The Daily Register from Harrisburg, Illinois on January 31, 1948 · Page 3
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The Daily Register from Harrisburg, Illinois · Page 3

Harrisburg, Illinois
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Saturday, January 31, 1948
Page 3
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****· SATURDAY; JAN.UAUV -IM. ~ Society News ,·,,,...!»··«· W. A v ., ,. ;! , ( ,,| p f t r o l o u m ' i , v " l l ' . 1 '·'. I"' 1 ' ( -' ( ' 1 ' . v M . r l ·, from :ire:i:; '. llv ; .;r;irco. I i ' i 1 ' ' i - . l i UK- fir:-l ( .| uir:res*W". who , , , . ,-,·(·!! lliill'e Cll"Ki- , '(.siio-'ts. "said Hi'- 1 , ' ) · ( , n'v.'iriUi i)'. 1 so: i'tc , ; , i ,.,,( ;,!!cviaU: t h e ;, 1,,,,'iKcly in Uic six- . ; . , . ; ; - . ".V, rl ' il ',i-y":in'l .March. ( - : - l o i l \V'l'i' C U t : . - · · ; ;--«i ·· ::·-·''-··; "..',1^" '-. ;i-f ol l!'.- Lfcer-ses N'iirsi-iy Shower For .'Ors. Caswi'll Van Meter Mrs. C'jiswt'll Van M'lcr was lUU'.st nf honor at it nursery shower ;',i\Tii at lu:r Jionu 1 west 01' Harris- ':;iin; recently. A stork presided ov».r a table laden w i l l ' dainty packages which 'i.-ul l)"i;n brought by the gin-sis, ,-iiid which were later opened by :!ie Imnoi'ed gueyl. Duiin;! the evening t!io«! in at- lendance were e n t e r t a i n e d with ;iaiio iind vocal select ions by Mrs. A'nrie! Nolen of Carrier Mill's, and ucfoff t h e p;rty ended ii:e.'il.s of sandwiches, f r u i t salad, ; ;ikc, and coliee were served. 'j 'io.-:e present were as follows: \Jcscl;uiK's John Goben, Jack Broth- ·rs, Aiijcrt Thompsnn, Clyde Kan- i':)i;ih. Jean Parton. Everett Miller, r'oMjy B r o u n , Earl Nolen, Calvin i'.ramlet. W i l l i a m Weaver. Hubert Bramk't. Orval Ammori, George K!i:i(h. Orval Buchanan. Martha Ikir.coclc. diaries Graves, Cebern I'urkx. Ed Kencipp, .J. U. Barter. Kcrnsit Colteu and son, Harry Neighbors, J barrel Angelly. II. II. i'.j'rter, Charlo'te Nolen and daugh- (f-r, J o h n L. .Simmons, Lola V a n , Meter. John Ilualy. Richard Bargcr, j i i a r r y S m i t h , Charles Van Meter,! Sr., Hurley King. Edward Kuppart, j J/.etta Starkey and daughter, Mrs.! ·-.'.". .'.i. M.'irliu, and Misses Elsie j Mae Webb and Bettic Simmons. : Gifts were sent by several friends; ·A iiu were unable to attend. i Mrs. Mary Nolen. who has been at the home of her daughter in Washington, 1). C., while the lat-'s husband is serving overseas. has heen culled to Harrisburg by ihe illness of ar.otiier daughter, ?.ir.s. G e r t r u d e Christner who is a suniica! pfttient. at tiie Lightner : Mr. and Mrs. Louis Mitsdarffcr. i :\vlu al'.e.'ided the debate on Fcd- ;eral \vorkl Government between! Ely Culbertson, noted proponent j ol a "Tola! Teace" plan, and Mark j Van Doren. Columbia University professur. as well as a well known poet, a u t h o r and lecturer, report ' t h e event was u n u s u a l l y interest- i n g and eJiiU'.hlcniiig. would »ot. raise any taxes.). · : The Republican bill wo" 111 ^"; income tax rates from 30 .per ce» in the lowest income brackets, w 10 per cent in the highest. ;*'£ Ui-mocratic bill would not*. but would achieve some reUutuow through the increased cxcmpUonb and community property P V 1 The Democratic substitute does House Democrats !o Offer