section thereto: ' "The-boards of - supervlsors"'6r"countres are hereby authorized lo contract indebtedness and to issue general obligation jonds of the county to provide funds to pay the cost ol establishing, constructing, scQulring, purchasing, equipping, improv- ng, extending, reconstructing and repair pr fu performance of the agreement. The commissioner of public halth shall administer the provisions of this Act, and the provisions of chapter one hundred thirty-five (135) of the Code shall be appli cable to this Act. Local boards-of health shall cooperate in the enforcement of this Act and the commissioner of public health may seek their aid and delegate duties ot the state department of health to local boards of health In the manner provided In chapter one hundred sixty-three (163), Acts of the Sixty-second General Assembly. Sec. 5. RULES AND REGULATIONS. The commissioner of public health shall promulgate, adopt and enforce rules for the proper administration of this Act which shall reflect and accommodate insofar as Is reasonably possible those current and generally accepted methods and techniques for treatment and disposition of solid waste which will serve the purposes of this Act, which shall take into consideration such factors. Including others which it may deem proper, as existing physical conditions, topography, soils ana geology, climate, transportation, and land use, such rules Including but not limited to rules relating to the establishment and location of sanitary disposal prolects, sani tary practices, inspection ot sanitary dis posal prolects, •collection of solid waste, disposal of solid waste, pollution controls, the Issuance of permits, approved methods Of private disposition of solid wajste, the general operation and maintenance of sanitary disposal proi eels, and the Implementation of this Act. Prior to issuance of rules—and regulations or amendments thereto, -the commissioner of public health shall hold at least-one public hearing on the proposed rules or amendments, anc shall give notice of such hearing at least thirty days In advance by publishing no tice in a newspaper of general circulation in the state. Tne Iowa air pollution contro commission and the Iowa water pollution control commission, or their successor agency, shall public healt all a th In , aid the commissioner o com inistr the administration of this WON'T RISE FOR JUDGE; 20 DAYS CHICAGO, ILL. (APt ^ A federal judge sentenced a youth In 20 days in jail for refusing to stand Friday in. U.S. District Act Including Ihp promulgation and adop tlon of rules and other duties which may be agreed upon bv the commissioner o public health and the Iowa air pollution control commission and the Iowa water pollution control commission, or. their successor ag°ncy. All 'rules promulgate) shall be sublect to the provisions chapter seventeen A (17A) of the Code. Se.c. 6. Certification of Sanitary Dlsposa The commissioner of oublic health shal certify if disposal projects operated o planned to "be operated by or for cities towns, counties and those operated by pri vate agencies meet the standards provided for bv this Act and. the rules and regu latons of the commissioner of Public 'bralth. by issuing a oermlt for exlstim disposal or elects which fully tcbmply, ant for olsnned fflnitary disposal orolect ; uhose clans fully comdly. with all provi sions of this Act and rules and regulation .mer Court Where he and 10 Others loulred by tis Act Is developed by a citv county or private agency and Is approved by Ihe commissioner of public h -- l *h fuerv city, town or county of this stale and every private aoency involve! in Ihe final disposal of solid waste