The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas on November 25, 1924 · Page 13
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The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas · Page 13

Hutchinson, Kansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, November 25, 1924
Page 13
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Page 13 article text (OCR)

TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 25. 1^ • THE HUTCHINSON NEWS. PAGE THIRTEEN. >®!M® ©is® Ik® WwM Uk® A W®t Lnsft Eft RATES ON CLASSIFIED ADS for consecutlvp insertions name copy aame Jay, Minimum charge ... 1 Day —Per Itno 2 Days—Per lino .. A Days—Per lino 4 Days—Per lino . , • Days—Per Una .. 7 Days—Per Itne .. 8 Days—Per Una 10 Days—per line 2 Weeks—Per lino . 1 Month—Per line , Special lwlK© rate, both pnmTS per line tor i .25 .10 .20 Ji» M .18 M> M .70 1.0a 1.00 TELEPHONE ADS Tho News ami The LI era M will 8 lv * careful attention to all ads received over the telephone, but cannot GW- ttntc-p accuracy _____ , LEGAL NOTICES PAJNTINO PAPERHANGING JAK. WUITE wall paper store, K Main, phone _i»0. Residence. 12 14 REPAIRING, ALL KINDS U C? V. PRICE, upholstering, phono 924. ELECTRIC motor, armature rewind' fng. repairing. Wo buy, sell, rent UK' (1 motors. HUTCHINSON ARMATURE WORKS i'hona 202. i South Walnut. UKEl.) furniture, uj.'hol-lentii; ami r»- pairing, furniture and stoves, 11 lid* vairt Eurn. Co.. 100 East 7th. Pit. HI'-'. (first published Nov. *Jltli, R)21. In iho Hutchinson Now**.) Notice to Contractor!. Bills will bo tPielved i>y the Hoard of "TJommissUmers or I lutchliiHuii. at the City Clerk's office up to ?.:\)0 o'clock p. m„ Friday. DocLinber r>11I. 1324, for the consumption of tho null- Ins, guttering and paving of Seventh Kireet from Main Street lo Walnut Street, Maple Street from Third Street lo Sixth Street and the alley between Sixteenth and Seventeenth .SlrocU. 'Work lo he don«* In aeeonfance with tho plaiia and xpceifieatloiia of tin- City UnKlneev on file In tho Clork'a office. A certified ehook for jr.OH.00 iimnttf accompany each hid for tip* curbim; and Kiittt'iitiK and a certified chech for $1,000,011 liiust accompany each hid for tho purlnK- Tho Board rt serves the iluht to reject any and all bids. ED MKT/., City Clerk. _l-;sr ~^«"nT 'inr UPUOLSTEK1NO- Phone _7S1J. ,1. -First nlnsa work. It. Kagland. 15 LAUNDRY WORK CURTAINS laundered. Phone. moSJ. PlOlinC ID riVLJCiiy _-in Notice la hereby tl»*tn Hoard of Commissi on erV of of Hutchinson, Kausit.;. wll U»'irst published Noveinhi in Hiit'-htti-.'ii - , Notice to Property Owners. ' n that the _e.f tho City . vlll HUM 1 !, in their Chambers In Oonvntiuu Mali, at R:flO o'clock p. m., KrhUiv, November TSth, 1324, nj» a Board orEonnllz.atloli, to adjust and dualize uss ^snicntH of tho properties liable for the cost of Paving Eighth 8tr>ct from Poplar to J>'lum, Maple Street from Ave. A to Third Ave.. Eighth Avenue West from Main to Monroe, Seventh Ave, W'- H I from Mnlu to Monroe Street, tho alley between _\.dams and aVffcrsnn from lt>th to n point HO fret norih of l!dh Street, and the alley between First And Second front Adams to Washington Str.-.i^. Wliiif-}-,* my hand Ibis 22nd day of Novemb'-r, l'.cM. , WALTER E. .TONICS, Mayor. 2i -::t WANTED—Washing and Ironnm. wash In sol'i water. Call at' West fitli. Phone 2SJ10W. 16 SERVICES OFFERED Y ^irrTTp^cr ^eTneTu work *1 butmrns •stlmatft free. 21f> E. D.Pb.HUKJ. TRASH hauhMB. nil kinds. Ph. 27*4.1 RADIO EQUIPMENT HOUSEHOLD GOODS (Cont.) - "APEX" "lentrlc wnfhinjr' machines at one-half tho retail dealer's price. They aro 'to he pi* 1 *! and had at i*** 1 lutchitiHon Honded Warehouse, 701 East Second Street, FUit SALE—Nearly new automat it; electric washer. 711 N. Monroe. FOR SAl-K, oheap—Uood coal rangf*. 120 West It. Garland POULTHY & SUPPLIES (Cont.) IHn'r Leghorn hens and A HOIST pullet." Iff.' f F i M-plngi"!! Bpriu.ii-. HCT Ml I MNrrf b N*"«-ock i«r Pji"'ie_ 7 :',o, _.NfckerSotK FOIL "sAi-K--l'uie* bred" Mammoth Hronzu, Cold Brink f*trnln, prlxc wlnninir turkeyjs. Mrs. K. J. HulbT. HurrloM, Kan., lit. I. [ AUTOS AND TRUCKS (Cont.) [M>I: SALIC—Or tnol \ ll»22 Ford toitr- _i"K^'iir.