The Paris News from Paris, Texas on July 27, 1934 · Page 5
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The Paris News from Paris, Texas · Page 5

Paris, Texas
Issue Date:
Friday, July 27, 1934
Page 5
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CHURCH ACTIVITIES CHURCH OF THE-HOItT CROSS, JEP1SC0PAJL Service* of July 29, the nintli Sunday after Trinity, are: Holy Communion. 7:30 a. m. Morning prayer. 9:45 a. m. FIRST PRESBYTERIAN SOUTHERN E- G. Beckman, minister »:45 Sunday schooL Joe lespie. superintendent- 11:00; morning service 7:00 the Leagues meet S:00, Evening service Gil- FIRST CONGREGATIONAL C. Tildes Tally, pastor Sunday school. 9:36 a. m. Morning worship, 11 a. m. What Christians Ought Not To Be" C. E. Societies, 7 p. m. Evening worship, 8 p. m. I***M>n-Serm<m which will b* read in mil Churches of Christ. Scientist, on Sunday. July 29. The Golden Text Is: "Lead me in thy trstb. and. teach me: fox thou art the God of my salvation; on thee do I wait all the day" (Psalms 25:5), Among th» citation* which comprise the Lesson-Sermon is the followins; from the Bible: "- - - . a God of truth and without iniquity, just and right is he" (Deuteronomy 32:4). The Lesson-Sermon Include* also the following passage from tiie Christian Science textbook. "Science a^d Health with Key to Make This Model At Home Paris New* Dally Pattern the Scriptures" by Mary Baker Eddy: "Truth is the intelligence of immortal Mind. Error is the so-called intelligence of mortal mind . - - . Truth is the light which dispels error. As mortals begin to understand Spirit, they give up the belief that there is any true existence apart from God" (page 282-2S3). CHURCH Rev. Ben F. Browning, pastor. Sunday school at 9:45, T. Sermon by the Rev.^Lyle Greg- Rogers, acting superintendent. ory, pastor of the Presbyterian church at Greenhlll. Texas, AVENUE CHURCH OF| CHRIST { Floyd A- Decker, minister Bible study, 3:45 a. m. Preaching. lOi43 a. m. Toung People** class 7 p. m. Preaching. S p.m. Prayer meeting: Wednesday, S p. zn. Morning worship at 11 a. m. Sermon by the pastor. Afternoon service at the County Young People's service at 7:00 p. m., to be led by the pastor. Evening -worship at 8:15 p. m. i Sermon subject: "-"Wrestling Matches in the Churches." FIRST "CHRlSIXAJf Presley F. Hemdon, minister. Sunday school 9:30 a. m. W- H. Briggs, superintendent. Morning worship. 10:45 a. m. Organ. prelude. Mrs. S. A- Turner, organist-director; h y m n, "Holy. Holy. Hoiy"; invocation; response. "The Lord is in Sis RAHSEUR-BAPTIST TABER- XACUE 200 .South Thirtieth street Marion Seen, pastor Sunday "school. 9:45 a. nx The pastor wants to meet all f men and women in ais class Holy- Temple"; scripture;, hyrnn. "Cast Thy Burden on the Lord"; offertory: solo. "He Knows, it AIL" E. L. Anderson; sermon. "How May the Church Save Herself and Others": hymn, "I Gave My LJfe for Thee": commtmion; benedic- Sunday morning. The Sunday •chool is studying the book o£ INunabfers. It has classes for all 'ages,- •'..-• Pastor's subject: "Satan vs. God-" .There will be no Sunday night •ervices or midweek service be- iauss of the Springer-Jones revival meetinjr. AH men and women *re urged to attend this meeting., hide. Miss Korine Beaton. Mrs. S. A. Tnraer: hymn,, "I Ixrve to Tell tion; closing hymn. "Dismiss Us "With Thy Bles*Ing." Christian .Endeavor, 6:45 p. m. service, 7:45 p- m_ Pre- FIRST CHURCH OF CHRIST, SCIENTIST "Truth" is the subject of the the Story"; -invocation: "hymii, "There's a Land that is Fairer A STAR IX THE FIRMAMENT OP FROCKS PATTERN 1923 BT A2CNIE ADAMS SIMPLE CROCHET MEDALLION IN EXCLUSIVE LAURA WHEELER DESIGN VALLIAlfT LOCALS. j LEGION BASEBALL PERSONAL ITEMS TOURNEY AT HUGO \ r AI*LXAXT, Okla. — Isnoffene Elimination Games Under Way *• Bartlett Is spending this week Friday hi