shal qualify for a oermit by the first of July 1975 or be sublect to such legal action authorized by section ten (10) of this Act Permits shall be issued without fee by the commissioner of oublic health or a .. ^ .... , oca , bo9r(J of hea|fh ._. . ... _ Jisoosal prolect ooer ated In this state. Such permits shall be his direction, by a "for esch «ahltary" d tt are on trial charged with burn*" ing Selective Service records. Judge Edwin A. - Robson, who cited Frederick J. Chase, 26, "Detroit, for contempt, said the term would be served after the trial had ended. He also said the sentence was only .for Chase's actions in refusing to stand Friday. The judge said Chase refused to stand on eight other occasions and that the court would ••'-'keep track" of the times it was necessary to order federal i _„._..... . „... -„,„„.. ...... i i ^ i-r, /~iL r i_- ifound not to m«et the reoulrements of .the marshals to lift Chase from hlS j provision of this act or rules and reguia- . chair when the judge or jury |"sic. PnterPfJ 1 i op 1 m'enfof Plans. ""• NoTlaler'than iHirly month* Another defendant, Edward i5i f ?5. 1 ^ e ,?2 t «.2L l . hii ^. l .?. ver ,*; Issued "in the 'name "of , the city, town o county or, where applicable, in the name of the public or private agency operalin such orolect. Each sanitary disposal pro. ect shall be inspected annually by the commissioner of oubllc health or a loca ho;rd of health. The oermlts issued cu ' . s suant to this section shall be In addition any other ----" ur i to TicVrtses, Perinis" or variances Authorized or required by law, mcludina but not limited to, the provisions of chao ter three hundred fifty-elaht A (358A) o the Code. A permit may be suspended or revoked afler notice and hearing before the commissioner of public health or hi Ing sanitary disposal _ jpa. s as defined m section Iwo (2)-of this Act. Such bonds shall be in denominations of not less than one hundred dollars nor more than ten thousand dollars, and shall draw interest pi a raje not to exceed seven -per cent per annum, payable annually or seimannually. Such bonds shall >e due and payable' in not more than wentv years from the date of issuance 3ut mav be made - ' ..^'_."?!• »v» such manner and itated on the face thl .... to redemption In I pon such terms as is ereof, shall be in such .....„., „,„,. „. .„ „,.„ 'orm as the board of superv sors shall by resolution provide, and shall show on their lace that -they are county sanitary disposal bonds payable from the fund hereinafter jrovided. Funds available pursuant to the ed b jf ? ecllon elght (8 > of tnis use f l to " ay tn * Interest and uch bonds as they become , , principal of herl s l " the qe « atlon referred »i,., n section eight (8) of this Act shall not limit the source of payment of bonds and Interest but shall only restrict the amount of bonds which may be Issued. The money . fr'slnp from such levies shall be known Is the sanitary disposal bond fund and shall be used for the payment of such bonds and Interest thereon only; and the treasurer shall open and keep In his books a separate account thereof, whicfi shafl show u the' exact condition of such fund Such bonds shall be sold at public sSli and the county treasurer shall comply with and be governed by all provisions of chapter seventy-five (75) of the Code." ninSfi. ° 4 ,§SfV°, n !