__ Phrnvi 'M\':. f •krVm K-Vf. Hulck; M oMh- Fords and others A. K. F» >J L SAI .JC ~Aristf.01at dark barred Hook cockerels. I.C. 1;. Itrovvn, .Norm Fxaini'tmtiou of any stove fltlvme ; WhU.--d.l-, Nut-hlnson, Kan_s_aa._ troubl .i, Will buy stoys and si-ronu- j Foil""" t.JT— liaired itock coclUTiMt-. hiind fuialtni' . Stove repairing a 1 standard m;ti:i:^ lrom heavy ktyirii; specialty. Phone r.;*.7W. ! t-»rnm. W li. Ward. Mek^rsou, Kan. Ni)W wi niol'lie; .tohn^cn. IT. «i »nth Washlnfiion, ' Mt- Ford Oliia Cha ndier V32M llup Touring Sedan ^port Touring. Hoadster, J,IU.)1IF.ST ca^li prtci M paid tor alt | Ft HI SAIJC—l-*al n kiada of tnod furnlttne. Nothing to< pood; nottihiK to poor. Crook Furnl turo ICxchangn Co.,' phone OB. | J hoiw ;:Ki>. Ci. A. IBamSgjtiffis Rfloii<a>ir Co. i.T'.it S;i '-.d~ Wnmiri, fiv.inl i-unilit inn. t?«.'ll cheap. Take Ford ns pun p :t \lii-tu. S_0| Cast flth. luTNtr 7-a"i*~~ror~ saie, very cheap. . C Stephenson, phoru 1 "il'l. JHNIOU laiup.4, buffet mirrors and many other furniture novelties un our Xtnas club plan, barmen Furni- 111 re Co,. Kl J^>"j_b_jvraln. 11(1 M~KMAI >K e.>tnfoI~Is Phone '2 217. NIC W a nd u Ht.-d ti r 1111 u re, heating stoves, ranees and gas ranges. Cur prices are right. Wo are in the market for good furniture and stoves. Hay Workman, 202'^ Maple. Phone :isil—Ui74.I. TJtA.nj'.i your old furniture J'itone Shaffers. -PtO. for new. SI'INICT desks. Xmas club plan, up. Tito Harmon Furniture (.'0., Main. SONOTtA UAVUO T.OUD (With tho concealed horn) "CIJCAU AS A BKJJIJ" Toho quality unexcelled, because its ail wuod. Stimf; priee an otlters. Phone K11JJ for demonstration. J. 20 FEMALE HELP WANTED 20 WANTiCO—Experienced cashier; one willing to make herself generally useful In ready-to-wear .store. Must have excellent references and come well recommended. Address D-l'i, care News-Ilorald. Ul'CrS, any size, any kind, Xmas eliio plan, fl down, $1 per week. Hunnon Furniturrt Co,, 1" S«iutli Main. I 'SF .n FUUNITLMIM Good roll lop dusk, I I'M; oMee tables, flO up; iiti-k gas range, Hko new, JlU.rdt; good Quick Meal coal range, practically new, $'J2.f>0; somq gooii cheap base burners from »$lL '.r >0 up; good Acorn range, $"0. Crooks Fur- nlttire Co. • it SALIC—F: h.-mi. N. Mollis Ft' II P-r SALIC—ll'.>ri jHtund. 1? it'it sAi .i:-soino nil-: uurr nrpmg- lon and Huff i;ock 1'.>•.-kcreis; a fen of about Ml laying Hock liens. Alts. Frinln, Silica, K'ans. IM-CMT fi'i" Mile 1 _2 J ' ,, """_ r." '"JL els, $1 to fit. Hutchinson; plioii ;.'iimh Ked cw:K' •N-ui Smith, 11. J.i;trlow ,'u.".. 42 BUSINESS OPPORTUNITIES For Sail® \f Leading bnrher shop in HtitcMinson. Fult SAtJC, trado or leati-.r, good cute iloiim nice business. Heasoti, other busint.^s. Zlllnan's Cafe No. 1, Klk- hiirt, Kan. WANTED—Furniture, rugs, stoves; highest prVcs. Johnson Furniture Co., Phone 304. TYPEWRITER SUPPLIES 31S CARD OF THANKS WANTED—A woman ambitious for position beyond office work or clerking. One who is refined, of earn- eat purposes and t -xpeiits to work for the opportunity offered. Apply Box A-12, care News-lleralrl. WANTICO- clilld 1 v. White girl unir* d. "i -Nurse girl to take caro ol •nrs old and lo stay nights. preferred. Ueferencea re- 1 A East. WE wish to matte prat-fill acknowledgement nf. ail our (ib'titla. palhy as expre'<sod in the floral oit<-r* Ings sent on the occasion of Ci- d-nih of mv dear husband, and dear stepfather, ftlis. W. 1. Slump. ^fr. ond Mts- Sam Ueaty. Mr. and Mrs. W1U Truax. WIC wisti to ilmnk our many iinJiiis and n-lglibnis (or tliclr kindiu .-'S and sympathy c^pn^'d ilurlng the recent dines* iind d.ath of our beloved wii'». divnght-r and si.-*ter; also for mu bvrtuliful Coral offerings. Mr. ttov Turnbull, .Mr. and Mis. H. It. Haven, Mr. and Mrs. Elmer l.-iuV. Mr. and Mrs. llandd Haven, .Mr. and Mis. Kalpli Haven. SPECIAL NOTICES HENICFIT 1 >anoe at Yoeman M«ii, fiu6t.i N. Main, Wednesday and Saint t.;t> nit;tii_ CALL* -.'iutilt "for Oswalt 's garbage rOUte. _____ » . 1 '1 Ho t:i!. Cad "removed free of charge. repairing. N-litc E. A, " Ai:Y ALMA GIFT AND A PKON SHOP t -'aiMVwoik .'M'him^- _ '.27 Fast titn T KA •Tit i Ai7"tinVio6 tVjjiiijej-irm Haon W ANTIC I»—Experienced waitress, Piila— of Sweets. WANTl-.f 1—A girl to dmi, I'll Eiuil flth. care for chU- 21 HELP WANTED, MALE OR 21 FEMALE CLERKS for government postal and other good positions $l ( 4«o-f 2,300 yearly. Experience unnecessary. Full particulars fr-e by writing G. W. Iti»btdn>, eivll .service expert, Bflrch'dl Bldg., Washington. 