District Towney with her mother, ifrs, Willa Bart-> !ett - I HUGO. Okla.. — Huso an* J. B. Riddle is in Oklahoma! Countyline nines were playis* 1m C!:y this week. the second round of district elim- Homer Dale and Paul Edwardj ination games in the American I*. Even without the pattern in the fa, brie this would be a. star in the firmament of frocks. Wouldn't it? Those clever shoulders attend to that once for alL And isn't tlie treatment of the waistline interesting . . , and flattering! Of course, the paneled skirt is all part of the saiiie idea, and a. good idea it Is ... there is no gainsaying that! Starred flat crepe ia a happy selection for the fabric, but in any pretty plain or patterned' cotton it would be nice. And Jaat in passing we might say it'* easy to make! You may but the neck ruching in the shops or omit It. . Pattern 1923 is available in sizes 14, 16, IS. 20. 32. 34. 36. 3g and 40. Size 15 takes 3 1-4 yards 39 inch fabric. Illustrated step-by- step sewing, instructions included. Send FIFTEEN CET^TS (15c) li» coins or stamps i coins preferred) for this Ann* Adams pattern- Write plainly name address mud style number. BE SURE TO STATE SIZE. Th» smartest warm : fashions, the newest fabrics; and ; the Summer season** outstanding j accessories are illustrated and de- 1 scribed is the iNEW AXNE A£>- ! A.MS PATTERM BOOK FOR SUMMER. ORDER YOUR COPY OF ----- -- — ---- . , --- . -- __ -•- ~^=. t ^ ~^ . Klii TiriS HELPFUL NEW SUMMER Joined to make a bedspread, scarfs } in such handsome accessories. BOOK- PRICE OF BOOK FIF- I P^Ilowtops. chair back sets and! Pattern SSS conies to you witi Miss Dalene Ward has returned from the Sanitarium of Paris ! j °, 5 *' ;ter beat Halleyville,. Hugo defeated • Zhirant in the day. Coanty- where she underwent an appen-1 lme ' whlch ^ recruited from near dicitis operation. ' j Healdton, tvon a. same from Me- Mr. and Mrs. Harold Colllas are > ^f ester * 9 to 6 - visitiug in Hope. Ark., this week. S Mrs. Wayne Mills has returned f from a visit in Roseboro, Ark. j Miss Mary Jean Turiey is spend- \ ing the -week in Paris. ! Rupert L. Ballard | I will appreciate your vote arid | nc-? for re-election. second ' term as your commissioner in Pre- • cinct number 1. askzngr you to use ! niy record for the past eighteen I months as your guide in casting i your vote. j Respectfully. j RUPERT I_ BOLLARD. I (Political (Adv.) l FREE DELIVERY SANDWICHES AND BEER Prompt service to any part of tiie City PHONE 646 LOV-MAR SANDWICH SHOP ST No. Main CROCHETED MEDALUONS, PATTERN 683, Here- is a simple crochet me- f other accessories. Trie medallion dallion that can be made in two I i« one that you will know sizes and so form matching accessories that still have variety- t:v& and so find it most pick-up work, the attrac- lore so Hexagroiial in shape, it is easily i when yon know that It will result TEEN CENTS. BOOK AND PAT- TERK TOGETHER. T-WKNTT- \ visit - o her FIVE CENTS. Address orders to The Pari* News Pattern Department. 243 West 17th Street, New Torlc Citr. tc j complete directions for making ther, Mrs. J. "w. \ s 3 - 0 ^ size of the medallion shown «and for joining- each to make a ^j variety of articles: material re- of • qtiirenrents and illustrations of all Z-lvingston. Mrs. Reuben Story and. son Nocona are visiting Mr. and. Mrs. | stitches Bee Shaw. | Send 10 cents in stamps or coin from ' Sam Vice President BUDGET OF ITEMS FROM HONEY GROVE se has returned fcsville . where he. -was relief f at the T. and P. railroad station, curing Halsey Mann's voca- (coin preferred) for this tern to- The Paris JNe- S craft Dept., 32 Eighth Avenue - Tork, X. T. than .