° ur hundred four point nineteen (404.19), Code 1966, as amended by chanter ninety-three (93), Acts of the Sixty-second General Assembly, is hereby {urther •amended bv inserting In line flf- feen (15) after Ihe word "of' the words "establishing, cqnslrqcting, acquiringTpur- uipping. improving, extending, — "--'•--•• "'- In lieu thereof the words "oovernina bortv of the city, town, county, or sanitary dls- . Ihe Inserting In line two (21 after! rd "ordinance" th/ words or, 'svtrlklna from line ten (101 every- j thlna after the word "works' and IMsrt- ng In lieu thereof the following: "•The govern no, body of such city, town, ; eouSv or sanJtarv district may also bv ordinance or resoutlon establish and maintain lust and equitable rates or charges for the Use of and the services and facilities rendered by a sanitary dsposal pro «ct. Such governing body may readlust such rates or charges from time to time ana mav charge and col ect reasonable rates and charges for landing. (S1 , 3 r 1 ik| l n n g C "line e -s.ven,,en (17 and inserting In lieu thereof the words "repair maintenance, acquisition, purchase. construction, eouloplng. Improv- Ing and extension of the sanitary dls- In line twenly-five (25) "ordinance" th f words . In lln, twenly-seven (27) after the word "such" the words •'sanitary disposal prolect or". ' Sec. 29. Section three hundred ninety- four Point twelve (394,12). Code 1966. Is hereby amended as follo ing from after the word "7. r Ty IU |ns n ertino . lows: Hn^ 806 LOCUST ! U nnwni. u ,., ^un,«.. i o iBUS BOV. Morning hours. "Pleasnnl I Anywhere in'Yowa'we'are interested ^ rn ° aU g d . nr ' n( L 5 A lld * pp |;;n SfVh Ur ^8{! In your story. Write 0-255 Register Fi a "£ 9er ' Holid «v Inn South, 21011 and Tribune. • rlrur - , i FILMS DEVELOPED 39c a Exposure Black and While, 39c; 1? Exp., 50c; Color reprints 19c e*. . DEAN STUDIOS, 913 WALNUT ST., _DJJ_M01NJJ i JLQWA_5Q302.. ; LOW auto, house or cycle Ins. rates.' Even II cancelled. Fast S.R. tt's.l Mobile Homes, Campers and boat 1 ;. Isadore Risslcn, 321 E. Fifth si... 7BB-1043, 274-1794. 74 hour service. I LOWEST AUTO INSURANCE RATE'S" For cancelled, relected or SR 22 Immediate SR tiling. EZ terms. Write Mike Ananla Ins., 407 Court ave., Des Moines, la. 243-8666. " -nn>TD-?TFiT)'NTTfriAnNfA" • FEMALE MASSEUSES ON DUTY 12:00 Noon to 4:00 A.M. LOT-MAN Must Be Experienced In Cleaning Cars. See Bill Moyer. 3017 E 14th St. 4 Wheels. Inc. MECHANIC . OUTBOARD MOTOR OMC_and_Me.r«yry__neMssary j_uj.l_ time employment/ send written rt- sume and approximate salary to 0263 Register and .Tribune Cab Drivers FULL OR PART TIME Must know Des Moines Stress. YELLOW CAB CO. See Mr. Douglas or Mr. Llovd 550 Seventh St.. Des Moines CAB DRIVERS RUANCABCO. 28-78-111 CARPENTERF MAINTENANCE MACHINIST Lathe, mill, blue nrlnl, and fabrica i "-- > \ General knowledtn nent and electrical lion experience.'General knowledge of heavy «auipmer problems desired. help wanted on pole hay sheds. Can use man out bi>. cause ol strike. Ph. 967-4721. COLLECTORS Apolicani must havi eenerm shop ! tools. ^Excellent benefits. ! Great Plains Bag Co. 2201 Bell Ave. _A_n_._Equal Opportunity Employer MECHANIC, JOURNEYMAN Excellent company benefits and working conditions. Apply In person. KENWORTH MID-IOWA. INC. 1423 Delaware ...P 65 M <* lr !" ~ MEN'S CLOTHING Youne asuresslve salesman lor youim high fashion business. Also man Inr regular clothing and furnishings sales. Managerial opoortunlty. Exn. h M P ARCOVIS STORE FOR MEN 504 ..Grand, 934 6th AVI FARM BUREAU INSURANCE 10th and CAS id Grand FOR D\f »»•«"' TELEPHONE WORK Full lime and part time positions, for 282-8171 jH FOR DIAMONDS, OLD GOLD, IEWELRY. SEE MR. LEVICH. 3SRS JEWELERS 3J7-7lh alerl, energetic Individuals. Full pay while tralnlna. Hours available. full time 7 AM to 3 PM and 3 PM to 11 PM. Part time hours arranged to tit your schedule. Call Wayne Nisoell al 244-7844. An Eoual Opportunity Employer SERVICE REPAIRMAN FRANTZ/fHE'BLINb'MASSEUR I _Meji and women welcome. 