The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas on September 17, 1918 · Page 5
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The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas · Page 5

Hutchinson, Kansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, September 17, 1918
Page 5
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TU F1VJS. You are cordialiy hivlfed to call at fasliloi^iiefldijOfttters, We are showing the most desired styles lit tadies'-fteiyiy-to- Wear Oa'rtticotsi f lie quality and ptice of tbese are Unstir- paaable. Your Inspe'etlbii will convince yoti of.our state- meat, and calling at our shop will be a substantial benefit to you, - ' SUITS : COATS DRESSES. \ SKIRTS WAISTS SWEATERS V ^ KIMONOS MILLINERY PETTICOATS The Now Store 112 N. Main •'Qualify Tells-Price Sells" ROYAL-3-Days Starting Today A Thrillling, Red Blooded Story That Has the Punch in Every Foot in Xarmen of the Klondyke' An epic of snow-bound Alaska, the golden gold of thefortune seeker— " ^ where men measure their brute streugtji and'euuuing for the possession of mother Earth's treasure— where raw-boned pioneers of civilization tombat the elements and wrest from the" snow-clad hilla the pure gold that builds great cities far back of their ranks— where men are as yet untainted by h3'pocrisy— where they thjuk with fists hard as steel, andlove with the hearts of children! einh Adiilts 20c Children 10c Safe Investment It you had a moderate sum at uipa- ey lying Idle la the bjink, aud you could l>uy a beautiful article that would giya you treat ploaBuro, nod which you • were absolutely certain you could resell a year hpuoa at a higher prloe, you would very likely make tbe laveotmont; would you agt? That la what you do when you buy » diamond from a re|iat>lo dealer. Dlutopnda are steadily rlfllog -Jtr| value. The output is small, and you can easily reaell at ftny time it you ouy your dlaxoouda right. jjpt ua show you our prosont stock —you can save at least J5 pevvunt by buylug now, JAY T. BROVVN J«W»ter and Optician. Ticket* to the Pearl Theater free. Full line of Hats andXaps £ave Middle Man'i Profit by DUJ'JJI^T From i gvuth Main Phone IQU Mrs! ftcd dlr'and 'and Mrs. ftird Wart-SB hhtcrlalhed' at an eight o'' clock : dlnhef lait etenlnft for Mr. Warren and Mr. Strand, at tho borne or Mrs. Strand oh Avenue JJ. east. Covers were laid for the following: Mr. and Mrs. . furd Warren and family, Mr. and Mrs. Fred Strand, Mlas Mora BiHno, Miss J (aisle Myers and Mr. M. U Exllne. ^ ^ $ A wedding which IS of much Interest as welU ft* a (surprise to their Morula Is that ot Miss Ulsthar Maryon Stephana, daughter ot Mr. and Mrs. John StephntW and Mr. Frank P. nice of Kansas City, Mo., which took place last Sunday at Arlington. Mr. and Mrs. Hlec will mako their home for tho •preeont at The Scherer on Klrnt avenue east. * * * Mrs. Dan Whltobrcad and Utile daughter, Hetty ot Augusta, are hero to bo tho guests for a tew days with the former's mother, Mm. Bmma Caplinger and other relatives. Mrs. Milford Root and baby son will accompany them home on Thursday for a visit. * 4> * Mrs. Roan 10, Hall and daughter, Virginia and Mrs. L>. J. White have returned from Fort Stevens, Ore., where they spent tho Hummer with Captain Hall. A cablegram has been received telling of the safe arrival overseas of Captain Hall. ^ <p <?> Mrs. I. H. Sharp of Palmyra, Mo., who has" been visiting Tor several weeks in Colorado stopped here yesterday to upend a tew dayB with Mr. and Mra. A. II. Suter. <5> <* <?