Lubbock Morning Avalanche from Lubbock, Texas on March 17, 1942 · Page 2
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Lubbock Morning Avalanche from Lubbock, Texas · Page 2

Lubbock, Texas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, March 17, 1942
Page 2
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Page 2 article text (OCR)

ff i?W'i * §'• && AGE-TWO—THE MORNING AVALANCHE lubbock, Texas, Tuesday, March T7, 1942, A'- .To Aid Navy Training - --^ ',/'' (By Tht Atsocla'.td Press! VCOLLEGE STATION, March 16. —Housing, dining and instruction- £t facilities of Texas A. and M. - pollege will be utilized by the ^United States Navy for '(raining 1,'400 enlisted men as ra«io opera- .iws and radio material experts, ; Dr. T. O. Walton, college presi- tderit, announced today. - ^ A contract approved by the A. , fend M. board of directors calls e for the first contingent of 400 men to arrive by April 1, with similar quotas each 30 days until the full ^number is in training. ^ Contract For Duration "_" Six hundred will talce the material course which lasts three months .and 800 will take the radio opera«£ors course lasting four months. * Thn contract is for the duration •• of the war and four new dormitories just completed on the campus •will be used to house the naval ^contingent. ~~ . A staff of technical officers will be assigned by the Navy to super- ivise and teach military science and -tactics. r . Advent of the Navy marks the 1K first time in 66 years that anything siother than Army units have been •^quartered on the A. and M. camp- Rites Read For N, A. Douglass ' . ••*•' ,' LITTLEFIELD, March 16. (Special)—Funeral services for Neal •A. Douglass, sr., 76, pioneer West .Texas newspaperman and for 22 syears a teacher in Texas schools, were conducted here • this after- faoon. v Rites were read at 4 o'clock in rFirst Methodist church with Rev. JJ. H. Sharp officiating and assist• 5 ed by Rev. Jack M. Lewis, pastor -.of the First Presbyterian church 'of Lubbock. .,'. Interment was in Littlefield •cemetery. •_ Mr. Douglass died at the home of a son, Neal A. Douglass, jr., at Austin, at 6 o'clock Sunday morning. . He is survived by his widow, live daughters, Mrs. H. S. Usry of Decarur, Mrs. W. F. Bean of San Antonio, Mrs. W. H, Rutledge, Mrs. Arbie Joplin and Miss Erna .Dci^lass, all of Littlefield, and two sons, J. T. Douglass, of Lit- .tlfef]>.ld, and Neal A., jr. He also is survived by 15 grandchildren, among whom is Joe W. Douglass, a student at Texas Technological college and a member of the Aval anche-Joi^rnal publications ^carrier staff. Neal A., jr., is an Austitn newspaper photographer. Mr; Douglass^ formerly . published newspapers • at Roaring Springs, Cameron and Littlifield. Repeal Of 40-Hour Week 'For Duration' Asked By Cattlemen FORT WORTH, March 16. W>— Immediate repeal of the 40-hour week provision of the federal wage-hour law "so %ve can start winning the war,""as demanded of Congress in . a . resolution passed unanimously at the annual meeting of-the Milking Shorthorn association of Texas at Hotel Texas • today. -.The resolution, introduced by Seth Barwise, Fort Worth, requests repeal of. the maximum work provision, as a temporary emergency measure for the duration of the war-only. • ; .Four new directors were elected. They were Paul Hamilton and Dr. Cordons, both of Fort Worth: V/. B. Joiner, Arlington, and Jack'Gil- lespie, Lancaster, reelected were Barwise, Don F. Bright, Sulphur Springs, W. F. Eckardt, Wortham: W.-.W. Gibson, Amarillo; C L Haggard. Piano, and W. Terrell Sledge, Kyle. SUN'S EFFECTS The sun's energy output varies, but when the sun gets hotter, the earth gets cooler, since the increased solar temperature stimulates evaporation and winds here on earth. Dial 4343 For Th« Avalanche-Journal Offices As An Expert Sees It- Behind War News By KIRKE L. SIMPSON Wid« World Wat Analyst On any other Nazi lips but Hitler's own a vow to defeat Russia dnr.'ng "the coming summer" wuuld be but meaningless rhetoric. It couid do little to reveal actual Nazi plans. In H i 11 e r's mouth, however, that com mit- ment has meaning. His personal prestige, not only.wj th his suppressed people but with his army, is at stake. That army has tasted defeat for the first time in Russia, and un-der his personal captaincy. Only complete and final victory in Russia could KIRKE SIMPSON restore him to his