The News from Frederick, Maryland on May 27, 1932 · Page 10
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The News from Frederick, Maryland · Page 10

Frederick, Maryland
Issue Date:
Friday, May 27, 1932
Page 10
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Page 10 article text (OCR)

TPf THE DAILY NEWS, FBEDEBICK. MD, FMDAT. MAY 27,1932. Six Blacks A*«»cr to PrevfMB Parrle 1 Valuable property. $ Resinous substance. 11 Energetic. ; 12 Lores exceedingly. ', 14 Eagraved. i 15 Floods. 5 17 Manifest- 1 IS Substance derived from - ammonia. ·IS TV befic- ; torious. »0 Exaltation. I "·can convention keynoter. comes frotn THE GUMPS Picture My Surprise By SIDNEY SMITH : 27 ladicaticg ; succession. 2$ Buddha of * · Japanese sect .23 Indian gaase ; similar to '. backgammon. .33 Unprofitable. ·3S Coin. ' 39 Discovers identity. 40 To cot as j srass. 41 Punitive. 43 To rub out. 45 Glossy cottoa fabrics. 4S Shelters from dang*r. 59 Reddish brown color. 51 Diverts. 52 Inatttoitire. 53 Hybrids between ass acd horse. VKBTICAi 1 Manner of pronouncing. 2 Bustle. 3 Correlatlre of brother. 4 Night before. 5 To scatter. 6 Vulgar 7 Poeaj. S Marshal Pll- sudsk! is a citizen of ··- S Genus of plants. lTo blind. 21 Rental contract. 22 To concede a? true. 23 Containing iodise. 24 Male figure is prayer in Gre*k art. 29 Carbonated beverages. 30 Regions. 31 A large city in China. 32 Larjr persons, fellow. 34 Advantageous. £$ E^u*£l8. 36 Suffers defeat. 37 Female sheep. form for air. 44 Artifice. yr SEE ..,,, LOAt OF BUCK. S.WOY A" ME LOO-E! OP TME WO LOOKED we OVE TOP OF ·Ti-»E 3UN- EVEN PACE- I'VE AT I'WE 8EEM LOOKING PORWARO TO FOR T»At Vou'Rt "rue W4O SKULKING AROON MOOXE- AAY 0* AAJL IN TERROR- TOILET EX PL AIM -- AT CAUGHT IN I TOM'S. AFTER 10 Military band*. 4« Born. 11 Forging block. 47 Subtl*. 13 Powerful drag. 4S Battering 14 Senator Die*- machine, inson. Repnb- 49 Ratlte bird. MUTT AND JEFF Mrs. Matt Was Overwhelmed By BUD FISHER SCCTA. 6/*Bo OMoTT rtoO A CAMt»L£ TO FOR COOKS: You*Re OM. Bl S LOVie - ite* r-»* SOMMA CAU- oo AMD' «-T TMC PAWKOT TALK. TO WALK OWl I UU«SH r CO«JLT LOOK INTO YOOCi BlG BLUfc GY65 YOU A MILLIOKJ TIM6S r . . \ 5OO75 BUDDIES Boots Isn't Fooling! By MARTIN REC'LAR FELLERS By BYRNES I BOOtaV-TT T-*«T- E»OOK. -miC»C I DO 6WCLL! 1 l ^ L ^ _ l T I w* J "Your friend Tlmmons has a very supercilious air. What makes him hold his nose so high?" "He can't help it, old chap, he's an official egg Inspector." SEE YOURSELF, ETC. The movie actor has one boor. More valuable than pelf, For he can sit back later on And watch himself. Kt OOt VOOO VOR ME R\GV\T OT \vEX?t " T" VfS. 1 WO . MO WO . U\6V\T l t)Oi"T COME. -WROUGtt . * V.-OfX\"t -- MOW l'u_ CfZO* Trt' NEXT % SOOTS RKi- O. S. PAT. OFF. ^ 1332 "BY NEA SEHVZCC twc. THE BUNGLE FAMILY The Politician By TUTHILL TOOWS wn~v4 IVIE., ID oo so*»ie. TWOCS TXDR.YOU R1OHT NOW. GEORGE BUNG!_E SUCH A COMMOTSGN! THE IDEA .O? COMING !M AT M1DMGHT AND WHISTLING SO : l_OUDUr T.MAT I HEAR.D YOU BLOCK. AWAY. WHAT--? OH NOTHING MUCH. I SIMPCt- MADE A LITTLE HOUR SPEECH THIS EVEMiNG ON THE MONROE DOCTRINE OUR GOLD SUPPLY, THE TARIFF AMD SO KIN DA TR.tC.KS OO VOU DO? "If I ki*» you on the cheek, what would you do?" "Turn the other cheek." THE PRODIGAL PHILOSOPHER ·Mid pleasures and palaces. Though we may roam. When the stomach is empty There's no place like home. A SPEECHr WHY V GEORGE YOU KNOW ;. NOTHING AT ALL Jt\ ABOUT THOSE 'vil,', SUBJECTS. I'VE ! OFTEN ASKED J YOU QUESTIONS I AND COULD TELJ_ DIDN UNDER DULD / YOU CO ; M'T OH I GOT SOME HELP FROM A TYPED SPEECH THAT WAS r ,,TO BE MADE 3Y --'! ; SENATOR YODLER./li.ii:' WHOSE TEETH ^ SHIMMIED OUT OP A TAXICA3 V/INDOW WHILE HE ' \\'-"'f SOME OF IT. I USED HIS YOU MEAN fe'/ FIGURES AND SO FORTH, YOU SIMPLY ijr BUT THE REAL HOT STUFF READ THE $ W AS MY OWN IDEAS. AND OTHER q1[i THE BOYS L.OVED IT. MAN'S jiJ! THEY WANT ME TO SPEECH? /J|! GO TO THE . CONVENTION. GEORGE, YOU CAN'T IMAGINE WHAT AN IMPORTANT AIR " 3U HAVE! SUCH y? YOU LU . J BEING A DELEGATE IS SILLV? 'i.l HELPING TO NAMS ·'!"*· "HE NEXT PRESIDENT IS MERELY- MY WORD, JO «HV EVEN OUT OUR WAY By WILLIAMS THE NEWFANGLES (Mom and Pop) Bad News! By COWAN "Are you sure you love rre. George 7" "Not quite, but I want to find out If you save me before I spend any more on you." Barter: Made any plans for the summer? Mr. Meek: Yes--I'm going some- MOTHERS VT VIAS VOUv? J03 TO AND, IF THE* ARE CAH HAVE THE OF BUT. HONEST. 1 D«)rr KNOW A THING ABOUT TVIE1R ELOPING UHTtL AFTEP THEY uerT FXILLEO HAS OUST INFOPMED CHICK'S BOSS THAT IF NEGUCEWCE,! LOSE 4t,COO,COO CSr SUSSNE^ AMD XOU LOSE VOUR HOMER DVTTY, THE: AFFEL AGENCY WILL NOT GET A NICKEL^ TH O? -ANt) ALL I CAN ·=»· VS, THAT THE "BIGGEST MiSTAKJ OF MX UFE WAS VWDE WHEN 1 LEFT AGUSTA VN XOUP CA5E-AND NOY^ I'M LEAVING .- THIS PLAC5I, «.

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