The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas on November 25, 1924 · Page 14
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The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas · Page 14

Hutchinson, Kansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, November 25, 1924
Page 14
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Page 14 article text (OCR)

PAGE FOURTEEN. r H E HUTCHINSON NEW? rUESDAY, NOVEMBER 25, 1924 by EDMUND SNF.LL C' Vim & N£A i'£(.%7CC WO. OUR BOARDING HOUSE by NOW GO ON WITH THE STORY ^-i (mi (mil, :i lull l'»lh;tli «iilKin>-' in I'p'in «IUi :i swlnizinj'. :;.i»p, ;<in| (unk the p:uh which led :lii'(i!it;l) v. mint: corn pulins to ihf lii'inlcd ].;nli fit'Ula tunoutl. A '(MJI hl-'X'/c hfi'W i-ff.'ifliiy Ifrr.h'i flic .(«. ii !:inil- ;KH1 ih" M;iriit hi'iiv^ns • f).-i \.< <\ (Hi !'»ni:. luminous , Niii -l - l -'.ii ! In- -1 I '.iU h.'Ui' no! .. ..'lit IK[—-<- I I iii.Ni It \v;is when :!|.-V f-Ullti, l>ll til i:' ! nick :,tii| tin- MY?, u) tlx' liuriicnnc: laini* ^liiuif- JMori' hrftliih in thf thw h'.tckli' - w iii'i'r i lit' int woven ;>:.ui'h<- ni^run.Ml thn moon, thai •}'.>• ;t!MO>Mj)]< ]"•' --C'-ni' 'I i^ il * :t h • !.<•! i'ii !!'.', I'M.- w ;i; rhiiiiin -• n-"l if f..r h>- -hj.-Kiti'-.l hi•i uniil i ovri '!Mi Innl ;ilmo«l < ii'iif Hi) lo I,'.Hi Striiir.:*- noisuH . ;iin* J t'r«>ni ";' • uinii-ii-'i owlli mnl ••fief.' a i.ill -iM'iuwy lorm ;i]rpt';iPM! ••ii t;i<- j'.uli U'ir fJi'-in, vanbijii!^ ike u i-:\i>>-i m th.'ti- approach. 1 'mm tin.' I'M r ui^i uiji-r* Humeri tlio • i'-op. ciMisrl-'.-^ n-vcilicratlini of na- • u.Mli'.s. Th''!'* MMio-Jhiii« iiiiont. tiiat - irrif-'iin ilid not umlt-i'suunl. As •?.<• i-i't th tv-<'l Mr IU<> soft. -prim-.y tun' h.'jii-ath ilit'lr font, in Hi.- cl»i;n'inK wli'Tf l»rownint'.'s lall • MJjitlinl;iv on! litp'-'l a -it .'orn of ^'•nt.-s in from, ("oirisiiin rimie smJ- • ii nly tn :i Juiit 1( n,l slipptMi his fin:.'(M*M OV.T ilif inai;.tzint' of hi-* an ' •iiiia: i't'. urt'S brolit' friun :i clun-p • *i tMi.slfS .jn/1 s»-:if:vr.-i] }!»;-« ralibj;- lor ;ho Beauty \ Glcaniv Mass of Mail ?x- "DamJcr'me" doe* Woivk for Any Girl's Hair «lie! j ! Try : h i - ! \\"n- n eombiru' •-•ii -i (!r«-s-i';u ynur liair, just, nmis. ••n your hn ir-i.cus-lj with fi lilt - * ('•.imliTi'.i'" -imt lM-u*h il i h rou.' \Htir Tih- .-fiiM-i is ^liuilin.-" \nn ran f.t> vtnir ?,;t(r Hp irniin-fi iv an«l i! •will app< ar tuirt' a?! thick ht'iivy—a IM:ISS ot' iil*;iiny hair. lsliiu' wilii ]•:.• an.} po-sMsaiim i hilt Ini'utupai itbl• • MOUIH'SJ*, fi'esii- crjts ami luxuriance. Wliil^ l>'-;nitil'yitiK 111*•* hair "L>an* ii'M'in*:" IH ah J i* tonliin ;ind slimuiat- !i\.. r , I'IIIII i-in^'l" hair to ;:row thirl:. iniiK ami Citrons'. Hair stop- failing • MM aJiii 'J^niinifi" (Jjs;ipi»"ar.«. (.J.-t. u it..ith» o: "DasiM.'nnc" ;i t any tlnin .>:• toil-'t <'ouii!t'r ;ni<i jn^c .sco iiow :i»*althy uuA youtiiful y«Mii' hair appears afit-r thi .v .i'.'ll^hu'ul. refresh- ..trc;v f .'