1>,C. REPAIItED—RENTED, BOUGHT—SOLU 60S N. Malii Phono 787 "TYPEWRITER HUAU(jUAl{'i'WK.V All mattes of SliKhtiy used and re : built typewriters sold on E-z payments; exclusive agents for Royal and Corona Typewriters; rentals, repair work and suppllea; reasonable. RENO TYPEWRITER KXCHANUK. 4d."» N. Main. Phono ;i(i ;i9. 34 FUEL & FEED 34 FOR SALE—Sudan and FarminKton Nurseries, cano nay. phone llK'i. LAHIICS r .r ifentl. men living in or out of Hutchinson to represent large manufacturing and supply house, $4 per day KUsranteed. Give phone and address. Address U-12, care New*- lierald , 24 SITUATION WANTED, MALE 24 WANTICIV- -St-adv employment, phone W. C. Miller, DlalW. 25 SITUATION WANTED, FEMALE I:XPEU1KNC1:D younn lady wishes , hoiiseworlc. I'hone '2ifii». Ht)l"R work wanted. C:id auSi !U. 35 GOOD THINGS TO EAT 35 CHILE, }lot Toinales. llamtiergers, Tho ht-st in Hutchinson. Try tiiem. C. and E. Lunch, 2"-A Ea^t 1st. 1 : one 312. FOR SALE—First-class homemade mincemeat. Phone JL'SUJ. Foil SALE—Stay men Wtnesap apples, _ Phone 2 .M.17J. ,|. w. rioughe. COOI.i h-unemailo bread; pumpkin ami mince pies; ais.^ cake. 1 ?. Phone ll-UJ. GtH'l' home hakmg Fh. 1144,). lloME-MAOLC Ur«ad, cooklus, divinity, nilncfe-meat. Phono 2&07-W. Mrs. Sh-rman PJouphe, ITOMEMA 1>E pumtiktn and mince pies. I'hona liiii'j. LAliY with boy uged 7, wants housekeeping or will work. Will go out uf -i'.y. &15 North Main. WASHING and Phone 3R4SW. liunitiB wanteu. Wi 'UK by hour. FMione ni'iiO. S.W IC ln^ ray : •j our time tint! money py go- irst for ^ifif* and bool* i« trie of buok .uid ^ifL'sturcs-Jano- 11 East Second. THERE will be a dance at the old Tractor srhoolon Eawt A, Tii'-snay night. A pnz.- in the form <d' a i t-.t cak<; will be giv-ti away. Also Thursday night there will b,- a iilasiiuer:uie dance at whieh several pnv .eS will tv-' offered. Co un: and enjoj the season » fun. w 111 26 MISCELLANEOUS FOR SALf •'ou SALE-McOougall kmh.'n ctini­ ne t, II down, $1 per week, till Xmas. Inrmnn Furniture Co., IS S. Main. FOR SALE—New Shigei chine, otik davenport. -47! after »; p.m. Apt. t-. sewing mn- Phone Si or Ouvall Apts, FOR SALIC cheap— Lxtia fine Keen baby hugi-y, reversible body. Call at ^7 West Mb. THE CALVARY hold a Food !Wr<l.. Nov, 2iith. B. l.adi at Sldlingei's, THE WOMEN'S Relief Col p.i will hold a bazaar and Food sale at tho llo;ig. 1 and Clothing Store, D;-c. *ath. 5CMAS cards, cmtraverl or printed. Wells Printing Co., 110 W. Sherman. FOR SALE— 1% real estate, tirst r mortKagcs. —ask McNoghtcnl Phone BEAUTY CULTURE MARINELI.O BEAUTY SHOPPE, 404 W. Sth. Phone 525 for appointment. STAR CELLING. Marjorto CdcKher," 721 East 4th Street. Phone 21010, MARCELLING, 60c; also facial tieal- met - lt'l West B, phone 11C. >IARCELLI.\G. phone 'AZ.'iti W. Mm. .1. i: T'\ North . Katnaiy, Logan st. MARCELLING —Day ur welling .Mia. Talbott. SRI R. 4th. Pnone iut.i.1. MARCELLING, 50c. Phone. Sti6,1. MARCELLING. 7i!3 Last L*r. MARCELLING, 50c. IMW Eawt Km. phono US -J._ A Pi 10JIn t m - n 11 yt m "NELLIMELLO BE A iTTY " SlVOi'i'e. Paper curl a specially. •*—ti J:.ast First. Phone Him, LOST CRANK to Templar car, about IIV; It. long. Call SHI'. Santa Fe Garage- i.OST, AH7R.'T"'Tl'l'.!":''"iST Or^S»cl> TEMRICR—AN OLD FASHION Kit BREAST FIN, LOCKET IN CENTER. SAFETY CHAIN ATTACHED. REWARD. PPHONE iliFl. MRS- FRED MALI CK. ____________ FOR SALE—Real estate contract ..__.Lll is, ' ,M '_l* " »*>k Me x atrj11ui: F11R SALE—-Good birvcle. Intfiure at 120 East VZth. after « p. m. FOR SALE—Manure for luwns. 'tsie.l MAGAZINE, subscriptions. Klles. 317 East Fourth- 3? SHRUBBERY, SEEDS 3/ P1CON1E roots ready. Now is time 'to plant, 40_ each, 54 per doz. Lndor- wnud Greouhouse Co. I N VESTMENT—Offer $10,000 7% preferred stock in a mounts of $1,000 or more. Dividends payable semi-annually. Established concern. For further Information, address J-1.1, care Mows- Herald. 