The News from Frederick, Maryland on July 17, 1948 · Page 2
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The News from Frederick, Maryland · Page 2

Frederick, Maryland
Issue Date:
Saturday, July 17, 1948
Page 2
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Is Ordered To Enroll Negroes HOMES FOR AMER Charleston,,S. C. July 16 The South Carolina Democratic party was directed today in a federal order to enroll Negroes and jrant them full ngh 4 ^ m party af- Jairs. " William P. Baskin. chairman of the State Deniocra:ic Executive Committee who had led the Palmetto State delegation at the national convention in Philadelphia earlier this week in condemning Civil rights proposals, said the order "will be carried out fully.' The directive was contained in a preliminary injunction issued by Federal Judge J. \Vaties Waring upon petition of a Beaufort Negro. David Brown, who asked that Kegroes be allowed to participate in thv party. Judge Is Caustic "It's a disgrace and jfcame \\hen you must come into court and ask ·» judge to tell you you are an American." Judge Waring snapped He warned 87 State and County party leaders, who were named de-, fendants. that imprisonment await- ^ ed any party official who failed to comply with the spirit and letter of the decision ' Judge Waring asserted the order "will bar racial discrimination provided that the party books be t opened to all parties regardless o f " race or religion and» will fix a reasonable time for the books to be opened." Judge Waring 'member of a widely known Charleston family and himself a Democrat 1 , added ·The time hzi come when racial discrimination in political affairs must stop." "Let me tell you that any disobedience to the letter and the spirit of this ruling will result in ' contemot proceedings." he sternly · asserted. "The parties responsible , for any violation will be punished _ by imprisonment." i He declared that he \vould in- j elude in his order a reference to the ' rights of religious groups. "If I j don't." he observed, "next time' they may bar some of the Jews or . " some of the Roman Catholics." | In an even tone of voice he told j the party leaders that they had! failed to abide by the spirit of a ; decision of a year ago which gave a ^ Negro petitioner of R i c h l a n d j (Columbia) county the right to take part in county party affairs. Three Counties Comply Through legislative action t h e } Democratic leaders had sought to j divorce the party from government \ L and. in effect, render the party a Jg 1 political club limited to white. AP Newsfeatures Blending colonial and contemporary themes, this t\\o-story house is distinctive inside and out. Plan R-393 by Elmer G\Ueck. architect 120~2 So. Grove Ave. Elgin. 111. this house has a volume of 24.00* cubic feet including a full basement. Two-car garage adds 4.30C cubic feet. The main portion of the house covers only 857 square feet, contributing to the economy of its construction. The Nation Today Orenco bcl\\ccn victory and defeat for Mr Truman. So he seems likely (o suffer if some of the southern }.U»tes refuse to support him and throw their electoral \otes to jome one eNe. Bv JAMES MARLOW | although not nocesurily to a Re. Philadelphia, July 17 ,^t-- One P u » llca »- So far aU * hat bcen « x d The News. Frederick. Md.. Saturday. July IT, 194f THREE Those Little Things Remind Him thing sticks in your mind, now that the Democratic convention is over. It s this. What chance do Democ presid of Congress in the November elections" The delegates to the convention , know that they ha %- e a fight on · their hands, to beat the Republican* The great string of Democratic victories, which started 1.1 1932. . , * " b n ° u Sloomy t~\A ,· * * I- T * «*TM«at* chances But of the a big £c«tT ta\7 of u«ni£ he change , msht happen between now sidencv and capturing control Md «»«TMn *»' m November r..»,^« ;,, ,»,,, V^,.«,TK^, «.~._ o r ont -' lhlni :- Mr Truman ac- Ihe nomit speech ? 