Own lax Slash Bill WASHINGTON, Jan. 31--t'.l:i~ House Democratic leaders today ygrced on an income tax reduc-i lion bill that will be offered Monday as a substitute for the $6,500,-1 000,000 Republican tax cut mea-| House Democratic leader Sam Rayburn of Texas said the Democratic bill will be offered just before the GOP measure comes to a vote Monday. The Democratic bill, which .stand:; no chance of being passed, vails [:,": \. An increase in personal income tax exemptions from the present $500 to $700. Rayburn said this would cost the government ^,200,000,000. (The Knutson bill n im t a n t tcxli!o fiber would increase exemptions t o ' . . . . . . con Set Out to Rewrite European Recovery IT a WASHINGTON, Jan. 31--«.'J:-- dent's power to direct foreign pol- uiic uwv., A group of Republican senators ;icy. Ball snapped: t ·rruman's|scl out today to rewrite the E u - 1 "II might be a good idea . iTv "credit, but ropcan recovery program, giving! The GOP senators feel lnat-in- Uix cri-utv. · rj Hi ier n,an tlie Stale stead of underwriting the "trade } nw £$0 w3 I S v e l D S - t i e n t r m a j o i voice in its deficits" of the 16 European nom :puu to $700 W)U 7 f ', administration countries, the United States should approximately the same «»* env M TM" Isl £° " . ... caU lhc t u n c » on how much and Itayburn estimated. tbaUhc Dern J^^' Ihe^'r^ w .,at k i l l d of aid is given . said thev would fight for an "en-; A rough outline of the revision- tirelv different approach" to the ists'" plan was drawn up last *'« r *·-_.. " - - -- -:,i !.ii«flif *il «i .vinrii mrf in lnf» Wnsninr*. Looking, Around Corners A now «lectric development li a flashlight that peeri wound corncri -the bulb is mounted In the end of a flexible* metal tube. Echo · Curjrta " Every word you. »pwk le back In your fnro in Ech»-,Canypn, located on the north side ,oi C«mtl« back mountain near Phoenix. ArU, Hayburn ,, ocratie version would cost crnment a net loss of only 000,000 in revenues comparea t IK/ $6,500,000.000 loss in revenue under the GOP measure. But Republicans were o about their chances of t close to a two-thirds majority on their bill. _ Women Now Wear Trees Wood provides the source of the problem of foreign aid. i night at a meeting in the Washing- 2. Extending the community i property "split-income" principle' to all st?'es. Rayburn s^id this would cut revenues by about $B03,- 000,000 annually. (The Knutson bill contains this.) 3. Imposing an excess-profits tax upon corporations to provide estimated annual revenues of $3,(The Knutson bill used in the United States--rayon, cottou c::ceeds rayon as a fab \Jillj · tVltVlJ W.**-^ *-*-*' i « ^ v « · * * · * -- - - -- ' - rie matrla!. In 1945 the United "revisionists'" proposal UMIUIJI Ul 1U1V*£M uiv*. ... O .. v -- , -- ,~ r, -- ~ ioii c-.;/i (ho omrm nhout 24 lo » ppartment of Sen.. Clyde M. Ball said the group, aooui * ' « . ,, , ' , » K ,, Fichlccn GOP ffi^ b n^S B ^T3S5?i -ir^k! Sd SiTu S5 bc'haSl^y"n Gdfpcndcnt ad- 'JJVS^ n t%ffiSh W t5y U 3Se ministralor who would report per- \^ C J*,fTM^ali£ C?OUD iodicallv to a special "watchdog" ^e .sentiments of the yroup. committee of Congress. The State i The Minnesota senator said Department would merely ncgoti- there was no discussion at the ate agreements with recipient na- meeting of the amount to be ap- tions "under the direction of the proprialcd for the Marshall Plan, administrator," according to " " "' ""' ·"""'·"" the However, at an earlier meeting «»»,,,,,«« F .ut,v»-.