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Pampa Daily News from Pampa, Texas · Page 1

Pampa, Texas
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Friday, June 23, 1972
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. ; 7,V. . , ? -~, r 0 Major Flood Warnings Ilsued » 3 States; Agnes Claims 47 Lives -' N.Y. in Anes were cosy iy THE ASSOCIATED PRESS Tropical Storm Agnes and a new storm developing inland dumped more rain on the soaked communities of central Pennsylvania and southwestern New York today/while the Ohio River at Pittsburgh surpassed flood stage. The death toll in the storm's wafce climbed to 47 by late morning, wKh a More or more missing and feared dead, Major evacuations were under way in parts of western Pennsylvania and New York State. The National Weather Service in Pittsburgh reported the water level at The Point-the juncture Of the Monongahela and Allegheny rivers where the Ohio begins—was 25.9 feet. Flood level is 25 feet. The Point is in downtown Pittsburgh. "Stealing is evil because ownership is good." —Dr. D. Elton Trueblood •^•^^ "As of now, we're saying the river could go as much as 10 feet over the flood stage," the spokesman said, noting that radar had tracked new rain moving toward the area from Ohio. "Before this thing is over, we are going to be in for a major flooding on the Ohio, Allegheny and Monongahela rivers," predicted William Long, a weather service hydrologist. Meanwhile Agnes-demoted several days ago from hurricane status—continued her pout, packing a ravaging clout. in Elmira in western New York State, where up to half the city's 40,000 residents had been evacuated, the Chemung River left its banks. At Corning, where the Chemung also flooded, water poured over 23-foot high dikes and cascaded into the downtown area. Virtually all the 17,000 residents had been evacuated. The Allegheny broke frotfi its banks in Olean and Salamanca, N.Y. • .' • '' . National Guard units in both New York and Pennsylvania were assisting the evacuation or thousands from flood-threatened and rain-ravaged communities. Flood warnings were issued for all of western Pennsylvania as the new rains moved into the area from the west. State police said the death count in the state at midmorning stood it 22. up from 12. Eight persons were listed as missing. ••We have a major disaster developing,' a spokesman for the National Weather Service in Pittsburgh had said before the Ohio surpassed the flood stage. . Transportation and utilities were crippled from Virginia to near Albany, N.Y., in Agnes wake. Several communities were forced to boil drinking water to assure purity. As the James River flooded over its banks in Richmond, Va., Gov. LinWood Holton declared a state of emergency in Virginia. He said he would ask President Nixon to declare the state a disaster area. On the Allegheny above Pittsburgh, at least two docks were ripped from their moorings by the rampaging waters, sending a score of boats pinwheeling wildly downstream. To the south in Richmond, Va., officials girded for a feared cresting of the James River at the 35-foot level this afternoon-26.5 feet above the flood stage. City and state offices and financial and federal agencies in downtown Richmond were closed for the day. ,.,..„ ,u n Agnes also stirred up Lake Erie, lashing the shoreline of Ohio with waves up to 12 feet high and creating a flood hazard with heavy rains in some areas. There was no immediate word on when the sprawling, swirling Ohio might crest. The drenching rain, now in its fourth day, was also causing widespread mudslides in western Pennsylvania. Slides were occurring "faster than we can possibly keep up with them," said a spokesman for the state transportation department. Massive evacuations were under way in Harrisburg, WilkesBarre and Clearfield County. Rivers were overflowing in Philadelphia. Serving The Top 0' Texas •« Years WEATHER Partly cloudy and a little warmer through Saturday, with chance for thunderstorms. High in low 90s, low in mid-60s. Thirty per cent chance of rain through Saturday. Yesterday's high, 85. Today's low, 67. Moisture: .26 inch. VOL.68—NO. 67 Circulation Certified by ABC Audit THE PAMPA DAILY NEWS FRIDAY, JUNE 23, 1972 §••«•* Ik Wt*k Dijri l*e IT'S ONLY JUST BEGUN-Dietra Bradshcr, 9. daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Billy G. Bradsher, 1216 S Faulkner, begins work on a choker necklace made of telephone wire. Dielra is one of the students participating in the city's summer recreation program. She was working on the necklace during an arts and crafts session at Sam Houston Elementary School. The recreation program will end July 28. H (Staff Photo by John Eblmgi President May Lift Meat-Import Quotas WASHINGTON (API-President Nixon says he is considering lifting meat-import quotas temporarily to slow the rise in food prices, while keeping open the option of tougher controls on food. Nixon told newsmen Thursday that he has directed a study of the impact of lifting the quotas, a move designed to expand the U.S. supply of meat. He conceded it may take a while for such a move to