The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on February 16, 1967 · Page 12
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 12

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 16, 1967
Page 12
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Sentral Meet wn Rivers Girls In Sectional Final T-Rivers Teams Rrtish TMrd And sivi "Mt'SaJ "'"'vr. 1 ^. 'jmnn -vOirr. VI u» ~-<K>i- •., >, Xfsi"*v -" "'''im'xH.: - v.-ui ;:-<, s* Ul« Jtr!*( i\l«>' f«um- a, ,'x iUU.'- •""'•ill. "!••. '.NI .-?!.- 'S<'H:-H. S.M.-tiiilTiM,. •-• 'W*""*!* vji. ,->;., >.; v'. Bears, Regular Slates This Week SiV, Rfrtiiu, ; <v. r«^it\^s. «.!!has Boys Sectionals ?l.%i- ; tim thv 3n53t: Cr£T- nccc&sc ~*i Taints anc Counir C^risti&n?£n rr>" Ci for Tali Rivers, while Osrol Sorensen saarei SI for Rinp- siec. So. the finals tonich: vrfil fine Sentral meeting Twin Rivers si Sentral and Kanawhs tanelinr with Corwitt-Wesley at LuVems. Bos score: Sentral (76) FG FT F if.rf !>?.;. Wehrspann Elmers Voigt Ditsworth Lockwood Blanchard Douglas Krause Brandow Geitzenauer 8 li 3 0 2 0 0 0 0 0 D 11 0 1 0 0 0 0 0 28 MONDAY WINNERS o 1 O b. 0 3 3 4 1 9 20 In Monday frays, Ledyard got past LuVerne, 35-29, and Kanawha bested Boone Valley, 77-60, at LuVerne; Sentra! blasted Rolfe, 92-47, ana Riasted slipped past Armstrong, 60-56, at Semral; ana Twin Rivers dovraec Laurens, 4G-3E, and Ayrshire beltei West read, 6G-33, atWes: Bend. Ledyari grab'oeci a !£-£ first psriad edge over LuVerne and made the lead stand up all me war for victor;,. The winners led, 1&-12, ~c. iitLfeime and 2£II £.' the uirfce-qiiiLrtsr Etri;. rote Am Lioyd lopped Led- yarc viii 2". POHU.E, viiiie Mic- ifcie Cayle g^r. 12 ior '^ lasers. wit- same up vi'^. oae more ieid goC iiiid e^gii: less ir=4 tussci only messn^ v,-ir. r.alriaU: .Ian. '.",, tlis iooiif rJjnf nu: or. top, 7i- 7c.. The Balldros me: anc defeated Iowa Falls there Jan. 5, 7S-4E, and should down the loop tail- enders on their DV.T court. However, the Cadets are an improved club and could give the locals a real battle. Algona takes a 12-1 league record into the contest, while Iowa Falls is 2-10. Garrigan will be out to get back on the v,lnning track Friday after sustaining its first loss in 15 games at Estherville Saturday night, 73-69. The winning string was the longest in tte school's history - and the team is practically certain to finish with the best won-lost record at the school. Dick Muller, Gaxrigan's all- time scoring leader, now has 832 points in the book, while thf las; ttirpf eontps's. Kpdinc hss worof: 20f' points; ibis- spssnr. an,-; ar. 1R.7 Kvprage. whilf Briar. LaFtarrc tias? C5f points an:: ;, 16.1 nfirpamr mark. MuUer is next vdtl: "50. ifi.6; ttier. comes Joe Becker, 20f i£.P .Tank Muller, Sf,, 5.6: anr. Jlrri Younfwirth. 80, 5. Mfianvhile, the Bears s.rp crulsinp alonf Kith a 78-point offensi\'e Everape, having spor- ec i,246 points, while 16 opponents have scored P7? points, ar. average of 61.2 per' came. Bulldog fans art hoping their favorites can wind up the regular slate on a good note - as seven seniors wind up their home court '"•<L*'G Q *'S Torr. Claude and Craig Espe, who hsve been at the top (or near it) all season in the loop scoring race, now stand first and third, respectively going into the last game. Claude has 274 points and a 21.1 average and Espe is 247, 19. Sandwiched in between is Ken Grabinskl, Clear Lake gaint, who has counted more than hall