45 MONEY TO LOAN 45 Plenty of ready money to buy, build, pair, or n;iy orf present loan; will an up to w% of value, you pay back principal ajid Interest at $13.33 per month for each $1,000 borrowed; we want to talk with you about It. Coe- Thomson Improvement Co., Maionlc Hide, i 'hone 7:»^. SAVINGS CLUB On December 1 'our six percent " Savings Citib" will start. You hliouid know tho dotailfi about this plan. Wo will explain it thorough ly if you arc Interested enough t> phone DT_. S&O- Cody BU&„ Loans & SIB3. * Lloyd Brown, Sec, E. Carey, Pres. CITY LOANS—Straight loans; Nowlir Manning I^oan Co., 11»,_ N. ilaln. IFsDirffisi Losinas Wo represent loan companies with millions available to piacy on gooo Central Kansas farms, 6Vb with mod erate commission, 6 1 ,.','<> with small commission, or ti^> with no commia slon. Annual Interest. Consult us now THE COE-TI-R OLSON IMPROVEMENT CO. Loans and In.'mranet*. 38 LIVE STOCK, SUPPLIES 33 FOR SALE—Big type Foiand China boars. Soma extra good buars sire.] by Premh-r by Promoicr by Criterion. Dam is Jad* by Nortslde Kit by iJicit- ett_ oriihan. Tht.tse boars an.) out- Ht :inding brocdiiig prospects all have been vaccinated and are pi iced right. For frther Information, address Selli Jones. Box fil. Hutchinson. Kansas. FARM LOANS $1,000,000 to loan at and low commission. All c-nlral Kansas. New- Hn-MHimin^ Loan (.To.. 11N. .Main. GET 7'^ on ri!>-t moi-tg:ti;i: j- .-ecnriiy. —ask McNaghten' Bldg., al estate 1st NaPi CEY to IN; el fart* Loan snub ainouois, 1. r .i-'. North Main MONEV To LOAN Improved city property or farms -••a.--k Jb-Nn^liten. SuBiptfixSoir L _3ai _'^aiui5iO l'» Fords, Including tourings, hpeodst* 1 -A ami coupes, rang- intr in price from $10 - upward. Your own ternv-i. I 'sH'tx 4 couch, one of good onea. Worth seeing. Two Dodge tourings at special prices. A good looking Oakland ?50 down. A doaen Chevrolc (5 priced to sell quickly. A new 4-door balloon tires. jedan with Our cars are sold on on tho easiest terms and lowest rate of interest. Botes Co. loc-lOS-110 West 1st. Phono 'ibi'i. TOlQfSUJAL VALINES IN ;dl Cscrs R>1" l"»odge Brothers Coup's l!i_n J»odKo Brothr-rs S'-dan V.Cl 1-odgo Brothurs Roa-lstor 11^1 Dodge Brothers Touring , I '.I 'll Dodc -f. Brothers Touring l'.U'J Doih;e Brothers Touring Wiilys-Knlght Touring ii <::l Nash Touring I!'20 oldsmohllc Tourlnir # I'JiVt Chevrolet Touring PC4 t :iu vrolet Touring R'!S Fonl Sedan > AirisiO-dl Aon.® CoBspainBy East FirM Phone 270 Ji '.t Ford Coupe, Ford Coupe Ford Coupe P.'L'l Chevrolet Coupe NR^O Bulck 6 Touring APARTMENTS FURNISHED (Cont,) MODERN apartment and sleeping room:', too E?i «t_ Fourth, MODERN ftfrnlshed" apartment, fiio A MOI >ERN Furnishe til. wept. !i Apartment, MOlMCRN groutnt npartment, cozy f;re place, gas range. Reasonable; -'i** (Cast Sherman. I SOMETlllNG Tiew in a i ifi("n™iuru~ I >lvd at Mi 'tmrnt_a_t 211 Fb'st_ I'-'^L 1 W T.!.' r^liy.l ^ -"JI". 1 "^'^ hrl'vn le a ot CTiiuVi { TWO ii.oiii aparimeiu ilown si air. 1 .. | First, enM. _ 1 TWO or threo menis, fiiriuu;o heat, f::irni;p_ T*Wi>~' ROIJM ""Ap;ir! iii'Tit I'm-ru ^n private; $"..00 p.-r week. Phono A Special Before-Thanksgiving Showing of NEW DRESSES cheap, modern. . Phone ;IV7:iW. at- SILK CREPES SATIN WOOL CREPES SERGES $£^•75 Each HAIRLINE SIKIPES PLAIDS CHECKS ALL COLORS 56 HOUSES UNFURNISHtD Sb 1 KOIt KENT— C -ott .iRc, -all nt 313J --i;t First. Fuit liKNT—J Vu'VliiT crti cnttn^o. Call c-v riasl Mb. 4^3 B Kasl. slii'-tly i-iiliiK-i • lllMll- I it 734 i Comer Commerce Co. 17-19 North Walnut Street. FOR KENT—5-room bungalow. 71*7 North i'lum. FoR RENT—Flve. room house, modern except furnace, montn. Cnu 376SJ. FOR RENT—4 room hous- 1 , Sth, east. Cheap rent. Call 17S0 at »0D Fourth, ea-st. FOR RENT—Strictly modern fi room residence. Including Karune. least A. Phone 2*iys heforo 12 or after t;. FOR KICNT—fi-room strictly modern hmiso. St'O East 5th. t.'all 400. FOl: REN'C- tiulre 1 li*7 room hous«, Monroe. FOR RENT—Modern cotlagc. •Ill and fiUfi. FtJR RICNT—Six-room hf'UKc*, setul- modwrn, 11« S. Poplar. Ph. iI^F2L FOR RENT, chrap- houao. Phono ~'M>. -Good four-room FOR RENT—5-room new, modern bungalow to adults. Phono 2217. MODERN East A. ti-room houso for rent, lotai PAY off the loan on your home or easy monthly payments, —ask Mc* Nayhten! Firm Nat'l. Butff. 13w_cMu_so_a Mofioir Cair Co Phone £71. Op*" 1 !! Evenings and nun> »• 104-10'i-lfS Second, w.'st. V J:\ Oakland louring car for sale. E*r-d o? (i mo. Only reason for seliimr; nin leavirifc town. Call HtiO.SJ or imjuli-ft of Wiliiam Black. 