Lake Charles American-Press from Lake Charles, Louisiana on August 24, 1962 · Page 17
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Lake Charles American-Press from Lake Charles, Louisiana · Page 17

Lake Charles, Louisiana
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Friday, August 24, 1962
Page 17
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DAVIS SILENT Solon Proposes ecial Session BATON ROUGE (AP) - Gov. Jimmie H. Davis has been asked to call a special session of the legislature to enact, among other things, economies of the Little Hoover Commission. The request came Thursday from Rep. Jack Dyer of East Baton louge Parish, one of the legislators who disagreed with Davis' views on state government. The governor had no comment on Dyer's proposal. Dyer said he believes the state Centralized state printing; Centralized state purchasing. He added this proposal: _ "Statutes concerning conflicts of interest of state officials such as preventing one serving as insurance commissioner from working as an employe of an insurance company or allowing his name to be used by any law firm, business or association that represents or derives profit from any insurance company." „ .. .. , Dyer said an idle state funds surfer another big deficit this I investment bill should be passed fiscal year under .its present so "profit from this money will method of operation. go to rcducing this irnp€ndin g I believe that in order to pre-j deficit rather than a selfish few." vent the recurrence of this con- He noted the unclassified state dition, a special session of t h e employes listing was incorrectly . . « . i i * . ,. I"-V *"" *»u»-4llGi « ««O 11IV*VJI 1 C legislature should be called. . ." called the anti-deadhead bill. Dyer said the legislature should j A Code of Ethics should be approve this "absolutely neces-j passed, Dyer said, "to deter con- sary legislation: flicts of interest and wrongdoings. Investment of idle state funds;,This could be accomplished in Central listing y unclassified; time to be voted on by the people stale employes; ; along with other proposed consti- Cocie of Ethics for state offi- ! tutional amendments this Novem- cials and employes; Iber." TWBMOTHfl? SUPERIOR PLANS TO SEARCH I FOR HIS RECORDS. yes, But WE WON'T KNOW WOULD rr ee PAIR TO ALL CONCERNED PIP ySU KNOW THAT PON01 WAS ONE OP •ffitST.SfiASflAN ORPHANS BEFORE HE HMMS61P AftftlVE At THE V1UA ouwrct ROME. YfAR5A66,HO? DONDI * ?EE-. ffESTOF DISMISSED EftlDAY, AUG. 24. T962, Ub Charts Anrenea* Press. Johnson Says Iran Must Remain Free By DAVID LANCASHIRE TEHRAN, Iran (AP)-U.S. Vice President Lyndon B. Johnson arrived today for a two-day visit in Tehran and pledged that Iran's Independence and national integrity will not be breached. Johnson's U.S. Air Force jet shrieked in from Lebanon past the snow-capped Elborz Mountains Lawmakers Offer Reshuffle Plans JACKSON. Miss. (AP)-Despite cries by Gov. Ross Barnett and House Speaker Walter Sillers for a reduction in the size of legislative chambers, a reapportionmcnt tributcd on a population basis. Future reshufflings were left to the discretion of the legislature. In an apparent move to by-pass federal court action, the commit- study committee has called for tee settled for the compromise enlargement of both houses under plan and called for Barnett to a population formula. J institute an immediate special ses- A report was released to Gov.i sion to considcr the P ro P° saL Barnett by the eight-man commit- j The plan, which abolishes the tee Thursday proposing one sena- j three grand geographical divi- tor and one rcpresentaitve for sions that have shared represenla- each of the 82 counties and 60 j tion on an equal basis, involves additional House scats to be dis-1 amending four sections of the , --j stale constitution — a move that ; would require ratification by the voters. BEETLE BAILEY ON THE CONTRARY. I'M FLATTERED TO BE A FRIENDOFASREAT PlAYWRlSHT>l/tt>A GREAT CRITIC/ THE BELLBOY LOOKS TERRIREP/ AREN'T MCW AFRAID I'LL PULL ANOTHER ^TEKYLL AND HYDE? WELL-THE CRITIC HAS RESIGNED FROM THE DRAMA DESK. AND I'M NOT TOO SURE ABOUT THE PLAYWRIGHT... I WTEND TO HAND MYSELF OVER TO THE WIS-PICKERS FOR A WHILE..., ON STAGE WHY NOT? I'M CERTAINLY RIPE TO DO A LITTLE RESEARCH ON MYSELF. OUT WHY IT HAPPENED... WHO OWS? THERE A BROKEN FARM '"FAMILY STAYS BEHIND, THE LAW TAKES OVER. J]N ONE OF THE SQUAD ~ CARS- RIDES A BAG CONTAINING NUMEROUS BILLS-MANY OP WHICH. SURPRISINGLY ENOUGH, ARE NOT 'ONES." Research Team Gives Report On Cigarettes Rarnclt said he would cooperate with the legislature and planned an announcement soon on the date for a session. He has already said there would bo a special session this fall to pass on teacher pay raises and a welfare measure. The governor did not venture .an opinion on the proposed re- A team ot _i,,,ffi:_ r . „!