of his 250 points (19.3) in the last four loop games for his team. Claude probably has the title cinched - so the race for second is on between Espe and Grablnski. Other top scorers for the Bulldogs are Gregg Belts, 177, 10.4; Brocke Laws, 136, 8; Bill Boldridge, 98, 5.8; Rog Meyer, 90, 5.3; and Tom Jones, 46," 2.9. As a team, Algona has scored 1,282 points, an average of 75.5 per outing, while giving up 975, 57.4. The combined won-lost totals of the two local teams, 29.4, Is by far the finest ever in a single season. Teacher Back To Classroom After Mishap HTE. iiiriaane Cualsr-DiL, gont school teaehe: , v,t£ ija.2£ serious IT.JILT; — -i r *~-~~~ tii '.r^s. 'j^'^r:'i'.. Daryl Pommer Is King Nominee The February meeting of the "S'fesley Boys' 4-H Club was held Feb. 7, at the Doan Methodist cburii, called to order by vice;; resident Tony Muehe. Roll call WLS answered by 17 mem- •->~~s. Itinuies of the last meeting were by Duane Kunkel. Kev business was to select a I---.; cEalioate for 4-H fun night i.'. Bun. Diryl ?Dni3ier was elected. .-2s'j ciscuss&d was practice for 4-H basketball. It was decided is: the first practice would be islc DI iCaich 4ih. Meeting was •A'ffizi&i 'ciA followed by two a%Hi r Eist:-i.^oa6. Tne first, by Bessie Scov, tie other by Carl Algona Woman's Father Passes brs ; i 'izi.'-'Z, Sr., 62, of Poca- -viiii, ii&c tbciu: midnigiit Sun•L-. •£. 'JiivfeT-Ei^- Hospital, Iowa '„:;., >-ri.*t i.6 v&£ admitted ';••:•,. '.'.. 'i~ •-^r. i*fei; in failing /^Aj-il &irr.%£ -*6re held t: i -.a. v.^iiftsis.-,- at the & ol UE tile iatiog. »ldow, :£. Robt. nids Hud. Robt. - 1 : Groff, oil Poea- 52-40 fSi. Tvii. "km: i Bed ill 2i yJ^u. Vr past !*&&:<££. I'I 13-lj a B& ••&&•>£ we- at the hsii u& '&- Ssvtionsl Basketball action opens at sites ail over the state next Monday, Fef>. 20, vlth area class A teams SjRtfi to gro into meets at Armstrong Sritt, Mallard, West Bend and PocaJiontAs in this vicinity. Semi-final fames are to be played Feb. ££, followed by finals the next night. Otlosen Lady Is Honored On Birthday OTTOSEX - Mrs. Albert Thorsen was honored at a surprise birthday dinner Sunday night at the August Schafer home at West Bend. Guests were Mr. and Mrs. Albert Thorsen, Mr. and Mrs. Louis Zinnel of Emmetsburg, Mr. and Mrs. Terry Schafer and Kim and Mrs. W. E. Hundertmark of West Bend and Dorothy Fuchsen of Pocahontas. Saturday afternoon, Mrs. W. E. Hundertmark honored her sister Mrs. Albert Thorsen of Ottosen at a birthday coffee at her home in West Bend. Other guests were Mrs. Harvey Thorsen and Clara, Mrs. Charles Welter and Naomi Struthers. - o - 9 Bulldogs Seek District Donald Benson Championship, Urbandale jj! 5 ^, Dies Suddenly (hat > IMstvM '\V\u > - ulno owpotltlou tlu> The nlno wwrflors fww ttto soul to a dtstvlot moot. ;it jvsslWo tiultvt- tttli's ami suUsmjuoMt trips UH-. quarter rrtanr. ped the losers via jf.- Ayrshire rie&: v, i halftime lead ble vlth West Erode rson counts K Betty Gretoert noUifed wi- ollega •Aoir a&w -t series ia 3 Caryl i Carolyn rs*i -A •I'itr i;:-t fcC fc Boy r. c iOJtr.- vi'fr'r, Ms seit and ; d i b ! y ^te ll* You said a quart of •' •.,-.-..' • O • • . *''. ars- I'.iEr.iy ailer- . .: -*';r .,*;:,•'- ai.d liable to i'^r.t rjriC!;f>:.-, t(> tiiern. I a -,'j'A vfearin? origin ifew- ir>'i ifcafhfcr. whicii. a!(>ne HT'Mti odor.s. attract stliig- ;,.-.fect,s. warns tt* rult^'1 Leparttnfent Mrs. Kate Jacobson andLeRoy visited at the Art Bartlett home and with Mrs. Gail Stoddard and family at Tltonka from Tuesday until Thursday. Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Wehr- spann were Saturday supper guests at the Frank Allen home at Eagle Grove. Mr. and Mrs. Donald Larson were Sunday dinner guests at the John Larson home, Swea City. Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Anderson and family of Duncombe were Sunday dinner guests at the Henry Olson homo. Mr. and Mrs. Jacob Michelson of Llvermore were Sunday dinner guests at the Erllng Malmin home. Afternoon visitors were Mrs. Fred Scharf of Ft. Dodge, Mr. and Mrs. Orville Knudsen of .Dakota City, Mr. and Mrs. Richard Benjamin of Bradgate and Mr. and Mrs. John Selfken of Gilmore City. Mr. and Mrs. Earl Olson attended a party Saturday night at the home of Caroline and Victor Madsen. They helped Victor celebrate his birthday which was Feb. 10. The daughter born to Mr. and Mrs. Richard Zeman Feb. 4 was baptized Sunday at St. Joseph Catholic church. She is Cynthia Sue. Guests at the Zeman home afterward were Mr. and Mrs. Albert Zeman of Dakota City, L. A. Ripperger and Leonard Jr. of Rofe, Mr. and Mrs. Don Besch and Steve of Cedar Rapids, Mr. and Mrs. Jim Larson and Larry of Bode, Mr. and Mrs. Joe Becker and family of Bode, Howard Zeman of Ames, Marilyn Zeman of Des Molnes and Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Zeman and Norman. Mr. and Mrs. James Ban wart and family were Saturday dinner guests at the Silar Banwart home, West Bend, to celebrate James' birthday. Mr. and Mrs. Percy Watnem returned home Wednesday night from a two week trip by plane to California. At San Diego, they visited Mrs. Watnem's sister, Mrs. Bethel Espe and her brothers, Mr. and Mrs. Harland Mitsven and George Mits- ven. They also visited Kenneth Guiggisberg, a nephew, who is in the navy. Enroute home, they visited Mr. and Mrs. John Guiggisberg at Ft. Dodge, parents of Kenneth. Kevin, Caryl and LeAnnSpeich of Algona spent the weekend with their grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. Antone Speich. Their parents, Mr. and Mrs. Robert Speich were called to Iowa City to see her father Boyd Irnhoff. Arthur Petersen visited Edna, Donald and Ray Powell at Traer Wednesday. ii\i:vi \V;»(ovUv will bo H:\iu\y i. i>5 Ibs.. Stovo Chxiulc, \\\n C:unp, 133, K:uuly Hlo- in\ 138, Ollnt Young, MS, c IVuiu'tt, 154, Max Mll- 1S5, n\U Ikxie, 180, and Brad heavyweight. IVtevsen, Rlediuger, Young ;uii1 Bomictt copped Sectional titles and the other five nabbed seconds as the Bulldogs pounced on the championship at Clarion last Thursday and Friday. Opponents for the locals in first round competition at Urbandale Friday have not been determined as yet. First round winners will advance to the semis and semi winners to the finals the following day. Title win- nors and runners- up gain their right to go to the State Meet. Young, of course, Is the win- ningest Bulldog with an unblemished 23-0 mark this season - and a total of 77 points so far. He's registered four falls. Miller Is 21-3, with 65 points and one fall; Camp, 17-3 with eight falls and 67 points; Riedinger, 16-3-2 and 52polnts; Bode 15-5-1, four falls, 55 points; Petersen, 15-7-1, three falls and 53 points; Bennett, 15-7-1, two falls, 51 points; Claude, 14-9, three falls, 48 points; and Farnham, 13-9-2, two falls, 47polnts. Coach Martin said this week that his outfit will have to be at its best in the District against