The Baytown Sun from Baytown, Texas on March 30, 1956 · Page 16
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The Baytown Sun from Baytown, Texas · Page 16

Baytown, Texas
Issue Date:
Friday, March 30, 1956
Page 16
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lau'nmn .frtm r-naa,y, March 30, 1956 Here And There ~ ,, deer park By TEK'N IMIESCOTT Deer I'HrU Correspondent T >!........ I""'l> U ^tfj! Jlvn«; V,»n. Jf-4v«"l Tension mounts in Deer Park asVlivtK.n dav. April S draws near, !>TIQ .sow iMiyonv prodicii this election will bo one of the hoilepl races for eoiincilmen t-iat ihe city has The rsc<? lor Position 1 bor.veen Jnc'.nnberi .Timnw Walker and Harrei B. KftMorson fin-Is uvo firemen vJoin fr for fire and police com missions r. rPoj.ioi.ion 2. r"-.,',Uh and .eani'<aUr>n commissioner, has beer, .held l\v Irccumben Jim Morton for the p.lst four years. He is opopsed in "his year'* race by \V. I- iBii! 1 Gailoy Jr., a ?ie\v personality in the political scene. The race fo r position 2 ?eems to be the most hati!e of the three posts to be fiiieil in the elcriion. ..'. Street ar.d bridge pomirissionor. Position .", finds two men trying for the office. T. TV. Mclntash. who has held the position for five year?, is not seeking re-e'ection. Risn- Tiinp for the commissioner spot is J. T. (Tommy) Ciitrer. another iiev face on the political front and \V. C. i Bill> Tompkins who has souffhi election before. ; - MeTntosh. in a ietter 1o the citizen.* of Deer Park, endorsed Tomp- 'kins. Gaiiey and Kestcrson for the three positions. He also staled that he v.-ould seek election in a different capacity which he will announce si a later date. Student Play Contest A 'jrroiip of Deer Park studenls rece-tiy participated in District SSB competition for one-act p'ays. and emerged first place ivinners. The play 'presented by the wi-- ners was en tilled "High" Window" by Verne Powers. In the cast were .loyce Ann Williams. Bobby Powers. ]na Dor. Tramel. Danniclle Girard and Garey Hodg'e. Deer Psrk wil also have an entry in area play competition which will bo Apr^ 10 In Katy, Other students entered a recent iitr-ary event in Dickinson. Peer Pz'rV; go; first, second and third place? in slide rule competition. WimJoll YTaikins captured first *poi: Jon-y Sibert. second and Howard Vick. third. Claiming high honor in boys poo- try reading; wa.s Bobby Reeves. Three third places -.vere won by Deer Park students • Lou Adlo Dorre!!, extemporaneous speaking; Joyce Ann \VJUisni*. £JHs deciarnation: Janice Herman in girls poetry reading. Deer Park debate team won third place. On the team were Norris X. Stokes. Darba McDougie. Winners in the siide ruie event and first place poetry reading wil! go to regional meet April 21 at the University of Houston. Here And There Mr. and Mrs. Clyde Abshier moving into their new home on Sixth street . . . Mrs. K. R. SneU in the hospital with pneumonia . . . Den.6 and Mrs. Charles A!exanrt?r surprise Den Mother Mrs .W. L. Galley Jr. with a party. Cub Scout Ceremony Boy? of Cu') Seoul Pack 26S were given Scouting awards recently at a candellight ceremony. Receiving the awards were Mike Wagjrner. \S'iyne Collard. Bill Handrick. P.onnl Paje. David Wheat, Tommy Wiilard. Jimmy Lsngnsnd, Henry Buchanan. BriaJi Taylor. Ronny White, Garry 'Tan S?.'J. Wayne Burke-and David Jelly. Anahuac Briefs GARDKX n.l'B MEKTS Mrs. A. L. Parker gave a pro- jrram on chrT.«nni:hemtin»s a" the Anahuac Garden Chib meetin,c recently. Mrs. Parker discussed soi! preparation, cuttings and varieties of munis during her talk. Mrs. A. J. Harmon Jr. presided over the busines? session in the of Ci'.sb President Mrs. Henry Wheeler, auo the group voieOI In have their year book printed this year. Mrs. Cb"-'>ior My.vll was np- jxiinted chairnifin c( a conimittv'?' lo revise and make juidi'iar.s to the club conV'tiiUtio:;. The s;;ggv5t:ons of Mrs. >Iy?.ei! sn-i her commitier •.n'l probably be vole<l on at the next meeting slnted for April j2. Mr.?. K. A. Turner served soft drinks and conkip? 