-Day": offertory quartet. Mary Jones Lindsay 'Asks Re-Election for A Second Term I 3 * I Am " : "Let the l^ower Ughts Be Bum- ir.K." E. I*. Anderson. Smith t-e« George. "W, H. Brlsrtrs, Jr.. Mor{ rSson G-eorge: sermon. "Troubl* Account of Re*: hymn. In asking: lor reelection to the \Bridge Club office of county superintendent for i ^ Honey k. secoaid term I do BO xipon, the record of honesty, efficiency &od scox&om.Y that J Itave m&de, while in office my" first term. "When I was elected the cry was for a busi^ ness adinint«y;ation and that is K-hat I have given you, We have 'jad less income on which to oper- ite the schools of the oouauty. bat we have b*en very careful to budget the <Ti>enditnrcs and maintain th* schools svECh a manner that the •would receive a naaxi^num KONET GROVEv—The Tuesday club met this iceek -with W, "W. Bomar. the rooms b«ias decorated with roses and bachelors button. In £he slimes. Mrs. Meyer Smith won high score and a salad was served later for refreshment. Marriage At Antler* -A.NTLEHS, Okl*,—The weddlnj: youth of today are | o? Miss Agnes TTelbourTie FJnley tomorrow and their of, Antlers. Okla_. to Harold L. rnnst continue. They ] BIuo of Tyler, Texas, was solemn- ha-v« as *vcra?re of only eleven { ize<J Wednesday rnomingr at the .which to enjoy the r%hts j home of the bride's sister. Mrs. daeatiOTj and one year \ ®- ^"- Phillips, the Rev. Erskine lest in th« pursuit of knoirt^dg-s | Br antJy. Presbyterian pastor, of- wtn ; never -be-'recovered, I ha.r« j ^ciatins. The ceremony ^a» at- my ^-bcle adTniiilstra-1 ten < J ^ d only by close friends, and and campaign -apon the HONET GROVE.—Miss Gladys Tovmsend, of High is visitlnir Mr. and Mrs. Bill Hinron. Miss Cora Brodie of Bonhazn» spent several days -with ilrs. "W. 1 E Bratton. i ^. T. Blair of Cee Vee is visiting I ^r. and Mrs, Jess Ed •wards and Mrs. J. I_ HUGO CI/TEB MEETS HITGO. Okla.—Mrs. S. A. Burke 1 ! tras hostess to the Thursday | on club this -sreek. 3Srs. W. f C. John scored higra for the club I ". Mrs. LinTs-ood Xeal -v^as a { of the club. Mark Kennedy Will Appreciate Your Vote For Mr, and Mrs. Bela James hare rettzmed to LongTrieiv after 'visiT;- ivs Mr, and Mrs, Herbert Gauldin and Mrs, Dora. James. L Edwill Barley left Wedaesdav.f Piano zo be with the gas com-f WH1 yen help make m« first, I Was Second Four Years Ago ««f town nclnde Mr RIGHT- which shall !• »V B«ore aad Mrs. Proton E. of an * u . a ^ f Wrtsht. .steers' of the hrido, o v * i Oklahoma CJtv. of District of Texas, Edgar Little. postmaster at C&viness. has been of the ! ilr. little's i need foliowriris: f e annual state convention of the ! sasrue at Temple this tveek. >Jr. i reared } ^^'^^ attended the incstins there- he hisrii j o*. "29. and | Tulsa, Okla.. and Galvestoiu Texas. apprecJa enc«, A vote for Mary Jones Lind- | fi^fs «ay will b* a vote for service, hon- ! trr nft , ««ty. effJctnecy And economy th« school* of this county. (Political Telephone company Oklahonra City. The \ Thorndy.k« "Funeral Jer. where -the couple *<i •!vi''lj, the • »> - » T> it A Kom* of Tr- Bridge-Breakfast At their home u their return rrotn Hugo On Friday HUGO. Okla. — Mrs. TT. N. John 1 brzdgre break- I y office about a. moatii. He is! employed- by t*i» company here. \ Miss ^lavls AJesasder has re-' turned from Ada, OkJa., where she? visited ilr. and Mrs. Oillos Hod s -1 ers. . i Mr. asd Mrs. Willie Clarke asd | ter Mary CatJieriiie and ilr. } Mrs, Bryaa. Morris ha.v e re-1 turned froia a. visit ia Sot Springs, Ark. ; Miss SIars~>:erite Sivley has re-1 turned . after visiting ifonrerrev j Mexico. Corpus Chrisri asd Saul Aatonio. I Mrs. Fred Kallford and dausrls-1 ter Eloise have returned to T^lsa. j Okla.. after visiting ilr. and Mrs. I Claude McConnen. j Mr. asd Mrs. lElberr Martic have I returaed froai rwo 'weeks in Chi-1 casro. * j Mrs, Harry Bla! Is visitin s her! parents at Greenville. Misses J. V. ii org:an Dorotr-vi McGatshey. Elizabeth Sayl or and ' Palmer Allen are spend:- r ! the weeJc at Sulphur, Okla. Henry Stroud and children are 'i tins: in Sulphur. Okla. j Mr. and Mrs, A. I*. Carson have ^ returned to Peasacola. Fla.. after I a month's visit with Mr. and Mr* f I* A, Carson, } Mrs. Charlie •VTfniiinjrer of Cor- ! PUS Christ! has- returned after * l 28th Hollywood B«auty Shop Permaiieiit ... SI Beaurif ill OH TTave ___ . 