a tough field if a good showing is to be made. New Vehicle Sales Total 24, Past Week Freezing Rain, Snow And High Winds Hit Area Tlio edge of a predicted Mlv,7,;ml, accompanied by frigid toiuppraturc readings, slipped into tills urea Tuesday afternoon after a couple of spring-like days- and by 9 u. m. Wednesday things looked plenty bleak. Vevy light snow, with high winds whisking it around, arrived during the wee hours Wednesday. Freezing rain began to fall about 7:30 a. in. the same day and snow moved in, making it nasty by 9 a. m. Schools in the area began closing about 9 a. m., with students let out at Algona's public schools at 9:30 as the weather worsened. High mercury reading during the period was 48 degrees Monday and the low was —4 a day earlier. Traces of snow were registered Feb. 10-11-12-13. Here are the readings: H 39 36 19 29 48 42 Feb. 9 Feb. 10 Feb Feb Feb Feb Feb 11 12 13 14 15 Tr. Tr. Tr. Tr. Vehicle registrations 'at the office of County Treasurer Don Jorgenson hit 24 here last week. Owners of new vehicles are: Chevrolet - H. V. Larson, Lo"e Rock, pickup, D. W. Hainzinger, Fenton, pickup; G. J. or Magdalen Rlke, Algona; E. A. Eisenbacher, Wesley. Ford - Elmer Dole Co., Ir- vlngton, pickup; D. B. Ruste- meier, Bancroft, pickup; E.F.or Garnita Bauer, Bancroft; Barbara Jean or Ronald A. Schroeder, Swea City; D. H. Martin, Swea City, truck-tractor; L. R. Kees, Algona, pickup. Dodge - J. L. or Verda Trauger, Livermore; Bernice or Claude Haag, Swea City. CMC - D. A. Larson, Wesley, truck; Joe Bradley Equip., Algona, truck. Mercury - S. E. Johnson, Lakota. Buick - J. B. Isebrand, Titonka; P. C. or Darlene Geilenfeldt, Lakota. Pontiac - Shirley A. Wellendorf, Algona. Olds - C. H. Beck, Fenton; L. R. Banwart, West Bend. Chrysler - Klein's Farm Supply, Algona. Rambler - Jane Ann Nettleton, Algona. Plymouth - Car Lease Co., D. K. Shaw, Algona. Freightliner - S. T. Wicklifl, Algona, truck-tractor. Slate Another Cake Decorating Class, Algona Due to continued interest, an adult cake decorating class conducted by the Algona Community School is scheduled to begin Mon- da'y evening, Feb. 27, at 7:30 p.m. This Is the second class covering these techniques to be offered by the school this year. The instruction will be similar to that being presented in the class currently being held. Mrs. Russel Kauffman, the present instructor, will conduct the class. The class will consist of 5 session of 2 hours each to be held on Monday evenings at Algona High School. Tuition charge will be $2.50 for the entire Instruction. It is requested that anyone interested in participating In this class indicate their desire by Feb. 24. Contact Elgin Allen, high school principal, or Frank Brusie, Adult Education, Algona Community High School. When registering tor the class, submit your name, address aud telephone number. L 15 32 1 -4 11 31 17 Remembering the months of March and April during recent years, area residents know there's still plenty of time for "old time winter." Mrs. Goeders, 77, Services Set For Today Funeral services for Mrs. John Goeders, 77, Ruthven, will be held at 10 a. m. Thursday at Assumption Catholic church in Emmetsburg. Rev. Francis Conway, Sioux City, a nephew of the deceased, will officiate. Burial will be in St. John's cemetery. Mrs. Goeders, the former Margaret Kliegl, was born and reared In Palo Alto county. In 1908 she married John Goeders at Whittemore. They farmed in the