274-370'i ' . . . GOT A problem? Get the riqht attf-l rnAAA/ICDriAl DUCT/UIDAMT lude. Dlal-A-Thouoht 255-2157. LUWMtKUAL KbblAUKANI Transportation, Travel 150 DRtVE'R needed to San Diego and- San Francisco area. Not a lob. , AAcon Auto Transport 281-4856 DRIVING to Long Beach, Caht. May 12th. Room for 2. 282-9363 aft. 6. Nursery, Seed. Plants ISO Maintenance iVlan- Need all around mechanic for croduo tlon maintenance. Top wages, APPLY TO MR. PERSON: BORDEN INC. 2341 2nd Ave. Des Molnas. la. 50313 MAINTENANCE MEN (2) Electrical Plumbing and pipe fitting experience necessary. Contact: Bldg. Supt., Rm.. 102, Insurance Exch. Bldg., 5lh and Grand. NIGHT MAN II PM to 7 AM. Malur.?. Aonlv in person 7 AM to 5 PM MonrMv 'HOLIDAY STATION STORE- _270L_E. JJNIVERSJJY OFFICE ENGINEER Man with engineering background, lo handle pumps and mechanical tqulpment. We will train. Our employees know of this ad. Write Q-259 Register and Tribune w A N T A D s SELL AntiquBt Boat* I MAINTENANCE MAN Dfs Mojnes private elementary two (2) the i FOR SALE: Vegetable olants. 30c a -dor. variety of Flower plnnts, 50c » thereof the words ". towns, counties, a Sa 2 nita B V v IMS' 'from line nine m th. word "municipalities" and Insertinn 'lieu thereof the word.* "cilv. countv. or sanitary. PLANTS '-'Pinks, verbenas, .. creeping phlox. 50c. 1106 S.W. Ki frV- word* ' ( district". In town, untv. or sanitary district". • 3. By strlklnn from line ten (10) every"" thing after .the word "chapter" and Insertino in. lieu thereof a Period. 4. Bv striking lines eleven (11) Ihrouah sixteen (161. .inclusive. aftei ERY Trees, reasonable prices. S.W. 74th. 285-1667 aft. 5. CONCRETE FINISHER OR CURB BUILDER Call 285-2072 alter 7 PM CONCRETE FINISHER nual salary. Refs, req. Write 6-2451 ' Register and Tribune. ! .MAN-MATURE ! j Dishwashing and night maintenance. Apply In person. Chez Bon Restau- i rant Ramada Inn. 4685 N.E. 14lh. Ames ,. Man to Work in Donut Shop -•Jo sunda'V orToTidays. S day week Apply aller 4 P.M. MAMA LACONA'S 3629 Beaver (161. i r Insertli Instruction SALESMATT i sol COOK . .kpply 2110 _„ „ Manlev Truck Stop and Restaurant 5 By nsertlnq in line twenty-three,, (231 ; after the word "of" the,;word< "such: sanitary disposal prolect or". i Unlimited earning power for success minded well-trained graduates PRACTICAL BUSINESS 6 Bv T str?6ina l from'"Mhe''twentV-five (251.' ADMINISTRATION TRAINING words "or town'' and inserlinq in i _WITH EMPLOYABLE RESULTS! the lieu , "or town" and — thereof the words ". town, county, ! "SeW T d n S ere C is-hereby appropriated! from the general fund of the state to Ihp j state department of health the .sum of, fifty thousand (50,000) dollars, or — , much thereof as mav be necessary. , so i ih'r'flscaT 'year b'eoTnnrrio Julv 1. 1970 ! and ending June 30. 1971. for salaries, support, maintenance, planning, and miscellaneous expenses Incurred In administering the provisions of this Act. - , . Sec. 31. Chapter two hundred thirty-six" (236) Acts of the Sixty-third General) Assembly, First Session, is hereby! amended bv striking from line one hyn-f dred thirty-eight (138) the word "six" and Inserting in lieu thereof the word This Act, belns deemed of; Guidance Testing — Free Placement Approved for veterans Training Air Conditioned Cla^3 Rooms NEW QUARTERS JUNE 8-SEPT. 8-NOV. 30 Write,- Visit, or Call 244-4221 for free 64 Page Catalog American. Institute Business :ySTODIAN-Manager tor U unit apt.! bldg. Dick Apts. 3616 University in exchange for unfurn. 