The Paris News from Paris, Texas on July 27, 1934 · Page 6
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The Paris News from Paris, Texas · Page 6

Paris, Texas
Issue Date:
Friday, July 27, 1934
Page 6
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THE PARIS NEWS, fWDAY, JULY IT, Iff* 34 ? lc- 'ft -.•at, is. 6$ jto ky {is The Paris Evening News (AXX> HOJUO PARIS. TEXAS EfetabUsbed July IO. ISO XOKTBL TEXAS PUBLISHING COMPANY a Second Class 3£ail Matter at the Post- ax Paris, Texas, under Act of March. 1S79. New York Day by Day BY O. O. MclNTYRE Bridge N E'S' li Daily Excert Saturday and Sunday SUBSCRIPTION RATES (Including Sundays) By Mall. One Year . . ...................... S5.00 j By Mall. Six Months ..................... *2-50 1 J>dlT«r*d By Carrier .............. l*c Per Week \ By Mail. One Month ......................... 50 TOBK, July 27— Thoughts while strolling: Mary Roland couldn't be as surprised as she always seems on the films. Harry } Ricbman is beginning to look dra-vra. The aged j and deaf Mrs. J. W. Harrirnan j wrung the heart of the r*r:«orje>a B*>OD tls* character. ataa •r reputation or any IsaSTlrtnai. fsrra or ;-orT*>r*tlon « in:nn» of Tb« Ne»« «-i:i b« corr* tfa* «ttentSo= of the CSiT •ebjerib*r« fbo make corr.r!a*^t before 6 p. &*•*•* tielf paper* teat to £fa**r> from tb«. of?ic«. It yoo do not g»t yocr paper p?«-a** =r>afe* comr»l If th«r* t» no comr>:*ist tt l» tir*»uTrte(5 tbat tS by her fidelity. How right* iKiplin was: It's the woman,! etc, Tfa* entitled to tie s»* <H*patobe» cr*Cit*<! to « or rzr*T ar.d «!»o tb« »ocai c«w, One word description of! Maxwell — oonipah. How j gallop to see a Damon { Runyon film. And five years j ago he said he would not know | how to start to write fiction, j Y ^ ^ ?»?* WOTS ?? m . a JF? I a handsome iilrn juvenile. Add f ! firm friendships : Mrs. Irving Berlin and Mrs. I Mdntrre ptzbMsiier* *r* cot rfrs tc »*J»«rt:*J»s otiier It Is fcroiiKbt to their S oj» till* bad* slbJb* for coi te^rSona! «rror TO correct 1= Aaela Rogers St. John and Pauline Lord ' | express the same wist fulness. Why do they 1 5 57 .^"tL^ j keep on calling it Madison Square Garden?; ! Slim picklnsrs for the pickpockets these days- : I Whatever became of Helen Ford? I never fail I I to edsre up front in a taxieab drivers rovr. j | Someday they*?!' carry me off feet up, \ i Richard Watts, Jr.. and Ogde/n Nash bear ; " ! a resemblance. Richard Barihelmess. window i Conventions Important I shorMiinsr. LOTS of actors making books at the ! •: tracks. Ir's a living- Last of the journalistic! TTEXAS voters, will sro to the polls Saturday dandies— George Buchanan Fife, Evelyn j 1 to cast their bailors for the'nominatioc of JhaTv's book has been a clean np. Helen Gal- j state, district county and precini officers for ; ;agner s rosy cnee£s-^ | uins :_ vo Te ars. The Democratic no-n- I One of my xavorite people—Jimmy John- T , . ^ **'* Clients tnese days is thingrs \re did not expect and do not want. For that is the way it has always been and z>robablv alwsvs will he—vet as a rule we ; , . „ ~~~T ,. . : get alone prettv ^ell. take it dav in and day j Desolation or tne >g liquor stores_ De-1 *.---• ; comes increasinsiv rraeic- Tnev are all s-iitter • OUT- ' !»,,,'"•-,„•" * -r%. "~" ; .