!ll. r . Butter-Krust [Does Not Crumbles j Try it ' ' •over oT (ho viiKin fore*], thf'ie fornix, takon ontni'l' ' surpriHo, pinn^tMl In panic IM-IWCM. Coiriuiin uitd tlio I'iUhan VMI'I the liitnp. CorrhMit, his fxtcml".! ham! niHslni*: the- man by Incluv. ^nwihat h»- was lull ami of itniiHu.ii -•itilt; hi* skin AIJOIK; in thi- lamp li^ht. aw if U had hopn KrnastMl. ami he wur. only u loin-dolh. At bin l»t»:t swunp snmothini? rouml and liulky ami a loim flapping olvjcrt wnich the ; planter knew* was ti Mvord in a bam- hon shcatb. AH Corrij.*an ntood. siarinp n1 'V % r • Iiim, L'rippcrd by a M'leer ^enso nf . ilawnint; fenr, 1m foil a droit of j imdsiut't! <m IIIH rhi?ck. \\o towrbfl , It with bin finder It. sticky • and -wartn. il' 1 ' culled mil Vnr the : lamp. AH tin? watchman held tno Huh! toward him, lit? rurolJefl in horror. His tunic and i>n ccbes were hputtcii^d with dvnp« of blood! The I'athan r'-niained, like JI limnzo s'atiie. staring at (lie t b- noni'iiun with tiul^inu; eyes. I,.-II>•;!!] hmk,; the sp»TI. "I'ush on." he coininaiul* <1, a*, if it vfve a lUHUt'f of everyday oC- (U;re;o e. Ih- left tlm man «t tho foot o£ the steep flit;ht of wooden steps, and went up them Maundy, ll^htinir (he tohacro in the liottom of bi? pipe. i ii - Yen udn wa-i de.s'.rtt'.i. but an oil lan>p swnny from a beam ocerliead. Jle lapped with hi*: stir!; on the door nf Iln-wnii'tg'H iim ruiun. and eiitere.d without Wining for an answer. Tho room was stain with the smell of tobacco smokt,- and of •'• strange persistant odor, sickly and sweet. Ofrecfly in front of him, a eiiio'liottomcd chair lay overturned. HprawliuK frcro^s Iho ta- j hi \ his out si retched nniis rest InK in a crimson pool v.'hich overflow- j pit on tu lh< sqiiurG of worn rush i l -i!iin:* t lay the hrndless body of ! a whiti' man. j CoiriKan I his sliuiililera ; and .swallowed a lump that had liscM in his throat. He rticu<Mii/.ed at a bianco the octauonal watch that. Hrowninu had always worn at his wrist. On iho table, between the lamp and tho body of his j friend, fluttered a ]on*> dried leaf, i pinned to the woodwork by a na! rivo hunting knif'.'. L'orricHii. lenn- j idinp with emotion, read t)i« in; srrijition Miu-ared on it in irregu- I lar red rhunieters: Kuriman. ! 1 In mopped the perspiration from hN for.-liffad and groped for his pipe. A 1 * li" stooped to retrieve it, '.i in eyo f^Il on MI me thing white by he leg of Itrowniu'jj chair. He urned it over and over Itetween his lingers, holding it close to the . usip. t'lt'sentiy he began moving ruiiud the room, following a train if thought this new discovery had ->-( in motion. He noted the position of the two grasses on the table, *ii<- sipiare haii'-finished bottle ut .-pirit, t))D absence of any sign ut a struggle. Apparently s;itiefied witii what he had seen, he slipped tlie thing into a pocket and went j quickly down the steps to where j the Pa than watch m sin as waiting. ; The man lose to his feet and j picked up fho JJI»IJ>. He looked ! fium the dark ominous patches ol ; moisture on the wooden .stales to i the red spots on C'orrigan's tunic. ' ''Where now*, TuauV" he asked. i "Come," r-'idied the planter. H wn.3 toward enndown that I-'et- >-wes and White, followed by eooi- ies carrying their barang suspend•. d in a wort of hammock dwung fioin a Ktout bamboo pole, arrived at Corrigan'i bungalow. "t"ome In," shouted the bis man from his long chair. "And get them to push your etuff iu at the back." The newcomer.