area until a few years ago when they retired and moved into Ruthven. Mr. Goeders died in 1965. Surviving are eight children: Lucille Goeders, Spencer, Mrs. Ronald Chapman, Emmetsburg, Mrs. Ernest Whitman, Denver, Colo., John, Jr., Altoona, Joseph, Albert Lea, Minn., George, Santa Ana, Ted and Tom, both Reseda, Calif.; 18 grandchildren; and eight great-grandchildren. Three sisters, Mrs. J. G. Fogarty, Emmetsburg, Mrs. Geo. Slagle, Milwaukee, Wise., and Mrs. Frank Mclntlre, Hoodsport, Wash.; and seven brothers, Henry Kliegl, Joseph Kliegl and Conrad Kliegl, all of Emmetsburg, George Kltegl, Cylinder, Robert Kliegl, Los Angeles, Calif., Roy Kliegl, Whittemore, and Art Klelgl, Chicago, also survive. Mrs. Goeders died Saturday afternoon at Santa Ana, Calif., where she was spending the winter. Two Accidents Reported Here To Sheriff Two weekend mishaps in this area were reported to the sheriffs office here. Monday at 11:55 a. m., a car driven by Delane C. Pooch, Algona, and a truck driven by Ervin Emick, Humboldt, collided a half- mile north and 2-1/2 east of Irvington on a blacktop road. They collided at an entrance to a driveway, with $400 damage resulting to the auto and unesti- mated damage to the truck. At 2 a. m. Sunday, an auto driven by Albert D. Langerman, 52, Fenton, struck the right side of a bridge two miles east and 3-1/2 south of Armstrong, resulting in an estimated $800 damage to the vehicle. AOK Meeting The meeting of the Algona A. O.K. 4- H Club was held Feb. 11, at 1:15 p.m. at the Extension office. Hostesses were Mis. Nash and Mrs. Lallier. Guests were Mrs. Frlderes, Mrs. Detrick, and Mrs. Hensley. Demonstrations were given by Kathy Cooper and Patty Detrick, Becky Meyer, and Kim Thuente. A talk was given by Janis Haag. Becky Meyer was elected queen candidate for the club for Fun Night. FEB. 17, FRIDAY - Walter Heerdt Estate Farm Auction, at farm located from 169-18 Junction at Algona, two miles west and 1-1/4 miles north on blacktop ; or from U. S. 18 and Hobarton blacktop road, go north 1-1/4 miles. Auction Includes livestock, machinery and other usual items including household. Ronald Peck and Lyle Bensen, Auctioneers; Iowa State Bank, Algona, Clerk. Details In lhls< newspaper. FEB. 18, SATURDAY - Walter A. Bell sale, on the Mrs. Brophy farm, 4 1/2 miles north of Algona on U.S. 169, starting at 10 a.m. Offered Is machinery, household goods, furniture, sheep and many other items advertised in detail In issue of Feb. 14 Upper Des Moines. Auctioneers, Qulnn & Leek; Iowa State Bank, Algona, clerk. FEB. 21, TUESDAY - Doug Seibert farm sale, 4 miles west and 1 mile north of Fenton, or 2 north and 2 east of Depew. Sale Includes much power machinery, other equipment, household goods, and consigned articles. Lyle Bensen & Clair Clark, auctioneers; Emmet County Bank, Ringsted, clerk. Sale details in Feb. 16 Issue of Upper Des Moines. FEB. 22,WEDNESDAY-Neary Implement Co. auction, starting 6:30 p.m. at Emmetsburg. Offered will be machinery, trucks, fixtures, shop tools, office quip- ment, elc. Sale details In Feb. 16 issue of this newspaper. Clark and Clark auctioneers; Palo Alto State Bank, Emmetsburg, clerk. FEB. 23, THURSDAY-Vaughn Hoover farm auction, 1/2 east of Burt, 1 north and 1 1/2 east ; or from Tltonka, 6 1/2 west and 2 south. Machinery line, 33 stock cattle, misc. etc. Leek & Quinn, auctioneers; Titonka Savings Bank, 'clerk. 