2 bdrm. apt. plus garage. Must be over 25 and married. No students. Call Mr. Utterback 255-5236 eves, and Salu- days. MANAGER TRAINEES Young iqqreisive people needed. Hard work will be rewarded with: good compensation and advancement. Aoply In person. MINNIE PEARL CHICKEN 2447 Hubbell. Des Molnea MANAGER. For ready mix plant Oenlson. Ipwa, year around work. Aooly Box 71. Missouri Valley, Iowa. An equal opportunity employer CUSTODIAN ; MANAGER license For Central Iowa Fraternal Lodge. Approximately. .1000 members.! iwith engineer's or fireman'! 1 for downtown church. Call 243-7691 for apol. CUSTODIAN WANTED Nice apt. plus small salary. Please 424 10th AIB Bldg. DM "THE SCHOOL OF RESULTS" "seven 1 Sec. .32. Immediate Importance, shall be in full force and effect from and after Its passage and publication In th> Globe- , aper published in Mason i Des Moines Register. ' . call, 288-7303. 801 Locust DELIVERY MAN B-IO A.M.- Must be capable of managing dining room and club facllltle: X-732 Register and Tribune. Operating Engineer. 'Must be able-to qualify for Des Moines' engineer license. Will work in an automated plant requiring the -operation of controls to boilers _arid aiV ^conditioning equipment. Uniforms furnished. Benefits include: accumulative sick leave, pension plan, vacation and health insurance. APPLY PERSONNEL DEPT. Iowa Methodist Hospital 1200 Pleasant, Des Moines lilies. Write DIE AND TOOL Local manufacturer of metal stampings and wire products needs ex- Berienced man to work day shift, sual fringe benefits. No age limit. Apply in person to EMCO INDUSTRIES INC. 220 NEW YORK AVENUE Gazette; a newspape CMv Iowa, and Th* DISMANTELING TRACTORS chasing, eg. reconstructing and renalrl uc •oil posal prolects as del (2) of this Act or epa e fin edTn -sanitary dis- m section two published Speaker of the House. I hereby certify that this bill originated in the Senate-end is known as Senate File 1232. sixty-third General Assembly. CARROLL A. LANE. Secretary of the Senate. Approved Mav^l970. ROBERT D Governor. 21. Section three hundred ninety-! •3 T n' 39< '."' Cod " ""' '* nere ' I u,J;"^i s L r "S ing (r om ",ne one (I) the' tn/renf ?h nd tow J? s .?."" inse rtlng In lieu ' § SL t. e ii, wor< ? s ' '?,*""! counties." . i ,.l- & *!!*"!? nes. five In and six 16} i Deaths powered to own, acgulre, establish,^construct, purchase, equip, Improve, extend, operate, maintain, reconstruct, purchase « .„ . Improve, extend, operate, maintain econstruct and repair within or without the corpora e limits" I ANDREWS - Services' for William Jennings Andrews of Pacoima, California formerly of Des Moines will be held Saturday 10:30 AM at Hamilton's Funeral Home. Interment Highland Memory Gardens. BARBERIO — Services for Mrs. Emma Barberio, age 76. of 307 Southeast Klrkwood, will be Tuesday »:30 A.M. at St. Anthony's. Rosary 8 P.M. Monday at Tonini Funeral Home. Interment Glendale. j Cora CONKLIN—Services onklln ,twelve (12) the or town> ,. and Insert | nB ' in ' Me thereof the words, "town, countv er sanitary district, including sanitary dfs- (2Ji of thfsAct " S de " ned ln *«""•" two 5. By striking ..., word "district. lk . -•jV.Ii 1 ''/?' fro , m line nineteen (19), "je word "the" and inserting in lieu thereof the words "such sanitary disposal proi- ec l ,°I such'.. : __ for Mrs. Conklln of 3222 Fourth street, Mother of Mrs. Violet Madsen, will be 2:00 P.M. Monday at United Methodist Church at West Liberty, Iowa. Friends may call at Dahlslrom's Funeral Horn* 9:00. A.M to 9:00 P.M~ Sunday. COURTNEY—Services for Miss Loretta Courtney of 1115 Wolcott Will be Monday 9:30 A.M. at Chrlit-toe- Klng Church. Rosary 4 P.M. Sunday at Dunn's on Southwest Ninth m.GDAY — For Information regard- inn services for Robert E. Hlgday,.