10 the approximately 20 members attending the meeting. Mrs. Jack Cnambiis? will -jc program lender for "he April VI iiH-et- : : '5g whJch wiii be on "Irif." KAPVV TO MEFT Dr. '\V. C. Cochran of Besunior.t wiii be thf- prineiftal yt-erske:' •<','. the .annual Biisiiifts.s and ;'" Ciub V>.'inq;:et :ii "hr/ Ana- BUY NOW! Before Price Increase Effective April 2 NO DOWN PAYMENT The New REMINGTON ANDY ANDERSON BUSINESS EQUIPMENT XI4 K. T--XHS Ilial 5(19'.' hasc School cafeteria ai 7:30 p.m. Tuesday. "Dr. Cochran wiil speak on Human and Inisrnationsi Reiations sccorc- ing 10 CU:b President. Mrs. Joe Bo.-iip. Ticket? are beirig- sold st SI .50 &?r person and reservations for 'he batiQiiet are 'iO be r.;rTieii in by March .W ic- eitJier Mrs. Benin. Mr=. Willie or Mrs. Ruby Jonian. •FFA S\nVETIIEART Miss Caryl Ann Ciore was eieciwi sv.-eetheart' of DislJ-ict \'ll of the Future Fanners of Anifvica ni iheir !?.=; mppling. She an-J 1he s-.verihear; from Oi-ange *'il! represent Ihi.- district at the area meeting slated for May 1S-1S in Beaumont. Tne winner of U:e area sweetheart contest will "hen compete in Uie stale meeting to 1>^ held in Dalla- in July. Miss Cloip 15 the daughter o' Mr. and Mrs. Henry Cloit- of Anahuac. DORCAS CrASS MEETS Tne Dorcas Sunday School Qass heid it? lepiiar f:l^f social Thursday P.I the Fir.-:: Baptist Chnreh. Ho5ic5.<es were Mr«. Carl Fiti- Eeraid. :.!.--?. Roy Twrnt-r and Mrs. IjOtiis Thames. FIVE ARTS MEETING The n'.t.-sK si*r!ion of the \,'. c Fine Ar:..« Club of Ar.:ihiinc will me--; Tl!i:r.>iJ:iy, April :>. a! th*> home of Mr>. J. P..' i-Yhiiitz Jr. at Tl-je g-,'O'.;p wii! :?-hearse new un'j'-r the direction of their ':•.;:.!'>""." Mr?. Jo* 5 Lagow. Mrs. Scii, 1,1.7. js .•jffoiTipaJWi. yiif. IxjMi? ThanifK, section leafier, wil! conduct the b'tfines^ nif-ctinE- following relifTM-sa!. EASTKR SERVICES The Fir.vt M^-ihodist C!ii;rch 1= holding Pn-Easler wrvsf-es «-af.-h .''norrJng nnd < ; v(-;ni)? of This wc-ek v,-;;h Dr. Kol^r; E. Goo<irich of D.-iila'-- preaching. Tne morning service 1 : are from C:.V) a.m. to 7 ;'. ;;s. and the evening services benign a; 7rSO''p.m. Dr. Cloo<:rich'? concli'idinp ser- :r.on wiil 'is- ?.i ]G:.>0 a.m. Easf"r inoniiri.< according to Dr. Mark Magrr-ii. pastor of the church. Th" fh.'idren'r choir. i;nder the l^sdot.'hip of Mi-s. Mfsjk Msgers. •.v;!l pro-:--.:'.--.* :he;r csr.'.atK f>i 4 p.m. E:-.';tpr ?.l\i-\-,;<fn\ arid '.here will be no "vc-nir.i; :-':.r.-ices. Edward Mai--%V)i;iarrts o.' Virginia Beach, "a., introduced the qi::7-!ype program nn radio. BdftercueToOpen Aikin's Campaign for It. Governor .PARIS. Texas —lU.P.l— Friends and supporters' of Set 1 ,. A. M. Allan. Jr. of Paris officially will kickoff his candidacy for lieutenant- governor here April 6. A big' Texas-style, free barbecue will be spread at City Baseball Park beginning at 6 . p.m. Upwards of 5,000. from across Texas are Expected to be cm hand. Neighbors and friends have been extended a special imitation to at- teiyi the barbecue and political raliv. "We really want to give our favorite son a big send off in this state-wide race." "aid Paris Mayor James R. C,'.\\, eeneral chairmsn oV the event. "He's one of our finest citizens and we feel he will do a goOvi and conscientious job for the people of Texas." Among the speakers for the kickoff rally will be such well-known Texan.? as Governor Sellers of Sulphur Springs, former Attorney General of Texas. Claude dilmer. former Speaker of the House of Representatives and H. \V. Stiiwell, President of Texarkana Junior College. Aikin already has traveled more than 20.000 miles to appear before civic ciiibs, luncheons and other meetings. The long-time state senator from District I is making no- elaborate prorasies ss he journeys across the slate. He