„„ _ut.«..«u „.—: i.. SO $100, EVEN $1000 BILLSJ ^NINETY-FIVE POUNDS^ OF GR/CF AND TROUBLE FOR THOSE WHO THOUGHT THEY COULD GET AWAY WITH IT. CHICAGO (AP) - A ic-cun m shuffling j although previously medical researchers says tests , hchad8c P, lcdfor P have demonstrated tobacco drawn through filter tipped cigarettes contains a tar substance that can cause skin cancers in mice. Thc report, published today in the Journal of the American Medical Association, said six brands of cigarettes, including two filter- tip types, were used in the one- year study. The research was undertaken, they said, to determine if the cancer risk had boon eliminated from cigarettes, or reduced by modifications in recent years. Tumors were induced by every brand'.of cigarette tested, they said, but the filtered cigarette smoko yielded only one-third the amount of tar in standard cigarette smoke. There were fewer tumors and n slower onset of tumors among the filtered cigarette group. Tar yields among standard cig a reduction in the size of both houses. Sillers, not a reapporlionment advocate, also called for a reduction if a new apportionment was emmincnt. Under the plan, which is expected to draw fire from reapportionment leaders, a county would get a second seat in the House at 19,500 population; a third at 40,500; a fourth at 65,000; a fifth at 95,500; a sixth at 130,000; a seventh at 171,000; and an eighth at 218,000. Thc population scale is sliding, with each population bracket covering a wider range, giving mid- bracket counties additional representation on a population basis. Sillers, a non-voting member of the committee, and Rep. Stone Barefield of Forrest County, a voting member, both indicated they opposed the plan. The committee asked that a arettes" differed by less than 20 sessio11 be cal!ecl for thc sole P ur ' per cent, they said. 'P nso of considering roapportion- The experimental procedure ment ' an indication it does not consisted of condensing the smoke i f " V01 ' handing lawmakers other from machine-smoked cigarettes j Problems at the same session, to obtain the tar, they explained. The tar was dissolved In a solvent, acetone, and applied to the shaved skin of the mouso in amounts equivalent to 8.3 smoked cigarettes a day. "In recent years," the report staled, "the tobacco companies have introduced many new brands fmd have modified existing brands of cigarettes. "The advertisements of some brands Imply that these modifica- Kissing Boss Pinched by cewonian lions have resulted in lower levels in the smoke." tar j NEW YORK (AP) - Police say : David Goldberg, 34, kissed the The tobacco industry, however, contends there is no evidence that smoking causes cancer. The research team said the implications of the study are "indirect, but meaningful." The smoke of all six brands of cigarettes proved capable of csusing cancer in mice, but the total amount of smoke delivered to (he target area from the filtered cigarettes resulted in a lowering of the incidence of tumors, they said. "The ideal of course . . . would be to stop smoking altogether," they said. Christmas Tree Week Observed LANSING, Mich. (AP) - Residents mopping their brows under Hie summer sun may not believe it—but this is Michigan Christmas Tree Week. Gov. John Swainson proclaimed the period from Aug. 19 through 25 as Christmas Tree Week in recognition of the National Christmas Tree Growers Association convention in East Lansing. PHOTO COPIES 01 Birth certificates, Wedding Llcenm, Dijchorgs Paper* And Other Documents While You Wait MAC'S CAMiRA SHOP wrong job applicant in his Greenwich Village office-home Thursday. She was a policewoman assigned to track down the cause of a number of complaints from part-time typists. Police gave this account: Policewoman Elizabeth Flannagan, petite