-., ; ana cierss nnt wiin lew customers. Tne pro- 1 xnere is ano^n^r cmf 'JIT D-r-'-ii^iis s-u wi" " • of conveni con'veniem afternoon a convention of s^ch voters of that ; Took ^ tfce furo _ p of & KIondvke rush and precinct as shall attend, inese " ' elect dele^rates to the county convention "which • meets the following Saturday and this con- j Jt ^ ne:2pd ^ front of 2 90 Park. Touns, tioa in turn selects delegates to tne state {hailess ^ ^eer. a derelict drifre<5 from T £ e akes tne uiattorm tinaer ;-j-^ ^-^ r_^ ,_^. .*_*Cl, £r 1. H_ 1 L-i v, t- v* -i-t<i »*• coBventioni j r ^ eres O ver-si7T>Dy. """" - - - - BACKWARD GLANCES IT A. W. Th« Tl*lt of Frank Oven and his wife to The News office reminded me of the time we made the first chalk plates for newspaper illustration* here. Mr. Owen began his newspaper illustrating with chalk plates and'has reached with his pencil the height of a staff illustrator for Colliers, the National Magazine, which is about as high as one can go in the game. He lived and grew up in Clarksville and being back home for a visit he came into The News office to renew acquaintance and let some of his early-day friends see that he is still the modest, unassuming but talented young man whose success has not turned bis head nor heightened his hat. Just little more than forty years ago was made the first chalk plate illustrations for a Paris newspaper, the Daily Advocate, an afternoon newspaper published by \V. N. Furey and myself. TVe had acquired the paper from the Whitlow brothers who had published it for several -years and it was a struggling journal but under the management of Will Furey developed later into an influential publication. There was to be a triple execution in the jail yard. Three men. sentenced by the Federal court to die for murder in Indian Territory, were to be hanged one bright Friday in May. 1S34. -We had owned the paper only a few weeks and it occurred to us that if we had some illustrations of the hanging it would be good business. Hax-iag the affair photographed and sending to Dallas for cuts to be made would have taken several days so we resorted to the chalk plates that were in a commercial printing shop here but had never, been used. They were new then and considered a sort of ex- periment, 'though the Dallas Nem-« cartoons were for several years made by that method. We had photographs of the men taken some days ahead and a drawing was made of the scaffold, and from these we engraved chalk plates of the structure and crude likenesses of a white man. a negro and a Mexican, the convicted men being of the three race*. The pictures could not hav* been used to identify the men on a reward poster but they showed the nationality of the Individual* and had some slight resemblance to the men. The plates were ready the day before and I attended tha hanging, being the only reporter and editor, while Furey set the type and made up the forms. Two carrier boys were stationed outside the jail entrance and as fast as I wrote a sheet or two of copy, giving the preliminary details as they occurred, they were passed through a. crack in tha fence and the boy galloped off to the shop on Clarksvllle- street where the copy was put Into type. The boys worked in relays and