work. "It will not affect the problem immediately, but at least it would affect it over the next few months, "Nixon said. As the President spoke, his Cost of Living Council, overseer of wage-price controls, met at the White House to consider whether price controls should be expanded to try to combat the sharp rise inJnod prfces. The council n»- Utime it a recommen^pBR fiy the Price Commission that the current exemption ot raw agricultural products from controls be ended, or that "firm and imme- Local Home Burglarized The Gray County Sheriff's Department is investigating the burglary of the home of Bob McCoy, 210 W. Harvester sometime Thursday night. McCoy reported the theft of clothing containing his billfold with some $200. and cards in it. According to the investigative report of Depuiy D.L Day, McCoy placed his clothing on a 1 rack in his bedroom upon retiring for the night. The house was locked with exception of two windows used for ventilation. According to the report, the burglary bore strong indications of having been committed by someone familiar with the layout of the house and the habits of McCoy. The investigation will continue. diate" action be taken to try to bring the food-price situation under control. But Donald Rumsfeld, council director, remarked to reporters that he regards the Price Commission's action as a "modest little missive." The spokesman said the commission's recommendation had been under study for some time. Besides removing the exemption on raw agricultural products, the government has considered a temporary freeze on farm products, limiting the costs that wholesalers and retailers can pass through when they sell food, and tougher enforcement. Sea. Tower's \bsenteeism Attacked WASHINGTON tAP) - Sen. John Tower, R-Tex., drew heavy verbal fire Thursday from the Democrat who hopes to unseat him in the November general election, Barefoot Sanders. Accusing Tower of a miserable record of absenteeism and of opposing progressive legislation, Sanders told newsmen: "I think Texans are moderate to moderate-conservative. 1 think Tower is out of step with that. His record is not at all progressive." Asked if he was trying to picture Tower as another far- right conservative like Barry Goldwater. Sanders replied, 'I don't have to paint him as a Goldwater—he's already there. His votes on issues arecright along the line with Goldwater. But the fact also is he hasn't been there and hasn't been paying any attention to Texas on the issues." Sanders said Tower's absenteeism averaged 47 per cent after his re-election in 1968 until late 1971. when he began gearing up for this year's reelection bid. VEE Cases Reported In Mexico WASHINGTON (AP) - The Agriculture Department has sounded a seasonal alert for equine encephalomyelitis, sleeping sickness of horses. The department urged owners throughout the country to vaccinate their horses, ponies, mules and burros for the three types of encephalomyelitis present in the United States. It said Mexico already has reported three outbreaks of the deadly Venezuelan equine encephalomyelitis (VEE) this year. The outbreaks show a northward progression with the latest located in the state of Durango, about 650 miles from the Texas border. The department said effective vaccines are available to immunize horses against the three horse sleeping sicknesses found in this country: VEE plus Eastern and Western equine encephalomyelitis (EEE and WEE). All three diseases are transmitted to horses by mosquitoes. A serious VEE outbreak occurred in this country in 1971, and^iwther outbreak is feared this year. ' ""''"' ' ••--•«-' 20 Quakes On Moon Detected SPACE CENTER, Houston (AP) — Seismometers left on the moon by Apollo astronauts have detected 20 different source locations of moonquakes and all are from deeper beneath the surface than any quake on earth, a scientist said here Thursday. Dr. Gary Latham of the Lamont-Doherty observatory of Columbia University said the source of the energy for the quakes are all about 600 miles beneath the moon's surface in a zone that he says may "be something special." Latham said some type of energy in the zone is causing small, but periodic quakes which are being detected by the seismometers at the Apollo landing sites. The quake sites are being pinpointed, he said, but it's still unknown exactly what causes them. Lathan said the moon could be molten at depth, or it could be cooling and contracting. The small quakes occur monthly whenever the moon passes through the point in its orbit nearest the earth. This indicates, he said, that tidal stresses have some triggering effect. Latham said the seismometers have also picked up a hint of a lunar core. This is indicated by reflected seismic signals, he said. "There may be a deep reflector in the moon," he said, but it's too early to determine if this is a core. "We can't make a good case for that now," he said. "We have just a hint." Latham made his remarks at a news conference. Another scientist at the conference, Dr. Farouk el Baz of Bellcomm Inc., announced that he has discovered a new mountain range and a basin