* took the chairs *ne on either Hde. of the table and Li-carded their aun helmets. Fel- the first as.*;tstant, a keen, ,•..:•« liatchet-faced individual, j inke the silence. j •"What'ri i mho wind?" lie demanded, with that hick of defer- 1 -•nee to the difference - of their respective position* t hat. (/orrigan preferred. CorriL'an grinned. "Zariiuan the T**rribK» and his merry men," ho fiid'd cidtnly. "I've , derided to concentrate, that's all. j You heard about poor drowning, of course?" "Yes," put in White, a somewhat stout youth with rimless glasses. "One of my mandors got it wl'ien he -wont down lor the mall. l-tlK thick, what?" J'YIlowes leaned forward. | "Hut you don't think—? i an. helping himself to u j from a tin box. "I do, old son." (.'orrigan assured ' him. "There's something in my | bones that teils iw». that he'll ivy j a cut at ns next. That's just why Z've brought you hef 1 ." "I bee," musc-d tho irrepressible, VOLi Avi' ME AiV -r^' MA~5OP *^^K CO^IOG 9AC l -' ^EP£ AkiV- M0=?£ ' 9CMS"ftAlKie "Tfe'tL^ MS US'c, >/00^ BU»*i \sl0WWV^G COS ^0 Uk^ORL A -TvA' -Tv\AhiK<S(dlV/i»JG W iki^OECTiOKi ! ^ / ^^llOQK TOP TO^^i AFTER Mit>kJlCTvt"TN kE9 ^uCff CPLSIC.IIJC3 MWWS MAO AGE'S ~fo GEf BACK itj POPf BEPOPE IH' 5 ?UX?DER BPEAK^.' Her Blonde Hair Was Darkening —But New Llaht-Halr Shampoo i Drought Bftck Us NaturAl Rich Golden Color and Qfeamftig Luster | Her bleiuln hnir wan becominu dull. 1 streaky, faded and UiBlreUfn. tShtf bud tried iic«rly evcrythlnir to ttchiff baek ' Itn orlKln .il bciuity. All had fHlltMl. ; Thiol hp-.* bulrtlreHHvr rceommoiuliMl ' Ulendt'x, tlie wonderful nrw htmniijoo, • prepared for bloitdo and HKbt hair—- : rnity. Just oiui Khmnpoo and her Italr [ beeaine much tiKhtir. Tlicn in uu untjflii \ nitty ahon tinn> it wan 11K- ! saino ehartnlnj; btondu Mbudo that formerly wa.« #o much Hdmlfed. Her (r inula MKHI not tired tho marvelous changt-. N«iw. you, ten. cnt\ brlhR' hnek the natural eolur to tbirkeiled b^ond*' hair. If yoiiv Imlr (« already bcnutfrifUv btmide. Mlnridex udh keVp it that way. AIM** in a i>etfeetly natural WHV. Leaves no oil behind to fiirm ftleky film, on which dirt and dust eelleet—etiusfng light hair to darken. UUe-* a wonderful thick latlu 'r. Makes hair MI ft and silky. Nn InjurUms d\ ex or ehemlealH. Highly rt'enmmend '.l for ehlldrcn's hnlr. Yinir denlor w ill promptly return it« flinnH if veil ai't' not more than do- )!«hteit wilh.jj-^itlt?. Ilv\ lUendex lo- iiay. ill all giH'd de;ilt>ra j=m-h as: A A: A. DniK t'e., Terry Koltr., Scott & hanveii i*o.. K. K. itlnnm & Co.. Pecues-Wrlpht 1 My (iooils Ci>. COLDS White. "L'nited we stand, sort of tiling. Y'ou'll t'c gratified to hoar I've brought my Webley. It's got a deuce of a kick-up to the right, but 1 can nail a bottle at twenty yards." "I'm glad of that." laughed Corrigan, "because we're not out for any revolver practice at the moment. 