pedestal in the eyes of his troops, and Hitler knows it. That was the price he paid for ousting his top generals and risking the dangers of "Napoleon's fate in 1812", he now admits. Siill Some Winter Whether that danger is yet passed, as Hitler intimated, remains to be seen. There is considerable winter and a long spring thaw yet to be reckoned with in Russia. _. Accept the view that his promise of complete victory this summer is a definite Hitler commitment to atone for terrible German losses, and it follows that every future German move, except against Russia, must be regarded as a diversion. Russian armies can be annihilated only in Russia, not on any. other front. Just when and where the summer drive will come depends probably on the weather. The unprecedented winter, the worst in a century or so, must be followed by an unprecedented spring. It vrill be late June probably before the ground is hard enough in the central and northern Ukraine, and northward to the Leningrad front, for mechanized warfare. Moderates Earlier The weather moderates earlier' in the southern Ukraine. However during the thaw season, that area receives the run-off drainage of all western Russia' south of the Valdai hills. The black sea and the Sea of Azov receive those spring floods, making every waterway a torrent, every marshland a morass. It probably will be late May or .even-mid-June before the Nazi "summer offensive" can get going even in the south, and that is. the road to oil, the resourse above all others Hitler soon must reach. 7-Oddly enough, June seems also the most probable month for a possible Japanese assault on Russia's Vladivostok fortress and Siberian armies. Ice conditions in the northern end of the Sea of Japan tend to forbid any.'earlier Japanese move to match a Hitler attack on Russia from the west. Color To Speculation That lends color to Chinese and other speculation as to a possible Pull the Trigger on Constipation, with Ease for Stomach, too When constipation brings on discomfort after meals, stomach upset, bloating, duzy spells, gas. coated tongue, and bad breath, your stomach is probably "crying the blues" because your bowels don't move. It calls for Laxative-Senna to pu!l the trigger on those lazy bowels, combined with Syrup Pepsin for perfect ease to your stomach in taking. For years, many Doctors have given pepsin preparations in their prescriptions to make medicine more agreeable to a touchy stomach. So be sure your laxative contains Syrup Pepsin. Insist on Dr. Cald- weil's Laxative Senna combined with Syrup Pepsin. See how wonderfully the Laxative Senna wakes up lazy nerves and muscles in your intestines to bring welcome relief from constipation. And the good old Syrup Pepsin makes this laxs- tivc so comfortable and easy on your stomach. Even finicky children love the taste of this pleasant family laxative. Take Dr. Caldwell's Laxative Senna combined with Syrup Pepsin, as directed on label or as your doctor advises, and feel world'sbetter.GetKenumeDr.CaldweH's. —AdT. combined Naxi-Japanese squeeze against Russia. It gives added significance to Hitler's fulsome references to "heroic" Japanese victories in the Pacific theater. It is what he hopes for, if not what, Japan is yet willing to undertake. Vladivostok, duspite Russian- Japanese non-aggression pacts, is a menacing threat at Japan's back. But if Tokyo has iiome understanding with Berlin calling for a joint offensive against Russia, it must follow that further Japanese advances in the south against Australia or in Burma are to be restricted to what can be q u i c k ly attained. She dare not risk simultaneous major action on three far separated fronts in addition to her China campaign. LAREDO MAN KILLED LAREDO, March 36. (/P) — Guadalupe Villarreal, 23, was injured fatally and four other boys hurt slightly in the crash of a truck into a ditch near here yesterday. The waist is trim—th« print it prim Tho neckline is beguiling So Jackie chose Our Ramblin' Rose She's in the know on styling. Roia-itriped Honey- chll. prinlj blue, ore/. rose. Sires 11 fo 17.. DOGGETT'S 811 4-H Boys Plan For Scrap Metal Drive Plans \vere made by members of the Cooper 4-H club at a meeting Monday afternoon in the school, for a scrap metal pick-up to be hekl late this month and a committee named to make arrangements for the affair, tentatively set for March 30. Twenty-six boys