and red-haired, answered a job ad in a New York newspaper last Friday and on Monday made an appointment to see Goldberg, a Negro, in his office at 844 Greenwich St. He discussed (he job with the policewoman, then asked her to phone back. The policewoman said she made numerous calls to Goldberg and Thursday he told her to meet him at his office. She waited about 15 minutes in the dimly lighted hallway, two flights up, until he walked up the stairs carrying two cartons. When he saw the "applicant" she said, he ran up thc stairs and "kissed me violently." The policewoman said she accompanied Goldberg into his office. The two sat down on a sofa, she said, and Goldberg started to make advances. She managed to get out of the apartment and sig- nalled to three patrolmen and two policewoman who made the arrest. Goldberg was booked by police on a charge of assault. In night court, magistrate Herman Wein- krantz ordered him held in $500 bail for a hearing Monday. Mixed Opinions Held on Strike At Missile Site HUNTSV1LLE, Ala. (AP)-Optimism and pessimism existed today as to the possibility of a 10-day-old strike being completely halted at Redstone Arsenal. A Marshall Space Flight Center spokesman said "We're certainly optimistic about our chances of being back near it." at full force, or He said electricians who reported back to their jobs Thursday "are effective in our efforts to resume operation." About a third—38—of the nor mal roster of electricians reported Thursday, but seven of those left one of the projects later. About 125 members of the Intcr- and landed hi bright, hot sunshintf three minutes ahead of schedule. "Your country and mine stand together hi the common cause of freedom," Johnson declared in an arrival statement. "A free Iran is vital to the strength of the free world." The vice president was accompanied by his wife, their daughter Lynda and a party of 33 others. Johnson is the first U.S. administration leader to come to Iran since President Eisenhower's triumphant five-hour stay in 195 1 ). Iran is one of America's staunches! allies in the Middle East and the recipient of *' * H- lion In U.S. aid. In his talks with the Shah Pah- levi. Johnson was .. view the U.S. role in Ira.. 's defense and economic development. Premier Assadullah Alam took office July 21 after the resignation of his predecessor, Ali Amini, partly in protest against a U.S. aid cut. Johnson came from a one-day visit to Lebanon billed as a "rest stop" prelude to his official visits to Iran, Turkey, Cypnis, Greece and Italy. But he did little resting. Stumping as if on a political campaign, the vice president moved through Beirut with a friendly smile and wink and an VOU TWO WILL BE GOING TO HEADQUARTERS DICK TRACY / EACH ONE'S TRYIN T'LEAf?N SOME NEW TRICK THAT'LL TOP THE OTHER ONE! THEY'LL WIND UP KILLIN' THEMSELVES IF THEY KEEP ON! /Y WELL. ANNIE, HOW AR6 YOU MAKINQ OUT WITH OUR TWO PRIMA DONNAS ? GOINQ TO GET TOGETHER ON A BIQ NEW ACT BY SUNDAY*? TWO GREAT STARS, BUT EACH ONE'8 QOT TO BS THE , I DUNNO, COLONELI 1 OUST DON' KNOW POMPOUS, STUPID JEALOUSY! ORPHAN ANNIE THINK OF A BETTER WAY TO HAVE REX SPEND HIS MONtY MEANWHILE, AT THE 6ACK5TA6E CLUB... TAKING YOU TO THE JAZZIEST PLACE I TOWN, MELISSA/ HI6H TIME YOU BROKE DOWN AND TOOK U5 TO DINNER, REX MORGAN/ T£ THAT WA5 MI55 POOLED /WE'RE BOOKED SECRETARY/MISS POOLE'5 )/50LID...BUT WE'VE ON HER WAY OVER WITH A/1 GOT TO TAKE CARE PARTY OF TEN/ >[ V OF THEM SOME REX MORGAN, M.D. IF SOVIET PUICV WERE PIFFERENT MAJOR KOPE YOU* *TAT5 PEPAKT/MENT PROTESTMS THAT THEV KNOW NOTHING OF AN ATOMIC EXPLOSION -IN. AN WHO WOUIP PELIEVE THEM?* ICOULPENJOVTHe!' AREA 6WARAMN6 WITH AMERICAN TECHNICIA AMP WEAPONS/ BUT 24 HOURS BEFORE- !., IT WAS FEARED YOU MIGH LOSE THE NERVE/ WONPER IF THERE'S ANOTHER WOMAN INVOLVED, KERRY?!. NOT LIKELY IN THIS WE'LL START 8Y CHecKIN& THE SOUTHBOUND r AIRLINE OFFICES/ ALSO 1 TIPTOE TOOMEY HAD SOLD HIS WINTER CLOTHES TO BUY A SUN/ DON'T WORK/, 5ENORITA.' ..I HAVE THE MONEY RECORDS SHOW THAT MORE MISSING PERSONS WINP UP IN FLORIRA THAN ANY OTHER STATE, CHIEF.. WITH CALIF ORNIA SECOND/ KERRY DRAKE JACK, DO V(?ll REAUV TO FLY THE X-IS RCCK6T TOMORROW ? JM <yO\He> AHEAP WITH MY SPACE PILOT TRAINING I I'LL Ip ALL TUB W/ORPWEK. 