> Mr. and Mrs. John Moatutlcr, Mrs. H W. Cllne, Mr. ltobert Hostutler and Miss Vlrlgnla Hostutler were Uio dinner gucats lnat night of Mr. and Mrs. C. G. Hoalu.Uer. <S, Q Q JrllBS Anna Mabry ot Wichita will como on Thursday to attend the State Knir and to he the guest of Mr. and Mrs. A. E. Kirk and other friends. <J. <s> Mrs. 12. W. ulne, ot.Topelca, 'is visiting hfr brothers, Mr. .lohn llbsluller Mr. Charles Hostutler, iMr. Phllf Hostutler and • their (amilles. •& 4> <i> •• Mr. and "Mrs. J. W. Sayro and family of Oedar 1'olnt aro hero visiting with Mr. "ami Mrs. IS, W. Padgett and Mr. and IMrs. It. V. Hoggatt. •Miss Dorothy Taylor and Miss Esther Wolcott lort this morning tor Wolloaley. Mass,, where Uicy will attend Wellesloy college. ' Miss Itowcna Cook of Nlckereon was here yesterday enrouto to Wll- more, ICy., where she will attend Ashbury college. . * >j> * Miss Angelina l.udwlg will come tomorrow morning to bo the guest Ot Mrs. Ital |>h Walnner the remainder of tbe week. Mrs. diaries Gano and Afias Margaret Williamson will leave soon for Kansas City whore they will 'spend the winter, <ir s, a, -•'<• •• Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Wilson and son ot Aruansas City, are here visiting with Mrs. Wilson's mother,' Mrs. A. B. Best. , * * • p- Mrs. Ollto May ban returned from a several days' visit with her son, Private Lawson May at.Ft. Riley. •5> <9 4> Mrs. A. n. Stleke and daughter ot Ness City arc hero visiting with her mother, Mrs. II. M. House. * <S> .Miss Florence Oarr has returned from Dodge City, where she has been for the past few months. S> * «> Mrs. Mart -Winters of Holly, Colorado, is here the guest of her mother, Mrs. S. M. Cornwell. * • * Miss Mary Prudcnco Major of Kansas City, Mo., Is the guest ot her sister, Mrs, R. Page., * «. * • Mr. and Mrs. Arthur French of Stafford arc here the guests of Mrs, Nellie Patton. ' * « Miss Hilda McLeod went to Manhattan Sunday to visit friends for uoveral days. Dancers, Class lessons in ballroom dancos every Friday night, 7:30- to 9, Social dance from 9 to 12. Woodman Hall. Holaday's '4 piece orchestra. Private lessons by appointment,. Phone 1455. 7-tf • -ANNA MODONNBL.L. . Childrcn'f Dance«, v Beginning September'.7, every,Saturday afternoon -will teach children's ballroom and fancy dances. Phone 1455. • • ; - : , /;:>'' 7-tf ANN^v MCDONNELL. > Notice, to Danc«r»,; Dancing every Tueaday, 'Thuraday ahd Saturday evenings ,-,at 'Central Hall, Opening night" Tuesday, Sept. 17. With Holaday's Orchestra. Admission, 75 cents. Atkinson and Atkinson. ••- . • 12-5t plane docs.doeai only weighs a halt ot a pouhd, afld is made of white bine. The little prdpellor' was sent to Mrs. Chester D. Tanner, and she Is having a clock set In It. Instructor Tanner had a hard time geftfng the miniature out ot camp, as they wanted to keep It there for display. ^<& 4* <t> $ G *P Q • ^ I- • * * * SOME STRONG WORDS. '» * <!• Amsterdam, Eopt. 17.—Preler J. Troclstra, the Dutch Socialist leader, announces that he conferred Friday With Fricderlck Ehert, chairman of tho Social Democratic party In the Orman Reichstag and that Kbcrl declared: "If the deliberations of the Prussian upper House, as I assume* will fall to lead to equal suffrao'i and If the government should not dissolve the Diet we should adopt an attitude of sharp, est.opposition to the government." largest Iruck factory In the world. Why not. best? Republic Trucks. Re- nu-.,ulck Co. •• • 16-61. IN MAILS THREE YEARS. Letter to Dr. Fay Knorr Returned To. day, Three Years After Mailing. A letter, written by James \V, Scott, formerly employed at the I3lsonle Hotel and mulled at Hutchlpson May is, 1916 to Dr. Fay Knorr at Cordoba, Argentine. South America, was returned to the Disonte Hotel today, after hav. ing been trying for three years to reach Dr. Knorr. The envelope was not torn; but forwarding addresses were wrltlcn on all available space. Dr. Knorr l» now In Method, f'allfor- nla where ho has been for the last year. . CALLED PRETTIEST RED HEAD IN U. S. largest truck, factory In the world. Why riot best t'Rojmbllo; Trucks, Romo-Buick Co.