-. :the senators favored drastic cuts SUieVproduced'792 million pounds , This contrasts sharply with the ^f^ffflffl Truman^ Of rayon. Most American v/omen administration plan wlych would lTM"^^ \TM%tte wear clothes made from trees. Sla- (give the State Department overall .«"· 1 " sl IJ "TM n "' s - tistics show that two-thirds or mor* supervision of ERP. of all women's dresses sold in the United States today are made of rayon or contain rayon b'lendec' with other fabrics. Asked if this phase might not j prompt an administration com- i plaint that the plan amounts to ; congressional seizure of the Presi- i Cholera Loss Hog cholera causes a loss of about million dollars eacj year AS YOUR DOCTOR PRESCRIBES . . - We regard the filling of pre : scriptions a service--whether/'xt be to trouble-shoot a headafihe or to help savp n. ; !'fci.. Your prescriptions are in the best hands here. . ," SKAGGS PHARMACY South Side'of Square Phone 4GO : '} ?: M-, /,··? :·· i" 1 ^ f, ". -, Calendar of Meetinas Tne i'ankeyvilie P. T. A. will r.;cet Monday at 7 p. m. Eugene! .'·'.orris, principal o? the ?.!cKinlcyj 1 i-ehool. v.ili Ijc the guest sneaker.: 1-iciurfo '.vill be shewn. i ·..--·' . :: COO ' The PTA city council will meet : Monday at 7 p. m. at the Junior ' hi'-;h scirco! buiidm;?. Very urgent business u i i l i;e trc.nsacled. To Place C@ ... ;-V'olh/ ... f i ,, .,. ^ J lisisc Kid?- C - ^ , r * ·*- *~^. ,-.' »*.* WASHINGTON, Jan. 31--U.K_ f-!iver V\'. Wood, president of the! National Used C''.i Dealers Asso-; cialioa has asked congress to put i-ricc ct'tHncs on srev.- and uscu; cars. j V.'oou r.rouosod that the ceilings; en Ua^d cars be cquai to the price o- r.ev; au'.oaiobiies. Appearing; S.'.iore the Senate; Banking com- ;ruUce, ho expressed fear of an : ·.·;morr.ic c-,i-a'pi;e growing out 9f i!-,t- current price situation in \v;uch i!5cc: cars are priced above S ni;-.v mo-Jcis. in^'n prices will i drive con^un-.ers from the niarKet : ""Vvood Icbtiiica after the eoni- ! ir.ittco i;:;c! heard a spokesman ior the Au-oniobile Manufacturers 1 Association protect against any rc- vi\-al of price r.ncl sllccatio;'. con: i-o!r 0!: 'ihe automobile industry.: : Speaking for the manufacturer?; i \\ao Juifn Mkkilekamp. vice presi-; iltnt of the Mack Truck Corp. i . "Vv'e fool that legislation which r-iits a liniitatiur. on the price that c--n bo acquired for a new auto- i-obi'v. i!-ci;:cii.;;4 all the equip- nor.! installed therein, is healthy. \Vof'! t rt iiific{i. -vi'o iui-liifr feel thai the pro- irai!' '.'ion -f legi^iation \vnich v';.ViTd Vv.-;iricl I'T.' price of a used ;,iil',)inoi:ilc in such a way that it co'-id siot be sokl ;U a price in f xce-- of tho sale price of a ; !-;u ol :ikt- r.i;:ke or character. I:,-.M-ie is wholosoirii?. I. C. T?GSH Crew Assists in Bir?h 0? Saby on Train i«sl «i conveniences-; pa^cn.uor. 1 ; on 1- C. : ;-" ;-,sislcd ye.-tcrday «'i " lw ''v to a young' :-r v..\v to Chicago. ·},· ··} ·. c :.;·/ : passe- ncv-rs to ·. c Tin- v.