'Sale details In Feb. 21 issue. FEB. 25, SATURDAY - Merwyn Pergande closing out auction on farm two miles west of LuVerne on 408, 1/2 north on the west side of road, beginning at 1 p.m. Line of machinery, Ayrshire calves and miscellaneous items. Ronald Peck and Raymond Spencer, auctioneers and clerks. Details in UDM Feb. 21. Dubuque U. Grad James W. Finn is one of 22 January graduates of the University of Dubuque, College of Liberal Arts. He was awarded the bachelor of arts degree. He is a son of Mr. and Mrs. Wm. J. Finn of 501 E. Elm, Algona. France Trip Cheryl Wonderly, Livermore, student at Twin Rivers High School, Is among the group of high school students who will go to France in July and August on a six-week study tour under the direction of the University of Clermont Ferrand at the Lycee Presles in Vichy, Sister Mary Alfred, who teaches French at Garrigan, has been selected as chaperone and Sister Mary Magdeline, Remsen, and a former teacher at Garrigan, will be her assistant. Services for Donald V. Benson, 42, rural Swea City, were held at 1:30 p. m. Wednesday at the Bethany Evangelical and Reformed church In Ledyard. Mr. Benson died at 4:35 p. m. Sunday at the home of his sister, Mrs. Robert Barslou, Sr., rural Swea City. Death was attributed to a heart attack. Mr. Benson was born Dec. 6, 1924 at Ft. Dodge. He graduated from Ft. Dodge High School and Ft. Dodge Junior College. He had been a bookkeeper for Johnson Produce In Swea City for the past 10-1/2 years. Prior to that, he had been a bookkeeper for the Lynch Impl. In Ledyard. Survivors Include three brothers and five sister; Clifford, Russel and Kenneth, all of Ft. Dodge; Mrs. Harvey Hosier of Forest City; Mrs. Jens Madsen, Swea City, Mrs. VernaSopa- vlck, Ft. Dodge; Mrs. Robert Barslou, Sr., Swea City, and Mrs. Richard Mescher, Bancroft. Garry Funeral Home, Bancroft, was In charge of arrangements. Rev. Victor Vriesen officiated and burial was at Oakland cemetery, Ft. Dodge. Darlene King Succumbs At Albuquerque Darlene King, 42, wife of New Mexico University Basketball Coach Bob King, died at their home In Albuquerque, New Mexico, Tuesday following a lengthy Illness. Mrs. King had been In ill health for several years and hospitalized a number of times in recent years. She. and her husband lived here in the late forties and early fifties while he was basketball and baseball coach and assistant in football at Algona High School. Mr. and Mrs. King were both originally from Gravity, la., and rites for her are slated to be held in her home state. • Besides Mr. King, survivors include a daughter and two sons. Corwith Farmer Wins Max Sloan, Corwith area farmer, with an official yield of 184 bushels per acre, was named Iowa winner in the 1966 National Corn Yield Contest sponsored by the National Corn Growers Association. The nationwide winner was a Tlpton, Ind. farmer with 215 bushels per acre. Twenty-acre fields are basis of judging. Sloan, with his son, Robert, farms 480 acres. To Avco Meeting Barbara Weydert of Algona Is among 24 young women from Avco Finance offices In Iowa who will hold a training meeting, Feb. 25, in Des Molnes, sponsored by the Avco Finance Co. FOR INCOME TAX SERVICE CALL Charles Bloom 295-3112 RECTANGULAR COLOR TV for LESS THAN $300 PAYMENTS AS LOW AS $2.58 M^^^^H ^^ week WHY WAIT ANY LONGER? HAVE COLOR TV IN YOUR HOME NOW ELECTRONIC SPECIALTIES 416 DIAGONAL ST. — ALGONA, IOWA — PHONE 295-3215

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