when the drop fell the men were pronounced dead all I had *o write in the office was the final act of the event. We had papers on the streets in less than half an hour after the men dropped, much to the disyust of th« competing newspaper •n-h'ch had its office across the street from, the jail and ha^ ficrared on beating us out with the story—and when they did appear they had no pictures and we had already j sold the papers in the business part of town. It was what newspaper meij call a "beat" and .we •were rather proud and received some compliments from our readers. ABANDONED SAW MILL IS BURNED Building At .Dimple Total Spread of Flames Checked contention, -wnicn which the very grass-roots of Democracy. gi"^ing the peo- i small town ;oys. it was a forgotten frame pie the Initiative on any measure they may; notion store in e£.s~ I09th strc-et—aromatic clesire to present. A voter Vho does not attend :- £ n=i staffed with treasures of Boyville. I ceme Ms conventions has nobody b~t himself to • a^av —:th a bundle containing a sheaf of 'blame if things- dc> not go to ?mt. him or her. ; lieorice stri-ns. a Ions- spiked top. three sets horn circumstance had made re- j Marsha/* sai-3 Mis Gertrude. "I being j can only say that 1 trust it may • endure!" ead she | Marsha departed a little bruised land a little do-wncast, bt:t faintly a-rnusexl. Her aunt so consistently expected the worst; anything: less than the -srorst actisaUy disnppoint- K.e took her hands In his to kiss i ed her. Perhaps. Marsha, decides. err. lingeringly. \ 3he had not qvite a fair chance"I've always believed in Irvine ! Yes. the rnai-3 answered as she b^t his visits had. bees short, sra jest?" rie XOTT Bob hs<2 to see one Baskets Of transfer nict-reS, a ball on a rubber String. , - . . , „ = -. she explained, vth<-•!-"s b ; -*r- • She. someho^v. had to gret hack io stepped into the hall o' Saint Timothy's Rectory, Doctor James was diffi- j in and e :insr Mrs. Po-nrers. And _~ . ^ - • • ~r~, t T~ -r^ - - ". - . - i •--'-;- -•' - - <* ' rsc»" <~r& '' r % •—; a r -"".'A f )PTSf i T-"r'= k v '»'~n<^5. ' ' PTir* : ••- —. ~ , i- c. j ia. „ .r..«!=.;:_ -t-.-•; J-/CL^.— k w ^.-c-> ic»^ <si.u -. - o taiK to Doctor James—a V.-T.-* • mat ra^iT^'C: "sraif of -:terattire. "Tne James ; «he did not confi-fe to BOD. cr>& j -^-.^-h^r and Marsha v/an-e'^ t-- c^ i c -" -° <*° so ^"-* : "- Bob, more ser-j he aske<3 that .Mrs. Powers come CIUARKS'VTLJ-E. — Fire of undetermined origin completely destroyed. tlie abandoned sawmill building at Dimple Wednesday a£- temoon. Quick work of the local lire department, called to the »e«iie. averted a possible damage or $10.000 or more to the nevr mill aad other houses, all of the buildings beinj^ connected by dry tram-ways over which. the fire xcould have spread rapidly. A house across the road was also narroi-ly saved. The entire property belongs to Joe MitchelL Approximately 10,000 acres oC underbrush on the timber lands o-wned and controlled by the. Tem- Ple Lumber conipany and other Interests have been on fire for three iveeks. accord injr to Paul T. Crea.