- " 1 '• '" ' • 16-0t; A MINITURE pnOPELl-On ' One of a French Hydroplane on Display at Zir.n's Jewelry 8tore A miniature proppllvr pi a French dragqu hydroplane, which was made in the CurlUis' aeroplane, factory at Buffalo, New York, Is on display at Zlnu's jewelry i store. Thp rolqiaturo was made by Chester p. < Tanker -of Ibis city, who la now ait Instructor in naval aviation, near Buffalo. .. Tho propellor la all band waxlo, and hand polfshed and has gone through all tbe processes that a large hydro- - ««M' wmm&b ***** ••'' 1 UiuGvaldla*.Gerald : Los Angeles, Calif.—The prettiest red haired girl In the United States plays polo and lives In Uos Angeles, according to announcement of the Judges at a beauty contest for auburn haired girls only, held at a nearby beach resort.. She Is Miss Qeraldlne Gerald, whose tltiun locks and winning smile brought hoc the first prize out pf several'hundred entrants representing all parts of the 'country. Bathing girls, outing maids and conventionally - gowned ' Btrawborry blondes made up the long procession of autos bearing the contestants'that tiled by several hundred thousand cheering persons, including hundreds Of groups of admiring soldiers and Sailors stationed near ibe cityl The affair was so successful that It will be an anual event of the Southern California beuches. ; ;"f. &' • Good Cure. An elderly man once consulted Sir William Gull, thu eminent'physician, about stomach complaiuls, but there was a-formidable obstacle to diagnosis in the patient beliiK deaf.' i "What do you have for dinner?" roared Sir Wiltlaru Into his right ear. ;."Oh, no," was the reply! "plenty of that—two miles regularly after .breakfast and two miles before dinner," •i "How long do you lie In bed in the 4jornlng7" '"Well, doctor, r shall be sixty-nine this day throo weeks." « x Without further parley the doctor gave, hltn somo simple prescription. • At tho door the mai) tujjiied round and in tho loud, raiding tones ot ope very deaf, called uut: "Doctor can ypu g«r« deafness?" " Sir William made his lips oppress "No." "I thought so. You've bean very letnd to me; therefore I make you wel- cpmo t<? this prescription," which he nulled from' his poukot adding; "It cured me." IMthadlat Bishop to War. i Boston, Mass., Sept. 17.—The Rev. Pr Edwin H. Hughes, resident bishop ot the Methodist Episcopal church, left here today for an atlantlc port and will sail for France within a fow days. He will establish headquarters IH Paris and will have direct charge o( Methodist chaplains at the' (root. Ymi wondn'l take twice whal you give for a Lalley Light and Power Plant. Ask Tom Majors, Reno-Bulck Co.' J6-8t. ^S0* ^pfc Every Patient (ft Receives individual H trealment 9 Tim" wna when peQplA | ptehed tht'ir Rla.i«cs from it hainUrtfull. tvlth no khowlirijrr tthntcrrr ft* ta what ihey ni-r ffpttlnr. Toilny thp int>*«t cxncl- IiiK I'ta-i*" dft \oiprt to i rvrry ira.