1 don't want to discourage thorn from paying; us a visit." "You think we're being watched, then?'' demanded Kellowes. Tho proprietor drew a folded paper from his pocket and handed it across the table. The first assistant perused it. White readine over his shoulder. Kellowes whistled. "That's about the lust thing poor Rronintc issued,'* said Con'igun. "It.-4 pretty, don't you It's a disease with nie. 1 had a row with our Hebrew frieud over tlio wav yesterdav, and decided to tell the D. O. ull about tt. A rational man would have left It till daylight; I strolled over to rutatuo direeily after malum." "Corrigan's way'." murmured While, wntchlug the babies rising in his glass. '•Yes. Corrigan's way. You'll aevor sea Hie lalang Browing between my trees. 1 arrived a matter ot twenty minutes* too lata to help Browning, but in heaps of time to learn all there was to know j concerning how he died." He j raised ono finger to emphasize the j importance of his next statement, i "Urowning was drugged before ; Zarlman's heud-huntors looked in!" | His voice broke. "He didn't have ; a dog's chance, but—" He brought ! his fist down on the table, sending j a glass humming like n tuning \ I fork—"I'm going to get that swine :l ' who drugged him, and by Heaven! 1 i I'll make him pay for It, even if I i ' have to go down to Hell to find , :him!" , | In the grim silence that followed, j I Fellowes gripped Corrigan's hand j I Impulsively. ' , : | While clutched the table Tflth I j both hands, his eyes, strangely : i' magnified by the glasses he wore, 1 sparkling In the last fleeting half-', : light before the fall of darkness. I "I'm with you every timo." he: I blurted out with enthusiasm. Night fell like a spangled cur- i tniu of black velvet The boy crept ; ; In and lit the swinging lamp, roll- , j ing up the sun blinds. As soon as you have removed milk rrom a hottlo rinse it with cold water and leave tilled until you are ready to wash it in hot soup suds. Break a Cold Right Up with 'Tape's Cold Compound" Take two tab•Hs every three hours until three doses aro ' taken. .The first dose always gives relief. The second and third doses completely break up tho cold. Pleasant and safe to take. Contains no quinine or opiates. Millions use "V a ; e'^ Cold Compound." Price thlrty-flvc cents. Druggists guarantee it. For the Best tn Plumbing Service and Supplies Phone 545 Ebersole Plumbing Co. 121 West 14th Sre Them In Our Center Window ' he be- cigurt'l K1VK OR SIX DARK FIGUHCS IJKOKt FROM THK HfSHES. think? Any man who lives alo' ' in these par;s runs mighty 1. ri*ks. I've taken risks ever s.:;' I was born. (Kit I never take ; reasonable ones. You follow in . don't you?" Rnth men nodded. Corrigan go up trout bis chair and walked u thi: veranda rail. "I say you fellows," he. said "just look at that sunset. If you could manage to get that on pa- pur, there's not a man alive'd be- jieve you." "Marvelous'." agreed Fellowes. moving round In his chair. "Makes one feel thirsty," an uounced White. "Touch the beli," said Corn- gan. "I'm afraid I shall never reform you. my boy. There's not an atom uf ait In your soul!" The boy shuffled iu and presently Corrlgan stood between the other two, a glass in bis hand!