5. tSsoutir the nomination Wednesday a s»j?ech that broucht the ug to their feel Until thei, except for their out-1 bursts of anger over civil rights, the delegates, had been a dreary , look ins crew If he can contiiiuo to spark the broke n 1946 uhe;i the Republicans politician* of his party, he may j won control of Congress. Oe a t,i e to pui'ip real" hope anil The tide turned against the xote-gettsre enfeig into thetn. t Democrats thea. There have been He predicted \ ictory for the ; no electio-s since, so there's nothing Democrats and r«sht on she *ix)t to show how the lice is running-- opened hi- carip.»i:s \ \ i t h a mow or how swiftl. that 11 into :ded to put the Kepub- With Preside:'.' Roosevelt dead, licans o\ei a barrel the Democrats have lost his po'i- That's when he a'lnoun^ed he is t:cal genius and vo:e-\vinni«g calling C- )s;ro-«N back special 1 magic. session--it s a Uepubhcjn-controSl- · His tight control on the Demo- «** Congress -- so pav. laws he J cratic party heia it together Pres- thinks are needed. like :opi iceut TiuKia:i hasn t shown yet inflation and prox.dini: housing that he has the sasue grij That's illustrated bv the anger The Republican- j-s their 1943 platform vt promises of what and walkout of southern delegates they'll do if elected, spoke of a de- 0:1 the convent.on floor over the » lr !0 P u{ :i brivile oss inflation PIR.ST fLOOS. PLAN POP.C.'. i3v ao ^ ci\il rights issue. Mr. Truman made it a-i issue when he !a:d clown his civil rights program last Februar\. Before the convent icn started here Monda. some of the biggest ' Democratic poht-cians didn't want ' Mr. Truman re-nominated. ' That kind of feeling by Demo- 1 crats about the leader of their ' party--since the voting public has 1 read of how they felt--isn't a votc- ' puller. The splits and divided thinking , within the party -- such as over , civil rights---doesn't help roll up . votes either. In winning election to In this -ew-.jii Mr Truman w i l l si\e the: 1 .-, a chance--in full public view--to tiitft-t his requests or-He H then certain!\ go before the countiv \ . i t h otie attack after ail- other oil the Republic.!'"; TS-e action of the RepuW.con- controlied C"ont;reN m.i\ be the thing; \\h:oh decide-! the election this ear. It's a bold stroke bv Mr Truman He's take i the lead at thss point in an eiToit to put the Republicans 011 the defense John Callus, clarinetist and juggler of Cleveland, O., doesn't waste words announcing the arrival of son Peter. With a cigar in one corner of his mouth and a clothespin in the other. Callus hangs out a symbolic string of diapers. A sign and a box of cigars gel over. the idea to the neighbors. 1 on r Clean blotting paper and a hot ,, .. the iron can be us-cd to remove soiled I presidency four times. Mr. Roosc- spots from wallpaper. " veil s victories were so large over --:- · the country generally that he could , have won without the votes of the . southern states. j But this year no one is predicting any such kind of sweep for the · Democratic ticket of Mr. Truman « and Senator Alben W. Barkley of Kentucky. In a close contest with the Republicans, the x-otes of those southern states might mean the dif- PM/V £-3.93 1 4 Gougin£r' MEAT SOARS New York. July members only. Earlier ing dismissed ____________ _ officials of Pickens. Laurens and crea se in the price of a quart of i Greenville counties, which had ad- j m ^ i ^ 'allo ther example of goug- ; mitted Negroes to tfie party. Judge \ j^g tactics of monopoly interests." ' Waring observed: "I am glad to -jhe orice increase was announc- ! see that three counties have sense ed bv "Baltimore dairies after the ; enough, nerve enough and patriot- Tviaryland Cooperative aiilk Pro- \ ism enough" to proceed properly (j ucer s Association, Inc.. ooosted j prices m New York have hit a record high, savs the Department ! (popular cuts of meat -- including 16 i^-- Retail | s i r i o i n s t ea k at $1.10 a pound and , b d t ^_ averagp *· ~ . Baltimore. Julv 16 («-The Pro- j of Markets The department re- j of 24 ? er cent hi S her *** a ' ear rlier in the hearing Judge War- g ress 5 ve (.Wallace' Party of Mary- ' ported yesterday that the prices of ' ago. · ismissed charges against party f and sai ^ today a new half-cent in- ' - __ - __ __ I _ ' E L E C T R I C A L W I R I N G Residential. Commercial and Industrial FIXTURES OF ALL TYPES AND REPAIR WORK HARRY TINNEY 12 Hamilton Ave. Phone 1601 OUTBOARD MOTOR KOW AVAILABLE SHIPLEY'S SPORT STORE 103-105 N. Market St. Let's Go Fishing Famous Evlnrudv Outboard Motors. Immediate delivery on fishing models. DELPHEY'S SPORT STORE EVERYTHING FOR THE FISHERMAN "in the face of coercion." ,-· ttie price of fluid milk from