- per, woods superintendent for the company. H« has been flsrhtinir the fire during this time, and has successfully kept It tinck-r control. although he says due to the lack of crater in creeks and streams there is no -^ay to check it completely except by a heavy rainfall. Most damage is beir.c flr-ne to youn^ timber •with the firi 1 occasionally groins to the top of large rees. ANTLERS COUPLE WED AT HUGO SATURDAY ANTLERS. Okla. — Miss Dolly Taylor and Joel A_ *"WalXer wcr* married Saturday nigHt in th» Methodist parsonage at Hugo, by the Rev. A. K- Kutcbinson. Mrs. V\"alker is the daughter ot Mrs. Molly Taylor, and is a ,sxadu- ate of the Antlers high school. the. past fe-w years, sne has bean with a department stor» here as saleslady. >Ir. "Walker, son of Mrs. Stella F. Walker, came here several years asro with his mother from Florida^ and haa been associated Tt-itis the First National bank, ANTLERS WOMAN DIES AT STATE SAlSTTARIdM- he said on -h- r.:^h: ! even more, hushed and devout"Some day." he saM. "-Jrtii VO-L: 5 than Doctor James in his | -ap to his study; the door to It -was chancel and e^^aljy. seemingly t.h- on^ at the Jwead of the stair. The nvaid soupht rea.r-rectory quarters haunted by Mrs. Powers, "I hate leaving her*-. It's b--n •=;-"- 1 • ie '' ins ^hat you asked?** j a. be-auiiful yotinsr lady •who looked perfect. I have"an odd Idea :r,r : - i- | "^ " n °P e ^ shall be able to. some "that frirhtfr.ef!" and ivhose Ups -.vor.'t be here -srhen vr^ sr^-t ';?--•-- I j <5ay r " she ans^-'ered. She shivered .trembled, bat ^ho did not lorgret ••voul-in't he p-ir^rised TO ~c-->— -- r-.-"-'-- i : -^"- " e ' a -^ a hand on her hare 1 to smile and to thank one who scr» this house .-tr>-.<!. | shoulder to find it chill, bu -,„.* -,-,„ ,, fi, f ..^ n «... '.^. * '„' -^ S. - * : *. •', TTi . J the winter's nicrht cold that *>*.!- r- ser~."ed, even though humblv. Doctor James rose as lla.rsha A MONG- other one that advises reopl^ noi to put ai": their . chase jn^sorre time and the trembling jr>id in one basket, th? theorv beins: that if in £ sk^iil cap ~as obviously pleased. So basket merrs Trirh accident no es-sr? vrill ' s-'- one feh a slight chole. Watcil tnat basket." ; ?*'- •-;= array o^ ntinsanity stinting Sleep. Ail ; 3nt ^ couldn't survive ;t: C •->""•:-•-• ! ^ ad T ^ 1S -^ ^* r crernble. bt:t the ! raipped c-n his door "Come in!" he TTji^jj,,. :,_ c-c-c^ s.^.~'-f-p- ^js-por-icen" Of- the ' *"- ^ £ ? enns ot Siunj Tinraveling' are IOi:n<i And. my dear, plea?e remfmr-r 1 '-salization that she mds-ht not ever I boomed. He marked his mystery r -u^ v^^-c- --n- ~'~c. "-c ^ T"^=- -i-"- 1 tnere—t' & mar=s the filthiest aSTSre^ation Otit- that:" j nave a chance to te-I him that phejstory -arfth a I**nt*n-purpl« boo"k- v "^ J"^"* J""^"^" L , ^^":" '^"^ ~~^^~ ."^ ""t" 4 ; j^.-i. r ," "r -r-^% .-,"5^. -- -.--nrlo- -n^l^^A^ o- ; r!~-t = • Sh 1 "- ^l?r,cod arorrd --<=• -.-.-—; had asked to stay -with him al-ways! | marker that had been made for can arrorci t " ' --.... .... one basket t< labor though he t disastrous, £ loss so fas" Of his pOS>eS5 ; CT:S.> ninatOTrn was not tne rae np bocu.-'.oet-s for yap ~as-ons it is today. I made She lay laughing- at him. but tears w^ro on her lashes. claret i!ghter that would not Ii«7tit ar.d then. mutierSnjc a ilttie. he held a fin ring match to the ciirar^t which trembled in h«r te 2 Kt3cc''S5^. P."* v.~r see but r^s* ^nr.