- 1305 Pleasant call Dunn's on Grand- W-2121 for Mrs. LEARN HAIRSTYLING Iowa's Largest — State Accredited Student Loans Available DAY OR EVENING CLASSES Free Graduate placement service FOR COMPLETE INFORMATION' Write or oil 283-2721 Americana Beauty Academy 414 5th Ave. Des Moines SUMMER Q0AR~fE~S STARTS JULY 6TH Courses offered in Data Processing,iMan with salvage yard experience Computer programming. and his own tools lo work in Ihe fOl I FRF OF AIITDMATIfiN var(< - Permanent position. Some LULLCOC ur ttU I UWHIIU1N mechanical knowledge regulred. 3001 Grand . 243.8696 Des Moines CENTRAL TRACTOR PARTS.CO. LEARN IBM 360- , ... HIJ E. Euclid COMPUTER PROGRAMMING ' r\DACTC^AAM '"• om VAAMOVED 508H " h : UKAMoAAAN Qes Moines, Iowa 50309 BARBERING And men's hair styling. Classes now starting. Student loans available. VA approved. Iowa Barber College, Des Moines, Iowa 50316. MANUFACTURING ENGINEERS Unlimited career opportunities with a leader in the v«v* manufacturing Industry since 1895. We are «eeking highly motivated manufacturing and'or Industrial engineers to complete the staff iln our new automated valve plant located in a small congenial Iowa community. A technical degree combined with line and-or staff experience in manufacturing or engineering is the preferred background. Starting salaries are flexible reflecting Individ ual competence and attainment. CRANE COMPANY"' WASHINGTON, IOWA An egual opportunity employer. OPERATORS Capable of operating backhoe. graders, and end loaders. J< 75 oer hour, plenty of overtime. Economy Construction, Inc. 724 N. 2nd SI. Clinton, Iowa 319-242-4270 or 319-259-1210 With detail and layout experience. Des Moines, Iowa 5031 LEARN Auto-Diesel Mechanics LINCOLN TECHNICAL INSTITUTE 1326 Walnut St. Des Moines. la. DINING room suite, Drexel 8 Piece. S400. ' Call 277-6548.| Mtn—Jobs of Interest 190 ACCOUNTANT The Des Moines based firm we represent, is an established leader in tne I construction-engineering field. They have an excellent opportunity for n , man lo head their cost accounting .- function. Responsibilities will in- elude labor, equipment and .. m a I eri a I. cost allocations, and maintenance -et--contract cecords Construction accounting experience very desirable. Your response will be treated In confidence. No fees. Call or write R. L. Nelson. 2 years metal experience pre- stamping ferred. CALL 274-3641 DAYS OR 279-4938 EVENINGS OPERATORS WANTED for scraper, dozer and patrol. Osslan. Iowa Ph. 319-532-4968 days. 319-5324575 or 319-532-7178 nltes. REILLY CONSTRUCTION CO.. INC. An egual opportunity emolovtr. OWNER-OPERATORS With tandem tractors to haul meat from Sioux City > and Eastern Nebraska points to Illinois, Missouri. Kansas, Indiana, Michigan, "and Ohio points. Back hauls, top nav. GREEN FIELD TRANSPORT FT. DODGE, IA. 576-5111 DRIVER-OWNERS' With lalt model single or tandem axle tractor or financially capable of purchasing this type of equipment. We are a Class I heavy and specialized carrier operating throughout the United States. Owner-Opera tors must be at least 25, have i years verifiable sem.i experienci u an col lee and capable of passing th. physical requirements. You are welcome to come in or call " 816-452-2800. DEALERS TRANSIT INC. 601 Ins. I CO^ Hougham e of i .2613 West- ' v 1rom ", ne 'wenly-one (21) palit the words "the-respective mun cipalities" and inserting-In lieu thereof the word! them . : '9,- Bv , -f trik i n », <rom lines twenty-three, (23) and twenty-fouc.'(24)'the words "ac- ' SX'll"?' " 51ur ?.has!ng or constructing" and 1 nsertmo In lieu thereof the words "establishing, acqr llipr "- -,,«*.