S5.90 ; to S6.03 per hundredweight. i i The progressive party statement ; j was issued by its labor division , ! over the signatures of Irv Duorin. ; executive secretary of the party, ; and vmam w Hili 2nd Emest B . cratic Presidential nomination and calling Congress back into session Reaction Favorable 20 To 1, Report Says Washington. Julv 16 ·--Tele- _^ j , T»--,, atl'-JL » » AiAleStil » » J-iiii c^llvl * I X * V -- J f c ^*grams in response to President Tru- Fiedler co . c - nairman o£ the divi- mans speecn accepting the Denso- , . ' j It said: I "Reaorts in the oress show that j are running aooui «· UP i iu£.viu . - interests are making huge, of his Actions, toe White House ^^ from mdk and milk pro . . saia ^oaaj 'ducts, and there is no reason f o r , Presidential Secretary Cbarles G. sa(idlin the cefale with additlonal \ Ross sa,d "a co- r le of hundred, £ ~ - ^ telegrams have b^en receivea at ^. h _ ° ° j the White House, along with a few; 'l^ 1 "/^.' ^^ ^ stm letters concerning his Philadelphia i re(Juce Qf mi]k speech ana call to Congress^ rf j brackets ^ On other matters Ross told his ^ ^ ·; d ^. , w fl - interests are news conference. Mr Truman has not started draft- , carrying on a war j ing his special message to the ie_gis- · ^ American famflies-and oc° rS ^ r ^f^ first session July , ^ are | 26 and hasn t deciaea v.-hether he .... ,..,,,, _^° n , ,,, ,.:,, ,,« ^^ i will deliver it in person: He couldn't add anything to what the Presidenz said'about legislation to be submitted or whether new legislation -will be proposed: He hasn't the "remotest idea" ho»v long the session will last: He had no comment on whether Mr. *Truman is considering lifting using high prices to kill off the coming generations." The increase by the producers has the effect of raising the price j of milk by two-tenths of a cent to ' 12 9 cents a quart. The new re- ' tail price is 20 5 cents a quart and gives dairies a 76 cent markup- , This is three-tenths of a cent more than their markup under the current price. I the embargo on arms shipments to Israel: ' Mr. Truman plans to remain in Washington this summer except for- TAIXEST ! A flying trip to New York July Sunday Island, in the Pacinc 31 for dedication of the ne\\ Idle- Ocean, is really the tallest moun- wild airport tain jn the world. It rises 2,000 A visit to Missouri in August to feet out of a five-mile depth of vote in the Democratic pnmar water, and is thus nearly 30,000 in Independence. ! feel from base to summit. , Peacetime Result Of Atomic Research · Buf/f as Dei/kemfe Masferp/eces TWO COMPLETELY NEW 1949 You'll see the subtle difference that means perfection the moment y ou catch sight of these new 1949 Lincoln cars in your Lincoln dealer's showroom. Here Is the look of the car you\e been v.ajting for! The first 1949 ears in any field. The most thrilling news in the entire fine car field for manv a y ear! Boil/ the ne\v Lincoln and the new Lincoln Cosmopolitan have low, hug-the-road lines- lines that promise sure-footed fleetness in action. A more perfect cng;-,ic has never bcen built! Completely new, 152-horsepow er strong, S-c\ 1- THE LINCOLN inder, V-type, It has been designed with the precision of an aviation engine. O And u-haf beaitlijtd riding comfort! Perfect balance and marvelous super-balloon tires take the sway out of curv cs. The Lincolns vrere built to "cradle" jou gcntlj, and in high stvle. For \ ou've never seen smarter upholstery and color combinations, nor appointments in finer taste. We -spent y ears perfecting the new 1949 Lincoln cars. That's why. before you make any car decision, you should look at Lincoln! IN A CHOICE OF MAGNIFICENT BODY STYLES AND TWO SEPARATE PRICE RANGES Nothing coufcf 6e Finer--or Newer! 'Two workmen gingerly carry 20 grams of a radio-active isotope into an underground safety vault at the Ford Motor Company's Dearborn, Mich., applied physics laboratory. The material, one \, unit of Selenium 75, will be used for experiments an industrial research. _A^50-pound, lead-lined, radiation-proof container is "wsedjo .carry the 20-gram isotope, IE WS P 4 PER fl R C H1V E ® « _ THE LINCOLN COSMQPOLITAM SEE THE BIGGEST NEWS IN THE FINE CAR FIELD AT YOUR LINCOLN-MERCURY DEALER'S ESTES MOTORS, INC. 416 East Patrick St. Phone 1458 NE

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