47 MOTOR SUPPLIES & REPAIRS LAST MOKTIBI we wreekud "4 cars. Windshield E '3- 3 S fitted. Tired and batteries. lEaiirca®a ^aiH-yai^ce Co. 21. 2S W. at Slmiinan. FOR SALE—Two biff China, male liogs. G. R. 1, Jninnn. K'Kan. FO11 SA LE—ThTeo Jorscv '"»"• fresh, two freshen auon. W. pbonu 2l'i«IL typo Poland li. Davisson, l-'l.\E j'ouiiK blaek ilamiltoniua man-, Ht :indard J 'tMl. 700 W. _-nd Str.-ei. M U.i Holstein cow. fresh- soon. 3 A. Nisly.' Holstein cow, fresh- miles west, of Whiteside. E 39 PUBLIC AUCTIONS A CCTION E ER — Midland hotel pleiisc* you. 39 Pete PoweiHon, piion^ L 1 1, Huichlnsuti. 1 can TIKE Bargalns~-30x3; $5.11). 30x3^; JB,_». 3 and 3^ In. tubes $1.10 Ou- vall Tire Co- 112 13. Sherman. Good used butterbs for all maKes 01' cars. BARNES A IT TO SAT A'AGE CO. -24-20-_S W*st Sherman. 27 MISCELLANEOUS FOR 27 SALE OR TRADE FOR SALE or trade, 6 acres or land in Oklahoma for «ooil touring car. .John Woods, ihuehlnson, Kan.. R, '.i. 28 L-uns condensed LOST—BOX with 5 milk. Phone L'llol. \VH1TE 1 nold wrist watch wltlr a black band. IVt ween Pe«ut>s-vv rifiiit and RorabatiKh-Wiley. Phono 2PJ4J. FOUND TAKEN UI'—1 steer, about Aug. 1st. Owner may have name y paying pasture bill and for this_ nd. fOUNI*>— Milk caii. Call A. E. Ki-uO S01 Darlow. FOUND—Lnrly 's Phono 2811. ' gold wrist wnten, _*AKEN Ul'— -Team of iniilw, grey and brown, -Vi miles south of Larabee, mills; Holland faim.- MtSCELLANEOUS WANTED 28 WANTED—All Kinds of used furniture; one piece or an entire lul. Crook Furniture Exchange. Co.. phone !)fi. WANTED to buy for cayh—11*23 and 11)24 well cured for Ford cars. State low dollar and description in first letter. Lock box 313, Arlington. Kan. 23 WEARING APPAREL 29 iiaunclloy Coir-salla Mrs, Ina Klles. phono 272S. 317 East Fourth. FOR .SALE- fur collar, Ft »R ?ir.. SA LE-G. Photic 17 Good brown 'lieaji. Plutlie od Marmot fur coat. cloth coat. 74SW. GIFT unil Thrift Shop, Ph..p-,: J76BW. 115 West St li. 40 PET STOCK 44J BIRO DOCS Closing out tho Cloverdala Kcnnei*. Female I'olntcr pupjiic.-, 6 mo. old, rlglit age (or training, 515 cacti. Female Pointer, is mo. old, now wurivnnr a dandy, $&0, Femaio Setter IS mo., trained, a beautv, $70. Mai" Chesapokao Bay, i yr. old. natural re- trl' j \'nr. $2,). apers on all dugs, cnone wrile i,r wire, A. M. Averv, Jiiiictun- HQii. Kan. Liberal, K:in. ( after ho:. 1. •••< FAltM merit Co.. loans, x \;uiei son Pnono P:;s. 27 46 AUTOS AyD TRUCKS A FORD ROAOSTER'" Dtlven S months, and meehan pr-rf. ct. Jlaiiv extras Ineiudft wheel, Hassior shock nb^urbein, ; the, gas Knii^i and tiller, carrier and others too Humeri mention. Priced to sell at ">r-H) rash offers con^idr-red jit this I'hone _JUW for d'-monstr;ition lug Lt.i.STt >N Buli Terrier pupptcd lor salvt well marked, pedijjreeil 'and eliglbUi for reKir-tration. Make V.IHI- ll_iI_LC _.- a _„ 1 ' n i_i: 1 - •'_ mornings. ~ DR.T>. B. "MOL(,A"N VETERINARIAN specializing in dogs and cats. 121_East Fitfeenth. Phone- 7.14. FOR .SALE-Toy Boston Terrier pu'p- piOri. Eligible to remster. Vi'l j-,.ist 7th. Phone JJOOJ. Fo11 SALIC- S1 'J 1 nale brhnRo*~Pi\ hulldog about nine months oid;, fine V-Il. playmato for e of N.-WK. ihildrcn. Address FoR iSALl;-- ICnKiish setter pups, ,1 mo. old. sired ly .Swift Hawk. No better hunting dogs. W. W. Patterson, Wpj-on, Kan. BETTEE CAMS AT PMCIES Ri_l Ford tonrlr.g. P.t20 RulcU Tianirlff 1U21 Ford RuadMcr ILtIO Ford Ooiipi- 1910 F,air cyi. Simlobnkcr 11*2*3 Jordan Touring > pjlU Studebaker Bi^ C Touring .'>;'. Cadibac Touring. 10PJ Msinuon Sedan 11*23 Suidebaker special Six CUwk Mo&mr C@ Phone 400 U0-U2 W. Seiond £0 ROOMS WITHOUT BOARD bU F1; 1 :XJT 1." 1: K,__S t o v OH. 'j_V> J-^I st 10th. FCKN1SH LD y rooms, modem, J-t fl-'o|__1IC. Ct li. ^ FOR RICNT—Sleeping rooms in nio<t- ei n home. *)»S ICast Shi.rtnau. LARtiE Bb .t.-piag loom; pnvalu eii- tranee. A:so room with kitchenette. Mt ,ib .r _ii 1 _hf at furnish. ^b 12.". Went 4th. MuDEliN sleeping rooms. -lb L ^imi Khermnn. Ml R_ERN _s MiiOERN* « fph.Kf ro^ms. i !l»IUK 1 ooms 204_W, i'h L'-Tl.l, NICE LARGE ROOM For Rent n private home; well loratcd; $10.0^ per month l'horie V7«>. SLE EPJ_NCi_ SLE T .PLSG 2l_r.:i«t Thitd^ iLJC EPiNG 51 ROOMS WITH BOARD RENTALS. 