«^__— ------t*'.?X Ing, eqr'~'• constru....... maintaining" , acquiring, ourchasJng: conslr ,„ r JU !PP' n «' Improving, extending, constructing, repairing, operating. ilntalnl nn " itruct- re- or Jl- By Inserting in lint twenty-four (24) f'ler the word B such" the words "sanitary district project or such." 12. By striking from line twenty-six (26) the words "or town" and Inserting In lieu $st 1*1" " town ' county ' m Inserting* in line twenty-seven (27) i word the" the words "sanitary striking from line twenty-eight words "or town" and Inserting in sanitary district". | ,' 5 .. By striking from lines twenty-nine: (») and thirty (30 the words "by the re.vective municipalities". 14. By Inserting In line thirty (30) alter the period the following: "As used in this chapter the words 'works and facilities', •works./ or 'facilities' shall Include but not, •— "-'led to san tary disposal proiecls as ? ., (jj'if this ' ' " HOUGHAM Leela M. Hou _. over Blvd. will be Monday, II A.M. Dunn's-on Grind. Interment Panora. Iowa. _ KIMBALL — Services for Edward Kimball 684 Harwood Drive will be Saturday 3 'P.M. at punn'i on Grand. Interment Glendale. MACKRILL—Services for Mrs. Lulu W: Mackrlll of 2501 Twenty-fourth will be Monday 9:30 A.M. at Dunn's on Grand. Interment Dunlap, Iowa ? P.M. STEWART—Services for Mrs. Ruth W,.,SWw«rf. 662 TweMy-tlfth Street w I be held Saturday 1:30 PM at the Xyle* A.M.I. Zlon, Church. Interment Sunset Memorial Garf ens. Hamilton's' Service. N DRAKE - Graveside services and interment for Anton M. Van Drake, formerly of 5904 Harlan Drive will be held Saturday 10:30 A.M. at Glendale Cemetery. Hamilton's Service. AMKEMY STEFANI—Services for Mrs. Elisa Stefani. ege 51, of 504 Elm Street will b« Monday 10:30 A.M. at Our Lady Immaculate Heart Church, Ankeny. Regular Rosary { P.M. Sunday, Catholic Daughter Rosary and Past Grand Regents Rosary AD COMPOSITOR T-Experienced,-small city daily. 40 hr. I wk. Vi day Sat. Good wages and i fringe benefits. -Atlantic Mews-Tele| graph, Atlantic, la. Ph. 712-243-2624 I ASSISTANT MANAGER Man who can quickly develop Into an assistant manager with our-com- "jst be 21 543-768; U.S. 69 North, Kansas City, Mo. 64119 •*-* Equal opportunity Employer " "'DRIVERS'" We need two ' well Qualified driver 1 for » Iwo man operation an a Flor ids haul. Near new equioment, bel l?r than average pay. Apolv. CROSSROADS USA 11957 Douulas DRIVERS-SEMI pany. Must be 21 or over. No ex perlence necessary. Good salary and emclovt benefits. ,, . DHCTAI TUDICT IAAMC I Year around, not seasonal. 350 ml rUSIAL -JJiKIrl LUANb | radius. ICC. «xp. nee. 760 NE 47th 417-lOlh' OesMolntsI _EL ASSISTANT MANAGER Meed 2 clean cut young men to learn fast food business. S400 Per month while training. Apply at: KENTUCKY ROAST BEEF *!3t Douglas, Des Moines, la. UnffmnnE "W ' Tnu/a fit\i 'la ating or< planning to operate a sanitary HOllmanS, «, lOWa Uiy, ia., disposal orolect shall file with the, com- (iieruple^ Uie COMrt OH tWO J"^* 0 - 1 ^ ofou Wjclieallha.qlan detailing occasions. Home. Interment Glendale. it* 05CEOL* I — Services ,—'nrcpun- iy with the Hoffmans, who was denied lhe right to represent himself, told the judge: "I want the ladies and gentlemen of the jury to know that you are try- iflg to usurp the rights of myself and Fred Chase." SAN BIRDS OF PftEY LONDON. ENGLAND (REUTERS) -r Britain will ban imports of birds of prey starting \ July except under license, the Home Office announced Friday. of public health shall review ea ilMloner icn plan com- TtfiKC ,„.._,„ „ „„. cityyTgwn,"c'ouhty and oriyafe agency aporoDfiate toons for me .submfssjeh of Plans — J — ••-'-' of any. t aulno may. in lieu of the levy aulnori thirty-two D " Code. annu< ml,. section three hundred thirty-two point .