-' "I guess you're wondering just bow much 1 know beyond what's written on that Paper, and how I happen to know it. I'm going to enlighten you as much as 1 can. I've always had a peculiar habit of pushing Iu HI awkward moments. j (To Be Continued) ! Shop-o-Scope will take the hop- I ping out of your Xmas shoppinz. it. MRS FANNIE WHIT* Woman Of Forty, ^Mrs. Fannie White of 678 Marcy Avenue, Brooklyn. N. Y., writes: "Almost every morning, for the last five years I surTercJ with sick headaches, I felt this was due lo nervousness, never dreaming that faulty intestinal elimination caused my suffering. J tell wretched, my appetite was gone, I lost interest in preparing my meals, life was not worth living. A few days' treatment Carter's. Little Liver pills wc rs. They are small, ?j£ kp griping—and leave a f t^keWects.'' PALMER DENTAL CO. Popular Priced Dentitt 28£ N. Main Phone 2659 GAS FOR EXTRACTION Hutchinion Overcoats $35 $40 $45 Others at $22.50 Upward From Hart, Schaffner &' Marx and other dependable maker*. You'll tee the newest colorings and all the correct model variations. WINTER FURNISHINGS New Mufflert Wool Hosiery Fownes Gloves Warm Underwear NVSSBAUM'S Established 1887 COAL BUTLER & SONS 515 So. Main Phone 280 This Community has been served by our organization for 38 years. The people who have been here for years have learned that we can be safely entrusted with every detail that conies up when our professional services are required. Our record of satisfactory service is, we believe, our most valuable asset. INGROWN NAIL Turns Right Out Itself I "Ontgro" Is a hartnlej-s antiseptic j manufactured for chinpodlst. JIow- I ever, anyone can buy from the drug ! store a tiny bottle containing dlrec- ; lions. i A tew drop* ot "Outgro" in the 1 crevice of the Ingrowing nail re{ uuces inflammation and pain and ! so toughens the tender, sensitive \ ski underneath the too nail, that i It can not penetrate tho flesh, and j tho nail turns naturally outward 1 almost over night. L CLEANING E DYEING LEWIS PLEATING l S HATTERS (Ann 1 Out of Town Customers Served by Parcel Post LEWIS BLDG. PHONE 1335 JbHnsori&S6ns3i k Established 1866^ I34E-Sherman Hutchinson Kans. Phone 6 THE GUMPS — NEWS OF THE SCREEN if UTCltSrt ?t«SON IK "WE | Tn. Tb.K£ \>o\MW "ME » ^Kw SO. r-w7— ~r' T VJHM SHOULD \ TKK£ TWcM Y>0\Wl fcWO OcT THE ?U<cS •SVT£fc.K \HTO NAM VatNTCt*. «^0 «.T FOft /- s TtiKt'S WWW 59^vA^S THE SU^Mte. CiQVNta TO V-ET A ^LOCKOr - SvOO\)\W\RSVS r"V,V^S OSS. MM VXOUS^ fORK ?A«^IUCi NR .OVrr4t> WfR-Tc ATT AVf\TtWrc- TMWS OUST A EKCA)S^ To ^No^X> oowia A UTTtt WQViK ,0F SNCV) , SUMMER. CANt°A\6vA, \'LL GRft>UT TMUMf NO M?M\SX\CE- " AS FAR \'M V ,WAB. NS ^VLV, OH-/ NOU VOIH- VLV. SatkTTt^. S\)<bft«. WROUTAV^ THE HaV>S *c TO \.%T •HOUR UTTLE F9\t^"S ^0 \M TH^\ A^ , VNt\.COrAE - «.\>T rA ^VT sv«m& | WW -TVX^Ti'e E\T\UC THE FOR. WtV-P- is. " Kansas City's my next stop. What Hotel would you recommend there ?" Wfell,most travelers prefer the Stats, sir" .THE p "w^ l<ansasCifyi NewVoumtMmliotd twelfth and Wyandotte Streets RATES 289 to 35S per day WITH PRIVATE BATH llllllllllllllllllllllllllllll .!*??. ( .!..^.i .?..!?.l?^ s !,(i e ^ 'i' K ' Ntws-iit

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