207 Shadduck OrLve, \ rooms... ,U".0i» 1 South Ch'jmlcal. 4 rooms S.00 3 So, Chemical, 4 rooms... S .H'J 1st. ^ I'aiai-e, 4 rooms 12.*!0 021 West lith. 4 room iz.y" 1.11S East Third, 5 rooms 13 00 10110 East **th, r, rooms l;>.oo 0<» East "F." 7 rooms 422 N. Chemical. 6 rooms...,.,. 15.00 512 East Campbell, 4 rooms 15."0 f>24 ICast 4th, 5 rooms 30.00 017 West 7th, h rooms furn 724 Kae tSherman, 8 rooms mod. 30.00 204 East "A," 6 rooms mod -l;>.uu 14 West 4th, Storeroom 40.00 100 West Sherman, storeroom., too 011 all West 7th, & rooms lit' ar» f>21 Went. "B", 4 rooms 10.00 Steam heated office rooms, —ask McNAGUTEN! Realtors. Phono 6_S. 1st Nnfl Bidg. Call 15S5-J evenings. HOUSES FOR SALE (Cont.) Bray ir &ins lBair^ai5i__ •i'.tltii feet know u ft« 23 Avenue A W.'st on tho .•fiuiheast corner of Ihe streets at Avpnue A and Washington. Owner reserves buildiiigw to move off the location. The pruti Is extremely interesting If sold within ten day«. <S E CQ^. Co„ Insotor--Lloyd Brown—Realtor Srtltsmen: Sanders. Sohoonovur Buchanan r©ia A (Co.© r_®ME Wft offer two six room brick bungalows, very high claw In every respect, !nr«e rooms, many elects, full basements, built-in features, breakfast room, fireplace, «un parlor, fine decoration, one has double garage, 17th Eu .n location.—no better built homes in tho city. Mortgage $5000 and $(300. very easy terms. Priced at less than eou-truetlon cost for quick sale. See them! r—« in «i iUIW, IMione :r .''j North Main, NJCW five-room cottage, model n. Spamrler, phone 333n. S. S. IGCNTALS 5-Iloom dwelling, furnished $30 ti-Room fiat, un furnished $2.1 7-Ruom dwvlling. East 1st St $2."» All desirable loeations. I'honn 2PIS or 2170 after 0 p.m. I " " ~" Oi i.M cutt.-iy Went. and garage. 215 8th SEVEN-room house, modern except heat, 821 N. Washington. Ph:-37P.iW. HOUSES FURNISHED 5/ FURNISHED—Four room cottage lUhts and griH only. Phone _04. FOR RENT—My home furnisherr, strictly modi-rn, garage. K20 East Sherman, phone 2-122W. FOR RENT—,1-tooin fuiMshed hou:-., modern except furnace; garnge; mo. Call f»07 N. Jackson. phrm« 244\v. NICELY furnished 221 West First. -room cottage 59 BUSINESS PLACES FOR RENT IfSenaft IN McCURDY BUILDING Phone ft40. NICE private office room; h «;i Ished; centra! lueatlon; ch. Rf.lltv Co. ^furn- ), Roe Not often can a home he .purchased for $1000. and orr easy payments, but ht^ro Is tho chance; ft. frontage. Rpace for garden, chicken house and lot, duellimr ha3 two lar„e rooms, electric lights, good pmch, nearly new bulldliiK, lu lociited near carl Inc. east part olty. Will sell nn very easy pay ments. Let u„ hhow you tills house and explain how easily you can own it. We have a flno list of easy payment houses, 2-3-1-5 and 0 rooms, Koine modern, some semi-modern, oihera not modern. Bargains nw to prices, and terms in any sized house, beats pay int.: HOUSES FOR SALE (Cont,) Jusl think! S rooms strictly modern on northeast part, fa)-font frontage, fireplace, full bsisement, garage, ..xtrn toilet, and bedroom downstairs. Shown by appointment only; $2,000 each t-j ' handle. Brehm Realty Co., phone 41'. 11 Ea^t Sh«.-t man. gig UGIhlSssl A airiiuly mo 'l .Tti horn*, with three brdnwuny, tin ;akfn..H main, two fir .'jibt .-'fs; c'rn.T loi -alinn with iMiiny lnrcft slm .1.- tr .*.s nnfl Kn.-*t awn. I-:xtr:i bnil.iln«: site, with eftst front. Thin home is woll worth'tu. Imt w« h;ivt> a low cn.^h prlco al $'..250 ..Shown hy ;tptx.lntmpnt See—KINKi 'l. AOKNCT ll.-allor. ' 210 Stati. r.xt'han«e ItWItf.. Phone 30ba. Earl \V. Hi '.Mlnr. Brand IIPW strictly modern bun- saluw, northoust purt. The cheap Drlco will snrprisn you. Built-in featuroa for every thing. Good terms and only $6,000. 5 room strictly modern on West l'tli, ? 1.800 on good terms. And look—oalc floors, flroplace, KOOI I basement, over-size turnace, should sell $5,500, so better look. J. N. IBoak-y & Sour. I"stabll..hpil 1S ; Kany payment Irotnt's •nt. $W(Q) CaaBa Balance mu.iiily, im'i A i> room IIOUR>» garage uiwl i, j» aero near car lin.-. lir.-hm Realty Co., No. 'j East Sher- uiaji._phoriy 42. . : .*.'.w. N 'o. I—Six toom completely mo'. Imso living room Cjay stone t;:. pln'-e, built-in >',iirk ras'-s, oak floojs and oak finish <n tw-n rndin-*, oak floors in i -vfiy room, built-in Kitcio n convi nil tie.