#) of the Code, annua ly -fourth mill fy-two (3M__. : a lax not to exce .. all <rom lint (i) the I words "or town, or m" and jnsertina in lieu thereof the words, "town, county, or ' • (10) through THURSTON — Services for Llo*d Thurston will be Sunday, May 10th, S:30 P.M. at the United Methodist Church in Osceola. Interment will be Maple^Mfli gem«tery.< pscftola, Remarkable! That's what thousands say about the bargains they find in the Classified Section. Ptrstntli DRY BULK Transport Drivers Application taken for full or par time drivers. Hourly rates plu 1 mileage incentive plan, company paid Insurance and pension plan Must pass D.O.T. physical, imum age 23, apply 5201 S.W. "f lai mln Park TRUCKING CO. ELECTRICIANS Residential and Commercial. Wlllinc to work. Reply to P.O. Box 726 FA Marshalllown. l9wa. ARM HAND... hay operation, ne chores, small mod. house. Hay fc Implement, Altoona uc in^wip nil! VQineicrjr, UAU Iowa Webster Funeral Home. WEST Pi 2. By'striking from line three (3) the word* "collection and" and Inserting in lieu thereof the words use of ana the services and facilities to be rendered by --- sanitary disposal prelect or for the- icOonanO'" ......... from lines fi.vt (iJ and COOPER — S cooper; of»» will be. S» McLaren's. Cemetery KAI it SlWy'-thlrd A.M. at .Glendale aren'*. Cem- WINTE f aw «0*.« Zloo. Church. "cWT& ifTHABKS published Tn iter and Tribune js a fit- I«IB w*y.}o *»£«» your appreciation of ftoral tributes, oifls and olher kiwmetses. Call 2M-aui tor , ,- ,. .._,..,™, >n «n« .eight («J *Her the word such the wo/ds 'oroiect or". ' 5. By inserting in line nina i*j att»r AMPLE IS«0-2nd Av*. Boarding . and Day School for Boys Mpgnt Michael Benedictine High School Elkhorn, Nebr. 68022 Conducted— by- 4Jie 8ene-| dictine Monks. For more inform a lion wiitei Eev. Mario fira Ifcb, O.S.8. or call 40?289-2541. welding dept, Small Det Moines manufacturer with progressive new management seeks innovative result oriented individual lo supervise welding department. Qualifications should include arc and mig yeld- ing experience In sleel plate fabrication. High school education or equivalent desirable. Profit sharing management incentive bonus plan. Complete fringe btnfit package. Send resume «nd salary requirement to O-26I, Regitt and Tribune. We are taking applications for Telephone equipment installers Experience installing central office equipment necessary. Wages commensurate . with experience and ability. Contact Personnel department. United Telephone Company of Iowa Telephone 515-792-8141 115 So. ^pd Ave. West, Newton, la. 50208 AN EQUAt OPPORTUNITY EMPLOYER ' REGISTERED PHARMACIST One of Northwest Iowa's largest Pharmacies needs experienced capable Pharmacist Registered in Ipwa. 44 hour week. Vacation, Insurance, Medical and Life. $265 per week to start. Call or write, Manager Drug Department. , , Bellas Hfess Super Store Highway 75 at Glenn Av«. j. Sioux City, Iowa 51106 712-276-1231 Production Workers No experience required Company paid training program Advancement to semi-skilled and skilled positions. Good company benefits Overtime being worked Pittsburgh-Des Moines Steel Company * 9600 Htekojan, dive An equal opportunity employer Dogs Electric Ranges Furs Guitan Home Furnishing! ______ Indian Clubs Jacki Kettledrum! Luggage Motori Nonlai Qboei Pett Q-jil'r! Radios Sporting Goods TV'i Umbrella! Valve! Wa'sheri Xylophone! Yacht! Zircon! Air Conditioner Bike! Cribi Drumi Embroidery Fishing Rodt Golf Clubs Highboy! Insulation Juvenile Furniture Kodakt Lampi Microscope! Nursery Furniture Organ! Pianoi Quivtn Refrigeraton Stereo* Ttbltt UkulelM Vaporizer! Winchei Yard Tooli Zithers Cill 284-8141, or Use tht AIL IOWA UNE 100-362-1834 ITS FBil

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