52-95 Wave Set ---- . . ...... 150 CaH Mr». V. d 35 Sontb. loth Street White Fabri cs 79 Crep**, Pique*, Lmcn«, Final C3ose>-oat •The JDepartmenc Store of Paris, Needle- ^-/ /i ^^ $#&** i-St * V ,"^A\ ^^\-^ , v^ - -> J^' f^.'f ^ ^ M . ^xga--^^ I So mmer REMEMBER P. L. CHISM Candidate For School Superintendent ^VOTE FOR Frank D. Wear For County Attorney honorlnc • j fast Friday | 3>Ir». R. L,. Henderson who • with her family this \ve*k to make | ; her home in Norman, Guests •were f I Ru*!*el! Shc'.'i. C, A, Thompson, G. • | E Karris. Reed XToIff. LJnwood i i Nsal, H. G. H;xsOT^ and Anderson. { WED0EVGTON VISITS HUGO WITH FLYERS AIM! Hon«»t, Fair and Efficient Law Enforcement NOTE: As a final v.-cri ! - ,-ald remind the rood people of [^imar countv that thoroughly qualified to perform ths duties of County Attorney that I will enforce the lav; without fear or favor, that* each candidate has Im record and that it is by his record as a lawyer and as a man that each should be weiehed and your vote cast Sincerely, FRANK D. WEAR HUGO. Okla—Nine army planes planes led by Captain Harry IVed- dins of Ker^ley Field Jn Dallas arrived Thursday rnornir.p: at the Huso airport rec«nt I nr^.sed In honor of VSTtsidinjcton, a H 1:5:0 boy who early entered the air ganrje, WeddJusrton, accompanied by seventeen officers of the air corps, most of whom wer« reserve officers gelting in their annual fifteen days training came to Huso to jrwipect :h? port. Tn» grroup landed at Paris earlier in the n-.ornins and after * Janche-on served here at the Bel- niortt Hotel, planned to inspect the fi*Ids at Bonham and Sherman before soinj; back to Dallas Thursday ntifht. HERE Romance First Service Sunday In New Huo Church HUGO, Okla.— Rev, A. F. ler.pastor of the Church of Christ. announces that the first service will b« held Sunday in the new church. Th* »troct«r«, win not b« complete at th*t iim« but the members are moving the rorai»h- Iw« In Sararday. Sunday afternoon, a stnjrinr win b« h<*l<l th*r«. the public be- In* invUed, Mr. Waller return* *atcr<*ay from a two w««k« vi*tt In Arkanaas. , PLAZA The- Perfect Theatre PARAMOUNT NEWS SPECIAL Fn addition t<» the reimlar P^monm >>TT* featnr*. xvill be Kncmy Xo. t— SATTRI>AT OT^Y " S P E E D W I N G S " TIM McCOY Atr Also WOtiF 1KX5 {S^rt*I) FV*€l«y and Saturday "Riding Speed" BUFFALO BILL, Jr. Shadow Chapter No. 1 Patrons on these two days set a. ticket good for 5c on an admission the next Friday or S Bring fewer uncomfortable hours witk ELECTRIC FANS to jive you Coo! Comfort Why should any woman baTe a hot, sDafty house chese summer days and nights, when an Electric Fan will bring comforting relief? 5 Make |:j: \ 7 our c^*" 33 breezes these hot, swekeriog days. fe " v "- |; Give yourself and your family rest 'at night and make your home a pleasant 'ace all day. Every home needs ar least four fans for adequate coin- fort during long, hot Texas Electric Fan for Every Need m/ -f An cnfaiHag breeze from an electric fan costs so Hrtle that ao hocae in this secrion of the country should be •without an adequate number of fans to ^ive cool comfort ro the entire faraily. Visit oar store and see the fans oo displav there. S-£nch Fans S3.00 to $10.00 lO-incKFans - - - S.45 to 18.45 12-inch Fans - - - 11.95 to 29.00 16-inch Fans 31.00 to 35.00 IT COSTS LESS THAN Ic TO RUN THE AVERAGE ELECTRIC FAN FOR FOUR HOURS! Texas Power & Light Company

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