^r' Trnot f*rz'-~i-r : ^-:~. e market^ hir-2-s off. OR? ezcfiirsior:. I recall •s'e talked ','• "LiiTie ^Vn:*e fdo'^er, " r a sob sister sobriouet r.or a Z^T} rerJ T ;Trd:v froTS a ffood fsrr.ilv >vho had married a Chinese and ™as mneh :n the head";r;e=. AJso ~e came upon "O!*; ir.e on . v *..,'r. ir.e abruptly. e a >t .«<•> bad as that. ch"d!" he said. "IVhen you get to my fi?:e yoiz realize that nothing is so bad KM you thowsrhi and that e'verythSn.g is betTer than yon ever drearritr<5. "Or.e o* my best -sc-alcinjr nizht- yo-Jin;:. !* cou'd be. I am not, I mares is made by thlnkinsr of do- | hope, o* th'r Pollyana school, birt ;n*r scTftethfas you aren't like." he • .f c-r.r's di~^sticn is ?:ood. Itfe 'and c-a*icr more crop. rr.ost rntal'iv b:;nd and; badly crippled. ano •s"ee£.y: ''What some of as f Of :?: The farrr> th the gr^at^p: keep Its o^ iro to a rf" "- •ir&T-si Rtsno tr;* 1 ^»^'*< v • r/s*:jvj<vs TC"<i f* *",*". "* *"• 2"' Chi r r, f* p h f- v.- s for a jr>b with^^T s ^ h*? r :c-"".en "t 6v*-n look ?.r, ':••;* ?.fv-r he ?ot. & car 'hat h-"" 'i:'ir, "t ^^snt 2, Job In the News 1 3 Ye*rs Ago vr.-j •s-R.r;* to." he p.—.;Tr:i?--'":'J. I- rn':u-'> f "^ can have that sort t,' day | alluring. Xow what's the matter, h'.rr. " rr^.d'' to ^Ir.k -.f I drearr.. or nisrhtmare. myse 1 .;:" she i dear child?" ''.? th'rc- iJar^-ha -srarre-i to 'J'-."! "Tc'^r" He lang-hed after the ( eh^lr that fa-^d bent, | "Hv*»ryT.hlnc—" she answered. "Don't VOTJ think I co*.:;d do ar.y- Sh* told her arory. <To Be CcntJnaed) Baptist Revival at Hoey Grove Is Held KOXKT GROVp;. — The Bap- :l»t r^v-vaJ rncrtSnc b<?«ran Monday •wfr*k«. th* ANTIUELRS. Okla.—Funeral ices were held for Mrs. Georgia Bell L,acas, 3$ years old. fronc the First Baptist church here Thursday afterooon. conducted bj the Rev. P, B. Lansrley, Baptist Castor. I>eath of -vlrs. Lucas oc- «rurr-e<5 Tuesday nipht at the sttat« *anitarinm in TulihJna where she was a patient for several years. Interment was made in Odd Fel- iows ce^nctej-y tn Antlers, Mrs. L,uca», who -was bom la J Ch«ctaw county, is survived by her t husband. J. J. I-ucas, and a son, | r>a!toi5, her father, J. M. May| nard, and a brother, S- R- May! nard. both of I>e-lk. HUGO, Okla.— Word wa.« re-j ~ ce'.ved here of the 5eath of Henry t v«rsity of Oklahosrsa alisiumss. H. Hooten and his soiu Her.ry Jr™ I was a classmate of O. A. Br of Chlckasha by drownissr In a I county nttcrr.ey here. Mrs. "Wooten Colorado stream near Mankhaves. ' i-^ a cousin of Mrs. Mac Pyle of was a well known Unl- KJao'wnti In Hugo Is In Colorado TODAY'S CROSSWORD PUZZLE ACROSS 1. !iw«ct 4. Soofc oi > Solution of Yesterday"* PurrU OJA!Tj€| H. Sick 13 Rent 1&. 1C. CouatTY to 7 IT. America.!* IS. Pub!! 20 22. DrS«J Z5 Com* :o is. a I! at ar.y or.* t;m*t. ' | the:'r start 'or th i In town: Bor/s f^rjrire ;. r oi;! I love you «?~' forgive anythlnff!" Fiut h«s i; hf: sa?<I. and !«!r.'w!y, "Pr-^s * thr: world ?o?3ld "nd t r «o. I "?; and it wou'd Tor nr*. (j*-f - T i? th!«s» w^r^n't ri=rht -r----r«; { twe«i t35f." And th*m h* ha.<I to v>:t h*r hands! •/ The Paris Mem- ing News thirteen year* mgo An c r -cisres test ••r. Kornethin? could h^r-r'''^ -r;*:. she reAfon*:'i, to *r> r!' .»? ho::r.*r for th^rrs th.'=t th,.'