«c liy n ftklllpd Optomrtrlstt. Wn urn fully nhretiM nf KIP mnjif nrfvancrd tnoth- otlft in utillcH. nti<l our rr- Nultn nrt the ol>- tatnuhlr tn vvrry ln- NL111CP. , Olrul I lo have vou visit Ufl. | Clarence G. Feorl t Optometrist ' FEARL A SON j Jewefers and Optomotrfstt lU5lnli1lflhr<1 Ui'R, l)E LUXE " THEATRE « TODAY "WOMAN AND THE LAW." Based on the famous De Saulles caso, tolls in vliid, burning dramatic moments tho wonderful, gripping heart pulling story of the mast Interesting domestic tragedy this great metro- polls has ever known. ARE WIVES HUMAN? ARE WIVES EQUAL? Arc women hut the scum to be scraped ofr on the edge of man's unfaithfulness? FIND YOUR ANSWER HERE. Riverside Park -TONIGHT Milton Schuster Mucical Comedy Company Mostly Girls Dancing at Park Pavillion Don't miis a visit to Riverside Park if you want real entertainment. Jfi Corn«r North M*lr ti<« a*eert« MMti !fi 1 State Fair | | Specials at | I Sawyer's | I Women's Fur Coats $98.00 I fh Full length Fur fonts for wiimen. worth today J12S.00 each of in VR natural Musltrat, Marmot, Nniural Wild Oat and hl«ndcd Musk- US UT rat, good styles and silk lined throughout for $91.00. Q" | Filet Lace Georgette Waists $19.75 jg Si These arrived this morning—the last word in style, best gradtf Jjl Ujj white UcarRctlo trimmed' with genulno filet lace, $19.7-6. ^ * Zephyr Slip-on Sweaters $9,95 §j ^} .Inst In by express, smart allp-nver models, sleeved, In llfihi and ™J 5fi dark shades, regular $12,110 qualities marked special lor Fair JJJ UC week at $!>.9.~>. l£ g Large Black Wolf Scarfs $16 75 | »p Large full animal style scai-rs of Rood quality black dyed Wolf, 3j •fl with head and tails, a bargain at $111.96. *f| ifi ifi I Red Fox Ball Muffs $9.95 | tr - Thrsn are worth $15 00 on today's market but we bought thorn jE In last March and got a bargain. f '.'.'JS. 31 S Coats, Suits and Dresses $25.00 gj E Extra good values always nt our store at this price, a little Del- |C n] ter than «sual IIIIK week hecauae It Is fair time. JjJ ' I Crape Georgette Waists $4.98 | This morning »-n selected about 3 dozen charming Crepe Qeorg- "jfj tC vita Waists from our regular $(!..'].*, assorliiient- and marked if- J} them down to $t.SS for this week specials. g Silk and Satin Waists $4.50 | {£ Only about thirty in all otJhese splendid Tafretu Silk and Salin {V Duchesse Waists in opera.shades, reduced from $f>.D8 to $l .5U. jij w Crepe de Chine Waists $2.98 jjj ifi About, ten dozen o£ these beantlfnl Crepe Do Chine Waists In ifi UZ all from ;lti lo II. Never liel'ore sold under $3.08, urt'ereil 1C fg. special for this week at $2.H«. JV 71 Snwyer Dry Goods Co., Corner N. Main tmd 2nd St, in^KKSWiftnWSWafi !J^>iiifini>fi!f^in¥iifi Open Nights Till 9:00 O'clock We also keep open from 9 to 12 Sunday Mornings I Gold Crowns as low as - - $3.85 Plates - $4.00 up. Repair Broken Plates $1.00 SMYSER DENTAL CO. Over American National Bank. Ladies in Attendance J PORTAGE TIRES 5000 MILES Wichita Double Tire Co. DISTRIBUTORS, 205 South Main, Hutchinson, Kan. Attractive Proposition for Dealers. IDfC AUSeatsr IKlO Always DC TODA.V Prlsollla Dean and Ella Hall IN "WHICH WOMAN" it's a Wus Bird. S reels. Today only. TOMORROW Charlie^ Chaplin "THE RINK" Comedy , Mi>« Billy RhodM IS ««Her Spoony Affair" • CuniuUy Iris Screen Telegram THUR6DAV. Mary Charleton IN "Satan's Private Door" Thl« lu Hie great feature that failed lo arrive loat Thurtulay. Wo havw pottillvu t 'oiulw that It will be hure I Wo Uine. IWia OI-13NIS AT I 'l A. M ALU TIHS WEKK. TEXAS GUINANio "THE GUN WOMAN" ALSO The "Phantom ™* Girl" 3rd Episode of "HANDS-UP" Tomorrow ami Friday William S. Hart in u five part Western drama, "THE PATRIOT" and a two reel comedy "Fools and Fire" If yon Want to get the Want you Want You Want to Advertise four Want* In tix$ Want Columns of The Kow»la Mtwertng ftdvertlsewema

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