-H and iniilt-in i'.'e bo\. *HJm -'j apariineiits in l>a^'in-iit, tiar- !and pip*- furnace, dnitbin parage, 't'liia ( in a i eal lionie, CMH -IUOO.' IIIHH payment will handle, I'rice 'SV .fiOO. i wner mi^iit eojiH;ib -r tfood rciilal piop> rtj as part payment. No. i* — l -'ivo roomo cnmplelpsy mnM- ci ii California bungalow on cresi>-.Mii ! : Largo llvltn; room ••xieiuis ai >y aerws fmnt of house. Eire- oullt -in bo.,!; .;ijH<s nnd writing >. • .. :<-i !id wlii tk floors In every i • ...o, ivory eii.--i.. 1 finhdi In every loom and whit.- enamel in kitchen, bivrii;f.i ;R room nnd break fust set, built In dressing table In bathroom. A real buy at $4,SOU, $$<>o down. Chon room hunuah J.L'SO, f_H0 to $.100 . -•••. c slon. Roy Realty :ush. Imiiit'ii photic ;;oi evetiinpn li'lITW. rat Nat'l Hank Rldtj. 1.{<JA(CU anu room; furiiact; ICast Shi.-rmati. MODERN rrjoms Board. :iu» W. _no. MODERN close In. 'hh. Phone R« a >.M nriVl" furnished ^-rooin suite Rourd If desired. 24 East •J4 ICa.-st Third. 52 CHALMERS Coupe for for cash, or will trade loc.u.-d. ph.-m.- :;_EJ. .tie. ci •!• bHS ClllCVIb H.ET id tins --Rim*, buys it. i it nn:i: st-.urn, r-Tt^r!r ~i :; iVmMrT :i-r ljr :AUTll-'UU cariun.-.s, nil i-ol.ns. Uny j on..- riir Xmas ^-irt. IMitmc. TltiW. 1 41 POULTHY & SUPPLIES 41 AM, icixns~~"" w T.ive anti Iiri's^cl t 'otturv lIKN-NINaSKN I'HOUUCB CO i'lione 7V3. W' G di'livc-r. J.'ortl lt(.ail.sloi:s. starters 3 ford Hcadsteis. bt.uulaid 1 Forvl 'rotirUiga " Ford TourinuH. Mart.:-rs I Font Croulto # A nif? lot of otlier inaU-.i Till-; 1\SLD CAll MAUKK'f ROOMS FOR HOUSEKEEPING FOU l:i:NT—Two nicely fnrnlslie.t rooms for Hsht housekeeping, wltti hath; W. 1st. ['Iione IT5SJ, FOR i'.ION'f- ^:l^t. _ln_sr_l 'Oon-i.v. eln.-:.- liuiisi- KI': I T- 1>/..' atiiiai-:Rt:i.r ; niSKcr. No olijc •n lii;lit houselteep- in^ Ttione 1747.1. von iu:.vr --Knum '-"'^^> Main. Imiulre at 417 S. ft., WJ B. Mam. S M IIII _i_tell Rest -1 room modern hotel In brick bids'. Eor rent. Can buy furniture, I'bono GJ3. ti4 HOUt'ES FOR SALE :ou» W. _ild to lOli Wt-t-t children, LARGE li^iit housekeeping roomn lights and una. (tround fioor, prlvatt entyfi nt.'p._ u2C Hum C. M 1 '1..MCRN Tu ni T.s'i i'e7f* IT KlT~houHCK ee p inpr rooms. Mil Cap: C 't'.ir .L!.!. . TWO. Hire Inquire 2 i or :i \v four-room apartment. est Kirst. TWO furiii. per W' ' hoUhi -keepiilg K: E-.ud R. WANTED TO RENT W ANTE l)~ To rent, widl improved place, close in. Addling U-ll, euro 55 APARTMENTS FURNISHED 55 1\>R RENT—.Nicely t'urniahod kitclv • •iiette ap.irt I'vni , private .•ntiancu; bath. Cull .unijW.• 1 l_7_lCa .si _Sr.h. 'i-Tii.\isnT"i'i "" _L_ :,m 1 -Jl-'^ Tll-.A'ri'.i' Apacinir tit; ~T__" IcTT^t i^TK-u Tho owner of 317 East. Uth la moving tu Way li ing ton, U.C., und must dlsposo of hirf property, hence tii'' price is reduced to J.'J.OOO. This la a seven room, strictly modern home, m- :••;.•!• I"5!•>;•;T i.i ;i!l hard wood, loca Hon is 100';;.. This in a real bargain. i-.:i.-t live rooms modern • xe-'pt furnai Tli^ owner ban written ua to j*i-h thih property. 10^ East Udh; price has also been reduced on this property, flvo room*, strictly modern, very choice location. 41 ii A Went; can hi* purchased on a very .--mall payment down, bulanctt on very easy tcims. ReaHors. I'hone 400. Wo liuvo a customer for .small house. Will consider all modern home, bu' prefeiH fioimuhlntj oheaper. Wdl trado ill some vacant lots and pay ca,«h cHfferencc. Ho has lo lots, 2 blks. of H«r line and close to uood school. These, lota are accessible to eaat side Indu^trieH; and we can probably make Arrangem.-nis with you to finance tlie build in K of one or moi o houses on then' hrts. Let's talk It over. Ctfl )ffi!ffl;2 _' :j lD )^(Cik HiwX 0. a04. t»t Natl. Bldg. Phone 2273. SOS Waal _Sft2a Room strictly modern; 1 tiedrn.-u and bath du-vnalalrs; ftl-gant * n si ade, |„-.\n and shrubs, C MIIHII li.tin,- i .n north side. Rn he . ! '... l '*.!. t __ t ^bermnn, phone -i. Elpht roomy rage in fair co spent on ihi^ ii _ood profit. 1! O. 11 RIANT 413 North Main. !! modern, douhla g.. - litlon. A Rin;i !l imii.oiiif i 'lperty will make yon .(l -i East A - , near ado Mr-own llro : Mam, phone 15-YcaT"cTt'v~ ol, otiage on trolt' v., •nn, $;;! KJ down, nn, l^' a N'oi t n 66 FARMS FOR SALE !