- ^;r iast Sherman street. A native of Indiana hejah-out it; or h^ pne ha'T^r iKie SOUth in early youth and fought lli the ; rnsrry Bc v , Pov/^rs a.n-1 of ?. SJcKInncy Norman o* iVax-thaohi* pr-?a<"hlnsr an<4 M»rvln Rwth^rford of xhe local »a^?r her aunt th«» n«-xt | church havirir chnrjr'» of the nru- G*rtrud« was j .*!•?. The R<;v. T. J. "Watt* hi th* M than urual. ha«S Wednesday, July 27, 1321 A. i^urcr,sin. < *, cs*6<2 st his riom<* on d Marsha to m<->k« thla ; CfcEi* SOU IE ::: esriy youifl ana lOUgnt in tne ; msrry KO.-> rov^rn a-n-: or -*-"^: Mocked a trifle doubtiu^iy •at : Confederate srrr.y. He had i:v*d :R Paris 36 j r^ h*pp*ne<! to- h*r. rr.arrS"* to f r ,robtr,sjiy at her; as jf ah w e ''years. j^/T- -^^ ,l J f.,»^°JI^ v^'l'r'.-^ ^'''^ I • n?a - nuJP *'" J:I3r ^' tft* ;«!«>- abotr I Ifc-r fronds all «a!<!, "How <!e- i ;!erht*:<I you mu»t he!" Some of the I more a*tu:« of th^jm sometimew •"f Voiced a trifle daubtluiy and she had pastor. tbink that conditions are irr.provfngr.Cor . . ^.^ ^,. rt Sun, ^ Orady Fry -%-ent to Leonard to attend the i r ' 0 ^ "j^rnr't f triers! of his brother "who -died in service in 'np for <-h Tira Meddlin says; "Whenever I hears & ; Franc- and whose body had just bten broufrht | if ^•;^ ri feeler bls-sain* hss failures oc his wife I gi^es | hoxe for burial- [nothing] «p."'—Marshsll News. ' ______ . GranviHe Farmer went to Houston to the J A ^^p of cr>M ^ ir .. f , r nomiKKi , ... i Veterans hospital for treatment. H^ was with i :. v « r * 0 .« ' a brjii**/-.'^ r^^'",."•'• ••'-"^ sus'Df''**' tr-a f whf-n busmess * t * • r f ^ J •^.uss * ui i,-. . ,^.. «, ,...». ^ % ' '**•"• American forces in France and wag gas- up—«he wa» »o f-*t!••.«•-. --h* .«.\w r™ »h« coul<3 to "brJns e ehiM to a realfzation of h«r "You say you are enjoylnj? East- j trud*. *'Jt !*. I h«.v« b«%rd many boaifrtimes »» to the bsd place it finds & lot of business j^ nves t-O' welcome It.—Dallas News- metal trorkers is Paris bad tnauy Is an<S in that gray, half-lisrht. that Bob *rt«pt, ffhe tr-ought An tTrpulwi that ha«J n«TV*»r before *rw*pt her, rria«l«* h<*r * from Th« trouble ebout the crime ware in Borders for molasses pans to be used in the the bed ar.<j to h»r 4s that h shows signs of becoming * j making of sorghum by farmers over the j^Vr* he»<j buried Jn h*-r arm-. *•*•* j county, , J a«ice4 of a something or some oc« (XJ'l place for a—A—" "Honeymoon/* boldly. "W« like it." »he went on, and in her new, irentto way. "an«J it'* near mother. I don't want to shorten her tlm« with Bob. We*r« Jn to irtay with her noon. I don't ww»t b*r new HALF A SINNER M^-Ci^a Sully AT THE PLAZA MURDER ON THE BLACKBOARD Kdna M«y AT THE LAMAR RIDING SPEED RatTMo BWI. Jr. THE VANISHING SHADOW Clt*ptcr One of * Xew Serial AT THE GRAND 35. 32. Tbtt* 33 D 34. F XS 35 By 37. Iter pan cont*Sn- 3X At 35 Alcoholic 43. 4S. 46. 18- II, Scotch rt»er IS. Ibacn ch*r- SI. F3nl»h ZS. Stri* of 2X Chiid'v 24. Not far 25. Cavxirr S7- G«rs:&i) city 2S. £4. KLino of un- Artie!* of Suu*:«a at tlz* oot*on> Tlroitf 51. &4. £5 5« £7 Cosy river OOWM 3L. 2 2 River ol lee 4. Sxc»«e: S by Gounod 25- Takc» into cu*todY 17. Tli*i •wnieii a 42. 4*. 6Z S3. SUU OKJ 22 53 J8 3o 7 3t 45 38 7 32 S3 AS v st ai e. vr ii* w •r

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