were'.present, nine of them being new members. Eugene Scoter, president, opened the meeting and H. D. Poo!, assistant county farm agent, talked on club project. Five boys reported crop projects, four poultry and 20 had livestock projects, including a pig, beef calf or fsheep. Record books were distributed. Pool gave a recommended poultry ration, for both baby chicks and laying hens. J. B. Potts, Otis A. Rogers, Billy Boyd, Olan Dorsett and Sooter comprise the pick-up committee. They wil'. confer with Supt. B. M. Hayes and Principal E. F. Dawkins about a date for the affair am,', also arrange for a truck. HOHSEIS ELECTROCUTED . FORT WORTH, March 16 (U.R>— Investigators said that Four Star Allen, a blue ribbon walking horsfi at the fat stock show, electrocuted himself by chewing an electric [WANT TO BUY Old Newspapers, Magazines, Bocks for National Defense Dial 5081 After 'lO a.m. Pick-up: Tues., Thurs., Sal. 15«ht wire. He bad reached, the socket, which had no bulb, frcim his stall.' .He belonged to W. .T. Jernigan of Decatur. Buy A Defense Bond.TODAY! H. V. ROBERTSON & CO. tCTAUHUC* ff|» ACCOUNTANT* * AtJDITOS* wootnc TAX. nmiuTAxca »A*. **"> *»*AT» TA.1: If DID THE TRICK The anti-hoarding order of :the United States Treasury Department brought in more than $24.000,000 in gold coin, gold certificates, and bullion. To relieve MUery of COLDS 666 L1QUIU TABLETS bALVE NOSE OROVS COUCH DRDF3 ••KDB.MV'.TISM"—A WONDERFUL UMMENT Buy A Defense Bond TODAY1 : COFFEE if YOU ARE CALLED ACTI d«f, n,™ ,r « V- *-"""«"«! course prc- pirn quickly for (his needed service. Boi M. BUSINESS—'COLLEGE Lobbock, Abilene. Daltit, tVlehlta Falli MAXWELL HOUSE IS RICHER IN EXTRA-FLAVOR COFFEES! When yon see that fiimons bine Slaxwell House tin on yoor grocer's *hclf today—remember il gives yon far more for yonr money in rich, highland-grown coffees! And... • Yo« c«t mil ifc« flavor—brogglit out by th« tpeclil "Radiant Roatt" proctss. • No flavor can escape—If * seated, roaster-fr«*h, In the famous super-vacuum tin. • Ho waiting—Msxwe!! House Is already precisely ground for every method: Drip, Regular, Glass-Maker. • To save money and save shopping trip*—get the thrifty 2-o«and ti». GOOD TO THE LAST DROP! Grapefruit LETTUCE 4ic Large Head, Each . . ORANGES Texas, Full of Juice / Doz. . . LEMONS 15c Large Size Dozen . . , NEW POTATOES Maryland Sweet No. 1 Quality, Lb. Florida, No. 1 Quality, Pound . . . C Fruit Cocktail Santa Valley f «% 1 No. 1 Tall Can ' EVERL1TE 6 Lbs. ..... 38c 12 Lbs...... 6|c 24 Lbs. ... $1,08 48 Lbs. ... $1.99 P.fefGSOAP £*.... 3 ••— ^_ _____ ------------ . • . ^«^^^ TANALES Delgado No. 1J/2 Can __ FOOD SALE CORN Max-shall Fancy « « _ 14'/2 Oz. Can__ I1 C Libby's, With Beans, No. 1 Can . . TAMALES Libby's, No. 2 Can . . . . . me OATS 3-Minute Large Box CAKE FLOUR Sno-Sheen, Pillsbury, Large Box CORNED BEEF HASH Libby's, No. 1 Can PORK 8 BEAMS Libby's, 1 Lb. Can % For 17c Uc Libby's, No. 2 Can lOc MIXED VEGETABLE Libby's, No. 300 Can CATSUP Libby's, Large Bottle PICKLES Libby's, Sour or Dill, 22 Oz. Jor BEEF STEW Libby's, No. 2 Can ..... DEEP BROWN BEANS Libby's, 141/2 Oz Can SOUP Libby's, Tomato, Can Vegetable No. 1 **, -, 3 for tt or TOASTIES Box MarshmaHows Brown's 1 Lb. Pkg."__ Scot Tissue 1000 Sheets 2 rolls 15' GRAPEFRUIT JUICE Texas No. 2 Can BABY FOOD Clapp's PINEAPPLE JUICE Tropic Gold, 12 Oz. Can SOUP Heinz, No. 1 Can KETCHUP. % Heinz, large boiile PICKLES Heinz, Freeh Cucumber, HI HO CRACKERS Large Box SWAN SOAP Large Bar 7k 3 CANS 20C 3 FOR 25C ioc 2ic 24 Oz. Jar 23C 18c LIFEBUOY . Toilet Soap WHEATIES Large Box J FLOUR Gold Medal, 2< Ib. SUNBHITE Cleanser 3 COCOA Hershey'i, 1 Ib. can PANCAKE FLOUR PHIsbury, small box PEACHES, Rose Dale, Heavy Syrup, No. 2V4 Can BLACKBERRIES Walco, No. 2 Can 3 FOR22C 12ic $1.23 FOH 17c 9c 20c 2JC TOMATO JUICE, Libbys, No. 1 Tall Can _ PEAS Harvest Inn, No. 2 Can POP CORN, Jolly Time 1C Or. Can . 3 FOR 2Q.C _____ lie 2 FOR MEAL Everliie, 10 Lb. _; ___ ____ __ MUSTARD & BRAN Quart Jar _______________ ;_ MUSTARD GREENS Marshall, No. 2 Can TURNIP GREENS Marshall, No. 2 Can _______ 27c ____ _ lOc 3 FOR 25C 3 FOR 25C Salad Dressing Blue Bonnet Quart jar CHEESE Long horn A pf C Fun- 25 Cream, Lb ^ SLICED LARD Armour's Star, HOT BARBECUE LUNCH NEAT Assorted Pound . . VEAL LOAF Pork Add- ^^ ed,Lb . .22 Plymouth, Pound ... Vz OR WHOLE ZS C

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