on the moon. By studying special lunar phogorapns taken by Apollo 16 astronauts, el Baz said he has found the formations on the lunar far side. The American Mountains make up one side of an impact ring within the Arabin Basin, which he said was formed more than four billion years ago by a meteorite impact. Busing Provisions Criticized By Nixon SPACE SHUTTLE—Development of a space shuttle transportation system is a nation-wide project which will involve Texas com pan rested workers. The Orbiter will take scientists, satellites and laboratories into earth orbit on a routine basis, according to Stephen H. Nelson, director of material at the space division of North American Rockwell, a California company under consideration by the National Aeronautics and Space Administration as a contractor for the project. Price Denies Charges On A ttendance Record By LARRY HOLLIS Rep. Bob Price denied today that he has a poor attendance record at Congressional committee and subcommittee meetings. Rep. Olin. E. Teague, a Democrat House member from Bryan, Tex., charged Wednesday that Price, a Republican, had only a 58 per cent attendance record for meetings of the House Science and Astronautics Committee and two of its subcommittees. Teague made his charges against Price after Price sent out a newsletter dated June 13 listing the attendance record of all Texas representatives for roll call votes. According to the newsletter, Teague had the lowest attendance record, with 67.8 per cent. Price has introduced a bill which would require members of Congress "to be recorded on at least 70 per cent of all roll call votes during a session of Congress or lose their jobs." In a telephone interview this forenoon, Price said his bill would make allowances for absence due to official business or illness. Price said "in all fairness" Teague had been in the hospital, which might account for his low attendance record. The Pmapa congressman said Teague's charges against him were made in the nature of "a personal vendetta" but that all attendance records are public knowledge and are printed in the Congressional Quarterly. Price said his release of the attendance figures were not directed against any one individual. He also denied he had a poor attendance record for the committee meetings. Price noted that he is a member of two full committees and five subcommittees. in addition to the Science committee, Price is a member of the Agriculture Committee. Price said he believes that the area he represents is more agriculturally oriented so he spends more time with the Agriculture Committee and its subcommittees. At present, Price said, many committee meetings are scheduled at the convenience of the chairman. As a result, many Governor Smith Approves Family Planning Grants AUSTIN (API - Gov. Preston Smith approved federal grants today for family planning, Head Start programs for pre-school age children and other anti-poverty projects throughout the state. The grants include: —145.000 for a special health program for low-income children in Galveston. through May 31,1973. —122.000 to Community Action Program, Inc., in Abilene for family planning and a senior citizens program. —$20,000 for general technical assistance for agencies in Henderson, Marshall, Mount Ver- non, Linden, Center and Nacogdoches. —$50,000 for prenatal care for low-income women in San Saba, Mason, Mills, Llano, Menard. Limestone, Freestone, Falls, Bosque and Gillespie Counties. -$28,000 for family planning in the Wichita Falls area. —$20,000 to expand the family planning program in the Abilene area, including infant formula and vitamins. —$11,600 for family planning—primarily the treatment of medical problems—in Hays and Caldwell Counties. —$41.500 to augment the al- cholism program in Galveston. meetings often are scheduled at the same time, the Congressman said. During such a situation, Price said he usually chooses to attend the Agriculture Committee meetings but that he makes the Science Committee meetings as often as he can. "I'll compare my attendance record with any of the Texas delegation, "Price said. Teague made no reference to Price's attendance at the Agriculture Committee meetings. Price said he did not understand why Teague got so upset, but "my race is not against Tiger Teague." Price said he had heard that others would try to claim he was absent when he introduced his bill on attendance. He said he introduced the bill during a regular session, then he had to leave to catch a plane to make a speaking engagement in his Congressional district. A roll call was taken after he left, and showed that Price was absent. But he stressed that he was there when he introduced the bill. Price also noted that he expects similar charges to be brought against him, including a claim that he owns a big yacht. "1 do have a boat," Price said. "It's not a yacht, but what's the matter with having a boat?" Price said the criticism being directed against him has nothing to do with the issues that affect the people. "They have nothing else to talk about," he said. Inside Today's News P«« e » Abby 4 Church Page 7 