•* ARM for nab — twenty-two six, T 58,000 five yearn C*. K. Ardirtore. Lna A l,2V» ACI-.M of improvnienta, n crop i ayni'-nt. Ah .Main, ' •outh, west II S .HOO, Jin.O'lO ca.. J. S. Eoke, f, 'jgyb 'S, Calif. 1 f;u m land; aoi Hmnilto -St'-. 11 1 REAL ESTATE EXCHANGES EOR RENT- Huntn Coal itonmlne house; s ^e .V.. I J hoiw «8. and bulatu-e monthly buys a newly refininhert 5 room modr eepi furnace cotiagq within 4 of ChriMi.ian church. Rrehm t;o., 'J Enst K !i'-i 'm:ili, piloll" 4': blocks Realty WE want re . : dd .-iu -o loan*, straivmt or monthiv p;iyiiientH. ask M<;.\;i «hten'. LOW rate loaiia on Iniiiine.-is piuperiy, McNaghten! lut Nat'l }\\\K. QISOCE18"_ S-OIRS TRAI>E l-'Olt UEStllKNCE This is a hif;h via HA. old e-laiidsht i bu .iineKS, in line suburban location. C;ni Irtvohi* stock and flxturea n amount to suit purchaser. Wiil tr;nt> for north vud five or *ix room huu^n- low. Her.-. I.* a rial opportunity you to put that residence property lo the hilt caininK clas.-* by trading li f'.'r Ibis :>!-n. In v -M i^'ii Ui t-'lay. Laiiailb^ra^Isiy^i 'EltiJl C®* I;I:AI.T> Ph'.n- IT^V : Noirh^latn. ~ v. lid. ; i~:A*i * " My Old- mohllo :-'ed:m l.-.-, L : -i,t v mod -TH liome in norf .lit : or the city. Call n ::7J. '®r @rfc;lk Sail© little home, fivt: roomy, frr .nt, o;ik finish, pout cd r-on Crete bane, hot nir furna«.'t'. varioliH i-tlilt-In features. I'hone 2Cf.fiW. A ekdisy frr.nt, EOR HALE I and 3U1 D Cencsco. Kan t bargain—217 Ea>L Writo K East Box 22, eiielte a p :t r I IlHll t. l''f Ml SA L1C-Siniiil roomnur imusc, well furnished. Inquiry 20 V& East Sherman. MODERN apts. a'ud room;!. 61(J ici 'lst. EOR SALE- 11th Sr., leaving city, or 2170 afte -ii-roum bun«;ilow, ICJISL .<irb-Uy modern, own- r i'rietd to sell Rhone ^tt>S • 0 p.m. Ess 1 E®®sa ¥©on Wannft ? Tln;(l of living cooped up In ;i amnll houso, want boil ICMIIS cnouuli so tht.* fliihlron t-;in have a room to tlionistilveti anil still have a sjiar 1 ' bed room. Wo lmvo tho houni! yon need, B bod room;-, and iilei'iiln-' porch, 2 bedrooms on tho ground floor. Modorn houso located In lit' best block on Ave. A etnt. Lot. in show you. Easy tortus. For Rent—2 furnished houses, both modurn. ami Ituuiror, 12 KaMt Street. Over 50 yours in Hutchinson. | PhDn '' 3 ohnne A 'm." °' FRANK PILE, M«x. Real Estate. HlUIlrcST prk-'cs fur nnjn'a clotlum; iind sihoRM. Phono Uf.SJ. STRAYED STKAYKU— on rullar; 71 •mule bird 1 Ktist tHh. dn^. chniu 1-linno 411. STIIAV!-:!'— 4_ niuKd nnd unu It. V. Unlink, pluiiio 1IM2J. II PROFESSIONAL SERVICES a ATXHiUNUK f)K . Ul.UCTItlCAl. IIKI'AIU WOUU COML'll KLlJCTltlC STOUK 4 N Mtun l"M^iinp lial Oil AS. I. WILSON. L-niioi.i -iH -lor, T H- J North Muln. I'lmiu- -7:ir.. Wi; api.dultze lu ffuuiK Kinases Shlf. man llroB.. MtlRt>l»k' BlfU.. llooni 7. CARPENTERING CAKPBNTISUINO: Inn I'hone l'J'.'SJ. turtilluro repnir- 10 DRESSMAKING- MILLINERY ALTERATION 'S, sulu nnd dreBaniau- Ing, rcmodelln, plwitins. turner. Mrs. 'Richards, phone 'ilitilU. WANTKD—Ureas nmklui;; sall»fatlo.l guaranteed. Jlra. ilaya, 61-1 K. Main \Vl.N"l'l-:lt i.-s hen-, li.-t your eoai^ nu.-att-is nnd drostsi-H aL ;U)7 W(-st iilh Kl. U'onian's lOx.hnnye. FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS—Uncertain As to Him. 30 MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS 4Q A HltL'XSWICK Vietroln, Hplumltd vaiue, haH tH -a .ltt] fill inatni|;any ca:-';: a liitraatn. Jenkinn .Music Co., 1L'2 N. Main. UAXK INSTUHMUNTS AND OCiKAl'llH—Tenor .Saxuphone, t 'JO; C-Melody Saxoiihono, SII5; Banjo, $17; (lunar, SS; Clarlm't. $3C; Vlelrola, IMi; l-:di.srjn. 5 100. l-;asy torms. l:tlll.V »,\rull -\V 11 .KYMtl SIC IJ K I'T IMANt 1 f>.r i-ale. ;:li» 14. west. S'tYLK IX Vhtnila. HlliiJitly ahop- worn; ithk al.uut this one. Jenkins' Miiale Co., i:2 North Mnlu. TE.VOIt" BANJO, H bargain at thin lirlcu. StS.ntl. Jenkins' TMllalo Co., Mi North Main. " WA.NTl.;i>--Tu buy several useir plan­ us for cash. 11. Q. Philips. Pnone WI 1 ! - have a llarwood trumpnt in splendid condition, for onlv $32. Jenkins' Music Co., 122 North Main. 31 HOUSEHOLD GOODS 31 UOOD soft coal lu'litef. ilv. I'hone 3311W or call at 110 East li. By Blosser

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