-'nian contiiv.ic-u t r i p ;o Chicago, railroad ol- hero ^'i5- Gov. ... trrccn Denies Clemency Appeal Of Charles Russell ;·· r/«i'hi :i. Grrcn yestrrda ; (-,,;..'/! :]-.·'»·]· r.K-nry .-.pper.i o f . (·"·'·'·'·](", K:is:-oii. .vcntcr.crd ir. Sa- i,·'''.' i-V^r-iy' cifci'i 1 . court to -iS y;';,i-s in pn.-r.n f or jiuirdor. ^ ^ o; · i .v ;.ricol -v-r- .. -r-fie?d":c.d Traii. Kldora_dc .'· !-tV v.-ore . r o.'".d guilty r.f kill"-V, ·'·' ir Nora V.i:rn on -Sept. r0 \/^ ;-; Hie .'illing station s"f -Viv' ' her husband oieralcd or i;i ; ;itc 4S r.ear Toxas City. All senlerccs. niM.-ti.v.^.* Football p-i--cclon ."ii-d Ru'.gcrs played '.he i ·,» W i'1'.c-rcollcgiatc footcall game ii 1SG3, with 25 Flyers on each side You Like Here's How Yoisr Locker Plant Can Help You the Year 'Round For thousands of years, man has been constantly improving methods of preserving foods. Today, your frozen food locker plant brings you the ulti mate in preserving the goodness in foods. Years of re search have been wrapped up--and placed at your finger tips--at your locker plant. LABLE TO First come, first served. e $12, per.. rcswei* Type $15 per Approximately 6 cubic feet to each locker! Your fcbmmuRity frozen food Seeker p!ant is established on a highly professipnal, skiHed basis. The folks who work there -- for you -- are experts. Their business is qfcick-freezing (to seal in the fresh, natural flavor), processing (to your order J, providing economics? sere storage space (in individual lockers) for your year 'round suppiy of good feed. For your convenience, your locker plant con take care of rhe vegetables and fruits you raise in your garden. St will handle with ease any meat carcass. Si will supply you v/irh fresfe or frozen foods, packaging materials for yourjiome use, wrsppirsg and meat processing services. For a thous- TM\ ~"d one tastes and needs -- ys«r locker p!ant has ?rs ANY KIND FOO Meats ise your own. or buy in wholesale cuts -- and save! IVc will cul. process and wrap the way you prefer. By freezing your ii;cal. you can capture the goodness at its prime. The latest methods of meat handling arc a( your disposal. Cooked Foods en a la king! These and many more already conked foods can he stored in your convenient locker. When you thaw (hem out. ihey'll be as fresh and tasty as when they were cooked! You can eliminate the dnidgcry of canning, the hazard of spoilage -- by having your fruits frozen, relaiiun:: natural fresh flavor. A savin?, too. when you buy in quantity lots . . . s Preserve the freshress in p;ntl-. try -- without feeding the b:n«s ·Jill yon cat Jhcm -- by having birds frozen and temptingly available -- any l:mc -- in meal-size packages. From moose to rabbit, you can have your game any time. We will process, freeze, wrap and «.« orc -- to your specifications! Remember the day you got the limit -- months from now! Freezing and storing at the locker plant will allow you to plan ·vour fish meals year "round. Soup--cake--bread--chick- Vegetables low. in season s jorc--at cro Grow your own--or buy when prices are Well advise you on packaging, and we will quick freeze and decrees F. HARRI arrisburg, Illinois, COMPANY SERVICE Rose'and Cherry Streets, iNEWSPA'PERf ,,, NEWSPAPER!

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