is telling- the voters sincerely that "I'll do the best I know hov to do the right thing- if I am fortunate enough to be elected to the post." Cubs Plan Photos Of Pet Entries Cub Scout Pack S3 committee met recently 'or a monthly luncheon fit Cedar Bayou Methodist churc'a with Bob Baker, assistant cubmss'.er. officiating at the busi- rie«v5 meeting-. The committee decided to have colored photographs made of each Cub and his entry at the April S pet show. These pictures will later be shown to 'he Cubs and parents. Committeemen present were J. >5". Enderli, F. K. Oneili. Doug Trambie and A- J. Caruso. Den mothers s.tLending: were Mrs. W. J. Tadlock. Mrs."A. J. Caruso. Mrs. E. H. Vickers and Mrs. W. G. Wil- ksrson. Otis Family Buys New Ranch Home Mr. and Mr?. Donald I. Otis are the new owners of a ranch style, three bedroom home with panelled family room and two complete baths, locatc-ci at 141 Linwood Drive. in Unwoo'.l Paik addition. Tne home was purchased from Baytown Developers Inc.. at a pric" in excess of S15.00Q according to the tieexl. The transaction wa.s handled by Sparky Bond, realtor. Otis is with the Eihvl Corp. and formerly resided at (Xti E. De Fee. The new home has a two ear garage anil is located on a wooded lot. The outboard motor wa.s invented by Cameron Waterman of Detroit in 5905. Houston N A AC P In Drive On City Parks HOUSTON -IT—The president of the Houston branch of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People says his Airman Is Called Insane In Rape Of Three-Year-Old BELTON. Tex. —TJP— The defense maintained Friday that Jimmy N. Shaver. 81. an Air Force man from Grapeland, Tex., was- insane at the time of the r\po- murder ot a three-year-old girl Shaver is accused of killing 1 . Shaver's trial began Weilnesda;.". Thursday the defense called tw<; psychiatrists who testified that Shavep was under dehissiona! sense of a divine mission" on July -!, .155-!. That was the date that Chore .To Horton was raped and slain near San Antonio.. One of the psychiatrists. Air Force Capt. Gilbert J. Rose said Sbavtr claimed in .1954 he had seen "visions of God and God had told him to seek out his cousin and destroy her."' Shaver was not related to ilie little slrl he is accused of kiilins;'. The trial was transferred !o Belton on a change of venue. Shaver was given the death penalty at an earlier trial, but won a iv versa! on appeal. group, plans a fight this summer to enable Negroes to use ''all tax- supported facilities of the city, state and county." The official, " attorney Francis Williams, told an NAACP meeting Thursday night, ".-..ill , tcx-paying- citizens should be able to use the facilities they pay for nnd all thai: hos;wash about separate but equal facilities has gone out the whitlow," Some 100 persons attended: the meeting ".t. which S9i was collect- oil to a ?S.OOO' £o:>! for the NAACP "Freedom Fnml." Williams said the money would be usen to press lawsuits ng-ainst segreqrition. "The NAACP is a suing- organization anci we don't .intend to let you down in Houston," he told the audience, meeting in a small church. "We're £oinj to demand to enter all tiix-suppo -''eel " 'ciiities of the citv, state 'iini ,'*o'..iiy, ain.i we're goingr to win thL< fijiht," he said. Williams sair that ptckelinpr asrainst Gov. Allan Shivers in days n_OT in Houston was "successful." adding', "it was our first effort, and if it happens again, we'll do it again." Ansrolino Airport Aided LUFK1N. Tex. —UP— Angelina county officials saul Friday they had been notified by their congressman that a federal grant of S4S.706 has been approved to pay for runway construction and improvements at the Angelina county airport. BealFs OUAUTT M£RCttAM9ISE SET A NEW SHIRT FREE IF 2 * 2 AIRPLANE CLOTH COLLAR DOESN'T OUTLAST R€ST OF SHIRT! Fine high count white broadcloth wiih luxurious tailoring. 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