1 CM MUSTWR.TP TB/TO STOP outstretched hand for almost everyone in reach, Sounding the theme, "we are your friends" , , , , over and over again, he stopped national Brotherhood of Electrical hls car numerous times to chat Workers — were told Thursday I w j t h Lebanese nipht to go back to work. j . '. But the man who said he told them, James Haygood, business agent for the local, said later he doubted all members would heed his instructions. Haygood said about 125 of the 210-member local attended a meeting at which he told them to go back to work, read a back- to-work order from U.S. Dist. Judge Clarence W. Allgood and read another back-to-the-job directive from Gordon Freeman, president of IBEW. The strike began Aug. 14 when 150 electricians established picket lines at three arsenal gates, protesting use of non-union workers by Baroco Electrical Construction Co. of Pensacola, Fla, More than 1,200 members of other trades unions honored the lines, with a freeze on several construction projects vital to the nation's moonshot program resulting. Negro Killer Of Detective Dies in Chair CHICAGO (AP) - Tight-lipped and appearing calm, James Dukes, convicted killer of a Chicago detective, died in the electric chair in the Cook County Jail today. • "He was scared," said Warden Jack Johnson, "but he took it real good." Dukes, 37, whose attorneys made desperate last-minute attempts to stay the execution for the 1956 slaying, walked 40 feet from his isolation cell to the death chamber. A Catholic jail chaplain and eight guards walked alongside him. They said he did not speak as he walked to the chair. Dukes, a Negro, was twice convicted for the slaying on Jim 16, 1956, of detective John Blyth in a gun battle on the South Side. His first conviction was set aside by the Illinois Supremo Court but he was convicted in a second trial In 1958. He had received several stays of execution in lengthy court appeals. Blyth was slain as he attempted to arrest Dukes for shooting two men who had sought to aid a woman Dukes was beating. Jackson Raps Cut in State School Funds LAFAYETTE, La. (AP)-The Louisiana Vocational Education Association meeting, with more than 1,000 teachers and delegates attending, went into the second day today. State Education Supt. Shelby Jackson told the group Thursday night that the state "is no longer safe when it leaves its human wants and needs for education unsatisfied." He said a "reduction in education expenditures reduces the quantity and quality of educational services which in turn reduces the production and consumption potential of the state." Gov. Jimmie Davis' administration cut the education budget this year over Jackson's strong protests. Jackson told the association that "low school budgets seldom tally up to real savings to a community or a taxpayer." Valentino's Death Commemorated 3y 75 Thursday HOLLYWOOD (AP) - The 36th anniversary of Rudolph Valen- ino's death was commemorated Thursday by 75 meen, women and •hildren who gathered at the si- ent film star's crypt. The mysterious "Woman in ?lack" — unidentified, always icavily veiled and always in black —who appeared regularly at the crypt during earlier anniversary observances didn't showup. Valentino, the great lover of si- ent films, died in New York in 1926. WHEN YOU NEED MONEY (and who doesn't?) Think of Commercial Securities Co. An experienced loan service when you need money for any purpose . . . SO SIMPLE—SO QUICK—SO CONVENIENT Phone for A Loan Commercial Securities Go. "Serving Your Friend;; & Neighbors Since 1919" 500 BROAD PHONE HE 9-2483 ALJO IIGLER BL.DQ.' JENNINGS, LA. PHONH IM-143/ Hounds Track Suspect in Murder Case MELVILLE, La. (AP) - Police with bloodhounds today were tracking an ex-convict who allegedly shot his father to death and wounded his sister Thursday. Clebert Duplechin, 23, fled into a wooded area south of Melville after fatally shooting his 72-year- old father, Cleophas Duplechin, and wounding his sister, Mary Duplechin, in e hrlate teens, police said. Police Chief Andy Darnell said the shooting followed an a.,,.i- mcnt and fight while the family and others were picking cotton. Duplechin, in her laic teens, police said. The shooting took place at the, Duplechin farm in St. Lanr'ry Parish 2'i miles south of Melville, Darnell said Clebert Duplechiu served time for burglary. s

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