Classified 12-13 Crossword 6 Editorial 6 On the Record 2 Sports 10-11 Women'* Newt 4-5 WASHINGTON (AP) - President Nixon today signed the $21.3-billion education bill but criticized its antibusing provisions as a congressional "retreat from an urgent call for responsibility." rie said tne busing provisions are "inadequate, misleading and entirely unsatisfactory." Referring to his own proposals for a one-year moratorium on any new court-ordered busing, the President said Congress "has not given us the answer we requested; it has given us rhetoric. It has not provided a solution to the problem of court-ordered busing; it has provided a clever political evasion." The education bill contains wide-ranging provisions to aid education from elementary to graduate school which the administration calls a landmark measure. Also had tacked ontc it was a provision that would halt for 18 months any school desegregation ordered by the federal courts until all appeals had been exhausted. Nixon declared that the moratorium the bill offers is "temporary; the relief it provides is illusory." The 92nd Congress, he charged, has apparently decided to "dump the matter into the lap of the 93rd. Not in the course of this administration has there been a more manifest congressional retreat from an urgent call for responsibility." Nixon had told a news conference Thursday the antibusing provision "totally fails" to deal properly with the subject. If he vetoed the bill, Nixon said, he doubted he could get the education provisions back on his desk in the form he wants and then get separately a straight-out moratorium on new school-busing orders, which he favors. Summoning reporters to his Oval Office for an impromptu news conference—his first in three months—Nixon limited questions to domestic policy. However, he promised to hold another meeting next week and to take questions on any topic. The President urged approval of the strategic arms limitation agreement, now being debated in Congress, followed by a favorable vote on the offensive- weapons-development programs proposed by Secretary of Defense Melvin R. Laird and the administration. Nixon said Soviet Communist party chief Leonid Brezhnev made it absolutely clear that his country will continue developing and improving weapons not under the offensive-weapons agreement. Unless the United States does the same, the President said, there would be no chance the Soviets would negotiate Phase 2 of the arms limitations. In addition, he said, without U.S. development programs, the Soviet Union would "be substantially ahead of the United States over-all" by the latter part of the 1970s. On other topics, Nixon said: -He will abide by the Supreme Court ruling requiring court orders for wiretapping in domestic-security cases. He will not seek additional authority from Congress in such cases. —The Pentagon made "an appropriate decision" in declining to court-martial Air Force Gen. John V. Lavelle, who made unauthorized bombing raids into North Vietnam. Lavelle was releived of duty, demoted and retired. —Federal troops are being supplied for the Miami conventions and will be used if requested. But he foresees no violent demonstrations such as occurred at the Democratic convention in Chicago four years ago. —"The White House has had no involvement whatever" in the break-in at the Democratic •National Committee offices in Washington. One of the five men charged in the break-in was, until after the incident, security chief for Nixon's reelection campaign. —His campaign officials were following the law in declining to make public the source of some $10 million in contributions made prior to the April 7 effective date of a new disclosure law. "If the Congress wanted this law to apply to contributions before the date in April ... it could have made it apply," Nixon said. No maltur wh«re\ w* cUcicto to go on V^, vacation. Max, 1«t'i not! forget to havt our ~ Pampa ntwtpaptr in a Vac at no extra chargtl. Call The News Circulation Dept. Phone: 669-2525 Showers Predicted For Area A. cool front pushing through the Panhandle area last night and early this morning created showers in the Pampa area, leaving .26 inch of rain in Pampa. The year's total rainfall now stands at 7.29 inches. At this time last year the total moisture was recorded at 6.02 inches. Thunderstorms and showers lingered in the area this morning throughout much of the Panhandle into East Texas. Local forecast this morning called for partly cloudy skies, with night-time thunderstorms and showers. Probability of rain is 30 per cent tonight and 20 per cent Saturday. Summer heat has begun to take a grip on most of the rest of the state, with forecasts calling for clear to partly cloudy skies and temperatures well into the 90s through the weekend. Chrysler Recalling 56,371 '72 Furies DETROIT (API - Chrysler Corp. announced today it is recalling 56,371 current-model Plymouth Furies for modification of possibly defective bumper jacks Chrysler said all the cars being recalled are 1972 models equipped with bumper guards.

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